so heres a few of my favorite scenes

-The Most Interesting Stories Aren’t Always Action-

Here​ ​is​ ​a​ ​list​ ​of​ ​a​ ​few​ ​of​ ​my​ ​favorite​ ​engaging​ ​stories​ ​with​ ​a​ ​little​ ​less​ ​action.

Shouwa​ ​Genroku​ ​Rakugo​ ​Shinju​​ ​​-Drama- Shouwa​ ​Genroku​ ​Rakugo​ ​Shinju​ ​keeps​ ​me​ ​so​ ​invested​ ​in​ ​the​ ​story​ ​at​ ​all​ ​time,​ ​with​ ​loveable characters,​ ​just​ ​enough​ ​drama,​ ​great​ ​music,​ ​and​ ​well​ ​directed​ ​scenes,​ ​it​ ​proves​ ​it​ ​doesn’t​ ​take an​ ​action​ ​packed​ ​fight​ ​to​ ​make​ ​your​ ​heart​ ​race.

Sakamichi No Apollon -Drama-
Maybe my opinion is slightly biased because of my love for jazz, but the way sakamichi no apollon explores romance, music, and the everyday drama and lives of these characters, had me hooked from episode one.

Beast Player Erin -Fantasy-
Now technically there is a bit of action in this series. BUT I would argue that the majority of the series is a coming of age/political story, with love both familial and romantic, and a touching story about the relationship between a girl and a magical beast, i’d say it’s worth a watch.

Mushi-shi -Fantasy-
Mushi-shi is a great story for those who enjoy the feeling of exploring in a world of fantasy. As it follows a man wandering the world following rumors of possible mushi, and helping others, you’ll find yourself sucked deep into a well built fantasy world with background music that you only WISH you had IRL.

Ristorante Paradiso -Romance-
This one is a little different from most others on this list, the story revolves around a woman off to find her mother and the man she left to marry. She finds herself uprooting into a new life working in the strange restaurant her mother and secret stepfather run, making friends, and falling in love, all the while no one knows she’s even her daughter.

House Of Five Leaves -historical drama-
This show has great characters and unique art and atmosphere that set it apart from other shows instantly. And if you’ve ever wondered “what would a show about samurai be like without all the actiony fights all the time?” this show answers that question.

Sora No Woto -Military-
Though it’s a military show, it rarely ever has all that much action. The show IMO focuses a lot on themes of hope in times of war, showing how it affects the people involved. It also focuses a lot on characters overcoming their problems and building relationships with one another in a kind of bittersweet way.

Hozuki no reitetsu -Comedy-
It felt to me like a good idea to throw in a nice comedy at the end of a list with so many bittersweet titles. Hoozuki focuses on “life” and Business in hell, with a dark and sometimes dry adult sense of humor, in a strange slice of life setting i found this show to be an enjoyable and a relaxing watch.

Happy 30th, Fresh Air!

Today (May 11) is Fresh Air’s 30th anniversary of being a daily, national program. That’s amazing. That also means Terry has been doing this longer than I’ve been alive.

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Like a lot of people my age, my first memories of NPR were in the backseat of my parents’ car. It wasn’t long before I became a fan myself. The road trip from my hometown in Massachusetts to Philadelphia, where I went to college, was about 5 Fresh Air interviews long. I distinctly remember picking out interviews with Sacha Baron Cohen, Lisa Kudrow, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Jack Black and loading them onto my pink iPod mini. 

After I graduated and was miserable working in restaurants and retail, Terry’s interviews kept me sane. She kept me company during a time in my life when I felt lost and directionless. I remember Caitlin Moran, Lena Dunham, and Matt Weiner, to name a few.

I started at Fresh Air in May of 2013. I co-write the Fresh Air webpages on with the lovely Bridget Bentz, run the social media, and handle the podcast. 

In the spirit of our anniversary, I thought I’d mention a few of my favorite interviews since I’ve been here, behind-the-scenes. 

  • John Waters: I have listened to this interview so many times, I practically have it memorized. I love how hard he makes Terry snort-laugh with gems like, “In Baltimore, if you’re hitchhiking, you’re a hooker that doesn’t have the Internet.” 

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  • Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber: Some of my favorite interviews are ones where I’ve never heard of the guest before and then they totally blow me away. Pastor Nadia started a church for outsiders (junkies, drag queens, comedians) and has a really original and inclusive philosophy about faith. 
  • Joaquin Phoenix: I have a special place in my heart for this interview, because the day it aired was the day I was introduced in the credits for the first time. This show was completely bonkers. He was unpredictable and bizarre, but we were all having so much fun listening in while the interview was taping. 

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  • Lynsey Addario: While working as a bad-ass photojournalist in a war zone, Addario was kidnapped with two of her journalist colleagues. She talks about that harrowing experience in this interview. It’s riveting. Plus, as a web producer, putting together a slideshow of her work was a real joy. 
  • Michael K. Williams: Williams, known for playing Omar on The Wire, was a dream guest (open, funny, thoughtful) I love when he called Terry “T,” and talks about how the Rhythm Nation music video inspired him to pursue a career in the arts. His kindness radiates through the speakers.

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I’m sure I’m forgetting tons of other favorites, but those are the ones that came to mind. 

We’ve got plenty of exciting things coming down the pike. Thanks for listening, reading, following the show! We can’t wait to see what you pick as your favorite interviews with the hashtag #freshair30. 


Molly Seavy-Nesper, associate producer at Fresh Air 


Social Media AU - Eyewitness

Missing these two & rewatched a few of my favorite scenes on YouTube today so here ya go. And Gabe would definitely be that Dad who comments on their pictures but the boys totally love.

anonymous asked:

favorite fics with bottom!soo??

All of these fics contain bottom!soo sex scenes. The chaptered ones have smut scene mostly in later chapters. These are of course only few of my favorites. ^^

I hope you’ll like the recommendation and that you’ll find here fics you haven’t read before! Also, thank you for your patience and I’m sorry for replying so late! ^^

Measure Up

very naughty one-shot that contains size!kink and slut shaming 

Kyungsoo likes that his boyfriend, Jongin, is taller than him. He especially likes that his boyfriend is bigger in another area as well. This leads him to ask Jongin if he would be willing to indulge him a bit of play they haven’t tried out yet.

Put Your Faith in My Stomach

smutty one-shot 

contains BDSM themes, cross-dressing, slight exhibitionism

Trust is sexy and arousing.

Meeting Dr. Kim

smutty three-shot Doctor!AU 

contains infidelity (Soo cheats on his bf with Jongin)

Kyungsoo is having trouble in the bedroom area and is sent to urologist Dr. Kim.

Little Voyeur

naughty one-shot 

contains slut shaming, dirty!talk, spanking, slutty!soo, slight baek!soo 

Baekhyun returns home earlier than usual and stumbles upon a pornographic scene in his shared room with Jongin. 

Birthday Sex

smutty two-shot (smut only in first chapter) 

Kyungsoo’s birthday party was not going well. Jongin had already caught him glancing at him once and Kyungsoo had drunk too much for being a lightweight. So when everyone sends sober Jongin to drive Kyungsoo back home, he dreads their alone time. The night is quickly progressing to be a trial of suppressed desires and unspoken need. Will Jongin finally give Kyungsoo his birthday gift?


completed chaptered college!AU

contains homophobia and bullying

There is one chapter with topsoo (chapter 3) but that is the only one, other chapters are bottom!soo ^^

Kyungsoo and Jongin know they are quickly journeying into dangerous territory, because Jongin’s best friend is Park Chanyeol, openly homophobic and sworn enemy of Kyungsoo’s best friend, Byun Baekhyun. They go there anyway.

Bed Head

smutty one-shot bartender!AU

Kyungsoo never really liked people - which is why his fascination with club bartender made him both confused and hot at the same time. 

Ardent Sense

ongoing; chaptered CEO!AU 

daddy!kink; age!gap (JI is 35, Soo has a body of 16-18yrs old but he’s not a human)

Kim Jongin, a bitter grumpy cold CEO, just recently bought a doll. Not ordinary kind of doll, but a living doll.A living sex doll.

(Un)Notice Me

completed chaptered highschool!AU that does contain intimate and smutty scenes (not really a penetration sex but it implies a bottom!soo)

mentions of bullying, homophobic themes, colorist themes

Kyungsoo has spent his entire life trying not to be noticed. Jongin notices him anyway.


naughty one-shot nonAU that contains drunk sex

Kyungsoo drinks more than usual and starts kissing Jongin’s neck.

Glory Days

smutty two-shot that contains slut shaming

With a significant amount of alcohol in him, Kyungsoo finds himself much more likely to give the gloryhole he stumbles upon a second look. 

Don’t Wake the Neighbors

naughty two-shot neighbors!AU that contains infidelity (Soo is married and cheats on his wife with Jongin but who can blame him lol)

After marrying his wife, Kyungsoo decides to move to a quiet town where he can build a family. The neighbors are pleasant and the community seems welcoming, a perfect home for newlyweds. However, this all comes into conflict once the married man begins to notice the young man who lives next door.

Take a Look Outside

completed chaptered SliceOfLife!AU with sequel 

Kyungsoo is scared of flights and Jongin turns out to be more than just a seat neighbor for the next fourteen hours


smutty one-shot college!AU that contains dirty talk, hair pulling 

Kyungsoo has never had an orgasm, but Jongin sure does love a challenge.

The Apple of My Eye

naughty one-shot with SO many kinks, you’ll absolutely love it 

Jongin wants Kyungsoo to read to him but not in a conventional way. 

Ramyeon Rendezvous

uncompleted smutty chaptered OfficeWorkers!AU (I am not losing hope that this amazing fanfic will be finished one day) 

Jongin and Kyungsoo are two normal office workers. They don’t know each other. They’re strangers. Strangers that happen to meet at a club late a night as they searched for the same thing - sex. It happens once. It happens twice and they’re hooked. Whenever they meet, not having sex seems to be impossible. 

Size Queen

smutty one-shot non-AU 

contains dirty talk, slut shaming + size kink 

Kyungsoo may have a little bit of a kink and Jongin has a big problem.

string me up (and tear me down)

naughty one-shot 

contains dirty talk, size kink (you can probably see my fav kinks but oh well who can blame me) 

Jongin is hung, like really big. Luckily, Kyungsoo is a bit of a size queen and doesn’t mind at all. 

Full Nude

naughty one-shot that contains blowjob, not really a penetration but still very very good! 

Kyungsoo attends a life drawing class to find a handsome man standing naked in the middle of the room. Jongin thinks he is a masterpiece that only the reluctant art student’s talents can capture.

Please don’t forget to like, subsribe and leave kudos and comments under fics!

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Going to make you do another list- favorite scenes in Critical Role?

Oh, this is just cruel, especially since I’ve gone and decided I was gonna do timestamps. These are just a few that popped into my head and I’m sure I’ll remember thirty as soon as I post it. Enjoy the complete emotional whiplash of this random assortment of moments. 

Tried to keep the descriptions as spoiler-free as possible so people can just jump in wherever, but I’d skip this if you’re really worried. Every link leads to the exact timestamp, some of which are obviously very spoilery. Here we go!

Episode 3: Vex and Keyleth say “fuck it”. (Note: early episode means v. loud at times and sound quality is pretty rough.)

Episode 4: Laura gets to the episode a bit late, just in time for an elaborate and extremely well-thought-out plan to go into play.

Episode 17: Grog mopes after a rough fight.

Episode 18: Matt gets a subtle revenge after Percy absolutely wrecks shop with multiple natural twenties… while wearing buttflap pajamas.

Episode 19: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn has a helluva moment as Zahra during a particularly nasty fight in her first-ever D&D game.

Episode 22Vex is Not Pleased.

Episode 23: Matt invents Victor the blackpowder merchant on the spot.

Episode 24: The party refuses to let Percy face the Briarwoods alone.

Episode 24: Vax gets revenge on Grog for tripping him several months ago.

Episode 25: Vax alone.

Episode 25: Vex charges in with the most dramatic dice rolls possible.

Episode 26“Here’s my plan… we’re all cows.”

Episode 28: The show takes on a distinctly different and more disturbing tone. Welcome to Whitestone.

Episode 31: [Jurassic Park theme intensifies]

Episode 34: The sixth barrel.

Episode 34: To quote an earlier post: the walls are people and magic is dead. Everything is fine.

Episode 35: Scanlan casts a spell on Percy.

Episode 36: Percy gives Grog a sentient sword. What could go wrong?

Episode 36: Keyleth, Scanlan, and Percy take in a magic show during the festival. They’re… still a little frazzled.

Episode 38: Scanlan’s flirtatious relationship with Kaylie takes a dramatic turn.

Episode 39: Everything changes.

Episode 40: The party starts to fracture under the strain.

Episode 41: Finding Gilmore.

Episode 42: Vex’s limerick for Scanlan.

Episode 44: Matt is DMing a room full of twelve-year-olds.

Episode 44: Half the party’s character arcs turn on a single roll of the dice…

Episode 45“I like you people, okay?”

Episode 47: Vex seeks help with a magical artifact.

Episode 47: Vax and Grog slip into nightmares.

Episode 48: Vex does some flying target practice over breakfast. Things escalate.

Episode 49: Grog escapes the portal in the most heartbreaking possible way.

Episode 51: Scanlan coaches Kaylie through a distraction.

Episode 52: Unbe-fucking-lievable sequence of dice rolls.

Episode 53: Bickering twins being bickering twins.

Episode 55: “Left.” Chills every time.

Episode 56: Grog gets his hands on a magical artifact. Experimentation ensues.

Episode 56: Percy and Keyleth talk about cities and lifespans. Unbelievably good improv.

Episode 57: Chatting with trees.

Episode 57: Vax has an unexpected late-night visitor.

Episode 58: Scanlan to the rescue. (”I don’t do these things!”)

Episode 59: Percy has a couple of late-night conversations after a charm wears off.

Episode 59: Pike commissions a family portrait.

Episode 60: Vox Machina is a close-knit group.

Episode 63: Saundor and Vex. Link is to the fixed audio, because the background music times up perfectly and it’s a little uncanny.

Episode 64: A belated discovery and farewell.

Episode 65: The perils of mist-walking in a desert environment.

Episode 65: Scanlan looks for someone to help him out with a drug deal.

Episode 67: Keyleth, the airship, and the storm.

Episode 68: Scanlan and the Onyx Dog.

Episode 69: A letter for Keyleth.

Episode 69: An ominous meeting.

Episode 71“I sing at it.”

Episode 72: Vex and Percy talk about forgiveness.

Episode 74: Cenokir introduces himself. Things get a little weird.

Episode 75: Pike teaches Grog to read.

Episode 76“I’m so amazing!”

Episode 78: Kashaw the strategist.

Episode 81: Grog finds a famous (infamous) D&D magical item.

anonymous asked:

Who are your top five Sterek authors? Sterek fics? Do you ship anything besides Sterek from TW?

OMG what a hard question! Off the top of my head: @cobrilee @inell @deleted-scenes @wellhalesbells @thepsychicclam @bleep0bleep @stileshale

As for faves, I listed a few here, and two others I just thought of: (Sacred) In the Ordinary and Stilinski’s Home for Wayward Wolves. Plus, you’ve inspired me to create a fave fics tag so that I can do a better job tracking my favorites. ;)

As for other ships from TW…Sterek is really the only one. I low-key like a lot of other ships and will read a bunch, but I doubt I’ll ever write anything else in TW besides Sterek. Which means I’m so impressed with authors who do (nudge nudge @inell).

Just... Ianto

So I was rewatching To the Last Man (as one does), and it came to The Kiss, and I just…..

I’m really sad we didn’t get more scenes like this because: 

It’s so sweet??? Because Jack’s kinda mopey, but he’s also flirting, and Ianto’s not having any of that, so he just goes straight in for the kiss, and that’s arguably my favorite scene in the entire show.

Ianto’s so assertive here, which is great because I feel like fandom sometimes makes him really passive in the relationship, but he’s also trying to help Jack, because Jack’s obviously struggling with something. And it’s also one of the best Janto moments there is — other than Jack asking him out or the pterodactyl scene (and a few others) — and Ianto’s the one initiating it!

Just… Ianto. 

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Eliza Taylor as an actress?

Damn there are some scenes where she takes my breath away as Clarke. Everything in 315 with her mother was stunning, and then that little moment in 316 when Abby wakes up? I was almost crying for both of them. What a force. Other major moments for Eliza were the 307 death scene, the reunion with Abby in the end of 316, and how she manages to show FIFTY DIFFERENT EXPRESSIONS AT ONCE when she sees Bellamy safe and sound—in 316 and in 405.

And then we have something that’s more subtle that builds, like the list scene in 403. that’s probably a minute or more of silent performance from Eliza, and it’s all about her indecision and the weight of her responsibilities. She only breaks down when Bellamy wakes up and joins the scene. Yet in that minute we can see how torn up with remorse she is.

Eliza also does really well with some of the small humor moments? She gets so few opportunities being the super serious lead character of a super serious show, but one if my favorite acting beats for Clarke this season was the small reactions she gave to Murphy in the kitchen in 407. That whole scene is beautifully done, from her little smile when makes a joke about the good ones being taken, to her “omg good food” face right after. They have good chemistry and are both strong performers. But this little smile here, with her dry commentary that is half sarcasm but also half amusement and being charmed.


The 100 as a show does a pretty good job with casting–at this point I have no complaints about the mains and their talent for subtle performances. Sometimes it’s tough if the script is too on-the-nose, and the 100 as a whole isn’t known for subtle or layered dialogue. The characters tend to be very upfront with what they’re thinking and feeling as they react to the disasters of the moment. So I actually attribute a lot of the show’s success to the cast, and how they can take heavy-handed lines and bring them down a notch or crank them up a notch as necessary to deliver evocative performances. Especially once the show figured out how to write toward these actors better (mid season 1) it got really strong. Eliza is a huge part of that, and she deserves serious applause for being a pillar of the show.  

Her character is also half of my OTP,  so I love her work on that too. Every little glance that Clarke has with Bellamy, every delicate vulnerability or outstretched hand–Eliza and Bob made those screen moments together, to entertain us.  And damn am I entertained.

anonymous asked:

Do you read JJBA fanfic at all? If so, do you have any fav authors or fics you can rec me?


Fanfic is actually the thing I look for MOST in this fandom, tbqh.  I love art, but I really super SUPER SUPER love fanfic and authors.

I’m mildly dyslexic so it takes me a long time to read and write sometimes, so I’m pretty picky with finishing fics in general… and so I’ve not read a whole bunch!  And to be completely honest the ones I’ve read the most are JosuYasu ones and only a few other ships here and there, so if that’s not what you’re into then I can’t give too great of recommendations ahaha.

I think my absolute favorite fic at the moment is Orange Tree WHICH IS NOT COMPLETE AT THIS TIME SO BE WARNED YOU WILL GET ROADBLOCKED AND CRY ABOUT IT(but it’s very good and makes me want to animate some scenes its just THAT GOOD)

A special shout out goes to the also unfinished-at-this-time Dollars to Doughnuts, written by winplaceshow who has since become very special to me!~  (I sought out their friendship bc of how much I loved where D2D was going and now they’re very dear to me IRL!!)  It’s a bit more dark, more what I was like when I was their age, and it’s all very super relatable. Also I’ve read the WIP upcoming chapter which is so incredibly amazing that I think about it nearly every day- and also can’t listen to the Violent Femmes anymore without thinking of Okuyasu.

YET ANOTHER UNFINISHED ONE is Friday Night Gurus. Oh my dear sweet bebe lort in heffen, this fic. It’s so many things I’ve wanted in one go.  Usually I shy away from fic that doesn’t have Stands (it’s kinda what I love most about JoJo is the Stands?? so without them I find it hard to stay interested)- but this one DOESNT EVEN NEED EM.  It’s definitely a fic that I would recommend to anyone without caveats.

A fic that isn’t JosuYasu (shocking!) is Evening Bath.  This one hit me really hard and made me actually exhale with a “whhhhhhhhhhhooa”.  It’s heavy.  And so good.  You could actually FEEL their emotions.

Also from the same author, and one of the very first fics in the fandom I ever read and is one of the VERY FEW for a rarepair of mine: Seven Days Makes One Weak. All i can say about this one is: dang.

Also, falling into a different category is Star Catcher. This one I’m really invested in and if you’re into a really interesting and awesome spin on SDC with a twist on how Jolyne happened, give this one a go.  This one is also not finished at this time, either.

Now there’s a bunch of authors I love, too, some I can’t choose a single fic, or some I just really appreciate their work and their style but none of their fics are general enough that I can recommend them (some kinky shit in here, woooboy, you’ve been warned- some things are NOT FOR EVERYONE and I will not stand for kinkshaming here) but I can rec these authors for their storytelling skills: 

Kawauso, jotaro_polnareff, carriejack03, twlboajkawaii_as_heck,  and a personal favorite SmuttiestPrincess.  Also EVERY AUTHOR FROM THE FICS ABOVE OF COURSE.

There’s a few more I’d love to recommend but this is already really long, so if you have a question about a specific fic or author you’d like to know how I feel about, you can ask!

I’ve never really been a writer (though my brain seems to want to push me in that direction), but I have always been an artist. Theater aside, my art usually takes the form of cross stitch, which is something I’ve been doing since I was ten and I’ve been designing my own patterns for close to 15 years now. I have nieces and nephews, so I end up stitching a lot of their favorite things onto shirts for them, so they can have something unique. I’ve made a few for myself too. And I feel like sharing some of them, so here they are!

This is a favorite, both of mine and my oldest nephew’s. His favorite scene in any movie is the trash compactor scene in New Hope, which he called the “garbage monster”. I sketched a picture on graph paper and made a design from there. He’s growing out of this shirt now, though, and he wants another.

More after the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Consumed is one of my all time favourite episodes, so many beautiful Caryl moments! I never get tired of watching it and see something new every time. I know you love this one too..what would be your top five moments in it?

Oh yes Nomy you are right, it’s probably one of, if not my fav episodes ever. So I’ll see if I can narrow it down to 5 in the episode cause the entire thing was beautiful.

Ok so one would be..

The entire conversation they had their first night at the DV shelter was wonderful to me. Starting with Daryl seeing that book laying on the desk. Watching the way his fingers shook as he asked her ‘you stayed here?’ and then him watching her sit by the window, taking the first watch because she can’t sleep.

This entire conversation, about starting over and trying is just poignant to watch. Without using a lot of words, they say a lot to each other. Most others wouldn’t ask the questions they ask each other and if they didn’t wouldn’t get the honest answers they get from each other. And I just love watching Daryl play with his hands nervously as he talks to her. And as she comes over and lays down next to him.

And how nervous he sounds when asking the question that’s been bothering him for quite a bit now. A question he’s clearly afraid to hear the answer to. And how they companionably next to each other and we start to feel that.. you know.. tension thing going there don’t we?

Which is of course interrupted by the next scene I love and talked about many, many times.

When they hear a noise and go to investigate and what do they, but the mother and child walker.. a somber moment to be sure for both. Especially knowing where they are what they’ve both been through in their lives. But Daryl looking as he realizes what this means to Carol..

And how Daryl stops her from doing it because he knows what it would do to her. Putting his hand on her and telling her she doesn’t have to. Just the way he looks at her when he tells her this. Tells her essentially it doesn’t have to be her. And lets her sleep and does it for her.Its so selfless that he does this to spare her more pain, not even knowing what happened yet. It just kills me every time I watch it. Was literally a wreck for about an hour after this episode because of this one scene. I’m not even joking..

Will put the rest behind the cut because I’m gonna run on a bit here per usual..

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Author Rec - alisvolatpropiis/ @deleted-scenes

The hardest part of these recs is picking just a few fics because fanfic authors are so fucking talented.  Tay is one of my all time favorite Sterek writers and I blame her for dragging me into this fandom.  Hot Nerd Alert was one of the first series of fics I read in the Sterek fandom and I haven’t looked back since. 

So here are a few of my favorite things that she’s written, but I would advise reading everything she’s written, you won’t regret it. 

Always Follow a Hippie to a Second Location 
Words: 3,956

It’s hard to tell just how long his hair is but it’s night-black and shiny and soft-looking, little strands falling loose from the messy knot high on his head that Stiles feels strangely compelled to put his hands on, to grip tight, which is ridiculous. He’s never been into hippie guys or guys with long hair, but he’s thinking now he might need to reassess that life choice because damn, how much fun would it be to fuck that ass while tangling his hands in that hair like reins, pulling his head back and leaning forward to get closer to his moans….

Kiss Me Under the Light of a Thousand Stars
Words: 5,631
Not Rated

“It was a true love spell,” he admits quietly. “It was supposed to help me find my true love. And apparently I suck at magic as much as I suck at dating because I screwed this up too.”

In which Stiles’ Valentine’s Day love spell goes very wrong.

And Also, I Love You
Words: 7,155

Derek didn’t look at all like Stiles expected. After all, he deliberately chose a school where being a nerd was cool, so he certainly wasn’t expecting his hotter-than-a-thousand-stars roomie to be an actual cool person. Derek has muscles, like everywhere, which he has a tendency to display in skin-tight, sleeveless t-shirts for bands Stiles has never heard of; his jeans are always tight and ripped too, and he has an impressive five-o’clock shadow, the tips of his jet-black hair dyed purple. And his eyes. Stiles is pretty sure he’s only seen eyes like that in comics, or on a movie screen, or in his freakin dreams. They’re somehow simultaneously all of the colors and none of them, transcending something so pedestrian and insignificant as words to encapsulate their beauty. Stiles would come to learn that he’s also wickedly smart, and he plays the guitar and speaks multiple languages, and his sunshine smile is even more alarming that his resting murder face

Words: 9,713
Sighing, Stiles reaches for Derek’s big hands, cradled in his broad lap, his skin lighting up even more at Derek’s touch. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, preparing himself to look for Derek’s soulmate.Whoever you are, he thinks, you better be worth him.

A Love Like Religion
Words: 10,696
“Derek, my man, you missed an epic party on Saturday. Seriously, dude, I know morning Mass is like, your thing, but come on. You’re missing on out so much life has to offer, bro.”

Big hands land on shoulders with a thump and a squeeze while Derek stands at his locker, loading his gigantic calculus book into his backpack. He gives his best friend a practiced sidelong glare, which of course just encourages him. “You’ll change your mind when I tell you who sucked me off in Lydia Martin’s bedroom,” Stiles snickers into his ear. 

Despite himself, Derek is curious. He tries to hide it by focusing on his books, but he knows the heat in his cheeks betrays him. “Who,” he asks, giving in, knowing he will eventually.

Constantly on the Cusp
Words: 40,884

Stiles is gay, out and proud, and a Beacon Hills deputy. Derek is a firefighter and war veteran who thinks he’s straight; or, Derek and Stiles have lots of semi-public hatesex on the road to Love.

Series Recs:
If I Played You My Favorite Song
Words: 4,247

In which acoustic musician Derek Hale seduces Stiles with a modern R&B classic.

Deleted Scenes
Words: 7,361

A group of vignettes of my headcanons inspired by various Sterek scenes.

Queer Your Coffee
Words: 7,875

Derek’s just over the city line when he sees a sign for an independent drive-thru place, Full Spectrum Brew. There are three cars in line when he turns in, which annoys him but gives him hope. Not that he really trusts the people of Beacon Hills to have much taste when it comes to coffee (god, he is a snob), but the shop’s popularity does seem to bode well. The line of cars moves way more slowly than he’d like, each customer in front of him seeming to take way too long to order, and then lingering when they get their coffee. He’s irritable from lack of sleep and an even more detrimental lack of caffeine, anxious to get out of the car. Finally it’s his turn and he slowly rolls up to the window, turning the radio down.

For a second, he thinks he must have fallen asleep while he was waiting, because what he sees when he looks in the window surely must be a dream.

Stunning brown eyes like glowing honey and sweet little nose, slightly upturned; a shapely pink mouth, bottom-lip pierced by a thin black hoop that he’s worrying with the tip of his tongue as he smiles a gorgeous hello.

He’s the most beautiful man Derek’s ever seen.

And he’s shirtless.

Hot Nerd Alert
Words: 25,115

Derek can’t believe he’s actually doing this: taking a selfie snap of the guy he’s been crushing on for weeks to prove to Danny that one, yes, he really does exist, and two, he really is that hot and thus he is totally justified in being too scared to make a move.

Or you know, even talk to the guy outside of the class they share.

In his defense, this isn’t just any guy. This THE guy. Hot Nerd. The utterly adorable but still somehow insanely sexy freshman in his twentieth century American Lit class who he’s been lusting over since the first day of the semester. If there were ever a time for him to be that person who tries to be subtle while taking snaps of other people, this is it.

Just a Few More Replies (*^^*)

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I know that I’m a few days late, but I’ve been really enjoying all of the “Current Journals” posts inspired by @journaling-junkie ’s January Journal Challenge, so I knew I had to post my own.

My Current Journal/Sketchbooks: (These guys typically go with me almost everywhere I go.)

1. Handlettering Practice Book #2—Guys, this sketchbook is AMAZING. It is a Canson XL Mixed Media 7"x10" sketchbook that has a really solid medium paper weight at 98lbs. I love the paper. I love the size (you can put an even 2" mat around your artwork to fit a standard 11x14 frame; I’m a framer, this is how my brain looks for paper sizes). I love that it’s spiral bound, so it will lay flat while I’m working. 10/10 definitely going to purchase again when this one is full. I should mention that the page on the left in this picture was inspired by a post by @girlfig that made me laugh pretty hard.

2. Bullet Journal—I’m not entirely sure where I got this journal from (I had it for years before I finally found a use for it). It’s not really my style, but the cover is made out of canvas board making it really sturdy and impossible to bend. This journal is where my brain goes to organize itself. I haven’t posted pages from my bullet journal on here because I don’t take the time to decorate the pages; it’s a no-nonsense place for lists, schedules and brainstorming.

3. My Art Journal—This is where my brain goes to unwind and feel free. I had a hard time finding a page that you guys haven’t already seen, so here’s an in-progress page, even though it doesn’t have too much further to go before it’s done.

4. “Adventures in White” Book—If you’ve been following my #adventuresinwhite tag, you know this a sketchbook of solid black paper, and I’ve been experimenting with every sort of white medium that I can get my hands on. The page shown here is, of course, still in progress, but the lettering is being done with a Gellyroll white gel pen and the galaxy on the right was done with General’s Charcoal White pencil.

5. A Small Collection of My Favorite Words & Phrases—It was $3 from Target and all graph paper, which I thought might be nice for lettering practice. The pages themselves are pretty lightweight though, so I don’t want to use most of my pens and markers for fear I’ll ruin their tips. It’s been pencil-only so far and there’s a good chance it will stay that way.

This makes for a happy Emily. 💛

Post your current journals! I know we’re a few days late here, but I love getting a glimpse of how all of my favorite artists operate behind the scenes.


Hey!! I forgot to post these! Here are a few more Pokemon commissions, including my current all-time favorite one yet! I loved making that winter scene, though at the time there weren’t many pictures of Avalugg to work off of. Thanks so much for commissioning me guys!

(If you’re interested in having one made, check out over here for more details!)

4/22/15 Upd8 P2: Vriskagram


Ahem, apologies. Favorite character and all that. SQUEE! *cough*

Reaction and speculation below!

First thing of note: Vriska has a new symbol! Oh come on, there was no way this *couldn’t* be her symbol. It’s a very well-done looking one too.

And here we are, new Alpha!Vriska, to the tune of “Moonsetter” no less! What’s she up to?

An Instagram parody? Interesting. I’ve never even touched Instagram (thought I’ve heard of it), so this probably doesn’t have as much impact for me. That aside, looks like we’re getting a ‘montage’ of her time on the meteor. Hell yes!

Heh, Karkat still got clobbered by John’s ‘bucket message’!

Unfortunately, this becomes mildly depressing when you realize that shortly after this, THIS happened:


Bwahahaha! Rose looks very unimpressed. This is just so…Vriska, it’s hilarious!

Uh oh, Gamzee…But wait…I thought Terezi came to Gamzee in the original timeline…?

Let’s see:

Whoa, it was never said Terezi was the one to make the ‘first move’. It just…happened. See, THIS is why I make a point to check EVERYTHING when writing this stuff. If Gamzee was coming onto Terezi like he was here, given her absolute *crap* self-worth after killing Vriska…Dang, I knew it was an abusive relationship but this just makes it creepier.

Unfortunately for Gamzee, Terezi in ‘this’ timeline is far less open to his advances.

And of course.

Given the tension that defined their relationship for so long, it’s heartwarming to see that the ‘Scourge Sisters’ are finally back together. Vriska had been trying to mend bridges with Terezi for a while, right from their first conversation actually, but Terezi was understandably resistant:

And during Alterniabound:

When Murderstuck happened, as we know, in the original timeline Terezi tried *really* hard to convince herself that Vriska was the bad guy who needed to be brought to justice. But it also began to become clear that despite her best efforts, Terezi still cared for her:

And in the original, ‘doomed’ timeline where Vriska survived occurred because Terezi couldn’t go through with it:

Sadly, Paradox Space forced Terezi’s hand, leaving her the wreck we knew in the original timeline. In THIS timeline, however, John’s retcon powers gave her a ‘third option.’ This panel really says it all:

Moving on:

Hey, Rosemary!

Oh, hi Vriska. Check out the ‘Light Aspect’ coffee cup she has.

Kanaya and Rose look un-amused that she killed the moment. Look at her face though, what a dork (though isn’t everyone in Homestuck a dork?).

So, does this mean Vriska’s presence interfered with Rosemary? Very possibly. On thinking about it though, that would probably be for the better.

…Oh god, please don’t kill me Rosemary fans. But remember what Karkat said in the ‘old’ timeline concerning Rosemary?:

Rose and Kanaya became worrying codependent on each other, to the point it damaged Kanaya’s relationship with Karkat. And was implied to have interfered with Rose and Dave’s relationship in turn, given one of Dave’s lines at the end of the trip:

Rosemary is a nice pairing, definitely one of the more compatible ones. But if a relationship gets to the point where it starts damaging your other ones, that’s probably not a very healthy relationship. Vriska’s disruption was needed to prevent the above from happening.

I haven’t looked into Rosemary much, so I can’t really say much else definitive. Does this mean it won’t be a thing? Not necessarily. But Rose and Kanaya *cannot* shut themselves away from the others like they did in the ‘original’ timeline. And Rosemary didn’t get off on the most ideal foot either in the old timeline, considering Rose kissed Kanaya while *drunk*. How drunk? Drunk enough that as soon as the kiss finished she started falling down the stairs with a smile on her face, seemingly oblivious to what was happening:

What’s more, Rose remained drunk for most of the trip, and Kanaya refused to address it until the end. What’s worse, it’s stated Rose *lied* to her about alcoholism being a thing:

I don’t know guys. I can see the appeal of Rosemary, but looking over how it occurred during the ‘original’ timeline…Starting a relationship while inebriated is already shaky ground, there’s the implication Rose was drunk to some degree for most of it, and then there was the ‘not leaving each other alone for less then a minute’ mentioned by Karkat which probably contributed to the failure to acknowledge Rose had a problem…

Again, I haven’t done as much looking into Rose and Kanaya as the other patron troll-kid pairings, but I’m seeing enough red flags here that Rosemary not being a thing in this timeline over the course of the meteor trip was probably for the best.

(Again, don’t kill me Rosemary fans! I’m just the analyst, and aside from JohnVris I’m indifferent to pairings.)

I wanted to stop at this panel to note Dave and Karkat are getting along FAR better in this timeline then they did in the old timeline. But then again, a lot of the tension between them in the old timeline came from the fact that they were in a ‘love triangle’ of sort, with Terezi being a mutual romantic interest:

But in this new timeline, John advised Terezi not to date Dave OR Karkat:

Seems she took his advice. Considering how her relationship with Dave crashed and burned in the original timeline, and how she and Karkat…just weren’t going to happen, it was probably for the best. Also, it allowed the two boys to be friends from the start.

Case in point. But look, Rose is drinking. In the original timeline, this was where her problems started. But as we know:

Rose didn’t become a drunk in this new timeline.

And that would be why. Vriska has never been one to ‘tiptoe’ around an issue. That kind of brutal ‘There’s a fucking problem here’ attitude was something the meteor crew needed.

THIS is where I went ‘Wait, fuck, I RECOGNIZE THAT ART STYLE!’ That’s the style of the Homestuck fanartist, ikumaru! Holy crap, they actually got draw for an HS flash! Must be a hella proud moment.

Congratulations, ikumaru! You’ve always been one of my favorite fanartists, and I’m so happy you got to contribute to the comic like this!

On another note, damn the DaveKat is strong in this one…

Oh, HEY, I was wondering about this after ‘She’s 8ack’:

Also in the ‘new’ version of the scene, Terezi still has her glasses, which means she’s still blind, which in turn means Aranea never got to her. I wonder if this version of the meteor encountered the A1 trolls at all…

Guess this easily answer that question. Also, watch the numbers I added, they’ll be important in a few here. These are some absolutely *adorable* pictures, and it’s great to see the A1 trolls again like this (Hey, I rarely dislike a character and the A1 trolls are no exception):

That Scorpio symbol…You know, I thought Gamzee was initially talking about Aranea in this scene (give her [S] GAME OVER stunt) but he’s probably actually talking about Vriska. Either way. Kurloz doesn’t look happy at the news (And Cronus giving Mituna a hard time as usual in the background).

Oh wow, the other Vriska’s ghost wasn’t erased. We FINALLY get an answer to that question.

Oh yeah, about the numbers, it was mostly to make sure and also show…I count only ELEVEN Pre-Scratch trolls here. Why is that significant? Well, are we forgetting?:

Where the hell is Aranea!?

Oh man, after [S] GAME OVER, the fact she’s currently unaccounted for make me hella nervous.

Vriska looks a little in shock, and can you really blame her? *That was supposed to be her original fate.* Yet it’s only through the effort of her ‘other self’, John, and the ‘other Terezi’ that this version of her was able to live. While the original Alpha remains in the dreambubbles, dead and never having gotten the chance she did. It’s a version of the ‘who’s the ‘real’ self’ dilemma we’ve seen reoccur across the comic. This meeting had to have had an impact on her.

Why are we suddenly with Jane?

Vriska!? Having apparently taken over Gamzee’s role in the B2 session, apparently:

I still wonder where those time boxes came from…

Tavrosprite! Which means Jane in this timeline actually got a proper sprite. Interesting…

It looks like Vriska is making sure the B2 prototypings get done.

…Wait a second…

If we assume that Fefetasprite:

And Erisolsprite:

Are still a thing in this timeline, and we assume that ARquisprite is about to become a thing in this timeline as well:

Combined with Tavrosprite, and…

I actually made a visual to help represent:

Guys, assuming the other B2 sprites are the same, all the trolls are going to be alive in some form for the first time since Murderstuck.

And considering how we’re now approaching the ‘endgame’ with this being the final ‘real’ Act…I am smelling something epic in the making here, if I’m right.

It does look like Vriska learned her lesson and matured over the course of the three year trip. Look at her expression when she curls up with Rose and Kanaya. For the first time *ever*, she was actually hanging around with friends like a normal teenager. No ‘game’ hanging overhead, no Spidermom to worry about, no ‘blood caste reputation’ to worry about, no nothing. Look at how *relaxed* she looks for most of the Flash. The scene with her in the lawn chair, a drink, and Gamzee fanning her was kinda symbolic in that way: For the first time, she’s no longer under pressure, and can focus on being herself, instead of focusing on what she thinks other expect her to be. As she told John towards the end of A5A2:

Though she wasn’t able to fight Jack, it seems like she followed through on the rest of this.

I do wonder how exactly her encounter with her ‘alt self’ went down, considering it was immediately after that we saw her with her trademark driven smirk. However, the fact it immediately flashed to helpful Tavrosprite (in the process helping Tavros, who she regretted killing) shows that it’s different this time around. She’s assumed more mature, and is hopefully closer to actual ‘hero’ now. I wonder what’s she planning…

I just saw the upd8 schedule and it looks like we’ll get a week break before the comic will start upd8 every week day, with the occasional week break. Oh man, I am going to be *busy.* And I am going to love every second of it.

Hope you enjoyed!

My Top 10 Studio Ghibli Films

In light of the Studio’s not closing (and my boundless boredom) I made a top 10 list of their films in accordance to how I feel about them, so I’m only including ones that I’ve actually seen…and I haven’t seen some pretty important ones so there.  

10) Ponyo

Ponyo! Everybody loves this movie because it’s ridiculously loveable, and I love it too! I just don’t think it’s that great. The thing I like most about this movie is the animation because I really love the way Hayao Miyazaki animates water. It’s just so damn cool! I really like the setting as well. It’s pretty standard Miyazaki fair, y'know it’s about the environment and stuff. But it’s very pretty and very fun! 

9) My Neighbor Totoro 

Another movie we all love! And only at number 9. Don’t get me wrong, this movie is great and iconic and is a great, safe way to introduce the concept of death and tragedy to young children, as I know many have.  But, I just don’t think there’s that much here for an older audience. Which is fine, but yeah, it doesn’t do all that much for me. Most of the movie is the main characters going about their lives while occasionally running into Totoro. Which, for the record, is the best part. The animation on Totoro is great and you get a real sense of texture and weight. HE JUST LOOKS SO FUZZY.

8) Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind 

Okay technically not a Ghibli movie but it has pretty much the exact same creative team so shut up. This movie is epic. I just really love the world here. Post apocalyptic but also really medieval but futuristic with a little steampunk thrown in, it’s great. And the creature animation is fantastic. For me, I don’t personally find it that engaging, but I think the word I would use to describe this movie is interesting. It’s just a really interesting movie. And I like it a lot.

7) Kiki’s Delivery Service 


Okay, this movie is so important. I cannot think of a single better movie to show a kid who’s growing up. You know why? Because this movie teaches that feeling sad is okay. When’s the last time you saw that in a movie (it was probably in another Ghibli movie tbh)? Kiki is awesome, she’s determined and mature but is still a kid. And Jiji is just THE BEST SIDE CHARACTER, it’s a really pleasant movie. It’s a good one to watch when your down. I love this movie. It’s great.

6) From up on Poppy Hill


I like this movie for a lot of the same reasons I like Kiki’s Delivery Service. It’s a really quiet, comforting movie. The film takes place just before the Tokyo Olympics, Japan is still recovering from World War II and everyone is ready to throw out the old and bring in the new. So when a historic clubhouse at Umi’s private school is going to be torn down, our heroes band together to stop it. The movie is really simple and straightforward and noticeably devoid of supernatural elements, but it really gives you a sense of place. You really get a feel for what Japan was like in the early 60s. And the movie has a very pretty Japanese pop soundtrack that’s really nice, and there’s a really intimate romance (that’s imo the best one in all of Ghibli). Love it.

5) The Wind Rises 


This film is a masterpiece (AND IT SHOULD HAVE BEAT OUT FROZEN FOR BEST ANIMATED PICTURE BUT THAT’S ANOTHER STORY). This is Hayao Miyazaki’s last movie, for real this time. And boy does it show. By telling the tale of a real life genius aviator who is forced to use his creations for evil, Miyazaki ultimately shows us creativity is fleeting. That you can only be a genius for so long, commenting on his own career in the process. Miyazaki felt like he just didn’t have much more creativity left in him. Whether or not he was right, we’ll never know. But at least we know why he retired. It’s kind of like The Tempest of Miyazaki films, and it’s amazing. 

4) Princess Mononoke

Oh yeah. Now we’re getting down to it. This movie is epic. In fact, this movie so epic, it gives Lord of the Rings a run for its money. I mean DAMN this movie is huge. Our heroes travel over vast mountains and fields and engage in huge, epic battles, which by the way, are so brutal that the violence is never glorified. It’s definitely the most violent animated film I’ve seen, and the creature animation is GLORIOUS, and Ancient Japan is just as great a setting as you’d expect it to be. So good.

3) Porco Rosso 

God I love this movie. Miyazaki knew exactly what kind of film he wanted to make, and boy did he make it. In it we have Porco, our Humphrey Bogart-esque loner who’s best friend is his plane, and he’s being hunted down by Bounty Hunters and the newly Fascist Italian Government. And he’s a pig. For some reason (well it’s probably a metaphor). And did I mention that this takes place in an alternate history on the Mediterranean Coast after WWI where fighter pilots use militarized sea planes to fight? Oh yeah. There’s that. This movie has great character development, a host of entertaining side characters, and it’s actually really funny, and has some great action scenes. It’s criminally underrated and I enjoy it immensely. Go watch it. 

2) Howl’s Moving Castle

I’m a sucker for a few things, and a few of those things happen to be French things, Steampunk things, and WWI history. AND HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE HAS ALL OF THAT in one way or another, so it’s no surprise that I like this movie. A lot. I also really like Sophie’s character arch. For those of you who don’t know, Sophie has never believed that she’s beautiful, and is cursed to be old, but the curse deteriorates the more confident she gets. It’s just really empowering and amazing. 

1) Spirited Away

(Okay I know original right) but SERIOUSLY this movie is insane I don’t even know where to begin. The movie starts of with Chihiro in the process of moving, and she’s terrified, and then she gets trapped in the spirit world and her parents are cursed. From there on, this movie, is unbelievable. One thing I love about this movie is that Chihiro gets scared. She gets so scared. But she keeps going. It teaches kids it’s okay to be scared. And I just love that this movie feels so lonely. Which might sound like a weird way to describe a movie but I think it fits. The scene on the train (gifed above) is maybe my favorite scene ever in a movie. You just get this feeling. Like you’ve been there. Like you’ve sat there quietly in a scary situation having no idea what’s coming next. It’s almost indescribable but it really speaks to me. And I just keep coming back to loneliness. I feel like every character here is afraid and lonely (except for a few). It’s just so different, and I find that oddly comforting. Because we feel lonely all the time don’t we? But media never seems to show that! We have our character and their group of friends. But here, we have our character, and a few outcasts, who I can’t say are friends. They’re just sort of brought together by their common alienation. And when Chihrio returns home, she’s not afraid of moving anymore. And if that’s not comforting as fuck, then I don’t know what is.  

anonymous asked:

fav evak fanfics?

ahhh I love reading fics :’)

skam fics are usually pretty short so i read like 50 a day but i managed to pick a few of my all time favorites!!! 

my favorite wip right now is:

and here are some awesome short series/scenes

and here are a few of my favorite finished fics :)



Quiet Places is a series of maps that mark suitable roleplay locations with little to no NPCs. They’ll be some-what consistently categorized as follows; Walk Up - Empty locations near heavy player traffic. Dwelling - Buildings ideal for home based roleplay. Day to Day - Areas heavily themed for every day necessities or duties. Ancient Rites - Can be anything from ruins to totems. Darkspear trolls can make use of a variety of ritual sites and such areas are key to their culture and theme.

As a relatively new capital, added in Cataclysm, the Echo Isles can feel a bit small. There are no portals to this location and besides being the starting zone for new trolls, there aren’t that many utility npc’s. Yet, this makes the isles absolutely perfect for roleplay. Plentiful little landmasses litter the main isles and a variety of them provide heavily troll-themed buildings, ruins or activities. The addition of a true home for the Darkspear tribe truly was a long time coming.

The roleplay scene can be sparse at the isles but I’ve seen more than a few troll based guilds hold events here - Darkspear or otherwsie. Additionally, being near so many new players can actually be good and productive publicity. Walk-Ups might happen more than one might think.

Troll lore is deep and oh so enjoyable with our community’s impressive amount of work on their own, inspiring head-canons. Trolls are my favorite race horde side and I urge you to wander around the Isles, even with a newly made Darkspear.

a) Chieftain’s Roof
b) Voljin’s Overlook
c) The Leftover Table
d) Crab Trapping
e) Treetops
g) Evaluation Station
h) A Smiling Loa
i) The Waiting Banner
j) Mortal Pit
k) Docked Boats
l) Raptor Pen
m) Hatchling Pen
n) Fishing Boats

o) Bloodtalon Breeding Ground
p) Ruins
q) Isle of Faces
r) Hir'eek Offering Totem
s) Castoff Shore
t) Fisherman’s Hut
u) Sen'Jin Fallen