so heres a few of my favorite scenes

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question: how does Dean cycle through like 20 expressions in the space of a second and a half. explain.

That man’s face is a treasure; so many expressions so little time. It’s a lot to do with the vast well of emotions he’s always sitting on and also his sensual (tactile is the word I use when I tag it but sensual is what I really mean) because not only does he use his hands to express himself, he uses his face too–his eyes his lips, the eyebrows. Look at his shoulders in that one too. He just uses his entire body to talk. One of my favorite scenes is from The French Mistake because he does this in the span of a few seconds: 

He just has so much in him all the time and it just all comes out in some form of facial expression and I love it. This scene too in 5.01 when he’s so shocked to be on the plane: 

Or here, in when his entire face tells a story from start to finish: 

Or those times you can literally see him thinking something through: 

He wears his emotions right there on his face and that’s why it’s impossible not to know what he’s really feeling even when he doesn’t want to talk about it. 

-The Most Interesting Stories Aren’t Always Action-

Here​ ​is​ ​a​ ​list​ ​of​ ​a​ ​few​ ​of​ ​my​ ​favorite​ ​engaging​ ​stories​ ​with​ ​a​ ​little​ ​less​ ​action.

Shouwa​ ​Genroku​ ​Rakugo​ ​Shinju​​ ​​-Drama- Shouwa​ ​Genroku​ ​Rakugo​ ​Shinju​ ​keeps​ ​me​ ​so​ ​invested​ ​in​ ​the​ ​story​ ​at​ ​all​ ​time,​ ​with​ ​loveable characters,​ ​just​ ​enough​ ​drama,​ ​great​ ​music,​ ​and​ ​well​ ​directed​ ​scenes,​ ​it​ ​proves​ ​it​ ​doesn’t​ ​take an​ ​action​ ​packed​ ​fight​ ​to​ ​make​ ​your​ ​heart​ ​race.

Sakamichi No Apollon -Drama-
Maybe my opinion is slightly biased because of my love for jazz, but the way sakamichi no apollon explores romance, music, and the everyday drama and lives of these characters, had me hooked from episode one.

Beast Player Erin -Fantasy-
Now technically there is a bit of action in this series. BUT I would argue that the majority of the series is a coming of age/political story, with love both familial and romantic, and a touching story about the relationship between a girl and a magical beast, i’d say it’s worth a watch.

Mushi-shi -Fantasy-
Mushi-shi is a great story for those who enjoy the feeling of exploring in a world of fantasy. As it follows a man wandering the world following rumors of possible mushi, and helping others, you’ll find yourself sucked deep into a well built fantasy world with background music that you only WISH you had IRL.

Ristorante Paradiso -Romance-
This one is a little different from most others on this list, the story revolves around a woman off to find her mother and the man she left to marry. She finds herself uprooting into a new life working in the strange restaurant her mother and secret stepfather run, making friends, and falling in love, all the while no one knows she’s even her daughter.

House Of Five Leaves -historical drama-
This show has great characters and unique art and atmosphere that set it apart from other shows instantly. And if you’ve ever wondered “what would a show about samurai be like without all the actiony fights all the time?” this show answers that question.

Sora No Woto -Military-
Though it’s a military show, it rarely ever has all that much action. The show IMO focuses a lot on themes of hope in times of war, showing how it affects the people involved. It also focuses a lot on characters overcoming their problems and building relationships with one another in a kind of bittersweet way.

Hozuki no reitetsu -Comedy-
It felt to me like a good idea to throw in a nice comedy at the end of a list with so many bittersweet titles. Hoozuki focuses on “life” and Business in hell, with a dark and sometimes dry adult sense of humor, in a strange slice of life setting i found this show to be an enjoyable and a relaxing watch.

Anniversaries with Tom Holland:

  • Anniversaries with Tom would be amazing
  • Let me tell you that boy I such a romantic
  • He’d let you sleep as long as you want
  • But as soon as you wake up he’ll be by your side, kissing every inch of your face
  • “Good morning love! Did you sleep well?”
  • You faced him, just to see him looking at you with the most loving smile ever on his face
  • “Yeah,absolutely perfect!”
  • “Take your time to get ready, Breakfast is waiting for you!” he said, after putting a loving kiss on your lips
  • Boy your heart still explodes when he kisses you

  • After getting ready you head downstairs, having a massive breakfast waiting for you
  • I’m taking about pancakes,waffles basically everything you love
  • The both of you would sit down on the couch and you’d cuddle into him
  • He’d wrap one arm around you loosely while placing a kiss on the top of your head
  • You would watch one of your favorite movies while finishing your breakfast
  • When you finished your breakfast, he’d hand you your gift
  • You being kind of shook cause usually you both agreed that neither of you would buy a gift for each other
  • “Tom what is this?“
  • “Just a little thank you my love.” he said with that god damn charming smile
  • “Darling, we agreed on not buying anything for each other.“
  • “I was away for such a long time, but you stayed with me. Giving you a present is the least that I could do.”
  • Okay not gonna lie, you may or may not start crying a little bit
  • You cried a lot
  • “Love, please don’t cry. I hate seeing you like this!“

  • Girl he’d give you the cutest present ever
  • It’s a little heart necklace with a T on it
  • He helps you putting it on and placed a lot of kisses on your neck and your shoulders

  • Then suddenly it began to rain really bad
  • Like really really bad, London rain drops could actually kill you
  • “Bloody hell, where did this come from??!?”
  • “I guess the world is telling us to just stay here today.“ you said while shrugging your shoulders
  • “But I had everything planned, we would go to that restaurant down the street, which you love so much and we would go shopping and go t-”
  • “Tom it’s okay! I rather just spend time with you,cuddling on the couch, than going out to these fancy places.“

  • So that’s what you end up doing my loves
  • Just cuddling on the couch watching all and I mean ALL of your favorite movies
  • Eventually you take a few naps cause why not it’s raining outside
  • Tom always kissing you
  • Sometimes it turns into a make out scene
  • But really just loving the time you spend together
  • Y'all I want this
  • Like please I’m single
  • Now I’m sad :(

  • This is for my fav @iamnesta cause she helped me calm down yesterday night. ily girl

Social Media AU - Eyewitness

Missing these two & rewatched a few of my favorite scenes on YouTube today so here ya go. And Gabe would definitely be that Dad who comments on their pictures but the boys totally love.

RENT BOY (Chapter 1)

Well the anonymous wanted a JB fantasy and they’ve got it. I’ve always fantasied about being Justin’s personal Rent Boy so heres a little scene staring Ryan Johnson (feat. Justin Bieber)

My Names Ryan, I’m 20 years old and I’m a high class escort. The Men I tend to deal with are mainly celebrities. One of my Main clients and definitely one of my favorites is Justin Bieber. I’ve been working for Justin for quite a few years now, ever since his comeback and every time he visits the UK. I’m booked to service him for his entire visit.

During the Purpose Tour I’m escorted back stage and hes there waiting, shirtless. He walks over to me, kisses me gently running his tongue across my lips until I give him access to my mouth and then he massages his tongue against mine. After we kiss for a little while to whispers

“You know what to do” and boy do I.

I kiss my way across his beautifully smooth chest and run my tongue against the fine hairs in the middle of his chest, then i find his right nipple and latch onto it with my mouth gently sucking and biting down making his moan softly. I pay a little attention to his other nipple this time biting harder as I know he loves pain during sex. Then I make my way down his stomach licking across the ‘son of god’ I giggle to myself.

“what are you giggling for bitch” he scoffs

“Not very religious now are you bible boy” I tease

He grabs me by my hair pulling me up, he pulls it so hard tears start to form at my eyes.

“Its about time Daddy showed you a little respect” He slaps me down and drags me over to the couch and places me on his lap.

I can feel his hard dick against me. He shoves my Calvin Klein’s over my ass. I cant help be moan in excitement.

“Suck a fucking little whore” he says whilst running his large hands over my ass and I know whats coming he smacks down, hard making my ass tingle. He smacks down again even harder.

“You gonna be a good boy?”

“Yes Daddy, I;m sorry.”

“Good now do what I’m paying you to do” He pushes me off him and places his arms behind his head, displaying his masculine hairy armpits.

I can’t help myself I dive straight in and start running my tongue over his right pit. He tastes of pure man, feeling those soft hairs against my tongue make my hard dick leak pre cum all over my Calvins.

“Fuck yeah bitch, lick me clean”

I start to kiss and lick down his beautifully sculpted body, kissing each abdominal muscle and then I get to his hairy stomach. He hasn’t shaved in while thank god. I start licking down the hairs leading to his pubes, I pull his underwear down having a good feel of his big ass in the process and then I see it, his rock hard thick dick with a thick patch of hair at the base.

I start licking his big hairy balls taking one in my mouth and he lets out a sexy moan.

“fuck yeah bitch, suck on my balls” He grabs me by my head and starts pulling my hair.

I take one of his balls in my mouth and suck gently until it pops out. I lick all the way up his dick feeling the veins against my tongue until I reach the head. I grab his dick and place it in my mouth sucking gently on the head. He moans leaking pre cum all over my tongue. He tastes so sweet, I moan at the taste. Then I start bobbing up and down. Justin grabs me by the head and starts thrusting into my mouth.

“Thats right bitch, take Daddies dick” He says, making me choke on his thick rod.

He pulls it out of my mouth and slaps it against me cheek making me quiver.

“Play with daddies nipples while you suck me off”

I do as I’m told I begin tugging on his nipples and take him back in my mouth swirling my tongue against the head of his dick tasting more pre-cum. I know He’s close, I can feel his head swelling.

“Fuck bitch I’m close, I’m close” He moans

I tug on his nipples and start sucking him harder using one hard to tug his dick up and down.

“You want this cum bitch?”

“Please daddy I want it so much”

“Where you want it?”

“All over my face daddy, please” and i start sucking again, moving up n down even faster.

“Fuck yeah you’ve been a good boy, you deserve a treat.” Then he pulls me off his dick and starts wanking himself off holding my face near the tip.

“Daddy’s close, he close, fuck I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum”

And thats when it starts. Ropes and ropes of thick white glossy cum starts to decorate my face. Justin sounds so hot and loud when he cums, its almost like he wants the entire world to know he’s cumming.

He starts breathing heavily, hes finished cumming.

“god you’re good” he whimpers.

I giggle to myself and start feeling his gorgeous body.

“You look so good covered in my cum” Then he reaches for his phone. “smile for daddy babe”

He takes a picture of me with my face covered in his cum, I’ve never felt so hot before in my entire life. The he gathers some of the cum off my face and guides his cum covered fingers to my mouth feeding me his hot warm delicious cum.

“How does daddy taste?” Justin asks

“sweet as usual, wanna taste?” I use my fingers to grab the last bit of cum on my face and guide my fingers to his mouth. He smiles and starts sucking on my fingers. Then he pulls me up and kisses me, feeding me his cum both of us swirling it around each others mouths.

“That was great baby, you always know how to loosen me up before a show”

“well how about after the show you can loosen me up? I ask cheekily

“sure babe, I’ll give that ass a good seeing too” He kisses me softly. “Now why don’t you head back to the hotel and I’ll see you after the show?”

“Sure, babe”

I leaving the room with a huge smile on my face, You should never become emotionally involved with clients but theres just something about Justin Bieber that always makes me fall.

Happy 30th, Fresh Air!

Today (May 11) is Fresh Air’s 30th anniversary of being a daily, national program. That’s amazing. That also means Terry has been doing this longer than I’ve been alive.

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Like a lot of people my age, my first memories of NPR were in the backseat of my parents’ car. It wasn’t long before I became a fan myself. The road trip from my hometown in Massachusetts to Philadelphia, where I went to college, was about 5 Fresh Air interviews long. I distinctly remember picking out interviews with Sacha Baron Cohen, Lisa Kudrow, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Jack Black and loading them onto my pink iPod mini. 

After I graduated and was miserable working in restaurants and retail, Terry’s interviews kept me sane. She kept me company during a time in my life when I felt lost and directionless. I remember Caitlin Moran, Lena Dunham, and Matt Weiner, to name a few.

I started at Fresh Air in May of 2013. I co-write the Fresh Air webpages on with the lovely Bridget Bentz, run the social media, and handle the podcast. 

In the spirit of our anniversary, I thought I’d mention a few of my favorite interviews since I’ve been here, behind-the-scenes. 

  • John Waters: I have listened to this interview so many times, I practically have it memorized. I love how hard he makes Terry snort-laugh with gems like, “In Baltimore, if you’re hitchhiking, you’re a hooker that doesn’t have the Internet.” 

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  • Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber: Some of my favorite interviews are ones where I’ve never heard of the guest before and then they totally blow me away. Pastor Nadia started a church for outsiders (junkies, drag queens, comedians) and has a really original and inclusive philosophy about faith. 
  • Joaquin Phoenix: I have a special place in my heart for this interview, because the day it aired was the day I was introduced in the credits for the first time. This show was completely bonkers. He was unpredictable and bizarre, but we were all having so much fun listening in while the interview was taping. 

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  • Lynsey Addario: While working as a bad-ass photojournalist in a war zone, Addario was kidnapped with two of her journalist colleagues. She talks about that harrowing experience in this interview. It’s riveting. Plus, as a web producer, putting together a slideshow of her work was a real joy. 
  • Michael K. Williams: Williams, known for playing Omar on The Wire, was a dream guest (open, funny, thoughtful) I love when he called Terry “T,” and talks about how the Rhythm Nation music video inspired him to pursue a career in the arts. His kindness radiates through the speakers.

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I’m sure I’m forgetting tons of other favorites, but those are the ones that came to mind. 

We’ve got plenty of exciting things coming down the pike. Thanks for listening, reading, following the show! We can’t wait to see what you pick as your favorite interviews with the hashtag #freshair30. 


Molly Seavy-Nesper, associate producer at Fresh Air 


Hey!! I forgot to post these! Here are a few more Pokemon commissions, including my current all-time favorite one yet! I loved making that winter scene, though at the time there weren’t many pictures of Avalugg to work off of. Thanks so much for commissioning me guys!

(If you’re interested in having one made, check out over here for more details!)


                               Zack Taylor Appreciation

                                           july 1st - 31st

every ranger deserves their time to shine so that’s why few of us have banded together and we want you to join in! whether its gifsets, fanfic, fanart, a collection of headcanons, fanmixes, or liveblogging your favorite episode (the movie? play by play’s of zack’s scenes?) - don’t hesitate to show this months ranger some love!

tag your posts with ranger lovefest so we can all find each other and reblog!

this months ranger is: Zack Taylor, Mighty Morphin’ Black Ranger 2017

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what's your favorite scene in Carol?

Too many of them to pick just one, to be honest. Here’s a few:

1. The scene where Carol and Therese are leaving on their road trip, and it’s snowing, and “Silver Bells” is playing. There’s just something so beautiful, sanguine, and nostalgic about it all at the same time. One of my favorite scenes in any film ever.

2. Before their big love scene, the way Carol unties her robe and lets it just fall open while looking at Therese in the mirror. I completely lost my breath the first time I watched the film. It’s such a meaningful gesture; like Carol is offering herself to Therese as well, making herself vulnerable.

3. The “we’re not ugly people, Harge” scene. Carol standing up for herself and being brave enough to live her truth no matter what the cost makes my heart swell up with pride and ache at the same time. The way Cate plays that whole scene, and especially her delivery of that line, just rips my heart out. She was robbed of the Academy Award for this role, I swear.

4. Both scenes where Carol says “flung out of space.” It was brilliant to have her reiterate that sentiment during their love scene.

5. Of course, the ending. Carol’s expression at the end when she sees Therese coming towards her says it all. Cate’s a master at just acting with the eyes/facial expressions, and this end scene, with the incredible score playing in the background, and that smile that slowly spreads across Carol’s face, and the way her eyes light up and smile all by themselves sends chills down my spine.

There are so many more, (basically the whole film) but these have to be my top five favorites. This is my favorite film, and I’m just so grateful to everyone that had a hand in bringing this magnificent and moving love story to life.

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favorite fics with bottom!soo??

All of these fics contain bottom!soo sex scenes. The chaptered ones have smut scene mostly in later chapters. These are of course only few of my favorites. ^^

I hope you’ll like the recommendation and that you’ll find here fics you haven’t read before! Also, thank you for your patience and I’m sorry for replying so late! ^^

Measure Up

very naughty one-shot that contains size!kink and slut shaming 

Kyungsoo likes that his boyfriend, Jongin, is taller than him. He especially likes that his boyfriend is bigger in another area as well. This leads him to ask Jongin if he would be willing to indulge him a bit of play they haven’t tried out yet.

Put Your Faith in My Stomach

smutty one-shot 

contains BDSM themes, cross-dressing, slight exhibitionism

Trust is sexy and arousing.

Meeting Dr. Kim

smutty three-shot Doctor!AU 

contains infidelity (Soo cheats on his bf with Jongin)

Kyungsoo is having trouble in the bedroom area and is sent to urologist Dr. Kim.

Little Voyeur

naughty one-shot 

contains slut shaming, dirty!talk, spanking, slutty!soo, slight baek!soo 

Baekhyun returns home earlier than usual and stumbles upon a pornographic scene in his shared room with Jongin. 

Birthday Sex

smutty two-shot (smut only in first chapter) 

Kyungsoo’s birthday party was not going well. Jongin had already caught him glancing at him once and Kyungsoo had drunk too much for being a lightweight. So when everyone sends sober Jongin to drive Kyungsoo back home, he dreads their alone time. The night is quickly progressing to be a trial of suppressed desires and unspoken need. Will Jongin finally give Kyungsoo his birthday gift?


completed chaptered college!AU

contains homophobia and bullying

There is one chapter with topsoo (chapter 3) but that is the only one, other chapters are bottom!soo ^^

Kyungsoo and Jongin know they are quickly journeying into dangerous territory, because Jongin’s best friend is Park Chanyeol, openly homophobic and sworn enemy of Kyungsoo’s best friend, Byun Baekhyun. They go there anyway.

Bed Head

smutty one-shot bartender!AU

Kyungsoo never really liked people - which is why his fascination with club bartender made him both confused and hot at the same time. 

Ardent Sense

ongoing; chaptered CEO!AU 

daddy!kink; age!gap (JI is 35, Soo has a body of 16-18yrs old but he’s not a human)

Kim Jongin, a bitter grumpy cold CEO, just recently bought a doll. Not ordinary kind of doll, but a living doll.A living sex doll.

(Un)Notice Me

completed chaptered highschool!AU that does contain intimate and smutty scenes (not really a penetration sex but it implies a bottom!soo)

mentions of bullying, homophobic themes, colorist themes

Kyungsoo has spent his entire life trying not to be noticed. Jongin notices him anyway.


naughty one-shot nonAU that contains drunk sex

Kyungsoo drinks more than usual and starts kissing Jongin’s neck.

Glory Days

smutty two-shot that contains slut shaming

With a significant amount of alcohol in him, Kyungsoo finds himself much more likely to give the gloryhole he stumbles upon a second look. 

Don’t Wake the Neighbors

naughty two-shot neighbors!AU that contains infidelity (Soo is married and cheats on his wife with Jongin but who can blame him lol)

After marrying his wife, Kyungsoo decides to move to a quiet town where he can build a family. The neighbors are pleasant and the community seems welcoming, a perfect home for newlyweds. However, this all comes into conflict once the married man begins to notice the young man who lives next door.

Take a Look Outside

completed chaptered SliceOfLife!AU with sequel 

Kyungsoo is scared of flights and Jongin turns out to be more than just a seat neighbor for the next fourteen hours


smutty one-shot college!AU that contains dirty talk, hair pulling 

Kyungsoo has never had an orgasm, but Jongin sure does love a challenge.

The Apple of My Eye

naughty one-shot with SO many kinks, you’ll absolutely love it 

Jongin wants Kyungsoo to read to him but not in a conventional way. 

Ramyeon Rendezvous

uncompleted smutty chaptered OfficeWorkers!AU (I am not losing hope that this amazing fanfic will be finished one day) 

Jongin and Kyungsoo are two normal office workers. They don’t know each other. They’re strangers. Strangers that happen to meet at a club late a night as they searched for the same thing - sex. It happens once. It happens twice and they’re hooked. Whenever they meet, not having sex seems to be impossible. 

Size Queen

smutty one-shot non-AU 

contains dirty talk, slut shaming + size kink 

Kyungsoo may have a little bit of a kink and Jongin has a big problem.

string me up (and tear me down)

naughty one-shot 

contains dirty talk, size kink (you can probably see my fav kinks but oh well who can blame me) 

Jongin is hung, like really big. Luckily, Kyungsoo is a bit of a size queen and doesn’t mind at all. 

Full Nude

naughty one-shot that contains blowjob, not really a penetration but still very very good! 

Kyungsoo attends a life drawing class to find a handsome man standing naked in the middle of the room. Jongin thinks he is a masterpiece that only the reluctant art student’s talents can capture.

Please don’t forget to like, subsribe and leave kudos and comments under fics!

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Going to make you do another list- favorite scenes in Critical Role?

Oh, this is just cruel, especially since I’ve gone and decided I was gonna do timestamps. These are just a few that popped into my head and I’m sure I’ll remember thirty as soon as I post it. Enjoy the complete emotional whiplash of this random assortment of moments. 

Tried to keep the descriptions as spoiler-free as possible so people can just jump in wherever, but I’d skip this if you’re really worried. Every link leads to the exact timestamp, some of which are obviously very spoilery. Here we go!

Episode 3: Vex and Keyleth say “fuck it”. (Note: early episode means v. loud at times and sound quality is pretty rough.)

Episode 4: Laura gets to the episode a bit late, just in time for an elaborate and extremely well-thought-out plan to go into play.

Episode 17: Grog mopes after a rough fight.

Episode 18: Matt gets a subtle revenge after Percy absolutely wrecks shop with multiple natural twenties… while wearing buttflap pajamas.

Episode 19: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn has a helluva moment as Zahra during a particularly nasty fight in her first-ever D&D game.

Episode 22Vex is Not Pleased.

Episode 23: Matt invents Victor the blackpowder merchant on the spot.

Episode 24: The party refuses to let Percy face the Briarwoods alone.

Episode 24: Vax gets revenge on Grog for tripping him several months ago.

Episode 25: Vax alone.

Episode 25: Vex charges in with the most dramatic dice rolls possible.

Episode 26“Here’s my plan… we’re all cows.”

Episode 28: The show takes on a distinctly different and more disturbing tone. Welcome to Whitestone.

Episode 31: [Jurassic Park theme intensifies]

Episode 34: The sixth barrel.

Episode 34: To quote an earlier post: the walls are people and magic is dead. Everything is fine.

Episode 35: Scanlan casts a spell on Percy.

Episode 36: Percy gives Grog a sentient sword. What could go wrong?

Episode 36: Keyleth, Scanlan, and Percy take in a magic show during the festival. They’re… still a little frazzled.

Episode 38: Scanlan’s flirtatious relationship with Kaylie takes a dramatic turn.

Episode 39: Everything changes.

Episode 40: The party starts to fracture under the strain.

Episode 41: Finding Gilmore.

Episode 42: Vex’s limerick for Scanlan.

Episode 44: Matt is DMing a room full of twelve-year-olds.

Episode 44: Half the party’s character arcs turn on a single roll of the dice…

Episode 45“I like you people, okay?”

Episode 47: Vex seeks help with a magical artifact.

Episode 47: Vax and Grog slip into nightmares.

Episode 48: Vex does some flying target practice over breakfast. Things escalate.

Episode 49: Grog escapes the portal in the most heartbreaking possible way.

Episode 51: Scanlan coaches Kaylie through a distraction.

Episode 52: Unbe-fucking-lievable sequence of dice rolls.

Episode 53: Bickering twins being bickering twins.

Episode 55: “Left.” Chills every time.

Episode 56: Grog gets his hands on a magical artifact. Experimentation ensues.

Episode 56: Percy and Keyleth talk about cities and lifespans. Unbelievably good improv.

Episode 57: Chatting with trees.

Episode 57: Vax has an unexpected late-night visitor.

Episode 58: Scanlan to the rescue. (”I don’t do these things!”)

Episode 59: Percy has a couple of late-night conversations after a charm wears off.

Episode 59: Pike commissions a family portrait.

Episode 60: Vox Machina is a close-knit group.

Episode 63: Saundor and Vex. Link is to the fixed audio, because the background music times up perfectly and it’s a little uncanny.

Episode 64: A belated discovery and farewell.

Episode 65: The perils of mist-walking in a desert environment.

Episode 65: Scanlan looks for someone to help him out with a drug deal.

Episode 67: Keyleth, the airship, and the storm.

Episode 68: Scanlan and the Onyx Dog.

Episode 69: A letter for Keyleth.

Episode 69: An ominous meeting.

Episode 71“I sing at it.”

Episode 72: Vex and Percy talk about forgiveness.

Episode 74: Cenokir introduces himself. Things get a little weird.

Episode 75: Pike teaches Grog to read.

Episode 76“I’m so amazing!”

Episode 78: Kashaw the strategist.

Episode 81: Grog finds a famous (infamous) D&D magical item.

Behind the Scenes!AU: Makeup

I was wondering what each actor would look like in this au, ever since that ask about Shouto, so here are some more headcanons for you guys c:

I might do more makeup HC’s for other characters, but for now I did it for a few of my favorites.

-Izuku uses the most makeup of all of them, and none of it is to change his everyday appearance. It’s simply to make him look like he’s been hit by a bus fifteen times during his matches. He’s gotten really good at stumbling around as though he’s broken bones and he likes to scare the crap out of some of the other actors once in a while.

-Katsuki’s hair is perfect for his role, they were honestly impressed with how much his hair sticks up. But they had to give him colored contacts to make his eyes have that red appearance. He really has dark brown eyes, and it’s surprising how much it softens his features.

-Katsuki also has faint freckles across his nose. (“FRECKLE BROS!!” -Kiri likes to call Izuku and Katsuki that) They cover them with makeup, sadly. The rest of the cast secretly thinks they’re adorable.

-(mentioned before) Shouto has bicolored eyes, which everyone else thinks is awesome, but his hair is only dark red. He has to dye the other half white for his role. But he really likes it, so he keeps it for quite a while afterward. He only needs makeup for the scar.

-Kiri’s hair is held together by hairspray, gel, and sheer willpower. He just wears it down on days he doesn’t need it up, or likes to tie it back in a little ponytail. He actually didn’t have to dye it. And his teeth are also sharp, so there wasn’t a need for fake ones either (how his teeth are like that is a mystery) The minute they added his little scar, he marched around and showed it to everybody he possibly could.

-Kaminari thought it was awesome that he got to have a lightning bolt streak in his hair. Other than styling it differently, he didn’t need much work to fit the role.

-Ochako has to straighten her hair a lot to get it to curve the right way. If she doesn’t, it will turn into loose curls. She has very wavy hair when she isn’t acting and it’s always been something that needed tamed for her roles.

-Shinsou has the darkest hair out of all of them. His hair is really near-black and his eyes are green. He wears colored contacts like Katsuki and was originally going to wear a wig. Due to a bad prank by Kiri and Kaminari, he eventually ended up with his purple hair and a grudge against those two idiots. But he does like the new look and when he’s finished acting, he changes colors a lot to see what it looks like with streaks of different colors.

My favorite moment in Wakko’s Wish

So everyone in the animaniacs fandom knows how ridiculously adorable Wakko’s Wish is. It may not have been a great movie …or even really a good movie… but if you like sibling fluff you have a favorite moment and for the most part it’s the same few moments. I want to take a second to mention my favorite moment, because it’s one i never hear anyone mention or ever see screencaps for. Which is actually one of the reasons i love it so much. It’s subtle. Easy to miss. It wasn’t even needed, i bet it wasn’t even scripted and some animator just took the liberty. Here it is:

You’re meant to be looking at the carriage, it’s the focus of the scene, the biggest thing in the shot, the only thing really moving and Plotz is the one speaking. It’s so easy to miss Yakko positioning his body between Dot and the carriage. If you look at the trajectory of the carriage compared to where Yakko is standing, (look at the cobblestones) it’s close but not actually in any danger of hitting either of them. He really didn’t have to move at all but he still immediately turns himself to shield her. He doesn’t move himself out of the way, he moves her out of the way. Look at the way he looks at her in frame 2. How he has her leaning away from the ‘danger’ in frame 3. And how it still looks like he has a hand on her in frame 5.

Just... Ianto

So I was rewatching To the Last Man (as one does), and it came to The Kiss, and I just…..

I’m really sad we didn’t get more scenes like this because: 

It’s so sweet??? Because Jack’s kinda mopey, but he’s also flirting, and Ianto’s not having any of that, so he just goes straight in for the kiss, and that’s arguably my favorite scene in the entire show.

Ianto’s so assertive here, which is great because I feel like fandom sometimes makes him really passive in the relationship, but he’s also trying to help Jack, because Jack’s obviously struggling with something. And it’s also one of the best Janto moments there is — other than Jack asking him out or the pterodactyl scene (and a few others) — and Ianto’s the one initiating it!

Just… Ianto. 

anonymous asked:

Who are your top five Sterek authors? Sterek fics? Do you ship anything besides Sterek from TW?

OMG what a hard question! Off the top of my head: @cobrilee @inell @deleted-scenes @wellhalesbells @thepsychicclam @bleep0bleep @stileshale

As for faves, I listed a few here, and two others I just thought of: (Sacred) In the Ordinary and Stilinski’s Home for Wayward Wolves. Plus, you’ve inspired me to create a fave fics tag so that I can do a better job tracking my favorites. ;)

As for other ships from TW…Sterek is really the only one. I low-key like a lot of other ships and will read a bunch, but I doubt I’ll ever write anything else in TW besides Sterek. Which means I’m so impressed with authors who do (nudge nudge @inell).

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Eliza Taylor as an actress?

Damn there are some scenes where she takes my breath away as Clarke. Everything in 315 with her mother was stunning, and then that little moment in 316 when Abby wakes up? I was almost crying for both of them. What a force. Other major moments for Eliza were the 307 death scene, the reunion with Abby in the end of 316, and how she manages to show FIFTY DIFFERENT EXPRESSIONS AT ONCE when she sees Bellamy safe and sound—in 316 and in 405.

And then we have something that’s more subtle that builds, like the list scene in 403. that’s probably a minute or more of silent performance from Eliza, and it’s all about her indecision and the weight of her responsibilities. She only breaks down when Bellamy wakes up and joins the scene. Yet in that minute we can see how torn up with remorse she is.

Eliza also does really well with some of the small humor moments? She gets so few opportunities being the super serious lead character of a super serious show, but one if my favorite acting beats for Clarke this season was the small reactions she gave to Murphy in the kitchen in 407. That whole scene is beautifully done, from her little smile when makes a joke about the good ones being taken, to her “omg good food” face right after. They have good chemistry and are both strong performers. But this little smile here, with her dry commentary that is half sarcasm but also half amusement and being charmed.


The 100 as a show does a pretty good job with casting–at this point I have no complaints about the mains and their talent for subtle performances. Sometimes it’s tough if the script is too on-the-nose, and the 100 as a whole isn’t known for subtle or layered dialogue. The characters tend to be very upfront with what they’re thinking and feeling as they react to the disasters of the moment. So I actually attribute a lot of the show’s success to the cast, and how they can take heavy-handed lines and bring them down a notch or crank them up a notch as necessary to deliver evocative performances. Especially once the show figured out how to write toward these actors better (mid season 1) it got really strong. Eliza is a huge part of that, and she deserves serious applause for being a pillar of the show.  

Her character is also half of my OTP,  so I love her work on that too. Every little glance that Clarke has with Bellamy, every delicate vulnerability or outstretched hand–Eliza and Bob made those screen moments together, to entertain us.  And damn am I entertained.

hridi  asked:

could you recommend me some Evanstan fics ? like what to start with ^_^

Indeed I can! You can always check my AO3 bookmarks for the pairing, but I’ll list a few favorites here too - you didn’t specify rating or genre, so I’ll try to offer up a representative range! Not including my own stuff, of course. :-)

mainly fluff (various ratings, but all mostly more about the comfort and fluff and emotions and such):

The Time and Place by @flylittlekoala. G, 2808 words. Set after filming, a wonderfully adorable pining-and-getting-together little fic that will make your heart feel all the feels.

[End Scene] by our lovely resident Anonymous. T, 2159 words. Sebastian has a hard time filming a (fake: it’s a red herring) death of Captain America scene. So much gentle love and comfort and care. Yes.

when the words hit (my heart stopped), also by our lovely Anon. T, 2971 words. Misunderstood texts, minor car accidents, hurt!Seb with minor injuries, worried Chris, everything precious and fluffy.

At the Bottom of Everything, also also by our lovely Anon. T, 12389 words. It’s like the best soap-opera melodrama ever, and I mean that in a GOOD way. The plane Seb’s supposed to be on crashes, while unbeknownst to Chris, Seb switched flights. ALL the emotions. ALL the emotional hurt/comfort. The thought-you-were-dead-but-you’re-here trope. YES.

Fine Until You’re Not by @seasless. E, 8932 words. Pining, misunderstandings, boys being boys, first kisses, general adorableness all around.

bundles of love wrapped in fur by @thebestpersonherelovesbucky. E, 2945 words, neighbors with pets AU, fluff and humor and porn and light Dom/sub tendencies all rolled up together, and this one always makes me smile.

things with porn, containing sub!Seb because that is my personal preference, so that’s what I’ve got bookmarked:

You Once Said If We Were Careful by @callmejude. E, 65813 words. Gorgeous, lush, beautiful BDSM-with-emotions. One of those fics that makes me sigh and smile because I wish I could write like that.

Ceramic by @bearceptionus. E, 27612 words (WIP, technically, 3 of 4 chapters, but you can read as is). Sweet sub!Seb, gentle!Dom Chris, caretaking, so much tenderness it’ll melt you from the inside out.

There are more recs in my bookmarks, but - followers, any other good Evanstan recs as starting-places? Fics you’d suggest?

EDITED BECAUSE I am a terrible person and accidentally combined two fics (two of our Anon’s fics) while adding links BUT THEY ARE BOTH LOVELY AND I HAVE NOW RECTIFIED THAT ERROR AND ADDED PROPER LINKS <333