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Give You What You Like [Stiles Lacrosse Week]

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 2, 781

Warnings: nsfw, very sinful + daddy kink 

A/N: So this is my fic for Stiles Lacrosse Week for @sarcasticallystilinski and @rememberstilinski, this would have been posted earlier but i’ve been super busy, but it’s finally here. 

listen to this song on repeat !!

I scurry to the bed, grabbing my phone and unlocking it as quickly as possible, noticing I had a text from Scott to tell me he was on his way over. I smile at the text before going onto Stiles’ contact. I twiddle my thumbs over the screen of my phone, furiously typing an apology to my boyfriend.

Me: sorry i couldn’t make it to the game baby, lydia texted me the scores! I’m so proud of you baby well done! Xx

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Friends with Benefits (M)

Pairing - Taehyung x Reader 
Genre - Smut 
Word count -2270

It was supposed to have been just you and Taehyung playing video games at the dorm because the rest of the boys were out and they weren’t keen on the volume that Taehyung insisted play them at, saying that they weren’t as good without the full experience.

You knew you had been off form for the past few rounds and whether Taehyung had noticed or not didn’t seem to matter because he was suddenly beating you and you didn’t think he cared for a reason why.

There was a reason though.

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Here have some GIFs of Papyrus doing weird shit in the game.

My friend came to a conclusion that Papyrus, for some reason, has the ability to break physics, as in alter the gravitational pull on him and change his momentum/speed. So he can do weird physics breaking shit like this that no one else in the game seems to be able to do. (Undyne was seen jumping right off the screen, sure, but Papyrus WALKS ON AIR OVER YOU.)

Maybe it’s the same reason why Sans has teleportation and telekinetic abilities? Maybe skeletons just have really powerful game breaking abilities, but Papyrus just doesn’t use his abilities much. Sans uses his teleportation abilities to get everywhere because he’s a lazy ass.

The Most Beautiful Thing on the Planet

Alec and Magnus travel to the Maldives Islands for some much needed rest and relaxation. Their alone time gets interrupted by something unexpected. Alec is full of sass and Magnus is his usual magnificent self. Basically, just these two lovebirds in paradise.

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It was amazing how everything was better on vacation, even the coffee tasted better in paradise. Alec stood in the doorway to the deck of their overwater villa. They had been keeping the large sliding glass door opened all the way, so that the indoor and outdoor spaces merged into one. Even at night, there was no need for privacy, the only thing as far as the eye could see were the crystal turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and a blue sky filled with puffy white clouds. They were but a few steps away from water so clear you could see all the marine life below, as your feet settled into soft white sand. It was a stunning sight, but even the idyllic scenery had nothing on the sight that was currently capturing Alec’s attention.

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anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother but it happens that I have a friend who sees Supernatural an he says that Destiel will never be canon because Dean is too male chauvinist (this friend is not homophobic, he'd be okay with a gay couple) and that the whole show is male chauvinist too but I don't know how to argue it with him. I mean, I think that about the show too, but not so much about Dean Winchester. Maybe you could explain what you think about it?

Whoa, no bother at all - what are tumblr friends for if not proving RL friends wrong?

So, first - this has nothing to do with anything, but you woke my inner language monster, and now you’re going to suffer a paragraph of consequences, because chauvinism - now, that’s a word I haven’t heard in a long time. It’s a ‘70s thing, ins’t it? Male chauvinist pigs and all that. I know we used it back when I was desperate to be a Communist, and we comrade’d one another in a laudable effort to pretend the Berlin wall was still up and everyone was into LSD and free love and we actually had something to be angry about.

(Turns out the word comes from Chauvin, some officer guy in Napoleon’s army who was extremely patriotic, and that’s mostly what it means - how it came to mean “an attitude that the members of your own sex are always better than those of the opposite sex”, that’s something I wish I had the time to investigate.)

My second point is, why couldn’t someone be gay and chauvinist? Gay people are people, which means some of them are complete and utter dicks. I personally know at least two gay men who have horrific political opinions and are complete mcp despite being out and proud and sharing an apartment with a (male) partner and an assortment of cats, pianos and art books. I mean, in an ideal world, people who belong to a minority group should, like, avoid sympathizing for a majority group who’d have then hanged and quartered if at all possible, but sadly, this isn’t always the case. I still remember a thing that happened in Italy a few years back - a black guy who tried like nothing else to become a member of a Nazi ‘party’ and went all the way to court because they wouldn’t let him join. And he wasn’t doing it out of some cunning political design or anything - he actually held Nazi beliefs, but he’d apparently forgotten that, in the eyes of European Nazis, he was the ‘undesirable’ one. Whoops.

That said, I don’t see how the term applies to Dean at all. I mean, again - the definition of ‘male chauvinist’ goes as follow: “a male who patronizes, disparages, or otherwise denigrates females in the belief that they are inferior to males and thus deserving of less than equal treatment or benefit”. Now, I think I said before that when I started to watch the show, I didn’t particularly like Dean. He had this fuckboy aura, you know? The love ‘em and leave ‘em personality I just can’t stand in real men - and, well, I like to think even fictional men have to work very hard to be likeable when they’re like that. But even back then, I never thought of him as a male chauvinist. Sure, he was a bit of an idiot, but nothing more than that. Like, when he’s short and dismissive with women, that generally comes from a place of genuine concern - for instance, he didn’t want Haley to come with them to hunt the wendigo back in S02E01 because he knew she would get hurt, or worse, not because she was a girl. 

His default functioning mode is to lie to everybody, and his tactics involve, first and foremost, to maintain a safe distance from others. This normally translates into flirting and smiling, which come off as a bit assholish when he’s in a position of power, and as downright irritating when he’s not (for instance, think about how he is around police officers - the textbook definition of ‘little shit’). So there’s that, and okay. But when he’s around women who can take care of themselves, like Ellen or Jody, he never treats them any differently than he would men. I think he even discussed the thing out loud, maybe with Jo? How his main categorization there was hunter vs civilian, and not men vs women? I’m slightly feverish and out of focus right now, so I’d rather not check, but I’m sure there was something like that. And also: one of the things I like about him, and, incidentally, another argument to use against your friend, is that Dean never thinks less of a woman just because he’s slept with her. This, in my book, is the mark of a true misogynist - how they tend to divide the world between ‘bitches who won’t sleep with me’ and ‘sluts who’ll sleep with anybody, including me’. I’m currently locked in a vicious fight with a colleague of mine who’s exactly like that, and it’s truly amazing how he can both be pathetically grateful to this woman he’s seeing because, yay!, sex and companionship, while disparaging her every chance he’s got because, you know, that’s not how proper women should behave. And Dean - Dean’s not like that. The most glaring example is perhaps Lisa - how they had a weekend of dirty, dirty, dirty sex and yet when they see each other again, Dean’s not dismissive of her in any way. Just like he never says a word against Cassie, or those two hunters we know he’s slept with, because that’s just not who he is.

(This goes both ways, of course: when faced with a female opponent, Dean never underestimates her and never holds back.)

The thing is, I think your friend may be referring to performing!Dean, because, even though Dean’s not like that, the world he lives in - that’s a different story. Or, well, that’s what we believed until S11 went and shit rainbows all over our screens, because, man - turns out hunters just don’t care? That there are women who hunt alone and gay hunters who’re well-known and respected in the community and whoa, Dean got it so wrong all these years. And this, as many discussions here on tumblr have been pointing out for months, is the real game changer: not Dean’s feelings, per se, but what happens around him. Because if Dean had grown up in this world, and not his father’s - well, we don’t even have to imagine what kind of person he’d be today. We know.


I just realized I haven’t done anything for Jackaboy in a while. 
Anyway, the fic is pretty simple. You’re recording a video with Jack and things get loud and crazy. 
A little fluff and some swearing. 

Originally posted by reneefournierxoxo

You have witnessed Jack’s intro hundreds of times. You’ve seen it on his playthroughs and vlogs, even heard it through Skype calls. But nothing could prepare you for the real, sheer velocity of it. 
You pretended to be terrified by Jack as he smiled over at you. Cowering under his waving hand and taking a step back, disappearing off screen.
“Have mercy!” You yelled dramatically and Jack only laughed, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and dragging you back into focus. 
“Jackaboy has no mercy!” He thundered, “You’re stuck here with me.” 
“Fuuuuck” You moaned, “And I had important plans for today too,” 
“Like what?” Jack asked. 
“Sitting and doing absolutely nothing.” You beamed up at him. He laughed and shook his head. 
“Alright, so today I thought we’d play some Gang Beasts. Frankly ‘cause that’s the only multi-controller game I have.”
“I’ve never played Gang Beasts,” You admitted taking the controller. “I only know you beat up people in costumes.” 
“That’s pretty much all you do,” Jack said with a chuckle. “Like Batman!” 
You shook you head and watched as he flicked through the characters. 
“I’m green!” He announced loudly. Choosing a guy with a cape and puffy hair. 
“Fine, I’ll be blue!” You chose a character in a bear suit.The game started and the two of you were thrown onto a pair of trucks on a highway.
“Aww he’s so cute!” 
“He’s about to get his ass kicked!” Jack exclaimed. 
“Wait! How do you do buttons!” You yelled, suddenly panicking as you randomly smashed buttons. Jack’s character leapt onto your truck and started flaying his arms. 
“Green Tornado!” Jack shouted as he spammed the controller. 
Your character was being hailed by tiny fists. He had been completely slaughtered, a single punch to the head sent his face first into the ground. 
“NO!” You whelped. 
“HA HA! You are now min-” Jack was cut off as a sign slammed into his character. Your body was flung into the air as it passed over you, but landed safely on the front of the truck. 
“WHAT!” Jack screamed and you threw up your hands in victory. “No! Rematch! I call that dumb-luck!” 
“It was your fault for delaying my death.” You teased poking his sides. His torso folded sideways under your touch and he chuckled, slapping away your hand. 
“You’re ticklish?” You exclaimed with surprise. You turned your face to the camera, grinning broadly. “Guys! Jack’s ticklish!” 
“No! No touchy! NO TOU-HAHAHAHAHAHA” Jack collapsed in a heap of giggles as your fingers stabbed into his sides. You followed him to the floor, relentlessly ticking him.
“NO! NO! STOP! THIS IS TORTURE!” Jack screamed, his legs kicking out as he frantically tried to get away. You dodged his hands and held him down with your body. Your laughter echoed in the room and you wondered if the camera could see the two of you on the floor.
Jack scrambled to his feet, pushing you away and retreated to the back of the room.
“You stay over there!” He ordered, “And I’ll stay back here, away from your traitorous hands!”
“Fine, I’ll just beat up your green bean!” You turned to the screen and started smashing the action button. Your blue character began whaling on the green person, who was slapped unconscious by your assault.
“NO! GREEN BEAN!” Jack hollered. He lunged forward and wrapped his arms around your waist. You squealed as his hands started digging into your stomach.
“No! Don’t tickle me!”
Jack lifted you away from the screen and the two of you fell back onto the floor as you started squirming under his fingers.
“FOR THE GREEN BEAN!” He yelled as he trapped you under him. You couldn’t get away! His fingers clawed at your waist and your lungs started burning from laughter. 
“I YIELD! I YIELD!” You shouted and Jack halted his attack. Chuckling, he stood up and offered you his hand. 
But your attention was somewhere else. His bare-feet were inches from your fingers, he wasn’t wearing socks today. 
Jack’s eyes widened as he watched your lips stretch into a smile. 
“No! No, (Y/N) don’t you dare!” 
But you were already diving for his feet before he could stop you.

oh BOY

remember when i said i have troublesome travel experiences?

you’ll wanna hear this one.
I hit every bump on the road on my way to Thailand. I did make it here safely!! But oh man did i have problems.

It started at my home base airport, where the lady checking me in insisted i needed a visa to the point she called her supervisor over to convince me… yeah no i did not need a visa. Next, my flight was delayed by 2 hours. Made it to a connecting flight at LAX… where they kept switching the dingdong gate on me. Id find it, sit down to eat a sandwich because i was STARVING by that point and theyd make me move. Finally, the pick one and im told my boarding pass doesn’t work. Get a new boarding pass, board. Told repeatedly im in the wronnnggg seat… even though my boarding pass said so. Finally convince flight attendants who took my boarding pass because they jad to verify it. We get into the sky and im over here merrily enjoying my games and books on the phone for about an hour… when a flight attendant tells me i have to shut the phone off… “its on airplane mode!” says I. “turn it off!” says she. Okay. i oblige because there were these really cool touch screen things with movies and games and tv that i can use. BUT WAIT- mine is broken. The flight is full so they can’t switch my seat. Here I am on a 15 hour flight with nothing to do. Tried to sleep… was very unsuccessful.
Finally about 7 hours later i get the damn thing to work. PRAISE THE SNODS.
Alright, things are going. That 15 hiur flught was physically painful and mentally exhausting. Sitting aroune for 5 hours with severe ADHD SUCKED. i cried a lot. only slept 2 hours on that plane.
Finally get to China for my flight only… whats this? i have an hour layover… and… my 15 hour flight WAS 45 MINUTES LATE. “O shit” I say as the tram driver takes his dear sweet time getting us from the plane to the terminal. Finally, get there and they call last call for bangkok… im freaking out. i give them my passport and boarding pass and they let me through passed china’s additional security check point. 10 minutes. i RAN A MILE according to my fit bit. ive never ran a mile in 10. personal record. finally got to the gate… was the last to board. they close the door behind me, im on the verge of an asthma attack, but praising the gods that i made it.
sleep for 2 hours on the flight. land in bangkok. wait 45 minutes for my luggage that… oh… didnt make it onto my plane :’(
they tell me its coming in at 2 am and they will send it to my hotel. im hoping it made it here. idk its 6 am and i havent gone to check because i want to sleep more.

but i am here with my best friend in the entire world. i am safe. and ready for this grand adventure!!!
but man, has it been an adventure already.

End of my first year watching K dramas!

So last February is when I started watching korean dramas and since then it has just been a crazy snowball effect. I was trying to learn anything and everything possible about the hallyu wave and that is what this blog has kind of turned into. I just wanted to run down the list of dramas that I saw and in what order and what my general reactions to them were. 

Since I am such a newb with korean entertainment, I feel like I watched a lot of the more popular well known dramas so I had a foundation to start building on. (like what actor’s/actress’ I enjoy the most, what genre ect ect.) I have also learned the entire korean alphabet and have been working on vocabulary as well. When I think about it, I have learned a lot and it hasn’t even been an entire year yet! 

So here is my list.

First k drama ever was in last feb.

1. My Love From The Star 6/10

I was browsing on hulu one day and saw the picture for it of the lead actress and thought she was really pretty. I thought it might have been a japanese tv show so I had clicked on the description and found the synopsis interesting. After watching the first five minutes, I realized they were not speaking in japanese, it was korean! I remember physically pushing pause and thinking to myself about what I knew about korea. Sadly, the only thing I could think of was the division between north and south and that in elementary school I have a friend who was korean and that was about it. 

So I can’t say I truly got fully addicted to My Love From the Star but it was really entertaining. Stuff that really stood out for me that kept me watching was the fashion, how funny the lead actress was and wanting to know about the murder case. It’s funny cause a lot of kdramas have romantic plot lines as I have come to fully understand but in this one, I understood that it was supposed to be in the forefront but I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t think the chemistry was really there and I didn’t find anything about them that I could relate to. (However I did like the kiss scene at the end.)

Another thing that stood out was the fact that it was not over sexualized like many television shows in western culture. I wasn’t fully sold, but I found myself wanting more. 

2. Boys Over Flowers 8/10

Alright. This is where my obsession started. After watching the first few episodes I was interested because of Jan Di. I LOOOVVVEEEDDD her character, she was cute and spunky and I wanted to see her stand up to the F4. I can’t say I was completely hooked in the beginning. It was a gradual process. I really hated Jun Pyo and I didn’t see how attractive Lee Min Ho was with his nasty attitude in the beginning. (did I have a lot to learn about the rich chaebol characters or what? hahaha) After seeing his softer side and how he really cared about Jan Di made me fall in love and then from that point onward I was appreciating every single damn scene with Lee Min Ho in it. 

Around this time I had a really bad cyst and was bed ridden for a couple days while it drained, so what did I do? I stayed in bed and watched the entire series in two days! And I have no regrets. I had so many different emotions, I was laughing, crying, yelling at the screen because of stupid mistakes the characters made. Some scenes were just utterly ridiculous but let’s be honest, I was eating that shit up. I enjoyed every moment of Boys Over Flowers the first time I watched it. It was a guilty pleasure.

Note: I have watched many episodes from other dramas like Surplus Princess, to the beautiful you, liar game ect but I did not list them here because I have not finished watching them.

3. Personal Taste 6/10

So after Boys Over Flowers ended and reality set in that I couldn’t look at Lee Min Ho’s beautiful face anymore, I freaked out a little and started doing research on all of the dramas he had been in. Faith and Citty Hunter seemed really interesting but I felt like I was still so new at the kdrama thing, I needed something more light hearted and easy to follow. 

Watching Personal Taste was an awesome experience. It was nice to see Lee Min Ho in a more mature role and I thought Son Yi Jin was cute in this one. The entire time I watched it I was wishing I could live in a house with that kind of architecture.

Although I found Personal Taste enjoyable, I was getting the same feelings that I did watching Boys Over Flowers! I was on a hunt to find something similar.

3. Playful Kiss 5.5/10

While doing my kdrama research a lot of people were recommending this one so I figured why not? It had Kim Hyun Joong in it and he played Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers. Let’s see him get the girl this time, I figured. 

This….drama…..uhhh, guys where do I even begin? I wanted to absolutely hate it with a fiery passion but I didn’t because I liked almost all of the characters. The lead girl was soooo co dependent and obsessed with Hyun Joong’s character and I hated it! There was a second male lead in this one that loved her. (I think his name is Lee Tae Sung) And he was sooo fine! Ahhh I loved him. Kim Hyun Joong’s character treated her like absolute crap. And not the way Jun Pyo did to Jan Di. Like he seriously treated her like crap and she was completely okay with it. Pretty much I gritted my teeth and watched it for Lee Tae Sung and the lead girl’s friends. (they were funny!)

4. Faith The Great Doctor 7/10

So after the terrible disappointment with Playful Kiss I figured, fuck it I need Lee Min Ho in my life so I put on Faith. I really enjoyed all of Faith and this is one where I watched multiple episodes in one sitting. The entire progression with the war went on a little too slow for my liking but I did enjoy Lee Min Ho’s character as Choi Young. I loved the overall story and the ending was one of my favorite endings I have seen in a kdrama to date. I should also make note this is when I was exposed to actor Philip Lee I think his name is and I was happy when I saw him in Secret Garden.

Oh, one last thing, my boyfriend actually was interested in this one. All of the other ones he rolled his eyes at haha. 

5. The Heirs 5.5/10

So at this point I was still super in love with Lee Min Ho and there was a new drama that was buzzing all over drama land called The Heirs. Pretty much same plot line as Boys Over Flowers, I was excited! 

I have come to realize that certain dramas (The Heirs, My Love From The Star) are so over rated and they aren’t even that great. Although I did enjoy certain pieces of Heirs (Kim Woo Bin, the mute mom, the relationships between the mothers ect) I really didn’t like how feminine they made Lee Min Ho’s character. Like…after watching this I didn’t find him that attractive. Actually, after watching The Heirs I took a break from watching kdramas because I was so disappointed. I mean at that point I was like, what other dramas am I going to watch? Lee Min Ho isn’t in them…

6. Coffee Prince 10/10

The Gods in heaven sent Coffee Prince to me. And Gong Yoo!!! So after my disappointment with Lee Min Ho in Heirs, it was so nice to watch a new drama and actually find a male lead attractive. The entire story was executed perfectly and the chemistry between Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye is so amazing, they go from being best friends to lovers. This drama especially touched me because it isn’t the typical, “seperate the two and give them heartache.” scenario. The music wasn’t over played and annoying, I mean seriously, everything was perfect in my book. This is still my favorite drama to date.

7. Secret Garden 7/10

For the most part I found Secret Garden enjoyable. This is where I was introduced to Hyun Bin who I find to be an exceptional actor. The only reason I am not super crazy about this one is the main actress unfortunantely is not up to par with Hyun Bin’s acting skills. At least for me, it was REALLY obvious Hyun Bin had committed to his role 100% and she was somewhere in the 72% range.  

8. City Hunter 9.5/10

After finally getting over my disappointment with Heirs, I decided it was time to watch City Hunter. To my surprise I found it on Netflix so I didn’t have to watch it on my computer! I watched it on my PS3 and my boyfriend actually joined me in watching it. He never thought he would get used to the subtitles but he did because he got into the story along with me. The entire thing was enjoyable for both of us and I am really glad I got to have that experience with my boyfriend. So ladies! If you like watching kdramas and have a boyfriend, I highly recommend watching City Hunter with him lol. 

9. My Name is Kim Sam Soon 8/10

I have heard this is the mother of all Kdramas so why wouldn’t I want to watch it?! I have to say I absolutely loved the entire drama, one of the funniest ones I have seen. Kim Sun Ah’s acting really stood out for me so she instantly became a favorite and of course Hyun Bin was awesome. One of my favorite scenes is the piano scene ;)

10. Scent of a Woman 9.5/10

So I decided to watch this one because of Kim Sun Ah and lemme tell you…you’re going to need some tissues lol! For some reason I found this one listed as a romantic comedy…it is not! This is a melodrama if I ever did see one. It is about dealing with cancer and death so it is a serious subject. I kept thinking by the end she was going to me miraculously healed and if that was the case I was going to hate the whole thing but that is not what happened. It was much more realistic so this is one of my favorite kdrama endings along with Faith. 

11. Rooftop Prince 10/10

This I believe is the only other drama besides coffee prince that I give a 10/10 to. I loved the story, the directing, writing, acting and everything about it. Sometimes I myself can get a little spoiled and I saw myself in the Crown Prince which made me laugh. When he gets mad and yells it feels like I am looking at a male version of myself. This is a must watch for EVERYONE!

12. Goong 7/10

And now I end 2014 off with Goong. I am almost done watching it! I have to say that I really do enjoy it but it is sooooo slow right now! I am on episode 19 and I am almost 10% positive they could have made this show shorter. I am finding myself dozing off every time the elders are having a conversation. All their conversations are almost always the same. But I have to say that I do love Yoon Eun Hye in this drama. 

After I finish Goong I will probably try and finish some dramas I am almost done with (surplus princess and liar game mainly) 

I feel very good with this year of discovering the hallyu wave and I can’t wait for next year! 

So it’s been a while since I last worked on this game, However with the next chapter of TWD Season 3 just around the corner (Tomorrow to be exact from the time uploading this). I’ve decided to get back down and work on the (Winning) Cinematic of the Clementine Diarrhea Game.

The game is a bit like OSU. There will be icons on the screen which you’ll have to hit before they disappear. Basic mechanics really. This game will be designed so if you unlock a Cinematic you can simply access them again on the menu screen at will (you know, to free up your hands for other things).

This game will have 2 endings (maybe 3 if I decided to add it in).

1. This scene right here where Clem gets explosive Diarrhea, You’ll have access to a bowl cam. This will be unlocked if you get a score of over 100 percent.

2. Clem will get a bit of Diarrhea but more solid. In this Cinematic you’ll be outside and will have only the view of her feet from under the door. This will unlock if you get 50 percent or higher

3. (if I have time and decide to work on it) Clem will simply explode in her pants where she stands…how this will unlock I’m still thinking of that.

So far I’m actually enjoying making these and will most likely make another one based on Ahsoka Tano and Astrid from HTTYD. But with different game Mechanics. Hopefully I can find a mechanic that works and is fun as well ;). I’m thinking something like Fap Hero or something.

Ben Bishop (Tampa Bay Lightning/LA Kings)

AN: Okay is I wrote this a really long time ago and i am slowly transferring some of my older writings to Tumblr from Wattpad, so this is from when Ben was playing in Tampa still so there might be a few mentions of Tampa and that is why.

This season so far for Ben had been very stressful, Ben did however get lucky that he got a bye week before playoffs. This year was odd for you, this was the first year that you would be able to go with him now that you were finished school and had enough vacation days from work. As much as you wanted to go you felt like you would be invading his time off when the people who are going to Cancun are mostly teammate and next to no WAGs.  

You walked through the doors to your shared apartment with Ben to find that it was more quiet then usual. Most nights you came home to find Ben and 4 plus teammates playing xbox like teenagers.

“Ben?” You called while walking through the door. “I’m home.”

“Living room”

You walked in to find Ben dresses up in one of his game suits with what looks like to be a power point on the tv screen.

“What on earth are you doing?” You asked.

“Just go with it okay?” He said coming over to guide you over to the couch to sit you down.

“Okay.” You laughed.

“So! I have brought you here to day to discuss a very important matter.” He said, trying to be as serious as possible but failing miserably.

“Oh gosh.” You laughed well getting a glare from Ben.

“So, we have a serious issue that we need to resolve and that is, You.”

“Me?” You questioned raising your eyebrows. “What did I do this time?”

“Well, if you would let me finish you would know what you did this time!” He exclaimed jokingly. “How long have we been together for now?”

“Four and a half years.”

“Correct.  Now for these past years we have always gone on vacations together every time we get the chance to.”

“Beennnnn! Not this again we have been over this.”

“I know! I know! Just hear me out!” He said taking a seat next to you on the couch. “This is the first time that we can actually go some place during the season that is nice.”

“Ben I don’t want to make everyone feel like I’m..,”

“(Y/N), if you say invading so help me.”

“A burden, this is supposed to be your time to relax with all the guys and not have to stress or worry.”

“What?” He exclaimed.

You gave him a funny look. “What do you mean what?”

Ben looked at you and started to laugh. “You think that the guys were coming with us?”

“I though that was the purpose of the bye week.”

“No, well, yes. But no. The purpose of the bye week is so that the guys and I can relax away from hockey and do whatever we want. Together or away from each other. I wanted it to be just you and I to go on vacation together. That’s why I’ve been bugging you so much to come to Cancun with me.”


“Oh gosh baby, this is why I love you.”

You buried your head in his chest while he wrapped his arms around you and rubbed his hands up and down your back.

“I feel like an idiot.”

“But at least your my idiot.”  Ben laughed.

“That’s not helping me!’ You laughed.

"Okay. But I have a question to ask you know.”

You knew what was coming.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), will you please come on vacation with me to Cancun because it would be very awkward to go on a vacation for two alone.”

“Yes Ben I will go with you.”


“(Y/N) get it the water!”

“NO!! It looks to cold.”

“GET IN THE WATER! Oh I’m sorry babe that was mean. Get in the water please baby would you come in the water with me please.”

“Benjamin Manning Bishop the third, did you just make an attempt to quote the notebook to get me in the water?”

“Did it work?” He asked sheepishly from the water.


“If you don’t get in here I will come out and get you.” He said.

“Ben don’t you dare.”

“I’m coming!” You squealed and started to run away. But not fast enough to get away from Bens 6'7 body.

Ben through you over his shoulder and started to walk down towards the water.

“Ben this isn’t fair your legs are longer then mine.”

“Good that way you don’t have to wait as long to get in the water.”  

Next thing you knew you could feel the water around you.

“I told you that it wasn’t cold.” Ben laughed.

You smiled and wrapped your arms around his torso and kissed his chest.

“I’m glad you came.” He mumbled and kissed the top of your head.

“I’m glad we cleared everything up so that I would come.” You laughed into his chest.

Ben smiled down at you. “I love you.”

You stood on your tippy toes and pressed a light kiss to his lips. You leaned back and smiled back at him. “I love you too Ben.”

Pokemon Go With the Avengers Would Involve

This isn’t a request, just a product of my addiction

  • Bucky and Steve would be hopeless. 
    “Wtf is a zubat?”
  • Tony would have some fancy tech enhancement because the usual game was “too primitive”
  • Vision would be very, very confused. 
    “Why can I only see it through the device?”
    “It’s not real, Vision.”
    “So why do I want it?”
  • Peter would be great at the game and would drag you off everywhere
    “(Y/n)! Over here! It’s an Abra!”
  • Steve would stand in one spot, twirling around with his phone screen and missing the Pokemon entirely
  • Scott would become addicted
    “Trade with me.”
    “No! You won’t give me anything good!”
  • Team Ironman would join team Valor while Team Cap would join Team Mystic
    “We should have just settled it like this from the start.”
    “Not all the worlds problems can be solved with Pokemon!”
  • Clint would turn it into a family event
  • Natasha would be the one who knew all the Pokemon
  • Steve would be the one to actually throw his phone in the direction of the Pokemon
  • Bucky would get way too excited eventually and run around everywhere
  • Tony would fly around in his Iron Man suit to the best locations - literally across the world
  • You and Peter would get fed up of Tony’s cheating and the insane amount of money he spent on the game
  • It would all get insanely competitive
    “Ha! I have more than you!”
    “My Pikachu has a higher CP than yours!”
  • Rage quitting

So now that we’ve gone over a few of the main basics, now would be a good time to go over the database. This area is arguably the most important area in the entire game maker though let’s go over as to why I say this.

(RPG Maker 2003)

(RPG Maker XP)

(RPG Maker VX)

(RPG Maker VX ACE)

(RPG Maker MV)

So here are five different version of RPG Maker all of which tend to be relevant to the current community. Between all of these, there are certain things that do not change, and some that have. So beginning with the first image we see there are two layers of tabs Terms, System, System 2, Common Events, Actors, Classes, Skills, Items, Enemies, Troops, Elements, States, Animations, Animations 2, Battle Screen, Terrain, Tilesets. This seems like quite a bit, and to be honest it always feels this way when getting into a new project unless you’ve had some kind of ungodly amount of experience with using the engine to it’s fullest extent and even then with some of the more recent additions to the (currently) newest MV edition. For now though let’s break down the main functions of these tabs and how they contribute to the creation of your game.

Terms - The terms tab is where you can edit key words to your game, for instance, At the beginning of a battle, you can have a message that declares (Enemy unit) challenged (player) to a duel! Or if a unit attacks another unit and the attacks fail or miss, you can call the failed attack a fumble. For a victory (unit) emerges triumphant! This area is also good for changing the shop messages in the 2003 edition, in xp this was transferred over to the system tab and has reduced key terms.

System - in the system tab, this is where you can change the party members that you start with. So say for instance you want to start with just two instead of four if they’ll be joining your story later on, you can edit them to be so. This also allows the change of graphics, sound effects for various actions, The title screen, game over screen, window graphics, vehicle graphics, battle music, end battle music, so on and so forth. There are a lot of things that can be done in just the system tabs alone, though since I’m currently working with 2003, I will continue with the second tab for the system. In the second tab, you have the options to add and remove things from the players menu such as the save feature, if you do not want your players to be able to save whenever they feel like it, you can disable that in the menu. (Just a quick dev note, if you plan to play through and test things out yourself, I recommend leaving it on until your game is finished so you don’t have to go back to the beginning every time.)

Common Events - Okay, when I first picked up the RPG maker series, this to me was the most intimidating tab (well, at the time it was kind of scary looking and I think it growled at me…) though it’s not as bad as it looks. This just allows for repeating functions to happen. So for instance, if you’d like to have a specific sound effect play as you find an item or talk to someone, instead of retracing back and editing each one to have the sound effect you want, this just helps to reduce time spent doing such. Though this isn’t the only thing you can do with common event, if you want a specific function to happen with an item for instance, you can set the item to call back onto the event and add something like a text to a potion bottle (You feel rejuvenated). Or if you have a genie lamp in your game, you can edit a common event to add a genie to your party. This area has a lot of possibilities. To add a common event to your items, you can go over to your item list and change it to fit specific items. Which can seem more immersive and in depth as small as that seems.

Actors - This is where your characters and battlers are stored. The face set area is where you place the characters face for when they’re talking or in a menu to help give a little profile to them. Charset/character set, this is where you come to drop your character sprites for moving around the maps. Animations/battlers/sv battlers, these are all the same thing, they are the avatars in game you use to fight. If you want side view battles that is.

(Take note of this image, it comes very handy as to how classes should scale and give ideas as to what other classes there can be for your game.)

Classes - This is self explanitory, this is where you set up your classes such as the warrior, knight, thief, so on and so forth, but you can make them literally anything, and give them different parameter curves based on the class you want your characters to be. This is also where you can set up your heroes (or villains too) to gain skills, give state rates, elemental effects (these will come in a little bit here), abilities to dual wield weapons, auto battle, set battle commands. All in all there’s a lot to do here, and you can play with how many classes you have and what you can do with them. I highly encourage it.

Skills - The long awaited skills tab. This is where you can completely customize your skills used in the game ranging from the basic attack to special skills that put enemies to sleep, or just deal damage of any type you can possibly dream up. You can customize animations and change what the skills actually do. For special abilities that inflict or heal certain states, you can change that in here as well. Same can be said for the elements panel.

Items - Yet another big one, you will want to have this menu very organized because you can have so many different items in your game. This is where you can edit them, create completely new ones, edit prices if you have a shop or merchant, decide if it’s consumable or not, if it’s a key item that can be used or not, etc. Though since it is almost completely infinate with possibilities, it’s a good idea to at least keep them organized (other wise you’re me from three years ago looking for a potion with a formula to change among thirty types of weapons). One thing to note, do not dis the power of place holders. Place holders can help you stay organized with how just about every piece of your game is laid out. I use them a lot now since it’s easier to keep track of what is where and under which area groups best together.

External image

Enemies - This is where you can put all your baddies into the game, though let’s go over the areas laid out for us. There’s a list of all the enemies you currently have (or don’t if they’re blank… or place holders). These are what your characters fight through your game. Next to them you can give them names, change the base stats such as health and mana etc. You can change what they drop and how frequently, how much xp they give when defeated, what states they can be affected by and what elements they are attuned to. Such as lava slug… you’d want to make that relate to fire, unless you feel devious. 

Troops - Another very important area. If your game has battles (yes some do not), this is where you go to assign what kinds of enemies will be battled against, and what kinds of enemies are grouped together. You can always edit how many enemies are in a single troop and to make sure they work right for you, there is an option to test out your battle. This comes handy to figure out how strong an troop is against your character (I don’t like to call every character a hero, because it’s possible to have anti heroes, villains as your mains as well).

Elements - (Image above used for inspiration) Edit the elements, or in the realm of 2003, this is also where weapon types are stored. These are handy. I recommend playing with them for a bit. 

States - Not to be confused with territory, these are things such as death, sleep, poison, burn, so on and so forth, also fun to play with, though you can edit these to affect the targets at different rates through some scripting.

Animations - These are where your images for fights are stored, so when you land a hit, it gives a small effect to the ability. This works for normal and special hits as well as elements, so on and so forth.

Battle screen - This one isn’t used as much anymore though it comes handy to at least know about, this allows you to make changes to your battles, such as giving a window or taking one away, commands that can be used in battle.

Terrain - This is where you can test out what backgrounds fit into what kinds of regions. Unless you’re strange enough to leave a basic grassland background in an ice cave or a lava background in a swamp. Yeah, something about that doesn’t seem right.

Tilesets - This is my favorite areas to have fun with, this allows the dev to edit what kinds of tiles can be walked on, or not, as well as switch up what kinds of tiles are used where. This is just one of my favorite things to tinker with and with the version of MV that is left open with quite a bit of option to it. If needs be and you need multiple tile styles onto a single sheet, it’s easier to do that rather than try to cram five tile sets into different pages without much avail and a lot of wasted pixel art. If possible and you have photoshop or know someone who has photoshop, you may be able to cram the tiles you absolutely need into one page rather than waste space.

So there we have a rundown of the database and what kind of importance it has in each tag. My apologies for taking a while to post this, my internet sucks. Anyway, have fun rpg makers and devs.

Go Live

Request: Can I request 12. with Mark Tuan?Because we all know he said he would hide his relationship so I thought that would be interesting

12) Your bias accidentally tells the world about your secret relationship. 

Member: Got7′s Mark x Y/N x (ft. Jackson and BamBam)

Type: angst/fluff

‘You have to get the right angle, get the right angle!” BamBam whined from the corner of the living room. 

“How are we supposed to get the right angle when we both want to show our left side!” Jackson gasped angrily, pointing at his younger member.  

“But your right side is pretty too hyung!” BamBam groaned. “Let me sit on this side of Mark hyung.”

“Why didn’t I get to pick a side to sit on?” Mark chuckled. 

“Because your pretty from every angle!” Jackson nearly shouted. “You don’t get to choose.”

“You need to extend your arm more hyung,” BamBam said, leaning across Mark and taking Jackson’s arm in his hands, straightening it. “The further up the angle, the better we look.”

“I know selfie angles!” Jackson grumbled, stretching his arms out again. 

“Yah! Now I’m not in the screen!” BamBam pouted. 

“Oh my god,” I groaned, standing from where I had perched on the couch. “Give me the phone. I will hold the phone.”

“You’re so good to us noona,” BamBam chirped, letting a smile emerge on to his face. “Mark hyung is lucky to have you.”

“Guys, all she’s doing is holding a phone,” Mark sighed, shaking his head. I cocked my eyebrow at him. His smile was immediately wiped from his face as he began to stutter. “But we appreciate it. She holds the phone so well.”

“Nice try,” I grumbled, swiping at the screen. “Jackson…this is your phone…right?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “Why?”

“Why…why is your background a picture of Jaebu-” I began, but was cut off as he snatched the phone from my hands. 

“Yah, let me open the app for you, it’s kind of hard to get a V-live stream set up,” he said quickly, swiping at his screen. 

BamBam burst into a fit of giggles as Mark patted at his thigh. 

“I thought you guys had invested in a selfie stick,” I sighed, leaning against the arm of the couch in front of them. 

“We did, but Youngjae broke it,” Mark muttered, crossing his arms. 

“He was using it to pull something toward him while he was gaming so he wouldn’t have to get up,” BamBam chuckled. “Somehow managed to snap it in half.”

“Okay,” Jackson breathed, leaning over to me and showing me his phone’s screen. “So when you’re ready to start, you press this, and it launches our live.”

“It’s not difficult Jackson,” i grumbled, snatching the phone from his hands. “You don’t have to teach me.”

“You forget,” Mark smiled. “I have the prettiest AND smartest girlfriend here.”

“You also have the only girlfriend here,” BamBam laughed. 

“I must be crazy,” I smiled. “Putting up with seven boys all the time when most girls only have to put up with one.”

“Crazy in looooove,” Jackson giggled, batting his eyelashes. I rolled my eyes again and looked to the screen, seeing small heart icons beginning to flood my vision. 

“Hey, Jacksonnie, what does this mean?” I asked, lifting the phone up to him. 

“You’re live, you see those little hearts are sent in by the viewers, they have to tap them and-” Jackson explained calmly. 

“She’s live?!” Mark coughed, springing forward and grabbing the phone. He pounded at the record button until his face disappeared from the screen. “We were live during all of that? Shit…shit shit shit.”

BamBam and Jackson looked to each other with wide eyes then back to me. 

“How did this happen?” Mark gasped, standing from the couch. I wasn’t sure if he was shaking with nerves or anger. 

“Hyung, we have to go live, we can’t just disappear like that,” Jackson said quietly, eying Mark carefully. 

“I can’t, I can’t,” he said, shaking his head. “You and BamBam go ahead, we have to let the managers know.”

Jackson nodded quickly and tapped at his phone. He lifted the screen and broke out into a large smile. “Hello! Welcome to the Jack-Bam show! Sorry, we had a few technical difficulties, but we’re up and running now.”

Mark grabbed me by my wrist, pulling me backwards towards the kitchen. He let go of my arm to lean against the counter and took a deep breath. “Did you hit the button by accident? What happened, Y/N? Did it capture everything we said?”

“I-I don’t…” I stammered, my eyes shaking from side to side, incapable of being able to focus on anything. 

“Hold on,” Mark sighed, pulling his phone from his pocket as it was mid ring. “Hello? Yes, I- Well, no, we didn’t expect- Jackson was showing…yes hyung…yes, I know hyung. I never- well okay.”

As Mark continued to speak to what I assumed to be a member of the Got7 staff over the phone, I thought I was going to vomit. I must have accidentally touched the record button when I snatched the phone from Jackson’s hands, trying to be a smart ass. Mark brought up good questions, did it capture everything we had said? 

“Mhm, yes hyung. Thank you hyung, I’ll see you in a bit,” he nodded, although the other person on the line couldn’t see him. He set the phone down on the counter and sighed. 

“What did they say?” I whispered, unable to look up at my boyfriend. 

“The staffs logged in a few seconds late, so they don’t know when exactly we went live,” He said slowly. “But they definitely heard what Jackson said…and part of your statement…they said the comment section has been exploding.”

“Aish,” I groaned, leaning my elbows against the counter and placing my face in my hands. 

After a few moments of nearly unbearable silence, Mark cleared his throat. I was used to silences with him. It was just part of our relationship. This was a different sort of silence though. It was so thick and uncomfortable, it made it feel like we were miles apart instead of only a few feet from one another. 

“We may have to…publicize out relationship,” he said lowly. 

I looked up slowly to him and could see the disappointment on his face. Mark was a very quiet and private person. He brought an aura of calm to almost any situation, so to see him as a nervous ball of energy in front of me made my stomach churn. It was all my fault. 

“Mark,” I whispered. I stepped slowly over to him and nuzzled him in the shoulder. He took a deep breath, still not able to make eye contact with me. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” he grumbled, shaking his head. “As is life…”

“Mark,” I croaked, shaking my own head now, scared that tears would fall out. 

“Don’t be sad,” he whispered, placing a light kiss on my forehead. “I was trying to protect you by keeping our relationship a secret…the world is going to be a bit more of a scary place once we go public…but you have me.”

I looked up to him slowly, trying to ignore the thin sheen of tears trying to escape from my eyes. 

“We have each other,” he nodded, the feeling of calm slowly restoring to his senses. “And that’s enough.”

I nodded as well, hiccuping on a sob that I had swallowed. 

“I was selfish really…thinking I could hide you from the world for so long,” he groaned, leaning back and taking me into his arms. He wrapped himself around me and set his chin on the top of my head. 

“Maybe…maybe we can convince the fans that the voice they heard…my voice…was actually Yugyeom or something?” I asked, lifting my brows and leaning back to see Mark’s expression. He couldn’t hide the smirk that appeared as he shook his head. 

“You’re voice is too pretty to be Yugyeom’s,” he chuckled. “Plus, the literal last thing I want ahgases to think is that I’m dating Yugyeom.”

“You’d make a cute couple,” I muttered, burying my face into Mark’s chest. “I ship it.”

“Yah, hush!” Mark laughed. “Keep talking like that and we won’t have to worry about anything going public.”

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Retro Game Version .. 4? Idk
Newest additions include the gx TV, a gaming tv from 1997 that includes these large door-like speakers. Its awesome for old games! I also moved my PS2 collection into here.

Since everyone asks:
1. I started this collection as a kid.
2. I made the Galaga cab myself, it’s not original. It runs MAME.
3. A lot of this was free/gifts/unwanted items over 20+ years, I’m not mega rich. I just look for good deals.
4. I have a CRT tv AND flat screen with framemeister upscaler, so my games look good when I play them, don’t worry.

Hey, so let’s talk about the Battle of Kaer Morhen, huh?

So, seeing as this was my first play through of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, I’ve come to notice a thing or two during my adventure. Somethings funny, other things sad. CD Projekt Red spared no expense to throw you on an emotional roller coaster. Towards the end of my adventure in the main game, I noticed something in a cut scene right after The Battle of Kaer Morhen quest; and with Yennefer, of course. 

So, here we go…!

Let’s begin with the fact that besides Ciri, I feel like Yen is the first to see that beloved uncle Vesemir has been killed. Even though it might be OOC for her to just stand their, she is in shock. Then enters Geralt after defrosting from the Wild Hunt freeing the Keep over. I don’t have a screen capture of that, but we know he’s making his way to Yennefer to see if she’s okay.

Yennefer notices him, and at first I thought she was going in for a hug, but after watching the cut scene again from recorded game play, I had a (I guess you can call) heart breaking revelation. We see the concern on her face, but what she did next is what broke my heart.

She goes to Geralt, but not to hug him, or reassure her that she’s okay (per her character as she puts her loved ones and others before herself), but what she’s doing is that she’s trying to stop and protect him from seeing Vesemir’s body. She knows the sight would (and did) devastate him as it did Ciri. However, unfortunately, Geralt saw Vesemir’s body anyway.

What’s my point here? Contrary to how she may act, or the vibe she may give off to strangers, Yennefer will do just about anything to protect her family. Whether from danger or grief, or anything else, she protects both Ciri and Geralt. 

Also, I just love this game and enjoyed my experience and still am with the Blood and Wine DLC. Okay, bye!

alaboxingcactus  asked:

i once made a kamunami prompt about them being 2 AIs trapped together on future foundation's pc with nothing to do, but i was wondering if you got it or tumblr ate it or you posted it and i missed it? or didn't know how to write it?

A/N if you think I’ve only been into kamunami since the anime then think again, I’ve been here since this beautiful doujinshi was translated (thank you so much!)

Backup Files - kamunami

They weren’t supposed to exist and yet here they were, a contradiction.

Technically, they had already been deleted by the system. He had been deleted the moment he entered the program and she had been deleted the moment she was executed. This was merely an experimental and untested  program. There wasn’t any backup file function installed yet because the creators thought there was no need. So anything deleted should be lost permanently. And yet, they were still here. Miraculously restored from a hopeless system that crashed, their data somehow remained in tact and virus free.

In a world of ones and zeroes were the two of them stuck inside.

Chiaki Nanami blinked as she slowly took in her surroundings or lack thereof. Everything was white. No, not white. Just empty. Wherever she turned her eyes to, all she saw was nothing. Well that was to be expected, the program was shut down after all. Nothing was supppsed to exist. And yet, there was something or rather, someone. Whenever she looked at herself, she saw something where nothing should be. She blinked again and raised her head. Across her was another anomaly.

“How are we…?” She started, confused.

“Remnants.” He vaguely answered. “We are mere remnants of a dead program.”

Across her was Izuru Kamukura.

Or at least, what was left of him. When he had originally entered the program, his personally was automatically forfeited and rewritten with Hajime Hinata’s. That was how the program was coded to function. And yet somehow, instead of being wiped off, Kamukura’s personality was  separated. Even more confounding was how it had remained afterwards, even when Hinata had already left the program, Kamukura still lingered. He was a literal glitch in the system.

“Oh…” Nanami’s face scrunched up in thought as she tried to process what this meant for them. “I think I understand… probably.”

“Understanding this is irrelevant. It holds no consequence over our situation.” He scoffed.

“I know. But I still want to understand… I think.” She walked over to him until they were standing in front of each other. Her head tilted as she innocently asked. “Hey, Kamukura. Why are you still here?”

He blinked. “I could ask you the same question.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.” She shook her head and then placed a hand over her heart. “I’m here because I was programmed to be here. No matter what, I will always remain here.” She explained and as she held his gaze, her eyes softened. “But you, you’re a participant. You’re not supposed to be here. You could have left with Hinata and the others.”

He wore an unreadable expression as he countered, “Perhaps in theory, I could have.” He continued, “Not as a whole though. Either I’d become a dormant personality or I’d have merged with Hinata’s personality.”

“But you still could have left.” She easily pointed out. “And yet, you’re here… why?”

“…” Why indeed?

The merits of leaving this program clearly outweighed the cons. It was only logical for any being to choose to live in a reality that wasn’t constricted by ones and zeroes. There was so much he could do out there than in here. Out there was the real world filled with so many things and in here there was only nothing. Well, nothing but him and her.

Especially her.

All this time, his eyes have only been on her. He had carefully set up the preparations that would lead to this experiment on hope and despair but never did he calculate her into the plan. He did not predict her existence. She was an unexpected variable. The support AI was initially supposed to be a gestalt personality formed with the memories of all the participants. He never expected her to be the result. Everyone had the same image in mind. Everyone wanted to meet the same person. Everyone was looking for her.

Everyone including him.

Out there, her original existence had long been dead. But in here, she was still alive or at least still existing. She’s still here. There was only predictability waiting for him in the real world and he had already grown bored of that. At least in here, there was her who was actual proof of something he had failed to predict. Here he had finally found something that had caught his interest.

It was an irrational choice to choose her over the rest of the world and even though he knew the motivation behind the choice, he had yet to understand it. “I don’t know the answer myself.” He finally replied with a shrug.

She tenderly smiled at him. “But you want to know, right? It’s alright…” Her arms wrapped themselves around him as she gently held him in a comforting embrace. She murmured, “We can figure it out together while we’re here.”

He could barely process why she thought it was necessary to give him a hug or why his hands had unconsciously lifted as if wanting to return the embrace. He was confused. “What are you doing?” He’s not sure if it was meant for her or for him. Maybe both.

“It’s called a hug.” She answered innocently. “I just felt like you needed it… maybe.”

Perhaps she was onto something. He brought up a hand to pat her on the head while the other awkwardly attempted to hold her. She smiled approvingly and for a moment, he had questioned just how advanced her AI was to portray so much emotion. But he never did question his decision in choosing to stay here.

There’s literally nothing here for him but her but this was marginally less boring than anything that the outside world could offer him.


Shimejis and Desktop Fun

At some point their world had expanded into that of a desktop.

Hinata, although having none of Kamukura’s personality but still somehow retaining all of his talents, had managed to salvage Kamukura and Nanami’s data. They were temporarily stored on his laptop and forbade them the use of internet or any wireless connection until he could create a better and safer program for them. So until then, they were stuck with whatever was installed there. At least it was an upgrade over the vast emptiness they started with.

Unfortunately, Hinata had to leave in a hurry before he could have installed any interesting games or programs for them to pass time with. So Nanami has been stuck here with trying to play a game of classic solitaire. The keyword was “trying”.

Nanami tapped on the deck and checked her given hand. Her eyes caught sight of a card that she needed. But just as she was about to reach for it, Kamukura had beaten her to it and dragged the card across the screen, just out of her reach.

“Hey! I need that!” She huffed her cheeks at him and then stomped her way towards him. “Can’t you let me have fun and actually finish a game?”

“I know.” There’s a small smirk on his lips. He drags the card away every time she’s about to reach for it. Despite having the flatest tone, his taunt could be clearly heard, “I’m allowed to have my fun too.”

“You two look like you’re having fun.” A voice boomed over them.

The two turned on the camera feed and saw…

“Hinata! You’re back!” Nanami greeted him first.

“…Welcome back.” Kamukura nodded at him.

“Yeah, it’s good to be back.” Hinata beamed at them as he took his seat in front of the laptop. “You’ll never guess what just happened.”

“You prevented another worldwide spread of despair.” Kamukura answered matter-of-factly.

Hinata’s smile fell and turned into a scowl. “…You do know that you weren’t supposed to actually guess it. Not you at least.”

“I know.” Kamukura replied, deadpanned but mocking.

Hinata sighed and tiredly ran a hand over his face. “I think I liked you better when you didn’t try to be annoying.”

“Really? I think he’s better off as he is now… probably.” Nanami interjected, oblivious.

Hinata let out a sniff of pain. Those two surprisingly got along well much to his annoyance sometimes.

And so Kamukura and Nanami continued to exist, and occasionally they existed pester Hinata.


PART 2  , 


‘‘What the-’‘ Dean starts, while turning around to take in his new surroundings. From next to him, Sam rubs over his painful feeling head, trying his best not to tipple over from the sudden dizziness that flashes over him. Confusion is written all over his face, and that same confusion as is visible in your own (e/c) eyes.

‘‘Where the hell are we?’‘ Sam asks, his voice still a bit unsteady. He looks over to you and his older brother, hoping to get an answer, but the only response he gets is a mere shrug from Dean:

‘‘I don’t know man. But this place is givin’ me the chills…’‘

You can’t help but agree with the oldest Winchester. You are standing outside, judging by the wind that causes little strains of hair to hit your face. Shivering, you rub your arms against the bitter cold in an attempt not to freeze. Sadly enough, you can’t see much due to the darkness and mist surrounding you, but you also can’t shake off the familiar feeling that you get when you look around you. It feels like you know this place. If you only knew from where…

‘‘Guys,’‘ A gruff voice sounds from behind you. Swirling around, you and the Winchesters see a familiar trenchcoat wearing angel standing right behind you. His face wears a dark expression, but furthermore he looks…annoyed?

‘‘Cas,’‘ Dean breaths,clearly relieved to see his friend alive and well. ‘‘Where are we man? This is insane.’‘

Cas he notices how the three of you look up at him in expectation. Raising his hands a little, he nods towards the darkness. ‘‘We are not in our own universe anymore,’‘ He speaks up.

Dean raises his eyebrows. ‘‘Want to eleborate that, buddy?’‘

On also seeing your and Sams questioning glares, Cas nods and continues.

‘‘What I wanted to say was that this was done by an angel. Someone, I might have a slight suspicion who, has teleported us to here from the bunker.’‘

‘‘Great,’‘ Dean grunts. ‘‘Just what I wanted to do with my free saturday night. Being teleported to who knows where by some dick angel.’‘

‘‘You’re a dick, dick.’‘

A sudden voice speaks up from the darkness, causing you to jump. Looking around you, you try to figure out from where it came but it seemed like the voice came from everywhere, like someone was talking through a speaker. Then, all of a sudden, you realise something. That voice did sound awfully familiar….

‘‘Gabriel!’‘ You shout out at the dark sky above you. ‘‘What the hell is this suppose to mean?’‘

Sam and Dean look up at the sky in surprise as the owner of the voice chuckles amused.

‘‘Oh dear, seems you got me,’‘ Gabriel chirps from where ever he may or may not be. ‘Oh well, it was a matter of time anyways.’‘

‘‘Gabriel, you son of a bitch!’‘ Dean roars, having recovered from the previous scare. Now, he is clenching his hands into fists as his brows furrow in anger.

‘‘Do you think this is funny? Zapping of to the middle of nowhere?’‘

‘‘Oh yesI do,’‘ Gabriel commends, and you can totally imagine the archangel, sitting lazily in a comfortable chair, staring at a big tv screen where the lot of you are projected on, while wearing a big smirk on his angelic face.

Sam, in the meantime, appears to be calmer than his brother, but you can see a vein in his neck that gives away his annoyance.

‘‘Where are we anyways?’‘ He asks, lookingaround him with suspicion in his eyes.

‘‘Ts, ts, ts,’‘ Gabriel mocks him, his voice full of amusement. ‘‘What would be the fun of giving the surprise away? Figure it out yourself, moose.’‘

Sam clenches his jaw at the mention of his nickname, that was given him by the king of hell himself. You in the meantime, had already walked a few metres away from the rest of the group. Now, you are staring at the silhouette of a tree in the distance, seeing a very familiar paper sticking on the old wood.

‘‘(Y/n)?’‘ Cas asks on seeing your body tense. ‘‘Have you discovered something?’‘

You grint your teeth as you tear your stare away from the paper before walking back to your friends. Softly, you nudge Dean with your elbow, nodding over to the tree.

‘‘See that paper, Dean-o?’‘

Dean narrowes his eyes as he looks over to the direction you just pointed at. Then, his eyes grow big as the realisation strikes him.

‘‘You’ve got to be kidding me…’‘ He grunts and you sight in aknowedgement.

‘‘Eh, guys? Want to share your information with us?’‘ Sam asks, pointing at himself and Cas, who is standing a bit further away.
You look over at Dean and he nods, telling you you can explain.

‘‘Remember that game Dean and I were playing yesterday?’‘ You ask Sam, hoping he would remember. Sam frowns in confusion.

‘‘You mean that cheap horror game you had installed on your- oh.’‘

Sam’s eyes grow big when he realises where they are. As a reaction, Dean slaps his brother on his shoulder, trying to give him a bit of support.

‘‘Yes Sammy,’‘ he says. ‘‘Slenderman. And it doesn’t look so cheap now, does it?’‘

Sam throws one of his famous bitchfaces at his older brother, but before he can open his mouth to speak up, Gabriel’s voice loduly interrups him, causing you to jump. Again.

‘‘Ding, ding, ding! Aaand we have a winner!’‘ Gabriel calls our, his voice rolling over the place. You take that as a chance to ask your next question:

‘‘Gabe, why did you trap us in a horror game?’‘

‘‘Not just a game, princess,’‘ Gabriel tells you, his voice now almost sounding offended. ‘‘A series of games. Look, I was getting a bit bored upstairs, you know. And so I thought, why would I not play with my favourite puppets? And when I saw you and Dean-o over there playing that new found horror game of yours, I got a brilliant idea. Why not make it real, instead of having to look at a screen?’‘

Now it is Cas’ his turn to speak up.

‘‘Get us out of here, brother,’‘ He asks, clearly not happy with the fact that Gabriel managed to trap him too by preventing him from zapping away.

‘‘Not so fast, Cassie,’‘ Gabriel tells his brother. But when he doesn’t get a reply from Cas, he speaks up again, his voice sounding impatient this time.

‘‘Listen, here is the deal. You want to get out? Survive my games. That is the only way to escape. If you don’t…Well, we both know what will happen then.’‘

‘‘And how do we sruvive these games, huh?’‘ Dean calls out, not even trying to cover up the anger in his voice.

‘‘Easy. If I were you, I would listen to the expert. (Y/n) seems to have a lot of experience when it comes to games like these. Anyways, I better be off before I waste too much of your precious time. Good luck!’‘

And with those words, Gabriel’s voice falters away, leaving you and your friends in a terrifying silence once again. You can feel the eyes of Sam, Dean and Cas burn into yours and you take a deep breath to calm youself down, before turning around and walking back to the tree with the paper. As you halt in front of it, you slowly reach out your hand. You can practically feel the adrinaline flow through your veins right now and you can’t help but feel excited. From behind you, you can ehar Sam call out to you:

‘‘So, what do we do now?’‘

In one motion, you rip the paper of the tree. Immediately, you hear the faint drums that imply that the game has started. Slenderman is coming for you now. With a wide grin plastered on your face, you swirl back around to meet Sam’s eyes.


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(Also, I think my tablet hates me. I tried to post this three times already, but everytime my tablet either blacked out, went to another page or simply didn’t even load the imagine. So apologies if this fourth try seems a bit rushed.)

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OMG I was going through your posts and saw Eldarya! Your Guardian is relly cute!! Are you okay with people knowing your screen name there? I want to add you! ^w^ And thanks for the uploads here, I love being able to find so many of the songs from sidem

Yoooo a fellow Guardian! I’m glad you like her~ she originally began as a Candy on the MCL server, but I loved her looks too much to not bring her over to ChiNo’s other game. My screen name on Eldarya (American server) is Lynette, feel free to hit me up. I love talking to fellow fans~

She currently looks like this, as reference for finding her

And you’re more than welcome for the song uploads, sweetie~ let me know if you have any specific requests~

I Thought You Were Different: Book 2 (Part 16/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 15

One by one, each member of the team made their way back home, closing down their safe houses and returning to the upstate compound as they all waited for the date of Tony and Steve’s meeting with T’Challa and the United Nations to finally arrive.  Without any missions to go on until the Accords had been revised, the team was getting a little stir crazy and desperate for something to do.  

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