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└ Riida’s logic: 10-month shoot with no consecutive-day rest days = “I can’t bear it!”

Cr: VS Arashi 29.09.2016


Lúcio finds McCree on his couch eating out a tub of his icecream and he’s like oh no, what happened now?

McCree: Jack is going around giving people unseasoned chicken and I think it’s an assassination attempt


Genji comes in kicking down the door, panting: please help Jack is–

McCree raises the tub of ice cream and Genji is just like oh thank heavens. Lúcio just sighs and wonders when Ana, Gabriel, and Amelie are gonna show up to his door too

juzosuke domestic au post!! part TWO!!!!

hope arc was beyond disappointing because it did not live up to my juzosuke expectations so heres a part two of our domestic au (click this AWESOME link if u wanna read part one) this is super long (its like 1000 words longer than the last one)

warning tho this one seems to be a lot more focused on the warriors of hope than the last post and i Apologize but juzo and kyosuke are still there and happy 

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💕This literally slipped my mind, but it’s #GoldenStarSelcaDay!!! So here are two (old) selcas, one at day, one at night? XD
Two years ago, on this very day, everyone knows such a terrible event happened. But even though it made Jessica cry and put her in a slump, she didn’t let it bring her down and it allowed her to be free and expand in other areas. Now, she’s a successful CEO and a soloist too.
Overall, I’m happy to be seeing Jessica smiling more and doing what she really likes with no one stopping her. I hope she gets to achieve many more of her dreams in the coming years.
Love, a Golden Star… in Jessica’s Golden Sky💫

So here’s two photos of me. They may not look very different to you, but I see the difference!

The picture on the left is from 2012. I was a completely different person then.
•I was a people pleaser and scared to hurt anyone’s feelings. I was very easily persuaded to do things even if I didn’t want to.
•I was absolutely miserable.
•I was confused about my purpose in life.
•I had no idea who I was. I hated myself.
•I felt like I was just wandering in life.

Now look at the pic on the right. That is from this year. I have changed so much for the better!
•I now realize I can’t please everyone and that it is ok to say no to people!
•I have learned to not be so gullible in everyone’s intentions.
•I have a lot more integrity.
•I am actually happy! I love myself so much more. I can see it in my face with the difference in my eyes and my smile.
•I’m a stronger person now. I am a single mom, and going to nursing school! I believe in myself.
•I know where I want my life to go and the kind of person I want to be.

It’s so important to surround yourself with people who encourage and lift you up. It makes a world of difference. Know who you’re true friends are! I have become so much more confident just by turning the cheek to my haters and sticking by my true friends! #nursingstudent #singlemom #strongandbeautiful #gettinghealthy #mindbodyandsoul

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 - Happy Valentine’s day to my cute @sexuallyfrustratedjellal
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smug from cradle to grave: a novel by jeon jungkook