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Invisible // Teen Wolf Pack x Reader

Apparently Invisible got deleted so; Enjoy this was my first one shot on here:

“I think she’s Supernatural,” Lydia stated, pointing at the popular (h/c) haired girl. The said girl looked over and smiled at the group.

Stiles smiled, saying to the pack,“ There’s no way she could be supernatural. I mean she’s the popular who loves fricken kittens of all things.”

“So? You can likes things and be Supernatural. I like cats,” Lydia purses her lips,“ After school she always goes missing. Never hangs out with friends, never calls or texts anyone. She’s invisible.”

“Well maybe she’s just keeping to herself?” Scott suggested, keeping an eye on (Y/n).

“ Maybe Scott’s right. She could just be there all the time after school,” Allison agreed with her boyfriend.

“Well,” Isaac smirked,“ There was this one time on the weekend a while ago. I saw her and she was acting suspicious so you know, I followed her.”

“You followed a high school girl without her permission like a creep?” Stiles laughed,“ Great if she isn’t supernatural she’ll probably call the cops.”

“Let me finished,” Isaac glared at the sarcastic teen,“ Anyway she knew I was following her so she turned. When I turned she was gone but her scent was still there. It was like she was next to me but she wasn’t.”

“ I don’t know about you guys but I’m following her after school,” Lydia stated,“ Who’s coming with me?”

(Y/n) stretched her arms out,’ Finally schools over.’ She started walking out of the school, unaware that Isaac Lahey was following her, the others setting up traps.

She looked back, making eye contact with the tall teen,’ Great, he’s following me again,’ she started walking back into the school, him following her. She turned a corner, turning invisible.

He turned the corner, sniffing the air,“ (Y/n) I know you’re here.” She stayed silent. “What are you exactly?” he asked,“ I can keep a secret.“  Her scent faded away.

The next day at lunch a furious (Y/n) came to their table. "Isaac Lahey you stalker,” she hissed. “Woah what did I do,” he asked ‘innocently’, smirking at her.

“You know what you did,” she glared at him. “Well,” Stiles looked at her with a bitch face,“ What did he do?”

“He keeps following me after school and on weekends. It’s creepy and it’s scaring me,” she stated,“ If he keeps doing it I will report him.”

“Welllllllll,” Scott looked around her, not making eye contact,“ He really likes you and wants to take you on a date.”

“Yeah,” Lydia joined in,“ He really thinks-” “ I have a boyfriend,” (Y/n) cut her off,“ Also I’m not interested in people like him.” “People like him?”

“You know,” she pursed her lips,“ Stalker, creepy, he smells like a dog. Oh also I thought he was dating Stiles.”

“You thought I was gay?” He asked in disbelief,“ I would never date Stiles I have standards!” “Yeah thanks,” Stiles glared,“ Anyway lunch is over.”

The (h/c) haired girl rolled her eyes and stood up,“ See you last period Allison.”

Allison nodded and waved to the girl. “Idea,” Scott’s eyes lit up,“ Allison you’re gonna take her folder off her desk or out of her backpack. Leave it on her desk when she leaves and she’ll come back for it. We’ll set up a trap on top of the door. Like put a bucket of paint, which will reveal her if she’s invisible. So Isaac you have to follow her again.”

‘When will Isaac Lahey stop following me?’ (Y/n) thought to herself, turning the corner and turning invisible.

Isaac stood still. “I know you’re here (Y/n),” he stated.

She stood still, opening her backpack. She could wait for him to leave. As she looked in, her folder was missing, she panicked,’ No I could’ve left it in last period. Right?’

She quietly closed her backpack, walking towards the window of the classroom, which was thankfully open.

She hoisted herself up, looking at her desk. “Thank God it’s here,” she whispered, opening it up. 'All pages are here,’ she opened the classroom door, red sticky paint falling on top of her. It revealed herself.

The pack came out. “(Y/n). What are you,” Stiles asked, handing her a towel to get the paint out of her eyes.

She stayed still for a second before angrily grabbing the towel, wiping her face. She looked at her once white folder, now painted a blood red. All the papers in it were soaked with the paint.

“Go away,” she muttered, glaring at them. “We just wanted to know what you were,” Scott tried to explain.

“You could’ve asked Derek Hale,” she glared,“ Hell you could’ve asked Peter Hale. Do you stupid werewolves think before you do something?”

“It was an accident,” Lydia explained. “An accident which you planned for? Something that you set up. Because it was 'accidently’ my folder. You all were 'accidently’ in the perfect hiding spots. You 'accidently’ took the story I worked on for almost a year now. Every. Single. Day. Because this is what you 'accidently’ do to everything you’re suspicious of. Right,” she cried out, tears streaming down her red face.

The paint was probably in the stage where it was half dry and half wet. “(Y/n) we-” “Save it,” (Y/n) stated coldly.

Part Two


Word count: 3,444
Pairing: Bucky x F!Reader
Warnings: some self-deprecation, a little social anxiety as well? Bucky being a flirt, tooth-rotting, cavity-inducing fluff

A/N: I’ve had this idea for a one shot in my head for a while and I figured I’d take a break from Begin Again to write this out before I lost it. Hope you enjoy xx

You stood in front of the full length mirror making final adjustments to your make up, swiping stray eye liner from the corner of your eye. Tony was throwing another party to keep up public appearances and unfortunately, you felt obliged to go. Tony was your friend and if he was going to suffer, you decided that you would too. 

You were dressed in a tailored dark wine red playsuit with black opaque tights and black heels. It was slim fit, and the neckline rested only a few inches below your neck so it was sophisticated enough but not too stuffy. 

You heard the door open as you threw your eye pencil back into its place when -

‘Doll, are you - hello, gorgeous.’

You rolled your eyes playfully, looking at him in the reflection of the mirror, but blushed. He looked impossibly handsome - broad-chested and dressed in an all-black suit, the only colour coming from his gentle cerulean eyes and full pale lips. His hair was brushed back and you knew you would have trouble concentrating on anything else but him.

‘Turn around, lemme get a look at you.’ His words were meant to sound sultry but there was a near-goofy smile on his face that essentially just described Bucky himself.

You obliged, quirking an eyebrow. ‘I dunno, Barnes, you seemed to be enjoying the other view.’

Bucky flicked you on the forehead playfully. ‘Get your head out of the gutter,’ he smirked, making you giggle, before wrapping his arms around you and kissing you gently. In your heels, you were still a couple inches shorter than him. 

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i’ve seen you hanging around my apartment and i thought it was because you missed me, turns out you’ve been using my wifi you asshole namjoon

Namjoon builds up the courage to approach you standing by the sidewalk of where he lived instead of putting on a blind eye. Two weeks since the breakup, he hasn’t been able to look at you the same way he used to without threatening to cry at least five times but each time he past you by and headed straight to the lobby and elevated up to his unit, he can’t help but take a glance back down the window to see you were still there… like how a part of him wishes you would.

He doesn’t know why you’re here but you haven’t said anything about it or to him. So Namjoon takes action on his own to walk up to you on a Saturday night he intends to spend alone but is now trying to fight his loneliness with someone he used to call his everything.

“Y-Y/N?” Damn it, you just had to stutter, didn’t you?

Your hood falls back a little when you tip your chin up and black on black on black is a good combination for you to light up the rest of your face. As far as you can get to blend into the night, the moon could never take your spot in having this glow on your cheeks, the sparkle in your eyes and the glitter framing your smile like losing him meant nothing.

“Oh, hey… Namjoon,” You lower your phone and he doesn’t pay much mind to it, eyes gazing into your own as you speak, “What’re you doing here?”

He scoffs a laugh, “I live here,”

With the clicking of your tongue and the bucket of cold awkwardness poured over the two of you, you can only offer a sheepish smile, “Ah, right… your point?”

“Look, I’ll be honest, okay? I’ve been seeing you here since we broke up and you keep coming around here so I’m going to be direct and ask did you miss me?”

You shrug, “You could say that,”

Could? What the fu-”The notification from your phone cuts him off and he squints at the screen. When your fingers try to cover it from his view, this is one of the few times he’s agile enough to snatch it from you. He tries his luck to key in your passcode he remembers by heart and miraculously it unlocks. He pulls the bar down and taps on the wi-fi, revealing that - “You’re using my wi-fi?!”

“You know I’d never lie to you so…”

“You’ve been coming back here just to use my wi-fi?!” He shoves your phone back into your hands and the look that fills his eyes crosses between anger and… disappointment. “I thought you missed me the way I missed you and to think we could have another shot but you stooped so low to come back just to use my wi-fi. What the fuck?”


“Don’t Namjoon me. I don’t have anything else to say to you and by the way, I’m changing my password so good luck coming around here-”

“Would you suck up your pity party and shut up for a minute?” You get up from sitting by the brick partition jutting out from the wall, looking up to him. “Sucks, doesn’t it?”

Namjoon’s furrowed brows and creased forehead only shows his confusion.

“How does it feel like to have someone so close but feel so far away from you? How do you think I feel whenever you come home to me but all you do is shut me out? I’m not complaining or anything but think about it, Joon. You are no different than I am now compared to when we were together,” That shuts him up completely, so you unlock your phone to pull up your web browser to continue where you’re searching for - “By the way, I was looking for a good place to getaway… with you,”

“…using my wi-fi,”

“Will you shut the fuck up about your damned wi-fi? If we’re talking about this then how about we talk about you using up almost a bottle of my whole body wash for a fucking bubble bath, you eating up all my cereal and milk along with two doors you broke down during the timespan we were together?”

You take in a deep breath and exhale, putting your hands into the connecting pocket of your hoodie and stepping back, “Go ahead and change your password if you want. I won’t come back anymore so you can stop worrying about-”

“I’m sorry,”

“…for what?”

“For… shutting you out. For not opening up more and… using up all your body wash and eating your cereal and all that,”

“I didn’t come here for an apology,”

Namjoon opens his mouth and you stop him before he can say anything.

“If you bring up your wi-fi one more time, I will shove my foot up your ass-”Namjoon stops you from speaking when he lunges at you to pull you into his embrace. Long arms sliding around your waist as his face buries in your neck, Namjoon hasn’t felt at home since and now it’s all coming back to him when your scent and presence alone overwhelms him. He squeezes you tight, and tighter when you put your arms around him.

“I’m really sorry… for everything,”

“…I’m sorry too. I wasn’t exactly the best girlfriend in the world,”

“But you loved me,” Namjoon whispers to your skin, syllables shaking, “And that was good enough for me,”

“Not loved,” You create a gap between the pair of you but it’s still enough for Namjoon to count the stars in your eyes, “Still do,”

He picks out all the stars and fills them up with words, saying in return: “Good. Because I do too.”

Swerve X Reader – A Human Crewmate - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Big Announcement

A/N – Based on a lot of @rocksinmuffin head-canons so extra special thanks to them for that. Without further ado, let’s introduce more of the crew ^_^

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

After a good night’s sleep and a shower, you felt phenomenally better, until there was a loud rapping at the door. Your heart raced at the unwelcome sound because the few bots that you knew, apart from Ultra Magnus and Rung, entered without knocking but it was definite, you’d never heard this knock before. You kept quiet, waiting to see if the mystery visitor would leave.

“Human, I’m co-captain Megatron, please may I enter?”

You released the breath you’d been holding, Rodimus had warned you this might happen.

Finger combing your still wet hair and attempting to look a little better than possible in the bath robe made from an old cleaning cloth, you called, “Sure, come on in.”

Megatron entered stiffly, frowning uncomfortably at the situation; he’d planned on avoiding you completely but with the upcoming announcement, it wasn’t possible. You meanwhile, were eager to be on your best behaviour, especially since the ex-warlord had overcome his previous issues with organics to visit you.

“Hello,” You greeted, almost shyly.

Megatron merely nodded in response, looking slightly more formidable with his red-eyes trained upon you.

The two of you stood in awkward silence for countless minutes until it became clear you’d have to speak first.

“I’m glad you came, it was-”

“You should leave,” he cut you off.

“Excuse me?”

Megatron hated himself for the upset expression on your face; he’d put that there. “This ship is no place for humans. I’ve met with Rodimus and Ultra Magnus, the decision has been reached that I shall offer you a choice. You may stay and go about the course that has currently been set or we can drop you off on the nearest organic planet where you would fit in more adequately. Being on an organic-friendly planet can be very advantageous. First, it would be more equipped to match your needs, second…”

Megatron started listing all the advantages of planet life and disadvantages of ship life; you realised quickly that he’d practiced this before coming to see you, somewhat like a student reciting a presentation to a teacher.

“Do you hate organics?” You interrupted after around ten minutes.

The question shocked Megatron, sending him into a silent panic under the calm exterior; had he really given the impression of hatred rather than concern?

“No human, I simply worry about your welfare here.”

“If you don’t mind me saying so Megatron, your argument is biased, you never bothered explaining the benefits of ship life, like the fact we speak the same language, or that some of you know a little about caring for a human, not that I can’t take care of myself. Not to mention, I know people here who I can hopefully call friends, if not acquaintances and at least here, I know what I’m getting into; planet-life is a mystery. And hey, who knows? Maybe one day, I’ll find this isn’t working and need to move, if that happens, I’ll come to you and ask for advice on planetary choices; until then, you’re stuck with me just as much as I’m stuck with you. I hope you can accept that.”

There was a cheer from the other side of your door, most definitely Rodimus who’d probably been listening in from the start. Megatron sighed at the lack of professionalism and at your decision; he hated it even more that your answer seemed to be well-thought out and rational. There was nothing else to do but admit defeat, “Very well human.”

He turned to leave, you called after him, making him pause, “The name’s (Y/N) by the way, I hope I can stay long enough to learn it.”

Megatron shuffled out, wondering how he was going to deal with you later down the line. Outside your room, Rodimus was beaming triumphantly, “I told you he was sassy,” he grinned.

“She, Rodimus,” Megatron corrected, “She.”


Now dressed in a plain, white, cotton shirt and pants and properly groomed, you took a few steadying breaths. You were hidden on a table behind Rodimus who was on a balcony above the crew, giving a long-winded speech that was somehow supposed to link to you.

“Without further ado,” Rodimus boomed, holding out his hand for you to stand on, and presenting you with a flourish, “Please welcome our newest crew-mate and only human, (F/N) (L/N).”

Noise erupted throughout the hall, some bots apprehensive, others disbelieving, a few furious, but most excited; it was truly overwhelming to be the centre of such attention. Questions of every possible sort were thrown at both captains which Rodimus silenced, shouting over the crowd, “Hey, hey, this is just as new to (Y/N) as it is to any of you and she is the one person surrounded by aliens and away from her home planet; try a little perspective, will ya? In the meantime, give her some room. If she approaches you and decides to tell her story, that’s fine but don’t all overcrowd her at once. (Y/N), do you have anything to add?”

You swallowed, glancing at the hundreds of bots below, Rung was among them, mouthing the word ‘breathe’ to you.

You nodded at him, addressing the crowd, “I know this is all a little new and scary but I think we can all get around this; if you have any questions later, I’ll try to answer them all, uh, thank you for your time.”

Swerve was delirious with excitement, there was a human on board. A human! Being so much smaller than the other mechs, he hadn’t really gotten a good look at you but that didn’t matter; he was going to make all the extra effort to meet you in person. He was so sure that it was going to be the best day of his life until he got to your hallway and saw the lengthy queue to your hub-suite. As far as the eye could see, mechs were lined up, the ones at the front pressing an audial to your door to see if you were even in.

Swerve’s mood plummeted; how on Cybertron would he meet you like this? Surely, there should be some kind of rule like the bots closest to your height got to meet you first, or better yet, bots with the most Earth knowledge. Still, his desperation to meet you was strong so if it took waiting the next three cycles waiting in line, he’d do it. Despite his strong resolve, Swerve quickly found he couldn’t wait long, mainly due to the amount of regulars at Swerve’s who kept finding him and demanding he opened the bar. As much as he wanted to stay and meet you, he did have patrons to serve. Plastering on a fake smile, Swerve headed jovially to the bar, hiding the disappointment he felt in his spark.

You cowered in the oversized supply closet, wishing desperately to be back in the safety of the hab-suite. The angry bot on the other side of the door continued screaming at you, “YOU HEAR THAT FLESH-STICK?! OL’ WHIRL’S GONNA KILL YA. HIDE IN THERE ALL YOU WANT, I’LL DESTROY YOU.”

You didn’t know what you’d done or said to offend Whirl but you prayed he’d calm down, fast.

“H-Hey, I’m really, really sorry for whatever I did, can we talk about this?” You quivered.


He blasted a hole through the door, making you squeal as he poked his optic through. You put up your hands, stammering, “Wait, wait, wait. Is it a human thing?”

“Finally, the blood-bucket gets it.”

“R-right, then you really don’t want to kill me because you’d be missing out on a huge opportunity.”

Whirl hesitated, glaring at you with contempt. Taking the pause as a good sign, you pressed on, “You want to kill humans but do you really know the most effective ways to do it? I mean, the best place you can learn it from is me so I’ll teach you some stuff I know if you don’t kill me now. You can still kill me later but just, wait a while?”

Whirl considered this and started laughing manically, “Alright bone bag, you teach me and I’ll leave you till last but if you trick me, I’ll peel the skin off your body, got it?”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from the… strongest bot here. Like, who else has the sheer power to blast through a door like that?” You attempted, stroking Whirl’s ego and opening what remained of the door carefully.

Whirl flexed, “Well y’know, it takes only the best.”

“Exactly, you’re spectacular.”

Whirl picked you up forcefully, placing you on his shoulder, “Keep the compliments coming Tiny, you’ve got a while left.”

“A while till what?”

“Till I get you back to your hab-suite, you’re gonna need to be well-rested for complimenting me tomorrow.”

“Right, how smart of you.”

“Yeah, just like that.”

And so, you kept bragging about Whirl, begging to hear some of his greatest accomplishments as he carried you proudly past curious onlookers to your room.

Getting back was worse than you’d thought; there was a horde of bots awaiting your return who rushed towards Whirl upon spotting you. Whirl held you above his head with one claw, firing a warning shot from his chest, “FIRST GUY TO TOUCH THE FLESH STICK GETS SCRAPPED.”

Everyone froze, examining Whirl to gauge whether he meant it or not. You squirmed against the pain blossoming in your chest where Whirl was gripping you tightly. Fortunately, the pain didn’t last long, you were lowered back to the floor as the mechs dispersed, all shooting hateful looks at Whirl on their way by. After that, only two remained, a large orange and white bot and a much smaller black and white one who wasn’t too much taller than you.

“What? You didn’t hear me?”

“Lay off it Whirl, Rewind just has a question for (Y/N),” the taller bot said, placing a loving hand on Rewind’s shoulder.

You felt comforted by the sight of the two bots, everything about them showed they were a couple; it was nice to see how some bots weren’t the different to humans in certain respects.

“I don’t know if my human even wants to talk to you. (Y/N)?”

You were quite glad to get away from Whirl after seeing how unstable he was. “For now I think it’ll be okay, you two want to come into my room?”

Despite the lack of a mouth, Rewind seemed to smile, “We’d love to, right Chromedome?”

Chromedome looked less certain but nodded anyway.

Reluctantly, Whirl turned to go, “You two are lucky she likes you, see you tomorrow meat bag.”

You let the two bots in hastily, apologising for the lack of Cybertronian sized furniture, and using the lift to raise you up to the table, closer to Chromedome’s height.

“Now, you had a question?”

“Yes,” Rewind confirmed, hardly containing his excitement. “You see, it’s my job to document history and I was wondering, if it’s not too much trouble, will you let me record some of your time on the ship? This is the only time most Cybertronians will see a human so…”

You glanced at the red light on Rewind’s helm, “Are you recording right now?”

“I’m always recording.”

“If you’re always recording, why do you need my permission?”

“Because I don’t just want to get scraps of you when we happen to cross paths, I want to be your shadow, please.”

“I don’t know… Am I really that interesting? I mean, you guys are so advanced and all.”

“Are you kidding me? You’re incredible and-” Rewind sighed, “I know I’m asking a lot but I’d love to hear about your culture, interests, philosophy, biology, everything.”

You mulled it over, ready to reject the proposal until you saw the hope in the small bot’s optics; you couldn’t deny that. “I’ll tell you what, you help me find my feet, tell me which bots to meet or avoid, give me a bit of a tour and you can film me.”

“Really?!” Rewind practically jumped for joy, “Great, where do we start? What’s your routine now? Have you settled into one yet? What about-”

You held up a hand, silencing him, “Tomorrow you can film me. Right now, I need to sleep.”

“Sleep! This keeps getting better, can I record you sleeping?”

You stared disbelievingly, looking to the other bot for help. Chromedome took the hint, giving Rewind’s shoulder a gentle squeeze.

“Oh right,” Rewind flushed, embarrassed at his lack of manners, “Sorry, you probably want some privacy. Uh, how long do humans recharge?”

You looked at the clock, unable to read Cybertronian time measurements, “Can you give me eight hours?”

“You got it, eight hours,” Rewind babbled happily, leaving the room with Chromedome in tow, “Sweet dreams (Y/N).”

You saw them out, pressing a button on a nearby remote to lock the door afterwards. Then, stumbling over to the bed, you fell asleep within seconds of hitting the mattress.

The Janitor and the Music Teacher

So like idk if this is good or if it just isn’t but I’m gonna post it so you guys can say if you like it or not I guess haha

Beca Mitchell put the mop back into the bucket with a sigh. She’d finished this corridor, finally, although she had taken a little longer than usual. Miss Beale was teaching a music class in the classroom closest to where she was standing, and the melody was simply uplifting, filling every crevice of the corridor as well as the classroom.

Beca loved music.

She loved the tunes, the backing, the melodies and the lyrics. Everything. She loved instruments, too. The sleek look of the violin, a shining silver flute. Her favourite, however, was the piano. The melodies the piano could play was what kept Beca going, most nights. Beca admired anyone who could press down on the ivory keys, with just the right tempo to keep up with, and make music.

Like Miss Beale.

Beca thought Miss Beale of some form of royalty amongst the other teachers. She admired how many instruments the woman could play, her bright blue eyes, even her red hair was perfect. She was perfect. The perfect teacher. She was nice to every student, whether they liked her or they hated her, and she could play almost anything she was given. She had a talent that Beca only in her wildest dreams could she wish to possess. The talent of music. Sometimes, like today, Beca stood outside her classroom and just watched. She watched and she listened and she admired. Sometimes Miss Beale caught her, too. And, of course, Miss Beale smiled sweetly, and Beca would redden and look down at her cleaning. So far she has learnt that anything that sounded happy in music was in major key and anything that sounded sad was in minor key. She has been especially proud of herself when she listened to a piece of music and could tell it was in major key, even before the students had put their hands up.

But, as per usual, Beca was fast to leave when the bell went, always afraid that Miss Beale would shout at her for watching the lesson without permission.

A few days later, and after Beca had accidentally been caught moving about slightly to the music, Miss Beale actually walked over to the door.

“Shit!” Beca exclaimed, rushing to pick up a rag to make it seem that she was actually doing her job.

Miss Beale watched her amusedly, a smirk on her face, as the shorter brunette almost knocked over her bucket of water in her haste to clean ANYTHING.

“You’re Beca, right? Beca the janitor.” Miss Beale asked her, and Beca stiffened, too scared to look up.

“Y-Yes Ma'am.”

Beca glanced upwards at the redhead, who’s grin was so wide that it made Beca slightly at ease.

“Do you wanna come in?”

Oh. Well, that made sense. Miss Beale just wanted her to clean the classroom. “Sorry, Ma'am, I’m only allowed to clean classrooms when no students are in there,”

“Not for that reason! I’m not leaving here until you come in, so…”

Beca looked down again, knowing she had been intruding and watching for far too long now. “Uh, no, Ma'am, my job…”

Miss Beale laughed, and god, her laugh was one of the nicest melodies the brunette had ever heard. “I know you don’t need to clean anything until after lunch, Beca. You’re done for the morning, right?”

Beca was not about to lie to a teacher like Miss Beale. “Yes, Ma'am.”

“So come in, you can watch at the back if you feel more comfortable.”

Beca bit her lip. “Th-Thank you, Ma'am. That’s really kind of you.”

“Of course,” Miss Beale chirped, opening the door wider and letting Beca quietly slip in.

The brunette sat down on the floor in the very back corner of the room, barely believing what was happening. She was being allowed to actually sit through a music lesson, and Miss Beale had actually spoken to her. It was almost like being in school again. But this time, everyone wasn’t laughing at her when she got the answer wrong. Beca smiled happily as she watched Miss Beale play a piece of music on the piano whilst a student accompanied her with their violin.

When the lesson was over, Beca stayed in her corner, half hoping Miss Beale would forget about her and she could slip out.

“Beca?” Miss Beale called, and Beca shot up with wide eyes.

“Y-Yes, Ma'am?”

Miss Beale chuckled. “It’s cute that you call me ma'am, but Chloe is fine.”

“Chloe.” Beca tried out, the name rolling off of her tongue with ease. “I like your name.” She smiled. Beca looked down shyly. “H-how do you spell it?”

Miss Beale gave her a slightly confused, slightly scrutinising look, but replied happily and confidently. “C-H-L-O-E.”

Beca recognised the sound of four of five letters.

“You can come closer, I don’t bite,” Chloe chuckled. “Did you enjoy the lesson?”

Beca’s eyes seemed to light up at the question, and she treaded carefully in her used converse.

“Yes, Ma-Chloe. It was…really good.” Beca replied lamely, not knowing what else to say without sounding like a total freak.

Chloe smiled brightly. “Good! Do you like music?”

“Yes. I love it.”

Chloe tilted her head and smiled even brighter. “Can you play?”

Beca looked down and her shoulders deflated slightly. “No. I don’t know how.”

“Oh…” Chloe’s smile slipped from her face and she looked sad for a second, before smiling again. “I can teach you!”

“Really?” Beca asked quietly, barely believing why she was hearing. She could feel the joy rising in her and the lump in her throats beginning to form.

“Of course!” Chloe grinned. “How about today after school?”

Chloe could see that Beca looked like she was about to cry and she stepped closer, suddenly producing a tissue and putting her hand on Beca’s back. Beca sniffled loudly and let a watery smile grace her features.

“Th-Thank you, Chloe. That means a lot to me,” the brunette bit her lip and caught Chloe’s eyes to try and show her gratitude. She sniffled again but refused the tissues Chloe was offering her.

“Tonight at 4:30?”

“She probably won’t even turn up.” Beca muttered her thought out loud, but Chloe heard it.

The redhead looked concerned, then affronted, then sad. “What makes you think that?”

“Im sorry, ma'am, it’s just…nobody else really talks to me, unless they have to.” Beca’s eyes were at her feet, looking reprimanded.

“Why’s that? And I told you to call me Chloe.”

Beca only shrugged. “I’m sorry, Chloe.”

“That’s okay,” Chloe replied easily. “So, today at 4:30.”

“Sounds good.”

“And what instrument do you wanna learn?”

All of them, Beca thought. “I like the sound of the piano.”

“Piano it is!”

Chloe found the janitor slightly odd, but intriguing. It was almost like talking to a little kid, or one of her students. Beca seemed to think she was constantly crossing the line, almost like talking to people as a whole was new to her. But Chloe was determined to show the brunette that she wasn’t going to bail on her, Beca already seemed incredibly vulnerable as it is. She looked up at the clock and saw it was 4:35, and she sighed, thinking Beca really wasn’t going to show up. She looked out to the door again and found Beca just waiting. Chloe frowned and got up, opening the door.

“You could’ve just knocked, you know,”

Beca jumped. “Sorry,” she said quickly.

“It’s fine, just next time come right in,” Chloe smiled.

They both sat down at the piano, and Chloe took in the way Beca’s eyes seemed to gloss over as she saw the keys, and her wrist twitched.

“You can touch it, Beca. Go ahead,”

Hesitantly, the small brunette pressed down on a key and grinned as it made a noise. She pressed down again on another, and another, before doing two at once. Chloe watched her, finding it amusing how Beca seemed just like a little kid trying a piano out for the first time. Soon, Beca was playing an awful combination of notes and smiling happily.

“You like the piano, huh?”

Beca looked at Chloe and nodded. “Yes. It’s my favourite instrument. I’ve never been allowed to play one before.”

Suddenly, Beca blushed and looked down at her lamp, as if she had given away too much information. Chloe gave her another scrutinising look. She wanted to find out why Beca had never been allowed to before. She wanted to find out why she seemed so timid all the time.

“Well, now’s your chance. Do you wanna start by learning the notes?”

Beca nodded. “Yes, please.”

Chloe produced a sheet of music that had a row of notes perfectly drawn on them.

“There are acronyms that we use to remember the notes. The most common ones are Every Good Boy Deserves Football, E, G, B, D, F, which are the lines in a stave. This is the stave,” Chloe pointed to the five lines on the row. “And FACE. F, A, C, E. those are the spaces in between the lines. Are you with me so far?”

Not really.

Beca nodded.

“Great! So I’m gonna tell you what each note is and I want you to write it underneath, okay?” She was given a pen. Beca’s heart sped up. This was it. Chloe was gonna find her weird now and kick her out.

“Okay, so, A,”

Beca startled. She knew a. A was in her name.  Beca wrote


In childlike writing.

Chloe furrowed her eyebrows, but didn’t say anything. 


Beca refrained the urge to smile. That was in her name as well.




This was easy, Beca thought. She knew all the letters already.


Beca stiffened, panicking. She put the pen to the paper, but couldn’t write anything down. She didn’t know how to write it or even what it looked like. She looked down and her eyebrows furrowed deeply in worry.

“Beca? The letter d,”

Chloe watched in concern as Beca’s eyes darted around. The redhead sighed internally. She thinks she knows what was going on.

Deciding to test her theory, Chloe got up and wrote the word lace on the whiteboard.

“What does this say?” She asked kindly.

Beca’s eyes widened. All of those letters were in her name, so she sounded them out how they were said in her name.

“Lllllaakeh.” She said hesitantly, and by the look on Chloe’s face, it wasn’t right.

“Lace, Beca. It says lace.”

Beca bowed her head in embarrassment, trying not to cry. Chloe sat down next to her, moving to place a hand on Beca’s back, but the brunette flinched violently, so Chloe was fast to place her hand back on her lap again.

“Beca…” Chloe said softly. “Do you know how to read?”

Beca went incredibly red, and her eyes gathered with tears. She was jittery for a short moment, before jumping up and making to leave the room.

“Beca? Please-”

“I shouldn’t have- I’m sorry, I…” she ran out before Chloe could do anything.

“Wait.” Chloe sighed, wincing as the door slammed shut.

She hadn’t meant to insult Beca. Or make her upset. Chloe wasn’t even sure what had happened. One minute they had been comfortably talking and Chloe had been showing her the keys, but the next Chloe asked something personal, TOO personal, and Beca fled. Maybe Beca really didn’t know how to read, and was extremely self-conscious of it. Chloe would have to find out tomorrow.

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Can I request an imagine where the marauders are planning a prank for Snape but instead they accidentally get the ravenclaw quidditch captain (who James likes) right before a gryffindor/ravenclaw match ?

I loved writing this wow. I hope you like it!

=Red and Gold ❀ James Potter imagine=

Originally posted by strongerthanwethinkweare

“I think that’s him! Quick, hide!” James whispered, ushering Peter, Remus, and Sirius into the empty Potions room and shut the door. “Okay. Padfoot, set up the bucket.”

Sirius glared at James. “What’s the magic word?”

James rolled his eyes. “Please?”

Sirius grinned. “There you go. Was that so hard?”

Sirius took out his wand, levitated the bucket, and set it up on top of the door so that it was rigged to fall on whoever walked in.

“Wait, how does Severus know to come here?” Peter asked.

James took out a Potions textbook. “I nicked this from Snape in class today when he wasn’t looking. He’ll find out that it’s missing, and come searching for it in the last place he had it,” James explained, smirking to himself.

Suddenly, the Marauders heard footsteps growing louder and closer.

“Hide over here, come on!” Remus hissed, motioning them all to hide behind one of the tables. They all quickly followed and hid.

There was a knock on the door, and Remus quietly shushed everyone.

A few more knocks came, and then a voice.

Professor?” The voice said. The Marauders all exchanged looks.

“Did Snape go through a reverse puberty over the past 5 hours or am I hearing a female?” Sirius questioned, widening his eyes.

“I don’t think so. Uh oh…” Peter looked at the door.

Suddenly, the door began to open.

“Wait!” They all shouted.

But they were too late.

You walked into the room, and let out a loud gasp as the bucket slammed on your head, covering you in a mysterious liquid.

James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus all stared at you, mouths and eyes wide.

“I don’t think that’s Severus,” Remus whispered to James, getting a smack on the back of the head by Sirius.

“We just drenched the bloody Ravenclaw quidditch captain!” Peter cried out.

You lifted the bucket off of your head and threw it on the ground. You turned your head and saw the four boys gaping at you. You were fuming.

“What… The hell… Did you do lot to me?” You said slowly, talking through your teeth.

All of them were silent. Peter cleared his throat and nudged James.

“U-uh y-you weren’t meant to be the target,” he stammered nervously.

“What is this stuff?!” You tried to fling off the thick liquid from your hands and wiped some off of your face.

Suddenly, everything felt dry. Then, everyone’s attention turned to your hair.

“What?!” You shouted.

James pointed at your hair.

You picked up a lock of your hair and screamed.

They had dyed your head red and gold. Gryffindor colors.

“We are s-so sorry, (Y/N).” James gulped.

You looked up at him, completely astonished.

Without another word, you stormed out of the room.

“She seems really upset.” Peter said, looking over at his friends.

“Well, you would be too if you got your hair changed into your enemy team’s colors!” Remus shot back.

“Oh, my god, I forgot! There’s a bloody game tomorrow! Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw!” James freaked, rubbing the nape of his neck.

“Well, any chance you had with her is out the window, Prongs. Tomorrow, you’re toast, mate,” Sirius pointed out.

James was silent. He always had a crush on you. The only time you two spoke was in class when you were partnered together, but during those times, he was completely captivated by your beauty and intelligence.

You didn’t want to admit it, but you had a slight crush on him as well. James, to you, was arrogant and overconfident, but he was charming. He always somehow made you laugh.


You were unable to get the dye out of your hair, so during the game, you hid it underneath a helmet, causing a lot of people to stare.

Your team won the game though.

“RAVENCLAW WINS!” the announcer shouted. You lowered back down onto the field, watching as the Ravenclaw stand emptied out to congratulate you and your team.

After everyone had left, you made your way to the locker room.

You stood your broom up against the wall and walked to one of the mirrors. You took off your helmet and watched your dyed locks fall onto your shoulders. You groaned at the sight of it.

You walked over to a bench and sunk down onto it. Silence filled the air, helping to calm you down. That’s when you heard a familiar voice.

“Nice play out there,” the voice said.

You whipped your head around and saw James leaning against the wall. You rolled your eyes.

“What are you doing here, James?” You spat, turning away from him.

He walked over to you and stood right in front of you so that you were forced to look at him.

“May I?” He asked, gesturing to the seat next to you. You quietly nodded, and he sat down next to you.

The two of you sat in awkward silence for a bit. Finally, James broke the silence.

“(Y/N), I… I want to apologize for what happened yesterday… I promise, you weren’t supposed to get… This.” He motioned to your hair. You let out a small laugh.

“I’m trying to be genuine here, why are you laughing,” James laughed.

“No, I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at… This,” you snorted, picking up a piece of your hair, getting another laugh from James.

Eventually, the laughter died down.

“I forgive you, James. I hate to admit it, but this prank was brilliant,” you chuckled.

James gazed into your eyes with a smile on his face. “Thank you.”

You looked over to see that he was already staring at you. You gazed into his eyes as he did to yours. It became quiet again.

“Can I tell you something, (Y/N)?” James asked.

“Of course,”

“You are bloody brilliant on the quidditch field and in the classroom…” he paused and smiled at you. “And absolutely gorgeous.”

You felt your face heat up. “T-thank you,” you blushed, turning to face the ground. James immediately lifted your chin back so that you were facing him again.

He was staring at your lips. Your faces were merely centimeters apart. Your heart was beating out of your chest.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked. You felt his lips brush against yours as he spoke, making you want to kiss him more.


And with that, your lips met his, and you felt sparks. You brought one hand up to cup his cheek while the other rested on the back of his neck as he slowly pulled you onto his lap.

The kiss was slow and sweet, and you both savored every second of it.

When you broke apart, a smile grew on James’ face.

“What are you smiling about, Potter?” You playfully asked.

He smirked. “I gotta say,” he paused to run his hand through your hair.

“This look suits you.”


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TFLN about missing harry and his cuddles and you guys get all "lovey-dovey" then one of the boys take his phone lmao

Harry. Missus.

I miss you.

Your house is so boring without you.

Why are you in my house?

I was bored at my flat today.

And I wanted something to remind me of you.

Don’t you have work today?

I thought you had a busy day at the nursery today? I know you’ve been planning some arts and crafts with everyone.

Took the day off today.


What’s the matter?

Not feeling so great today. I didn’t want to infect the kids with my cold.

That’s why I miss you, too. I just want your cuddles when I’m sick. Being in your house just makes me feel all warm and cosy.

Also, I ran out of soup and you have loads of chicken in your cupboard and it’s my favourite flavour; I know you stock up for me.

I’m sorry. :(

Thank god I’ve still got all those tins from the last time you were sick. And refused to leave my house until you resembled a human and not a zombie.

Shut up, you tosser. You should see me now. I look worse than a zombie.

I’m tucked up on your sofa in your clothes - your jumpers are so warm, by the way - because I just want to cuddle with you and sleep whilst you rub my sick tummy and give me forehead kisses.

I’ve got tissues hanging from my nose because I just have the snottiest nose ever - gross, I know - and I’ve got a bucket beside me in case I throw up and ruin your sofa.

Please don’t. You know I can’t handle sick.

I won’t.

If it helps though, I miss you, too. 

Plane rides aren’t the same without you curled up under my arm. And the hotel rooms are a lot colder when you’re not here. Also, it doesn’t feel right waking up to no one beside me and no one kicking me and no one kissing me awake.

Don’t. I may just cry.

I miss you so god damn much.

Miss you toooooooooooo.


I want you to cuddle me so badly!!!



Who’s taken Harry’s phone?

Who is this?

Liam, is this you?


Who is this?

Who do you love more than Harry?

Tom Hardy!?

No, you donut. 

It’s Louis.

Do I get your cuddles too?

Why do you have Harry’s phone?

Why did you ruin this moment?

For the record, you’re a close second to Harry. Harry’s my favourite love.

Ouch. ;)

But, Harry went for a wee. Left his phone on the table. Idiot leaves his phone unlocked so I took the opportunity to mess with him. 

It would have been Niall otherwise; and we know he gets cheeky when he starts pranking people. He was staring at the phone and smirking.


I love him but my god, he would give himself away. He jumps right into “My dick misses you, babyyyyyy. xxxxxx”

Harry doesn’t text like that.

Doesn’t he? ;)

When we sext. Sure.

Harry’s coming back. Byeee.

I’m going to kill that wanker.

Don’t be silly.

He ruined our good, sweet, lovey-dovey moment.

You left your phone unlocked, you moron.

Skype call later? I’ll be back at the hotel soon from rehearsals. 


I’m going to borrow some of your face stuff because my face looks horrible. Love you. Byyye. x

EXO Goes to the Movies

[[ // Masterlist // ]]

// Xiumin

He watches and gets so into the story that he has trouble with his food and drink.  When the movie ends, he’s surrounded by mountains of spilled snacks and puddles of drink and he’s disgusted with himself because he likes things to be clean.

Originally posted by xiundeer

// Suho

Ha analyzes the movie for its quality, then can’t stop quoting it and making jokes about the characters.

“Hey everyone, first rule of EXO Club is don’t talk about–“

Someone: “SHUT UP, hyung.”

Originally posted by lawlliets

// Lay


He has to come back to the theatre three different times to see the entire movie in pieces because he keeps falling asleep.

“I really liked it!  That’s why I paid for three tickets.“

Originally posted by zhangyixings

//  Baekhyun

He probably did the OST for the movie so he sits in anticipation for his song, then jams out to it whenever it comes on.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!“

He looks around to see if anyone else is bopping their head and cries if he doesn’t see anyone rocking out, then blames his tears on the characters’ plights.

Originally posted by squynhty

// Chen

He livestreams his reaction to the movie.  “PSSST, I’M AT THE MOVIES!“




Originally posted by dayafterdae

// Chanyeol

He blushes and flails his arms each time someone takes off their shirt or does anything sexy and he does a quiet: “TEEHEHEHEHEHEHE OMGOMGOMG!!”

Those are the only scenes he remembers from the movie once it’s over.

Originally posted by vitunkpoppi

// D.O

He’s probably in the movie, so he’s both watching to see the member’s reactions and glaring at anyone who he hears talking.

(“I’m going to murder you beagles.”)

Originally posted by luedeer

// Kai

He misses the first half of the movie because he’s eating a bucket of KFC.

He has to pretend he knows what the movie was about when D.O asks him about it later on.  “Yeah, you were such a great… serial killer!”  *big grin*

Originally posted by ill-call-you-hyung

// Sehun

He enjoys the movie like a regular customer and doesn’t whine when it goes past two hours, because he’s engrossed in the story.

“Waa, you did so well acting Kyungsoo-hyung.”

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anonymous asked:

This isn't a sin week request but! If possible, could you please do a drabble of the time Ezarel is away in chapter 10? Like him thinking about how Gardienne is doing/being worried about her/missing her while he's on his mission? Maybe if you can, how he'd feel when Gardienne runs up and the first thing she does is hug him?

Apologies for the delay, the last couple of days have been pretty rough so I’ve not been in a creative headspace recently. Hopefully my little dry spell has ended and I can focus on getting the inbox open this weekend.

Hope you enjoy your scenario! ^-^ (Also, apologies if anything here is non-canon, I haven’t played the episode yet, so I don’t know much about it.)

He wasn’t missing you. Nope, not at all. Ezarel knew he didn’t, so why Nevra insisted otherwise was beyond him. Sure, he was eager to go home as soon as possible, but that was normal, right?

The fact you were constantly on his mind was just coincidence, is all. It’s not like he wondered what you were doing, or worried whether you’d finally kicked the bucket. Of course not, everyone at the guard would insure you were safe and stayed of harm’s wa- THAT WASN’T THE POINT.

The point was you weren’t on his mind and he wasn’t missing you. Even if you were on his mind (which you weren’t) it was only passing thoughts like: ‘_____’d like that.’ Or ‘That idiot would love to see this.’ Nothing big or significant, he was sure.

But as the time to return home crept closer and closer, Ezarel couldn’t deny the jubilation of going home, one he only really got when a mission had been especially taxing, which this one hadn’t. And while he was sure searching for the reason why would give him the answers he needed, Ezarel doubted it was the answer he wanted.

For that reason, he tried attributing his eagerness to return to anything that wasn’t you, but even he couldn’t pretend his heart didn’t leap in his chest when he saw you by the Eel’s gates.

He ignored how his walk quickened into a trot, or how a small smile broke out on his face. But he couldn’t ignore the way you… were running towards him?

He barely had time to react when your arms flew around him, encasing him a crushing hug.

While one small part of him was unabashedly ecstatic you’d apparently missed him, the much larger part was screaming bloody murder at the uninvited embrace.

Despite everything(or nearly everything)  in his body screaming at him to step the fuck back, it still took him a moment to wrench himself away, a fact he attributed to your death grip, but in truth, he wasn’t ready to end it yet.

That, however, didn’t stop him from throwing you off indignantly, red-faced as he demanded to know exactly what the hell you thought you were doing.

SPN Wincest Recs

[Updated Version of my previous Wincest Rec List.]

Angst - Deathfic

Abraham by sowell
M | ~ 2200 words | Season 8 AU
Summary: Sam waits for the hand of God, but it never comes.
What I thought: Really intense trials AU. Basically, the title and summary say it all. But genius that sowell dared to go there.

After All (The Evermore Remix) by marciaelena
M | ~ 2500 words | Early seasons
Summary: After all is said and done, what else is there?
What I thought: A wonderful exploration of the full angst potential of Lucky Charms.

And If I Show You My Dark Side (Will You Still Hold Me Tonight) by ratherastory
M | ~ 3000 words | Season 9
Summary: Dean will never let Sam go, and Sam knows it. This changes nothing, but it changes everything.
What I thought: Now this is a deathfic after my own heart…

For Keeps For Good Forever by candle_beck
M | ~ 7500 words | Season 3 AU
Summary: Dean never told Sam about his deal.
What I thought: If this doesn’t qualify as angst, I really don’t know what does. Every bit as heartbreaking as the summary promises.

I Will Follow You Into the Dark by blackrabbit42
R | ~ 1900 words | Unspecified time
Summary: Sam grips the phone, silently willing Dean to answer, damnit.
What I thought: I’m always a bit wary of stories which deal with sad themes like terminal illness, because that’s usually just used as an excuse for writing a random tearjerker that could be set in any sort of fandom, involving any sort of characters, but what makes this story so thoroughly convincing is that it reflects very strongly on what Alzheimer means in the world of SPN, and that’s fantastic.

Sandcastles in the surf by ash_carpenter
R | ~ 2700 words| Season 8
Summary: Sam takes Dean to the ocean and they find unexpected peace, even though nothing is quite as it seems. Sometimes, you just have to learn to let go.
What I thought: This fic creates a wonderfully eerie atmosphere which slowly makes you realise something’s not quite right. As beautiful as it is heart-wrenching.

What Comfort It Brings by nutkin
M | ~ 4600 words | Season 3
Summary: It’s the last year of Dean’s life, but Sam’s got plenty more.
What I thought: Another deliciously angsty S3 fic.

Angst – Other

a foreign land by oxoniensis
NC-17 | ~ 11000 words | Pre-series
Summary: He looks in the mirror and doesn’t recognize himself. He’s a foreign land.
What I thought: It’s a very uncomfortable read, but it’s meant to be. Very accurate depiction of how unhealthy Sam and Dean’s relationship is, and therefore one of the few underage fics I find bearable.

and indeed there will be time by gretazreta
M | 8100 words | Season 7
Summary: Sam and Dean take a break from hunting, settling in a seaside town in Maine. Dean fixes cars; Sam gets a gig as an agony-aunt on the radio, and all things considered, life should be simpler. It isn’t.
What I thought: It’s brilliant to read a story that isn’t about Sam and Dean getting together, but drifting apart – this one’s extraordinarily painful and gorgeous.

As Long As I Live by viviansface
NC-17 | ~ 3300 words| Season 10
Summary: Sam wishes Dean would speak up and say, Sammy, looks like we’re gonna Thelma & Louise this one. The car is way too quiet, the Darkness approaching fast.
What I thought: Schmoopy impala sex against the backdrop of the approaching Darkness – a gorgeous mix, both angsty and soothing.

A Thousand Shades of Red by nekare
PG-13 | ~ 10000 words | Pre-series
Summary: Growing up is hard. Sam knows it, can feel it beneath his skin as his bones stretch and his baby fat fades and he’s perpetually hungry.
What I thought: Basically, this is just a Sam-grows-up-and-angsts type of fic, but what makes it much more than that is the as intricate as it is laconic autopsy of teen!Sam’s damaged psyche. Special bonus: Sam sleeping with Dean’s girlfriend.

Backwards Sometimes by lustmordred
NC-17 | ~ 17600 words | Post Season 4 AU
Summary: I always thought that I was sick and you were the cure. But everyone gets things backwards sometimes.
What I thought: I wish there was more fic like this one, which deals with everything the boys have gone through and done to each other, and doesn’t shy away from letting things get really ugly.

But Sometimes We Will Fall by marciaelena
M | ~ 600 words | Season 4
Summary: Hell is in the eye of the beholder.
What I thought: Hauntingly beautiful description of the boys after Dean came back from hell.

Clownfish vs. Constellation by kalliel
M | ~ 7200 words | Season 10
Summary: Sam drives them to the coast; they’re here to rest. But then there are some missing persons, and some jellyfish, and so eternity, meet paradox, and time, meet memory. You can never banish all your demons.
Tag to 10x03 “Soul Survivor.”
What I thought: The tenderest kind of horror imaginable, which will make you cry buckets and buckets, because the boys are such a sad, beautiful mess.

Cut out all the ropes and let me fall by glassyskies
PG-13 | ~ 3000 words | Season 2 AU
Summary: AU. Sam/Dean. Dean falls apart and goes to Hell. Sam falls in love and goes looking for him. (set in the What Is and What Should Never Be universe.)
What I thought: I really love how in the Wish’verse nothing is the same, and yet everything is the same. Another kind of epic love story of Sam and Dean.

essentials by steeplechasers
G | ~ 1100 words | Pre-series
Summary: Here is a childhood in slick-paper receipts.
What I thought: Very poetic rendition of the struggle that is Sam and Dean’s life.

Four Seasons by raina_at
NC-17 | ~ 11400 words | Stanford Era – Season 1
Summary: As seasons change, so do relationships.
What I thought: This is a gorgeous depiction of how Sam and Dean’s relationship changes when Sam leaves for Stanford, and then when they get back on the road together after Jess’s death. One of the very few Wincest fics I’ve read which genuinely allows for the possibility that Sam and Dean might want very different things from life.

Hard Limits by canonisrelative
M | ~ 1600 words | Season 10
Summary: Set just prior to – and bleeding into – 10.4 “Paper Moon,” where the boys are taking some We Time just after Dean is re-humanized. Things could be like they used to, but Sam isn’t sure he wants them to be.
Dean: Hey. Something I’ve been meaning to ask you.
Sam: Shoot.
Dean: You’ve been… Kicked, bit, scratched, stabbed, possessed, killed… And you sprain your friggin’ elbow?

What I thought: This has everything I want from a post 10x03 fic. Particularly angst. Lots and lots of angst.

Homesick by whereupon
PG-13 | ~ 4700 words | Pre-series
Summary: Sam is leaving, and taking with him the long hot summer of their lives.
What I thought: Angst like whoa.

In the Meantime by marciaelena
M | ~ 800 words | Unspecified time
Summary: In this moment they’re the start.
What I thought: One all too short moment between the brothers, captured in the most gorgeous prose imaginable.

It’s not only blood that whisky things by atanih88
PG-13 | ~ 2400 | Season 6
Summary: Sam tries to cope with a broken wall. Dean looks after his brother.
What I thought: First kiss, drunken confessions and a broken wall in Sam’s head – the whole package, beautifully wrapped.

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence by ficviendha
PG-13 | ~ 2500 words | Season 7
Summary: Sam’s back. He’s in one piece. That’s the problem.
What I thought: Fantastic exploration of Sam’s hallucinations and Dean’s desperate attempts to help him.

love story by marciaelena
R | ~ 800 words | Season 10
Summary: Written for the 2015 spnspringfling exchange, for tifaching and her prompt: Feel it in your bones. Set after 10x14. Told in 2nd person POV.
What I thought: The second person POV works really well here. A highly imaginative look at Dean’s head with a killer last line.

Misunderestimate by gretazreta
M | ~ 3500 words | Season 1
Summary: Maybe, just sometimes, violence is the answer. Or not.
What I thought: Were Sam and Dean really already that messed up back in S1? Probably yes. This is so very them… and accordingly very, very painful.

Nobody Told You When To Run by sneaky_sena
NC-17 | ~ 4000 words | Season 3
Summary: Dean’s never done anything anyone will remember him for, and for the first time, he kind of wishes he had.
What I thought: A particularly delicious piece of S3 angst.

Resting at Magdala by gretazreta
M | ~ 1500 words | Unspecified time
Summary: He hath washed my feet with tears, and wiped them with the hairs of his head. Wherefore I say unto thee, his sins, which are many, are forgiven; for he loved much.
What I thought: Gorgeous fic where Sam’s pretty beat up and Dean takes care of him. Adequately tagged as “angsty schmoop”.

Rip us out at the seams by fleshflutter
NC-17 | ~ 7500 words | Season 3 – Season 4
Summary: Hookerfic that leads to first-time wincest, set through season 3 and into season 4. Title from Heather Nova.
What I thought: Very intense emotional journey of how Sam discovers that Dean turns tricks and eventually gets him to stop.

Sleepwalking Back Again by elohvee
NC-17 | ~ 21100 words | Season 2 AU
Summary: This is a story about messed-up boys messing each other up even more, and that’s all it is.
What I thought: Fabulously angsty Wish’verse AU.

Stand on the Sea-ward Dunes and Call My Name by misplaced_ad
G | ~ 1200 words | Stanford Era/Season 10
Summary: Episode coda for s10e18 “Book of the Damned.” A surreal dream sequence at the beach.
“Do you remember how we died?”
What an odd question, Sam thinks, even for a dream.

What I thought: A heart-breaking Stanford Era flashback plus lots of S10 angst, wrapped up in a dreamy beach atmosphere.

Take Me To Church by runedgirl
NC-17 | ~ 2100 words | Season 5 AU
Summary: The apocalypse happens, but it’s Sam and Dean who burn.
What I thought: Hot in every sense of the word.

The Babel Fish Has Forsaken Us by indiachick
M | ~ 33700 words | Post Season 9 AU
Summary: Trying to escape a murky past, Dean Winchester moves into a dilapidated house by the sea—and discovers that one of his house-mates is an obsessive weather goddess, another cultivates dying fishes, and a third lives in the basement and smokes cigarillos. Then there’s also Sam, the harried student in the attic, who seems so familiar that it’s impossible not to gravitate toward him. Things are sunnily good, and in this house that abounds with corn and honey, nightmares and memories, ghosts and pesky blue-eyed birds, it’s easy to get lost in a reality that isn’t yours. But if this place isn’t real, then what will Sam and Dean find in the real world when they—if they—finally wake?
What I thought: Fantastic post S9 magical realism, totally adequately labelled as “Mindfuck”.

The Interstellar Medium by analineblue
PG-13 | ~ 6500 words | Season 5
Summary: It’s the apocalypse, and Sam just wants to fix the things that are broken, whatever it takes.
What I thought: My favourite Sam fic!

The Light at the End of the Tunnel Is You by analineblue
PG-13 | ~ 4200 words | Season 3
Summary: All of Sam’s lines of reasoning end up in the same place, and that place is Dean.
What I thought: Not quite sure why analineblue thought this fic was fluffy, since it contains a heavy dose of S3 angst – but either way, I’m not complaining. It’s a great fic.

The Piper by gretazreta
Not Rated | ~ 43500 words | Season 6 AU
Summary: They’ve left hunting behind and settled down to small town life, but it’s not easy. There’s a plague of rats in the wheat-field and the town’s in crisis. It’s probably not their kind of gig, but that won’t stop Dean from getting to the bottom of it, even if it means burning their house down in the process. Sam’s memory is full of holes. He’s having dreams, another thing he can’t talk to Dean about, and he can’t shake the feeling that Dean’s not telling him everything that’s happened.
What I thought: The atmosphere in this one - I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like it. Hauntingly beautiful.

zephyros by steeplechasers
PG-13 | ~ 2900 words | Season 10
Summary: Dean turns his heels west, where the glow is dimmer and the stars are trying to show. It’s the edge of the property where the smooth earth gives way to trees and animal paths. Yes, he thinks, and walks.
What I thought: Beautiful exploration of Dean’s messed-up headspace post 10x14, and Sam’s relentless efforts to help him deal with the burden of the Mark.

Curtain Fic

Better Home and Gardens by bourgeois
NC-17 | ~ 14800 words | Late seasons
Summary: After getting whammied on a hunt, Dean wakes up a househusband in Lawrence married to his little brother. Trapped in this world where down is up and up is completely fucked, Dean desperately tries to figure out a way to get back to a world that makes sense without completely losing his mind in the process. Featuring: spice gardens, bridge clubs, and the power of incestuous, gay love.
What I thought: Pseudo-curtainfic in which desperate housewife Dean makes pseudo-salad and more – an incredibly cute, hilarious and heartwarming read.

Life As We Know It by sevenfists
M | ~ 13700 words | Season 2 AU
Summary: On the morning that Sam woke up, Dean ran five red lights on the way to the hospital, his half-empty coffee cup sloshing in the holder.
What I thought: Heartwarming temporary curtainfic in which Sam and Dean quit hunting and come to terms with all the trauma they’ve experienced while Sam recovers from a major injury. Also, there are actual curtains.

Nothing Else Matters by canonisrelative
M | ~ 2000 words | Pre-series – Season 2 AU
Summary: ‘Saint Samuel, called The Confessor, for although he endured great torture for his faith, he was not a martyr.’
Of course he wasn’t. Couldn’t just die in peace for the things you love, that’d be too easy. Sam reads another five pages, swallows again, forces his jaw to relax, and dares himself to look up at his brother.
What I thought: Gorgeous arrangement of little moments of peace between Sam and Dean that make their relationship seem like a spiritual revelation.

The Theory of Relativity by wutendeskind
NC-17 | ~ 19900 words | Post Season 5 AU
Summary: The Apocalypse is over. Sam writes it all down, and the result tops the New York Times bestseller list for an entire year. Dean loves that Sam’s found something to do with his life, but doesn’t know how he fits in. And when Dean reads Sam’s second novel, things get even more confusing for him.
What I thought: I adore Dean-the-reluctant-trophy-wife who takes some time to figure out what to do with his life post hunting. Very sweet fic.

Under Hill by cordelia_gray
PG-13 | ~ 2400 words | Post Season 8 AU
Summary: In which the Winchester’s lives are only a little bit like a Disney cartoon, and it takes Dean a long time to figure things out.
What I thought: Very achy little curtainfic with a thoroughly satisfying ending. Plus, there are bluebells.

We’d Share Each Other Like an Island by longsufferingly
PG-13 | ~ 1400 words | Season 5 AU
Summary: In which things end happily ever after.
What I thought: Very sweet curtainfic in which Becky is a successful author and everyone is as happy as they deserve.


Between Pain and Nothing by sowell
NC-17 | ~ 10000 words | Season 8
Summary: My version of a S8 fix-it fic…in which nothing is fixed and lots of sex is had anyway. Title taken from the Faulkner quote.
What I thought: Sam/Dean as well as Dean/Benny and pain all around – exactly the S8 fic I always wanted to read.

Here, The Place We Wandered Off the Map by akintay
M | ~ 2400 words | Season 9
Summary: One day they’ll be able to look back at this – at the months of distance and anger and resentment – and it won’t hurt anymore. Maybe not for weeks, or months, but Dean knows they’re finally back on track.
What I thought: If only Sam and Dean had made up like this in canon… Very sweet and peaceful slice of Winchester domesticity.

i am never without it by ratherastory
PG-13 | ~ 7800 words | Season 7
Summary: Dean figures out that Sam was taking him literally. He tries to fix it, in his own way.
What I thought: Finally a fic dealing with all the “Be my Valentine” quotes from the show.

If you say to me tomorrow by ignipes
PG-13 | ~ 3000 words | Season 2
Summary: This is their world, with all of its sharp edges and dark shadows and nightmares come true. Coda to “What Is and What Should Never Be.”
What I thought: Exactly the coda to that episode that I wanted – quiet, sad and wonderful.

Rearrange me ‘til I’m sane by rivkat
NC-17 | ~ 5000 words | Season 5
Summary: Fanfic Local #43 required post-Dark Side of the Moon fic. Gooey caramel center.
What I thought: Gorgeous amulet fix-it fic. ‘Nuff said.

Recall by de_nugis
NC-17 | ~ 6300 words | Season 7
Summary: Sam’s having a hard time telling what’s real and what isn’t, especially when it comes to some voicemails from Dean.
What I thought: I really needed a voicemail fix-it fic. This is it.

swim in my blood when it’s warm by musesfool
PG-13 | ~ 3400 words | Season 5
Summary: Sam’s seeing everything clearly now.
What I thought: More voicemail fix-it. The boys actually talk out their issues at the beginning of S5 – without doing any more talking than would be in character.

The Old Man of Peru by de_nugis
PG-13 | ~ 3200 words | Season 9
Summary: Sam gets bitten by a bat. He probably doesn’t get rabies. He probably isn’t a werebat, either.
What I thought: Gorgeous S9 fic in which Dean is crazy and obsessed, and Sam actually gets the chance to talk about how he’s feeling.

Well, We’re Always On Our Way by analineblue
PG-13 | ~ 3300 words | Season 8
Summary: Sometimes Dean feels like Purgatory has left him raw, like his clothes and his skin have been ripped away, nothing left but blood and guts and a heart that beats for this – for this road, and Sam next to him, close enough for him to reach out and touch if he needs to.
What I thought: One of the many conversations I wanted the boys to have in S8 – thank God there’s fanfic. Thank God there’s this fic.

Fluff and Humour

a little complication by steeplechasers
M | ~ 2300 words | Unspecified time
Summary: Dean has a lot of regrets about what happens on Christmas Eve, but nothing he regrets so much as those goddamn fuzzy pink handcuffs.
What I thought: I adore good bad sex fics, and this is a particularly good one.

All I Want Is to Have My Piece of Mind by Eugara
NC-17 | ~ 8200 words | Season 9
Summary: Season 9. Dean thinks Kevin might know about him and Sam. Well, he’s not certain, but he’s pretty sure. Really pretty sure. At least, he thinks he is.
What I thought: Read it! Read it! You’re going to laugh so hard. Paranoid-and-Sexually-Frustrated!Dean, Annoyed-and-Equally-Sexually-Frustrated!Sam and Clueless!Kevin are excellent sitcom material.

Angelus Interruptus by teand
M | ~ 1500 words | Season 4
Summary: Castiel has never learned to knock…
What I thought: Exactly what the summary suggests. And it’s absolutely hilarious.

At Grass by de_nugis
M | ~ 2000 words | Season 7
Summary: Sam’s been convalescing. Dean’s been busy.
What I thought: I never knew how badly I needed this. There are alpacas in this. Homophobic alpacas.

Bad Blood (series) by astolat
NC-17 | ~ 4800 words | Early seasons
Summary: “Fuck me or I’m going to die isn’t the world’s best pickup line.”
What I thought: Utterly hilarious version of something-made-them-do-it in which Sam is delightfully bossy and Dean thinks that gay incest trumps bestiality.

Burning Love Comes Once (In a Lifetime) by Eugara
NC-17 | ~ 6400 words | Season 9
Summary: Episode Coda to Bad Boys (9x07). Sam is glad that Dean opened up about his past a little, but he’s pretty sure he’s not going to be able to bring any of it up without sounding like a jealous girlfriend. Well. No more than usual, anyway.
What I thought: This is a hilarious, heartwarming and thoroughly in-character portrayal of the boys with a good dose of hot jealous!Sam thrown into the mix. Enjoy!

Coast On Through by philalethia
NC-17 | ~ 7900 words | Early seasons
Summary: A post-first-time fic. With a lot of sex.
What I thought: So much more sex in this one that what I read on average, but it’s hilarious and really well done, including plenty of bad sex, embarrassment and sassy dialogue. Or: The one fic I never before realised I desperately needed where Dean sounds like a creepy pedophile and Sam’s making an effort to be more vocal in bed.

Dean Winchester and the Boring-Ass Coma of Doom by _seven_crows
PG | ~ 2400 words | Early seasons
Summary: A hunt goes wrong and Dean is left injured, paralyzed, and really, really bored.
What I thought: Dean is in a coma and Sam entertains him with Harry Potter tapes. Until he doesn’t… :) Perfect fic is perfect.

Divine Intervention by coyotesuspect
PG-13 | ~ 3800 words | Season 4 AU
Summary: “Dude,” says Sam. “I think Castiel just hit on me.” Crack Humor. Sam/Dean, Castiel, Chuck.
What I thought: Cas is a terrible matchmaker. This does not stop this story from being immensely enjoyable. Quite the contrary, actually.

Head by calicokat
NC-17 | ~ 4900 words | Season 2
Summary: “I’m a dick. I know. And here I was, ready to girl up and hug.”
What I thought: Sam and Dean truly have the best worst sex.

How Not to LARP by balder12
M | ~ 1700 words | Season 8
Summary: Dean loves LARPing. That doesn’t make it a good idea for him and Sam to do it in the Bat Cave. With real swords.
What I thought: A wonderful exploration of the fluff and H/C potential of the bunker, involving sharp swords, Dean’s memory foam, and the dead guy robe.

Limericks in Translation by sobrecogimiento
PG-13 | ~ 1300 words | Season 8
Summary: In which Dean gets drunk, and decides to write Sam poetry.
What I thought: Every bit as cute and funny as the summary indicates.

Open Road by mollyamory
PG-13 | ~ 2000 words | Post Season 5 AU
Summary: Sam’s old enough to know what’s good for him.
What I thought: After having saved the world, Dean Winchester actually wants to talk about his feelings – I adore this!

Ritual by paxlux
PG-13 | ~ 2100 words | Season 2
Summary: It’s supposed to rain, the wind is picking up and they have work to do.
What I thought: Kissing in the rain during a nightly salt-and-burn – the typical Winchester romance.

Running With Scissors by dreamlittleyo
M | ~ 3600 words | Early seasons
Summary: Dean always chooses scissors.
What I thought: Awww!

the little things by bertee
PG-13 | ~ 1100 words | Unspecified Time
Summary: Dean goes off on a tangent about Castiel’s mouth.
What I thought: Dean is an unhappy drunk with an obsession with Castiel’s lips, but Sam loves him anyway – sweet and fun.

The Talking Cure by mollyamory
PG-13 | ~ 2400 words | Season 8
Summary: Dean tries to keep his mouth shut, but as much as he wants to keep quiet, he also wants to say–
What I thought: Post S8 Dean enlists the help of a witch to tell Sam just how he feels about him – very sweet.

Getting Together

Breathing Hard by whereupon
R | ~ 9000 words | Early seasons
Summary: The day Dean figures it out.
What I thought: Read it! Love it! Read it again! Everything about this is perfect, but the Pleistocene reference is the cherry on top.

Eight Things You Should Know by candle_beck
PG-13 | ~ 7700 words | Early seasons
Summary: Being in love with Dean is the most annoying thing.
What I thought: Thoroughly lovely getting-together fic with pining!Sam and gross-eating-habits!Dean.

Ergonomic by sobrecogimiento
NC-17 | ~ 19300 words | Unspecified time
Summary: Dean sees an advertisement for Sam’s preferred brand of boxers, which claim that they’re designed for those well-endowed in the genital area. Following this, Dean spends an inordinate amount of time obsessing over whether Sam’s dick is bigger than his, and then just obsessing over Sam’s dick.
What I thought: The summary doesn’t really do this fic justice, because it’s a genuinely heart-warming and heart-breaking exploration of the boys’ relationship with excellent characterisations and wonderful dialogue.

Highway 101 by setissma
R | ~ 7100 words | Season 1 – Season 2
Summary: Twelve pieces (vignettes, if you will), one relationship progression, and one car.
What I thought: Slow-burn done well, with excellent characterisations and gritty dialogue.

Jukebox Hero by purewanderlust
PG-13 | ~ 5400 words | Unspecified time
Summary: Dean’s always been in the habit of singing along with the radio, but this is ridiculous.
What I thought: I adore singing!Dean just as much as Sam does.

Laundry Day by delanach
PG-13 | ~ 2300 words | Season 1
Summary: Back on the road with Dean, Sam always ends up doing their laundry which leads to some interesting revelations.
What I thought: Laundry fic is always relevant, but doubly so when it helps the boys understand what they feel for each other. Sweet and insightful little fic!

Lead Us On by philalethia
NC-17 | ~ 18700 words | Season 6
Summary: The aftermath of Sam getting his soul back isn’t at all like Dean thought it would be.
What I thought: I really love how in depth this fic portrays both boys’ struggles with the return of Sam’s soul, and gradually transforms them into something new and meaningful.

Maintaining a Radio Silence by purewanderlust
G | ~ 2200 words | Early seasons
Summary: Winchesters don’t talk about their feelings, but Sam’s always been really excellent at finding loopholes.
What I thought: Sam talks at Dean while Dean listens to his music, and somehow that version of communication works really well for them.

One Going On Eternity And Counting by leonidasdalion
NC-17 | ~ 25000 words | Season 1 – Season 3
Summary: Some boundaries were never meant to be crossed …
What I thought: Probably everyone’s already read this one, so I don’t really need to say anything about it – but in case you haven’t read it yet: There’s a reason why everyone else has.

Put No Trust in the Morrow by musesfool
PG-13 | ~ 2300 words | Season 5
Summary: Seize the day; put no trust in the morrow.
What I thought: Life in motel rooms, apocalyptic doom and two world-weary boys make a great getting-together story.

Redefinition by whereupon
PG-13 | ~ 7900 words | Season 1
Summary: It’s a good thing Sam’s the only one he ever does this for.
What I thought: Adorkable boys in Vegas are adorkable. Some of the most perfect brotherly banter I’ve ever read.

The Common Fate of All by gretazreta
M | ~ 10200 words | post Season 3 AU
Summary: Dean Winchester works in insurance: brought up in foster care, he’s never hunted, never fired a gun, and never owned a car. Then, one day, he meets a guy called Sam.
What I thought: Without spoiling too much, let me just say that this story is a wonderful exploration of the metaphor of forgetting, and a fantastically ironic meta-commentary on It’s A Terrible Life, even though it was written well before that episode aired.

The Road by rivkat
NC-17 | ~ 12500 words | Season 10
Summary: A case gone wrong leaves Dean with a power he hates. It’s up to Sam to save him.
What I thought: Everything about this feels so right and natural, and when the boys eventually end up together, it’s deeply satisfying.

Some Kind of Strange Magic by lustmordred
NC-17 | ~ 18400 words | Season 5
Summary: It may not have to mean anything, but they aren’t just two guys stuck in an impossible situation. They’re them and uncommonly attached to one another, so it will mean something and they both know it. This will change them and Dean can’t really blame Sam for suddenly being afraid to move.
What I thought: Immensely hot fuck-or-die fic, but also so much more than that, because this story actually explores how Sam and Dean reluctantly deal with the aftermath and slowly end up in a real relationship in a manner that’s psychologically convincing and thoroughly satisfying to read.

To Find Our Beautiful Selves Again by dreamlittleyo
PG-13 | ~ 2500 words | Post Season 5 AU
Summary: Newfound sexual tension and schmoop, in a world where Sam and Dean survive long enough to get their lives back. Hunting monsters + romantic comedy? It could happen.
What I thought: All those pretty gazes that Dean and Sam have already exchanged on the show compressed into a single soft and sweet story.

Waiting Games by nutkin
M | ~ 13600 words | Season 1
Summary: Sam’s having a new kind of psychic vision. A kind that involves Dean.
What I thought: The conversations in this are so, so good! So much of the boys talking about not talking about it, it’s just awesome.

When You Wish Upon a Star by stardust_made
M | ~ 4900 words | Season 8
Summary: On the clearest nights, depending on how tingly his skin was and how heavy with longing his heart, Dean could almost visualize a bright circle of pulsing light around him, asking the Universe for one thing, one thing only.
What I thought: Getting together S8 style, with plenty of angst and pining!Dean – just my thing.

Kinky Stuff

Beauty Is Terror by viviansface
NC-17 | ~ 1800 words | Season 2
Summary: As prompted: AHBL2: No, Bobby, Dean doesn’t think it’s time they buried Sam’s body. He isn’t through with it.
What I thought: What’s probably the most disturbing about the act of necrophilia depicted here is the sheer tenderness of it. Extraordinarily gorgeous (and fucked-up).

Catch Hell by indiachick
NC-17 | ~ 1900 words | Unspecified time
Summary: [Original Prompt] Wincest fic based off another Richard Siken verse: “Two brothers: one of them wants to take you apart. Two brothers: one of them wants to put you back together. It’s time to choose sides now. The stitches or the devouring mouth?”
What I thought: Winchester serial-killing, necrophilia and co-dependency to the extreme tied together in a disturbingly spiritual atmosphere.

Dressing to Seduce by themegalosaurus
NC-17 | ~ 2800 words | Season 11
Summary: 'Now, though? For some reason, Sam’s stripped down. He’s shed the shirts, all the layers that he uses to cocoon himself, and he’s leaning casual against the frame of the open doorway with only a tight navy v-necked tee stretched over his chest. Dressed like this, it’s evident how much progress Sam’s made in regaining the weight that he lost last year.’
Fic for a prompt by baronsamedi, who wanted one Winchester seducing another by dressing in (shock horror) merely a SINGLE LAYER OF CLOTHING. Essentially it’s super schmoopy bunker sex and not much more…!
What I thought: Delicious wall!sex fic with single layers and Sam’s bare feet.

Find a Spark by lustmordred
NC-17 | ~ 5500 words | Season 4
Summary: If I took this cigarette and put it out on you, would you love me?
What I thought: This is the best kind of wrong imaginable.

Getting a Handle on It by fourfreedoms
R | ~ 2700 words | Early seasons
Summary: Sam gets tired of Dean flirting with girls, so he takes things into his own hands. Literally.
What I thought: Sam jerks Dean off under the table at a bar – as hilarious as it is hot.

Inside Out Man by runedgirl
NC-17 | ~ 26600 words | Stanford Era AU
Summary: Dean turns up at Stanford cursed by a witch, his body turned female. As Dean struggles to cope with the change, the attraction Sam has always hidden for his brother and the fantasy of having him may just come true. But at what cost?
What I thought: I don’t usually read genderswap, but this one had me hooked. Very emotional exploration of girl!Dean with beautifully supportive Sam.

Mirror, Mirror by girlguidejones
NC-17 | ~ 2800 words | Season 7
Summary: Porn focused on Sam’s gigantic hands.
What I thought: This story certainly does Sam’s gigantic hands justice, and was so well-written that not even the involvement of watersports managed to squick me out completely.

Mirror, Mirror (ain’t fair at all remix) by rivkat
NC-17 | ~ 4000 words | Season 7
Summary: Sam, Dean, and their issues with abandonment.
What I thought: Remix of “Mirror, mirror”. All the kinky things Sam and Dean might get up to in abandoned houses. Involving mirrors. And heartbreak.

Rough Riders by rivkat
NC-17 | ~ 5000 words | Late seasons
Summary: From two spnkinkmeme prompts seeking a Sam who likes rough sex and a Dean who doesn’t like it nearly as much, but won’t admit that until Sam figures it out.
What I thought: Dean’s insecurities, Sam’s patience and smoking hot sex – everything about this is perfect.

Where My Secrets Echo All Around by someblazingstar
NC-17 | ~ 5600 words | Pre-series
Summary: Sam’s not sure why he ever thought Spin the Bottle was a stupid game, something for kids. Spin the Bottle is awesome.
What I thought: A gut-wrenching twist on the usual drinking games lead to Wincest cliché, and a searingly hot staircase make-out session on top of it.


All Your Lessons in History by someblazingstar
NC-17 | ~ 900 words | Season 4
Summary: He’s got to break Dean again, he knows, like resetting a broken leg, so that he can heal clean.
What I thought: Deeply disturbing 4x16 coda.

And a Hard Place by infatuated_ink
NC-17 | ~ 3200 words | Unspecified time
Summary: As soon as they were inside their room, Dean made a line for the closet and slammed the door, and Sam wasn’t even surprised, this has been happening for years. He can’t account for the why, but he gets that Dean needs it, so he doesn’t say all the things he wants to.
What I thought: In which Sam and Dean are both trapped, each in their own way.

Blink (You’re Gone) by thehighwaywoman
NC-17 | ~ 1700 words | Season 3 AU
Summary: The undiscover’d country, from whose bourn
No traveller returns,–puzzles the will,
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?

(Hamlet, Act III)
What I thought: I don’t really know what to say about this story – it’s one of those fics that are too fascinating and disturbing for words. It makes for a supremely unsettling and surreal read, and every *blink* is scary like a whiplash, or a mental blank.

Blink (the Rapid Eye Movement remix) by rivkat
M | ~ 3300 words | post Season 3 AU
Summary: These but the trappings and the suits of woe. Written for Remix Redux 08. Original story: Blink (You’re Gone), by thehighwaywoman.
What I thought: This story is slightly less mysterious than thehighwaywoman’s original in that we do get some answers to the questions: What’s happening? Is this real? Is it a dream? Who’s dreaming? But it still manages to be just as disturbing. Dean!whump at its finest.

Cupid’s Got A Gun by geckoholic
NC-17 | 13500 words | Season 4
Summary: Fuck-or-die, set in early S4. But they’ve been fucking for years, so that shouldn’t be a problem, right? Wrong. Ever since hell, Dean’s in no hurry to get that show on the road again. They’ve tried, and it doesn’t work, too many bad memories from what’s been done to him downstairs. A case that involves a cursed cross and a vengeful witch takes that choice away from them, though…
What I thought: Brilliant casefic, intriguing Dean-post-hell character study, fabulous portrayal of Sam and Dean’s rocky relationship, and angst and drama like woah.

Cursed (series) by glorious_spoon
M | ~ 6700 words | Early seasons
Summary: Sam really should know better than to tangle with witches.
What I thought: An incredibly raw and in character witches-made-them-do it that never attempts to gloss over anything.

Desperation Takes Hold by someblazingstar
R | ~ 2100 words | Season 5
Summary: They’ve never fought like this, not quite like this.
What I thought: One of the best limited third person POVs I’ve ever read. It leaves you guessing what’s actually happening right until it’s already too late.

Dishabille by kalliel
NC-17 | ~ 5000 words | Season 2 – Season 6
Summary: Possession doesn’t end with an exorcism. Possession is cinders. And it will burn you down. Meg-lubricated Sam/Dean, Dean/Soulless!Sam. From post-2x14 “Born Under a Bad Sign” to 6x10 “Caged Heat.”
What I thought: Sam and Dean have the most unhealthy, tangled up, crazy thing – epic proportions of screwed-up-ness.

Filthy Mind by rivkat
NC-17 | ~ 26400 words | post Season 3 AU
Summary: Dean acquires unwelcome nightly visitors. Set post-Hell, without details as to how that happens.
What I thought: This is one of those stories where something bad happens to Dean (and again and again) and we suffer at least as much with poor Sam who has to witness it all and try to save his brother as we do with Dean himself. I really love the somewhat darker and edgier portrayal of Sam here which only leads to make him all the more sympathetic.

Fuck or Die by casspeach
NC-17 | ~ 9400 words | Early seasons
Summary: Succubi prey on the sexually frustrated.
What I thought: This is the weirdest, most fucked-up, role-play-heavy brother-on-brother action imaginable. Incorporated into an incredibly well-crafted and very realistic story.

I’m No Angel by dreamlittleyo
NC-17 | ~ 1900 words | Season 4
Summary: After the events of “Heaven and Hell,” Dean is surprised to discover that Sam is jealous. He’s even more surprised to learn about his brother’s possessive streak, and things get intimate and rough when Sam pulls the Impala over in the middle of nowhere.
What I thought: This takes Sam’s dark desperation in S4 to new heights or rather lows – as fascinating as it is horrifying.

Only Sweeter by rivkat
M | ~ 30000 words | Season 4 AU
Summary: Dean gets amnesia; Sam tries to use it to fix him. Sam/Dean for certain values of Sam/Dean.
What I thought: In a very neat subversion of the amnesia trope this story is less about who Dean is without the baggage of his (crippling hell) memories, and more about who Sam is, and how far he’s willing to go. There is no demon blood in this, no black eyes, no nostril flaring, and yet this is about the most perfect portrayal of S4’s dark!Sam that I’ve come  across.

Subrogate (series) by dreamlittleyo
NC-17 | ~ 12000 words | Season 1
Summary: Sam scares the crap out of Dean. Dean cools off and comes back with confession (and sex!) on the agenda. Things go badly after that. // Some angst, some shmoop, some closure, some inarticulate drunken confession… Sam and Dean work on moving past the mess they’ve been left in.
What I thought: There are so many possibilities within the SPN mythology to get Sam and Dean into bed – this is a rather typical one, but treated with great thoughtfulness and care.

Trust Me by soullessbrothers
NC-17 | ~ 4100 words | Season 6
Summary: After a hunt, a soulless Sam confronts Dean about sharpening his skills. When they fight again, Sam decides that he needs to finally give Dean what he has always wanted, whether Dean actually wants it or not.
What I thought: Pretty brutal but realistic Robo!Sam story in which he expertly uses all of Dean’s weaknesses – baby brother Sam included.

Tuesday by ash_carpenter
R | ~ 3800 words | Season 3
Summary: Mystery Spot coda, where Sam becomes more invested in sleeping with Dean than finding a solution. Dark, rape, character death, buckets o’ angst, abuse, serious Dean!whumpage.
What I thought: There’s something about this desperately psychopathic Sam that I find astonishingly convincing.

Thy Brother’s Blood Cries Out by laughablelament
NC-17 | ~ 3500 words | Season 10
Summary: For a guy so smart Sam can be thick as bricks sometimes. Sam thinks Dean’s given up. Thinks he isn’t fighting anymore, isn’t fighting himself every nightmare second.
What I thought: This is the dark ‘Dean really, really wants to kill Sam’ MoC fic that I always wanted to read!

Weak by ash_carpenter
NC-17 | ~ 4000 words | Season 4
Summary: Sam is going darkside and he manipulates his brother into giving him what he wants. Evil!Sam, dub-con, crying!Dean, hints of whore!Dean, angst.
What I thought: What really impressed me about this was how the power imbalance between Sam and Dean is never as absolute as Sam believes it to be. (As an aside: I can completely understand how someone can become addicted to the sight of Dean’s tears!)

whose wings, though tattered… by fleshflutter
PG-13 | ~ 2200 words | Season 4 AU
Summary: There is a breeze moving across the field. It stirs the long grass in lapping waves like the sea. Castiel runs his fingertips through it and remembers flying.
What I thought: This is Dean/Castiel, but it’s also Sam/Dean, and very, very creepy.

Why Must We Pray Screaming? by dreamlittleyo
NC-17 | ~ 2200 words | Season 2
Summary: Bobby stops by, investigating signs of demonic activity, and Sam informs his brother that it’s time for a change. Dean doesn’t like Sam’s new proposal, but it turns out his vote doesn’t count for much.
What I thought: Equally fantastic and fucked-up coda to 4x06 in which Sam’s yellow eyes are no longer just a ghost-sickness hallucination of Dean’s.


A Little While by lizzypaul
PG-13 | ~ 2700 words | Post Season 2 AU
Summary: Rebecca gets an unexpected call.
What I thought: Rebecca from “Skin” turns out to be a perfect POV for Wincest – a great read.

can be deceiving by bertee
PG-13 | ~ 2000 words | Unspecified time
Summary: In which Sam and Dean are not everyone’s friendly neighborhood demon hunters.
What I thought: What’s worse than two lovers-slash-serial-killers? Incestuous-lovers-slash-serial-killers, obviously. Utterly hilarious and spot-on.

Crush by sonofabiscuit77
NC-17 | ~ 60800 words | Season 3 AU
Summary: Five years after the apocalypse didn’t happen and Sam and Dean have settled down, or as much as the Winchesters can ever settle down. Sam is a college professor and Dean a well-respected small business owner and they’re learning how to balance work, hunting and dog-ownership while coping with the metaphorical and literal scars of war. Life’s not perfect, not for a (sort of) out and proud couple in small town USA with a lot to hide, but they’re dealing, that is, until Dean employs one sexually-confused teenager who develops an unhealthy obsession with both of them. Switching between five years earlier and now, we learn how the boys came together, how they made it through the big fight and whether they’ll ever manage to find that flighty temptress, happily ever after.
What I thought: Contains a very carefully drawn original character and thoroughly believable outsider reactions to Wincest, particularly Bobby’s struggles with the issue, on top of being a very engrossing, well-paced read.

Five Times Jess Noticed (That Sam Wasn’t Quite Normal) by mass_hipgnosis
PG-13 | ~ 4300 words | Stanford Era
Summary: Pilot wasn’t the first time her boyfriend did something to make her think, Oh-kayy, that’s a little weird.
What I thought: Great exploration of how some of Sam’s habits would seem to someone who doesn’t know anything about hunting. Also, Sam gets to be a BAMF.

heroes in the seaweed by de_nugis
PG-13 | ~ 7200 words | Season 10
Summary: Something strange is going on in an old lobster town.
What I thought: Compelling casefic with a believable OC and lots of insightful observations about our messed-up boys.

Ignorance Would be Bliss by delanach
PG-13 | ~ 2900 words | Season 9
Summary: Kevin knows more than he wants to about Sam and Dean, and he really wishes he didn’t.
What I thought: Kevin’s reactions to the brothers’s relationship, merging from disgust to acceptance, struck me as really convincing. Great fic.

I’ll take my chance on a beautiful stranger by fleshflutter
R | ~ 3900 words | Stanford Era
Summary: So now they’re in this bar, which is full of smoke and the smell of stale piss, because Brendan wants to pretend he lives dangerously, on the edge, that his life’s not one big vapid, designer-dressed waste of time. And Brendan’s got himself into a game of poker with a hustler, who Chase keeps telling himself to stop staring at, and Brendan’s being taken for every last cent in his wallet.
What I thought: Fantastic outsider!POV set during the time that Sam’s at Stanford.

Pieces of the Winchester Puzzle by tekmessa
PG-13 | ~ 8200 words | Stanford Era
Summary: Jessica Moore is fascinated by a stranger, meets Sam Winchester and finally Sam’s brother Dean.
What I thought: Lovely exploration of a Jess who’s maybe drawn a little too much towards darkness and danger.

The Book of Chuck by gretazreta
M | ~ 5600 words | Season 4
Summary: If he’s the chosen prophet of the Lord, why is his life so fucking out-of-control?
What I thought: I never contemplated shipping Sam/Chuck before I read this, but this story convinced me that the pairing actually makes a good deal of sense. Not as much as Sam/Dean though, poor Chuck.

This is How it Works by sneaky_sena
NC-17 | ~ 12800 words | Stanford Era
Summary: AU, another way Dean could have shown up at Sam and Jess’ apartment.
What I thought: Awesome Jess!POV which seriously made me wonder what I ship more – Sam/Dean or Sam/Jess.

You Each Time by sneaky_sena
M | ~ 1000 words | Stanford Era
Summary: Sam always talks around the truth.
What I thought: There’s a lot of sad, angsty stuff in this story, but it made me laugh out loud, because it featured something I always wanted to see in SPN fanfic – no, it’s not only monsters that make people (girls?) panic and scream, Sam, go figure.

Slice Of Life/Domesticity

Demon Days by paxlux
M | ~ 6500 words | Season 1
Summary: Every night until this one has been black and starless.
What I thought: Ugly motel rooms, M&Ms, endless banter and angsting… early seasons perfection.

Due East by sowell
M | ~ 4700 words | Post Season 7
Summary: Boys on the road, post-S7. Mostly plotless.
What I thought: Boys on the road is one of my favourite things, especially when it’s so immensely well written and entertaining, discussions of Justin Bieber included.

From the Fire Roads to the Interstate by laurificus
NC-17 | ~ 1600 words | Season 2
Summary: The open road means freedom, and Sam beside him means safety.
What I thought: I love how normal everything between them feels in this fic, despite Sam’s fear of going darkside and everything else that’s weighing on them. Chock-full of great lines.

In Silence Sealed by rivkat
NC-17 | ~ 2600 words | Late seasons
Summary: Fiercelynormal tagged me with “piercing.” After a hunt, Dean can’t hear, but he can still talk. Warning: may induce sweetness overload.
What I thought: I am in love with Radio Dean, forever and ever, and I think Sam is too!

In the Sound a Thought (Where the Land Meets the Sea) by ignipes
NC-17 | ~ 2300 words | Unspecified time
Summary: The world is simpler by the ocean.
What I thought: Sam forces Dean to watch the sunset and take his sunscreen like a man – perfect!

Just a Different Form by atanih88
M | ~ 1800 words | Season 8
Summary: A little slice of peace.
What I thought: Sam and Dean post Purgatory – as thoughtful as it is hot.

Life Among The Dead by destina
M | ~ 8400 words | Season 1
Summary: They go where the road takes them.
What I thought: This week beautifully depicts a week on the road for the boy as a mix of the familiar and the unfamiliar.

lowering the bar by bertee
R | ~ 2200 words | Unspecified time
Summary: Two strangers walk into a bar.
What I thought: Sam and Dean pretending to be strangers – and each of their disguises is a brilliant self-portrait.

One Good Thing by mollyamory
G | ~ 2600 words | Season 7
Summary: Sam’s acting a little weird. Again. Dean’s got a couple of theories. All of them wrong.
What I thought: Dean jokes about writing his memoirs, Sam just wants to kiss him and there’s bowling – all of it is utterly lovely.

Roads by candle_beck
PG-13 | ~ 1800 words | Season 1
Summary: Life in motion.
What I thought: Brothers on the road, achy-angsty S1 style.

The Forces Ranged Within Us and Against Us by musesfool
M | ~ 2700 words | Season 1
Summary: This we were, this is how we tried to love, / and these are the forces we had ranged within us / within us and against us, against us and within us.
What I thought: More S1 Sam and Dean on the road, having a lot they don’t talk about and having a pretty good life nonetheless – a wonderfully introspective Dean POV.

Stanford Era

Crossing the Rubicon by purewanderlust
M | ~ 2700 words | Pre-series
Summary: Sam’s imagined all the possible ways it can go, breaking the news about Stanford. Four-plus-one format.
What I thought: So many feelings packed into this gorgeous little fic.

Higher Learning by destina
NC-17 | ~ 5100 words | Stanford Era
Summary: Dean visits Sam at Stanford.
What I thought: Heart-breaking exploration of why Sam and Dean can’t work it out - and why we want them to, nonetheless.

if you tell me where you’re going, I’ll tell you where you’re bound by paxlux
M | ~ 9100 words | Pre-series
Summary: It’s the only thing he knows to do.
What I thought: Dean alone on the road, missing Sam, is always going to break my heart – but when it’s written like this, it’s a breathtaking punch in the gut in every sense of the word.

In My Life (I Love You More) by wednesday_d
PG-13 | ~ 4900 words | Stanford Era
Summary: Sam Winchester’s life has never been normal. He tried getting away from it and what he found was that he was even less normal than he had thought. Because missing your brother is one thing; suddenly wishing he could kiss you is something else entirely.
What I thought: Totally wrecking phone conversation between Sam and Dean with great characterisations.

No Need of Dreams by destina
NC-17 | ~ 3800 words | Stanford Era
Summary: Nothing fills the empty space Sam left behind.
What I thought: Again, a beautiful study of why the boys can’t get over their Stanford-induced differences, no matter how hard they try.

Odysseus, American by coyotesuspect
M | ~ 10100 words | Stanford Era
Summary: Dean finds Peter O'Toole’s recording of the Odyssey in a bin marked “Audio" in Casa Grande’s only used bookstore. The place smells like cigarette smoke and old books, and it reminds him of Sam. Stanford era.
What I thought: Who’d have thought that this makes such a terrible amount of sense - Dean misses Sam and develops an Odyssey-fixation. Brilliant character study.

Waiting for Lightning to Strike by dimeliora
NC-17 | ~ 6900 words | Stanford Era AU
Summary: What if Sam never met Jess at Stanford, and all he had was time to think about what he left behind?
What I thought: AU where Sam never meets Jess - aptly tagged as “angst with a happy ending”.

Unrequited Love

a journey of a thousand miles by killabeez
PG-13 | ~ 2300 words | Pre-series
Summary: Sam spends a lot of time being afraid, but it’s not the things that go bump in the night that scare him the most.
What I thought: Unhappy teenager Sam might be my favourite thing ever.

choosing my confessions by de_nugis
NC-17 | ~ 22300 words | Season 6 AU
Summary: Sam’s in love with his brother, sleeping with an angel, and hunting. Dean is trying to make a life. They’re still essential to each other.
What I thought: Sam/Castiel where both Sam and Cas want Dean might also be my favourite thing ever.

Don’t Hold Me Too High by dreamlittleyo
M | ~ 2400 words | Early seasons
Summary: Leave it to a goddamn Winchester to try and shoulder someone else’s wrongs.
(Or the one where Sam is in love with his brother and Dean is… not.)
What I thought: Very moving Sam POV of how Sam and Dean try to deal with Sam’s feelings when a truth spell forces him to blurt them out.

In Thee by dreamlittleyo
PG-13 | ~ 2800 words | Season 1
Summary: Unrequited Wincest, written to the tune of BOC.
What I thought: Pining!Dean and Psychic!Sam – a damaging mix, irresistible from a psychological point of view.

i’ve given up thinking, since feeling is first by orbiting_saturn
NC-17 | ~ 7400 words | Season 6
Summary: In his dreams, Sam walks with Cas. The landscapes change, sometimes something new, sometimes something old. What doesn’t change is that Cas is always there, standing between him and the wall.
What I thought: More Sam/Cas with Dean and lots of UST and unrequited feelings – immensely subtle and well done.

Lies by misplaced_ad
PG-13 | ~ 500 words | Season 10
Summary: Short, angsty episode coda for “Girls, Girls, Girls,” inside pining Sam’s head.
You don’t know why you ask these questions, the ones you know he’s not going to answer truthfully. He always tells you what he thinks you want to hear. Is it just for the comfort of hearing a familiar lie? He’s been lying to you all your life.
What I thought: Every single word of this fic is infinitely precious.

Noir by whereupon
PG | ~ 5200 words | Early seasons
Summary: The boundaries of Sam’s universe have begun to blur.
What I thought: A concussed Sam finally finds a way of shutting Dean up and discovers it’s the very last thing he wants – a heart-breaking read.

No Sweeping Exits or Offstage Lines by sneaky_sena
M | ~ 3100 words | Early seasons
Summary: He hates that the years Sam was gone are so hidden from him, hates that he has to get to know his own brother all over again.
What I thought: More unhappy teenager Sam, this time through a somewhat more sober Post-Stanford perspective.

Please, Dean by canonisrelative
M | ~ 1100 words | Pre-series
Summary: “Quit asking, Sammy.” The first sound he’d heard from the other side and Sam fell silent to listen, chest heaving, cheek pressed to the door. Dean’s voice was raw like he was the one who’d been yelling and crying outside a locked door for the past hour. “You gotta let this go.”
What I thought: Remember what I said about unhappy teenager Sam? Of course anything involving Sam and Dean must be extra complicated and extra heartbreaking.

Quiet with the Rain by Linden
PG-13 | ~ 5300 words | Pre-series
Summary: Dean can spot an undercover cop at thirty paces, a hooker at twenty, and rims that will match his baby’s at ten. But the fact that his little brother is in love with him–that, he can’t see worth a damn.
What I thought: Unhappy teenager Sam for the win!

State of Love and Trust/As I Busted Down the Pretext by cormallen
M | ~ 2900 words | Season 1
Summary: When you know exactly what your brother’s thinking, there are some chances you just don’t take.
What I thought: Brilliant remix of “In Thee”, this time from Sam’s POV.

These Clothes Don’t Fit Us Right (series) by balder12
NC-17 | ~ 26600 words | Season 6 AU
Summary: Dean’s in love with Lisa. Sam’s in love with Dean. Castiel doesn’t know whether he’s in love with anyone. He’s just trying to make sure that at least one of his worlds doesn’t end. // Dying doesn’t change Sam’s life.
What I thought: Fantastic remix of “choosing my confessions”, in which not even death can offer Sam the peace he deserves.

Unasked by astolat
NC-17 | ~ 15300 words | Season 2 AU
Summary: Sam doesn’t ask.
What I thought: Lots and lots of unrequited feelings, intermingled with dark magic and early seasons gloom.


be still by tekuates
G | ~ 600 words | Unspecified time
Summary: In which there is a Laundromat, and a sunny day.
What I thought: A perfect little moment with Sam and Dean at the laundromat. There can never be enough laundromat fic, and this is a particularly good one!

Bittersweet by on_verra
PG-13 | ~ 5800 words | Season 2    
Summary: Some things should stay deep beneath the surface.
What I thought: The most accurate title imaginable. A perfect gem of a story.

Crusts by misplaced_ad
Summary: Episode coda for s10e14 “The Executioner’s Song.” Cas makes Sam a sandwich.
The worst part, Sam thought, was that Dean wouldn’t look at him, not normally at least. His brother would meet his eyes momentarily, even smile a little, then let his gaze slip to Sam’s temple, or to his ear, or increasingly more often, to his throat. To the spot—just over Sam’s right carotid artery—he had once liked to kiss.
What I thought: Beautiful Sam/Cas interactions in which Cas offers dubious euphemisms and real comfort.

every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you by rivkat
Summary: Spoilers through 5x12. Sam needs to make his peace with someone, and Castiel is there. Various kinds of UST-friendly.
What I thought: One of the best Cas fics I’ve ever read – his interactions with Sam are so deliciously awkward; and Sam gets the chance to be everything from sassy over bitchy to angsting.

Flagstaff by Linden
PG-13 | ~ 7300 words | Pre-series
Summary: John tracked Sam down in Flagstaff, four days after he got home to find him gone.
What I thought: Surprisingly convincing John!POV of what happened after Sam ran away, with hopelessly codependent boys.

He That Believeth by laughablelament
PG-13 | ~ 6400 words | Season 11
Summary: A poisoned child. A fringe congregation. A monster of legend. Must be Wednesday.
What I thought: Intriguing casefic, insightful characterisations, heart-wrenching UST, all wrapped up in one perfect gem of a story.

No Strength to Squander by someblazingstar
PG-13 | ~ 2100 words | Season 4
Summary: The last time he saw Dean like this, he was choking on his own blood, on the floor gasping out his last breaths through the mess that had been made of his body, while Sam stood helpless to stop it.
What I thought: Beautiful 4x16 coda in which Sam takes care of Dean.

Somewhere There’s Blue by Linden
PG-13 | ~ 9400 words | Pre-series
Summary: Dean was just gonna go ahead and call this one: evenings which ended with Sam in a river were not evenings which had gone too well.
What I thought: John is a crappy father and Sam and Dean take turns taking care of each other – no matter if you read it as gen or pre-slash, it’s heart-wrenching.

The real green thing will come by musesfool
PG-13 | ~ 1000 words | Season 2
Summary: He’d like to blame the whiskey, but he thinks it’s more than that, this whatever-it-is between them that’s been there for years. (coda for “Houses of the Holy”)
What I thought: Plenty of UST set in a time when the boys didn’t know yet that angels existed – utterly beautiful and sad.

Vodka by dreamlittleyo
M | ~ 1200 words | Early seasons
Summary: Dean stitches Sam up after a hunt. Sam admits some stuff he probably shouldn’t.
What I thought: Such a great, achy Dean!POV with UST like hell.

Taking Back Control - Part 3

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Taking Back Control - Part 3

Mark was growing increasingly worried. It had been a full day since he had heard from Amy. He hadn’t seen her, she hadn’t responded to his calls or texts, and nobody else had heard from her.

“I’m sure she’s just gone for a walk with friends or something.” Ethan had reassured him.

“It’s been a whole day.”

“Maybe she’s gone on a short trip to the desert and lost track of time, and she doesn’t have a signal to call you on.” Ethan continued, “Like, we had no major recordings planned for the next few days, so she might’ve planned something with her friends. You are quite forgetful, you sure she didn’t tell you anything?”

“Positive. I’m worried about her…” Ethan had slapped him on the back. “Don’t worry dude! If she hasn’t contacted us by tomorrow, we’ll get nervous, but I’m sure it won’t come to that. She’s a grown woman! Maybe your ego drove her away!” Mark laughed despite himself.

“Or maybe you’re too annoying, acne boy!” Ethan gasped. “Ow, my pride! How could you!” They’d laughed, played games, and made chicken dumplings for dinner, but Amy never left Mark’s mind.

Something didn’t feel right…

The dizziness and nausea had increased, and before Amy could think to stop herself she collapsed forwards. The figure swiftly caught her, however, moving her gently over into an armchair. It was a very Mark-like gesture, and Amy felt a slight blush grace her cheeks at the thought.

“Well that wasn’t what I expected! I think you have some explaining to do, Host! Why the hell is the Amy Nelson hidden in your writing cabinet!”

“The Host is not allowed to tell the other alters that Miss Nelson is here. He will skin the Host if he finds out the doctor knows!” Amy glanced over at the Host, trying to hold in the contents of her gut. The new alter furrowed his eyebrows.

“Who will skin you if- oh. Right. Well, I can’t just leave you two here.” The alter turned to face Amy, noting her pale, convulsing face. He rushed to the corner, grabbing a bin and removing the lid, before shoving it into her hands. Amy didn’t have time to thank him before she vomited into the bucket.

“I think Miss Nelson needs to go to the infirmary.” Amy continued gagging until there was nothing left in her stomach, the proceeded to spit the foul taste out of her mouth. She was handed a box of tissues, which she took gratefully, cleaning out her nose. “Now that ordeal is over, would you kindly follow me? That is, if there are no other alters around to see?” They turned to the Host, who inclined his head.

“The Host sees no alters on the way to the clinic.” “Excellent,” they proclaimed, rubbing their hands together, “Can you walk?” Amy looked up at the expectant alter. This had to be Dr.Iplier. They wore a white coat and pants, with blue scrubs underneath. He had a head mirror, and a stethoscope hung around his neck. She nodded slowly.

“I think so.”

“One way to find out!” He took the vomit bucket and placed it on the floor flippantly, then proceeded to pull her up. She stumbled slightly, and the doctor helped hold her up. She noted the blue converse he was wearing, questioning if it was safe for a ‘professional’ doctor to wear such things. The Host looked on, narrating the scene to himself.

“The Host assures Dr.Iplier that Miss Nelson was not like this earlier. If she had been, he wouldn’t have put her in the cabinet.” The doctor raised an eyebrow.

“I still don’t see why the cabinet was necessary in the first place, but alas, that is the least of our concerns. I believe we should take the elevator downstairs, so poor Amy here has no need to maneuver down the main stairs. You’ll still have to make the short trip down the tower stairway unfortunately.” Despite Amy feeling more steady on her feet, the doctor kept a solid grip on her arm as he ushered her towards the stairs. “Could you take the bucket? Oliver can carry it if it makes you more comfortable.”

“The Host nods and takes the bucket, carefully making his way down the stairs after Dr.Iplier and Miss Nelson.” Amy was quite glad for the helping hand now, with the throbbing headache leading to continuing dizziness and nausea. When they reached the study, The Host handed the bucket to Oliver, who didn’t seem to mind that he was now holding a bin filled with vomit.

“Could you dispose of that Oliver? We’ll meet you in the infirmary.” Oliver nodded, and the doctor guided Amy out the door, left at the hall, until sure enough, there was an elevator. “Is there anyone in there?” They asked the Host, who shook their head. Satisfied, he called the lift. With a ding, the door slid open and Amy was pulled inside by Dr.Iplier, the Host in tow. There were three buttons; base, one, and two. That explained the lack of windows on the bottom floor, Amy thought, it was underground. The doctor chose floor one, and the doors slid shut. There were a few seconds of silence followed by the doors reopening, and he escorted her out. There were no other alters to be seen.

“Where are the other alters?” She questioned, feeling comfortable that the doctor would answer. He simply shrugged.

“I’m assuming they’re in their rooms. I was in the empty clinic when I decided to stretch my legs. That’s when I heard the Host yelling, and saw Oliver. When I insisted I was there to aid the Host, he let me through.” The Host sighed at that. “I’m guessing he wasn’t meant to.”

“Do all the alters live here?” She asked, looking around the mansion. It seemed plausible, depending on how many were real, and how many were simple characters.

“A decent amount, but not all. Some of the lesser ones wander aimlessly, probably being mistaken for Mark on many an occasion.” They maneuvered down a hall, taking a short cut through the large, hexagonal kitchen, turning right. Dr. Iplier pulled back a blue curtain, revealing a rectangular room set up like an infirmary. The far wall was curved and made of glass, letting in a gracious amount of sunlight. Two doors were positioned on the left and right, and the doctor didn’t wait for Amy to ask. “The left door leads to my medical supply’s, the right my bedroom. Now, take a seat, both of you! I still need to fix those bandages Host, don’t think I’ve forgotten!” He nagged, before scurrying off. It was intriguing watching the alter take control of the situation, collecting a variety of devices and setting them on a metal table. She sat down on the closest bed as he slipped on his glasses, and rolled over a the little table. He knelt in front of Amy. “Make eye contact with me for a sec, try not to blink.” She followed his instructions, and he shined a small torch into both eyes. “Reaction time normal…” He held the torch in his mouth for moment as he unwrapped his stethoscope from around his neck and plugged it into his ears. He put the torch back on the table, held the stethoscope to her heart, and glanced at his watch. Thirty second passed where he counted quietly to himself, before he pulled away. “Heart rate is rather fast, but that’s normal given your current situation.” He wrapped the tool back around his neck, and pulled on a pair of disposable gloves. He felt his hands around the back of her head till his fingers brushed against the lump, causing Amy to flinch. “As I suspected.” He pulled back, “Miss Nelson, I think you may have a mild concussion, nothing that some ice and rest won’t fix! I do, however, have to question how it happened.” He glanced over at the Host expectantly.

“I had to.” He murmured pitifully. The Doctor didn’t even flinch at the change in tense, scowling.

“What do you mean you had to? There is no good reason to hit a lady over the back of the head with a baseball bat!” He snapped, before taking a breath to calm himself, shaking his head. “Sorry, we can discuss this later, let me get some ice.” He rushed over to the supply room, leaving Amy and the Host together in an awkward silence. It should have been more of a shock to discover the Host had been the one to knock her out, yet it really wasn’t. She just dreaded to know what he meant by 'I had to’. Oliver entered the infirmary at the same time the doctor waltzed in, bandages and ice in hand. “Ah! Oliver, I’m guessing our guest will be wanted in the sitting room soon?” Oliver nodded.

“She has ten minutes.” Amy’s heart plummeted in her chest. The doctor handed her some ice wrapped in cloth.

“Hold this over the lump.” He placed the medical bandages on the table. “I’ll change your bandages once Miss Nelson has left, Host, as I presume you don’t want her to see?” The Host inclined his head slightly, and the doctor grabbed some wipes to clean the blood stains off their cheeks. Then, he turned to face Amy once more. “I’m guessing you know who you’re about to meet?” Amy swallowed what felt to be a stone in her throat, but nodded. No one needed to speak his name, his presence hung over the place with a foreboding aura. “Well, I’m sure you know that presentation is key.” He handed her some clean wipes and a mirror, “You don’t want him to know you’ve been crying.” He turned to the Host, now moving to clean the blood of their neck.

Amy had removed the last of her smudged makeup. Her face looked a lot clearer, and no longer had the red tint from her tears. She’d sat there for around five minutes, holding the ice to her head, when the doctor stood, clasping his hands together. “You must go now Miss Nelson. However, I assure you I will send some more ice to you at the next available opportunity. I must act as if I’ve never met you for now, as to avoid suspicion. I hope to re-meet you again shortly.” With a sad smile, the doctor turned back to his other patient, and Oliver escorted her away. Part of her wanted to run back to the infirmary, yelling and screaming for aid, but she didn’t. She walked alongside Oliver in a haze, the tension thick in the air, choking her. Her mind raced with plans and dialogue. She remembered everything Mark had ever mentioned about him. She had to be smart and witty to avoid getting trapped in the snare of manipulation. He was like a spider, if she avoided the web, he couldn’t get to her. She needed to learn his plan. Yet, she also needed to appear uncaring of his presence. That’s how she would get out of this alive - physically and mentally.

Amy entered the sitting room once more, Oliver closing the door behind her. Google Red stood next to the door that entered his room. The room still held the familiar sense of dread, and the ringing seeped through her skull. The sound a piano filtered through walls, a slow, mournful waltz. She drilled her mind continuously. 'He won’t hurt me, he needs me for something, I’m safe’. She collected herself outside his door, before Red swung it open, shoving her in. The door slammed shut behind her with a solid thud, and the piano seized. The following silence was filled with the thundering sound of Amy’s heartbeat and the piercing ringing in her ears. All the plans and comforts in her mind vanished when his head turned to face her, a slight smile gracing his lips. It felt as if an icicle had impaled her heart.

“Ah. Welcome back, Miss Nelson.”

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Can I see?

Dedicated to the sublime @queenswatchcatt who had a birthday this month (July 1st-30th) Here, have some wondrous sebaciel..fluff? Well, whatever it may be, please enjoy~

A lovely Sunday afternoon gifted the Phantomhive manor with a well needed blanket of peace. The house servants were far into town on important enough errands, leaving a precious earl and his butler alone to enjoy the peace of early England pleasantries.

That is, until a knock came at the door.

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anonymous asked:

Assalam alaikom, if a fasting muslim does not pray, does their fast benefit them? Is their any reason to fast at all?

Walaikom assalam wa rahmahtullahi wa barakatuhu 💜💜💜💜💜

I read a beautiful post once here on tumblr about a “leaking bucket”. Basically it’s about a situation where you are offering good deeds but you’re doing something else wrong at the same time.

Imagine you are fasting and so every day you fast the angel on your right shoulder writes down one good deed for every accepted fast.

However, at the same time you didn’t pray. So the angel on your left is forced to write down every salah you missed.

Although you shouldn’t give up fasting, you’re not necessarily balancing out your scales of good and bad with MORE good than bad.

So is there a point of fasting without prayer? I’m not going to say that if you’re not praying you shouldn’t fast! Because fasting is an obligation - but, so is salaah.

So instead of being concerned with whether or not you should give up fasting if you’re not praying or if your fasts will be accepted why not instead focus on salaah.

You’re asking this question because you’re either struggling with salaah or you know someone who is (or you’re seeking general knowledge haha). But my point is that, why leave the question and worry out there. Why not just work on salaah, the first thing we will be asked about on the day of judgment by our Lord!

If you’re not praying at all, it can seem intimidating and maybe you tried and messed up and so now you’re thinking “should I even fast?”. The answer is you should always fast and you should always try to work on salaah - even if you mess up and even if you’re messing up for a long time.

Every day we are alive we have the opportunity by Allah’s mercy to work harder and pick up and try again. Anyone can incorporate salah into their lives with the help of Allah ﷻ.

I hope this helps and I ask Allah ﷻ to make us all continue on His path, the path of those who do not earn his anger.

“I tried to find it, of course.”
“Find what?”

The spark. The missing… the piece that fit. That would make me fit. Because you didn’t want… God, I can’t… Not with you looking.
I dreamed of killing you. I think they were dreams. So weak. Did you make me weak, thinking of you, holding myself, and spilling useless buckets of salt over your… ending? Angel—he should, should’ve warned me. Makes a good show of forgetting, but it’s here, in me, all the time. The spark. I wanted to give you, what you deserve, and I got it. They put the spark in me and now all it does, is burn.“
“Your soul.”
“Bit worse for lack of use.”

Defiance, Part 5

[Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4]

Summary: Katara never thought she’d take shelter from the Water Tribe in the Fire Nation. Zuko never thought he’d build a life with someone he is only supposed to be seeing for fun. And neither one knows just how close their countries are to self-destruction.

[For Zutara month, Day 5, “Distance”] 

It haunted her day after endless day, the scroll that lay dormant in the captain’s cabin, tucked in a trunk with a sturdy brass lock that not even her waterbending could open. When she was guiding their ship to coast along the waves, the thought dragged her down like a lead anchor. When she descended to the depths of the ship for a few hours’ sleep, it shone through her dreams like a beacon.

Knowledge. Knowledge of waterbending, but more than that: knowledge that she wasn’t alone.

The isolation was wearing on her. Despite the close quarters that she shared with the crew and her natural cheerfulness, Katara was lonely. She didn’t understand how a group could sail together as a single unit one moment, when their lives depended on it, and the next descend into squabbling and petty theft of their bunkmates’ treasures. Her tribesmen moved as part of the ship when they took to sea; or maybe it was the ship that learned to move like them. Every so often, Katara ran her hands along the tightly caulked planks, wringing the damp out to prevent worm infestation, but it still didn’t feel any more like home.

Conversation and quarrels drifted past her like smoke, occasionally spiraling around her but never filling her with a sense of belonging. She hadn’t fit in exactly, in the South, but it didn’t matter. She was one of their own, always. If she were injured out on the ice, she was confident that even proud Hahn would risk his safety to help her out. And for all of Sokka’s teasing, he looked out for her with everything he had. Her father …

…her father had been asleep when Katara had tiptoed past the doorway into the house she, unmarried, still shared with him and Gran-Gran. Anyone else would have woken Hakoda in an instant, but he knew the footsteps of his children by instinct. She had neither the heart to wake him nor the head to convince him she wasn’t saying good-bye.

She kept her mother with her, the stone at her throat cool to the touch, yet comforting. But every time she went to her necklace for solace, another tug of desperate longing lurched her out of her memories’ consoling embrace. 

They had a scroll. A Water Tribe scroll. The instructions of a real master were tattooed on its skin, and she wanted—needed—to see it.

They were two days away from Ember Island and the aristocrats who liked their smuggled “medicines” fresh. Another day would land her at a fishing pier where she could earn a living until she found what she was looking for. But tonight was the full moon. Tonight, she was powerful—felt unstoppable.

And tonight, she would take the scroll from the captain, returning it to Water Tribe hands.

Katara padded silently to the solitary cabin near the stern of the ship, casting a glance upward to make sure the lookout was gazing out to sea and not below. The door to the cabin was locked, but Katara didn’t let that stop her. She’d fed the iguana parrot with a freshly caught fish today, and now it flew over to her, inquisitive.

“Hello there, sweetie,” said Katara, stroking its feathered crest softly. “Who’s a good boy? Who’s the captain’s favorite pet who will get me a foot in the door? Yes, you are. Yes, you are.”

She drew another fish out, one she had kept on ice all day in preparation, and wiggled it in front of the bird.

Squawk! Squawk!

The captain’s door slammed open. “What’s going on here?” he demanded. “Hey, why are you feeding my bird? Get back down below, or I’ll—hey!”

Katara tossed the fish into the air, and as the bird flew away to catch it, she pivoted full circle and drew water from a nearby bucket. The wood beneath the captain’s feet iced over, and even though her water whip missed the mark, he lost his balance and toppled over. A liquid tentacle caught him before he hit the deck, and before he could so much as bark out an order, Katara had muzzled him with a mouthful of snow. Ice manacles sprouted from the frozen puddle and pinned him to the ground; Katara seized the moment and ran inside. She knew she didn’t have time to find the key and open the trunk; it was all she could do to carry it outside under the disapproving stars.

I had to, she insisted to them and the moon. I had to.

A cry from above meant her treachery had been spotted. They’re just pirates, they’ve probably betrayed lots of other people. Katara’s mind kept a running commentary on how her actions were justified as she heaved the trunk overboard, and herself with it.

A ball of water encased her—Master Pakku’s teaching to help her should she be stranded in a broken canoe. There was just enough air in the bubble to take her beneath the ship and toward the metal rudder. A few quick movements, and she froze it in place; not enough to endanger the crew’s lives, but just to stall them during her getaway.

She clutched the trunk tigher and resurfaced for air.


A set of bolos ricocheted off the trunk and knocked the wind out of her. Katara’s head dipped briefly below the ocean, but when she resurfaced, she hefted a clumsy block of ice. It wasn’t a very good shield, but it took the brunt of the arrows and spears cast her way. Another deep breath, and she submerged, this time propelling herself farther away.

It was a long day’s swim for a waterbender to the island, but the waters were warm, and the moon was high.

And oh yes … the watertight trunk could float.

She didn’t need a map to guide her; she had stargazed enough to find the direction she needed to go. And besides, the moon would set in the west; it would be her compass toward freedom.

The cries of the outraged crew faded into the distance, the occasional arrow and net still cast her way, only to be rebuffed by the ice. Her guilt began to sink in as Katara left them behind; pirates or not, they’d all been surviving on the ocean together, and now, it was as if she’d never known them.


The Blue Spirit’s smuggler prey was nowhere to be found, just as he had suspected. But the masked man refused to give up there. Unwittingly—or, more likely, as a taunt—Azula had given him a clue in the blue ribbon. Only a few wealthy merchants still carried the fabric, and of those, only two had the connections in the capital necessary to sneak it through. Admiral Zhunan was a crafty hoarder of wealth, and it hadn’t been easy to locate his summer hideaway, but he was the most likely to be the traitor. Several aliases and a dozen security personnel later, and the Blue Spirit had only just made it to the supposed leisure house.

It wasn’t as ostentatious as the one he’d vacationed in as a child; it was set back from the sea in a little cove on the eastern side of the island. The Blue Spirit supposed it was better for clandestine goings-on than for helping children to play by the shoreline.

As he looked out at the beach, swords at the ready, the moonlight glinted off a mound of sand—the remains of a child’s castle from the previous day.

A memory flashed before his eyes: his uncle, eyes alight and smiling, holding him high with his cousin at his back. His father, head turned away, watching Azula. And his mother … his mother …

The faintest audible clack of stone tore him away from the memory. The dual dao were unsheathed, their points so sharp they all but cut the moonlight. Whoever had seen him would not be telling tales to his master.

The only warning he got was a faint gust of air, and he dodged what looked like a hand. Not flesh, though: made of rock. An instant later, another fist flew at his knee; and another at the base of his spine.

His swords came up, their wielder spinning them into a protective whirlwind  as he fended off one attack after the other. He was holding his own; he managed to deflected two of the stone hands back on their owners. 

Earthbenders! Should he use his fire—reveal himself? Was it too much of a—


The sand shook beneath his feet and sucked him down by the boots. The earthbenders he’d seen couldn’t bend sand very well, but the beach rippled and tossed him about like a spider crab in the grip of an eagle. He’d just managed to leverage his swords to free himself when a riptide of sand pushed inexorably forward, driving him back, back, back toward the ocean. More gloves flew his way, and one caught the side of his head. His ears rang, and he faltered.

As soon as one sword lowered, he was pummeled from all sides. He had made it past the open sand, but had stepped into the waves, and was fighting against the surf while the mud tried to shackle him. If he could just get far enough out—if he could swim and not have to plant his feet—the gloves wouldn’t have the same impact through the water.

Dizzily, he dodged yet another gloved strike, one that caught him in the shoulder and sent him spinning. A wave slapped his face and made him inhale a lungful of water; coughing, half-blind, he sought to keep his guard up.

The cold glare from above pierced the black waters, helping him to know which way was up as he fought for air. But his vision was turning gray and fuzzy; one arm had gone numb; and his attackers were closing in.

Something bumped into his back, and he batted it away. It gave off a hollow sound as his sword made contact.

A trunk? Zuko shook his head to clear it. What was a trunk doing … ? Why was he …? What was moving … something moving in the water …

His head fell through the surface of the water once more, and the only thing he saw was the moonlight.

ambientdinosaur  asked:

2, 25, 26, 9 ( x) ). Azalea ^_^

-what/who do you miss?: I miss my relatives and my mom’s homeland (Catalonia, where my relatives live)
-A few things on your bucket list?: Move to Catalonia; meet my girlfriend and friends here and hug them for real -Where do you want to travel if you could go anywhere and why?: I’d like to travel a lot and go to Japan, but first I’d love to visit all my friends here on tumblr (I need to give them a real hug hehe, this means you too Malin ^_^ ), so yeah, many countries xD -Do you currently have feelings for someone?: xD you know already, don’t you? X) Yeah, I have feelings for someone and my second answer⬆️ says everything ^_^ (AZALEA: I think you’re cute) Awww thank you

Just Friends

Request: Juice, your best friend, has just gotten out of jail. Even though you’re not angry with him he keep apologizing because he thinks you’re secretly mad at him

Warnings: None

Pairing: Juice X Reader platonic.

   As you sat on your couch waiting for Juice, your leg bouncing uncontrollably, you couldn’t help but glance on the clock that hung above your television every few minutes.

   Juice had just gotten out of county and you were absolutely stoked to see him.

   It had been really rough these past months, not being able to do the normal things that you two did together, but now that he was out, all of that could start up again.

   Your thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking on your door.

   You ran to the door and flung it open only to be swept off of your feet into a hug by Juice.

   “I missed you so much babygirl.” Juice said, squeezing you tight.

   “I missed you too Juicy.” you said, planting a kiss on his cheek after he put you down.

   “So, how’s my favorite girl been?” he asks, planting himself on the couch

   “It’s sucked not having you here.” you answered, sitting sideways and swinging your legs over his lap.

   “I know, I’m sorry I wasn’t.” he said, a guilty look etched into his features.

   “Hey, it’s alright. You’re here now and if you’re up for it I got your favorite movie and a bucket of popcorn.” you said, holding up a copy of The Anchorman, and watching his eyes light up.

   “You are like the best bestfriend ever.” he smiled.

   “I know.” you replied as you got up and put the disk in.

   When you got back to the couch you didn’t resume your previous spot, instead choosing to sit in Juice’s lap.

   A lot of people though that you and Juice were together by the way you acted but in all reality you two were just really close. Were you saying that there wasn’t a possibility for something more? No, but you were saying that you two were both content with being just friends for now.

   As the movie started and got into the first few scenes you could feel Juice’s eyes on you.

   “What do I have something on my face?” you asked, running your hands over your cheeks.

   “No, I was just thinking. I am really sorry I had to leave (y/n).”

   The tone in his voice conveyed so much guilt that it almost broke your heart.

   “Juice like I said before, it’s okay. You had to do it, for the club, and I understand.” you said, rubbing his upper back affectionately.

   He nodded his head and placed it on your chest before you both returned back to the movie.

   **** Time Skip****

   After the movie was over you and Juice were just sitting in the quiet,talking about what he had missed in his year in jail.

   “No I swear, he spit his beer out everywhere! It was hilarious.” you laughed, retelling the story of when you and Opie had taped naked pictures of Tig all over Kozik’s dorm.

   Juice had tears streaming down his cheeks by this point as he laughed.

   “My question is, where did you get naked pictures of Tig?” Juice asked, wiping the tears and starting to calm down.

   “Let’s just say that there have been times when i’ve had to take care of a drunk Tig.” you chuckled.

   You heard Juice’s laughter die down a bit and you looked over to see him smiling sadly.

   “Sorry I wasn’t there to help you with it.” he said.

   You sighed and grabbed Juice’s face in your hands squishing his cheeks together.

   “Juice, I swear if you apologize one more time i’m going to smack you.” you threatened, looking into his big brown eyes.

   “I just don’t want you to be mad at me.” he revealed, letting his eyes drop to the floor.

   “Sweetie I already told you, I’m not mad.”

   “Well I feel like you’re secretly mad at me for leaving.” he said, moving your hands from his cheeks.

   “Juan Carlos Ortiz I am not mad at you. I would never be mad at you for something like this, if anything i’ve been counting the days until I had my best friend back.” you said with kind eyes, trying to convey that you weren’t mad in any way, shape, or form.


   “Yes Juice really. Now stop being so sentimental, it feel weird.” you laughed.

   He smiled and nodded pulling you closer into him.

   “I love you (y/n)” he said, pecking your forehead.

   “Love you too Juicy.”

   You did, you loved Juice like a best friend. Just friend, at least, as far as he knew.