so here's only the greatest part of it

All of the arcs of the adventure zone are so interesting and unique like

Here There be Gerblins: our heroes take a quick break from a simple convoy job to solve an office dispute and accidentally become part of a secret society

Murder on the Rockport Limited: our heroes hop on a train and get caught up in a magical murder mystery with the world’s greatest detective, a ten year old kid

Petals to the Metal: our heroes help a police officer to save her girlfriend from a magic sash, breaking the law several times to do so

Crystal Kingdom: our heroes explore a scientific facility where an experiment has gone horribly wrong, with only minutes left until the world is king midas’d

The Eleventh Hour: our heroes go to save a town in the Wild West. This ends badly thanks to a cup, and god ends up having to step in

The Suffering Game: our heroes go to a game show/fashion show, now with 50% more death

And like
Despite how crazy it gets it’s never like
“Fight of the week” style, they’re all these incredibly written and developed stories

Griffin is a terrific writer and musician and I’m just so impressed and inspired

Finn Balor comments on going to NXT [2015]

“Everything that I’ve done before here was literally on my own back and they were all my own ideas with no help from anyone. I’ve come to WWE and a lot of people — I’ll be honest — said: ‘You know, you shouldn’t maybe go there.’ I can honestly say it was the greatest decision of my life coming to WWE.

“It is an incredible company — incredible staff work behind the scenes helping everyone here, not only myself. A lot of people said: ‘They might curb your creativity.’ But with hindsight it has been the complete opposite.They’ve gathered it and pushed it forward and lifted it up and put their little shine on it.

"It has taken me fourteen years to get here so I’m not in any rush to move anywhere! I’m happy here, to be part of NXT. As the saying goes: ‘The future is now.’ Hopefully we — myself and the lads — can help NXT reach a new level.”

There seem to be two prevailing theories right now about Caitlin, Ronnie, and what’s going to happen with them.

a) Ronnie and Caitlin get married, Ronnie dies soon after, this is the catalyst for Caitlin’s transformation into Killer Frost.

b) Ronnie and Caitlin get married, then hie off to the spin-off in one way or another.


Obviously, I am not in charge of The Flash so I could be 100% wrong, but here are my reasons I do not find these theories at all likely:

- Ronnie has already died. Him dying again would be unbearably redundant. Same with Caitlin getting him back only to immediately lose him again. The Flarrow crew aren’t the greatest writers in the universe, but they’re competent enough to make it a reasonable assumption that they’re probably not going to do the exact same major plotline as a big emotional climax twice in one season.

- Ronnie is an integral part of FIRESTORM: important and iconic superhero who also happens to be a favorite of the EPs and who has been said to be (and demonstrably is) fundamentally built into The Flash from the beginning. He also happens to be played by a CW stable actor who they previously tried to have leading a show. He’s not just going to die after a handful of guest appearances only, at most, half of which actually have him operating as Firestorm. And, while this is shitty as fuck it is also true, he’s certainly unlikely to die to propel a female character’s arc and to be replaced by a black guy.

- The idea of some great tragedy being the catalyst for Caitlin turning into Killer Frost is inherently odd because it operates under the assumption that at the point of this tragedy she will have latent powers already waiting to emerge when she has shown absolutely no sign of powers up to this point. In addition, it also seems to be operating under the assumption that Caitlin needs this big emotional catalyst to turn “evil” when the history of the Caitlin Snow character (and Killer Frost) makes the much more obvious route that the heat vampirism aspect of her powers will motivate any villainy she undertakes.

- Pursuant to that, they made Killer Frost, iconic Firestorm villain, engaged to Firestorm. Whose heat powers are the only thing that can counteract/neutralize/sate her heat vampirism. They are 100,000% going to play that out. Any theory that does not allow for Caitlin, as Killer Frost, to face off against Ronnie, as Firestorm, needs to be placed in the “not fucking likely” column immediately.

- It’s highly unlikely that they cast and contracted Danielle Panabaker and made her character an important part of the basic structure of the show (her and Cisco as Barry’s superhero support) just to shuffle her off to another snow after a single season.


I think it is far more likely that Ronnie will become a regular on The Flash than it is that Caitlin will go anywhere. If they are to be separated, I think it’s far more likely that some non-death thing will be the culprit and he will go to the spin-off. And, if any actual death is to happen, it’ll be rewritten by time travel because this isn’t Arrow. They vocally pride themselves on The Flash, despite dark moments, being fairly upbeat overall.

If I absolutely was forced to pick, I’d guess that Ronnie will be joining the cast of The Flash just because Robbie Amell NOT being marked for the spin-off already is suspect when Garber is. (Tangentially, I also think the spin-off, which is said to involve time travel, is very likely to be an alternate universe.)

OR maybe Robbie Amell is embarking on a film career and done with television making all of this null and void!