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Inspirational Quotes

Everyone needs extra inspiration/motivation every once in a while. Therefore, I have compiled a list of some of my favourite inspirational Harry Potter quotes (quotes are from the books and films).

  • “Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more, believing in yourself”
  • “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things! - Friendship! And Bravery!”
  • “When in doubt, go to the library”
  • “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”
  • “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live”
  • “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends”
  • “Ah, music,” he said wiping his eyes. “A magic beyond all we do here”
  • “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on Earth should that mean that it is not real?”
  • “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic”
  • “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the the light”
  • “In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own”
  • “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be”
  • “We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are”
  • “Well, [bad] times like that bring out the best in some people and the worst in others’
  • “The ones who love us never really leave us, you can always find them in here”
  • “What’s life without a little risk?”
  • “We’re all human, aren’t we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving”
  • “You sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve”
  • “Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect”
  • “No good sitting worrying about it. What’s coming will come, and we’ll meet it when it does”

I hope these quotes inspire you too!

The Library

Summary: Reader is a book loving vampire. She finds Raphael’s hiding spot and she stays there, basically living there.

Characters: Reader, Raphael Santiago

Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV)

Word Count: 585

Disney Movie Writing Challenge, @that-was-not-supposed-to-happen 

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Introducing: Pfclibrary

Tired of being unable to see more than the first 200 phanfics hosted under each letter of the library? Tired of staring at an authors list that gives you nothing more than a url and a link to that authors phanfic list? Well, have we got an upgrade for you!

Introducing the New and Improved Phanfictioncatalogue Library, now hosted at pfclibrary!

Brought to you by the admins of the @phanfictioncatalogue team, and our brilliant coder @dilisinlove, we introduce to you the brand new phanfiction library!

Here, we will strive to create a full collection of all of the phanfics and phanfic authors who are currently, or who have ever been, in the phandom, with works still posted and hosted live for us to see!

So, what does this change mean?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

  1. First and foremost, you will see a change in where the phanfiction library is hosted. The link on the @phanfictioncatalogue blog will no longer take you to a navigation page on the phanfictioncatalogue, but to this blog instead, which is dedicated entirely to the library!
  2. All asks regarding submissions of fics, or authors desiring to be added to the library, will now go through the pfclibrary ask box, rather than the phanfictioncatalogue, allowing the catalogue admins to focus more on finding fics and building masterlists! 
  3. There will be very few actual posts on this blog, as this blog is dedicated to keeping the library updated at all times, rather than answering asks! We will be answering asks, however, if there is a need, and we will post updates regularly on what we might be doing if there is a change or an issue with the library itself!
  4. Soon, very soon, we will be hosting admin applications to find a new team of admins devoted to adding phanfics, fixing broken links, and helping us to create a new and improved, more useful authors page!
  5. Also very soon, the admins of both blogs will be launching a campaign to improve our authors list, but more on that later, so keep an eye out for ways to help us!
  6. Currently, the Authors page is completely under construction, and therefore there are no authors entered. Please stay tuned before asking to be added to the authors page, as new information is coming very, very soon!

Stay tuned, because we’ve got so much more to come!

The Start of Something New Chapter 4 (Jughead x Reader)

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

In which Jughead realizes how “perfect” the Reader really is.

“Y/N! Wait!“ Jughead ran after (Y/N) as she retreated to the closet in the library where they stored the books damaged by a pipe bursting a few months ago. His hand caught the door as she was about to slam it in his face. Archie, Veronica, and Betty stood at a distance, not wanting to intrude but still wanting to express their support.

Glancing at the three somewhat-insensitive teens, (Y/N) hesitantly let Jughead into the closet and shut the door.

“My friends are assholes, and sometimes I am too,“ Jughead started. “I’m so sorry they said that stuff, (Y/N).”

(Y/N) couldn’t decide whether to look into Jughead’s foggy blue eyes to confront him, or look away because she knew it would break her. He would break her. She shook her head, eyes closed. “I knew it,“ (Y/N) said, voice cracking. “I knew our friendship wasn’t real.“

“What do you mean, (Y/N)?“ Jughead ran a hand through his hair under his beanie, exasperated.

“You can stop pretending,“ (Y/N) said. Tears threatened to spill over. “You can go back to your perfect life now!“

“My life is far from perfect and you know that!“ He said, his face heated. “I’m basically homeless, my dad is a drunk and a drug dealer, and I was almost arrested for murder!“ He turned away from her, unable to look at someone who could make such a naïve assumption.

He wheeled back on her. “If anything, you’re the perfect one.” His eyes were narrowed, voice passive aggressive. He was the old Jughead. “At least you have a family! And a house! And you’re pretty and nice and smart! You’re normal. You’re just like Betty!”

(Y/N) inhaled sharply and tears began to flow. Her fists were clenched and for the first time since he’d known her, (Y/N) raised her voice.

“I am nothing like Betty!“

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Had to Give You Away: Part 2B (Lin/Reader)

Summary:  Lin was the foundation on which you built your life, until he wasn’t anymore. The two of you decide to rebuild.

You can find the first part here.

You can find Part 2A here.

Note: This is the happy ending!

A huge thank you to @thatoneimaginesblog and @fragmentofmymind for reading this as it progressed.

Word Count: 3172

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anonymous asked:

I've finally finished my video project! It's only taken me three days with 4 hours sleep but it's done so all I have left to finish is my essay then I'm free!! I don't want to be annoying but can I request another bts reaction... I'd love their reaction to you working late at the library so they come and surprise you ❤️❤️ Thank you for writing these for us 🌸

Yay! Finally!I hope that by the time I post this you’re already done with your essay, and I hope that you get good grades on both :) Best of luck! And it’s my pleasure to be writing these for you guys <3

BTS’ reaction to you working late in the library

Jin: Seokjin frowned worriedly. He knew that you were studying hard in the library, and he missed you so much. He smiled and took out the ingredients to prepare your favorite soup. He emptied the pot into a thermos and took it with him to the library. As he pushed open the door he smiled sadly at the sight in front of him. You slept soundly on top of all your papers, pencil still in hand. He set the thermos on the table, and took the pencil out of your hand while gently rubbing your back to wake you up. You looked up at him through your blurry vision and he knew how tired you must have been as you both ate in silence.

“Jagiya, I love you, and I will always support you in anything you do. I will always be behind you, so don’t be afraid to let yourself fall and let me handle things okay?”

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Suga: Almost everyone you knew thought of Yoongi as a workaholic and a bad boyfriend because he never had any time to spend with you. But you knew the truth. All Yoongi wanted was to become a successful musician, and he was so passionate about his career, it stunned you. That was one of reasons you feel in love with him, his passion. He inspired you to be just like him, hard working and dedicated. You rubbed the bleariness out of our eyes and resumed reading your textbook. You were so concentrated that you didn’t hear Yoongi enter the library until he placed his pale hands on your warm shoulders. You jumped in surprise, “Yoongi? What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be working right now?” He pouted at how ridiculous you were being.

“You really are my girlfriend huh? You would rather be studying than be with me. Don’t worry jagiya, from now on I’ll make sure to have more time to be with you.”

Originally posted by kookie-monstah

J-Hope: Hoseok sighed as he threw himself onto the couch. He hadn’t seen you in three days, and he could already feel his mood deteriorating with every passing second that he wasn’t with you. A clear droplet slipped out of his eye and traced a shiny path down his cheek. He shakily wiped it away with his thumb and his breath caught in his throat. He hadn’t realized how much he loved you until now, and how much of an effect your absence had on him. He pushed himself off of the couch and decided to drive to the library where you had told him you would be studying. He doubted whether you would still be there or not, but his desperation won out in the end. He was willing to do anything just to see you. He haphazardly parked in front of the library and ran to the entrance. His tears returned when he saw your beautiful figure reaching up for a book on a high shelf. A broken sob slipped past his lips and he ran toward you, wrapping you tightly in his arms. “Hoseok? what’s wrong?” you whispered. Hoseok sniffled and buried his head into your shoulder, enjoying the feeling of your warmth.

“Please, don’t leave me. I just want to hold you for a little while longer. Please don’t ever leave me jagiya…”

Originally posted by jiminsjamsjams

Rap Monster: Namjoon felt so lonely lately without you to keep him company. You hadn’t seen each other for a week, and he felt a terrible ache in his heart every time he thought of holding you. He knew that education was important, but right now he loathed it for taking you away from him. He had had enough of waiting for you, he couldn’t wait any longer. He drove quickly to the library and ran up the steps to see you. He shyly peeked in through the large display window and immediately saw that you were the only person left in the library. He pushed the heavy glass door open with his fingertips and walked to the table where you sat. He gently grasped your wrist in his hand and pulled you from your seat. “Namjoon wait! My stuff!”

“Come on jagiya, I haven’t seen you in a whole week, I think we deserve at least one night together.”

Originally posted by jookyunhoe

Jimin: Jimin smiled at the vendor and tipped the young boy five dollars as he grabbed the styrofoam cups. He couldn’t wait to surprise you at the library. He placed them in his car’s cup holders, and drove carefully to the library. He knew that hot cocoa was one of your favorite things to drink on a cold night like this. He walked slowly up the smooth, cold, stone steps, careful not to spill a drop. He pushed the door open with his back and walked to the lone table where you sat. He set down the cups on the table and you smiled tiredly up at him. “Jimin! You have no idea how much I needed this! Thank you.” You sipped the soothing drink and when you pulled the cup away, foam was covering your entire upper lip. He smiled at you and kissed you softly while reaching up to brush a lock of hair behind your ear. 

“You have no idea how much I needed you.”

Originally posted by prkjimi

V: Taehyung and you went directly to the library after classes had ended and he watched as you busied yourself with your school projects. He eventually drifted into unconsciousness, as you ran to and fro busily. Taehyung opened one eye slowly and yawned. Surely you had to be done by now, it was so late, that even the librarian had gone home for the night! He scrunched up his nose in confusion when he saw you heading towards the table with another pile of books in your hand. “Oh good. you’re awake!” You smiled and set the stack of books on the table. He shook his head no as he realized that you were planning on staying longer. 

“No jagiya, you’re coming home and you’re going to sleep with me.”

Originally posted by aestaetically

Jungkook: Kookie pouted sadly as he looked at you from afar, wishing he could talk to you. He gulped nervously just thinking about it. He stayed in the corner of the library, losing track of time as he stared at your perfect self. He glanced at his watch and his eyes widened in shock. His mother was going to kill him! What were you still doing in the library at two in the morning?! He shoved his things into his book bag and pulled his sleeves down over his hands. He stepped in front of your table and you glanced up at him in surprise. “What are you still doing here Kookie?”

“Eh? You know my name? I mean, you should probably go home now, um, I’ll walk you if you want?”

Originally posted by soojoongi

I’m sorry this took so long guys, I didn’t have time to type anything so here I am typing this before I go to bed haha. Thank you guys so much for being patient! I love you all! Also, I was listening to Run’s piano version while I was typing, and that’s why J-Hope’s is so emotional. Hehe, sorry music just brings out my best writing moods.

For Flower Anon~

Dear Journal,

This morning I received a letter from Johnny. His owl got lost a little bit! I opened the blue letter paper and read the neat handwritting.

“Dear Remus,
Thank you for the book! I had no idea there was a second part of our book! I read it all in one night! Mum thinks i should read it in parts so it would last longer but I thought the story was si good that I couldn’t close it. I really miss you Remus. I can’t wait to come and visit you at your library! Here, things are doing great! Mum had an upgrade at the ministry! She said we would could go on vacation soon since now she has a little more money. Freddie went home to spend a week and mum was happy to see him. She accepted the fact that I liked boys more than girls. She said she was proud of me. I talked to her about you too! I told her how you helped me and how you were like my big brother now. I can’t wait for you to meet her. And I can’t wait to see you again. I miss you!


I folded the small letter and smiled to myself. I layed it carefully in a box with all the important letters that I want to keep. Some of them were from Sirius, some from James and Lily, some were from mum and dad. This little box was one of the things i cherrished the most.

The doorbell rang and I heard Sirius run to the door. It was Lily and James coming for a baby shopping trip. Baby Prongs was on his way and tommorow Teddy would be home! So we all headed to muggle London to buy some baby stuff.

“James honey do you think we should get this stroller? It’s kinda big for only one baby..” Lily said, frowning at a stroller.

I then heard Sirius behind me.

“Babe how many diapers do we need?” Sirius asked, confusion written on his face.

“We’ll need a lot actually.” I giggled.

Our journey in the baby store was really fun and really exhausting.

- Sirius couldn’t choose between the blue and the green baby pyjamas.
- He chose the blue ones because the baby has blue eyes.
- James got lost in the store.
- We got a crib for the baby’s room.
- Sirius wanted to buy twenty stuffed animals but I told him that 3 was actually enough.
- One of those stuffed animal was a black dog and the other was a wolf.
- Lily picked up maching blankets for our babies to match.
- Sirius kept making weird noises and saying “cuteeee” to all the small baby products.
- We got a little bit of decoration for Teddy’s new room.
- Lily and James didn’t know what color to get because they didn’t want to know if it was a girl or a boy.
- And we finished our baby-shopping trip with a hot chocolate and a lot of stuff!

At home, Regulus helped us build the crib and install a few decorations in Teddy’s room. We were feeling kinda bad because this room was the one Regulus slept in. But he told us that he would be going back to Sophie’s in a few days so he could camp in the living room. He wanted to see Teddy before leaving of course! After dinner, that was delicious may I add (Sirius made it!) we all went to bed. This day was exhausting! Sirius and I were laying in bed, cuddled into eachother. My lips were softly brushing on Sirius forehead while his hands were caressing my bare back. I don’t sleep with t-shirts anymore. Sirius made me more confident. I find it way more comfortable too! I just steal one of Sirius’ pair of boxers and Voilà!

“Babe?” Sirius asked.


“I can’t sleep..” he said.

“Me neither.”

“I’m so excited to hold him and give him little kisses and tickle him and make him laugh.” Sirius smiled.

“Do you remember.. The night you asked me to marry you, the next morning we were talking about having kids.. Well we did it Pads.”

“Yeah.. I remember..” he smiled again.

We just layed in silence, remembering that night.

“And then we had sex for the first time..” Sirius said.

I started laughing at his comment. He laughed too.

“Merlin you’re so weird.. I love you.” I said, smilling to him.

“And I love you too..” he said, kissing my lips softly.

April 9th 1978

Meeting λΔ, the Swan Dragon

A white dragon appears. Her wings are made from soft feathers and the scales around her eyes are black, as if she has a thick eyeliner on. Feathers run from the back of her head to just past the base of her tail. The tip of the tail is is covered with feathers while her legs past her knees are not and are instead scaly. Her snout is narrow and pointed. It almost looks as though the scales have a yellowish tint to them there.

“I am here to work with a human,” her voice is as light and soft as her energy. I explain to her that I’m just looking for an interview and not a partner or companion. “Hm,” she sighs, “I thought I was coming to work with one.” I ask her why she would like to work with a human. “Because I find human culture so fascinating. There’s so much that they do, so much that they learn. I wish to know what they know.” I tell her that there’s a lot to know and that no human is able to know everything. “I understand, but I’m sure there’s humans that know a lot about something. That is why I am here [my college]. I can read the books in the library but without the knowledge to understand their basics, they’re unhelpful. I want a human to teach me the basics.”

“Do you have a lot of education from where you’re from?” I inquire. “I’m from the Wild,” she answers, “A place in another realm. We’re very primitive there so when I heard about your technology I was in awe.”

“There’s a lot of other realms with technology, even better than ours,” I say, “What made you choose humans?” She gives me a cute smile, “Because humans are more interesting. You’re more diverse. You’re flawed. I wish to discuss philosophy on day but in societies that are more advanced, they don’t have much conflict as you. Conflict creates innovation in a way. Innovation of new ideas that is. You have so many people arguing what is the “right” way to do something. In societies where everything is nice and good, no one argues about the right way to do something because they are complacent in their culture. I hope this makes sense.”

“I understand you. You’re basically saying that there’s less innovation and new ideas in societies that have already found the solution to their major problems, am I right?” I respond.

“Yes, pretty much. Humans have a long way to go and I, I just might like to be a part of that. Also I’ve seen the solutions that other societies have and it’d be interesting to compare civilizations to see if they come up with the same ideas,” she explains. “Sort of like convergent evolution of societies?” apparently I lack the ability to refrain from bad biology jokes. She gets it though, “Oh yes!” she laughs. I’m surprised that she knew what I was talking about and asked her if she knows biology. “Yes I do. I’ve been studying many different subjects. I have recently discovered the philosophy section of your library and I feel as though that is where my calling is.”

That comment prompts me to discuss one of my classes with her and I give her some of my textbooks for it. She happily skims the books and asks me questions about the class. After that discussion, I ask her for her age. “Four hundred….twenty,” she says with a slick smile. I joke about how I was not expecting that kind of humor from her. “You just met me,” she begins “Surely you didn’t think that you knew all about me just from what I said earlier.” I apologize and ask for her real age, if she’s willing. “Four ninety seven three,” she answers. I comment on how she said that oddly and she asks me what I mean. “Well, we would say four thousand nine hundred seventy three,” I explain. “What??? So that’s what those numbers mean. I’m not very good at math.” I tell her that nobody is.

“So human, I have questions for you,” she states. I tell her to go ahead. “What is your name, or what name may I call you by?” I give her the name that I use with spirits. “That’s a good name,” she says. “Mine is □□□□□□”   

“What?” I say.

“Huh?” she replies. I tell her that it doesn’t translate. “Oh my that is a problem. Uh, do you speak Latin? Or Spanish? Or any of the Romance languages?” I tell her that I speak Latin and a tiny bit of Spanish. “Oh great!” she exclaims.



“Were you going to tell me your name in one of those languages?” I inquire. “Oh sorry!” she apologizes, “I don’t know those languages but I wanted to learn!” I never end up being able to translate her real name but we decided on the nickname λΔ for the meantime. She gives me the offer of companionship again but I decline. She tries to puppy-eye me into it and eventually I cave and let her stick around so that she can observe the class that she was interested in. Once the semester ends she’ll probably be looking for a permanent home though she tells me that she wants to be with my professor cause she’s developed an intellectual crush on him >_>

blackphoenix1977  asked:

What experience do you need to become a librarian? Do I need to go to school for it?

Yes… kinda.

If you want to become an actual capital-L Librarian, you will need a Master’s Degree in Library Science (MLS) or Library & Information Studies (MLIS).

But if you’d just like to work in a library, as a Library Assistant/Technician (as I did for twelve years at NCSU) or Library Page (which is typically the lowest level of library job), you’d probably be able to get that with just a Bachelor’s degree (or even a high school diploma or GED) and some experience in customer service (for circulation desk stuff) and/or clerical work (for handling books and journals and other material).

On top of that, there may be other qualifications based on what type of library you wish to work in.  If you want to work at a public library, you may need to take & pass a civil servant exam.  If you’re looking at a library in an elementary or high school, you may need a teaching certificate for that state.  If you want to work at an academic library in a college or university, their library staff are part of the university faculty, so there may be additional requirements based on that.  (On the upside, if you get work in a college/university library, and that school offers an MLS or MLIS program, you may be able to take those courses for a reduced tuition cost.)

Being able to pull (lots of) things our of your ass may also help.

You can find more info on the ALA website, here.  @ayellowbirds would you have anything else to add?

The Colony Ch 40: Yippie Ki Yi Yay

@satousei13 gratitude in endless amounts for this remarkable art

and to @theglassintact @cosimacallsbullshit and @jenna915 for the helpful nudge of inspiration

Read in the entire work on AO3 or (when it finally allows me to update… sorry)

Chapter 40: Yippie Ki Yi Yay

Their appointment the next morning with Aldous Leekie went smoothly; Cosima’s familiarity with the protocol and the proceeding disarmed Delphine at first, until she remembered that her beloved was an old hand at divorce colony life.  The two women sat across from the counselor at his cherry desk in fine wood chairs; they both had their hands folded in front of them, relaxed, respectful. Leekie lead each of them through the specific  questions they could expect as well as the standard responses.  

“Now Cosima, you’ll be called as a witness and asked to take the stand; you’ll state your name and swear an oath to tell the truth.”

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anonymous asked:

nerd (for the ask thing :))

    Connor Murphy had been called a lot of things over the years, most of them having to do with some variation of the word ‘freak’.

    However, once in college, the last thing he had expected to be called was ‘nerd’.

    It came from someone who had slid into the seat across from him, and he looked up to see a coffee in a hand, framed by a familiar blue-striped shirt.

    He jerked his head up. “Hansen?”

    The other looked at him, confused. “Jeremy. Your lab partner. Not whoever this ‘Hansen’ is. You said to meet you here so we could finish writing up that report. Remember?”

    “Right, right,” he said dismissively, looking off to the side.

    Connor let Jeremy pull things out of his bag, watching as he opened his laptop, bringing up the document their report was on.

    “So. What’s with the nerd comment?” Connor looked at his lab partner. If anything, Jeremy was the nerd in this situation – large glasses, a button-down, a bowtie, and suspenders.

    But we’re in our twenties, so ‘hipster’ would be more accurate.

    “It’s just cause that’s the vibe you give off. Studious. In the library all the time. Unlike most of us, actually getting work in on time. Y’know, the nerdy things. ‘Cept for your appearance. You look emo as fuck.”

Send in prompts!

Jughead & Reader: Summer School

Summary: You and Jughead are both stuck in summer school. You’re new to town so Jughead takes it upon himself to show you around Riverdale, even though the two of you could get into trouble for skipping. But his little tour leads you to the river where you share some intimate moments together.

Length: 2,149

Holding your books to your chest, you stared at the bland building in front of you. “Riverdale High School” was written in bold letters on the outside, above the double doors that didn’t look so inviting. Though your first class started in five minutes, you felt that you had been frozen on the spot. While you tried to move, it was impossible. Dread overcame you and you honestly considered just bailing. It was hard enough that you were moving to a new school but you had to spend your summer in this building, taking classes to get you caught up to the new curriculum. It seemed like it was a safer choice to just go back home and sleep off your worries.

But then you suddenly felt your worries wash away when a guy walked into view, heading to the front doors. He captured your interest so you found yourself moving towards the school, curious to see if he was also in your class. You were hoping he was while you pushed open the door and entered Riverdale High School.

There was only one classroom that was open so you walked in and found ten other students sitting down while the teacher got her papers ready. Noticing the guy who piqued your interest earlier, you wondered if you should sit next to him or behind him. But before you could make a decision, the teacher called your name.

“You must be the new student,” she said with a warm smile. “It’s nice to meet you. Welcome to Riverdale.”

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Blood Calls

She’s not expecting them when they come.

She’s sixteen and she’s lived at the Children’s Home her whole life.

It’s not that she lost hope, it’s that she never needed it– Sergei tends the gardens and he’s all she’s ever wanted. He’s her first memory.

Her toddler self had managed to sneak outside one early morning and had looked around in wonder at the way the plants danced in the dawn glow. She’d followed their dance to its source and found a small, sprightly man with earthstained knees and hands.

He’d turned and found her with warm brown eyes and laughed.

“Well this is a different kind of plant I’ve called,” he’d said. “Hello Little Sprout, what’s your name?”

So she’d never thought about the day that might come– the day one of the Houseminders calls out “Daria come in here please.”

She steps into the room and there they are.

A man and a woman, married, dark hair gone mostly grey, dark, sharp eyes in wrinkled faces.

The Tester steps forward to test their bloods.

Power comes through the blood and everyone knows that only those who share blood can properly train another in their power, after all, blood calls to blood.

She’d only asked once about the testing.

She’d been very young still, helping Sergei with the weeding, when she’d turned to him and begged “Couldn’t you have a test done between us? I want to go home with you.”

“Oh Little Sprout,” he’d said, brown eyes gone soft and a little sad, “even if I had the spare coin for a test, there is no one whose blood would call to mine, not even yours.”

She’d never asked again.

Now the Test flares blood red proving she and these strangers had matching blood.

The woman smiles and she thinks it’s meant to be warm but there’s something sharp and brittle about it.

“We’ve been looking for you,” the woman says.

“We want you to come home with us,” the man says.

She doesn’t say anything– it wouldn’t matter if she did. They are a match and they want her and so the Home will send her off with them.

The Home says that every child is wanted. That blood calls and there is an answer. The Home says every child is reunited with their family. If that were true, then Katka wouldn’t be here.

She’s a Stormbringer– it rains when she cries, the sun shines when she smiles, the wind’s blowing matches her joys and frustrations. There are only three branches of Stormbringer left and they guard their lineage carefully. Little Katka doesn’t talk about it, but one of the branches put her in the Home, and the other two have no interest or they would have claimed her within days.

She doesn’t understand how anyone could not want bright, caring, inquisitive Katka.

The younger girl had latched onto her and refused to leave her alone. She’d reluctantly decided to share her garden time with Katka, who flitted about asking questions until Sergei was laughing.

“Land here, Little Wren, and let’s see if you can water my flowers,” he said.

She’d wanted to be jealous but couldn’t be in the face of Katka’s joy.

The Home says that every child is wanted, that Katka is wanted, but she isn’t, and they aren’t.

Nevertheless these people say they want her and their blood matches, so she leaves with them.

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hey there! so i traveled from Baguio all the way to Manila to present a paper in this conference and i had tons of fun and met a lot of new and old friends (i was not able to take pictures with them, unfortunately). here are some poorly-taken photos of Manila while i was there. most of the photos here are taken in UPD, which is truly a wonderful place. i wanted to spend more time in one of its several libraries, but me and my thesis partner did not have enough time and energy for exploring because we were scheduled to present our study that afternoon and we were kind of nervous about it, haha. thankfully, our presentation went on very smoothly and we were able to communicate our points effectively. standing in front of a live audience (and not broadcasting cameras) for the first time was a very big thing for us and we were very happy that we made it through. it was a great day in overall, and the sunset from the taxi on the way home was equally as beautiful.

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i trust your taste, do you happen to have any good klance fic request?? i think i've read all the really good ones ;A;

hoo boy you have made a Big Mistake™ all i do is roll around in the same few angsty klance fics all day but here are a few of my personal favourites for your reading pleasure (sorry if you’ve already read them though bc i added some of the more popular ones as well just in case)

note: i tried to include as many categories as possible (angst, au, galra!keith etc.) + the reason why there are so many here is because i realised that 90% of the fics can be found on our klance library and i felt bad haha. 

Theory about Amren

(Warning: This is probably more philosophised than a real theory)

As everyone else, I can’t wait to find out Amren’s true form.

But more importantly, I would really like to know why and how Amren was made High Fae. Was she made Fae so that they (however they were) could control her better? To bind her to this world? To weaken her power? 

Probably. Then from what Rhysand said, I get the impression that that might be exactly the reason.

“…I’ll find a way to break the spell on Amren and unleash her on the world…” (Chapter 18, Rhysand)

Amren is already extremely powerful but in her true form, her power seems to be beyond anything else. So it sounds reasonable (for me at least) that once someone tried to take control of this power and therefore turned her Fae to take control of her.

In the exact same sentence, we also get to know, that Amren was made Fae due to a spell. And since I don’t think that you can get such a spell everywhere, I believe that the spell was from the Spellbook from the King of Hybern (which Amarantha used to steal the power from the High Lord’s) or the Book of Breathings. 

And this someone, who might have put her out of the Prison and made her Fae, could be from the Night Court.

…”Do all the High Lords have access?”…..”No. The Prison is law unto itself; the island may be even an eight court. But it falls under my jurisdiction, and my blood is keyed to the gates.”…. (Chapter 18, Feyre & Rhysand)

Or not. Then as Rhysand, most powerful High Lord in Prythian’s History explained to Feyre it’s not possible for him or any other person to free someone from the Prison.

Could you free the inmates?”… “No. Once the sentence is given and a prisoner passes those gates….They belong to the Prison. It will never let them out. …”              (Chapter 18, Feyre & Rhysand)

And that brings me to another question that really bugs me. How the hell did Amren get out of the Prison?! Then when Rhysand (most powerful High Lord to ever walk this world!) would never be capable of freeing any inmates from the Prison, then who was so powerful to might have freed her and put her under a spell that turned her Fae?!?!

My theory is, that the Person who might have freed Amren was not a Fae (since the title High Lord only refers to High Fae) but one of the creatures who created the Cauldron, the Book of Breathings, the Prison, etc., simply one of the creatures that ruled Prythian before the Fae.

But it seems very unlikely since it’s stated, that Amren was freed when the courts were already established. So, therefore, it was most likely a Fae (or more) who freed her.

“How long was she in here?”…”Azriel looked once. Into archives in our oldest temples and libraries. All he found was a vague mention that she went in before Prythian was split into the courts–and emerged once they had been established. Her impresonment predates our written word.  (Chapter 18, Rhysand) 

Maybe Amren simply freed herself out of the Prison and was put under the spell, that made her Fae and weakened her power, as a punishment from someone very mighty or all High Lords. 

But if Amren really freed herself, why did it take her several millennia to free herself?

“…I don’t know how long she was in here–a few millennia seems like a fair guess.” (Chapter 18, Rhysand) 

I don’t really have a guess or any more ideas so I just hope that SJM will explain some things about Amren’s past in acowar or the following books.

If you have any ideas let me know and feel free to comment :)

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Thoughts on Kabbalah?

I am no expert on the Kabbalah. I know the sephirot is a gnostic teaching although it may have arisen independently the truth is the same. It also echoes the Eastern concept of the Chakras and even the “Fool’s Journey” of the Egyptian Tarot. It is dualistic, a concept absorbed from Persian Zoroastrianism. Yet it places Divine Will as a unity above the dual nature of the world. So we have two, subsumed by the One.

There is so much more here and I am not qualified to teach it.

Please see: Laitman: Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah in our sangha library for more on this.

It is striking to many, especially those of England, to see the nature of magical schooling in Ireland. Rather than keeping to the layout of magical schooling which applies to England, Scotland, Wales, and surrounding small Islands such as the Isle of Mann, Orkney, and the Isle of Wight, Ireland teaches from a young age, with a school for young magical children at the site of Tara, and then several secondary schools elsewhere on the Isle. Most well known of these are the school at the Rock of Cashel, known for it’s muggle and magical lore, the School of Magic in Connemara, known for its Dullahan Carriage drivers, which collect the students at the start of term, and the Phoenix Park School of Higher Magical Education.

Most magical education in Ireland starts at the Scoil Draoí na Teamhrach, the Tara Magic School, barring some few children who are educated instead at local Tower House Schools. The Scoil Draoí na Teamhrach is steeped in magic, and students enter the school by walking directly at two stones which stand in front of a nearby church. While in history they were used to test who the rightful High King was they nowadays simply act as the warded entrance to a passage into the school, which rests beneath the Hill of Tara.

Despite it’s apparently subterranean location, the Scoil Draoí na Teamhrach is extremely well lit, the mound of the hill acting as a one-way window, with light being allowed in from outside, but not leaving. The school itself is a series of buildings beneath this window, with sprawling gardens and greenhouses, tended by a Ghillie Dhubh, which, according to the stories, came over from Scotland in the 16th Century with Scottish planters. Extremely gentle with the children, and almost never seen by the adults, the school’s resident Ghillie Dhubh keeps children from getting lost, or coming to harm in some of the more dangerous parts of the gardens. Due to muggle laws protecting the Hill of Tara, and numerous wards and enchantments to do similarly, the Scoil Draoí na Teamhrach has never been breached, by muggle or magical means.

Students of Scoil Draoí na Teamhrach are taught there until they move onto secondary education at age thirteen (though it is not unheard of for some students, especially those of Protestant background, to instead leave for Hogwarts at eleven) and are aided in suppressing magical outbursts by the magic inherent in the site. Complex wards, enchantments and long-lost spells help prevent accidental magic within the site, and in their last two years students are taught to better control their magic, and thus usually cease to produce accidental magic at this point. It is not uncommon for students leaving to go to Hogwarts having not received this education to have their magic be somewhat more volatile for several years after.

At thirteen years of age wixen children of Ireland chose their school for secondary education. While many go to the school in Connemara, or the one at the Rock of Cashel, a vast majority go to the immense (in comparison to these others) Phoenix Park School of Higher Magical Education, in Dublin. The Phoenix Park School not only covers secondary education, but also covers University education, graduating more more wixes with Mysteries (equivalent to muggle Masteries) than any other educational institution in the British Isles. These students, who leave as fully qualified Masters/Mistresses/Magesters of their subject, arrive from throughout the British Isles, to the chagrin of some of Britain’s Collegiums and Wixen Universities.

Students of the Phoenix Park School may arrive through any method - side along apparition, Flooing to a nearby Floo-port in Dublin, or even driving up to the Fae Gate entrance - and are let in by the (believed to be immortal) Half-Ghillie Dhubh groundskeeper. The parks population of Fallow Deer (numbering some 400+) are often used for Advanced Transfiguration practice by students, and students are taught in Irish Gaelic as well as English, and taught spells not solely of the common Latinate and Greek incantations, but also spells with roots in Gaelic, and some of the more obscure magical practices native to Ireland. Due to the Unionist/Nationalist conflict amongst Irish muggles having carried over to Irish wixes there is some conflict and dispute over whether to attend the Phoenix Park school. While many wixes from the north, especially those with a Catholic background, take no issue with attending the school, those of a Protestant background are often much more torn, which has led to the presence of Irish students at schools such as Hogwarts.

— Excerpt from Chapter 13: Europe and the Mediterranean of Lesser Known Magical Educational Institutions Around The World by Alexandra Monmouth.

(Image Source)

(So much of this was thanks to the help of the wonderful fullofstoryshapes​ who kindly advised me as to the Irish School system and Irish lore which would apply. Fullofstoryshapes runs saintsandseekers​ which is about the wixen world in Ireland. For more information on the Hill of Tara go Here, for the Rock of Cashel go Here, for Tower Houses go Here and for Phoenix Park go Here.)

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I really want to apply as an admin and so does my friend but none of us know anything about HTML coding :( is there anything you advice us to do to learn enough to apply? Merci

Hi! The coding on this blog is nothing too intense. I would advise learning the basics which are pretty easy to pick up. If you want to learn I would advise going to and learning a bit about html and css. As stated before, I have made a little tutorial on how to use our exact codes. The authors code on here is slightly more difficult but nothing hard. The library code is rather simple once you see the set up! 

So, all in all I would just learn what the basic script means and maybe fool around with customized pages on your own blog to get the hang of it. 

-Erin (the coder :) )