so here's another version



Aaron "the most relaxing voice in the world" Tveit: Part 2
Aaron "the most relaxing voice in the world" Tveit: Part 2

Back a while I posted an audio a lot like this — all of Aaron’s most relaxing and pretty songs, edited down to just the calmest parts — because I’d seen a lot of people saying that Aaron has the most calming voice in the world and that his voice helps with anxiety a lot. So… here’s another version of this audio, except this time I added some reverb so it sounds like it’s in an empty concert hall, plus light rain background noise (and the songs are changed a little, updated, etc).

Basically if you’ve ever wanted to hear male siren Aaron Tveit sing a medley of gentle songs to you in an empty opera house while it’s raining outside, this audio is for you

R76 - First Date

I’ve been working on this, trying to get it done in time for Valentine’s Day but between work and school I don’t have a lot of free time and I don’t think I could survive another all-nighter… ToT

So here’s a flat colored version until I can work on it more

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: I lo-
  • Anyone around me: yes, you love Daisy Johnson, we know, you love Daisy Johnson so much, she's the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Daisy Johnson, we KNOW, you love Daisy Johnson you fucking love Daisy Johnson ok we know, we get it YOU LOVE DAISY JOHNSON. WE GET IT.