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For the 3-sentence fic - let's go with Yumikuri? In whatever situation you prefer! (Also your responses so far have been so wonderful to read! :D)

[modern au, totally inspired by Girl I Met On The Internet by GIRLI]

Krista fidgets with the plastic cup in her hands, “I’ve never asked anyone for their number before. What do I even say?”

Reiner’s sat next to her on the sofa with his arm draped around Bertolt’s shoulders, but he removes it so he can lean in and get closer to Krista, like he’s trying to tell her a secret.

“It’s easy,” he says, his breath heavy with the stink of too much beer, and much too loud for it ever to be a secret, “just play it cool. And be polite! Like, try your best not to burp or fart in front of her.”

“Amazing.” Annie chimes in from her spot next to the sofa, leaning against the wall.

Reiner smirks like he’s taking her comment at face value, and knows his advice is brilliant. Leaning back and putting his arm around his boyfriend again he adds, “And if that doesn’t work, grab her ass and tell her it’s a work of art.”

Krista almost chokes on her sugary-sweet alcoholic drink.

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do you remember? we slow danced above the skies, faded from blue to purples and oranges, pinks, to darkness littered with tiny white lights reflected in your eyes. “i modeled them after you,” whispered into the night. time stopped when you kissed me and my eyes glazed over with the overwhelming beauty of the universe, the planets all swirling around in orbit, asteroids tangled in my hair. i felt more than us. i felt like i was apart of something. like a colossal supernova exploding at the seams.

Could Annie’s diamond ability be used to take down Zeke?

In the manga Zeke destroys Reiner with ease and punches through his armour easily. Reiner’s armour is like stone… Diamond is a lot harder than stone and could potentially guard against Zeke’s hits. It would also give Annie a reason to come back as I don’t think that Levi (+Mikasa maybe) VS Zeke would go as well the next time as Zeke underestimated Levi so they no longer have that advantage. 

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The Huntress and The Queen

outfit inspired by the This Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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“Hey!whose your attack on titan OTP?”

“well let’s ask your favorite boys shall we?”

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