so here's a ten minute doodle

Cute Gency doodle for stress relief. School’s been a bit tough on me and I’ve been doing commissions to try and keep my parents from having to pay for my bus passes and phone bill, so I basically have no time for myself at all now. I took ten minutes to myself to doodle this to try and relieve some stress and it’s helped thankfully.

Enjoy some random fluff and hand holding, and an ~almost~ smooch. 

Please do not repost, edit or claim as your own. And do not delete the artist comments, thank you!

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Prompt: “Can I kiss you?”
Idol: Yoon Sanha
Warnings: None
Word Count: 870

“It’s nearly done,” You muttered, gliding the pencil over the paper.

Pouting slightly, “I’m sure you said that ten minutes ago,” He groaned, watching the corners of your lips rise.

“Be patient,” You ordered, stopping for a second to look up at the boy and take in his features, only making him more impatient. He’s gorgeous, even with a yellow splodge of paint staining his cheek.

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One Green Post-it Note

Naturally, I wanted to smile at you and said hello. But I greeted you hastily. I turned around and regret it–Neon Bunny (Come a Little Closer)

“And here we have the Oster gallery,” Baekhyun says as he pushes open a set of tall glass doors. He grimaces as he recollects what appears to be a scarring memory. “Try to keep the kids out of this area. Last time they shattered one of the glass sculptures and Junmyun went berserk.” He pauses in his step and adds as an after thought, “well, even more so than usual.”

You scribble:

  • Keep children out of Oster
  • Junmyun is usually insane

“Got it.”

Baekhyun grins at your diligence, clearly finding much amusement in your sober attitude. This is your first job and everything is important and everything has to be perfect. And of course to Baekhyun, everything is amusing.

Your jovial coworker tucks his hands into his apron pockets and walks around the spacious room, carefully weaving around a Bartholdi and sidestepping a Troubetsky. “This is pretty much it. And if you have any questions just ask one of the security guards. They’re usually scattered around the museum and they can help you.” He pats your shoulder playfully and pretends to dust the invisible lint off your cardigan. “I have to go now, Chanyeol needs me down in the studio. I think he’s having trouble with the glue gun. But feel free to walk around a bit. Get friendly with the floor plan.  Your shift doesn’t start until three.”

With a wink and a wave he slips out one of the side doors, leaving you standing in the middle of the parquet floor, confused and lost. What a surprise.


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So fun fact. When you’re living in America as a Scottish person. People like to bring you house gifts which they think of as Ye Olde Worlde, and then proceed to talk to you like a time traveler.

Sometimes it’s a shamrock. Other times it’s something with the Union Jack flag on it. Rarely is it something actually Scottish and if it is it’s been so painstakingly researched it’s enough to bring a tear to your eye.

I dunno if PBS is doing some sort of marketing thing involving the KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON posters for British Bake Off, but ever since the show started gaining popularity over here I’ve had a lot of Keep Calm stuff being foisted my way.

So I made a thing. I thought about writing “Dinnae Fash I’m Scottish” and maybe I will at a later date, but this speaks to me on a far more personal level haha

pork-chonyal  asked:

exo's reaction to you shooing them away so that you can study

Kai: -doodles on your homework-

Suho: -shows off-  ”Study, huh? Did I ever tell you I was the class president? I could totally do this in ten minutes”

Chanyeol: “Fighting!”

Kyungsoo: “Tch.”

Kris: -sigh- “Fine, I’ll come back later”

Baekhyun: “But I wanted to cuddleeeeeee”


Tao: -attempts to help you-

Luhan: “Here let me help you!” -falls asleep five minutes later-

Xiumin: “Call me over if you need anything!”

Lay: “I can totally teach you” -takes papers-

Chen: -totally ignores you, and cuddles up-

-Admin J


So… I made a gif series on my other account for superwholockthecomic for Fanwork Friday (found here).  Then I decided to do what the actual prompt was this week which was genderbend.  So, you get a few doodles here yep.  One from each fandom.  I might do more later :)

(These are each approximately ten minute sketches max? I think?  I don’t know but they were fun to do regardless)

OOC: My trip to Disneyland 4 (lots of pictures)





Anyway. I was RUNNING LATE TODAY, AHHHHH. Twenty minutes, to be exact. It was terrible. But I still made it at a good time. 

Saw Elsa and Anna first! It’s tradition at this point. See them first. See everyone else after. Waited in line about 3 hours. Could’ve been worse, honestly.I made some good company while standing in line, with a couple different families. I mean, honestly, you have to attempt to make friends while standing in a 3+ hour long line. Otherwise you’re not gonna make it, simple as that.

I drew something for a little birthday girl. I absolutely had to, I wasn’t going to say no. She was happy about that.

Then I drew an Elsanna picture for another little girl, who was upset because she drew on all of her pages of her autograph book and didn’t have any empty pages for them to sign LOL So I drew her something and left a lot of space at the bottom for them to autograph.

I made children happy today. I feel proud.

But just as importantly, I drew Elsa and Anna these.

Only Elsa was there today. Anna had to babysit Sven because Kristoff couldn’t (I don’t remember why, probably ice-related). Elsa says that Anna does the face-squish thing to her a lot and it makes her annoyed. Then she made fun of her and her weird sleeping pose. It was so fucking adorable, gawd I love Elsa when she’s being a little shit. LOL

Who is this twit with the fucking half-smile bullshit, get that scrub off away from the queen.

There was scarily hardly any bees around… If you know anything about me personally, you know that I adore bees.

FOR WHOM THE BELLE TOLLS (guess who, it’s me) Yes, Belle was next. I was finally gonna be able to give her her doodle (the screencap of which I can’t find, and I gave it to her without taking a picture of it on my new phone D|) But you can kind of see it here. Belle is my favorite Disney Renaissance Princess c:

Pathetic pigtails alert.


But first I saw Jasmine. I love this outfit on her. I wanted to steal it, but I think she would’ve had be beheaded, just saying. I’m sad I didn’t have time to draw her or the others anything, because I wasn’t even sure I was gonna see them at all.

THEN MY FAVORITE CLASSIC DISNEY PRINCESS HAWWW She was so excited to see me. Even the camera lady was excited that I was excited that she was excited to see me. It was just such a small room for all that excitement. The camera lady hit my camera button on my phone no less than 500 times of us hugging, and I was totally okay with that.

I was honored that Aurora hugged me so tightly. I felt so loved! I wish I could’ve asked for a kiss on the cheek!

My mom complained that Aurora’s nails weren’t long (Oh trust me, ma, I noticed ;D) and I think Mom also sensed a lot of gay happening in that photo. WHATEVER, MA. I LOVE PRINCESSES!!!


And she was so cute! AND SO TALKATIVE. I LOVED IT. She saw that I had Captain America’s autograph and we actually got on the topic of Thor LOL She says that in case there’s a battle she “needs another man like herself” for backup. Oh my god, I love Mulan LOL Now I have to draw her and Thor fighting alongside each other. It can’t not be done. They’re my brotp from now on.

And then there was Rapunzel. TODAY WAS THE DAY. I HAD TO MEET RAPUNZEL. She’s my favorite Revival Disney Princess and I couldn’t NOT MEET HER. I had some time tho. So I finally fed my face.

I still had time before Rapunzel was even gonna show up. So I went on the nearest ride with the shortest wait time. Pinocchio’s Ride to Hell.

Why didn’t anyone tell me how terrifying this ride was!??!? This is as scary as Jaws The Revenge should’ve been.

The guy standing outside of Elsa and Anna’s place was laughing at me, because apparently I had a look of sheer horror on my face. I’d never been on that ride before. I told him it was deceitfully scary and he laughed again LOL

Still had time and toured Aurora’s castle. (I may call her Aurora, but she’s first and foremost Briar-Rose to me.)

Oh look, a family of demons.

I drew this for Rapunzel.

Standing in line waiting for Rapunzel. Amy Adams was there. You can’t see her, but she’s there. And it’s really her.

FINALLY MET RAPUNZEL! And Flynn was there too! I was not expecting that. I didn’t draw him anything D| SO MANY SURPRISE CHARACTERS, WTF

Rapunzel wanted me to sign her doodle for her.

I look like their lovechild.

Anyway, these two were a real hoot. I love how they played off each other so much LOL They really liked my doodle and told me to go places with my talent. Flynn put it in his satchel. And he asked me to draw him something next time. And I will. And for the hell of it, I applied for a job there later that day.

Then that evening after I went on the Indiana Jones ride, I tried finding some peace and solitude back by the princesses’ royal hall. 

This thing made a loud noise and scared the bejeebus out of me.

Oh and I hadn’t said this before, but I drank about a gallon and a half of water today and not once did I have to pee while standing in line. It was on my hour and a half drive home when I felt the urge. It was terrible. I thought I was gonna puke, I had to pee so bad.

Don’t worry, I made it home. And I lived happily ever after and now I sleep BYE

*needs something to draw*

hmm…lily said she’s been stressed lately, let’s draw lily maybe that’ll cheer her up

*roughly ten minutes later*

wait shit i forgot that might be considered creepy

oh well i’m just going to leave this here (as you might have notices I should stick to doodling and hair is not my friend)

*slips back into the void*


p.s the eyeliner is on point my friend. this is so fucking awesome this might be one of the best things anyone has ever done for me oh mY GOD I AM DYING THIS IS FREAKING COOL