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Just a reminder as to what happens when you take 8oz of water along with your daily recommended dose of fiber (psyllium husk), once it’s inside of you and absorbs the water. And why it’s very important that you wash it down with lots of water.

1 cup of water, 2 tablespoons of fiber and a few minutes and you get this. Imagine if you tried to drink this after it gelled.

So, the point here is, if you take fiber like this, mix well, drink fast and wash it down with more water because it’s going to get thick and choke you if you don’t.

a comprehensive list of daddies (and mommies and sons and daughters): dctv edition
  • leonard snart: snaddy (snart daddy)
  • mick rory: heat daddy
  • rip hunter: time daddy
  • oliver queen: manpain daddy
  • cisco ramon: vibe daddy
  • hartley rathaway: sound daddy
  • barry allen: speed daddy
  • ray palmer: tiny daddy
  • nate heywood: steel daddy
  • julian albert: british daddy
  • eddie thawne: detective daddy
  • joe west: dad daddy
  • martin stein: professor daddy
  • jefferson jackson: fire son
  • wally west: speedy son
  • jesse quick: speedy daughter
  • caitlin snow: frost mommy
  • sara lance: bird mommy
  • kendra saunders: hawk mommy
  • lisa snart: gold mommy
  • iris west: news mommy
  • amaya jiwe: totem mommy
  • kara danvers: super mommy
  • thea queen: queen mommy
  • eowells: reverse daddy
  • harry wells: daddy daddy
  • hr wells: hat daddy
  • patty spivot: cop mommy
  • felicity smoak: hacker mommy
  • laurel lance: dead mommy

ever wanted to watch somebody color in the lines for a minute and 46 seconds? probably nOt.. bUT noW you can !! this is my youtube,, i’ll be uploading som tutorials // music mixes // speedpaints so check it out if ur interested  ♡ 


Eyes are said to be the window to the soul….but there is something else, something lost in those eyes.



I love Lady Gaga and I love femslash ships, so I mixed both of them and this happened. Gaga here being our spirit animal xD

Just in case, guide to the mentioned ships:

Bechloe: Beca & Chloe from Pitch Perfect

Supercorp: Kara and Lena  from Supergirl

Hollstein: Carmilla and Laura from Carmilla the Webseries

Wayhaught: Nicole and Waverly from Wynonna Earp

Sanvers: Alex and Maggie from Supergirl

Swan Queen: Emma and Regina from OUAT

Wicked Wolf: Zelena and Ruby from OUAT (they didn’t have many scenes together, but I imagined this couple and they’d be really cute together).

i was born to be free / you were born to free me | an ASL fanmix

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i. kids; saints of valory | ii. circles; passenger | iii. land of the living; roo panes | iv. place for us; mikky ekko | v. summer skeletons; radical face | vi. good grief; bastille | vii. rich kids; judah & the lion | viii. nobody knows; the lumineers | ix. love; american authors | x. old pine; ben howard


sshh he sleep