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Could u do a request of MC finding out one of the RFA members was someone that she or the other hated each other for just a misunderstanding and how did they eventually get along by explaining whats going on? Thanks ^^! A small scenario would be great for this.

I really need to learn how to do small :p Hope u still like this ^^

RFA and MC  with a rough start


  • He was at this club with some actor fellas
  • He was heading to the bathroom, when this tipsy girl bumped to him
  • “Tipsy” was being kind, she could barely stand, he held her and helped her sit on the floor, looking around if someone could help him, she looked like she was about to pass out.
  • “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” you showed up of a sudden, wrath in your eyes.
  • “I was… I was just helping her. It’s not what you’re thinking, lady. I…” he tried to explain, but he knew what this looked like, he would probably think the same… but you looked at him like you were disgusted. Did he really look like someone to take advantage of a drunk girl? Like… a rapist?
  • You helped your friend get up and took her away from there, from him. He wanted to help you two to find a cab. “You’ve done enough for tonight, pervert!”
  • And you already knew it was a misunderstanding, your friend was conscious enough to explain to you the whole ordeal, you wanted to go back and apologize, but you were already in the cab.
  • He would probably have told you the same he’s telling now: “There’s nothing to apologize, I know how guys are and you couldn’t possibly know. Your friend was lucky she had someone like you to take care of her, babe!”


  • He was playing LOLOL, facing this rival team.
  • His crew ended up losing this round
  • His team fellas were pretty conformed, but he was sure this one user was using a cheat code
  • He confronted the user on a chat where both teams were hanging out and talking shit through the headsets, and the user, with a very teasing and girly tone, didn’t deny…
  • “Bitch!” That’s the first time he uses this word, that’s how PISSED he is!
  • “I’m still online, asshole.” And you turned it off. Ohh! Were you mad? Well, so was he, but he felt like a prick by offending a girl like this.
  • Yoosung immediately recognized your voice and apologized a million times when you two met. You giggled, it was no biggie, girls are called worse things in games like this, and… you really cheated…
  • “I KNEW IT!” he said, matter of factly. “So, uhm… can you show me the code you used?”


  • C & R was having this event outdoors.
  • She was working backstage
  • You were also working, but to the company responsible for providing food.
  • You didn’t have a name tag or anything that could identify you as someone from the staff, so she assumed you were one very lost guest
  • You protested as she tried to politely remove you from backstage, but she kept saying that without identification, you couldn’t be there. She thought you were just another woman trying to reach Jumin…
  • “Fine. I’ll go! You’re just as incompetent as everybody in my department. Good bye!” Oh my… did you just quit your job? Apparently, you did, as you walked away from there, she could read the company’s name on the back of your shirt… ohhhhh
  • Well, you hated that job, their incompetence of not even giving you proper identification (like, one that didn’t involve you pointing to your back all the time) was just the tip of the iceberg.
  • She still apologizes, she just had to look at your back! That whole scene could be avoided. You apologize too, it’s pretty obvious now you don’t think she’s incompetent at all!
  • She shrugs and just hugs you: “So, before you helped me quit my bad job, I helped you quit yours?” Yeah… something like this…


  • It was a business party, he was talking with this old man
  • “Okay, business aside. Have you met my sweetheart, mr . Han?” the acquaintance asked Jumin. “MC, sweetie… come here!”
  • Oh, you are… young, very young! Too young to this guy, actually. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Han. Daddy, can I get you anything to drink?” you turn to the old man. Daddy? Gross, have you no shame of saying things like that in public?
  • You  and Jumin bumped into each other at the bar a little later. He’s still a little uncomfortble from what he heard before…
  • “Hope daddy isn’t being too insistent on that deal, Mr. Han. Be patient, okay? He can be a little of a control freak, but he’ll give in if you act nice.” you smile sweetly, there’s that word again… you have no chill, do you?
  • He judged you silently for the rest of the night, even when you weren’t close to your… “daddy”. Ugh… he hated women like that, he was glad you were taken, otherwise his own father could show up to snatch you away any minute, you were just his type…
  • It took him a while to recognize you, he was probably a little tipsy that night, it took you to start call him “daddy” for him to remember… “He really is my father, Jumin. Like, the man married to my mother.” You laughed, he wasn’t used to feel this embarrassed, was he blushing?
  • You just laughed, this was funny because your father was trying his best to set you two up that night, okay, now Jumin is definitely blushing.
  • “I mean… you see the irony in all of this, don’t you… daddy?” “MC, please…” he’s red as fuck, you broke him!


  • He was on a mission on this host club.
  • His target was a guy who worked for the government and was dealing with a lot of confidential information regarding the national forces.
  • You are one of the hostesses, the guy asks for your company. Well, this is a host club… but this is troublesome for Seven, ugh… he needed the guy alone.
  • So he goes in your way and tells the guy he saw you first. “That’s… not how it works, sir.” You say politely. “Really? Not even if I buy his drinks and ours?” Wow, was he that interested in your company? You weren’t sure, but your boss told you to stop being stupid and going with the ginger guy.
  • Well, you should have stayed with the first guy, this one was boring, he wasn’t asking for any booze, he just ordered Dr. Pepper and stared at his phone the whole time. You tried your best to talk to him and be nice and all he told you was: “Don’t need to be nice to me, I’ll still pay you, don’t worry.” He wasn’t even looking at you…WHAT A PRICK!
  • “You know, when I saw you in the CCTV and figured who you were, I was really embarrassed, but I… wanted to take the opportunity to finally be a little nice to you…”
  • “And look how that turned out, huh?” you were obviously referring to those days at Rika’s apartment… shit! Are you still mad?
  • “Of course not, silly! I’m just joking! And truth be told… it was my best fee ever! That guy drank so much he threw up at my colleague’s dress! So… you saved me from that one.”
  • “Well, I… got a good fee for that mission too…” you two give a high-five.

sometimes I like to stop and think about how overwatch was shut down because the original strike team literally could not stop adopting every war orphan they saw

  • angela ziegler is a medical prodigy with dead doctor parents? here have a research grant for what is essentially your glorified cute nurse cosplay.
  • 17-year-old gang member jesse mccree is going to be tried as an adult because he, a minor, was forced into a life of crime? just kidding, you’re being adopted.
  • fucking yakuza family heir genji shimada killed by his own brother? adopted. overwatch isn’t even supposed to fucking be here but you’re adopted. here is several million dollars, you’re a cyborg now.
  • genetically engineered super gorilla? adopted. everyone meet my new science son
  • prodigy pilot literally lost in space and time? adopted, here is several more million dollars and a gorilla bestie to rip you out of the tear in space-time

overwatch got themselves into so much fucking shit because they could not physically stop themselves from taking in every single fucking stray they found, like I have no fucking doubt that whatever power is behind the scenes running this whole thing shut them down in part because they kept spending so much fucking money on making super powered war orphans. like overwatch is fucking disbanded and they are still doing the fucking thing, ana has her own kid but is still fussing over her shitty ex-teammates, reinhardt has his blacksmith daughter that travels with him everywhere he goes, jack goddamn morrison will throw himself into a goddamn dirty alley fire to save a kid, torbjorn adopted a fucking reformed PTSD-riddled killbot on top of already having 8 fucking kids, and reaper has two beautiful purple daughters but will still spend the holidays staring longingly at a goddamn family to whom he has nebulous relations

the original strike team is a goddamn runaway dumpster fire train, they will save all the children and cannot be stopped

i can’t believe this like, lando and luke really don’t have that many scenes together in the OT but then those scenes are just so fucking intimate for no reason ??

literally the first time they meet luke is falling from the sky and lando catch him, what kind of first meeting 

then there’s that scene in the falcon where lando just grip luke’s shoulder and luke nod back at him like they have a whole conversation with lando asking luke if he’s ok but also telling him at the same time you’re going to be ok and i’m here and luke is like “i’m ok” but also “thank you” ??? and then lando casually touches luke’s waist and his hand lingers ?? like it’s no big deal …like those two didn’t just fucking met !!! wtf

and then there’s that nod shared between them in rotj when lando is disguised as one of Jabba’s men and Luke is just about to be Extra™ and backflip, so much is shared through that nod, the weight of the time spent together creating this ridiculously complicated plan, a glimpse of the deep understanding they have of each other … truly unbelievable
Revelations - Chapter 11 - performativezippers - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 11: Snakes and Sharks

Hi friends. This is the last chapter of this story, and I just want to say a couple of things.

1) I have been completely and utterly blown away by your response to this work. I put a lot of time and love into it, and I have been beyond honored that so many of you have read it, and commented on it, and talked about it with your friends, and spent your time thinking about it. Honestly, I’ve never experienced anything quite like this and I’m floored and just so, so grateful to you all.

2) This is the final chapter of this story. Next comes the Maggie piece, which will be called Revelations – Sharks (the first chapter will be released later this week). After that will come the series of one-shots which will be called Reverberations. All will be listed under the Series called “Revelations” on AO3, so adjust your alerts as fits your needs! I know this chapter may feel like not quite the finale here, and that’s because the one-shots are coming! I wanted to structure it this way because I want the one-shots to incorporate what we learn in the Maggie piece, but also (to be perfectly honest) I am not great at making sure I write a whole and robust world after our nuggets finally get together. So I need to hear from you! Please send me a message or an ask here on tumblr with scenes you’d like to see. From after this point in time, from just before this point in time (first date, for example), or even holes from earlier in their lives before they meet. I have some things already on my list, but I need you!

But really, just thank you for being on this journey with me. I love you.

Alex is very clear that she’s never been happier.

She has Maggie, and she has Kara, and she has J’onn, and her relationship with her mother is much better than it’s been since Jeremiah disappeared, and she loves her job, and she has friends.

But it’s a lot to balance. It’s a lot to balance, and she doesn’t really have practice doing it. Ever since Kara came crashing into her life, her sister has been her priority. She used to have Kara, and her mom, and her dad, and Vicky, and her other friends, and whatever boy she was letting hang around her just for the optics of it, and her school work, and surfing. But then her dad had disappeared and her mom had turned on her. And then she’d lost Vicky, and then the rest of her friends, and she’d never really replaced them. And then she’d quit surfing when she’d moved inland. And then she’d leaned on the boys but dropped school. And then when J’onn came she’d gotten him and work, but had dropped the boys.

The most she’d juggled for years was Kara, J’onn, and work.

Adding in Kara’s friends hasn’t been too hard, but it means she’s had to learn how to balance alone time with Kara with game nights and group drinks.

Adding in her mom has been hard. Alex still forgets to call her as much as she should.

Her life felt full a few weeks ago, with Kara and her mom and J’onn and work and friends.

And now there’s Maggie.

Maggie, who can’t be more than 5’3 but who takes up a huge amount of space in her heart and her life and her future.

And that’s a good thing – Alex wants her there, wants her to take up all that space and more.

She just doesn’t quite know how to navigate it, that’s all. Suddenly Maggie’s work schedule gets added into the equation with Alex’s and Kara’s. Suddenly the only night Maggie has free all week for a date is Sister Night.

Suddenly, Eliza calls for the first time in three weeks while Alex is sitting on Maggie’s couch for the first time ever, and she completely panics trying to decide if she should answer before it gets kicked to voicemail.

Suddenly James and Winn are texting her to ask why she’s never around anymore, and Vasquez is asking her why she’s missed two knife practices in a row, and J’onn is asking her to rotate out to the desert base for a week to oversee a retrofit.

Alex feels like a child, because this is the type of thing most people learn to do in their teens or early twenties. Most people are done having fights with their sisters about being ignored or passed over by the time they’re nearly thirty.

By this age, most people know how to be in a relationship.

Alex doesn’t, and she’s never been happier, but she’s starting to panic, just a little bit.

Kara goes missing.

Kara was investigating the disappearance of a teenager, and Maggie had put her on the trail of other missing people.

And now Kara is missing.

And Alex is the one who finds the portal, and finds Kara’s clothes in a crumpled heap on the floor.

And Alex is the one who realizes it.

Kara is missing, and she’s on another planet.

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scenario for s/o meeting jotaro's family for the first time?

By family i take you mean Holly and Joseph? I’m going to assume you mean part 3 Jotaro at lest, so if you want one with Jolyne too send this again!

Also sorry if this sucks but i still have a hard time writing scenarios.


This wasn’t Jotaro’s idea. He didn’t even want to consider it, yet here he was, at the door of his house, his partner bouncing excitedly at his side. He played the whole scene in his head, from his mother’s annoying squeal and never ending interrogations to Joseph’s idiotic jokes and insinuations. “ Are you really sure you want this? you don’t need to meet them. It’s better off this way. “ “ Jotaro, please, we already talked about this, i really want to meet them! “ They gave him a big smile, and he rolls his eyes.Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes, he opens the door to his house. “ I’m home. “ he simply says, already bracing himself for the upcoming chaos. “ OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD! “ Startling Jotaro’s s/o, an old man comes running into the room, looking terrified. “ MY HAND! I CUT MY HAND! PLEASE HELP ME, I’M GOING TO DIE, OH MY GOD! “ His s/o started to panic, running towards the old man, and looking at Jotaro with a terrified expression “ Jotaro, help him out! bring something to tourniquet the wound or-or something! “ Jotaro just gives the man a death glare, and yanks his partner from their arm “ Cut off the shit, old man. “ His partner gave him a puzzled look, and looked back at the old man. “ Come on Jotaro, you can’t take a joke, can you?” He started to fix a metallic hand on the stump of his wrist. “ And who may this fine person be? Hmm? “ Joseph questioned, leaning closer to them. Jotaro looked disgusted. “ They are my partner. Now get away from them. “ “NICEEE, YOU GOT A NICE ONE, IT RUNS ON THE JOESTAR BLOOD! “ “SHUT THE FUCK UP OLD MAN! “ “OI, YOU RESPECT YOUR ELDERS, YOUNG MAN! “ As an endless exchange of screams filled the room ( and a  very uncomfortable partner stood there not knowing what to do ) a third voice joined the war, though this one was more imposing, way more acute, and made the two men shut up. “ Now nooow, you two stop your nonsense! It’s the third time this week, let’s have a nice day for once, okay? “ It was the voice of a mid aged woman, that came practically chirping into the room, emanating an aura of happiness “ Oh! you must be the person that Jotaro told me about! “ she stopped, gave Jotaro a wink ( he cringed internally ), and turned back to them. “ This is no way to introduce them to us! Come now, let me give you something tasty to eat and tell me everything about you! “ Holly took them to the kitchen, and the two men watched as them and Holly chit chatted and laughed in the way. “…..D-do you think i scared them too much? “ “ If you did, i swear to god I’m cutting your other hand off, old man. “ And they went to join them to the kitchen, still discussing. His family was a little bit odd, but they will welcome them with open arms.


Again sorry if this is terrible



Request: A Kozik X Reader based off of the song “Here by Alessia Cara”

Warnings: Mentions of drinking and marijuana.

Pairings: Kozik X Reader

A/N: This is loosely based off of the song because after I got the idea of what I wanted from this story I just kind of ran with it.

   Moving to a new town and starting over in a new place is one of the hardest things anyone could ever do.

   You weren’t exactly good at making friends, partially due to your resting bitch face syndrome, the other part having to do with the fact that you rode a harley and were covered in tattoos.

   So when you heard about the all too famous Sons of Anarchy having a party you figured you would stop in and see if you could meet some people with similar interests.

   What you didn’t expect was to walk into a clubhouse full of naked women doing ungodly things to multiple men while strippers danced on poles in front of them.

   Everyone was so busy with what they were doing that nobody noticed you, the outsider.

   You weren’t exactly expecting this room to be full of angels but you weren’t exactly prepared to walk into such explicit situations. You grew up around bikers so you knew how these types of things could go but you honestly had to say that you had never seen anything quite as extraordinary as a SAMCRO party.

   What you didn’t notice was that a particular Son had found some interest in you and was watching as you situated yourself at the bar and ordered a beer.

   **Time Skip**

   As another cloud of marijuana smoke floated over you, you decided that it was time for a breather and you walked out of the clubhouse into the cool night air and over to your bike.

   As you took out your cigarettes and started patting down your jacket for your lighter you saw a very handsome Son approaching you with a smile on his face.

   “Need a light?” He asked, flipping open his Zippo and allowing you to light your cigarette.

   “Thanks.” You said, smiling shyly as you took a pull and held it in for a moment before blowing the smoke into the cool night air.

   “No problem darlin’. So did you get tired of all the chaos?” He asked, leaning against the metal railing separating what looked like a playground and the rest of the lot.

   You shrugged in response “I know it may be a bit surprising because of the way I look but the whole wild party thing isn’t my scene. I just came here to meet some cool people but it seems they’re all busy.” you chuckled, taking another drag.

   “You new?” he asked, intrigued.

   “Yeah, I just opened up the new tattoo shop on Main street.”

   “You ride AND tattoo? We may just have to keep you around.” He said, smiling a gorgeous smile that caused butterflies to erupt in your stomach.

   “I don’t know how much longer I’ll stay honestly. Like I said, this whole party scene isn’t really my thing.” You said, flicking the butt of your cigarette onto the ground before crushing it with the toe of you boot.

   “Then why don’t I take you somewhere different?” He asked, standing up straight and offering you his hand, causing you to blush.

   “Listen you don’t have to be nice to me, you can just go back to your party. Plus I don’t really know you.” You said sheepishly.

   “I’m Kozik.” He answered with a smile. “See, now you know me better.” He said with a smirk.

   You had no idea what compelled you to do it but something about this Kozik guy made your heart race and you loved it, so you did something completely out of character.

   You looked him in the eyes and took his hand with a smile on your face.
   “My name’s (y/n)”

Also, Do you also see a similarity between bellarke and Abby/Kane? (because I do)

So, this was part of a message an anon sent to me and I forgot to answer it. I was answering it on the newest message she/he sent me and got so carried away I decided to make a meta/ answer about it. (sorry about how long it took)

Yes. Yes I do see it.

 They are freaking EVERYWHERE. 

And they are still happening, the latest ones being Kane and Abby’s  “ No matter who wears the pin, we’re in this together “ (3x03) paralleling bellarke’s “together”( 2x16 ) and then the cheek kisses (Kabby on 3x06 and Bellarke on 2x16).

 But they have so many more parallels as ships and individuals (abby and clarke parallel each other while kane and bellamy parallel each other SPECIALLY on those episodes around and after 1x08. wow. ). There are vids about it, which I LOVE : LINK (this vid is pretty amazing cause it doesn’t only show us “exact” parallels but “theme” parallels and how kabby and bellarke’s stories intertwined and affected each other)


 And, okay, I can’t leave things just like this. Cause the reason why this reply got long was because ,as I rewatched that vid, i’ve noticed a few things here and there I haven’t before. I need to talk about them.

Let me start this analysis by explaining something: recently I’ve joined a fandom (GMW) which there are some incredibly talented people that know a lot about storytelling and how television work - they teach us how to pay attention to the right details while watching anything. They make us all realize that nothing in television is an accident, that if the directors and editors allowed a certain scene to be shot in a certain way and to go on air, then they want it to be that way. No scene is ultimately an accident, no scene is “just there” (as it is taking precious time and money to be there).

(@shippertrash37​ - i’m so tagging you as promised, let’s see how well i’ll do in this post!)

So let me bring you all to 2x08:

Did you notice the  “detail” (lol) of Bellamy and Clarke side by side as we watch Abby watching Kane returning to camp? (or how both abby and clarke are wearing blue while the rest is wearing black?)

…. Let’s talk about this whole scene,shall we?

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Girl Meets the Inevitable - a future GMW script headcanon (part 2)
  • (Classroom scene, Riley and Farkle are in their usual seats in the front row but are deliberately not facing each other, kind of like in GM Legacy. Maya is behind Riley still grinning like an idiot. Smackle is behind Maya consumed in a book, Lucas is behind Farkle looking as confused as usual, Zay is behind Lucas wanting to get in on whatever hilarious thing Maya is laughing at.)
  • Cory: *enters* Guess who has a super exciting announce- wait, what is this? *points back and forth from Riley to Farkle*
  • Maya: *tries not to laugh*
  • Lucas: Yeah, what IS this?
  • Maya: *tries harder*
  • Cory: This looks awfully familiar doesn’t it, Friar.
  • Lucas: Sure does, sir.
  • Zay: This is gonna be good, I can tell.
  • (Cory and Lucas both stare down Maya who is basically hyperventilating at this point.)
  • Lucas: Have you neglected to tell me something?
  • Maya: *fake appalled face* I would never!
  • Zay: Why she gotta tell you stuff?
  • Lucas: Well because…
  • Maya: *looks at him like I DARE you*
  • Lucas: Well I guess I don’t really have a reason anymore, huh?
  • Maya: Nope, you’ve been demoted, Ranger Rick.
  • Zay: Now you’re just a peasant like the rest of us.
  • Lucas: *stares into space* Huh.
  • Cory: ... Anyway...guess who has a super exciting announce-
  • Zay: -Smackle, doesn’t this bother you?
  • Smackle: *puts down the book in mild irritation* Does what bother me?
  • Zay: Your ex...person? Doing that?
  • (Camera cuts to Farkle hugging his knees and staring wide-eyed at the floor)
  • Smackle: *goes back to her book* Farkle may sit in his desk in whatever manner he wishes to sit in his desk.
  • Zay: But aren’t you wondering *not so subtly gestures to Riley w/ his head*...what’s up?
  • Smackle: *puts book down again* “Whats up” is that my approval or lack thereof of Farkle's behavior is irrelevant. If he wishes to confide in me as to the nature of “what’s up” then he may do so in his own time and I would be happy to listen and/or provide wisdom. If he does not, speculation on my part or anyone else's is neither a fruitful nor necessary endeavor.
  • Zay: *starts to retort but realizes he has no argument* I mean, okay then.
  • Cory: ...ANYWAY...who wants to hear-
  • Riley: I’m fine! *everybody looks at her*
  • Cory: Unbelievable.
  • Riley: *turns around slowly, still closing her eyes* I would just like the record to show that I am fine, nothing is wrong, nothing has changed, I’m fine, Farkle’s fine, we’re all fine. Nothing is up. *turns back to original position*
  • Lucas: *pokes Farkle in the head with a pencil to try to get his attention* Somehow, I don’t believe you.
  • Riley: *slightly aggressive* Nothing is up, Lucas. *turns to Cory* Father, what is your exciting announcement?
  • Cory: Oh no! You people had your chance. Now I’m makin ya learn first, John Keats! Ode on a Grecian Urn! *aggressively passes out books while everyone in the class groans except Maya, the camera cuts to her face light up for a second before she tries to change her expression to hide her excitement*
  • Lucas: *reading the title of the book* Highlight Works of the 2nd Generation of English Romantic Poets?
  • Cory: Maya, no complaints?
  • Maya: *quietly* It’s one of my favorites.
  • Zay: *raises his hand* Sir, are you aware that you teach a history class?
  • Cory: Oh, you’ll get it in a second. Smackle, would you do me the honor of reading the first half of stanza one on page 113?
  • Smackle: “Thou still unravish'd bride of quietness, Thou foster-child of silence and slow time, Sylvan historian,-
  • Everyone: oohhhhhhh
  • Smackle: “who canst thus express, A flowery tale more sweetly than our rhyme”
  • Cory: Thank you, Smackle. In this poem, Keats is addressing an ancient pot or vase, which the greeks painted to depict idealistic scenes of their everyday lives. A piece of art, perhaps in a MUSEUM.
  • (He pauses for a second and looks at the class knowingly; he’s trying to hint at his big announcement, but the class isn’t getting it. He sighs and moves on.)
  • Cory: He refers to it as a “Sylvan Historian. Why’s he do that?
  • (everyone looks around, confused)
  • Cory: Where are my regulars? Smackle?
  • Smackle: I’m a woman of science, sir, I’m afraid this flowery literature nonsense eludes my intellectual grasp.
  • Cory: Ouch. Farkle Time?
  • (He continues to stare at the floor)
  • Lucas: I don’t think I’ve ever seen him pass up Farkle time, sir.
  • (He slowly turns around, keeping his eyes closed and cringing a little)
  • Farkle: *deep breath and then starts talking like crazy fast* Sylvan means like having to do with the forest or the woods so it probably just suggests that the scene depicted on the urn is a bunch of wood-nymphs or something, I dunno, it doesn’t matter, the word that matters is 'historian'. The question you're obviously getting at is *does Cory impression* 'how can an urn be a historian????' Or less obviously, how does art function as a record of history and or more specifically- our personal history because you always make it about our lives. How does this apply to our lives? I don’t know yet! I’m a genius but I literally don’t understand anything about my entire life! But I’m fine, everything's fine, nothing has changed and I promise nothing is up, Isadora. *passes out*
  • Zay: *nudges Lucas* Told you this was gonna be good.
  • Cory: My, wasn’t that dramatic. I usually expect the hysterics from this one *gestures to Riley* what a twist!
  • Maya: Okay I never thought I would say this but Matthews could we please get back to learning now, I think I actually care about this.
  • Zay: This day is just full of surprises.
  • Cory: Well, we certainly can. Farkles right, what actually happened doesn’t matter. *Farkle wakes up and sits back down at his desk after hearing that he was right lol*
  • Zay: But I thought it was a record of history?
  • Cory: It is. But it doesn’t record what actually happened. There’s too much creative liberty, and its influenced by the artist biased perception of the world. So if it doesn’t record events, What does it record?
  • Maya: *is quiet for a second and then kinda impulsively blurts this out* Art encapsulates a part of humanity's history that textbooks can’t. Emotion, beauty, and how each individual interprets the world around them. That’s why I like it so much.
  • (Everyone is super impressed, even Smackle)
  • Smackle: Encapsulates. *playfully punches Maya’s arm, doing that whole ‘trying to be a regular teen’ thing* Nice one, pal.
  • Cory: I’m sorry, did someone not fill me in? Is it opposite day?
  • Maya: Okay, I know things too!
  • Cory: But today you knew them out loud, Maya. I’m proud of you.
  • Maya: *trys to make a sassy comeback but cant* Yeah okay whatever..
  • Cory: Keats explains through his own form of *looks at Smackle* 'flowery literature nonsense' that art connects us to past civilizations on a personal level. If we can know how they felt, what they thought was beautiful, what they hoped for and dreamed about, we can understand history better than we can by knowing who was king or which war was happening. Maya, go ahead and read the last line for us.
  • Maya: *dramatic sigh* “Beauty is truth, truth, beauty,—that is all, Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”
  • Cory: Scholars have debated over the meaning of this line for centuries. Your assignment is to partner up, and come up with an explanation as to what it means, why it’s important, and how it relates to your own history. Which leads toooo
  • Everyone: ...your big announcement?
  • Cory: Bingo! Can I get a drumroll please…
  • Everyone: *stares at him*
  • Cory: *defeated* Fine ya buzzkills, we’re going to a museum.
  • Everyone except Smackle, who is straight-up giddy: oh
  • Cory: The Museum of Modern Art, to be exact. In your assignment, you must find a painting or sculpture that interest both you and your partner, and you must use its beauty to explain the last line of 'Ode on a Grecian Urn'
  • Lucas: Zay, I’m working with you, I don’t get this stuff.
  • Zay: You think I do?
  • Lucas: You raised your hand!
  • Zay: To ask a question! Cause I don’t get this stuff!
  • Cory: Oh no, I’m picking your partners this time.
  • Maya: Oh boy.
  • Cory: Oh yes, I’m making sure each of you will have a different perspective to add to your project.
  • Maya: Could you stop using the word perspective it gives me a headache. *puts head on desk*
  • Lucas: And encapsulates doesn’t?
  • Maya: *head still on desk* I’m a complex individual, Friar.
  • Cory: Alrighty then, the partners will be: You and you, you and you... *he picks people from all over the room, seemingly at random, he puts Maya with Smackle, Lucas with Sarah, Zay with Corn chip Dave, and then he gets to Riley and Farkle* ...and, because it amuses me, Riley...
  • Lucas: Sir, I wouldn’t.
  • Cory: ...will be working with...
  • Maya: You’re gonna regret it, Matthews!
  • Cory: Farkle.
  • Riley and Farkle: *physically wince as if in pain*
  • Maya and Lucas: *exasperated sigh*
  • Cory: Farkle, Riley, are you with us? Did you hear me?
  • (They slowly turn to look at each other, the first time they have done so for the whole scene, and immediately do the stupid corpanga high-five giggle thing until they both cover their mouths in shock, and zoom out of the room through doors on opposite sides of the classroom, nearly running into each other in the process)
  • Cory: Yikes!
  • (end scene)
  • (p.s. thank you so much everyone for your kind words about part 1, I would leave a link to it here but tbh I dont know how to do that but you can find it under the GMTI tag in my blog)
[Gorillaz]: Magic Murdoc AU - “El Diablo”

So in case you didn’t know, @piixieguts and I basically spent 2 whole days fleshing out an entire AU, appropriately dubbed the “Magic Murdoc AU” where Murdoc is a male stripper and Noodle is the young uni student that he inevitably bewitches :P You can learn more about it by looking through the tag here. If you want to read the summary of the AU that I wrote and also see the mock cover of the AU that Lainey drew, go here

So because there’s been such great art of this AU so far, I thought I’d write out the scene where Noodle and Murdoc meet for the first time. Should be a fun, flirty read for you all, and I’d appreciate any comments you have. We’re really excited about this AU :)

Title: El Diablo

Words: 3648

Characters: Noodle, Murdoc, a.k.a. “El Diablo”

Summary: Noodle isn’t sure if this whole male strip club thing is her scene. But the thought is completely thrown out the window once a performer names “El Diablo” takes the stage and leaves her stunned. 

Keep reading

nothing you'll miss

so i spent the afternoon thinking about the synonyms for betrayal. none of the words were strong enough or fitting for the feeling behind it. had to learn it the hard way. how since the last time i held you, it feels like someone took a hammer to my hands. this ache you won’t give a name. a bruise i couldn’t explain. the part in the horror movie you cannot look away from. i wish i could rip corinthians 13 out of the bible. it feels like my body made the bricks you built your new house out of and i don’t get to live there. i just have this shoebox full of old fists i never gave anyone. everything could’ve been anything else. whoever is upstairs shoveling the sands of time owes me some happiness. me saying “sorry i’m not staring i’m just trying not to blink.” they don’t get it. no one does. no one gets that when i went to see jesus you weren’t there. everything is just too loud and too full of cement and wondering when you’re coming home. come home. there we are. me and jesus. talking about how much cum i have to leave behind. in bodies that aren’t yours. the asphalt hell of “let her go” and all this whatever. he looks at me and says “the proof is in the pudding.” it is. and here i am. thinking about that scene in eternal sunshine of the spotless mind where joel and clem are standing on the ice and he says “what if it breaks?” so what if this whole thing breaks. as long as i don’t have to wonder. tired of all the people i meet shapeshifting into you the first time they make me smile. it’s hard on me. this worn out heart. this gift shop full of excuses. this wedding dance on crows feet. it’s like i walked into this store and the only thing they sell are snow globes capturing every moment you said you missed me and didn’t mean it.

  • Max: Stop.
  • Mike: Uhhhh.. what are you doing here?
  • Max: I let myself in-
  • Mike: Okay, well, uh, y-you should have said something.
  • Max: Yeah, I was going to and then your phone rang and you answered it and it was your mother, so- so I waited... Then you dropped your towel and things got creepy.
  • Mike: Creepy?-
  • Max: Yeah. Creepy. Cause you're on the phone with your mother and it's- you're naked, it's weird.. Where's Ryan?
  • Mike: He went to go meet Carrie Cooke and you're the only one here acting weird.