so here you go here is the movie that ruined my life

Yours [M]

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   Partying was definitely not your idea of fun, you’d rather be at home reading a book or watching movies wrapped up under a warm cozy blanket, but somehow your boyfriend Yoongi had persuaded you to go out to this party with him. Apparently you needed to do some more “fun” things in your life and live a little. You thought he may be right, that is until thirty minutes into the night and you were already bored. You whispered into Yoongi’s ear that you were going out to get some air and before you left, he gently pulled you back by your arm and asked worriedly, “Are you alright? Do you want to go home?

   Not wanting to ruin his night you replied with a smile, “I’m fine, it’s just really stuffy in here.”

   He nodded and you walked out of the big house and onto the front lawn. Regardless of how much room was in the house, there were still people drinking and smoking outside. “Great” you sarcastically thought to yourself.

   After a while, you decided to step back inside, but before you could move, you were approached by a tall, pink haired handsome guy dressed in all black, “Well, you look unamused, glad I’m not the only one here that’s not totally wasted.”

   You chuckled, “Yeah this isn’t really my kind of scene.”

   The two of you talked for a little longer. In the short amount of time, you two had managed to already be cracking jokes and were almost out of breath from laughing so hard. In between laughs,  he reached out his hand to introduce himself, “I’m Namjoon by the way.” you finally noticed the two deep dimples he had.

   Before you could shake his hand and introduce yourself, a familiar voice said in an angry tone, “And she’s taken.” You looked up, surprised to see Yoongi standing next to you. The laughter died down immediately, and without saying anything else to Namjoon, he grabbed your arm, pulling you away from the crowd and towards where he parked his car.

   He pushed your body against the car and had two arms beside each side of your shoulders, leaving you no room to escape. “What the fuck was that Y/N?” he barked at you.

   You were shocked, Yoongi got mad easily but he had never been that aggressive with you before.

   “Answer me Y/N! I was worried that you didn’t come back into the party so I went looking for you, only to find out you were off flirting with some other guy! If you didn’t want to come out tonight you should’ve just fucking said something!”

   You felt the anger rising in you but you talked to him in a calm voice, “Yoongi, I was not flirting with him. We were seriously just talking about random shit and how we both didn’t like parties that much. Please don’t be mad.”

   Yoongi chuckled mockingly. “I don’t give a fuck what you guys were talking about,” he lowered his head towards you and his lips were dangerously close to yours, “You. Are. Mine. I don’t want any other guy wanting you. And trust me, I saw the way he was looking at you Y/N, he wanted you.”

   He dropped his hands down to your hips and pulled you in even closer to him, pressing his lips against yours and kissing you roughly. “Only I can kiss you like this.” He dipped his head lower and sucked at the sweet spot on your neck, making you moan. “Only I can make you feel like this.”

   He quickly spun you around so that you were facing the car and your ass was pinned against his hardening length. He whispered into your ear with his arms around your waist, “Can I show you how good I can make you feel?” he began kissing your neck again.

   “Yoongi…” you moaned.

   He slipped his hands under your top and started massaging your breasts through your bra. “I’m gonna fuck you in the back seat of my car and you can show me how well you cum for me baby.”

   He took his hands out from under your shirt and unlocked the backseat door of the car, He sat down and pulled you in, positioning you on his lap. He pulled the door closed and in one swift motion pushed you back onto the seat so he was laying on top of you. You looked up at him in anticipation, he had been dominant before, but this was something else; it was like something sparked in him. He roughly kissed your lips again and quickly undressed you and himself.

   He started to rub your clit while still kissing you, “So wet already baby.” and stuck two fingers in you, pumping in and out at a torturously slow pace.

   He fastened the pace but pulled his fingers out quickly after. You whined and he scooted back and pulled your head towards his length. You understood what he wanted without him saying it so you started stroking him and wrapped your lips around the head. Yoongi’s breathing got deeper as you took all of him in your mouth. You deep throated him and the way your name left his lips made you even wetter.

  He grabbed a fistful of your hair and slowly pulled your head back, making you release him from your mouth with a plop. He grabbed you and flipped you over so that you were on your hands and knees and slowly hovered over your entrance. He pumped his length a few times and leaned over to whisper in your ear in a rough voice, “Are you ready baby?” and kissed your neck.

 You breathed in deeply and nodded your head, he then slowly made himself inside of you and gave you time to adjust. After you were comfortable, he started thrusting his hips at a slow pace, but that didn’t last long. He started going in faster and harder, making you cry out his name and the car shake beneath you two. He leaned back up and slapped your ass while still pounding inside of you. “You like that baby? Hmm?” You moaned in response and the sound of your skin slapping together turned you on even more.

   “Fuck Yoongi I’m so close” you moaned. He pulled out and flipped you over so you could see the smirk on his face.

   “What the fuck?” you said angrily.

   “I didn’t say you could cum yet.” he lowered his head and sucked on your breast, softly biting your nipple while he massaged the other.

  He was driving you crazy but you loved it. After he was done playing with your breasts, he lowered himself back into you again and went straight into a fast pace. He was hitting every single inch of your walls and you didn’t know how much more you could take.

  “Yoongi please, I need to cum.” you whined.

  He bit his lip and leaned into you while slowing his pace, “Tell me you’re mine.” he whispered into your ear.

 “I’m all yours Yoongi. Only yours. I love you.” you said in between moans, “Only you.”

 Those words were enough for him and with a few more strokes you reached your high and was moaning out his name mixed with a bunch of other cuss words. Not long after, Yoongi came onto your stomach. He grabbed the extra t shirt that he always kept in his car and cleaned you up before he collapsed on top of you.

  After both of your breathing had become normal he kissed your forehead, “I love you Y/N”

 You giggled tiredly, “I love you. And to be quite honest if this is what happens when I piss you off I might do it more often.” you stuck your tongue out at him.

 He laughed and kissed your cheek this time. “You better be joking.”

 You just smiled and the two of you sat up, getting dressed.

 Hm, this party wasn’t so bad after all… you thought to yourself.