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I learned in biology today that mood can impact a baby while someone is pregnant (like being mad too much can hurt the baby/ impact their mood and being happy all the time is really good for the baby) and I just couldn't stop thinking imagining Tyler worrying so much about his pregnant spouse and doing literally everything to make them happy all the time

Okay so Headcanon, bc I dunno. Feels right.

-So Ty is constantly doting over her. She hates it. I imagine Tyler having a stubborn spouse. Just works well.

-He tells her she needs to stay in bed, like the doctor said, and take it easy, to which she groans and rolls her eyes.

-Tries to make it easier though, and brings the Xbox (or whatever console) up to their bedroom so they can play together.

-Snuggles her, and loves to lay his head on her bump to hear/feel the baby.

-on the way to a Doctors appointment somebody like cuts them off and she gets annoyed, and Ty like freaks bc she needs to stay calm so he puts his hand on top of her head and is just like, “shush little squish”

-won’t let her watch scary movies, bc he’s scared it’ll affect the baby.

-just 100% of the time worrying over everything all the time.

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Games (Swazz Smut)

Requested: anon wanted a Swazz smut, so here ya go!

A/N: I beg you, if you enjoy this, please do not ask me to do the same smut but with a different boy. Just imagine your fave doing this with you, even though it says Swazz. It’ll save me so much time, lol.

Word Count: 1000+ words | Warning: Sexual content | Masterlist

“I’m not doing the dishes,” I tell Swazz as he places his plate into the sink.

“But it’s your turn tonight,” he retorts as he turns to face me.

“No, no, no. It isn’t. The last time we ate in, I did the dishes. It’s your turn.”

“Okay, no I clearly remember it was yours.”

I rolled my eyes and took this opportunity as an advantage to get what I want.

“Okay,” I stood. “How about we play a game.”

John looks at me intrigued, straightening his back and raising an eyebrow. “What is it?”

“The rules are simple, we masturbate in front of each other – stroking, rubbing, fingering, dirty talk, all of that – but the catch is, the first person who caves in and touches the other loses and has to do the dishes for the rest of the month. How’s that sound?” I smirked, biting down on my bottom lip.

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Fireworks - Smut

Originally posted by miscinterests

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Paring: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,972
A/N: Anon requested Stiles fluff turned smut so here ya go! Have a safe and happy 4th of July!!

It was the morning of July 4th and you were a ball of nervous energy. Stiles Stilinski had asked you to “hang out” with him that night, and you were kind of excited. You’d been friends with him a long time, and your ‘more than friendly’ feelings for him had never exactly been a secret. But you’d never really spent time alone with him. Someone else from the pack was always around. This time, however, it was just going to be the two of you. It had been so adorable when he’d asked you. He had stuttered and blushed, telling you he knew a really good spot where you would be able to catch the fireworks show the county had planned. You had accepted right away, hoping you didn’t come off as desperate. He was coming to pick you up around 6, and you glanced at the clock nervously. It was only 12:30. You sighed and flopped back on your bed. What were you going to do for the rest of the day?

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Let’s talk about AkaKuroo

Okay, so first off - I’m having a lot of trouble knowing that they can’t have smart, attractive sarcastic babies together. Like they should just adopt Kiyoko and have done with it. Please stop me

But I was just - well, I was thinking about them showering together? So, okay, picture this with me:

Akaashi’s had a very hard, exhausting day, right? He just wants a hot shower, maybe some tea, and then bed.

So Kuroo’s watching him dragging his feet all the way to the bathroom, and he hates the idea that Akaashi would end his day feeling like that - that being the last thing he feels before falling asleep. As if he’s gonna let that happen. Goes into the bathroom, and the water’s already running. So he strips down, says something to announce his presence - because he knows Akaashi’s kinda stuck in his head just then - asks him if he’s okay, or how his day went. Then carefully pulls the curtain open and steps into the shower. Wraps his arms around Akaashi before he can even get out a groan. Just stands there with him for a bit, until he feels Akaashi relaxing a little - rubs circles into the small of his back, kisses his forehead, just lets him stay there as long as he wants. Massages shampoo into his hair and smiles brightly at him whenever their eyes meet, talks about something stupid to distract him. Once his mood’s improved a bit, Kuroo starts screwing around with him until he manages to coax a laugh or two out of him (probably an “idiot!” or two as well, oop). Akaashi kisses him a bit, they finish washing and wrap themselves in fuzzy towels and have some tea together before falling into bed and wrapping themselves around each other and just… existing together until they fall asleep.

And Akaashi wakes up feeling so refreshed and actually able to take on the next day~


Model AU

Sansa Stark is an up and coming model with big dreams. Under the guidance of her agent, she signs a contract with a high fashion clothing label. Unbeknownst to her, this means pairing up with Jon Snow, one of the most sought-after yet reclusive male models in the business. It’s a dream job, but there’s just one problem.

Sansa and Jon absolutely cannot stand one another.

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how would the main cast react after a big argument with their s/o?

Here ya go, Anon! Sorry it took so long! - Admin Avery

Finley - She’s a very unconfrontational person to those she loves, but when arguments happen It always ends with her storming off, not wanting to deal with this anymore because sure, they have a right to their opinion, but can they just at least see her side. Acknowledge it or something? She does quickly calm down after, given time to be alone, cry it out. But arguments either end with her getting too explosive or having to walk off before she does.

Landry - He’s one to not let it show that it bothered him, to keep his feelings to himself in private or vent to anyone but his s/o about how the argument made him feel. He’s clearly agitated when trying to do things, a lot more restless and he keeps losing track of his tools and work. Mixing up orders, which is very rare for someone as dedicated as him. If he does admit it, he tries to word it calmly so it doesn’t set something else off.

Hayes - This poor boy cannot handle arguments, so it’d probably defuse incredibly quickly when his s/o realizes or remembers that. He wouldn’t yell back, but instead probably whimper an apology for whatever caused it, offering to make them tea or something else to help them calm down. He tries his best to avoid arguments occurring and give his s/o comfort, so lots of cuddles and hot beverages after an argument.

Mason - I can only see this ending in a fight if Mason’s s/o continues to yell, despite her desire to keep her cool. An argument turning into her pushing them away, to make her own way to the door. However, it’s really likely if you notice her attempt to calm down the situation defuses, if you walk off the same thing’ll likely happen. So like Reese said, be careful with Mason.

Reese - It’s easy to tell Reese’s transition from sassy to hurt, he’d probably try to bottle what said affected him too much and likely cry about it after. He’d talk it out with you, for sure, and things would settle down. He’d try and take a look at the wrongs he did, as well. To make sure arguments wouldn’t happen again. After all, he knows love is a lot like magic, you need to make things work for the both of you for it to be truly beautiful.

Graves - I can’t see these sorts of things affecting him far too much, unless he felt you had betrayed his entire trust and heart that he had poured out to you. He’d step back, take a look at how both sides affected each other, and try to make things work again. In cases where he does end up too hurt, he’d likely cut you off wishing for you to never plague his presence again (much like with Nacht), but would still be somewhat polite (and sassy) if you did.