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[CaptainHawk] Prof!Clint

So for some reason tumblr refuses to let my post about this fic be visible in the tags. Grr. I suspect it has something to do with the fic title. I am not a spambot, tumblr!

So here is the link to ao3.

Clint has a secret life that he keeps away from his secret agent-assassin life. He’s doing research at an out of the way university, a place where he retreats to whenever he needs to recover or relax. It’s his home.

So when a stray Grant appears at the horizon, Clint takes three accidental steps: he flirts, he catches a cold, and he lets his mouth run off. But hey, at least there’s soup.

Or that fic where Clint fixed Tony’s research and then went back to his professor life to recover from the ouchies of his assassin life.

With Steeb & soup.


So friends, quick update: currently in the hospital because turns out I was SUPER anemic and am now getting a blood transfusion because of it. All is well, nothing scary going on to worry about as far as I know.

Yuuri is sweet and simple, like a baker. I would not be surprised to find out that he has worked in a bakery before coming here. He has that kind of warmth. I’m pretty sure he’s baked on a professional level.
—  Phichit Chulanont, Yuuri’s college roommate


“That’s my spot, Andrew.”



I was pondering about this for a bit, then decided, I really DO like this design, and want to do something with it. So here we go, no longer a weck, but now the first of what I can call a harpy, and an individual from the floof wing tribe. Still significantly smol compared to other sentient creatures and other harpy types, still so very fascinated with shinies that it distracts her from an empty stomache, but gone the need to eat young human beautiful maidens for their youth. :>

Now, all I need is a name for this little troublemaker.

Bullying is actually the stupidest thing


          &&. Peter has never in his life felt more out of place. He knows he’s supposed to be here, both on his true master’s orders and because James was fool enough to buy his sob story (as were they all, really), and he knew he would be an outcast here. He’s a former Slytherin, a self-proclaimed Death Eater on the first steps to redemption - or so he’s convinced them. Of course they barely trust him. But after their first fight when he’s sitting off to the side trying to bandage his own wounds with clumsy hands, as healing has never been his strong suit, he feels especially, decidedly other. The rest of them are fretting over each other, making sure everyone made it out alright. But though he’s spared a few glances here and there to check he still breathes, the rest seems to be his concern alone.

It’s fine, he tells himself. You’re here to do your job. Nothing else. And he’s lost in that thought when another set of hands takes the scraps of fabric from his injured arm and he jumps. He pulls his hand away, tempted to tug his sleeve down over the Dark Mark tattooed on to his abnormally pale skin and the gash across his forearm. “I need that, you know,” he tells her. Emily, he thinks her name is, but he’s not certain. Something close to it. “Unless you plan to fix it for me?” But his tone is entirely dismissive and disbelieving. He half expects her to try to knife him.

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death eater verse

Some people showed interest in a TogaFuka event, so here we go!

What is TogaFuka Weekend?

TogaFuka Weekend is pretty much what you think it is. It’s a weekend for the ship TogaFuka (Byakuya Togami x Touko Fukawa) from Dangan Ronpa.

What happens?

There are two prompts and people make fanwork of TogaFuka based on those prompts! You can either create something based on ‘reunion’ (which was absent in the dr3 anime) or if you want, something to do with ‘winter’.

The prompts are just a guideline. While it would be cool to see how different people interpret the prompts, it’s fine if you just do whatever you want to do.

Can I only do one prompt?

You can do both! Or one! Up to you.

What sort of things can I make?

Fanart. Fanfiction. Headcanons. Opinion Posts. Anything. And the size doesn’t matter - you want to create a doodle, create a doodle. You want to write a novel, write a novel. A few words? Okay! You can do a little thing one day and a bigger thing another day.

Also, liking and reblogging and sharing other people’s posts is very important too!

What tags should I tag things with?

Whatever you want but if you want me to see it, #togafukaweekend. I’m going to be reblogging everything here and I will gush over your stuff. Remember though, you must tag #togafukaweekend within the first five tags or it will not appear in the tag.

I hope as many of you can participate as possible. <3 <3 Also I hope you like the thing I drew for the image up there.

I was told to write headcanons for Al Koval

So here we go

  1. At first when he started doing the thing with listening to the recordings of his parents he didn’t even believe it. It was so that Jeff would have to look after hi because he was afraid Jeff would leave too.
  2. Al would make himself sick sometimes whenever Jeff was getting to distant an Al was worried he was getting suicidal. Al would drink a small amount of something poisons, just enough to make him sick to remind Jeff that Al really did need him.
  3. He never told Jeff about the poison, Jeff just thought that Al had a poor immune system and started making him take vitamins
  4. Al’s friends never met his parents anyway, even before they were dead. They traveled a lot. Al started doing the recordings partially because that way when they weren’t home he could still hear them.
  5. It was his parents who started that tradition, they would record themselves reading stories and singing songs so that wen they were away Al could listen to them to go to sleep to and not feel so alone.
  6. Jeff threw out those tapes and would read to Al instead after one time he found Al crying because hearing his parents voices just made him miss them more.
  7. Whenever Jeff, Vinnie and Evan were together Al would try to stay up with them. They’d let him try, sit around in the basement playing video games. Eventually all would get tired and end up stretching out on the carpet with a pillow and watching them play till he fell sleep to the sounds of their voices, that was much nicer then the tapes.
  8. He wanted Evan to teach him how to cook but even with the know how Al still managed to burn everything but he never gave up because he knew that Jeff was having to work full time and go to school at the same time to look after Al and didn’t have any time for himself. The first time Jeff comes home to find that Al is nervously waiting there with dinner ready Jeff almost cries and doesn’t care that the rice is over cooked because he was just so tired and it was so nice to have someone look after him even a little after his parents death.

one thing I noticed about civil war was this cut where they were all suddenly dressed in their suits so i can only assume