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wowwowo commissions amazing

I gotta get some money together to go to Anime Expo so here we are

If interested:

  • no mechs/armor/nsfw(boobs are ok though just ask)
  • price is per character (anything extra or difficult will likely cost more)
  • Email me at rinnyleep@gmail. You can send any questions there or message me on here.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions!


Seokjin: you’re holding me for ransom at $1000? I’m a princess lmao go higher

Namjoon: y’know where are we going as people? what’s the point of life? when-

Kidnappers: *sets namjoon free*

Kidnappers: *ties up yoongi*

Kidnappers: So here’s what we’re go- is- is he snoring????

Yoongi: ZZZZZZ

Hoseok: hii! Where are we going? what’re we doing? Is that a real gun? wh-

Jimin: *blinfolded wow jungkook i did say i wanted to try something new but-

Taehyung: hyungs? are you hazing me into the rap line? are we doing cyper Pt. 5?

Junkgkook: *blindfolded* wow jimin you did say you wanted to try something new but-

she crawls up to me in the dead of the night, my heart in the outstretched palm of her hand and says, “i’m not quite sure how to do this.” the moon says it’s too early
to be talking like this and i know to always follow nature’s advice, but i don’t want her to love me the wrong way. but what does the moon know about a girl on earth, a girl with a hole in her chest? what does the moon know about me? i don’t know how to do it either, i whisper, let’s make all the right mistakes for all the wrong reasons. to hell with the moon, with nature, with obligation. love me the wrong way. we can fix it later, sew me back together with a dull needle and ragged thread, patch me and stitch me and fix me. i can be a broken girl for love. if i can heal, too.
some promises should not be made. the moon knows more than i thought she did. turns out she knows everything about a girl on earth, a girl with a hole in her chest where her heart used to be. the dead of the night fades into the fresh breath of the morning sun. i should have taken nature’s advice. i shouldn’t have let her love me the wrong way.
it’s so much easier
to break
than it is
to heal.
—  what does the moon know?

Everyone, meet my new gardener friend!! I came across him on a street near the beach. he was cutting a long branch and getting rid of its twigs so I asked him what he was going to do with it. apparently, as he told me, he has many fruit orchards and he’s going to use the stick as a support to one of his trees. he’s a graduate of agriculture and we had a loong chat about plants and crops. he has a lot of precious knowledge about nature. he gave me some tips about how to make weather predictions by observing animals (seaguls and a local bird whose name I forgot). He told me about how long some seeds take to germinate. and he asks me how long does parsley take and I said “idk, around three days??” and he got so offended. like “whatt??? three days? really? it takes(insert correct info here, 17 I think) and that’s how long it takes me. it will take you 21” okay okayyy . I’m a stupid child😂 anyway then we talk about fruit trees and he talks about how he picks the mulberries, how he tried grafting a fruit tree with the wild variety but failed (but his dad used to know how to) and where he gets all the herb and veggie plantlets that he sells (and which ones do I want and how many) and he talks about his grandchildren. his first wife who was Italian and lives in Italy now (who was an amazing person but he didn’t treat her right and is very sorry about it). where her daughter is working. how he walks all day long on the seaside and to many other places. Apparently he has many regular customers (like this professor who comes for the particular local edible and the other who asked for the etc but it’s not their season anymore and so on). anyway then we got something to eat at the end. I really enjoyed our conversation. I guess he did too coz he promised to save a whole fig tree’s fruit just for me:3 (there’s this local type of quirky figs in İstanbul) anyway, I already feel like I’ve had all the figs on the tree^_^ ❤️🌿

Finally properly re-opening commissions!

Okay! So a while back I opened commissions and never actually got around to them (My apologies to those who asked for commissions! That’s why I don’t take payment in advance!) Life got SUPER HECTIC and I didn’t really have the energy or ability to do anything decent. SO! Here we go again, now that I have time and very little to do since I’m doing part time work.

Those who previously asked for commissions - if you’re still interested, you are first served! 

SO - 

Digital art:

Bust sketch (examples) - £5.00 (Upgrade to a full body sketch at £8.00)

Coloured bust, rough shading, no background (examples) - £15.00 (+ £5.00 for each additional character/figure)

FULL body, full shading, with background (examples) - £30.00 (+£10.00 for each additional character/figure) 

Basically anything in between (say, a coloured rough sketch for example) is also negotiable! Hit me up.

Traditional Art:

(Less examples, sorry!)

A4 lines, one character - £15.00

A4 lines, light watercolour touches - £20.00
(+ £5.00 per extra character)

Watercolour postcards - £7.00

Arylic canvas; £40.00 + depending on size of canvas and complexity. (I can do a literal 6ft one for like £200 if someone is ridiculous)

Simple sketch - £5.00
A4 sketch sheet - £13.00

Happy to do lowkey smut and a bit of blood. Nothing too explicit and there are certain themes I will not draw. Other than that, open to draw anything, from any fandom, OCs, etc.


  1. TAKEN.
  2. Open.
  3. Open.
  4. Open.
  5. Open.
  6. Open.
  7. Open.

Payment via PayPal! Message me for details!

Selfie Tag

i got tagged by my one and only @justapansexualfanficwriter to post my most recent ugly selfie and 10 facts about myself  LMAO so here we go

don’t mind me pls


  1. i can’t cook for shit like i managed to burn the oven mitts while i was trying to cook some pasta. for real man. i can’t break the freaking eggs without destroying them and make a mess. recently i almost killed my microwave by putting an aluminum box in it ha ha yes im that stupid,,
  2. i hate vegetables and i am very picky like i don’t eat many of them and that’s terribly wrong i know but im a baby so *pouts*
  3. when i was a child i wanted to be a fashion designer indeed i used to draw fancy dresses and keep them like i had my professional portfolio which i still have. i was very proud of it lmao
  4. i have two dimples! one is near my left cheek and the second one is always in the left below my bottom lip. they both appear only when i smile
  5. a friend of mine told me my eyes seem like a starry sky bc they are so so dark and reflect all the lights and i got emotional bc i cannot handle compliments *sobs*
  6. i am the best at doing scary pranks (bc i am kinda soundless when i move, sometimes i scare ppl unintentionally lmaooo
  7. i tend to be jealous towards the people i love but ha ahaha i will never admit it to the person at hand bc im  a mess and i love to overthink and fuck my mind up
  8. i cry easily over fictional-sad stuff/puppies but not so easily over irl stuff. i won’t cry until i’ve really had enough. pp who hurt me are not worthy of my tears bc im a fucking nice person and u don’t deserve me (:
  9. never had a love life or a life in general bc im so awkward like if i have i crush on u i wouldn’t be able to look into ur eyes neither talk to you so lmao im so obvious and im sorry,, im shy
  10. you may think i have some art techniques and stuff but actually it’s just me yelling and swearing at my computer while i try drawing stuff randomly hoping it comes out decent lol

i taggg: no one bc  im lazy

Checkmate (ch2)

oliver/adrian (eventual olicity) || ao3 || mature  || angst || 2679 || more fics

summary: Oliver is trying to move forward with his life. He wants Felicity to be happy, but he also wants happiness for himself. He thinks he might find this happiness with Adrian. (season 5 rewrite)
chapters: 2/?
chapter word count: 1447
a/n: this took me so long to write and idek why, but here we go….

disclaimer: This is a story about Oliver and Felicity dating other people. It’s about the exploration of their sexualities as well as who they are as people. It is going to feature Oliver/Adrian and to a lesser extent Felicity/Dinah. The relationship between Adrian and Oliver is a manipulative and abusive one. That’s canon and it continues in this fic, but in a different way. The farther the story goes the closer it’s going to get to an Olicity ending, but if you are not interested in Adrian/Oliver or Dinah/Felicity then I suggest you skip this story.

Oliver found himself in a position he didn’t think he would be in again. He was on a first date. After finding out that Felicity was dating someone new, and apparently had been for awhile, he decided he owed it to himself to take a chance. He was still very much in love with Felicity and he figured that part of him always would be, but it was time to move forward.

It felt strange to be on a date after being a taken man for what felt like eons. He knew it was less than a year, but he had been ready to marry her.

“You okay?” Adrian asked as he sat down across from him.

Oliver sighed, “Just thinking.”

“Looked like it was more than that.”

Adrian leaned forward on the table, his deep blue-green eyes looking at him expectantly. Oliver sucked in a deep breath. He wasn’t sure why, but he did feel like he could talk to Adrian. He was kind and was the first person to pull him out of his shell in a while. There was really no point in stuffing away his feelings, right?

“I was just thinking that it’s the first time I’ve been on a date in awhile. It feels weird,” he let out a slow breath.

Adrian’s brows went up, “It’s not because….” he motioned at himself.

He felt heat creeping up his neck, “I’ve never been on a date with another man before, no, but,” he drummed his fingers on top of the table, “I guess everything is a bit new.”

Keep reading

Ok, I’ve been thinking about the last CU book, and it got me thinking about an AU that could be possible!

You know how George and Harold go in the time machine to go save Sulu and Crackers? Well, let’s say that they did, and unlike most time travel cliches, them doing this actually has positive repercussions?

They go back to their time after saving Sulu and Crackers and reuniting them with their babies, and everything seems normal. Same old Piqua, same old school, same old Krupp, same old life.

But then… someone snaps their fingers. And an all-too-familiar smile crosses their principal’s face. A smile George and Harold thought they’d never see again.


“Yeah, Harold?”

“I never thought I’d be so happy to say this, but…”

“Here we go again.”

@dandelionandbuttercup, @holy-squirrel-of-death, thank you so much! ♥

I don’t usually do these things, but this one seemed pretty cool, so here we go:

  1. my hair [it’s really soft + now it’s ginger because I always wanted to have red hair, and I love it]
  2. my eyes
  3. my writing skills [even tho I hate almost everything I’ve ever written, I know it’s just my inner critic trying to prove I suck, but am I going to listen? not a chance. and yeah, some of my pieces are goddamn brilliant]
  4. my imagination [it can be pretty wild. I’m one of those people who almost never talk, but my mind is never a boring place]
  5. my body [this one is very important. I’ve been judged my whole life for being too skinny, made fun of, been criticized, etc. It took me a really long time to learn to feel comfortable in my own skin and look at myself as a beautiful human being I am]

a restful home.