so here she is

Hosting a party at my house and family is here and feeling that casual reminder that I can’t hold a conversation with any of them


They’re from Sam Tull.


National gf day here is my gf and me yay

My god literally ever since i came out of the fucking womb since she never had any daughters my grandmother’s devoted half her damn life to hyperfeminizing me and i honestly cannot fucking believe i still have to deal w it at the age that i am

Lauren: *Denies Camren*

Me: * Thinks aggressively*

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Lauren: “Aww, CamiLLa”


baratheon meme: three family relationships (1/3)

“I am not frightened,” Edric said indignantly. “Only … is Shireen coming too?”

“No,” said Davos. “The princess must remain here with her father and mother.”

“I have to see her then,” Edric explained. “To say my farewells. Otherwise she’ll be sad.”