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Midnight Snack

Story time.

So, a couple years ago, my friend Sarah joined the Navy reserves (or something idk details) and she had to go do boot camp and then some sort of training/work experience or something like that. Anyways. We were up late talking one night when suddenly Sarah got an intense craving for trail mix. She’s still on this naval base after boot camp

So here we are, it’s probably 2 am for Sarah and she wants to sneak out of her room, down to the mess hall for Trail Mix. @annaveth and I are trying to convince her “no sarah don’t do it you’ll get in trouble” because seriously she wants to try to sneak down past the floor wardens for TRAIL MIX and she could get in actual trouble if she gets caught.

But, a tired Sarah is a Sarah no one can reason with. The last we heard from her was “I’M GONNA DO IT” and we didn’t see her again that night.


When I woke up the next morning, I was greeted to the sight of a picture of two bags of trail mix and a text:

“why do i have these”

She didn’t remember our conversation, nor did she remember actually sneaking out to go get the snack.

Later we were told that apparently she was trying to sneak down ninja style and when she did eventually run into the floor warden she said, (as told to her by the floor warden the next morning) “you didn’t see anything”, did some ninja move and continued down the stairs. Finding it so amusing the floor warden didn’t do anything but laugh and thus, Sarah was free to get her trail mix.

tl:dr, my friend Sarah snuck out after curfew to get trail mix and didn’t even remember she did it the next morning

emergency relationship advice needed

Okay so I have a confession to make: I’m on tinder since like last week. I really downloaded it for fun to see what will happen and who is on it in my area, and I got matched with this really attractive girls and texted her, and we chatted for like four days (since Monday). It was nice and casual and I thought maybe if I get to know her and she is as nice as she seems I’ll meet her.

But today I got a text from her and she already wants to meet me. And I immediately freaked out because hell I’m not ready for this! I have wild social anxiety and I’m hella autistic, I don’t meet people in real life after knowing them for less than a week! And now I have quite a dilemma cause I don’t want to rush it and force myself to go out with her and suffer through anxiety and potentially ruin it, but I also don’t wanna seem like I’m not interested. And I don’t think there is a socially acceptable way to say “hey I’m brainweird”.

So… what should I do? I do want to meet her eventually, but I just wanna to get to know her first. I have no idea what tinder etiquette is like but from her profile I’m guessing she isn’t into one night stands and is looking for datemates and she just doesn’t like texting and wants to talk to me irl. But I don’t. Not yet at least. And now I’m super anxious just because of this.

I understand a lot of my followers are autistic too but maybe you have some wisdom so please share it.

the more i think about it the more terrified i become bc changing my name legally is something i wanna do but i dunno the process of having to contact my bank and shit to have those documents changed. ill have to do it before my course ends tho since i’m registered under my preferred name @ college……

so here’s the lowdown my dudes
i am not as active as i was before, work keeps me busy & pretty mentally drained on top of a weirdly active social life ( … my introvert ass really didn’t ask for this |8 ). keeping up with blog after blog is not good for my already drained brain. & i know there’s still an odd stigma about multi-muse blogs floating about but for my own sanity i’m gonna move jordan to my oc multi-muse blog. there is no obligation to follow her over there, i ain’t gonna judge youf or itbut that’s where she’ll be for now.

pls take care of yourselves & maybe we’ll see you around !!~


So you know in the movie Queenie dropped all that tea when she felt/knew Tina was going to die? She could probably sense when Newt and Tina had their first kiss! She freaks tf out while Jacob is like “????????” So here are some doodles.

Based on a request by @mountshire


°☆.。.:*・°☽ I was in bed last night thinking about this. Friends please. Luna would be so incredibly kind to Credence I’m sure. She would be so peculiar and bizarre as well and that might concern Credence and perhaps frighten him a bit as her oddness seems to do. But she’d be so supportive and helpful, comforting. So here are some ridiculously messy scribbles of me indulging myself in their friendship. This is probably really idealized but I love both Credence and Luna and when I love two characters I draw them together.

tagging some Credence’s i follow too ( @ismiracle ) ( @discontrol ) ( @lightfeared ) ( @obscuruus ) there are others i’m sure, i just can’t think at the moment.

Oh boy. Becky’s friend arguing with strangers about chemistry on his Christmas post. 🙈 She even created a hashtag for them. Guess there really are teams here. This girl attended one of the live shows so she is close to the situation. Must be a sore spot if she felt the need to respond?

Holiday Challenge: 7

The music is blasting on the seventh floor of the FBI building, you actually stop moving you’re so startled by the volume. It may be a Saturday but you can’t believe that Hotch is okay with the volume. Morgan sees you through the windows and you see him laugh softly, the look on your face must be one of shocked bewilderment. You walk into the bullpen and are surprised to see your coworkers all working diligently. Morgan passes you a pair of earplugs and you squeeze his hands gratefully. Rolling the wax into a ball you put the plug in and sigh in relief. Clearly this is Penelope’s doing.
“Does she do this every year?” You call over the music and he nods.
“Just wait. In an hour or so she’s gonna start dragging us out of here to help her decorate. So get as much done as you can before it’s your turn.” You nod your head toward Hotch and you see Morgan laugh more than you hear it. “He acts like he hates it but it’s one of his favorite things about the holidays.”
“Decorating with Penelope?” You ask in surprise and he nods. The two of you get to work then, as best you can with music so loud.
Sure enough a half hour after you arrive Penelope comes in and steals Morgan away with little resistance. JJ puts up a bit more of a fight but she too goes with Penelope. Rossi is next, there’s no hesitation with him, he even sneaks the alcohol out of his office and out of the bullpen. He throws you a wink and you can’t help the laugh that passes your lips. You’re almost hoping you’re not going to be next. You want to see how long Hotch and Spencer can hold up against Penelope, or if they’ll even try. Sure enough you’re next, Penelope grabs your wrist and drags you out of the office.
“You’re in charge of door decorations!” She tells you loudly and excitedly.
“What am I doing?” You ask and she passes you a pair of scissors then points to a stack of papers. You look at the stack in surprise and Penelope laughs.
“Girl, I do not mess around with the Christmas decorations.” She tells you as you settle onto the floor with the scissors she gave you.
Ten minutes later Hotch joins you on the floor with his own pair of scissors. The two of you finish cutting out the decorations and when Hotch reaches down a hand for you you take it and he pulls you to your feet.
“Let’s go get these up.” He calls into your ear and you nod. The two of you work quickly, and as “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” Comes on you can’t help but sing along. The song changes and Hotch catches your hand and the two of you dance to the music. This isn’t the normal Hotch that you’re used to but he’s fun and you’re enjoying this new holiday tradition.
“Less dancing more garland!” Penelope yells throwing a jumble of garland at you with a smile. You laugh and do as she says as the song changes yet again.
“Deck the halls is right.” Hotch calls with a smile.
“No kidding!”

avatarsymbolismsblogs  asked:

5 headcanons - maiatara lesbian suffragettes

  1. Mai and Katara meet at a meeting to plan a protest for women’s rights.
  2. Mai is dating Zuko when they meet. She’s confused as to why her feelings for him don’t sound like what most people feel for their boyfriends, but she does love him so she goes with it until Katara sparks something different in here. She feels very guilty for ending it and claims it is because she’s just too busy to date at first.
  3. Mai and Katara have a “Boston Marriage”
  4. Mai has a Model T, she and Katara make out in the back of it.
  5.  When anyone questions Mai’s decisions, she claims it’s simply that she’s embracing the feminist movement and the life of a flapper instead of the domestic life, instead of ever admitting she’s gay.
MCL Girlfriend Headcanons: Them showing you affection!

(I tried to to do list but I really just could not think of enough to create a big post like I do with the boys, I’m sorry ;-; )


She would be very flirtatious, all the time. She has a bit of a sexy side to her so I could see her whispering slightly dirty things in your ear, only half-jokingly. She’d be very touchy feely, holding your hands all the time, laying her head against your shoulder, hugging you. She’d give you lots of kisses on your cheek throughout the day, only really kissing you when you’re alone When you are alone though she’s all over you, more than usual. Running her hand up your thigh, kissing your neck, etc… She’s very possessive so maybe a lil hickey here and there~


She’d be very embarrassed about the whole thing, like blushing just from holding hands with you, that kind of thing. She’s not very bold so you’d maybe have to initiate a lot of the PDA. It would mainly stick to hand holding and occasionally a peck on the cheek but other than that she gets really red in the face. When you’re alone she’s more comfortable and will cuddle with you, and occasionally make out with you but not before being really nervous and hesitant about it.


Melody would be very sweet, and gentle. She wouldn’t do anything too bold unless you initiated it. So like, in public don’t expect any kisses unless you approach her. She does the basic stuff like hand holding, and hugging. She loves putting her head on your shoulder and holding onto your arm. She loves to play in your hair and give you back rubs, and she’ll shyly give you kisses on your shoulders when she does. She gets pretty, uh, turned on during make out sessions so be careful.


This small cinnamon roll is just too cute for words. She blushes at everything. She’s definitely not the one to initiate any kind of romantic affection. She’ll timidly stand a bit closer to you than usual but other than that she’s pretty shy. She loves to receive really tight hugs though, and she’ll snuggle up to your chest and wrap her arms around your waist. She’s always a blushing mess if you give her any kind of kiss out in public, whether it’s on the hand, cheek, forehead, anywhere. The poor girl nearly passes out from embarrassment. In private she doesn’t get nearly as shy as she does in public but she still blushes a lot and you have to encourage her to do a lot of things that she isn’t sure about.


Peggy isn’t very affection tbh, she’s very independent and she’s always busy with her news articles and such. She isn’t very cuddly but she does like it when you come up behind her and wrap your arms around her waist, while nuzzling her neck. She doesn’t show a lot of affection in public but not because she doesn’t want to. It’s just not in her nature and she honestly just doesn’t about it. If you make a move though, she won’t object. She kisses really nice kisses though, and she’s got a nice booty to grab. She also shockingly loves giving and receiving hickeys.


She’s pretty proud of her relationships; she will show her partner off so much. She’ll walk around with you and make you put your arm around her. Not in a forceful way, more like a “Ughh, baaaabyyyy! *whiny voice*” She loves sitting on your lap and wrapping her arms around your neck. She loves kissing, and if she feels like someone else is checking you out or trying to put the moves on you she’ll pull you down and kiss the hell out of you. Will also mark the hell out of you, she wants the world to see.


Charlotte isn’t very affectionate either. Like, her affection isn’t super fluffy and lovey-dovey, it’s more like “Oh, hey babe,” with a quick peck on the lips. She likes to have your arm around her as well, and she likes when you place your hand a little lower than usual. In private she’s kind of the same but she’ll do more things, like sit on your lap, snuggle you, make out with you, etc. She likes watching Netflix with you, maybe a lil chill on the side.


I’m honestly not sure about Li, hmm… Sometimes she’s very affectionate and she wants all your attention, and other times she just wants her space. She cn be a bit annoyed if you become clingy, but when she wants your loving you better give them to her or she because a little crybaby. She loves hugging, and she will walk with her arms wrapped around you all day. She gives lots of cheek kisses, which result in lipstick stains on your face for days.


Kimis pretty laid back when it comes to affection. She’ll sling her arm over your shoulder and give you a quick kiss. She kind of forgets where she is sometimes and will randomly start slowly kissing your neck because “she couldn’t resist.” She doesn’t prefer to be the “little spoon” in the relationship because it makes her feel like a baby. She prefers to be the more dominant one. In private she’s constantly cornering you for surprise make out sessions.


Priya is pretty chill also. She’s not big on the cuddly stuff but she likes to have your arm around her shoulders and vice versa. She’s also got a thing for butt grabbing so be prepared for unexpected slaps and squeezes to your bottom. In private she’s a lot more open but she can be lazy so if you want to cuddle you’re gonna have to walk over to her to do it. She likes kissing your neck and hands, and she likes trailing kisses down your back.


She’s very flirty and sweet towards you. She likes to sneak up on you and jump on your back, and she likes playfully biting you. She lives for kisses on the cheek, and she always leave a glossy lip print on you. I don’t think she’d be into full blown make outs in public but a smooch here and there never hurt. She can be a bit clingy sometimes, but she’ll give you your space when you want it. She also likes to compliment you, like “Babe, you look so cute!”


She’s very private about things so she wouldn’t really show much affection until you two were alone. It would take a bit longer for her to start showing any kind of PDA, but the most she would do is a little hand holding. She secretly calls you really cheesy pet names, and she gets embarrassed if say them in front of others. In private she’s very cuddly and she likes to give you bunny kisses. She loves giving you hand crafted gifts as well.