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Yuri on Ice Accent Challenge!

I got tagged by the wonderful @pureren and @xenophonspeaks <3 Sorry this took so long! Please thank @chiruchill for making me extra excited to do this :D 

Name and URL

How did you find out about Yuri!!! On Ice?

Do you prefer sub or dub?

Pronounce the following words:

Victor Nikiforov, Yuri Katsuki, Yuri Plisetsky, Makkachin, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Kenjirou Minami, Georgi Popovich, Jean Jacques Leroy, Emil Nekola, Hasetsu, Katsudon, Vkusno!!

Who’s your favorite character and why?

Who’s your least favorite character and why?

What was your favorite moment in the series?

Any moments that made you cry/tear up?

What is your OTP?

What else do you ship?

Most attractive character

Which character would you want to be friends with?

Which character would you not get along with?

What was your favorite choreographed piece? Favorite song?

Which outfit is your favorite?

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Me yesterday, at 3:30 pm: ok after all these 35 hours with no sleep I think a good nap will be welcomed by my body! I sure hope I don’t sleep till dinner, waking up by 7pm would be nice haha!

Me today, 14 hours later, waking up past 5 am:

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Bad things mv only.

Some say that it lacked narrative and that it was all great aesthetics only. Well, I beg to differ. I don’t know if my interpretation is right or wrong or this is what the artists and director want to convey. Or maybe I am over or under analyzing it. For me it seems impossible that artistic people like them can’t convey what they wanted to say. I rewatched it for the second time and had it slowed down on the third time. And boy, had it become clear, or at least on how I viewed it to be. And it is beautiful and poetic (or is it just me and how i make it to be? Lol)
And so, here are my thoughts.

Ok, so i have 3 interpretations of the BT MV. None delusional. Hahahaha. Unless you read between the lines. Cuz i see it.

A: the obvious one. two no collar hipster or homeless like lovers who are with their friends and where poverty leads them from one point unto another doing bad things just to survive and meet ends. If u see it, i think they got jailed and didnt jump, see flashbacks. chk this part(1:08 of the vid)

B: if you look at it, the end and start obviously gives us flashbacks. Now it’s in these parts that u got to piece it together.
Ok, so they could be two lovers who met when they were very young. Like the male character wanted to give her the world and to chase gold and treasures forgetting that in the process of protection and providence, he kinda lost sight of what he has and his actions are subtly and subconsciously showing another message and that he himself so as the female character misinterpret and are confused of the situation and of the feelings they now generate. It could be too that in making a decision he forgets that he’s not the only one affected, and that it is not just his opinion and that he has to consider and reconsider things and not just be impulsive and rash in making decisions.

The male character though gets influenced or does things to meet ends and in the process forgets or disregards the female character’s presence as we see three other friends cheer her up. Like in life, we often forget what we have when we are too focused/obsessed on a goal or we in the process become selfish and complacent that those we love will stay and are always there. Forgetting that they could feel hurt too. That they’re actually breathing and living creatures, humans, that’s what they are called and they have this thing called feelings just like you do. :P

If we see thru it, this guy(cutie!) with long hair has only passing (vague) shots until at some point he becomes someone who influences the male character to do these bad things and he affects the lead’s actions and decisions. In the end the lovers tried to survive, desperate(see it in connotations, not direct literal meanings as shown) for the two of them to stay together despite the toxicity but people(in metaphor as policemen) tried to chase them and they are confronted to jump…jump where…deeper into love, and stay? Or give up and surrender and give in to what these people have been saying and be incarcirated in what society says? Freedom from Love’s toxicity means happiness while the irony of conformity is incarceration. You jump when you have to jump. Cause when will you know? we’ll never know when is the right time to jump cause what we’re only given is now. And personally decisions leads to two roads that will lead you to one way where you could never go back and it is here that u are to face decisions after desicions. Options after options. I think they conformed but ended up jailed in hurt, society, anger…just all that negativity of not having something that makes you happy or it could be that they are still confused if they’ll stay together. Together or not it seems toxic(this scene again, at 1:08)

This video is a story of bravery and courage(see past what is shown) and of will and conviction. Why I say so? Cause i saw Camila’s family story here and her 1% chance at a dream. We all struggle but we’ve gotta be tough enough to embrace suffering as it is part of life and with the right mindset can give us the by product of happiness. This is more than a love story for me. They indeed found a love richer than life because that kind of love is the type that showers and enriches one’s life to keep on going. That it is ok to color outside the lines.

They could have stayed together and are still having a bad romance that they are willing to go thru and partake cause they still see and feel true happiness in it. Or they broke up and are still stuck and whipped with each other and end up fighting, hating, or do bad things to hurt the other cause they are in heightened mix of emotions. It could be too thay they are sepatated but whatever happened to them was bad and they just ended up having bad blood.

For me, it shows that we are evolving in life and in love. That we learn and learn who we are and who the other person is. Is toxicity a rubric that makes one or outsiders say that this love isn’t worth fighting for?whose standards and who is to say what? Isn’t love and decisions then relative? It’s a story that life is complicated even with the simple answers of yes and no to a jump. Cause a yes and no can converge or diverge a world and that answers emcopass little details that are to product bigger consequences. It’s life. It’s love. Will you jump?

C: P.S. Im going back to that long haired boy. That scene in the park with mkg…ok he might as it looks like stuck a deal with him to steal that car and they ended up fighting probably who gets what. But….that smile he had, he seemed to emanate care. I mean there was this park scene twice, the boy and mkg. Like the male character might be gay and the female character still chose to stay? And the male character instead chose her and the toxicity continues. Ok, this is just some dark funny fleeting thought. im sorry, i just got that vibe.

Great aesthetics and acting skills by the way. Anyhow, im going for letter B on this one. And see letter B. Can you see and read what Im reading here fam? This is aside from the rings, flowers, three supportive friends and youthful love….and eggs? ;)

So, does it still lack narrative?

(Apart from rings,followers and youthful love. An influencing friend, the metaphor of the police and yes, what does jump mean to Camren again? Jump: haven’t cams rb a jump pic or gif before and a jump quote? The indirects. And hasn’t L rb a jump quote? And yes, Sinu with that great advice about jumping to Camila(about life). Tell me if im wrong and im not in the mood to scan thru their accts or my heap of screen shots. U exactly know what i mean. And i won’t elaborate on the other metaphors. You are CS. You know too well. You know too much. And you’re smart, sexy and delusional. ;) ) -14thbaker


*rises from grave* heyyy mi familia !!! i made this a while ago but thought i should post it here bc i havent posted anything in so long LOL

these are just some things that i (oddly imo) associate w/ my seijoh babies !!! i hope u can relate to some !!

• Oikawa: pastel blue, bubblegum bubbles popping, champagne, those gumball dispensers outside of candy stores
•Iwaizumi: 5 o'clock shadow, the smell newly cut grass, burgundy, men’s cologne
•Hanamaki: wearing a sunhat at the beach, jukeboxes, dusk, pale pink
•Matsukawa: a rlly deep violet, the feeling of going into a bookstore you havent been to in so long, coffee from your favorite coffee shop, really warm hugs, deep laughs (he gets five bc i didnt wanna remove any i feel like they should all be here)
•Yahaba: the smell of a bakery upon entering, a 90s pop song, stepping onto a college campus for the first time, light gray
•Watari: tulips, light green, that feeling you get when you see a sibling you havent seen in so long, watching birds fly away
•Kyoutani: wrestling in the mud, getting a haircut for the first time (hint hint lmfao), maroon, watching animal videos on youtube
•Kindaichi: looking up at a clear night sky, the feeling of passing a test you didnt study for, old baby photos, a light brown
•Kunimi: gameboys, the heaviness in your eyes when your trying to keep yourself awake, silver, sleeping in during a thunderstorm

So…it’s approximately 2:30am here and I went out to buy ink because I ran out and need to print out the rest of my band score for my unit plan final (due tomorrow, haven’t even started, lol, cries)…and upon walking into the glorious 24 hour grocery store, my eyes caught sight of THE FRIGGIN FANTASTIC BEASTS ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY and because it’s 2:30am, I impulse bought it.

Guess who’s reading this for the next couple hours and not sleeping/working on her final projects.

I have spent the past couple of months craving the attention of someone. It got to the point where I would cry myself to sleep at 2 am because they didn’t like my selfie. They never have and never will like me. Why would I waste time on someone who won’t do the same? I have loving friends who provide more than enough and I don’t know tbh. My chest still feels a little bit tight when I think about or see them but other than that I have gotten over it. I’m a lot happier now and have realized how much support and love I really have.

Conclusion: This is my really shitty way of saying that I love you both even though I dissociate a lot and it probably doesn’t seem like it. It took me quite a while to realize y’all do care about me too but I’ve gotten there. I know it must be a pain in the ass when I never express my feelings so here you go lol. Thank you so much for all the support over these years and everything else. 

@5amanthus @cosmic-tulips

Pretend Makato isn’t there lmao. 


So I tagged by these lovely ladies @jinssmile & @bangtannoon and I had finished this earlier but I hit my 250 post limit earlier haha so here you guys go now!

1. Who was your first bias and who is your current bias?

I am guessing within bangtan or what lol this question is so vague so I’ll do it like this!

BTS: 1st bias - Suga // Current bias - Jhope
B.A.P: 1st bias - Daehyun // Current bias - Zelo
GOT7: 1st bias - Mark Tuan // Current bias - still Mark Tuan, but Jinyoung is slowly taking over
EXO: 1st bias - Luhan // Current bias - Chanyeol
SVT: 1st bias - The8 // Current bias - S.Coups

2. Why did you get into kpop

Why? Well it’s more of a “how” lol but how I got into kpop is because I had stumbled upon an anime fmv and the song used was Oh! by SNSD and the rest was history lol the “why” aspect of it is because it is mainly because of B.A.P and BTS (mostly B.A.P) because in their song lyrics, they tackle issues that are almost never addressed in the media and it is because of B.A.P’s “No More War” VCR, I learned the names of wars that I never knew existed.

3. If you could join any kpop group, who would you choose?

Any kpop group? Hmmm I would choose either Red Velvet or BLACKPINK. Their music genre/overall style appeals to me more and they look like a fun group of girls to sing and dance with.

4. If your biases proposed to you, who would you choose?

So you’re telling me that I have to pick between Zelo or Jhope?!!! (Which is funny my mom asked me this question or something similar lol she had asked me one night if both Zelo or Jhope proposed to me right now, who would I choose lol I chose Jhope XD) but right now I honestly I cannot choose since I love both of them but for different reasons, however, I’m leaning more towards Zelo since he’s my ultimate bias

5. If you could be in any fanfic, what would it be?

OOH! There’s this one fanfic author that I love on AFF (the name is kristinxm) and I am absolutely in love with her Enslaved Vows series (so far she has one on Suga, which is finished plus a short epilogue story & she is currently working on Jungkook’s story. CHECK THEM OUT!!) so I would totally want to be in that series! :)

6. What mythical creature would you be?

Mythical creature? Hmm… probably a fairy lol

7. Supernatural!au or mafia!au?

Mafia AU lol I don’t know why but that appeals to me more than supernatural AUs

8. Which kpop idol would you want to switch bodies with?

You know this may sound weird lol but I would want to switch bodies with either Zelo or the meme lord of Bangtan, Jungkook lol I want to know what it would be like to be the maknae and see how much they are loved by their hyungs XD

9. If you could have any idol as a pocket sized companion, who would it be?

Surprisingly, I would want either Jongup or Zelo since these two are both cute and adorable (except for this era… they are NOT cute and adorable!!!) Plus Zelo is my child already lol so might as well have him in pocket form, but either Yoongi or Jimin would be a close second since they are smol lol

10. Which idol would you want as a sibling?

Interestingly enough, I would want Jhope as a sibling since we already know how much he dotes on his older sister, so why not

11. If you were only able to say five words to your bias, what would you say to them?

Zelo: I am so proud of you! Jhope: It is fine to show other emotions! :)
(well that is longer but you get it lol)

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〖KAITO V3 English〗History Maker (Yuri!!! On Ice Opening Theme)〖Vocaloidカバー・MMD PV〗 

i think my original YOI cover video has been blocked in some countries due to the video i used…. so heres an mmd version! enjoy ;P lol

※ check out more of my videos & artwork under the tag #SweetSoSweet

So. I sang the song. For the meme. Cuz I had one more music note LOL. So. Here it is. I messed up like three times? But was like “I’m in the zone and it’s mainly acceptable besides those moments.” XDD I’m sorry if I suck, I’m finally getting confident with higher pitches.

Watch your volume, folks– x