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it’s 23 in my timezone so yea here’s my @vldexchange‘s Sheith Birthday Exchange for @lucifercaelestis ! thanks for dragging me to pre-kerberos hell sobs;; hope you like it!

i just want he knows that everyone loves this birthday boy ;;

also sorry for being inactive lately October is super tough by giving me deadlines ;;

Imagine Bill attending the premiere of your newest movie and gushing over your in interviews.

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“Bill!” the interviewer said with a big smile “It’s so great to see you here, you took photos with your girlfriend and you both seemed to really be enjoying it!”

“Oh yes of course, we are both very happy today!” he said with a grin, glancing at you that were still taking photos with the rest of the cast at the red carpet after you had taken a couple together. He was almost unable to tear his eyes from you, and not just because you looked purely stunning and gorgeous in that gown – well at least to him – but because of the smile that was on your lips and had him entranced. But again it always did, he loved your smile more than anything even if you didn’t sometimes and when he saw you this happy it was just contagious.

“That I can certainly see! And let me point out that you both look amazing tonight, I stood there and watched as you took photos together and I really thought you are such an amazing couple! You’re practically made for one another!” she pointed out with a smile and he chuckled.

“Why thank you, I’ll- I’ll make sure to bring it up to her the moment I get the chance to.” he smiled widely.

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We are short 6 cashiers and 5 baggers. Why? Because it's fall break and the local high school kids are apparently not smart enough to tell us so we aren't understaffed! If you're going out of town let work know or find someone to cover for you! I always try to give a months notice if not more. It's not that hard to do! Now I'm working a 12hr shift when I was only supposed to be here 4hrs. At least we have free food in the break room today...

I Own You - Yandere!CEO!Baekhyun X Reader

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Yandere AU - Part of the Yandere!EXO X Reader Series

Genre: Mature, Horror, Angst, Smut (Prostitution)

Pairing: Baekhyun X Reader ft. Jongdae

Words: 10,244

Warning: This is a Yandere story, it will contain themes such as stalking, violence, obsession, possessive natures, and just general overall creepiness and swearing. You have been warned.

A/n: I hope you’re as excited about this as I am! Finally, the next instalment of the Yandere!EXO Series I here! Yay! Sorry it took so long to post, I wasn’t anticipating it to be this long. Once again, this is just my interpretation of this archetype and the song. I do not believe Baekhyun, nor any of the other members, past or present, of EXO would act like this. Feedback is always greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

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Silmarillion - Beren and Luthien

✨Shop this painting as prints in my etsy shop ->

Here is finally my painting of Beren and Luthien. I thought I’d post it here myself so no one else would need to. I like to be in control like that! 😉

I finished it late August, but I didn’t feel confident publishing it as my scanner highlighted the horrible exture of the watercolour paper I used. I really need some suggestions for a better, less textured watercolor paper which does not diminish the quality or the weight of the paper, if anyone know of any!

I scanned it again today and thougth it didnt look too bad, so I went with it. 

I hope you like it!

It was a very enjoyable painting to make, gave me very little trouble and I really had fun, so I hope to be able to make more like this. I also realy liked exploring a bit more saturated colourscheme, as it dawned on me this summer than I have no clue how to work with colors, and I really ought to practice it more.

Let me know what you think, and head over to my etsy to browse this and many others of my illustrations for Tolkien’s legendarium. The few of you who follow me on Ig may also know that I am working on a very big Tolkien piece, which I CANT WAIT to finish, so Im very inspired lately and It feels good, even watching Lord of The Rings tonight, first time this year, so Im really falling back into my Tolkien spell! Might even reread the books soon!^^ 

Maybe you can suggest the focus of my next painting, if you have any wishes! Turns out there are too many to choose, and I sorely needs some inspiration! 😅

Iggy ❤️

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May I request a McCree make-out session? Lord knows I need some country-style praise after today. Please and thank you, ~AnonLenny

Ahh I’m not sure if you need this ASAP so I’ll just post it once I’m done. I hope some cowboy sweetness can help you feel better! AO3 Link here!

This was one of your favorite places to be. In your home of course, but also on your couch, straddling your favorite cowboy. Well, he was the only cowboy you knew but the sentiment was still there.

When he came home from this latest mission you had been asleep on the couch waiting for him. You weren’t a heavy sleeper so when you heard the jangle of spurs your eyes shot open. “Sorry, darlin’, I didn’t mean to wake ya.” he says softly as he reaches down and brushes a stray strand of hair out of your eyes.

“Jesse!” you yawn, sitting up and rubbing your bleary eyes. A tired laugh reaches your ears and you open your eyes to find him sitting down beside you and dragging his hands down his face. “Is something wrong?” you ask cautiously, scooting just a bit closer to him.

He hums thoughtfully for a moment and then, suddenly, hauls you up and over him. You land with a yelp, your knees planted on either side of his hips. “Nothin’ a little lovin’ won’t fix.” he smirks. You can clearly see the fatigue in his warm brown eyes.

“Jesse, if you’re too tired-”

He cuts you off with a snort. “I ain’t never too tired for you, pumpkin.” he murmurs, his hand sliding up your calves and your thighs, squeezing lightly when they reach your hips. 

Honestly those lines shouldn’t work on you. They’re cheesy and dumb but somehow in the lazy drawl of his voice they make you feel more loved and wanted than any prose. You slump forward and lean your forehead against his. The two of you stay like that for a few silent, comfortable moments until you tilts his head just slightly and catches your lips in a soft kiss.

It’s not hungry, but the promise is there, lingering just below the surface. You pull away for only a moment to unceremoniously knock his hat off his head. Normally he would pout, pick it back up and place it somewhere with care. But instead he laughs softly, bringing you in for another kiss and you can’t help but wonder what happened on that mission. 

The differences in him are subtle enough that anyone else might miss it but still plain as day for you. He does not look any worse for wear so you don’t think he’s injured. Maybe it’s something he saw? Something he wish he could have stopped? If Jesse is in pain he is stubborn enough not to tell you. Be it physical pain or any other kind. 

So you kiss him harder. If he refuses to show you his pain you will drown him in love until he forgets all about it. Or at least until he feels safe enough to talk about it. He responds eagerly to your kiss, his hands wandering all over your body, never staying in one place too long.

You slide your hands up his chest and link them behind his head, your fingers buried in his hair. His beard scratches and irritates your skin as he shifts to kiss you deeper but you ignore it, parting your lips for him, granting him access to your mouth. 

A low hum rumbles in his chest as he put one hand on the back of your head and the other on the small of your back, laying you back on the couch.He slots himself easily between your legs, your thighs hugging his hips snugly. His kisses are somewhat sloppy and lazy but they have bite now, an need they did not have before, growing stronger by the second.

This is how he shows you his pain, his vulnerability. He shows you he needs you by the way he kisses you: like you are something to be treasured and like he is terrified someone will try to steal that treasure. But you are determined to meet his fear with a steadfast will. You will not leave him and nothing and no one could take you away from him. 

So you show him that in the way you accept his increasingly frantic kisses and return them with steady, deep ones of your own. He is safe here. He is wanted here. And nothing can harm him in the warm circle of your arms.

Hours later, you wake to the first rays of sunlight peeking in through your curtains, Jesse’s hand stroking lovingly through your hair. You tilt your head up to meet his eyes. They are no longer so tired and haunted and all you can see in them is the reflection of the love you share. “Well, would ya look at that…” he mumbles pressing a kiss to your temple.

You make an inquisitive noise, not quite awake enough to form full sentences yet.

He gestures to the light streaming onto your form. “You, darlin’, are the light of my life. I always said so, didn’t I?” he grins sleepily. You groan and bury your face in his chest, which now rumbles with his laughter. But even after that terrible line you feel a smile creep onto your face, and from your position lying on top of him you’re sure Jesse can feel it too. 

Besides, he may say stupidly cheesy things but you both know he truly means them. And who could do anything but love someone who treats them like their soulmate?

No stream today after all :( But, here is an un-posted pic from after the costume party the other night.

Fred and Emily are at Twitchcon so they will not be hosting the custom PUBG matches I was planning on playing. Also, I have two articles I have been meaning to work on writing, so I am working on those this morning/afternoon. 

I also have sushi with friends and a pumpkin carving party to go to later :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Music Series: Lights On by Shawn Mendes

I’m glad I held on to the song suggestions that have been in my inbox for a while. I’ve looked at this request, both songs, for some time and although I like the songs, an imagine wasn’t coming to me for them. Having the itch to write today, and actually having the time tonight as well, I pulled this up again and what do you know…an imagine came right to me.

Here you go, @siennarossi! Thanks for requesting and for reading! I notice every notification when people like, reblog, and follow, so thank you. And I love when someone tells me that I helped their Harry switch flip! In my opinion, he seems like a really cool person, so I’m glad I helped bring you over to our side.

I literally went back and forth with these lyrics, loving her with the lights on, taking it quite literally to more figuratively. I like both interpretations, honestly, that he finds her so beautiful that he wants to see every part of her body literally, to liking her so much that he wants to learn everything there is to know about her. You take from it what you think, but this is the imagine that came up in my mind, so I hope it works for someone. This isn’t the smut that it could have been, but not too cheesy, I think.

This is “Lights On” by Shawn Mendes, which you can listen to on my Spotify playlist, “Harry Styles Music Series Imagine Inspirations by Charligirlmusic”. Enjoy! xo



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Happy 23rd Captain Swan Day!

Hello My Friends!

What a wonderful day!

Today we can celebrate perfect CS Day thanks to Jen and Colin and all this amazing shipmates who share everything what happened on con with us! Thank you!

I’m so happy right now!

Captain Swan epic True Love story is one of the best in history!

Jen and Colin as always are perfect human beings that make our life better, brighter and happier!

I think Jen fluffed my aura because all i feel right now is happiness and love!

Here is Jen fluffing our auras:

(gifs by brilliant @swanemma who let me use it for this post - here is hers)

So few weeks ago i asked you about your birthday dates, from your responses, i made a list.

I put that list under the cut - check if date is correct.

If anyone wants to be added - please tell my your bday date!

CS Fandom B-Days List:

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You say you’re going on a hiatus but then your on tumblr all the time? Your probably not even in Scotland your just being an attention seeking bitch

Wtf??? Like why would I even make it up it literally makes zero sense??? And I actually have been less active on tumblr, but I still have WiFi for the time being, since I’m staying at my aunts house, as I have been yesterday and today, but tomorrow I’m travelling further north, so then I won’t be online almost at all. And I specifically said in my post about the hiatus that I’ll randomly be on here, and I’m sure you’ve read that post clearly, considering your obvious expertise on it.

you said it in a simple way 4 am the second day how strange that i don’t know you at all stumbled through the long goodbye one last kiss then catch your flight right when I was just about to fall i told myself don’t get attached but in my mind I play it back spinning faster than the plane that took you and this is when the feeling sinks in i don’t wanna miss you like this come back be here come back be here i guess you’re in new york today and i on’t wanna need you this way come back be here come back be here the delicate beginning rush a feeling you can know so much without knowing anything at all and now that I can put this down if i had known what i’d known now i never would have played so nonchalant taxi cabs and busy streets that never bring you back to me i can’t help but wish you took me with you and this is when the feeling sinks in i don’t wanna miss you like this come back be here come back be here i guess you’re in london today and i don’t wanna need you this way come back be here this is falling in love in the cruelest way this is falling for you and you are worlds away new york be here but you’re in london and i break down cause it’s not fair that you’re not around this is when the feeling sinks in i don’t wanna miss you like this come back be here come back be here i guess you’re in new york today and I don’t wanna need you this way come back be here come back be here i don’t wanna miss you like this come back be here come back be here like if you agree

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here’s some of the really rad people i’ve come across over the past few months and i highly recommend you check them all out! (they’re in no in particular order  cause i’m lazy as heck oops)

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It is raining here today so am posting this to add a little sunshine in case it’s raining where you are.

There are English subs.

I got an ask a while ago about a face reveal, so I thought today “let’s do the revealing of my face.” So here is my face. Also, I AM PIKACHU!!!

Now, I’m just gonna *runs away*

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I want to ugly cry because I'm unemployed, broke, uninsured, and live in TEXAS, where Medicaid doesn't cover non-disabled adults under 65.

So cry. It’s ok. You’re allowed. We are not here to judge you.

But after you’re done crying, start climbing up the mountain of shit before you. One step at a time. 

Do one thing today that will improve your situation. Apply for a job. Start an exercise routine to stay healthy. Write your resume. Reach out to someone to ask for career advice. Call your healthcare provider and ask about financial aid and payment plans. Start a side hustle.  

Then tomorrow, do one more thing. Only one. Shit Mountain isn’t going to climb itself, but it’s also pretty steep. You don’t want to wear yourself out or get overwhelmed by how monumental this task is. 

Step by step. One thing at a time. Action, not wallowing. Movement, not stasis. Everything sucks right now, which is absolutely worth ugly crying about. But the only person who can make it all not suck is you. 

Start climbing. We believe in you. 


Forrest reaches over and places a gentle hand on Eva’s cheek, running his thumb lightly across her skin. Eva feels herself start to tremble, tears threatening to spill from her eyes at his touch.

Forrest: “Hey, it’s ok, Doll! I just…I just needed you all to myself for a while to thank you. I never thought in a million years that we would be standing up here today. We’ve been through so much together, but everything has been worth it to get us here, to this moment. I have never been in love with anyone else except you. I cannot wait until we can spend the rest of our future together.”

Eva: “Forrest…I…I can’t do this…”

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what would happen if witch mercy swapped places with regular mercy how would they reacted to their other husband and child.

Well… the Witch Mercy AU is taking place in a sort of 16th-17th century setting so it would be sort of like… “If Witch Mercy was alive today, she’d be too fascinated by a garbage disposal to do anything.”

Genji: *watching Mercy shove an entire stalk of celery into the garbage disposal* Are you… feeling all right?
Witch Mercy: *glancing up from the garbage disposal* Perfectly fine. *looks him up and down* The armor’s a peculiar choice.
Genji: …I…always look like this. 
Witch Mercy: *walking past him* Odd plane your master’s transported us to. I can’t complain, though, the clothes are much softer here. *picks up TV remote and presses a button, flinches back hard when the TV turns on* 
Genji: My master–Zenyatta? Wait–are you sure you’re all right?
Witch Mercy: Why do you keep asking me that? *squints at TV screen* Your master gave us some means to observe the other planes at least, we aren’t completely blind here. *turns away from the TV* Where is our daughter?
Genji: She’s…at preschool…
Witch Mercy: Pre…school? *furrows brow and walks over to a wall of family photos* I have no memory of any of this portraiture. *Picks up photo of Rei and looks over at Genji in alarm* Her eyes are wrong! Where are her fangs!? You said you wouldn’t replace her with a goblin!
Genji: …what?

Regular Mercy on the other hand would pretty much immediately recognize that she’s not where she’s supposed to be.

Mercy: *gripping herself and hyperventilating* Something’s wrong. Something’s very very wrong…
Oni Genji: What troubles you?
Mercy: I–I don’t think I’m supposed to be here. There’s–there’s no plumbing here!
Oni Genji: …?
Mercy: Rei–My daughter–our daughter. Where is she?!
Oni Genji: *gestures at a dark corner* Playing hide and seek again.
Mercy: *squints at corner*
*bright yellow cryptid eyes peer out of the darkness*
Mercy: *screams*