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They NOT Yo Friends!

I never understood why people thought their significant other’s friends are their friends. Like y'all really confide in them and hang out with them like y'all grew up together? Can’t relate.

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LEMME EDUCATE Y’ALL REAL QUICK! Ya signifant other’s friends are NOT your friends. I’ve literally witnessed guys lie to their girl and have their friends back up their lying ass story. I’ve seen girls confide in their boyfriend’s friends just for them to make a joke of her ass when she’s not there. 

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So please ladies and gents, have your solid set of friends before your get into a relationship. Save yourself the stress. Don’t be out here being the butt of a joke amongst your significant other’s friends.

Very Weird Prompts

“I came home to find you sitting on the floor with a pizza and whispering to it ‘om nom nom nom deeeelicious’ like the bag from Dora the Explorer, what the fuck, are you okay?”

“You’re my new cellmate and you just offered to help me break out but only if I’ll sing ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical with you.”

“I know I just broke into your apartment in the middle of the night but there are some bad people after my special power over alternate universes and I’ve decided to put all my faith on you to save everything.”

“Your grandmother was the best in her field and you’re the only one she ever taught listen I know you don’t want this but we need someone to take the job as soon as possible and you’re our best choice.”

“People faint when my emotions run high I hate this power do you know how many times I’ve tried to explain this.”

“See this dog? Take it, he’s gonna be important.”

“I know you’re royalty, but there are greater things at stake, so put on the freaking gillysuit and follow me.”

“I know what this looks like and I honestly have no explanation as to why this kind gentleman got himself killed by my toe.”

“I need a hairdryer, a fork and a little bit of glue.”

“Ah yes, the endless abyss. The unforgiving darkness in which I will be alone in foreve- Wait who the hell are you?!”

“Alright, so let me get this straight; You’ve been locked down here for what? ….Two weeks?! And you never bothered to yell for help? Not even once?!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. Well…not really, your Captain’s dead, but I can fly a plane! …I think… anyways, please put on your seatbelt, the Bermuda Triangle does NOT kid around haha”

Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 12

Your patience is about to be rewarded. And, for the record, it was @diversemediums who suggested we end 11 where we did. But… There’s something in chapter 13 that I’ll be giving her a lot of credit for, so it’s okay. @outlandishchridhe gets a HUGE thank you for helping me write this smutty scene WEEKS before the story caught up to it. 

Just a fair warning, this chapter is verra NSFW and takes place immediately after chapter 11, which you can find HERE.

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When We Collide (Part 12)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“Y/N, you threw up in her Marc Jacobs bag? That must be the funniest thing I’ve heard all week!” 

“Trust me, it wasn’t as funny as it sounds.” You mumbled with your phone resting between your shoulder and ear, eyes glancing up to look for when the elevator would arrive.

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(The Chris Evans Mini Series - One Shots)

Imagine having late nights with Chris and your son.

A/N: Feeling a lot of Daddy!Chris vibes, so I decided to write this little one shot. Inspired by my own nights, as well as a conversation with @chrisevans-imagines and a cute little prompt from @catch-me-im-a-falling-star ❤️

You’d sent Chris and Jack in the living room after their attempt to help clean up after dinner ended with another soap foam fight. Between your three boys- Chris, Dodger, and Jack- Dodger was probably the most helpful and he was a dog. You didn’t understand it, they were perfectly helpful when it was just one of them- have them together and it’d always end with a soap foam fight; you were just grateful dinner was always before bathtub. It was like you had two kids, though you were only meant to have one and a mature husband.

The words ‘mature’ and ‘Chris’- they didn’t mesh when it came to your son, he spent too much time playing and joking around with Jack. It was because of that that Jack listened to you more when disciplinary actions had to be made. It wasn’t that he didn’t respect Chris- his dad could be authoritative if he really needed to be- he was just so used to his playful, jokey dad. To Jack, everything Chris did seemed like another joke or prank. So even when Chris was lecturing him at dinner for playing fetch with Dodger using a meatball from his spaghetti, Jack just giggled until you stepped in.

“Bath time,” you called as you walked towards the living room. “Oh my God,” you laughed when you found Chris dragging your eighteen month old around on a towel, singing 'A Whole New World’. Dodger stopped jumping around Jack and padded over to you, nudging his head into your leg so you’d scratch his head. “What are the two of you doing?” You leaned against the arch frame, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Daddy’s showing me a whole new world!” Jack giggled whereas Chris released the grips he had on the corners of the towel and turned to you. You shook your head at him, suppressing your urge to laugh. “Again, Daddy!” Jack bounced excitedly on the floor, clapping. “Again, again!”

“No,” you shook your head, pushing your weight off the frame and onto your feet. “It’s bath time,” you clapped your hands together, “let’s go.” Jack pouted, giving Chris his best puppy dog eyes because he knew it wouldn’t work on you. “Jack, let’s go. Up and at it, come on.”

“I can’t, I’m dying.” He flopped himself on the ground, closing his eyes as he played dead. Dodger walked over and sniffed Jack, making him giggle softly as he continued to play dead. You and Chris chuckled because it was almost the same every night; he wanted all play and no bath time or bed time. Once again, you blamed Chris; he knew from the way you were looking at him.

“Okay, Jack Jack.” Chris picked him up; Jack giggled and squirmed in his dad’s arms. “We gotta go have a bath. Everyone has baths- Dodger has baths. It’s a vital part of our day, even Captain America has baths.” Jack grinned at the sound of his favorite superhero and stopped squirming, wrapping his arms around his dad’s neck. “And we can continue our soap foam fight without Mama getting in the way,” you heard Chris whisper into Jack’s ear as he winked at you. “I’m going to win this time,” he told Jack, walking towards the stairs; Dodger followed them, tail wagging excitedly. “I won’t be holding back.”

“Me neither,” Jack grinned.

“Do me a favor and keep the water in the tub?” You asked and your boys looked back at you.

“We’ll try, Mama.” Both responded after sharing a cheeky smile and you chuckled, watching as they disappeared into the bathroom. You could hear laughter even at the bottom of the steps; you smiled then headed for your home office to get some work done.

• • • • • • • •

Jack laid between you and Chris as the two of you read him to sleep. All three of you had showered, and were nice and comfy tucked under his Winnie the Pooh covers. Dodger, on the other hand, laid on the floor with his head on Jack’s beanbag. After Jack’s bath- where Chris psyched him up with another soap foam fight- he was now too excitable to go to sleep. Even after you and Chris read him two stories, and made up one where he took over Captain America’s shield and fought bad guys with Uncle Seba’s Bucky Barnes and Uncle Anthony’s Sam Wilson- he still wouldn’t let the two of you go to bed. You were tired after a pretty long day of interviews and meetings and- being a parent. You wanted to sleep, you needed to sleep. Chris could tell, your eyelids were getting incredibly heavy unlike your son’s.

“Okay, bud.” Chris sat up straight, leaning against Jack’s headboard. “I know you’re not tired, but you’re going to have to try to sleep anyway. So close your eyes,” he instructed your son, who did the opposite widening his eyes with a cheeky smile. “Close,” he chuckled, covering Jack’s face with his hand and gently forcing his eyelids close with his fingers. “Okay, good.” He smiled when he pulled his hand away to reveal that Jack was doing as he instructed. “Now we’re going to take some slow, deep breaths.”

“Oh God,” you whispered to yourself as you yawned, covering your mouth with your hand. Chris’ slow and soothing voice was putting you right to sleep. You remembered saying his voice was the reason they wanted him to go on Ceebies to read bedtime stories. You also remembered teasing him, saying his audience would consist of more girls and ladies than kids.

“Hey,” Chris reached over Jack and tucked a loose strand of your hair behind your ear. “Go to bed, I’ll finish up here.” He mouthed so Jack wouldn’t hear and start fussing about you leaving, which he has done before and would do again. “I can handle it,” he assured you when you shook your head.

“Can I watch SpongeBob?” Jack quizzed, reopening his eyes to glance between you and Chris. You and Chris shared a confused look, which dispersed when Jack explained, “Mama says SpongeBob helps her sleep.” You bit back your smile when Chris shot you a look, one that said 'I told you not to share that piece of information’. “Maybe SpongeBob will help me sleep too.” He looked up at you, grinning. “Whooooooooo,” he began to sing, only to have you cover his mouth with your hand. “Lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants!” He sang against your hand, making the two of you laugh.

Both of you looked at the clock, it was only 7:21PM and his bedtime was technically 8:30PM. You just usually tucked him in earlier so he could wind down and sleep by eight-thirty, not get his excitable butt into bed at eight-thirty. You looked at Chris with raised brows, silently asking him for his opinion. He shrugged, knowing that you were the real decision maker when it came to things like that. That, and you were the one who’d had a long day. If anyone needed him asleep as soon as possible, it was you.

“If we let you watch one,” you emphasized, “episode of SpongeBob. Will you promise you’ll try and go to sleep, even if you’re not tired?” You asked Jack, who nodded vigorously. “Okay then,” you got off his bed and held out your arms. “One episode, do you understand me?” He nodded and climbed out of his covers, letting you scoop him up and carry him to your bedroom with Chris and Dodger following behind the both of you.

“I can’t say I understand your fascination with SpongeBob SquarePants,” Chris chuckled as he turned on the television and the streaming device you had connected to it. You sat Jack down on the bed where Dodger hopped up, settling in front of Jack who hugged him tightly. “It’s no Disney, I’ll say that much.” You rolled your eyes as you walked over, snatching the remote from Chris so you could pick a good episode.

“You are such a hypocrite,” you nudged him with your elbow. “You laugh louder than me when we watch it, Mr. I’m-too-good-for-SpongeBob.” He laughed and hugged you from behind, nuzzling his face into your neck. “Stop,” you laughed and squirmed, trying to navigate cursor on the screen with your remote. “Do you want to go to bed, or not?”

“There are a million things I’d rather do at seven twenty-five than go to bed,” he whispered flirtatiously into your ear and you rolled your eyes, biting back your smile. “Not that we can do anything with two bugs in our bed,” he bit playfully as he pulled away from you to join Jack and Dodger. “You two are a menace,” he tickled both Jack and Dodger; one giggled hysterically, while the other barked and playfully nipped at Chris’ hand.

You pulled up 'The Camping Episode’ and walked over to join your three favorites in your big king sized bed. “Once this episode is done,” you turned to Jack with the remote pointed at the TV and your finger hovering over the play button. “We’re taking you back to your room and you are going to bed. Do we have an agreement, Jack?” He pressed his lips together as he pondered. “Jack,” you pressed, raising your brows.

“Okay, Mama.”

You pressed play and the four of you enjoyed some SpongeBob before bed. You tried very hard to keep your eyes open, but you fell asleep before SpongeBob could sing his Campfire Song Song. Jack didn’t, and he sang the song with great enthusiasm and finesse which made Chris laugh. They may have been loud, but your sleep was not disturbed. Hence why after that episode, your three boys watched another three more before Jack got tired and Chris tucked him into bed and kissed Dodger’s head before returning to you. He turned off all the lights except for the lamp on his bedside table, then climbed into bed and shuffled closer to you. His arm rested lazily over your waist and he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, breathing you in.

“You’re such a pushover,” Chris heard you mumble and he chuckled. “Honestly, Chris.” You smiled because you loved that Chris was, it showed how much he loved you and your son. He smiled too because he could hear that you were only teasing; his smile widened when your hand gripped at his forearm, pressing his arm tighter against you. “There comes a time and place where you have to learn to be more assertive.”

“Like now?” He smirked, whispering suggestively as he pressed a tender kiss on your neck. You chuckled softly, not even bothering to open your eyes because Chris knew better. “When I need my own kind of help to sleep?”

“Start with your son, then move up to the wife.”

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Request: Charlie flirts with the sister reader and the boys get overprotective of the reader?

Pairing: Charlie x sister!reader

Word Count: 1,000ish

Warnings: language

A/N: So much big brother Winchesters going on…

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What are some of your favorite Bones recs? I recently got into Star Trek and I've fallen for the doctor :P

Oh lordy, I always hate giving out recs because I always feel like I’m forgetting one, or leaving someone out! And because I am the worst at deciding just singular fics, I will recommend a few of my favorite authors! Please forgive me and do not feel bad if I have left you out. It’s not that I don’t enjoy your stories, its because I have a horrible memory and I apologize, but please feel free to add some of your favorite stories!

@imoutofmyvulcanmind - Masterlist - For the fluff, the angst(so much angst) and the smuts

@bkwrm523Masterlist  - For the gloriously, beautifully written smuts

@mccoymostly  - Masterlist - For the headcannons AND THE ANGST(god the angst) and if you like Mckirk feels.

@outside-the-government - Masterlist - I mean what doesn’t this lovely lady write? Theres tons here! One of the first that inspired me to write again.

@atari-writes - Masterlist - Just a general love for these fics :D great fluff, great smut!

@star-trekkin-across-theuniverse - Masterlist - Also tons of great fics and ficlets, imagines, ect! The other person to inspire me to start writing again as well!

I hope this helps you! :D

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I've never worked retail- only food service- but man can I relate to your issues with costumers. I worked for about two years down in Orange County California, ugh don't even get me started on those customers. But I think it's also a great lesson, to be able to see how dumb people act and how entitled they think they are so that you are able to watch yourself when you are out shopping. Love your blog and stories. Hope you get some nice customers come your way more often.

I’m glad y’all can relate. 

We get some good customers every once in awhile, its just that our interactions are usually shorter and don’t go nearly as far. But just for you, Nonny, here’s a short list of fun customers I’ve had!

  • Three little old ladies came through my line with a bouquet of flowers and a roll of tulle. They’re all giggling. “Ethel here is getting married!” Ethel, who is probably in her 80′s, blushes a deep red. The woman talking to me leans in a whispers: “For the very first time!”
  • A man comes to my register with a fake orchid: “There’s a woman I work with that we jokingly call my ‘fake wife,’ so I’m getting her a fake flower for fake Valentine’s Day.”
  • One night I spent about thirty minutes helping a bunch of teenager girls find materials to put together Steven Universe cosplays. For the record… my hair is pink and my girlfriend is working on a Rose Quartz cosplay for me. So this was really cute. They gave me hugs at the end. 
  • Woman is buying all of the Star Wars merch she can find. I ask her if she’s buying for herself or for a grandson. “Oh, they’re for me of course! I was taking pictures at the opening night for the new one. All these young fellas- they kept asking me all these trivia questions and I said: Boy, I was there for the first ones. If I don’t know the answers its because I damn forgot!”
  • I asked a dude if he found what he was looking for. He held up a velvet box and told me that for Valentine’s Day he was going to fill it with french fries and give it to his husband. 
  • A small child in the toys section put a lot of effort into building a pyramid out of sharks. 
TalesFromRetail: "Why does your site hate me?"

Hey guys, Here’s another great story from Uncle Pierogi’s Retail Story Time. Yeehaw!

This happened just now. Customer called in regarding her tax exempt ID no longer working on her orders. I currently don’t work too much with that department, but know enough to kind of plod my way through and make the booboo all better, so to speak.

For the purposes of this, I will be Me and the customer will be Lady Notax. Here we go!

Me: “Thank you for calling *****, My name is PierogiTuxedo, How may I help you?”

LNT: “Hello! Why does your site hate me?”

Me: “(Pause) I’m sorry?”

LNT: “Yea, every order i’ve placed for a long time had tax exemption on it, but now, none of them do! Your site hates me! Please fix it!!”

Now, I’d like you to read this as the most screechy, perky voice you can think of. Don’t hurt yourself, mind you, but imagine for a moment with me. That’s what I’m enduring in this call.

Me: “Okay, let me take a look and see what’s making it not work.”

I look through the website, all the while, hearing the woman repeat over and over again:

“It used to work and now it doesn’t, Its attached to my account…WHY DOES YOUR WEBSITE HATE ME?!”

Finally, we got it working. All she needed to do was enter it in manually. She did so, and exclaimed:



I guess I made her day!

By: pierogituxedo

Breaking Molds and Taking Names

Part 2

Warnings: none

Word Count: 3.8K

Pairing: ??? x reader

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To be fair, you didn’t just trip on nothing.

After making an impact with the stage itself, you noticed that one of your heels had gotten entangled with a loose cord. Be that as it may, it was still embarrassing. In fact, for lack of a better term, this was definitely the nightmare scenario.

Can’t wait to see that all over the internet tomorrow,’ you thought bitterly.

While you detangled yourself, Sebastian and Anthony, who had been called right after you, helped you get resituated. You on the other hand, were mortified and wanted to hide somewhere. Or at least have the ground open up beneath your feet and swallow you whole. Not to mention the slight stinging pain in your knees from how hard you landed. You stood back up and winced at the ache. Seb gave you a look of concern but you waved him away to not let him worry so much.

“You alright [Y/N]?” Mackie asked you.

“Oh my god, no. Please take me out. Right now. Kill me,”

Both men chuckled at your dramatics and said that it’ll all be ok. The three of you settled down in your designated chairs and you took advantage of the free bottle of water in front of you by downing half of it in one go. Inhaling to steady the nerves that had crept up, all you could do was smile and wave for now. Best to get the show on the road. It could only go up from here after all, right?

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Lady Knight by Kim Junghun

You are one of the few dozen women amongst hundreds of men in the army. While comfortable at home in the palace, having someone else fight your battles never sat right with you so here you are, war bonded with the hundreds of other brave souls.

How does your family feel about your choice to join the army? How do you feel about it? Is you mind beginning to cave in due to the horrors of war or are you loving every minute of it? Have you made any life long friends or is attachment during war the least of your concerns? Are there any other reasons for why you joined the army? Are you the oldest child next in line for the throne? Or are you the middle or youngest child who wanted no dealings in politics?

I Won’t Hurt (3 - M)

yoongi (& taehyung), 8.2k, yoongi us a rich kid and only knows about getting his own way 

warning: smut, mentions of death and murder, mention of drugs, mention of family problems, adultery 

one | two | three | tbc

“You! Lying to me again and again! I always fall for it so it’s my fault, but I won’t let you do it any longer! I know why you’re here, it’s so obvious that I want to send myself to prison for being stupid enough to believe your sob story about how you’re going to change for me!”

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Counting on Love

A/N: So, I’ve made it and can’t believe it. Only took me about 4 years. ggg

This is for the February challenge “Love is …” at @loveinpanem and will most probably be a Two-Parter. The second part still needs to be finished, so no idea when that one will be published. Hopefully not in another 4 years. ;)

There would be no submission if there hadn’t been a couple of ladies and their support and help. So, thank you @thegirlfromoverthepond for your constant cheerleading and handholding. You brought me back to wirting, I never realized how much I missed it. Thank you @greetingsfromthenorthernsea for our brainstorming and all your very helpful comments. And last but not least @honeylime08 for the incredible betaing. I loved all those little comments you gave at certain parts. Without you this story would be in terrible shape. ggg

THANK YOU, ladies!

Enough now, let’s start with the story. Hope you enjoy! :)

You can also read it here: FFn


Part 1

Numbers were her thing.

Ever since her first lesson in mathematics back when she started school at the tender age of 6, Katniss loved to solve equations. She added, substracted, multiplied and divided. She draw graphs, she solved page long math riddles.

She loved numbers.

And even though there were people out there who thought it boring and stupefying, Katniss also loved being an accountant.

Oh, and she was good at it. It was fulfilling for her to know every aspect of her clients company, to know its monthly debits and credits to the T, to have the books clean and correct and always up to date.

No matter how chaotic or unorganised a new client was whenever they sought out her company’s help, Katniss made sure the books were up and running within a short matter of time.

Tax authorities loved to work with her, always breathed a sigh of relief when they read her name as responsible for the account of the company they were reviewing.

So it took her by surprise when on Tuesday afternoon (she remembered it being a Tuesday because she had a burrito for lunch, and Tuesday was burrito-day in the cafeteria) her supervisor knocked on her office door and introduced her to her newest client.

And in stepped the most handsome man Katniss ever had laid eyes on.

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Settle in kids. Old ladies are fun customers.

I work at the cash register at an electrical store where we sell Tvs, phones, small items such as vacuums and kettles, fridges, washers, etc… each item belongs to a department.

Well, we’ve been a bit short staffed lately cause the new manager believes that 2 people in each department, including front desk is enough (shocker: it’s not, most days get really hectic) so customers get angry when they don’t get served cause they have to wait. People have left angry saying things like “you guys just lost a sale” “we’re never shopping here again” “can’t you just help me yourself, you work here” yeah I work here but I don’t know every single product in the damn store and I’m at the front desk, it’s not my department.

So yesterday, during lunch time, when customers were everywhere, every sales person on the floor was serving, this “lovely” old lady came up to the front desk complaining that she’s been here for a “long” time (she hasn’t, it was just a couple minutes) that she could only see one person on the floor, that we don’t have the staff we used to have and just basically getting on my nerves as she was complaining to me about things I could not freaking control, things that are literally out of my hands.

I was getting a bit agitated myself (haven’t gone to lunch yet, it was a long day and it was just me and another girl at the front) so I started telling her in the nicest way with the fakest smile “We are short staffed at the moment, It Is Lunchtime so most of the sales people might be on Lunch, As You Can See There ARE A LOT Of Customers Around Already. Someone Will Help You Shortly” thankfully a sales person came down then and took her away and my manager came in and told me to go on lunch. I was so close to telling that lady “well if you don’t get served here maybe you’ll have better luck taking that wonderful attitude of yours somewhere else, you old hag”

Customers don’t understand that we don’t have a lot of staff and get angry when everybody is already serving a customer, like mate, you aren’t the only person who shops here, I can’t just tell someone who’s already with a customer to just drop what they’re doing and help you. If you’re not happy then just complain to management, I’ll write down the email address for you.

Welp, that’s my story, retail is Fun!

I don’t see very many posts about older women, so here it is:

Ladies, you’re still rocking it.

The women with wrinkles, you are beautiful. Every line on you tells a story of your life and you are a masterpiece.

The women who get plastic surgery or lifts to keep smooth skin, you’re beautiful, too. Whether you want to talk about the surgery or not, you are still beautiful and the choice to do it or not always up to you- no one else.

The women who have gained a lot of weight over the years- you’re beautiful. Size doesn’t matter (as long as you’re healthy)

The women who are almost skin and bones skinny- you’re beautiful. You always have such an extensive amount of sweaters and jackets and they’re all so pretty (even the plain grey ones).

The women with grey/white hair- gorgeous. You look like elder fairies with your beautiful hair. You’ve got younger generations who try to mimic that color by lightener from the store.

The women who color their hair to cover the white- still gorgeous. You do you. It’s your hair, you decide how it looks. And NO, you ARE NOT TOO OLD TO TRY WILD COLORS. As someone with blue hair- let me tell you that who ever is telling you you can’t is wrong. Go for green. Go for pink. Go for flaming red. Who gives a fuck? You’ve earned it.

The women with the walkers- take your time, ma'am. You didn’t ask for walking problems- it’s not your fault. You’re still graceful.

The women who are still with the same husband or wife they’ve been with for YEARS- go you! As long as the relationship is healthy, than it’s FUCKING amazing.

The women who are out and dating at the age of 50, 60, 70 or even 80- go you! Age doesn’t mean you don’t have game. You deserve to find someone who cherishes you.

To summarize this- older women rock just as much as us things do. You’ve lived your life this far- enjoy it. You’ve got so many stories to tell, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write more.

so close, so far // nobuyuki

The flaps of your clothes fly before my eyes
I go back with only my heart in my arms
I miss you, I miss you so much, I can’t ever forget you
My tears, my heart is calling you
I love you, I love you so much, I can’t ever let you go
Because I miss you, Beige

It took me weeks before I finished processing my thoughts on this. It was supposed to be a drabble but lmao it got longer than initially expected. But anyway, here is my attempt at a story. Thank you so much for waiting ladies.

Tagging : @otome–gokoro @books-and-colours @dreamfar628 (lmao why can’t I tag) @amigoingbananas

It was only a brief moment, a mere second passed by when they gazed at each other but he was sure it was her and that after all this time, she still hasn’t changed that much as what he expected at first.

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How I first met Christoph Waltz

…so you want a romantic tale, eh? Well, here it is, and prepare your napkins because it’s a true story… I was a 12 years old lass, and I was at the Ischia Film Festival in…uh…Ischia. Pretty famous italian island. And there was this big event, with movie premieres all around the place and free entrance, so I was extremely excited 😍 Now, there was a famous italian director, Lina Wertmuller, attending the premiere of a fantasy flick. I can’t quite remember which movie it was. This lady, anyway, was 70 years old and could’t walk on her own, so she had two handsome escorts (as Landa would say…). And guess who these escorts were? Christoph Waltz and Eli Roth! I didn’t even know who these guys were, I was there for the movies, and I was as tall as a penguin, so I could’t see the screen, and I was really pissed. Soooo…..I walked to the first row, found two empty seats next to this old lady, sat in one. Guess WHOSE SEAT IT WAS? Yep, you guessed right, I sat in the über-reserved SeatStoph. And nobody wanted to scold me, because I was clearly a little child. Long story short, I noticed this man with the beard behind the seats, staring at me and smiling sweetly. I smiled back, and made it back home thinking “that man was really nice to me, I wonder who he was” Sorry for the long post, here’s the famous smile I remember ❤

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A Blast from the Past (Part 3)

Summary: You didn’t know what to expect when you entered that factory, but you sure didn’t expect running into him.

Characters: Reader, Reader’s little sister, Simon, Negan, the Saviors

Pairing: NeganxReader

Word count: 1980

Warnings: Swearing, violence

A/N: Let me know if your want to be tagged in upcoming parts.

(Y/L/N) stands for your last name.

(Part 1)-(Part 2)

Virginia, three years ago.

The cafeteria of Fairfax High School was crowded at this time of the day. It was a little before the beginning of your first class. You were hanging out with two of your friends, like almost every day. Kate, Riley and you were in the same math class and gym class.

You were settled at a table situated in a corner of the hall. Riley was sitting beside you and Kate sat across from her. They were chatting about random things while you sat curled up on your chair, with your back against the wall, while writing a few things in your notebook.

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Waiting for Daybreak

The clock in the corner of your computer screen just hit 12:00 AM, making today May 16th, 5617. You’ve turned 18 years old today! You’re a real live, bona fide adult! And you aren’t anything less than absolutely fucking stoked. Think about all of the incredible adult things you’ll be able to do! You know… get a job… go to college… and some other stuff… Yeah, no matter how you cut it, it still sounds like a lousy gig. So you’re mindlessly scrolling through your dashboard on Bumblr to help you ignore the mass of responsibilities piling up on top of you. But that’s just how it is, right? Though, we have a story to tell here, so why don’t we decide this young lady’s name, shall we?

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