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7 Reasons Why

So…. I am currently watching the new tv show “13 Reasons Why” and my mind decided to make a tragically-beautiful connection tooooo can you guess what?? YUP LANCE!! So here are my thoughts once again… hope you enjoy and feel free to comment any other ideas!!
*NOTE* I’m lowkey crying as I’m writing this. My heart isn’t okay. I’m not okay, okay?? *MORE NOTES* So this came out kinda different than the show/book but i hope yall kinda get the idea

  • Lance was dead. Had committed suicide to be exact. And he left his story behind.
  • The tapes appeared from nowhere. No one knew where they came from or where they disappeared to. No one knew that the tapes contained so much in such a small amount of time. No one knew that these tapes would become an ugly part of them.
  • “Hello space pals and gals. Lance McClain (KINDA LOVE THIS LAST NAME) here. Live and in stereo.”
  • Lance starts off by explaining his “7 Reasons Why” (hahaha get it? Cuz he’s the seventh wheel?? *cries*) he committed suicide and his two rules.
    • “Rule number one. You must listen to the tapes. I’m not gonna lie. This is going to be hard to do but you MUST LISTEN.”
    • “Rule number two. When you are done, you must leave them where you found them. And if you, oh lets say, decide to throw them away, tsk tsk tsk…. bad things will happen.”
  • “First and foremost, our mighty and heroic leader, Shiro.”
    • “I wasn’t good enought to be praised by you.” Lance explains that Shiro was a good leader, a great leader one might say. Unreplacable, “unlike me.” So why was it that he never told Lance “great job” or “thanks for the help.” Why did he alway care so much for Keith? Told him “great job out there” and patted him on the back after every battle. Why did he always take his side even when he was in the wrong? Why did he treat Pidge like a little sister? Always taking care of them and making sure they were getting enough sleep. Always being so nice and caring to both. “You were always my hero but why did you not act like it?” He never payed attention when Lance didnt get enough sleep or didnt eat or was sick. Always making him work and train. Always pointing out his flaws without helping him improve them. “Why, Shiro, did you not care for me?”
  • “Can you guess our number two?? Well, I’ll give you a hint. It’s not me this time. *laughs* First time being number two, our excellent number one paladin, Keith!”
    • “Keith my man, I loved you.” (Klangst? WHY TF NOT?!?) Lance always loved Keith, always looked up to him too. He loved to joke around with him, loved to rile him up, loved to bicker with him because thats how he got to talk to him. He knew that they were playing around so why did it hurt so much? “Why Keith, did you always tell me I wasn’t good enough?” Always telling him to leave you alone, always “you’re annoying me” and never “please stay.” Keith always reminded Lance that he was never good enough, never up to his level, never realizing how lance felt. But how could Lance blame him? However, sometimes Keith, you, took it to far to the point where my heart was too broken to put back together. “I’ve always loved you but you made it so easy to hate you, too.”
  • “My favorite green paladin, my little space sister (female pronouns for this), my gaming buddy, Pidge.”
    • “Pidge, did you even ever realize that I saw you as my sister?” Lance saw his little sister in Pidge. He always, like Shiro, did his best to make sure they stayed healthy. He was always fussing over her eating and sleeping habits. So why did she never appreciate him? “Pidge, you never even said thanks you.” Lance just wanted to be a brother to her. So why did she make him a disposable replacement for her missing brother? Always using him when necessary and then throwing him away when it got too much for her? “Leave me alone Lance. Im working.” Pidge sometimes said really hurtful comments to Lance and she never let him help her because why would she let someone “annoying” help? In, reality Pidge was his sister but according to Pidge, “You are not my brother, Lance. Matt is.”
  • “Hunk, my precious beautiful friend. You did nothing wrong but you also did nothing at all.”
    • “Where to start?” Hunk had always been Lance’s best friend but after Voltron things changed. “I noticed that you and Pidge would hang out together, without me.” Lance just wants to be part of their group again. He tried so hard so join, to contribute, to help. But all he got was “you’re distracting us.” Although they didn’t hang out as much, Hunk was the first one to realize that something was wrong with Lance. “You left me alone.” Hunk saw him getting worse and changing throughout the days. He saw but didn’t do anything. “Hunk, why did you not do anything, if you noticed?” Lance wondered why Hunk left him by himself, why he didn’t try to reach out to him, why he didn’t invite him over, why didn’t he? “You could have helped but you didn’t.”
  • “Our beautiful space princess who will save the universe without moi, Allura.”
    • “Sometimes, your pushing for perfection was too much, not just for me but for everyone.” Lance always felt like the odd one out. Everyone was good at something but he never had a “thing” and Allura’s nagging didn’t help. “Keep up Lance!” Keep up with Keith in the training stimulator. Keep up with Pidge’s new machinery. Keep up with Shiro’s battle plans. Keep up with Hunk’s nee inventions. Keep up. “Again.” No matter how hard Lance tried, Allura was never satisfied. Never complementing him, never saying “good job,” never letting him rest, never telling he was good enough. “Why, Allura, did you never see how hard I was trying?”
  • “Lets talk about our seventh wheel, our number one *snickers* sharpshooter, Me! Lance!”
    • “In my opinion, I was the number one at fault for this occurrence.” Lance hated himself. He hated himself for feeling jealous, angry, sad, homesick, depressed. “I just wanted to be like the rest of you all.” Lance wanted to be as good as Keith and as strong as Shiro. He wanted to be as nice and comforting as Hunk. Wanted to be as smart as Pidge and as powerful as Allura. “I wish I wasn’t so selfish.” Lance thought he was selfish. He wished to get “thanks you’s” from the rest. Wished he get praised from Shiro and Allura. Wished Keith would feel the same way. Wished he was home with his famiy. He wished and wished and he hated it. “I wished I was home.”
  • “My favorite alien, Coran, the one who took care of me and who noticed me struggling. Yes, he tried to help but I guess it wasn’t enough since I’m dead now.”
    • “You let me walk away.” Coran tried helping Lance in his own way. But how could an alien understand some Earthly emotions? “We talked but sometimes it was just you talking.” Coran tried to get Lance to open up to him but failed. He always cut off Lance with his own stories so he never let Lance say what was bothering him. “Coran, you were like an uncle to me.” Coran reminded Lance of his uncle and it kinda hurt him. He was constantly reminded of his family whenever he was with Coran. This made his emotions even worse when he talked to Coran because sometimes Coran didn’t understand him. The day Lance died, Coran had told him to just “move on.” Lance just got up and left but he secretly hoped that Coran would come after him. He didn’t. “You wanted me to move on from this and I did.”
  • “I’m sorry.”

written by @the-kittens-of-voltron (it was written a looooonggg time ago so, so sorry for the lateness)

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Hi! Im a huge fan of your work and your writing in incredible! I think it would be a funny fic to have bughead having a heavy smutty makeout and with all the hormones jug gets a little, "excited" if you know what I mean, so when the group barges in and betty gets off his lap they (arch, v etc) see his hard on and make fun of him - i just think that it would be really funny to see the whole group not taking the relationship too seriously and having a good laugh :) thanks !

Here you go! I’ve gotten a few messages wanting me to write various versions of this particular request, so hopefully this will satisfy those anons as well. It also is a continuation (although not really) of the “Jughead shirtless at a construction site” fic lol. You can read that one here.

A/N: Things get a little steamy, but nothing tooooo sinful happens so I’ll say it’s smutty-ish?? lol ;)

**This got kind of long, so I had to add a “keep reading” cut, so if you’re reading on mobile the story unfortunately gets cut off. Sorry about that!**

Betty set her French book on the thin blanket she had spread out on her front lawn, glancing up at the threatening clouds rolling in across the horizon as she heard the booming clap of thunder in the distance.

“No!” Betty shrieked, already reaching for the notebooks and textbooks surrounding her as the first few raindrops began to fall onto her forehead. “Crap, crap, crap!”

Before she could react, the skies opened up and the rain started pounding violently atop everything around her, completely drenching her books and soaking her clothes.

“Seriously, we were in a drought a week ago and you choose this moment to open the flood gates?” Betty cursed mother nature for her dreadful timing, her wet hair whipping around to smack her in the face as she frantically grasped for the flyaway papers rolling across the lawn.


Betty spun around to find Jughead leaning against Archie Andrews’ front porch, watching amusedly as Betty flew across the grass, the rain coming down even harder the quicker she collected her belongings.

“What do you say? Be the Debbie Reynolds to my Gene Kelly?” Jughead raised a playful eyebrow, referencing one of her favorite movies, Singin’ in the Rain.

“Ha ha, very funny,” Betty shot back, squinting through the rain to glare helplessly in his direction. “Now, are you going to help me or are you going to let an entire week’s worth of homework get ruined by this monsoon?”

“Alright, but you owe me,” Jughead sighed, pulling his jacket tightly around his body as he stepped out into the rain. “I actually conditioned my hair this morning and it’s gonna be ruined by my valiant act of heroism.”

“Just get over here,” Betty yelled, not having the energy to point out that he was wearing the same beanie that he always wore over his conditioned hair, making his point completely moot.

Jughead jogged over to the Coopers’ yard, already scooping up papers and books as he made his way to Betty.

“Last chance to bust out in song and dance,” Jughead pointed out once he had picked up the last piece of homework from the front step of Betty’s house.


“Suit yourself,” Jughead shrugged. “But I can totally rock a mean shuffle-ball-change so I would say you were really missing out on-”

“Inside, Juggie, go!” Betty pushed Jughead forward as he fumbled to open the door, nearly knocking him to the ground as they stumbled over the threshold.

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Pride and prejudice.
Screenshot study 4/10.
This is probably one of my favorite movie of all time !!! I just love it ! Elisabeth Bennet is so inspiring ❤️
It was sooooo great to draw it!
Screenshot study 5/10.
Just love that show too. This scene especially 👌🏻. Collin forth is absolutely stunning !
I have to say I had some difficulty with this drawing :/ tooooooo many people in it , yep too many 😑 but it was great too 😬
American horror story S5 Hotel.
Screenshot study 6/10.
Toooooooooo many details, tooooo many 😤 the background almost kill me 💀.

So here are three other screenshot, only left five ! I keep going 💪🏻
Hope you like !

➡️You can find it on my shop :

Presenting PART ONE of my two-part EXCLUSIVE interview with @dixelatedproductions CEO @voodoodahl-vu . We talk about it all. The scandals. The confusion. The rebranding. And what lays in store for the future. Read it all here:

Muse: Welcome VoodooDahl to my first interview with you. I’m excited to have you here.

VoodooDahl: Me tooooo! I went back & forth on whether or not I should do this interview, but due to recent events…I keep being sent for, so here tf I am xD

Muse: So let’s jump right into it. For my readers who may not know

Muse: I just want to do a bit of background on you.

Muse: CEO. President. Manager. That’s an impressive resume. How did you come to be in the adult entertainment industry?

VoodooDahl: hehe yes, I’m a leader naturally, so I always end up climbing to the top of any organization I’m a part of

VoodooDahl: I’ve been on IMVU as Meraki (formerly my main account) for a little over two years. In that time I never explored the AP side of things. So I made a separate “hoe” account, which eventually became VoodooDahl. At the start of it, I met a girl with a porn production company and she introduced me to the tumblr world. That situation ended abruptly and I never actually got into the industry then. I got hired at a strip club and did that for a while. From there I ended up helping my good friend TessaMaree build her own club. From there she was offered Dragon (Productions). She pulled me on board to be her CEO. The rest is history.

Muse: I might have to make a hoe account o.o

VoodooDahl: babyyyy, oh the places you’ll go ^_^

Muse: What were you first impressions of the industry? The people, the vibe, the content.

VoodooDahl: Not good tbh. When I was first introduced to it, I was told that I’d get paid. When I found out that was a lie, I was over it haha. I spent my time at the club instead because I got paid in credits & gifts. But I had discovered the imvu world of Tumblr, so I kept an eye on it. I really enjoyed the creativity of it all, so I ended up keeping my tumblr going just as a free agent. And I got offered jobs with some of the major companies, but back then I didn’t know who was who or what company was known for what. Thinking back, if I knew then what I knew now, I would have quickly jumped on board with Imperial. But, you live & you learn.

Muse: @imperialxxxstacy is a company that is in the midst of joining a coalition spearheaded by Lowlife Entertainment to transform the industry into a somewhat safer, more unified environment, an effort many other companies are supporting. In the current atmosphere, where do you see yourself and your company standing in the industry in general?

VoodooDahl: I have no quarrels with any companies. I have personal issues with a couple people in the industry, but I don’t mix personal and business. I don’t do blacklists. Members of Dixelated are free to work with whoever they want with the only exception being Joseei. And I also instruct my members that Dragon Productions may not be tagged to anything Dixelated. They are free to work with Dragon members if they choose to, but they are not free to promote Dragon in any way, shape or form. In fact, I’ll show you the group page that refers to this.

Muse: *leans forward in interest* Please do


Muse: Your critics might say that working with Dragon members is an act of promotion in itself, giving them more resources in terms of more talent to work with. I’m aware that Dixelated has had issues with separating their brand from Dragon in the past and you have have been personally on the front lines to make it known that the separation is final. So I am going to ask 2 questions.

#1: Do you think allowing your members to work with Dragon members convinces people who still associate you guys with Dragon that you are indeed separated?

and #2: What do you say to your critics who would argue that allowing them to work with those members is synonymous with promoting the company?

VoodooDahl: I think me allowing my members to work with Dragon members shows that I know how to keep my personal feelings out of business decisions. I personally feel that so long as there are no dragon tags or logos on the work, then I am not promoting Dragon. I am promoting a model who happens to be employed by Dragon. And I know that soon those members will be at other companies, as Dragon is the cancer of the industry. Jess (owner of Diamond Enterprise) keeps holding that casket open, but that body is decomposed asf. Imma need her to close that casket & bury the bitch.


Originally posted by wendywilliamsgifs

Strong words. 

Muse: That leads me to my next question. Not to keep going back. But can you tell my readers about the very start of your journey in the industry. I think you first became known as CEO or president of Dragon productions. As you said earlier, you have dancing experience and had previously worked in the adult entertainment industry…but your controversial -and very brief - role at Dragon catapulted you into the spotlight. And I have to just say, I know it must have been tough to try and take on that company in the midst of so many scandals. So. Tell my readers about the behind-the-scenes events going on at that time.

VoodooDahl: Dragon first came into my space through Tess. She’s the owner of Provocations and I am a manager there. She met Joseei and the two of them became associates. If I’m not mistaken, he came to her because he also has a strip club and he wanted to collab on some things involving that. Don’t quote me on that because I’m not 100% certain. Anyhow, he had some kind of drama happen with Dragon and decided to step down. He liked Tess enough that he offered her Dragon.
VoodooDahl: Now, that being said, when I personally met Joseei, it was through Tess. I met him as “the guy with that club who wants to do business”. Then the two of them had some club business going on and he became the guy who Tes does business with who would always come to our club and park. (which annoyed tf outta me). At no point were Joe (Joseei) & I ever friends. We never had a single conversation. We never chilled in the same room. We were basically two people who did business with Tess. At this time, I was a model at Diamond, and Joe hired Tess as a pornstar at Dragon.

VoodooDahl: The first fallout of me & Joe happened pretty close to me meeting him. In the beginning, before I knew him, I was cordial. It was when I went to Dragon Productions HQ to hangout with Tess, as she was spending a lot of time there. Anyway, Joseei used to take pics of us chilling and I had no problems with posting them. Until I did have a problem.

Muse: What happened that made you upset?

VoodooDahl: That problem came in because he posted a pic and the caption he used, he referred to himself as ‘daddy’. At the time, I had a dom, who had a strict rule that stated that I was not allowed to refer to anyone as ‘daddy’ besides him. So when i saw Joe’s caption, I had issues. And I voiced them. Well, Joe didn’t wanna hear what I was saying, so I commented on the pic directly and reblogged it with my own caption. My caption was something to the effect of ‘not MY daddy, but you get the drift’. Just a lil clarity. Babyyyy, that was the first time I learned how vile a human being he is.

Muse: What was his reaction to your clarification?

VoodooDahl: he called me all types of dumb bitches and hoes. told me I need to learn how to separate business from personal and that everybody knows it’s just a picture. But I didn’t agree with him. I felt like he was trying to make the picture look like something it was not. He took that as a personal attack against him. Then he threatened to tag ‘daddy’ to the pics as a way to get him to fall out with me. But Daddy is a very smart man, so I invited him to do so.

Muse: Other women have had similar experiences with him. So let me just try and make sure I understand. You’re telling me that this guy, Joseei, insulted you? And threatened to sabotage your relationship with your man simply because you commented on a misleading picture to clarify that he was not your ‘daddy’…a word which carries significance to people in bdsm relaitonships.

VoodooDahl: Yep. He went full fuckboy on me about it.

Muse: What were some of the things he said to you?

VoodooDahl: “don’t contradict me and make me look stupid. it’s work and nothing else Nat. you know that. it’s stupid that we are having this chat. stop mixing personal/real.”

VoodooDahl: to which I replied: “first the fuck of all watch how the fuck you talk to me. second of all, I have a daddy/dom on imvu and one of his rules is that I cannot refer to anyone other than him as ‘daddy’. so when you did it, I told you it made me uncomfortable. if you don’t give a fuck how i feel about it, then that’s fine too. i just know not to fuck with your ass no more. have a good fucking evening sir.

Muse: Oh my.

Originally posted by plumkat

VoodooDahl: to which he replied “shall we tag daddy then”….I invited him to do so. Told him Daddy’s name. 

Muse: Was Dixelated created at this time?

VoodooDahl: Nope. Not yet. At this this time, i decided that I would take from him everything and leave him nothing.

Muse: What do you mean?

VoodooDahl: I didn’t share these feelings with anyone. This was just me in my own mind, deciding I wanted to silence him. Because at this time, I started seeing tons of other people’s posts about their own dealings with him. So it was clear to me that he needed to go. So I made my moves in silence, and ended up landing as the CEO of Dragon. Some of those moves caused me to be a fake bitch. But I didn’t mind being a fake bitch to such a vile piece of trash. So yes, when Jess wanted to mediate me and Joe’s reconcilliation, I went along.

Muse: So I’m looking at an older tumblr post you made - you and Tessa, I assume - in which you are rather strongly asserting that Joseei is no longer in management of Dragon Productions and that you two are now fully in control. Since that statement, management of Dragon has shifted and it is still unclear to many whether or not he still controls the company.

VoodooDahl: Joe is and will always be Dragon. Point blank. Period.

                                                (to be continued…)

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Mod Name Change Alert

Hello dear ones,

Mod Ceibh here, unrelated but inadvertently supporting the many times we’ve encouraged you all to experiment, I’m test-driving a new name!

From now on, I’ll be going by Rowan. So if you see that, not a mod switch, just  a name switch!

~Mod Rowan


Rowan isn’t the only one testing things out, though the timing is entirely coincidental, I assure you. I have decided to drop Kan and try out (and will probably stick with) Leo from here on out! Hope y’all have a great day/night/whatever, hope this change isn’t tooooo hard to swallow x


avoyagetoarcturus  asked:

6, 14 (artist ask meme)


OHHHH GAWSSSHHH THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!! Wowowow you are awesome thankyou so much for your questions. I’m sorry about the late-ish reply! But, here we go! 

6. tag your favorite artists/inspirations!

OH…OH GAWSH… WOWWWW….WOWOWOWOOWOWOW Like theres just an infinite list but like…AHHHhhHH I’m probably gonna forget some tooooo oh gawsshhh! Okay. Okay. Lets do this.

First off, my sister, @stephratte , who on Tumblr is better known as @inevitably-johnlocked . Not only is she really really talented (PLEASE check out her art!), but she was the one who basically inspired me to start doing art in the first place, and keep at it. Without her, I really don’t think I would have gone so far with it - I mean, I think I still would have drawn, but I wouldn’t have pursued it as far as I have. She inspired me to create characters, to create stories, to just create period - she taught me the foundations that I still use today. She’s always supported me with my art no matter what. 

@linane-art was one of the first Hobbit artists I’ve encountered on Tumblr, and like…Just. Just wow. Linane’s stuff is just amazing, LIKE I HONESTLY CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE and has inspired me to create for the fandom and to continue to create for the fandom. LIKE AM I EVEN WORTHY???? *CRIES*

@shabby-blog OKAY SO LIKE. YOU ARE AWESOME?? Often, when I’m having a “bad art day” (which usually constitutes: “I suck what is the purpose I’m never drawing again IMMA THROW OUT EVERYTHING AND POUT FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY”) , you seriously pick me up and just keep me afloat and like, I JUST. *Anyway I’M ACTUALLY KINDA STARTING TO CRY RIGHT NOW* But seriously, you mean a lot to me, and your art is so amazing and unique and colourful and wonderful I JUST. I was instantly drawn to it the moment I saw it. I’m so glad our paths met.

@cabravitis WOW LIKE. WHERE DO I START? Again, one of the first artists I’ve met on Tumblr, and honestly your stuff is really an inspiration to me. I just admire your stuff A LOT, like. Everything you do is magic, I can’t even find the words to describe your amazingness. I just want to hug you TBH sajflsjakfssaaf!! Your stuff always without fail makes me smile!  

@alcram-dreamers I JUST. I AM JUST. I NEED TO…JUST…LIKE I’M ACTUALLY CRYING NOW UGHAGHHFSDFJAL. I just love you so much. You have no idea. You are just a fantastic, wonderful person and honestly a light in my life.

@indigirl94 *SLAMS FIST* LISTEN. I’ve literally known INDY FOR…EV…ER. Indy has pushed me and has supported me for YEARS and I can’t even find the words right now, honestly you are just really, really, really talented and I can’t believe all these years have gone by. It’s magical TBH. 

@apollos-celticswan - I don’t think we’ve ever talked but like. I just really love your stuff, and I’m so happy whenever I see it on my dash :D

@shinigami714 - I love seeing your stuff on my dash, you are fantastic and never stop doing what you do! 

@ the anon who comments and sends me messages : I both know and don’t know who you are (if that makes sense?), I don’t even know if you have a Tumblr. Maybe you aren’t even the same person. But honestly, whoever you/you all are, it really really means a lot to me. Like, seriously, thank you so much for just being you and being awesome. You mean the world to me. I just hope you see this.

I also NEED to do a shoutout to @chelidona as well . Like… You’ve seriously supported my art since I’ve met you and constantly inspire me to keep going. Sometimes I just think there’s no point in doing some of the artwork I do and just want to give up, but your words are always in my head pushing me forward and never allowing me to give up. Thank you so much for being awesome. You are an amazing writer (a brilliant art form all on it’s own) and I JUST. I’M NOT WORTHY OF YOUR AWESOMESPARKLES.

Also, @fizzy-custard  you really, really, really push me forward as well. I think we both see a lot of each other in each other, and I know that you’re always there, in some way shape or form supporting me and pushing me forward. LET ME HOLD YOU.

Oh…oh gawsh I’m probably missing so many people right now. Like I’m seriously probably missing so many people. I’M PROBABLY MISSING A ZILLION PEOPLE I JUST. So, if I’m missing someone, I am so, so, so, SO SORRY. So, this goes out to EVERYONE:

 Thankyou so much for all your support, for all your likes and your reblogs, and just your comments and they just…they really keep me going. I’m often quite critical of my art, I’m always thinking how I never get anything done, and how this or that. I always felt like no one cares what I do, and I really don’t share my artwork with anyone outside of the internet. So it really means a lot to me know that my art makes someone out there happy. You are ALL inspirations to me. 

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*composes herself*

14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?

Hmmmm…. I can’t really pinpoint it really. But I’d probably have to say - comics. I used to do a LOT of comics. Like, comic strips, with my own characters. I’ve always wanted to be a cartoonist, to be honest, and when I was in my teens I used to do a lot of comics. But then eventually I just…It’s not so much that I’ve stopped, I just…have become a lot more pickier. Like I used to do comic strips, just a few panels with a punchline at the end. But now I just want to do these long, epic, continual story things. I’d like to some comic stuff again. I actually had an idea for a strip series. I’m not sure if I’ll do it. All the stuff I want to do…versus…the stuff I actually do…*sigh*.


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unpopular opinion: i love looking at jello (the edible food kind) and it feels great in my hands and its so jiggly and cold but... i couldn't eat it for my life... it's like sensory torture in my mouth hjhfkjfkzhf


That’s exactly how I feel lmao!! I’ve mentioned it a few times before here, but I can’t stand actually eating jelly/jello, even though it’s one of my favorite visual stims and I reblog jelly stuff all the time ^^;; I get exactly what you mean!!

missmarchmuffin  asked:

(hiii i love you tooooo 😙😙😙) ((whoops didnt see the previous asks so here's another one)) rise of bangtan?? :))

rise of bangtan: when and how did you get into the king and legends, also known as bangtan sonyeondan?

I actually first heard of bts from here but I didn’t get into their music until I downloaded Spotify and the first thing they recommended was Boy In Luv. I started listening to them the same day that the Not Today mv was released so my original favorites were Butterfly, Boy In Luv, Not Today & Spring Day and the member I learned about first was Jin (bc he didn’t get any lines in Not Today lmao)


here they are, the sketches + Lines of my huge drawing for the ServampAnime which will be airing soon !! *-* it’s 23 o'clock in Japan…

which means the ServampAnime is airing RIGHT NOW !! O////O)

dude, can you hear ‘em screaming x'DDD ? at least at Twitter, hahaha :'DDD ! ~

alright, It won’t take tooooo to finish this drawing 100%, I even started coloring Mahi this morning :> But I’m still so sorry I couldn’t submit the finished drawing today ////.//// forgive meeeeeeeee ! ;w; I’ve never drawn 15 Chibis in one Picture x'DD

hope u like it tho 8(>w<)8  <3



Wanted to polish these sketches a little bit and put some colors but all of a sudden I got art block?! Welp, not to mention the drawer is tooooo LOW, and it’s not ideal for my position. T.T So… Imma gunna leave them here I guess.

OH- Funny thing to tell ya is that I’ve BOUGHT a fedora hat today! The black one with tiny silver stripes! And totally looking forward wearing this cute hat somewhere this autumn XDDDD EEEEEEE!!

So, enjoy these awkward AUs! About TimeSwap (no way I am gunna create that AU ever! Neither with TimeFell! >.<), I may use these characters for Timetale stuffs someday. The male one is basically Alphys’s father, and other? Well maybe a distant relative of Sans and Papyrus. lolz. *dies but overwhelmingly wanna explore more!*

I Know What You're Doing This Summer

Finally! It was summer vacation for the college students and Kit was spending his first day at the beach, along with many other students on break. The tan man relaxed in a chair with a beer next to his older brother, Bo, the two wearing shades as they scoped the scene for girls.

“I’m gonna do it, man. I’m gonna make her mine” Kit told Bo with a wild smile, “Fionna is gonna be my girlfriend by the end of the summer, I promise you” he insisted. “So sure? She’s one of the hottest most wanted girls here, dude. Doubt she’ll choose you” Bo scoffed.


EXO on Chen's Birthday
  • Chen: guys, do you know what day it is?
  • Suho: it's a monday
  • Chen: yeah, well do you know what kind of monday?
  • Xiumin: urhm, the 21st?
  • Chen: yeah? and?
  • Luhan: yo man, what are you talking about?
  • Kris: OMG that's right! it's a special day today!
  • Chen: yes! you remember!!!
  • Kris: of course i would!! how could i possibly forget the day i need to take sehun for bubble tea?
  • Chen: wh-what?
  • Kris: he's been begging me for some since last week
  • Chen: oh..
  • Sehun: *walks out of room with crossed arms*
  • Sehun: it's about time
  • Sehun: *puts on sunglasses*
  • Sehun: *walks out front door with shoes on*
  • Sehun: later bitches
  • Kris: isn't he the cutest?
  • Tao: omggggg i wanna go tooooo
  • Kai: so do i
  • Chanyeol: *from other side of house* BAEKHYUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!
  • Baekhyun: *from other side of house* WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT YOU STUPID HO???
  • Kai: hey kyungsoo, you wanna go to?
  • D.O.: okay ^^ <3
  • Suho: im going with my galaxy
  • Kris: omg i told you not to do that
  • Chen: WHAT ABOUT ME!?!?!?
  • Everyone: nIcE jOkE, cHeN. yOu CaN't tRoLl uS wItH tHaT.
  • Everyone: bye chenny chen chen~~~
  • Everyone: *walks out door*
  • Chen: *is alone*
  • Chen: *looks at watch*
  • Chen: and 3.... 2.... 1...
  • Everyone: SURPRISE!!!!!
  • Chen: honestly, y'all so bad at acting you can't act to save your lives.
  • Chen: honestly, bitches. i ain't hanging with no retards who can't act for shit. im out
  • Chen: *goes to the desert and hangs out with camel family*
  • Everyone: dat bitch just trolled us.
  • Everyone: on his birthday
  • Lay: *crawls from under couch*
  • Lay: omg guys what's happening. what did i miss.

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Masquerade AU? :3

How about some Smut!Older!Hiro yoooo.
Hiro could feel his eyelashes rushing against the mask that was on his face. Looking around, he didn’t even recognize anyones body shape, so much rather he just stood by the punchbowl. He wasn’t one for parties, much less, parties where everyone was in masks. But, because it was Honey Lemon’s birthday and she insisted he come, he obliged. His fingers were playing around with his empty class, and his eyes were eagerly searching for you. You had told him that you were on your way, but that was at least half of an hour ago. Looking back up, his eyes were caught on skin automatically.

He spotted the curves of the legs first before anything else. Licking his lips, Hiro let his eyes trail from the black platform wedged heels, up the smooth legs to the woman’s bum. He let his dark eyes linger there for a second, and he admired the way the thin fabric of her dress hugged and really shaped her form before he moved upwards. Her shoulders were small and bare, and her neck looked surprisingly inviting. He’d never seen you like that before, and he couldn’t help his chemical induced mind from looking at the girl in front of him. But as soon as the woman turned around, Hiro realized how familiar the chin and the cheekbones looked. He stood there, a bit dumbfounded for a few minutes. You noticed him staring, and must have seen that it was Hiro for you were quick on your heels to go greet him.

“I’ve been looking for you for like, half an hour!” You said gently, looking at his mask clad face with admiration. He looked so handsome, his now semi-red cheeks really bringing out the black mask around his already dark eyes. Bringing your hand up, you readjusted his tie before saying, “Hi, Hiro.”

“I’d have never realized the girl I just scoped out was you,” He chuckled teasingly and said lovingly,“I was thinking that girl is dressed way tooooo sexy to be (Name)~.” He pulled you closer by the waist, his voice more teasing than serious. “I was so ashamed to be checking out a girl who wasn’t mine.”

Hitting his chest playfully, you looked around and said gently, “At least you can admit to feeling bad” You smiled, happy with his honesty which was something he was keen on keeping in the relationship. “Do you know anyone else here?” You asked curiously, your eyes scanning the room intently. Hiro shrugged gently and looked around the room one more time. He had already met up with Gogo, Fred, Wasabi and said happy birthday to Honey Lemon so really, there was no one else here was here for.

“No one who would miss us if we were to leave for a few minutes.” He looked down at you, the sudden rush of want running through his body. It was probably the dress, he thought to himself. Rubbing your side through the thin fabric, you tilted your head up and glanced at Hiro, wondering if he really just implied what you thought. He noticed your juicy red lips pout slightly with confusion, and before he knew it, he was tugging you to the bathroom. “I hate to do this to you but…” He kissed you softly, “Your dress has gotta go…~”

You went breathless for the moment it took him to open the bathroom. You weren’t going to complain about having sex in the bathroom. You thought it was rather sponatanous and therefore sexy. Hiro must have thought the same thing as he whispered in your ear, “Oh, if my girlfriend saw how bad I was being with this masked girl, she’d surely punish me…~” His lips met yours in a frantic pace, his arms wrapping around you and pressing your now heated body against the sink.

Oh, he was in for it.

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could you teach me to make a bullet journal?

I’m honored! I just started bullet journaling so i’m still trying to find my own rhythm with it. Here is the link for the official website for bullet journaling. It explains step by step how the creators of the bullet journal envisioned it.

I’ll show how i’ve changed the system to suit myself!

  • Monthly Calendar
    I added a calendar so I could see the monthly tasks ahead of me
    What I want to change: I want to draw a small calendar for the next month just in case something comes up so I can circle it as a mental note
  • Monthly Index
    This was from the original bullet journal website and I really like it! You write down all the dates of the month and next to each date, you put something/summarize what happened that day. At the end of the month, it’s really nice to look back at.
    It’s August and there’s only a few weeks before going back to college. But even before that, there are sooooo many things to look forward to (like the last day of work cough cough). I love having a countdown going and every day that I cross out a date brings me so much excitement and joy.
  • Liquids
    I sometimes have an issue where I drink too much coffee + not enough water. This helps me keep track throughout the day so I make sure to drink more water and keep myself hydrated, especially with the weather so hot!
  • Diary
    I get stuck in my own head a lot and i’m a huge overthinker (to my detriment 90% of the time). There are times when I just have to write so I also use the bullet journal for that. It helps me keep myself in check and I think it’ll be cool to look back and read one day
  • Miscellaneous
    • Weather + reminder section
      Purely for my own use and it helps me keep track of future dates and responsibilities

    • Weather:
    •  Reminder:
  • Quotes + Decorations
    I think I have too much fun (tooooo much fun) drawing and doodling and whatnot. Here are a few images of my not-so-creative mind (i’m a horrible artist)

So all in all, here are a few (repeated) photos of what a typical page looks like!

What I love about the bullet journal is that you can alter it to fit your needs and expectations. There’s really no one way to do it because you can easily modify it to what is suitable to you right now. So go and get one of these notebooks because they’re fabulous (and a great artistic outlet for the not-so artistic). I think I have a lot to improve with mine but i’m really excited to watch it evolve. Hope this helps and please feel free to ask if you have any more questions!


hOWDY it’s been some time since I did commissions so here we go again!!!

BASICALLY WHAT IT SAYS. $25 for one; for characters together, each additional character is +$10. I’ll be taking 5 slots at a time. Price is in USD, and will be done through Paypal (I’ll be sending invoices).

I’LLLL DRAW LIKE, ANYTHING: your characters, other characters, humans, animals, portraits, you name it. Just please send me a visual ref.

Email me at or send me an IM here if interested! Thanks!!

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Just to cheer you up: What's your favorite look of Chris? I hope you have a good day sweetie :-)

Hahaha I’m so glad you ask this (it could definitely cheer me up thank you <3)

But just choosing one fav look of Chris is tooooo hard. How about five? No? Well…ten then.

1. The creamy pie with suede jacket. (Not to mention his pink lip and good hair.)

2. Sweater pie and messy hair

3. Poking his inner cheek with his tongue (like three-year-old he is)

4. There are something so sexy and obscene in here, idk

5. Struggling writer look (and his arms and lips…)

6. That coat and the water in his hand and the pair of Stan Smith…hmm, hipster pie

7. There are stars in his eyes…

8. During Jack Ryan promo, his beard and hair were fabulous

9. Let’s not forget about Armani pie 

10. Angelic… just… angelic…

+1 My guilty pleasure

(…and 10 looks definitely are not enough but let’s just stop it here for today.)