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A Show of Hands ...

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David Tennant Appreciation Week: Day Four

David’s Quirks: A Comprehensive Study


David Tennant Don Juan in Soho Stagedoor 18th March 2017 

Don’t ever think The Bear hasn’t noticed what is going on, women! DON’T EVER THINK THAT!


David Tennant reacts to his tribute video @ National Television Awards 2015


Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Three)

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant, Russell T. Davies, and producer Susie Liggat:

DT: It’s funny how the weirdest things can be very difficult.  That bit where I chuck that gun away, which has to look terribly carefree, careless, and yet throwing a gun away is so difficult because it’s an expensive prop

RTD: Yeah, yeah

DT: …that you can’t afford to break or scratch.  So to toss it away with such elan, you have to have fourteen people holding up duvets and cushions, desperately trying to catch this gun before it scratches itself or something else.

SL: I think Phil is an ex-rugby player or something because he’s got pretty safe hands, hasn’t he?

DT: Phil Shellard the grand-master of props

SL: He’s a legend

DT: I broke that [the device the Doctor makes in Rattigan’s lab].  There’s a Phil Shellard story!  The first time I did that, hitting that thing with a hammer, the prop broke in two.

RTD: [ laughs loudly ]

DT: And Phil Shellard mended it in about 30 seconds to go for another take.

SL: He was amazing.

DT: And you can’t tell.  Maybe if you freeze-frame you can just see a hairline crack, but I bet you can’t.  Oh you can!  Just at the bottom, see?

RTD: Oh yeah, look there!

DT: Below the red switch.

RTD: You vandal.

DT: Sorry 

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David and the Kitten

From the Doctor Who Confidential episode for Gridlock:

David Tennant:  I’m not big on pets at all, traditionally.  But you know, I thought, ‘I’ve got to act with this cat.  We’ve got to bond somehow.’

Richard Clark (Director):  I think actually David’s quite attached to one of them.  He’s refusing to put it down.