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snow country.

prompt: ssmonth17, day 26- hawkmail

summary: between the woods and frozen lake.

notes: enjoy <3

the first letter came on a dead summer’s morning, as day broke on her windowsill. a brown hawk tapped dutifully at the glass; she had half a mind to toss a lamp at anything that disturbed her after a four-hour sleep just two hours before her shift at the hospital started. days were long amid these times of reconstruction. sakura hardly saw her boys, as everyone was tied up in the ins and outs of daily bureaucracy. naruto found himself day in and day out, stamping through mind-numbing policy right along kakashi-sensei, or rather, the rokudaime. sai sporadically would join her for quiet dinners, cups of tea. peace was a headache, though one she was grateful for, every day.

the bird sat in quiet nobility, awaiting his recipient to pull her lazy joints into place and draw herself from the bed. frowning deeply, she rubbed her eyes, and pulled back the window to greet the hawk. “ohayo,” she grumbled, pulling a slip of paper from the bird’s carrier fold. before she could spare any possible thanks, two great wings flapped and swept the messenger off into the morning breeze. sakura clicked her tongue at the abrasive nature of it all, muttering things about a glorified pigeon under her breath.

a jolt of partial surprise sent a wave of currents through her stomach, she leaned against the frame of her window. it wasn’t unheard of for sasuke to contact his teammates in the year he had been gone. regular reports to kakashi were expected, and the occasional notification of general health to naruto or herself was a courtesy. hell, he had even sent her rare teacakes from waterfall for her birthday. still, something about her name scrawled out in his neat pen made her palms sweat. she tore at the wax seal, a little too hastily, and tried not to devour its contents too quickly.


i received the medicinal pack you sent at the start of the season. It was addressed from the three of you, though I figured I’d thank the source. 

so, thank you.


a heavy sigh fell from her lips at the close of the letter. she had forgotten about the package. the areas up north had been suffering large bouts of typhoid fever this season. worrying was her natural state, as her father always said. but boys as strong as sasuke were not impervious to illness; it was a preventative measure more than anything else. albeit, any form of contact with him these days, even if one-sided, comforted the small part within her that imagined his fingers against her forehead some nights; a gesture she told herself time and time again was platonic affection.

going about her morning ritual, she washed the anxiety from her brow, wiped the steam from the mirror, and took a look at herself. it wasn’t often they contacted himself outside the bounds of village matter, and even less often they heard back from him outside of necessity. sakura stared deep into her own expression, the slight glow of her eyes, the trace of an absent smile that she told herself wasn’t giddiness.

her letter would reach him at his next expected stop in Yuki. She kept it direct and succinct, as she figured he might appreciate.

dear sasuke,

i’m glad the pack reached you in time. by the time this gets to you, you’ll be in snow country. lucky duck. the snow was always my favorite. stay warm. protect your fingers and toes, please. frostbite is truly pesky. i’m sure you remember the time naruto almost lost a toe. what a mess.

wishing you warmth, 


it was about two weeks before sakura came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t respond. the disappointment was absent, just enough to give a small sigh each morning she opened the window, half wishing that damned hawk was plucking her out of her sleep. she was glad she hadn’t caved and mentioned it to naruto, or even ino for that matter. her self-pity party would be a small, private affair, candlelit, and accompanied by small doses of chocolate after she got off her shift. icha icha paradise is on at eight tonight, she noted absently one evening, kicking her shoes off by the door.

the incessant pecking started up at 8:17, just as the icha icha male lead and some nameless woman from a party climbed into bed. sakura threw the blanket off and clumsily threw the window open. the hawk looked up at her, blinking patiently, probably ready to set off on his next task. sakura sighed at the sight of the bird, reaching for his carrier fold, “we cannot keep meeting like this.” like clockwork, the creature gusted off into the night just as she retrieved the letter. settling back on the sofa, icha icha murmuring softly on the television, sakura traced her hands over her name in neat pen, a small smile tugging at her cheeks.


medical facilities are far with few in between here, the pack has been useful. as for the frostbite, i have five fewer fingers to worry about than he did. i’ll manage.


their correspondence was light and sporadic, like rains shifting up and down the plains. they talked about the weather, about the people and things he saw. sakura did her best to keep him up to date with things she decided he should know about: the budding-something between naruto and hinata, the number of babies she delivered that week (only if it was that impressive), or how many times she had to snatch icha icha out from behind a document kakashi swore he was reading. on his birthday, she sent him an oxblood scarf she had knit herself (and secretly wondered if he smelled it when he opened the box just as she would have done if roles were reversed). letters flew in and out, far into the year. it was late that autumn when the first invitation came.


my time in snow country is coming to a close for now. the locals say we’re expecting the first real snow of the season next week. come see it.


Well, she did need a day off.

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A New Toy

Pairing: Mafia!Dazai x ADA!Female!Reader

Genre: General/First Meeting

Dazai Osamu was wasting his time and he knew it. He knew it and so did his superiors, yet they still sent him out to the docks to stare at the unidentified corpse that had washed up not even three hours ago.

It wasn’t their guy. Dazai knew that the moment he saw the body, but he knew the higher ups would be upset if he didn’t do a full examination.

Dazai sighed as the fresh sea breeze ran its fingers through his already disheveled brown hair, his single eye focusing on the corpse of the young woman resting in a heap on the stone walkway. “How tragic.” He muttered, both for the sake of the woman and for himself.

It wasn’t hard to come to the conclusion that she had been murdered. Even though he had seen many bodies before, it was hardly something to get used to.

Dazai bent down next to the bloated body and examined the cuts in the woman’s waterlogged skin. She had been stabbed multiple times in the abdomen, each cut sloppy and unorganized, almost inexperienced. That’s what told Dazai that this wasn’t the man they were looking for. The man they were looking for left clean, precise cuts on every victim he took. This one looked as if the murderer was trying to be a copycat and frame his crime on the original murderer, or someone who wanted to make a name for himself as a killer. Either way, this wasn’t an accident.

Dazai sighed once more as he stood up straight and pulled a small phone out of his pocket. He was scrolling through the contacts for his boss’ number when a voice startled to the point that he nearly pulled out his gun.

“Hey! What are you doing down there?!”

Dazai raised his gaze to see a young woman hopping over the railing and hurrying down the incline towards him.

“You’re not supposed to be here!” She declared angrily when she reached him, her (e/c) eyes staring at him furiously.

Dazai was unfazed by the woman screaming in his face and relaxed his posture, changing his expression to one of confusion. “Really? Why not?”

The woman pointed to the body as if showing him it for the first time. “As you can clearly see, this is a crime scene and civilians are not allowed in this area!”

“Civilians?” Dazai questioned as he went along with everything she was saying. Though he was not listening, not really anyway. He could hear her but it went through one ear and out the other as his eyes roamed up and down her body. She didn’t seem like a threat but at the same time, judging by the way she was acting, she wasn’t an ordinary citizen either.

“Yes!” The woman exclaimed in exasperation. “That’s what you are isn’t it?”

It took a minute for Dazai to answer before he shrugged nonchalantly. “I guess I am.”

“Then leave the area!” The woman ordered as she pointed up the incline towards the entrance of the port.

“I would but how do I know that you’re not just a civilian too? For all I know you could be the perpetrator and you’re trying to cover up the crime.” He eyed her reaction carefully but he already knew his answer to the implied question. There was no way this woman could have done this. Yes, she was a little hot headed but there was no way she was capable of killing and drowning someone. That much was clear as Dazai noticed the lack of muscle on the young woman’s arms.

The woman huffed, obviously offended by his question, and reached into her left jacket pocket. She pulled out a small badge and flipped it open, revealing the bright emblem that it contained. “I’m with the Armed Detective Agency. It’s actually my first case.” She added with a sheepish smile.

She didn’t notice the tensing of Dazai’s body at her statement. He had heard a little about that particular organization. As far as he knew, they were fairly new but almost all of its members were ability users. And that meant that this woman was a potential threat. There was clearly more to her than met the eye.

However, being the master of manipulation that he was, Dazai pulled off a smile and stared at her more intently. “Oh really? I’ve heard some things about that organization. Is it true that most of the members have special abilities?”

He was trying to feed her ego and it worked as her cheeks flushed a light pink and she scratched her cheek nervously. “Ah yes. That is true. I’m surprised you’ve heard of us. Not a lot of people have.”

“Then does that mean that you have an ability as well?” Now was the moment of truth. Dazai knew that he may have to kill this woman if she did turn out to be a threat. It wasn’t exactly that he really wanted to (she was an attractive woman after all), but it was just business. His boss would certainly not be happy if she turned out to be an enemy and he didn’t bury a bullet in her skull when he had the chance.

The woman eyed his cautiously, almost as if she were weighing her options, them, seeming to come to a decision, answered his question. “I do,” She stated and Dazai felt his hand inch towards his pistol. “But it’s really not much of one. I can’t use it in combat or anything.” The woman quickly added and Dazai hesitated.

If her ability was not combat oriented, then what threat could she really be? He pulled his hand away from the concealed holster on his side but still remained tense and ready to grab it and fire if he really needed to.

“What is it, if I may ask?”

The look the woman gave him made it clear to him that his friendly, curious civilian act was not going to work for much longer and it only made that clearer when she muttered, “I really shouldn’t tell you that.”

Her (e/c) eyes scanned over his lanky figure, before they widened and she took a large step back. “Why are you carrying two guns?” Her tone was hostile and Dazai knew that he was backed against a wall.

However, her question knocked him off guard. He knew her ability must have helped her figure that out, but what kind of ability was able to do that efficiently? Maybe she really was a threat.

He brushed it off with a coy smile. “How did you know about that?” He asked calmly with the same smile remaining on his face. He couldn’t show her what he was thinking. She had to believe that nothing was actually wrong.

“My ability is kind of like echolocation.” The woman explained vaguely but that told Dazai enough. But he could not decide if she was truly a threat to the mafia.

“Now, why do you have two guns?” She repeated, snapping Dazai out of his thoughts.

He simply shrugged, smiling mysteriously. “I’m not an ordinary citizen.”

“Clearly.” The woman mumbled.

Dazai shoved his hands into his pockets. “Let’s just say that my organization requires it as a precautionary measure.” He informed her as the woman narrowed her eyes.

“That seems a little like overkill to me.” She retorted, to which the brunette shrugged once more.

The woman took another step back. “Say, you mentioned an organization, does that mean you’re investigating this murder too?” A nod was all it took for the woman’s face to pale. “May I ask which one?” She asked, coughing in an attempt to hide the tremble in her voice.

I really shouldn’t tell you that~” Dazai replied teasingly as the woman’s face quickly turned pink as she recognized her own words being thrown back at her. “But you don’t have to worry sweetheart,” Dazai sang as he started to walk away from the forgotten body. “I’ll take my leave.”

As he approached the young woman, he patted her on the shoulder and smiled sweetly. “Good luck on this case!”

The woman quickly turned after him. “Wait! What about your work?! Won’t they be upset if you abandon the case?”

Dazai did not look back at the woman as he shook his head. “They won’t,” He answered even though it was sort of a lie. But what else could he investigate when he knew it wasn’t their guy?

“Besides,” He glanced over his shoulder at her and gave her an innocent smile. “It’s your first case. Who am I to take something like that away from you?”

With that he turned, and the young woman didn’t see the smirk that adorned his features. “But if you need help, I’m more than willing to lend a hand~” He found that he was sincere as he said that. This woman was too interesting of a character in his eyes to lose track of so quickly.

He didn’t need to see her face to know she was pouting.

“I don’t need your help!” She said defensively and his smirk widened.

“We’ll see about that~ Until next time!”

And with that, Dazai was gone, leaving the young woman to wonder what he meant by that.

That was when she noticed the suddenly empty space in her left pocket. Frantically, she searched it only to realize that her credentials were gone. “Hey! You took my-” She began to shout but she realized that it would be to no avail. The man was long gone.

“Great, just great,” The woman grumbled to herself as she took another glance at the body. “What am I going to do now?”

Meanwhile, Dazai closed the door to the black windowed vehicle and sat on the leather seat as he pulled the stolen ID out of his pocket. Flipping it open, his eyes scanned over the information in more detail as the car began to move.

“(Y/n) (L/n)…. Hmm. That’s interesting.”

“What was that sir?” The driver, an older man with worsening hearing asked curiously.

Dazai only chuckled. “It’s nothing,” He told the driver as his eyes landed on the young woman’s smiling face and bright (e/c) eyes.

“I just found a new plaything~”
In the Dark - zenonaa - Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“Fira-sensei doesn’t look it, but she’s a romantic,” said Junko. “Well, judging by the manga that she reads. If you cosplay her favourite couple, that will be sure to up your chances.”

Summary: The class takes part in a costume contest for Halloween. Togami reluctantly goes along with it.
Pairings: TogaFuka (Byakuya Togami x Touko Fukawa)
Word Count: 8604
Comments: This was written for the Halloween Tofu thing. Sorry it’s late!


Today was a rare day when Kiyotaka didn’t have to round up certain members of their class so everyone was in full attendance. Despite lessons being optional, some people usually attended anyway, such as Makoto, Aoi and Byakuya, but the likes of Leon, Yasuhiro and the twins sauntered into the room on this particular morning without Kiyotaka having to run out ten minutes before their homeroom teacher was due to arrive.

Byakuya narrowed his eyes at Junko as she sat at her desk. He couldn’t feel Touko’s gaze drilling into the back of his head, and she was there, right behind him like everyday, so she must have been observing how lively the classroom was today too.

Something had to be up.

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Taming The Brat Pt.7

It’s that time again. Lmfao, please ignore me, I’m nervous and wanna ramble, but I don’t really have anything to say. I think I’m nervous because each part just keeps getting longer and longer, and I know some of you said you didn’t mind, but I think 25k+ words might just be taking the biscuit. Forgive me, and I hope you enjoy!

Lil’ Disclaimer
Genre: Angst/Smut/Nora’s AU
Requested: yup and nope
Warnings: NSFW, 18+ content, mentions of abortion, mild violence, constant swearing, crude af as always, maybe not quite vanilla but not really BDSM smut, I don’t even know what warnings to put anymore, hopefully I’ve mentioned anything that might be triggering. Please tell me if I need to add anything else ^^

Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5 | Pt.5.5 | Pt.6 | Pt.7 | Pt.8 | Pt.9.1 | Pt.9.2 | Pt.10

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Despite what fairytales might have the young believe, there are many stories in life that just aren’t destined for a happy ending. I’m truly beginning to wonder if mine, is one of those tales. Just how powerful is Fate anyway? I’ve come to realise the older I get, if it has a big enough influence over my life, it’s because I let it. It seemed like a good idea at the time, I mean, what else can you do when you discover you’re one of the unfortunate ones? The ones who can never quite choose between their heads or their hearts. I always hated that feeling, the fear of being stuck in limbo, battling the constant back and forth of indecision. I ran from the weight of responsibility and made a simple choice instead. I’m not sure exactly when during childhood my tradition began, all I know is that somewhere along the way, I chose to put every monumental decision I would ever need to make in the hands of destiny. I chose to play a game and keep playing, no matter the consequences. After all, when the path you’re on was supposedly pre decided, consequences don’t seem quite so consequential anymore. But if that’s true, why isn’t it working now? Sitting here with a the stem of what was once a beautiful Carnation in hand, Fate doesn’t quite seem enough. Suddenly, I think I’m an idiot whose spent the majority of her spoilt life living in a dream world, getting everything I want whenever I want it and the only reason I never worry over consequences is because until now, no one ever taught me what they are. Thinking back, no matter how badly I acted out as a child, I can’t recall ever being punished. I’ve led a relatively easy life, what real hardships have I faced? I’ve found it easy to leave my life to Fate, because I’ve never thought about any of the decisions I’ll make potentially destroying someone else’s life before. When I bring that into the equation, it doesn’t make my methods of madness seem anywhere close to sane. How is simultaneously plucking petals I’ve assigned to one or another pathway from a random flower gonna help me come to a sensical decision? And just because it tells me it’s what I should do, how is it actually supposed to help me open my mouth and free the truth? This game is stupid, and I’m stupid for ever prolonging it.

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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,121

A/N: Lovely anon requested; “May I please request where you and Shawn move into a new house and he gets really horny.. and you can write the rest haha! Love your work btw your my favourite writer :) Xxxxx” I hope this is alright!


Shawn and I started looking for a house to move into about 2 months ago. Today is our fifteenth house sighting and it’s going how the rest of them usually do. The outside is always inviting, a green garden with a cute path leading up to the front porch, a welcoming door and a nicely assembled house. Shawn is extremely picky when it comes to his housing arrangements. He knows what he wants and what he needs but I understand it considering he needs to be able to have his creative flow going constantly.

“What do you think?” I whisper into Shawn’s ear, holding onto his strong arm, our fingers intertwined. We’re following behind 6 other people in our current house tour. He looks at me and wiggles his eyebrows. This is a reaction I’m far too familiar with and can easily translate into “I don’t know what’s happening but I kinda like it”. I just laugh and continue looking around the house. We’ve been in so many houses, it’s hard to keep up the enthusiasm for looking despite the fact that I so madly want to move into a new house with Shawn. The real estate agent begins to make their way upstairs, the rest of the group following behind. Shawn pulls me the opposite way, leading me past the stairs and into a secluded area of the house. “”Y/N do you think they’d mind if we tested the beds? I mean we need a good vibe in the bedrooms…” The look on his face just shows me how serious he is actually being. “Shawn. We’re not having sex in an open inspection home. You’re crazy.” I say, trying to hold back my laugh. He walks up to me, his body beginning to press more against mine. “Shawn…” I say quietly, staring at his lips. He brings his face so close to mine that our noses rest against each other. He crashes his lips into mine, picking me up, his grip around my waist.  I groan as my back hits the wall behind us. “Sorry. Sorry.” He mumbles, his hands exploring my back to comfort me. I smile into the kiss as I see Shawn’s eyes become dilated and darker out of lust and desire. I quickly pull away and place a finger on Shawn’s lips, telling him to be quiet. He looks up to see if the group of people are coming back downstairs, as I had assumed. He places me back down on the ground and grabs my hand. He walks at a fast pace towards the open door and we head for the car. “That’s the one.” He says as he starts up his Jeep.

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Zevran is a deep web hitman who likes to seduce his victims before he kills them. Unfortunately, his latest target isn’t into one night stands and manages to get away before he gets to poison her, though not without leaving her number.


What’s an assassin to do but pretend to date his victim to get close enough to kill her?

Tags to Keep in Mind: Asexual Character, Asexual Relationship

Chapter 1: Halamshiral

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normality & insanity

summary: sequel to ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’(can be read as a oneshot though so don’t worry urself, but i would recommend reading the first part for context).

when phil arrives home from visiting his family, he acts as if he and dan’s aforementioned deal never happened – until he doesn’t.


the one where there’s hella neck teasing and they fuck on the sofa. :). (only after a whole lotta build up and tension, hope u don’t mind)    AO3 link

genre: take a guess (it is quite angsty tho so not just pure sin)

warnings: swearing, fucking, all that jazz

word count: 3,259 yikes

A/N: so here it is!! i’ve had soooo many requests to write this in the comments of DMTHGF and on tumblr (u dirty sinners) so thank you for that. it’s so nice to know that you’re enjoying my writing, so i hope this lives up to your expectations. also sorry this took too too long, i’m a v busy gal these days. alsooooo… DMTHGF has over 1,000 hits!! that’s insane - thank you all so much!! anyway i’m done i swear, enjoy :)

from: phil

to: dan

'off the train, be home in 20. can’t wait to see you :)’

when dan’s phone illuminated with the text, his heart dropped to his stomach so rapidly and with so much force that there was almost an audible thud. it had been 2 days since the phone call which had created some sort of 'sex pact’ between them - and their dynamic had completely changed. he became unapologetically flirty and phil followed suit. he thought it would feel weird considering he has spent the last six years basically glued to phil’s side as his 'best friend’ - but it all felt incredibly…right. dan wasn’t sure if this new relationship he and phil had formed had any sort of romantic connotations or if it just entailed two friends sharing a good fuck every so often. whichever it was, he certainly wasn’t complaining.

from: dan

to: phil

'ditto ;)’

phil, on the other hand, who grinned at his phone in response to the winky face he had been presented with, had far more conflicting feelings regarding he and dan’s latest interactions. it’s not that he regretted it, he just felt like he’d taken advantage of dan in his drunken state and, because of said drunken state, wasn’t entirely sure where dan stood in regards to the entire situation. his biggest fear was that, because dan is an extremely flighty person, he may have woken up the morning after – dull eyed and headache hidden – to discover that he’d made a massive mistake in his drunken haze and not had it in him to tell phil how he felt. so with all these thoughts manically sprinting throughout his conscience, phil had finally made it back to his apartment.

it doesn’t take a genius to discover that phil is not the most graceful of people, so having both hands full with bags and shaking with nerves, you can only imagine the amount of fumbling that took place to find the keys to the apartment. so much so that dan heard the gangling of keys all the way from his room and, after the initial panic of thinking he was being broken into, he swiftly and to be completely honest, too excitedly, scurried to his front door to relieve his best friend of the absolute shambles he had gotten himself into by opening the door.

not to be cliché, but to dan this action almost seemed to happen in slow motion. what would happen after something so trivial as opening a door could, potentially, change everything he and phil had ever had. would he leap into his arms and pepper his face in kisses, cling to him so tight he could feel himself bursting at the seams, push him against the wall and begin to play out everything he had filled his head with in the past 48 hours?

no. instead - “oh, hi.” paired with a friendly smile.

the door being opened without him even putting the key into the lock had startled phil, until he saw the gleaming face of his flatmate on the other side – his eyes containing a new sparkle that had not been there when he had left him a week ago. or maybe it had always been there, he’d just never thought to notice until now.

it’s safe to say that that was not the greeting dan was expecting. sure, he didn’t actually believe that after one glance they’d jump straight into doing the dirty, but he was just hoping for.. more. phil had hardly spoke two words to him before heading straight to his room, and even when dan asked to help him unpack he shrugged it off, saying he shouldn’t be too long.

well this sent dan straight into mourning – with a rather impressive amount of chocolate, he retreated to his room to wallow in self misery. he had a habit of over-analysing people’s behaviours and coming to fairly ridiculous conclusions – he would admit this himself, but he swore that this time he had read the situation without fault. he knows phil, he knows when he’s being dismissive and awkward and what had happened earlier was a near perfect example. was phil only interested in him when there was too many miles between them? had everything suddenly reversed now that they were under the same roof again? maybe he was getting ahead of himself, but he would have been surprised if he saw phil at all that evening.

and he was right. mostly.

laying on his back and staring at the magnolia confines of his bedroom ceiling, phil felt awful. his stomach had transformed into a ball of nausea that was travelling up his throat at an agonisingly slow pace. he’d panicked, that’s all. seeing dan had suddenly made it all real. when typing out a few raunchy texts or spilling your fantasies down the phone, you don’t stop to think that there’s a real person on the other end – especially when that person is your best friend. he kept replaying the smitten look on dan’s face when they exchanged glances at the door – how his eyes instantly displayed a chocolate shimmer and how his lips snapped into a celestial, glittering smile, so bright the galaxies would be green with jealousy. oh how he had wanted to kiss those lips, but he just, didn’t. he didn’t and he hated himself for it - and he was pretty sure dan hated him for it too.

ever since he had gotten back, phil had been slipping in and out of consciousness, forever reaching the cusp of sleep, but never being able to commit to it – he supposed that said a lot about his current situation. finally shifting from his position, he leant over for his phone – 2:46am. with a sudden rush of energy and confidence, he got out of bed and headed for the room just across the hall, the one that contained a sleeping dan.

the crack in the door made it easier for phil to slip in without startling dan, who was lay on his side breathing softly and rhythmically. for a moment, phil didn’t want to wake him, he was happy just standing there, soaking in the image that faced him. it made him wonder why only now did he want to lace his fingers up and down his spine until he fell into a gentle slumber, why only now he wanted to feel his delicate breaths dance upon his collar bone as they slept and why only know the sight of him made his insides turn to knotted rope. it made him wonder that maybe it wasn’t only now at all.

“dan” he whispered, with a delicacy he didn’t know he possessed.

dan’s eyes flickered open in the direction of where phil had been stood. before his confusion had subsided, phil continued,

“can i get in?”

“i thought you’d never ask”

with no questions, no ifs or buts, phil carefully slid into the warm enclosure of dan’s sheets and straight into his embrace. this is what he needed, what they both needed in fact – just to hold each other. the silence drowned out their thoughts and their breaths became mellow and synchronised as they lulled to sleep.


these strange little moments of affection did not stop there. and what was stranger was, they did not act upon it, they did not question it and they did not mention it after it had passed. it was just to be a fleeting moment of what could have been, that they just let pass by like a change in the weather or a bad joke.

one time, they were sat on the couch, too close together, a film playing on the television in front of them. when dan reached out for phil’s hand – he didn’t resist, he let their fingers lock, he even traced his thumb up and down that of the younger boy’s and revelled in the sensation of their touch. and when phil eventually fell asleep on dan’s shoulder, dan looked down and smiled, a smile so fragile you could already see the cracks in the foundation. he kissed his forehead before collecting bedsheets and placing them on top of phil’s sleeping form, not wanting to wake him. he lay another kiss onto his head – just for good measure, he told himself.


weeks had passed since phil had returned home, and these 'instances’ were becoming increasingly frequent, to the point that they now shared a bed more often than they didn’t – but it was still never acknowledged once they woke.

phil was sat in the lounge when dan came in, sporting a rather hefty rash on his neck. “dan, urm have you seen your neck?”

“i can’t say it’s something i look at regularly, why?”

“it’s all red”

“shit” dan exhaled, “it’s the washing powder it’s-” he carefully felt at his neck and winced, “it must have irritated my skin, looks like we’re gonna have to find a new one”

“again” phil quipped.

“yes, again. it’s not my fault my skin is that of an infant’s, this is basically the equivalent to nappy rash but.. on my neck”

phil jumped up and headed to the kitchen, on his way, patting his friend’s cheek and saying, “at least it keeps you looking young”

as if he couldn’t help it, dan smiled in response, “make me a coffee if you’re putting the kettle on” he shouted across rooms.

“’m not, i’m finding some cream for your neck, it looks sore” phil responded, as he clambered through cupboards.

“yeah, you’re not bloody wrong” he felt at the reddened skin again, gritting his teeth at the slight sting.

phil returned to the lounge, carrying the cream like a badge of honour and wearing a smug smile, “a thank you would have been nice” he stated, before passing it to dan.

“thank you” dan retorted monotonously, earning a smirk from phil. “wait,” he began, “i can’t see where the red patches are, how am i gonna do it?” he stated as he turned to phil, who had returned to his previous postion on the sofa.

“urm, just guess?”

dan didn’t even need to grace that with an answer, he just shot phil a blank stare, emphasising the stupidity of his statement.

“so, you want me to do it?” phil’s voice had become noticeably timid, the uncertainty shining through.

“more of a need than a want to be honest, but yes please” he answered, stretching his arm out to phil to pass him back the tub of cream.

phil flushed red, memories of their first heated exchange over the phone filled his brain to the brink, he suddenly recalled all of the not so innocent things he’d promised to do to the man stood innocently in front of him and – oh god, he was going to feel his neck, the exact part of dan phil had told him he could make him 'writhe’ from, from just touching it. it was all suddenly becoming too much.

he held the tub in his hands. “okay.” he was most certainly not okay.

the sweat that had recently gathered on phil’s palms made it excruciatingly difficult to complete the simplest task of twisting the lid off, and when he eventually did so, it left an unpleasant sheen on the plastic which he prayed dan hadn’t noticed. dipping his index finger into the cooling white liquid, phil swore he saw a tremor in dan’s hands, which he had locked and placed in front of him.

dan tilted his head so that more of his neck was exposed, making it easier for phil, who had now dabbed a significant amount of the soothing substance onto the largest area of irritation, which was no larger than a fifty pence coin. he wasn’t quite sure why he was resisting, he had dan exactly where he wanted him, but was too scared to seize the moment, this was always phil’s biggest issue, never being able to take advantage of a situation. it did not help that dan almost jumped at the contact, the smallest touch of his most sensitive area turning his skin to flames – phil swore he even felt dan’s hairs stand on end.

“well, you’re gonna have to like-” dan sighed, “rub it in, it’s no good just sitting there is it?”

“right.” phil responded, “rub it in, got it”

it seemed that dan’s most recent request had turned phil into a sweaty, monosyllabic, babbling mess. either dan was not affected by what was happening, or was simply too good at keeping his cool. after what seemed like forever in phil’s mind, he took his fingers and began to smooth the ointment into dan’s skin in circular motions, trying not to be too violent as to cause him pain.

dan’s breathing began to get heavier, the proximity between the pair meant that phil could feel the cold breaths on his ear. it wasn’t just the fact that it was his neck being touched that got to dan, it was the operation as a whole, phil’s careful fingers caressing his skin sent his brain into meltdown, it was screaming at him 'don’t get hard, don’t get hard, oh please god don’t get hard’ but he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hang on.

phil dipped his fingers again, this time aiming for another patch of red on the opposite side of dan’s neck. the contrast in temperature between the cool liquid and dan’s heated skin against phil’s fingertips was almost therapeutic to him, making him almost forget the current undeniable tension between them as he picked up his enthusiasm. this caused dan’s breath to hitch and, to his dismay, loud enough for phil to hear.

“i’m not hurting you am i?” phil asked, himself not being sure whether it was a genuine enquiry or just a way to tease the younger boy, whose chest was rising and falling at an alarming depth.

“god, no. it would be more painful if you stopped, actually”

“yeah?” he breathed, ensuring that the air hit dan’s neck, “why’s that?”

dan visibly gasped at the sudden cold rush of air, “fuck phil, when did you become such a tease?”

phil’s lips were now agonisingly close to making contact with dan’s neck, so close that when he spoke, “wouldn’t you like to know?” dan felt the vibrations of his voice soak into his skin.

“phil i swear to god if you don’t-”

and that was enough for phil to make his move, he was doing it  - seizing the moment, taking advantage of the situation. all he needed to do to make contact was purse his lips, and he did so, and continued to do so for some time, avoiding the sore marks on dan’s neck. the only thing dan could do during this time was emit breathy moans into the space around him, the intense pleasure he was experiencing turned him mute.

for the first time since it began, phil looked up at dan, to find him looking right back at him – his eyes heavy lidded and darkened, “sofa?”


they migrated across the room in not the most elegant fashion, almost tripping over the other’s feet as they shuffled. dan toppled onto the piece of furniture and lay on his back, followed by phil, who lay almost flush on top of him and continued to kiss and nip at his neck.


“hmm?” he hummed against him as he proceeded to nip at the sensitive skin.

“why haven’t we done this before?”

“we’re idiots”

“you’re telling me”

phil’s focus moved from dan’s neck to his lips and dan moved a hand southward to phil’s crotch as he began to palm at the material. this was their cue to undress – they did so quickly and efficiently, clothes flew across the room at such a rate you’d have thought someone had pressed the fast forward button on their lives.

still connected at the lips, they were now both completely naked. “shit, lube” phil stated after having broke the kiss and collecting himself momentarily.

“fuck, do neither of us have any?”

“no no, i do, but it’s just not here. one sec” he pecked dan’s lips before hopping off the sofa and speedily heading to his bedroom down the hall, as he did so, dan thought of all the ways phil put his lube to good use and bit his lip.

within moments, phil returned, a petite yellow plastic bottle in his hand. “pina colada – classy” dan stated before being kissed again as phil collapsed on top of him.

“yeah, tastes nice”

“i suppose there’s only one way to find out” he snatched the bottle out of phil’s hands and rather impressively, manoeuvred so that they had switched positions and he was now straddling phil’s hips.

with a surprisingly loud click, he uncapped the lid and teasingly poured the contents onto his fingers as phil watched lustfully underneath him. phil inhaled sharply as dan slicked the liquid onto his cock, maintaining eye contact with him the entire time and by god, phil had never been this turned on.

possessing an air of confidence, dan leant down and licked a stripe from base to tip with the flat of his tongue - “not bad, but not my favourite” he smugly remarked, before swooping down again and taking almost all of phil in his mouth. phil reached down and grabbed dan’s hair in his hands as he began to bob his head, each time reaching lower and lower onto phil.

“fuck, dan i’m gonna come if you don’t stop”

in response, dan slowly lifted his head off of phil’s cock and proceeded to replace the lube that he had sucked off.

“don’t you need stretching?” phil added.

“shouldn’t think so, did it this morning in the shower” dan winked as he looked at phil.

“jesus” he breathed, “alright”

dan hovered over phil’s cock, holding it tightly whilst beginning to guide it inside of him, creating a synchronised intake of breath from both of them. “god you feel so good” dan moaned as he bottomed out.

he rose his hips slowly and teasingly before slamming them back down onto phil’s, his hands going to move the sweaty mess his hair had become from his forehead. instinctively, phil began to buck up into dan, matching his quickening rhythm as the sounds of skin meeting skin and heavy breathing filled the hot air surrounding them.

dan increased his pace and the familiar knot began to tighten in his stomach, signalling his climax was near. “’m so close, fuck”

“me too, so good baby” and with a few more moments, phil came, his eyes screwed shut and his teeth so far into his bottom lip it’s surprising he didn’t draw blood. he began to pump at dan’s cock after riding out his high and he followed right behind him, spilling over phil’s chest and collapsing beside him.

both exhausted, they lay there in silence as their breathing steadied. after a short while, dan began to chuckle lightly.

“what’s funny?” phil questioned, as he turned his head to meet dan’s eyes.

“the fact that the best thing that has happened to us since we met is because i got drunk and saw a gif of you smiling” he continued to laugh softly at his realisation, phil joined in.

“oh my god, you’re right”

they both lay there, giggling, for what seemed like a lifetime – and it was the kind of life they were both very, very happy living.


A/N: i’m so glad this is finally done! honestly, i’ve been chipping away at this for months and to see it completed is such a good feeling. again, sorry for the wait, i hope it was worth it:). as always, please let me know your thoughts i’d love to hear them and send me prompts thank you lovelies<3

Anonymous asked: can you write something with Cas being a celebrity & he is always so kind to his fans and shows them how much he cares for them by getting themcoffee when they’re waiting in the line etc, like Misha himself but with Cas’ personality, and Dean is his biggest fan and never misses any con & Cas always has a special extra sweet smile for him & many little extra details reserved only for him. however you want it to do it but they get together/kiss at the end, please

Author’s note: Whoever you are anon, I loved writing this. ;) 

It was cold, more like freezing. They’d been waiting for hours, and Dean could no longer feel his fingers. His friend Charlie was clinging to his arm, trying to steal some warmth from him. Her teeth were chattering, and her face looked a little paler than was usual.

“This is all worth it, and you know it.” Charlie remarked when their gazes met.

Dean shrugged and nodded. He agreed wholeheartedly; she was right. Meeting your favorite actor was always worth it, even if it meant standing in line for hours and hours. And possibly freezing to death in the process.

They were surrounded by thousands of other fans, some of them dressed up as a certain character, others wearing shirts with their idols on it. Dean also recognized a few first timers; the ones who hadn’t been to any of these kind of events before, and who looked like they were slowly dying on the inside while waiting.

Four years ago, Dean had been one of them. He still remembered the nerves, but looking back now, it only made him smile. He thought back to the many conventions that he’d attended since then, and he appreciated all the friends that he’d made along the way. Friends like Charlie, whom he’d met at Comic Con, to find out that she lived in the same town as Dean. It was sort of awesome, finding a friend who understood that it was okay to still get excited about TV shows even when you were in your late twenties.

The two of them had pretty much become con buddies from there on, and it also helped that they were both mainly there for the same show; Angel Grace. Charlie had a huge crush on the actress named Gilda Fairchild, who played a badass warrior angel sidekick. And Dean… Well, he had his own preferences.

Castiel Novak was the actor who played the lead, a powerful archangel whose job was to keep peace on earth. Now at first, Dean had been drawn to the actor because the guy was handsome, charming in that socially-awkward kind of way, and had the bluest eyes to ever exist. Every person with a pair of functioning eyes could come to the conclusion that Castiel was drop-dead gorgeous. But then he’d met the guy, several times, and his little infatuation had only become worse.

The problem was that it no longer had anything to do with Castiel’s looks, or with his acting skills even. The guy was just genuinely nice. And kind, and sweet, and caring, even when it came to his fans.

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Kiss Me Before Midnight Strikes

A/N HAPPY NEW YEAR OUR DEAR FOLLOWERS AND EVERYBODY ELSE!!! We hope you had a good year and if not… Hopefully, the new one will be better. Stay safe tonight <3

Summary: Castiel and Dean are in a long distance relationship, which is fine most of the time. But with the new year arriving, Castiel never felt lonelier. Will this year end alone in the corner of a frat house? Or is there a miracle waiting for him? (This ends fluffy, don’t worry. And it’s not angsty either)

It was times like these when long distance relationships were the hardest. There was no possible way they could see each other right now. That’s how Castiel ended up sitting in a dark corner, sipping his drink while watching others having fun. He didn’t feel like drinking tonight, he didn’t feel like partying at all tonight.

Christmas has already been a disaster, he had too much work to do for school and his parents wanted him to visit. Dean promised he would be there on Christmas eve and then visit his parents the next day as their parents didn’t love that far apart. Everything was perfectly planned out, until Dean got stuck in a snowstorm and was unable to come. It broke Castiel’s heart as he hadn’t seen his boyfriend in weeks. Their relationship was strong, strong enough to survive this long distance. They made up the time with Skype and texting whenever they could, but Castiel craved the feeling of Dean’s skin, his smell, he missed Dean.

The reason they wanted to celebrate Christmas together wasn’t just because it’s Christmas, but because they knew they couldn’t see each other on New Year’s Eve. Castiel wasn’t going to have his midnight kiss from the person he loved the most this year.

They have been friends ever since they were kids, but finally got the guts to confess their feelings in their senior year. Castiel had been so relieved when they admitted their love; now he didn’t have to hide anymore. They were inseparable before their relationship and that aspect had not changed. Maybe that’s why not being together was tough, they weren’t used to it. They talked about it, the distance between them, and they came to the conclusion that they should apply to the school they wanted to go to. They didn’t want to hold each other back just for the sake of their relationship, their bond was stronger than that. That’s how they ended up in different states, miles apart. They could only reach each other by plane, or they could drive for many hours. If they even visited each other it was mostly done by car, as Dean is terrified of planes.

Castiel sighed, the loneliness really settling in. He missed Dean so much his heart ached. He wanted to burst into tears, but kept his poker face as he studied the dancing people. They were mostly drunk, but what else would he expect at a frat party. Only half an hour left until the beginning of a new year. It was a very lonely start of the year, which wasn’t promising for the rest of 2016. Castiel could only wish for a late Christmas miracle, one where Dean would show up and celebrate this with him.

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Hartbig. 2.4k. SFW.  This is a two-part fic, of which the conclusion will definitely be very SFF, so enjoy the ride! (other writing here)

a/n Amazing and many many thanks to the most splendid beta in all the land isilagdur for keeping me in check and frensheep and for always being so supportive and to haveyouseenmyplot for the fish faces and [sparkles].


Part One: Running Water

One out of every 344 babies is born with a pinprick imperfection between the chamber walls of its heart. A tiny hole. Invisible really, but somehow your body knows its there. Knows it needs to work harder than other hearts. Equilibrium becomes a marathon.

Hannah’s heart has three holes in it. There is no explanation for how a person can survive with such injuries but she is not the only one who walks around like this.

The first hole opens on its own. There was no puncture wound, no ice pick to the chest. There was just Grace. Grace and a dress flush with the print of something you’d find on a bedspread tucked into the back of your grandmother’s closet. Geezer chic she called it, and it was. Only a leggy blonde disaster of tequila, sweetness, and a genuine lack of coordination could give one lingering look in Hannah’s direction over cheap margaritas and laugh with enough fervor to sling salsa on the neighboring table and send Hannah’s heart reeling.

It takes Grace 1.3 seconds to blush pink with a sheepish smile and turn Hannah’s world into the gasp before the horror film carnage when she suddenly pictures a future in the distance with this epitome of #thatawkwardmomentwhen. A far off island of maybes that Grace can never swim out to.  

Hannah will drown before she learns that breathing water is not a skill people develop by falling in love with their best friends.

Symptoms and complications can include breathlessness and an increased heart rate. Blood begins a catacomb journey to the vital organs and the injured heart now has to work twice as hard to keep enough oxygen for normal functioning. You will struggle to keep breathing.

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Another Girl Part 7

Part 6

You walked into your apartment and headed straight towards the bedroom, because you were so tired. It had been a stressful past few hours, but at the same time extremely relieving. You collapsed onto your bed and felt at home, happy to finally be out of the hospital and in the comfort of your own place. You lay there for a while, listening to the outside world of cars and loud city noises.

You heard your phone beep beside you, so you lifted your head up to check what is was. It was a text message from Dan.

Throwing a small party at my apartment on Saturday at 7pm, bring alcohol :)

You frowned as you read the text message over and over. For starters, Dan had used the term ‘my’ instead of ‘our’, clearly not including Phil. Secondly, the last party you’d gone too was terrible, and you definitely did not want to relive anything that had happened that night. There was also the thought of who was going to be there, and why Dan had actually invited you. You two had just met up again after a little while, and you were restarting your friendship or whatever you seemed to have. So this was all a bit puzzling to you.


It was Saturday morning, and the party was drawing closer. You still hadn’t made the decision of whether or not you were going, because there could be so many possible things that could occur tonight. However you were curious, so you tried your hardest to sway your thoughts towards going.

You picked out an outfit that you thought would match the atmosphere of the party, and grabbed your bag and some food. You’d just heated up some noodles in the microwave as you were already running late, even though there was really no reason to be late because you weren’t actually doing anything.

Although your head was juggling ideas and scenarios, you held you head up and felt really confident as you walked up the steps leading to Dan and possibly Phil’s apartment. You sheepishly knocked on the door, and almost immediately heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

You waited for Dan to open the door as you nervously stood there, not knowing what to expect when you walked in. However to your dismay Dan didn’t answer the door. Instead, Melissa stood facing you, clutching the door as her smile dropped just like at the last party. You hadn’t yet thought of whether or not she would be here, so you were just as surprised as her.

“Y/n..” she said, staring at you. You both stood there awkwardly, you holding onto your noodles and squeezing the life out of them. “Um, hi Melissa,” you said, trying to put on a smile. It failed, but Melissa seemed to smile back so you just assumed she’d taken it. You heard more footsteps coming down the stairs, and waited until you saw Dan at the bottom.

“Y/n, hi,” he said, happily but surprised. He smiled at you, as Melissa just stared at him bitterly. Dan obviously hadn’t told her that you were coming, and you weren’t sure exactly how their relationship was going. Dan had told you his feelings for you, and then kissed you to top it all off. But he hadn’t clarified what was going to happen between him and Melissa, so you were awfully curious.

There was a bit of silence before Melissa turned to face you again. “Well, y/n, I guess you’re here now so why don’t you come in?” she said, plastering a fake smile onto her face. You walked in as she closed the door behind you, and the two of you followed Dan into the lounge.

It felt weird being in Dan’s apartment again. It had been about a month, and the place still felt bitter and sad, as you’re pain had still been left here since the last time you’d visited. As soon as you walked into the lounge room you felt out of place. There were about seven people all in the room, either sitting or just standing. They were all already slightly intoxicated, and you’d also noticed that so were Melissa and Dan.

Dan walked up beside you and offered you some alcohol, but you declined. Drinking wasn’t on the agenda for tonight, and you knew that the last time you drank it didn’t go well at all. You tried to shake the thoughts out of your head as you sat down next to a handsome guy with a beer.

As soon as you sat down he looked at you and smiled. “Hey, I’m Damien,” he said, sticking out his hand for you to shake. You reluctantly shook it, and then noticed how uncomfortable you felt. Everyone in the room knew each other, and you only knew Dan and Melissa.

You then looked at each person in the room individually. There were about three other girls, not including Melissa, and four other guys, not including Dan. You then noticed something else. Phil wasn’t here. You scanned the room again, looking for him to see if he may be standing behind someone, but you came to the conclusion that he was indeed missing.

You began to think of possible scenarios of where he might be. Maybe he’s just in the bathroom? But your mind kept wondering towards the thoughts that Phil no longer lived with Dan. You knew the two of them hadn’t talked much after Dan and you had broken up, but you didn’t think in the end he would actually consider moving out of the apartment.

You waited for a few minutes, before you realized he wasn’t here…


The party had been going on for about two hours, although it had died down a lot since the start. There were only ten or so people here, and people had begun to get bored. You on the other hand had been bored the whole time. You hadn’t taken a sip or alcohol, and the guy sitting beside you, who had introduced himself as Damien, had been gradually moving closer and closer by the minute. You had shuffled as far away as possible, but you eventually hit the edge of the couch and you were trapped.

You sat in boredom when Damien suddenly spoke up. “So, I’ve been sitting next to you this whole time and you haven’t said a word to me,” he said, grinning as he kind of swayed in his seat. You felt weird. “So then, what’s your name?” he asked, receiving a sigh from you. “I’m y/n,” you said, trying to smile. “Wow, that’s a pretty name,” he said. “Pretty just like you.”

You nearly threw up, and you wanted to stand up and leave. This guy was probably really nice, but he wasn’t really someone you wanted to speak to right now. As you tried to make Damien disappear you noticed Dan stand up and leave the room. You just assumed he was going to the bathroom or grabbing more drinks, so you turned you attention back to Damien.

“So, what do you like to do in your free time?” Damien said, reaching his hand down and squeezing your thigh. You jumped, and nearly fell off the couch. Damien kept inching closer and closer to you until he was on top of you, and he was too big for you to push off. He had pinned you down, and his lips were edging closer and closer to yours until he was hovering just above you. You tried to wriggle yourself free, but there was no escaping. His lips were inches away from yours, and you couldn’t stop him.

“Get off of her!” someone yelled. The room went quiet, and Damien lifted his head up and looked in the direction of the doorway. He suddenly went red, and began to lift himself off of you. Everyone stood still, and you slowly turned your head to see Phil standing in the entrance to the room. He looked upset, as he looked around the room. Then his eyes locked with yours and you stared at each other for a while before he turned and ran out of the room.

You immediately got up and raced out of the room, and you got into the hallway just in time to see Phil run into his room, slamming the door behind him. You slowly tip toed up the hall until you were standing in front of Phil’s bedroom. You stuck your hand out and tried to open the door, but realized he had locked it. You stood there for a while before knocking.

“Who is it?” Phil said. He didn’t sound himself, he sounded sad and dreary, and that broke your heart. “I-It’s me,” you said quietly. There was silence, and you stood there wondering what was going on in Phil’s head. “Can I come in,” you whispered. There was no reply. You stood there for ages, before you heard a noise behind you.

You turned around to face Dan’s door, which was directly opposite Phil’s. The door was open with just a crack, and the light was faintly coming through into the dark hallway. You crept up to the door and slowly opened it. You soon realized that it was music, and as you slowly peeked into the room you saw Dan sitting playing the piano.

You had been in Dan’s room many times, and you’d seen the piano before. But you just saw it as another object, that it was just there because it was. Dan had never told you he played the piano or expressed any interest in it at all. But here he was, sitting playing possibly the best piano music you had heard.

And he looked so gorgeous just sitting there with his sweater on, his fingers gliding over the piano keys as he played. He hadn’t noticed you yet, so you stood there watching him and just admiring his every move. He was so beautiful, and you hated yourself for thinking that.

You were snapped out of your thoughts when you tried to edge closer, and you tripped over a pile of clothes. You didn’t fall, but made a loud thud as you tried to get your balance back. Dan quickly spun around and spotted you, awkwardly standing in his room. You looked up at him and smiled awkwardly.

“Y/n,” he said, looking you up and down. “I’m sorry, I was just, um..” you searched your brain for something to say, but you couldn’t think of anything. Dan slowly closed the piano lid and looked at you in the eyes. “Y/n, what are you doing?” he asked softly. You sighed. “Phil, he’s in his bedroom and I can’t get him to come out,” you whispered. Dan’s eyes grew wide as soon as you mentioned Phil.

“Phil is here?” he replied, curiosity growing on his face. “Um, yeah?” you said, not really understanding where this was going. Dan stood up and made his way over to you until he stood right in front of you. He looked down at you and you looked up at him, and he suddenly bent down and kissed you.

It took you by surprise, but honestly everything did these days. And just like the kiss in the park, you didn’t pull away. You stayed there kissing him, and you felt fine. However you soon heard something behind you, and you turned around to see Phil and Melissa standing in the doorway to Dan’s bedroom.

Melissa had tears in her eyes and her mouth wide open in shock, whilst Phil just stared with a blank expression. You stood there feeling ashamed, and having no idea what to say.

You all stood there with nothing to say, and you all felt the same terrible feelings as each other…

The piano thing was actually the idea of an anon, so thanks anon it was really good!