so here is a thing that is happening that i'm excited about!

I’m sorry if I am not shouting with excitement over things right now.

Louis’ team is doing nothing to promote him. Yayyyy! I’m so happy. Woo-hoo!

Harry’s team is doing nothing at all. Woo-hooo! This is the best! Yip-yip!

Oh look another stunt to go along with all the other stunts. HELL YEAH! I AM LIVING! THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS!


If I complain, I obviously hate Harry and Louis. Right?! It has nothing to do with the fact that I actually adore them and want what is best for them. Nope not at all.

Well, anyway.

I think most often when it comes to Aesthetics, Enjolras and Grantaire are associated to a tempest, to pining and sadness and misunderstandings. To passion, to anger, and half arguments half debates filled with Something More.

But to me, it’s more and more different.

To me, Enjolras and Grantaire are that feeling when you just lay down in a bed after one hell of a crazy night; so many things happened! Excitement and fear, and anger and joy, and Crazy Events you’re not sure yet were positive or not; it was one hell of a rollercoaster of feelings and yet here you are, safe in your bed, and there’s this person next to you and at the beginning of the night you didn’t know them that well at all, but because of the night’s circumstances, you’re both here now, and when talking was sort of awkward hours ago, now it flows easily;

They’re that weird feeling at six am, when you’ve been talking for two hours despite the tiredness, and the light is slowly pouring in the bedroom, and you think: “oh, i know you. This is you.”

They’re the feeling of a new beginning at dawn.

How the hell do people write fanficton.

I want to write so bad but I’m terrified that I’ll write out of character? I’m sitting here thinking up plots and AUs and ficlets and stuff that I’m so excited about, and I just can’t put words on paper (or a word document, heh).

What would ______ character do in this situation? I don’t know, I’m not them.

The kylux tag is slow, and the NKN prompt for today has inspired me to share this dumb, fluffy mpreg idea that won’t leave me alone: 

Instead of having Kylo or Hux as pregnant, why not have both? Imagine a modern AU in which they, as single parents, meet at a prenatal class. They’re both there on their own, surrounded by happy couples who have each other for support, and end up drawn towards each other and becoming firm friends. It turns out they don’t live too far from each other too, and for the first time they can both be excited about their pregnancy and share it with someone who understands and cares. They can discuss baby names, go shopping together, talk about their odd food cravings, bitch about killer indigestion - things they have no one else to turn to for.

And, of course, their due dates are different - about a month or so apart. Hux goes into labour first and he knows it might not be such a great idea for Kylo to be his birth partner, but there’s no one else, and definitely no one else who understands him like Kylo does. Kylo insists he wants to be there too. It’s not so bad at first, and Kylo is so good at distracting him and helping with the breathing exercises, but as the pain gets worse Hux struggles because he’s scared of frightening Kylo. He tries to grit his teeth and bear it.

Kylo realises there’s something very wrong when Hux starts crying softly to himself. He gently coaxes it out of him, and when Hux admits that he doesn’t want to scare Kylo with how painful it is, Kylo gently strokes his hand and says he knows it hurts, but he also knows that it will be over soon, and that it will be so, so worth it. He promises he’s not frightened, and encourages Hux not to hold back.

In truth he’s a little bit frightened, but he’s also excited to meet his baby. He’s envious of Hux when, a short time later, his labour is over and he’s cradling his baby in his arms and quietly weeping with happiness and relief. Kylo knows it will be worth it for that moment, and tries so hard to be patient as he helps (well, tries to help) Hux go home and settle in with his little girl.

They see each other a little less over the next few weeks, as Kylo is tired and finds it hard to nap in Hux’s bed (often with Hux in it too, as he’s also exhausted) when there’s a newborn baby crying in the same room, but when he finally goes into labour Hux arranges childcare for his daughter and comes to the hospital to be with him. He doesn’t begrudge Hux the short nap he takes during the first stages, sleeping rather awkwardly in the chair while holding Kylo’s hand, and when Hux wakes up he’s the best birth partner Kylo could have asked for. Kylo quickly realises he’s not handling the pain as well as Hux did, though, and it’s too hard for him to think about anything else when the contractions happen.

He spends most of the time wondering how he’s going to survive labour, and how Hux managed to survive it, until finally, after what feels like days, it’s over. His son, crying strongly, is placed in his arms and his earlier words are proved right: it’s so, so worth it.

right now, all these people are like OMG, TWO GUYS FINALLY BECAME A CANON COUPLE IN A SPORTS ANIME, THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!!!!! and yes i get their point but

don’t forget about… this, you know???

(hint: “this” = makoharu, hello, this is a makoharu blog here. XD)

just because they weren’t as blatantly physical doesn’t mean there was not a TON of meaning and depth and words and beauty and emotions and just… so much stuff. seriously!! wow!!! makoharu is mind-blowing!! i’ve been stunned and blown away over and over again by this ship. there are so many reasons why makoharu is canon and i don’t want people to think that it’s not that much, or it’s something less, or something not as real, just because it’s not portrayed/expressed in the same way as other ships that people are getting excited about and saying “this type of thing has never ever been canon before and blah blah blah”

and it’s weird because i actually like that ship and really do understand why people are saying this. but still, IT MAKES ME KINDA SAD OKAY. XD i have mixed feelings. like do you have to say it as if every other sports anime male/male relationship didn’t get very far and doesn’t mean much?

i… i’’m getting a little salty over this lol

Help me out here, Rosita

Okay so here’s the thing. Tonight’s episode was great and gave us so much things to be excited for and just cheer for. I mean, I’m a known rickyl shipper, but GOD DAMN THAT RICHONNE SHIT, I can just shovel it in my food hole with a damn spoon and ask for seconds. Relationship goals right there. Then we just get the amazing King Ezekiel throwing down some MLK as bed time stories with added bonus: Shiva and Jerry. Aaron and Eric being a couple and doing what couples do (arguing but still loving, also thank you for giving Eric screen time). Carol still being nice to kids while being stone cold, as well as Ezekiel trying to be low key asking if Carol asked about him. Meaningful looks between Rick and Daryl. A great first date between Rick and Michonne. I could go on.

However, I wanna talk about my girl, Rosita Espinosa. As a Latina woman myself, I can’t help but be biased. I really have had a lady crush on her since she showed up. This episode gave her more than one or two lines. She took charge. She fucking disarmed explosives and told everyone how to do it/what’s up. She said what we were all thinking when it comes to Gregory. All this has me screaming and waving my Rosita flag.

Then you give me this snap back bull shit when it came to Sasha. Like, that shit came so out of left field. Like, I get her being salty before Abe’s death. I do. I mean, Abe broke up with her in a shitty way (again, from my stand point), which is in no way Sasha’s fault, but I can see how this would be super awkward in Alexandria with the group. We’ve all been in relationships before that have ended not in a positive light. So I get the side eyes and junk Rosita threw to Sasha while Abe was running around alive and intact. 

Then we have Negan and of course what happened in Episode 1 of season 7. We have Sasha comforting Rosita. Rosita holding Abe’s body with Sasha. Rosita sharing, what I assumed, are friends glances with Sasha when the gang is all reunited and all “Team Fucking Kill Negan!”. Everything cool and chill, right? Nah, instead we are given this snap back by Rosita. “Just because we slept with the same dead guy doesn’t mean we’re friends.” (or some bull shit along those lines.) I mean, my face matched Sasha’s. What the fuck was that mess? Where did that even come from? Are we really going that direction with Sasha and Rosita’s relationship? You gotta be fucking kidding me here. I’m just mad as hell that even happened. This better not turn into some Shane 2.0 shit. There better be a good fucking reason for this. Am I missing something? Is this just her still being in a bad head space kind of thing? I mean, they’ve all gone through some shit at one point. Every time Rick grows his mountain man beard, he loses his shit. Am I just really biased when it comes to Rosita? Like, am I hitting that territory that some Negan fans hit where they are blind to his bull shit psycho/abusive shit just because he’s hot/their favorite? Like, for real, someone message me and help me understand if I missed a HUGE fucking plot point.

What. The. Fuck. Happened.

Since everyone else is voicing their opinions on Ser Terry Darington, I just have to say…. I honestly love him. He reminds me so much of a medieval fantasy Booster Gold (who happens to be my favorite superhero so that might be part of why I love him so much) But I’m just excited about him, and I hope the group eventually warms up and stops wishing death and other bad things upon him. I do want Vex to beat the shit out of him though.  

A Funny Thing Happened... (Part One)

Description: Dean x reader. After being contacted about a hunt, Sam, Dean and the reader go to investigate. As information is gathered, it becomes clear that this case is a little more than their normal vengeful spirit and they have a dangerous and elusive murderer on their hands in the guise of a familiar face from the big screen.
Words: 3,275
Warnings: Normal violence levels
Author’s Note: I’m nervous but I think you guys will like how this! Still 100% a supernatural fanfic in that world so no randomly colliding AUs, however if you’re into Marvel, particularly Bucky/the Winter Solider there’s salutes you might like ;) I had to make it long because I wanted to properly set up the hunt rather than rush it, so here’s part 1! Probably 2 parts, we’ll see how it goes! Really hope you guys like this one! If it seems short on mobile, keep reading has bugged out so just click the post!

Request: Do you think you could do a supernatural fanfic where Sebastian Stan is the big bad and he is obsessed with the reader? The reader is included as a hunter with sam and dean? it could be dean x reader pairing and dean is protecting her from Sebastian. I think Sebastian Stan would be really cool as a villain! Sebastian could have like mind controlling powers?

Finding blood on your clothes wasn’t exactly unusual when on a hunt, however, what was unusual was finding blood on your clothes when they’d been in your bag the entire time. It wasn’t much, just a few small specks on the shoulder of the sleeve but even so, it was infuriating because it seemed there could only be one answer.

“Who’s been in my bag while bleeding?” You said, walking out of the little motel bathroom with shirt in hand to confront the Winchesters.

“What do you-?” Dean’s head shot up from where he was looking at the laptop screen from over Sam’s shoulder, before he grimaced, “Ah, that shirt.”

You screwed up your nose and held it up, “Do I want to know?”

“That werewolf got me good at the weekend, nose bleed decided to randomly restart yesterday.”

“And you thought my shirt was the answer?” You scoffed, screwing it up in a ball and chucking it at him, “Well volunteered, you’re doing the washing today.”

Dean rolled his eyes as he picked the shirt up before he smirked, “Only if I can make you dirty first.”

“Dude,” Sam groaned, closing his eyes in an attempt to block out the comment. You did feel for him having to be around you and Dean all hours of the day, Sam very much saw you as a little sister and had made it quite clear he didn’t need mental images of you and his brother. “Can we get back to the case, please?”

You pulled a face and wandered over to look over at the laptop, “Only because you asked so nice… what are we looking at?”

“I’m not too sure yet, but Jody was right to tell us, it definitely looks like our sort of thing,” Sam said, flicking back a few screens on his browser.

“You always say that,” Dean mumbled, subconsciously leaning in closer to you now that you were next to him. You smiled but didn’t have time to dwell on it as Sam pulled up a page and carried on.

“So I managed to remotely hack into this,” Sam said clicking on what looked like CCTV footage, “Watch carefully.”

“What am I looking for?” You muttered as he pressed play. Your eyes flicked to Sam’s face expectantly, but his eyes were fixed on the screen so you kept watching, you were about to talk again when the main event began. You were rarely one to be shocked, hunting had slowly taken that out of you over the years but still all you could manage was a small and withered, “oh…”

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Break Year.

Characters: Dean x reader


Request: -hiddlesdweeb-  Hola my friend! So I was wondering if u could do a Dean x Reader fic here’s the AU: U and Sam hav been best friends since Junior high and his family has grown to become just like a second family to u Except one thing has always been on the back of ur mind The fact that u had a lingering crush on your best friend’s older bro U never even told Sam or anyone else about it so that kills u The rest of what happens is up to u ☺️

Warnings: John Winchester, swearing,

Y/L/N= your last name 

A/N: Just to be clear in the beginning Dean is 19 and the reader is 16. This was so much fun to write and I JUST HIT 800 FOLLOWERS HOLY CRAP WHAT SHOULD I DO TO CELEBRATE? IDK SEND ME AN ASK OF IDEAS. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUU

Originally posted by writingissatansworstnightmare

You sat at your desk in history class, doodling in your textbook. The class hasn’t started yet, and the other students ignored you,absorbed in their own conversation. You weren’t exactly the most popular in highschool, but you were definitely the person to go to if someone wanted to take their anger out of you. Junior year and you still hadn’t made any friends, you tried plenty of times but people just didn’t seem to like you.

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I imagine two scenarios that could happen when Klavier Gavin meets Nayuta Saadmadhi:

1. Klavier sees the new prosecutor, looks over at Edgeworth, and goes, “How dare you. I’m the pretty one!”


2. Klavier corners Nayuta and starts going on about how excited he is to meet the new prosecutor and starts asking questions like what conditioner do you use? Do you speak German? (Because that’s kind of a thing around here) And then introduces Blackquill and they have a braid train.

BruceNat Lab Headcanons

Okay the post I made earlier about the little looks Bruce and Nat exchanged in the lab in AOU has given me feelings. And those feelings have become headcanons. And now I’m just inflicting them all on you.

Like Bruce and Nat hanging out in the lab is a thing that happens; it’s a thing that’s been happening for a while; it’s a thing that I love for various reasons:

 I get the feeling both of them are night owls and she just gets used to floating up to the lab and keeping him company, watching him work, letting him absently bounce theories and data and information off of her, just kind of thinking out loud, barely paying attention to what’s coming out of his mouth. 

And she just loves this, because he’s so relaxed and at ease and everything is just comfortable and unconscious and he looks and feels at home here. And he gets ridiculously excited about tiny little discoveries or breakthroughs that he makes (as seen above) and Nat finds this incredibly enjoyable as well. 

Some nights they don’t say anything at all to each other. There’s just this unspoken agreement between them that the lab is sort of their ‘safe space’ when they’re there alone together. Sometimes he’ll wander up there and she’ll have set up shop first, with a book perhaps, waiting for him, or this just being habit by now, and he’s fine with this (and he wouldn’t be fine with it if it was anyone but her, but it is her, so) 

Sometimes Bruce is there first when Natasha arrives and they just exchange a little nod before she settles herself in her usual corner. And they’re okay with silence, it’s fine, they don’t need to be talking and constantly reassuring each other of their continued presence and the comfort they take in that. They just know. 

Natasha helping in some of Bruce’s experiments (and reminding him that you need gloves when dealing with hydrochloric acid, the calluses on his hands attest to the number of times he forgets about this, she doesn’t mind that, she sort of likes it, but still, if she can avoid something burning holes in her doctor then she will) Natasha having very steady hands and Bruce is very impressed and pleased by this and jokes about keeping her on as a full time assistant then flushes and fumbles off before he catches her smile. 

Natasha bringing Bruce tea and the occasional cup of coffee and food too dammit, even geniuses need to eat sometimes. 

Bruce finding Natasha curled up like a cat in the corner of the lab fast asleep and covering her over with a blanket he keeps on hand for occasions like this and letting her sleep a while before he gently nudges her awake and leads her off somewhere more comfortable. (where he more often than not just ends up joining her) 

 Natasha shocking the team a few weeks after these little lab sessions begin by spouting off a very technical, advanced physics theory that Bruce mumbled at her a few weeks ago to general astonishment. 

Bruce and Natasha developing their own little shorthand in response to these many sessions they’ve spent together and everyone else in the team noticing how easily they work together and can communicate in short looks and nods, little touches and gestures. 

Bruce unconsciously cursing in Russian the way Nat does sometimes to general astonishment. 

Natasha realising after a few weeks that Bruce is still trying to work on a cure for the Hulk and still doesn’t entirely trust himself even after everything that’s happened. She doesn’t say anything to him then but the day after she figures this out she finds him, leads him down into the training rooms and tells him she has a new idea she thinks will help that they can call the ‘lullaby’… 

(GIF credit)

I think this quote may be foreshadowing what will happen in the future regarding Killian and the shears. When he said this to Emma, he obviously wasn’t thinking about the decision of ordering pizza or chinese, which is why the writers decided to have him respond so seriously to such a mundane thing. When I first watched the scene and saw that he had kept them, I instantly thought he had done it so that Emma can still have a choice later on, in case they don’t manage to help her escaping her fate and she decides to change her mind. What he told her here reinforces that interpretation - it makes me think that he is keeping the shears so that she can have another option in the future instead of immediately throwing away the only thing that can keep her alive. But, ultimately, he knows it is her decision to make and to follow her heart’s desire. This quote shows he is still very aware of that and that he will respect whichever decision she makes. It’s almost as if he’s telling her (and himself) why he is doing this, but of course that, not knowing he kept the shears, Emma will take it as a general statement of his unconditional love. But it did seem to me like he was trying to justify his action and to also ease his own guilt over hiding this from her.


here goes nothing (x)

Imagine: Blue Neighborhood BTS

If we’re going to imagine things here, instead of the “Matthew vs. Connor” approach a lot of people are taking, how about we imagine Connor’s first day seeing the set? He’s standing by Troye, among crew members and stylists, and rambling about how aesthetically gorgeous the whole set looks, squealing how proud he is of Troye. 

Then as Troye’s finishing touch-ups are being wrapped up by the makeup artist, Connor spots a young boy with thin arms and brown hair that’s flat over his eyes- eyes which are tired, but also lit up in excitement for the role he’s going to play. Connor can’t help but approach him, excitedly tell him how cute he is and how perfect he’ll be for the role. Matthew blushing slightly and thanking him, assuming that he’s the real-life boyfriend. Connor nodding and turning to Troye, announcing that “I approve of your temporary boyfriend.” Before turning back to Matthew with a cheeky grin and adding. “Not that he needs the approval. I’m Connor.” 

Them shaking hands and talking extensively about tumblr blogs and good aesthetics while Matthew gets his hair done. Troye kissing Connor before joking that, “I thought he was supposed to play my boyfriend.” And Connor replying with “I can take him after your turn.” 

Connor telling Troye that he loves him and is so so proud when they leave to shoot their first scene, and reminding Matthew to “Go get ‘em!”


Just overworked. How’s it going, guys? I’ve seen the spoilers for chapter 21 and I am fucking pumped. TWO COLORFUL PAGES OF BLOWJOB, 31 PAGES TOTAL, THOSE CONTACTS BETTER STAY IN DOUMEKI’S POCKET.

I guess the big announcement here is that I will not be releasing chapter 20. Why? Because another group already did it, because I still get anon messages thanking me for scanalating chapter 20 why do you guys think that’s me?, because everyone has read it and knows what’s happening, and especially because I’ve been working 60+ hours a week and have little free time and I”m usually braindead in that time.

I’ve also been considering a Major Career Change and, well, I’ve decided to take the plunge. While things aren’t happening for a bit, it’s been kind of a weird/scary/frustrating month for me and just realizing that I have to make the change and deciding to make it was rough. I’m excited about the future though! I will certainly post here about it when things start taking off.

And do not worry, I specifically took vacation to coincide with the release of chapter 21, which means yes I will be scanalating it.