so here is a live video instead

so, apparently there was recently (like last month) a brazilian production of great comet and there are some videos on youtube and of course i watched all of them so here’s some of my favorite parts:

  • anatole had ripped jeans during the prologue for…. some reason
  • there were screams when dolokhov came in during the prologue but no reaction for anyone else
  • ‘chandeliers and caviar, the war can’t touch us here’ was changed to ‘that war out there doesn’t matter, we have caviar’
  • i’m pretty sure anatole was shirtless when he entered during the opera
  • in the end of dust and ashes pierre said ‘how can i die if i haven’t lived’ and i cried
  • in the end of the abduction, instead of ‘betrayed’ dolokhov just said ‘fuck’ multiple times
  • overall it seems great and i’d love to watch it but i think it’s closed already and i don’t live anywhere near rio anyway

While everyone is freaking out over playlist live, I’m gonna be emo here for a sec about that Blessing™ of a sims video. I only just realised that whenever Dan or Phil talk about the friendship (not the future relationship) between Dab and Evan, they get sO EXCITED and as you saw they always age them up at the same time and get super giddy about it and everything. Even when they first decided to ‘create’ Evan, they were adamant to make Dab a friend instead of just having him befriend different people as he aged up. Also, whenever Dan and Phil talk about Dab, they always seem to mention their own childhood memories and reminisce over that (that Matey bubble stuff, the fabric light thing, the sandpit). That’s when I realised…

Dab and Evan are surrogates for the Dan and Phil that didn’t get to grow up with each other.

They are using these two sims (who have a LOT of resemblance to them imo) to inadvertently get to spend the childhood together that they wished they had. I ship the hell out of Dab and Evan (lmao), but if they never become a couple onscreen it’s because they’re such strong mirrors for Dan and Phil themselves that they aren’t willing to do that (regardless of if phan is ‘real’ or not, Dab and Even represent the beautiful friendship Dan and Phil share).

But if you do happen to ship phan, watching the boys talk about Dab and Evan and shipping makes it even more dramatic, just saying. 😂

[So I should be studying, but instead decided to make this. Based on this post. I’m so sorry, I’m a disaster.]


Ok kiddos let me explain you a thing right now:
If you are watching a video and the sound is clear, that video was staged.

You ever actually listen to the shit you record in your phone? You ever wonder why your home movies sound so terrible?

Let me let you in on a little filmmaker’s secret ok:

So the next time you see a video that seems horrible or awful or sweet oh what-fucking-ever, listen to it.

Cause if it looks windy and there’s no wind noise? It’s staged.

If the camera is about 20 ft from the subject yet sounds like the person is sitting right next to you? It’s staged.

Granted there are ways around this, but those require an actual crew. So if you’re watching a documentary that has an actual budget, then yeah sure it might not be staged (though that’s been known to happen in docs as well).

But if this video is being passed off as “candid” or surreptitious “phone” recording, just know it’s fake. It’s staged. There is only so much you can fix in post.

170928 TVXQ V LIVE Mukbang - Yunho accidentally called Changmin as Sungmin 😂😂

Yunho: *had a lot of burnt meat on his plate*

Yunho: Look, they’re all black. Once I eat this, we’ll say the mukbang is finished.

Changmin: If you eat the black ones…I’ve told you this before, but…you could die early. Here’s a nicely cooked piece of meat so eat this instead.

Yunho: Wah…Sungmin-ie is…

Changmin: SUNGMIN-IE?!

Yunho: No, Changmin! Changmin! I said Changmin. I said Changmin for sure. Changmin is all grown up.

cr: (x)(x)

Step by Step - Baekhyun (Fluff)

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

agust-d8 said:Can i have a baekhyun scenario please? When the reader is so quiet when they met like she would just reply with a few words but then they got closer and she was even louder than baekhyun and everytime theyre together they irritate the other members because of their loudness? THANK YOU 

 A/N: I know I said I was going to post this earlier this week but I had finals and I thought I would have time to finish it and I didn’t, so I’m sorry about that, but I thought this request was really cute and stuff so yeah, thanks <3

“Since when are you hesitant to go talk to someone?” Jongdae looked at Baekhyun as he observed he was fidgeting and shortly pacing back and forth.

“It’s just that she might think I look weird, at least right now”, he answered.

“What? Why? Because of your hair?”

“Yeah, it’s not like she knows this is for work” Baekhyun said slightly annoyed.

Jongdae laughed at how frustrated he looked and tried to give him more confiance “I don’t think she’ll care about that, just go talk to her, you never know”

“You think so?”

“Sure, you always say you can do anything ,we’ll be waiting here”

“Okay” Baekhyun nodded and went in the direction of the girl who looked interested in the old vinyl records displayed in the store.

You searched to see if you could find something unique for your vinyl records collection but most of the ones they were selling were classics that you already owned, suddenly you hear a guy say loudly beside you “ah, this one is really good”.

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(I edited this post so the old posts won’t work.. pleas reblog this instead ) Full videos: HD Video (full) (this is the best version): I’m a gods damned mess. Still have chills…

Prompt: Using exactly 666 words, no more no less, describe an average day in the eyes of the Squip. Include as much detail as possible: their thoughts, feelings, anything! Also, I challenge you to use the word "phantasmagorical" at least three times. Look it up, it's a real word. Good luck!

Word Count: 666 - Characters: The Squip, Jeremy Heere - Ships: Michael/Jeremy (Mentioned)

Notes: why must you do this to me, Anon? It was an awesome challenge, but why.

The Squip groaned, facepalming once again as Jeremy ran into the trashcan. “And this is why you can not stare at Michael’s ass all day!” They exclaimed angrily. Jeremy ignored them, like always. With the Red Mountain Dew in his system, the Squip’s processor is regularly fried and weakened. They wondered if it was just this eternal torture they were going to live through or if the end was nearing. They hoped for the latter.

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So with a new comeback there’s going to be a lot of posts about voting, streaming, buying, and things like that to support the group for this one. We here at thatssobap just want to make sure everyone who does not have time or money to do so knows that you are still valid fans.

You do not HAVE to do anything other than like B.A.P’s music to be a fan.

If you have work/ school and have to wait to watch a repost of a show instead of watching it live, it’s alright. Take your time. Use the pause button while you squeal over things you like.
If you have any personal reasons to not share links, pictures, or videos of B.A.P on your other social sites then that is understandable and valid. You do not owe anyone an explanation for it. You should feel safe and comfortable on your social sites. Always.
If you don’t have the money to buy the album as soon as it drops it’s okay. You’ll get it when you can. Until then enjoy listening in other ways like YouTube videos or audio posts on Tumblr.

You are valid and as important a part of our fandom as anyone else. You are supporting B.A.P in your own way.

Keep up the amazing work, Baby! We’re super proud of all of you!

12x14 watching notes

this show normally never makes me cry except that 1 episode in season 7, but god dammit Berens got me TWICE I’m disowning him

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This is what happens when I drink caffeine. Thanks for reading

When Amanda opens her front door on that rainy, Wednesday night, she nearly closes it. She is too tired and too stressed to deal with Sam’s bullshit, but he looks like a drowned puppy, soaked and red eyed (though she can’t quite remember the last time she actually saw Sam without red eyes), that she rolls her eyes and ushers him inside.

“Thanks a lot, Amanda,” Sam says scrambling over the threshold, barely catching himself when he trips over his feet.

“Whatever,” Amanda responds shutting the door. She turns, cringing when Sam’s wet jacket falls to the floor, knowing she’ll be the one who has to clean that up. “What are you, like, even doing here?”

Sam spins around to face her, something close to panic flickering across his face, but it quickly morphs into an easy going smile and he shrugs. “I was in the neighborhood, ya know?”

“No, I don’t know.” She moves across the room, kicking Sam’s jacket out of her way, and says, “You’re dripping water all over my floor. I think Steve left some stuff here. I’ll be right back.

“How is Steve?”

“Why do you care?”

“I dunno, figured I’d ask.”

“Uh-huh.” Amanda rushes upstairs, not in the mood to discuss hers and Steve’s relationship, especially with present company. It’s not Sam’s business to know that she hasn’t seen Steve in over a week and that he hasn’t bothered to answer her calls. It’s no one’s business but her own. And Steve’s. Fucking asshole.

Amanda grabs the first set of male clothes she can find, hurrying out of her bedroom, and quickly returns to Sam. She finds him where she left him, standing awkwardly in her foyer, staring distractedly at the floor. She scares him when she clears her throat, and he flinches slightly when she holds out the clothes for him, but she doesn’t comment.

“Thanks,” he says quietly, taking the clothes. “Is there a place I can change?”

“Bathroom’s over there.” She gestures towards an area under the stairs, and he nods, hurrying away, disappearing behind the bathroom door.

Amanda crosses her arms, glaring at the door, wondering why Sam would bother showing up here of all places. He has sold drugs to half the student body, surely one of them would have let him into their house. What made her so special?

Sam comes out of the bathroom a few minutes later, clutching his wet clothes in his hands, nearly tripping over Steve’s sweats. He’s practically swimming in the sweater he’s wearing, Steve having a good thirty pounds and 5 inches on him, and Amanda has to bite her lip to keep from laughing. Sam literally looks like a child playing dress up.

“You got somewhere I can put these?” Sam asks, sounding a little miffed, and Amanda knows she didn’t hide her amusement well enough.

“I’ll get a trash bag.”

She returns from the kitchen a few moments later, shaking out a black trash bag, and hands it over to Sam. As he starts shoving his stuff inside, he says, “Your parents let Steve stay over all the time?”

Amanda frowns. “I told you, my parents were…”

“Killed. Yeah, yeah.” Sam ties the bag, tossing it by the door, and says, “Car accident, right?”

Stomach clenching, Amanda blinks away a stray tear, and says, “I don’t wanna talk about that.”

Sam must sense her discomfort, resting his hand on her shoulder when he says, “Sorry. Sometimes, sometimes I don’t think before I say stuff.”

She shakes his hand off, moving away from him. “That’s an understatement.” She crosses her arms, scowling at the floor, chewing on the inside of her cheek. “Look, if you’ve come all the way here to, like, talk about my family…”

“No, no I-” Sam trails off, looking away from her, and Amanda feels a little vindicated that she’s made him uncomfortable. “Look, it’s nothing. I just…” He runs a hand through his hair, clenching the other into a fist, looking like he wants to say something, but instead he sighs and shakes his head. “Just, you know, in the neighborhood.”

“On a Wednesday? During a rainstorm?”

“Sometimes ya gotta take a walk. No matter the weather.”

Amanda makes a skeptical sound, but doesn’t push the subject. He’s not talking, and there’s no point in trying to force him to say anything. So, instead, she says, “You can, I don’t know, wait out the storm here, I guess.”

She walks back into the living room, returning to her seat on the couch, and a few seconds later Sam joins her, cramming himself into the far corner, pulling his knees up to his chest.

“Whatcha, uh, whatcha watching?” he asks curiously, squinting at the paused movie on the TV screen. “Is that Willy Wonka?”

“It’s the only thing the video store had,” Amanda snaps, defensive. She’s not about to tell Sam that’s she and her dad used to watch this movie every year on her birthday and that sometimes, when she really starts to miss him, she rents it just so she can feel closer to him again. It’s not Sam’s business.

“Hey, it’s alright,” Sam says quickly, raising his hands in an attempt to mollify the situation. “ Ain’t nothing wrong with Willy Wonka.”

“I know.”

“You mind if I watch it with you?”

Amanda hesitates, wondering if Sam is making fun of her, but he seems sincere and the movie is almost over, so she sighs and nods. She reaches for the remote, hitting play on the VHS, and settles back, crossing her arms over her chest.

It doesn’t take her long to get back into the movie, her gaze so focused on the screen that she completely forgets Sam is sitting next to her. Quietly, she says the lines with the actors, eyes burning as she watches Wonka, Charlie, and Grandpa Joe break free from the factory in the glass elevator.

When Wonka says, “You know what happened to the man who has everything? He lived happily ever after.” she blinks and a single tear rolls down her face, landing on his shirt. She reaches up to wipe it away, but another one replaces it and another and another. She sniffs, hiccuping, wishing her dad was here right now to tell her everything is going to be okay.

When she feels the hand on her shoulder, for just a moment, she believes her wish has come true, but it’s only Sam. He gives her a sad smile, and she tries to return it but she knows she’s not successful.

“Hey, hey it’s okay.” He gives her an awkward shoulder pat, trying his hardest to comfort her, but that’s not what she needs right now.

Amanda isn’t sure who’s more surprised when she throws her arms around his neck: him or her, but she needs a hug and he can get past his discomfort for one night. He’s still for a good ten seconds before he slowly puts his arms around her, and she buries her head in his shoulder.

She thinks she feels him kiss the top of her head, but she doesn’t comment. In fact, she vows never to speak of this moment to anyone, not even Steve, but for right now she basks in the comfort.

Even if it’s only for this one night.

Harvest Moon AU - Zen Heart Events

Black Heart Event

Time: 12PM-6PM; Any season but Winter

Weather: Sunny

Location: Aurora Lake

[You walk into the bottom section of Aurora Lake, which lies south of the Moonlight Mine. Zen frequently can be found practicing the guitar by the lake’s shores, and you walks in on him doing so. He does not notice you at first, and you watch him practice while musical notes appear above his head.]

Zen: They think I’m crazy. ♪ My heartbeat goes up. ♫

Zen: Words cannot express my love for you! ♫♪

Zen: Did you – ack!

[An exclamation point appears above Zen’s head, and he stops playing as he notices you.]

Zen: <MC>, I didn’t see you out there! How long have you been listening?

Zen: …A while, huh? Well, I understand. It’s hard to ignore my alluring presence!

Zen: What brings you this far out of town? 

> [Choice 1] “It’s beautiful out. I wanted to take a walk.”

Zen: Ahh, isn’t it, though? The sound of the wind, the song of the birds, the smell of the flowers drifting on the breeze…

Zen: It’s enough to make a man feel alive, isn’t it?

Zen: Whenever I visit to the lake, I remember why I moved to Mystic Valley in the first place. The fresh air has a way of making my soul feel… clean.

Zen: I always come out here to practice. Would you like to listen for a while? I’ll play you something a bit more polished.

[You nod and walk over to sit by Zen. Go to [A]

> [Choice 2] “I wanted to see you, my darling Zenny-zen♥”

(Zen blushes)

Zen: Hahaha, wow! Are you a fan?

Zen: Jeez, I’m so lucky… someone as cute as you was looking for me?

Zen: Well, come on over. I’ll play you something a bit more polished.

[You nod and walk over to sit by Zen. Go to [A]

> [Choice 3] “I was headed to the mine, when I heard you playing…”

Zen: I guess you’d have to pass me if you wanted to get there, huh?

Zen: I’m surprised you go in there… but I guess there’s stuff you need in the dirt. Ores for your tools, minerals to sell…

Zen: It’s filled with monsters though, right? I hope you’re careful.

Zen: I’d hate to see someone as cute as you end up in the clinic.

Zen: How about you take a break and listen to me for a while? I’ll play you something a bit more polished.

Zen: Back-breaking labor can wait a few minutes, right?


[Zen plays another song, musical notes appearing above his head as he strums. When he’s finished, he looks to you.]

Zen: That’s one of the first songs I learned how to play. What do you think?

> [Choice 1] “It sounded really nice.”

(Zen +200)

Zen: Thank you! I practice every single day. I have to, if I’m ever going to be a success.

Zen: Well, at least…

[Go to [B]

> [Choice 2] “That’s one of the songs in the musical Dandelion, right?”

(Zen +500)

Zen: You’re right! It’s the opening number! Wow, how did you know?

Zen: You must really like musicals.

Zen: It’s always been my dream to be in a production of Dandelion. Or… well, any musical really, haha.

Zen: Singing, acting, being on stage – it’s my dream. And every day, I’m out here practicing until I can make my dream come true.

Zen: Well, at least…

[Go to [B]

> [Choice 3] “That’s not really the kind of music I like…”

(Zen -200)

Zen: O-oh, ahaha…

Zen: It’s from a musical, but I guess that sort of thing isn’t for everyone.

Zen: They’re what I love, though. Musicals.

Zen: There’s just about the singing and the dancing – I feel like you can really feel the heart and soul that the actors put into the production.

Zen: Well, at least…


Zen: That’s what I tell myself when it seems hard to keep going.

Zen: The road to stardom isn’t an easy one, and I’d be lying if I said it never got rough, but…

Zen: It’s a small price to pay for your dreams, huh?

Zen: I figure you’d understand, given that you took over that old farm-plot and all. It can’t be easy, and it also can’t have been a popular decision among your friends and family.

Zen: I mean, who decides to drop society and run off to become a farmer, anyway?

Zen: –Ah, sorry! Don’t take that the wrong way. I meant it as a compliment.

Zen: My family… wanted me to be plain. Dull. Boring. To just follow along with the crowd, and to be exactly like everyone else.

Zen: I know what you’re thinking! With a face like mine, how could I be destined for anything but show business?

Zen: …But, to them, what was most important… was being normal.

Zen: So anyone who forges their own path and carves their own destiny like you… well! I think that’s a pretty admirable person.

Zen: Anyway, sorry for keeping you. I’m sure you’re busy.

Zen: Come see me any time, okay? ♥ I’m always happy to have an audience.


[The rest of the Heart Events are under the read more!]

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friend: hey how are you?


me instead: oh fine i’m great

Family Picture

Prompt : “I said no more dogs, what did you do? GOT ANOTHER FREAKING DOG”
Genre : Fluff 🍯
Pairing : BTS’ V x OC
Warning/s : none


It was another stressful day at work and you couldn’t wait to finally get home and let your body be comforted by the warmth of your bed or if you’re lucky enough maybe your boyfriend’s warmth.

Sighing and feeling even more tired your gaze suddenly settled on the long line in front of you, god could this get any longer and slower?

‘I just really hope he’s home’ you thought prying your mind from more stress and like an automatic switch your mind immediately traveled to the last cuddle session you two had.

Just the thought of cuddling with him made you sigh, it almost felt like his warmth was ghosting over your worn out form making your tensed muscle relaxed a bit —cuddling with him is always a piece of heaven on earth.


After a few more hours of waiting in line and the actual ride home you were finally just a few steps away from your shared apartment.

‘Finally’ you thought as you key in your password, the familiar ding sounded like music to your ears.

You took off your shoes but before you could even properly enter the threshold,


“Oh hey babies” you cooed as you bent down to pat and let your dogs, Summer, Winter, Autumn welcome and cover you in their love filled dog saliva.

You giggled feeling a bit better by their warm greeting,sighing contentedly you stood up and wiped off some dog saliva from your face you walked into the living room with them in tail.

You called in to check if your boyfriend was home or not.

“Here,babe” Tae answered and it sounded like he was inside your shared room and so you walked in that direction.

“Taehyung~” You softly called outside the door you don’t want to just barge in, like what if he was changing or something.

You didn’t get any answer instead your ears was filled by the background music of the video game he loved so much and you took that as a cue to enter. 

“Taeh-OH MY GOD” you exclaimed as you opened the door, Taehyung paused the game to look at you. 

There in all might despite being so small was a cute puppy, a puppy welcomed you and no, it wasn’t your boyfriend. 

It is a puppy like a puppy smol baby dog puppy. 

“Oh hey babe didn’t hear you call again” he said finally breaking the silence, he started to bounce his way to you in all smiles but you stopped him mid way no matter how cute he looked. 

“Kim Taehyung! I said no more dogs” You exclaimed meeting his gaze. 

You weren’t upset or anything it was just you were both always away, him on tours,recordings and practices and you on work and school, feeding and taking care of the other three was already a worry yet here is another one and its a freaking puppy! It’s still a baby. 

“And what did you do? Get another freaking dog! And really Tae, a puppy? how are we suppose to take care of him or her” you sighed. 

“But I can’t help it, and fyi he’s a he and I named him Spring. I was on my way home and I saw him on the pet store down the street, he was alone and when I came to buy food for the three he looked up to me and showed me his cute puppy eyes that literally asked me to take him home with me. If you were there you would do the same thing” he reasoned out animatedly, he even did a puppy eyes. 

“But that was what you said when we got Autumn” you countered in which he answered with a shy smile. 

Not having any any energy to argue,let alone speak you stayed silent and eyed the puppy who excitedly wobble around the room. 

You heard Taehyung sigh before walking up to you and enveloping you in a tight embrace. 

And it made you melt right there and then. 

“I’m sorry. I promise he’s the last one” he whispered into your hair. 

You playfully pushed him by the chest, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep”

“Touchè” he said and you both chuckled before hugging each other again. 

 Later that night~ 

“Ompf” Taehyung grunted as he plopped beside you on your bed, pulling you closer to him. 

“Hey, I noticed you were tensed since earlier wanna cuddle?” He mumbled close to your ear as he rubbed soothing circles on your arm. 

“About damn time you asked” you joked. 

“What did you just say?” He jokingly pulled away,the coldness of the space between the two of you sent shivers down your spine. 

“Being sarcastic are we?” He said now in a kneeling position, oh no.

“OhmyghahajHAHAHAHAhahahahahhandjPLSSTOahDJDJFP” You said in between laughs, he was now on top of you the both of you gasping for air with silly smiles on your faces. 

“I love you” he choked out, the silly smile never leaving his lips. 

“And I love you to–” and before you could even finish your sentence. 


3 fluffy and hairy babies jumped on your bed making you and Taehyung chuckle. 

He got off of you and sat beside you watching the 3 dogs moved around in excitement. 

You looked around and you didn’t see Spring, the new addition to the family anywhere so you decided to look for him thinking he lost his way following his brothers and sister but just as you were about to get off the bed a cute fluffy smol bean looked up to you, tilting his head cutely. 

He was quietly sitting on the floor, his tail wagging creating small a ‘thump thump’ against the floor.

You chuckled and picked him up, “There you are” 

You brought him close to kiss his nose and in return he gave you a sloppy kiss which made you giggle. 

“You’re right, he does have a cute puppy eyes” you chuckled as you set yourself beside Taehyung. 

“Hate to say this but told you so” he said looking into your eyes and before you could even think of something witty to retort Taehyung had exclaimed, 

“FAMILY PICTURE!” causing the dogs including the one you’re cradling with jump in excitement. 

‘I could get used to this, I don’t care anymore how many dogs would he bring home next time, this is literally the best way to relax next to cuddling of course’ you thought watching the 5 of them in pure happiness. 

“Y/n, come here family pictures wouldn’t be the same without you”


Taylor Thanksgiving / Brennen Taylor

Anonymous: said: Omg you should do a brennen taylor imagine where your super close with him mom and it’s cute and funny

Anonymous said: Can you do a brennen imagine where you are really close with him mom

Author’s Note: It ended up being more fluffy than planned so it’s not that funny lmao oops. 

You and your boyfriend of two years, were heading over to his family’s house for Thanksgiving. You sat in the front seat, next to Brennen, with Kobe in your lap and some pie for after dinner. Lisa, Brennen’s mom, had invited the two of you over for dinner when she found out that you weren’t going home for Thanksgiving, considering Christmas was right around the corner and it was too expensive to buy a ticket home and back then again in less then a month.

After a while in the car, you arrive to the Taylor residence, getting Lisa and Jess at the door. Jake was spending Thanksgiving with his girlfriend again.

“Y/N!” Lisa greets, giving  you a giant hug. You and Lisa had been extremely close, before you and Brennen had even met. You and Jess had take a fitness class together, and one day she brought along her mom, and you and Lisa instantly clicked. You exchanged numbers, then she introduced you to Brennen. She had insisted that Brennen and you would be amazing together, which she happened to be right. Before you moved in with Brennen, and Kobe, you lived about half was between Lisa and Brennen. You would hang out with Lisa, even though she was about the same age as your own mother, you got along great and soon she became your California mother, considering your mother lived in Y/H/S. It is nice to have a female opinion around, especially hanging around Brennen and his friends most days.

“Lisa!” You smile, hugging her, before following her into the kitchen with the pie you baked. Lisa didn’t even greet Brennen, which made him grumble something to his vlog camera. “How have you been?” You ask.

“Good, good.” She smiles, taking the pie from you and placing it in the fridge. “You? How are you and Bren?”

“Good. We’ve both been incredibly busy though.” You were also a YouTuber, but you put out sit down videos, instead of his crazy vlogs. “Brennen’s been trying to do daily vlogs for the fans, and I have been working on a collab month for December. With it being so close, I’ve been meeting up and filming with multiple YouTubers daily.” You say, taking a spoon and helping her in the kitchen. You can hear Brennen and Jess in the living room, yelling for a bit. “What have you been up to?” You ask.

“Mm.. Mainly just getting ready for the holidays.” She turns and looks at you. “Sad you aren’t gonna be here for that, by the way.” I giggle a little.

“Me too. I wish my parents lived closer so I could go to both.”

“Me too.” Lisa agrees. “At least I get you for Thanksgiving.” She says, putting her arm around your shoulders, giving you a quick squeeze, before continuing to prepare the meal.


During dinner, Brennen films bits and pieces, mainly about how much Lisa loves you more than himself, which she says that it’s pretty obvious, jokingly. He does the bit where he puts Jake’s picture at the table, just like last year.

“Mom, why do you love Y/N more than me?” Brennen asks, pouting.

“Why do you love Y/N more than me?” She retorts, eating some mashed potatoes.

“Because she’s nicer to me than you.” Brennen states.

“Well, there’s your answer.” Lisa tells, Brennen mocks shock before turning off the camera.


You all retire to the living room after dinner. It had gotten dark a few hours ago and the dogs were running around the house, after Brennen gave them some turkey for their Thanksgiving meal.

Lisa and Jess sit on one couch and you and Brennen on the other. You put your head on his shoulder, and his arm is wrapped around your shoulders, pressing you even closer than you already were. The TV is on playing various videos, including your’s and Brennen’s that Lisa hadn’t had a chance to watch yet. When one of your’s comes on, you end up falling asleep on Brennen’s lap. He post a cute picture on his snapchat.

“You’re a good boyfriend.” Lisa smiles, making Brennen blush and mutter a thanks. “I’m glad, because she is way to good for you.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

Greaser Gang Playlists!!! (with YouTube links instead)

I was thinking and I’m not sure if everyone uses Spotify (even though it seems to be fairly common), so I’m just going put a list of the songs that can be found on my playlists. They’ll be linked to YouTube videos. I’ll still be putting the links to the Spotify playlists, though

Darry (Spotify playlist here)
I Will Not Bow
Never Again
I’m Alive
Simple Design
Angels Fall
Breaking The Silence 

Two-Bit (Spotify playlist here)
Sell Yourself
My Friends Over You
The Best Day Of Our Lives
Life Story
At Least I’m Known For Something

Soda (Spotify playlist here)
Lonely Day
Unknown Soldier
A Little Death
Sooner Or Later
What Lies Beneath
Memories And Battle Scars

Ponyboy (Spotify playlist here)
You Fight Me
Evil Angel
Dead Memories
Breaking Out, Breaking Down
Here We Are
Points Of Authority

Johnny (Spotify playlist here)
The Ballad Of Johnny Cade
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya
Johnny Ringo
Last Resort
The Bird And The Worm
Breaking The Habit

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My Way
Hot Dog
My Generation
Prototype VIP
Had Enough
Full Nelson
Shallow Bay
Nobody’s Listening

Dally (Spotify playlist here)
Blood On My Hands
No Way Out
Breaking Point
Absolute Zero
In The End
Room 409


Gorillaz kicked off their North American tour last night and I can barely form words as to how amazing a show it was. Amazing band, amazing crowd, the energy was absolutely intense, and there was a beautiful, big, full moon for everyone to dance under💚. I got a ton of videos but I’m not sure if I can post them here, so have some shots I snagged instead! Here’s to an amazing rest of the tour, guys!!


Seven years ago today, Joseph and I uploaded a short video to youtube that we thought might be seen by a few dozen people. It was supposed to be a fun little side project called Marble Hornets.

What ended up happening instead was the most wonderful 5 years of my life, all thanks to amazing fans like you. All of you made me so happy, and gave me such great incentive to work as hard as I could to live up to your expectations.

Things have definitely slowed down since then, with a few rough patches here and there, but I am still endlessly thankful for everything all of you have done for me.

I’m still working on making things for you, though I can’t dedicate quite as much time to it as I used to be able to. I hope that you’ll stick around for it.

Regardless, I just want to say thank you, again, for everything.

Language Learning—for realsies

Hello, my lovelies! I’ve gathered some tips in my 6 years of language learning that I thought some of you might benefit from, so here they are!

  • As far as inspiration goes, I have found none better than Tim Doner. He is a teenage polyglot living in New York, and speaks about 20 languages to some degree. Tim said he speaks 4 or 5 languages on any given day. He is goals. Here are cool videos about him (1,2,3,4), and this is a TED talk that he gave.
  • Create strong associations with words instead of memorizing translations. Think about it: you learned your first language without a translator, so you can definitely do this with other languages. This is the basic principle of Rosetta Stone; however, I don’t have hundreds of dollars to shell out on a program that won’t even take me to fluency. So I take a coursebook, and instead of making lists or flashcards, I make my own free Rosetta-Stone-esque program in PowerPoint. More on this later.
  • While I love studying grammar, I know it’s not everyone’s thing. To some extent you just have to plow through this part, especially at the beginning, but a lot of grammatical concepts can be understood through exposure and with time.
  • So how do you get exposure? Most gurus give the advice of “just getting out there and talking to people”, but this is easier said than done. Maybe you don’t have the luxury of living where your target language is spoken. It’s recommended to find a Skype buddy to chat with in your tl. Personally, I have social anxiety, so even this is unrealistic for me. So I watch TV and movies. At the beginning of my language journey, I had no idea where to start finding the materials; so I will demystify this process at the end of the post.
  • My final tip is to be patient with yourself! Children say things incorrectly when learning language, and you will too. Learn from mistakes and don’t take this whole thing too seriously, because language learning can be a lot of fun.

PowerPoint Method of absorbing language (note: this works best with concrete things like ‘dog’ or ‘cat’ as opposed to abstract concepts such as ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’)

  1. Pick a book that will give you the basics in a language. In this case, I’m using Spanish for Dummies.
  2. Create a PowerPoint presentation. This serves essentially the function of flashcards but has the benefit of a) not being physical flashcards that take up a ton of space, and b) you don’t have to print out pictures of things if you’re a horrible drawer like me. If you are concerned about space or losing your documents if something happens to your computer, you can easily create a similar program in Google Drive.
  3. Take pictures that you associate with the word you’re trying to learn, and place them in your presentation. The more bizarre or the stronger the emotional connection to the image, the more powerful your memory of this word will be. As you can see below, I chose a picture of Ezra from Pretty Little Liars for “teacher”, and now I’ll never forget that word because, I mean, look at him. 😍 

In order to get the most out of this method by using active recall, I go to the Animations tab and select the text box. Any effect you like will do. I do this so when I go to study, the picture will come up first and I can guess what the word is before pressing the space bar and the word appears. And that’s about it!

Self-Imposed Language Immersion

You have to surround yourself with a language to speak it well. Watching TV, movies, and even YouTube videos is a great way to do this. You can start from day one, but you may become frustrated at not understanding anything. The best way around this is to watch programs that you know by heart, dubbed in your tl. Once you have a good foundation in the language, you should move on to programs you haven’t seen in order to better develop your listening comprehension. Taking notes and jotting down new words you hear is also good, but just try to soak it up as much as possible.

But how to find these materials? For TV shows and movies, if the country of your tl has Netflix, then you’re in luck! Google Chrome has an extension called Hola. It basically makes whatever website you’re trying to visit think that you are located in whatever country you set it to. I use French and Mexican Netflix on the daily, and guys, it is HEAVEN. I have watched PLL and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in French and it didn’t even feel like work. I know those shows like the back of my hand, and I was able to pick up words because I already knew the meaning of what they were saying.

YouTube is even easier. You can find videos on many subjects in many languages. So, let’s say you want to watch makeup videos in Spanish. If you don’t even know how to say “makeup” (or whatever topic you want to look up), type it into Google Translate and paste the translation (e.g. “maquillaje”) into the search box in YouTube. If a video you want to watch is not available in your country, the Hola extension will get around this as well.

I hope this helped somebody, and if you have any questions, my ask is always open!

xoxo Courtney

okay everyone, story time: so last night taylor joined my live video and we talked about reputation and diet coke and it was so much fun and i started crying…and then (here comes the real plot twist)….i….woke….up

@taylorswift maybe next time it will be for real (ig: inscreamingcolors so stay tuned)