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TWINS MEET WORLD Season One Episode Guide

CREATED BY MAGGIE (friarlucas) AND KATE (rileysmatthews)

season synopsis

Girl Meets World protagonist Riley Matthews returns with high school sweetheart and husband Lucas Friar, trying their best to balance work and play while raising their three kids in their high-rent, low-square footage New York apartment. Bright and bubbly twins Violet and Josie Grace embark on their very own high school journey, getting by with their best friend Analyn Minkus and her younger brother Zeeks, friend and older cousin Jesse Matthews, and new pal Heather Hampton. While youngster JJ keeps their parents on their toes, the girls must navigate new territory, new relationships, and new tougher classwork–notably their English class, taught by homeroom teacher and Girl Meets World alum, Dave Williams.

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how many of the mods are pro shaladin???

we are not having this discussion again

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This hybrid was making Ciprian uncomfortable, to say the least. Not like that was a long trip for Ciprian, but even so. He may have inched away from her a little. The vibes she gave off were bizarre, though he felt that maybe he just needed some space.

Apparently, though, maybe his feelings were justified after all, since he apparently wasn’t the only one that felt odd in her presence.

<< I guess you’re right, >> the other Gardevoir responded with his own telepathy, << Here’s hoping she just has a strange way of interacting with others. I’ll count on you then. Does this mean I should take my leave again? Would it be better to talk anoth– >>

the Lucaritales’s comment caught Ciprian off guard and it also cut him off. He turned to face her again and shook his head.

“It’s fine,” he said. “Just taking in the view of the surrounding woods. They’re nice, aren’t they?” he angled his head in such a way so that it might have looked like he was staring past Momoko instead of at her. Maybe he should just leave …

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here is a very cute commission of my sona i got from @rrredstar!!!!!!! you can probably tell by now that i really like having my sona do that double peace signs pose lol, idk why i just think it looks cute, but anyways this came out so good!!!!!!! im so happy with how it turned out and im so happy to have pics of my sona that arent just my own doodles!!! thank you so much shannon for drawing them you made them look so super adorable and i love the pic to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Books and Kisses

Hey guys! You all seem to really like Hermione x readers and who am I to deny you? I love them to. I’m also sorry that I’ve been away for so long, lots of family junk to deal with at the moment. I hope that this is kinda what you were looking for, Anon. Please enjoy!

Pairing: Hermione x Slytherin! Reader

Requested: Yep!

Anonymous Requested: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Hermione X female reader where the reader is a Slytherin and is really nice but a massive smart ass so she always ends up fighting with Hermione and they somehow end up making out in the restricted section and as they’re walking out of the library, snape catches them and sort of just raises his eyebrow, like he knew it was coming? Thanks!!

Warnings: None that I can think of

The library was your favorite place in the entire school; if not for the books then because you loved teasing Hermione Granger. She always got so mad at you. The thought crossed your mind that she only got mad because of your house. Slytherin. Though you weren’t as needlessly rude to others like most of your house mates. Just Hermione. 

Glancing around the library, you discovered that it was empty and Madam Pince wasn’t paying attention. Perfect. You took this opportunity to slip into the restricted section. You were looking for a book that would tell you how to brew a specific potion that, as a student, you weren’t allowed to make. You brushed your fingers over the well worn spines of the books, looking for the correct title in the dim light. Probably should have done this in the daytime, you thought, might have made this a little easier. As you looked through the books, you became aware of the feeling that you were being watched. 

“You’re not allowed to be here.” You turned to see the bushy haired brunette that amused you so. You raised an eyebrow. 

“Oh? And you are, Miss Goody-goody?” You returned, cooly. Judging by the way her cheeks flushed, she was breaking just as many rules as you were. 

“I should tell a teacher that you’re back here without a pass,” She said in her ‘holier than thou’ voice. You smirked, laughing quietly to yourself. She couldn’t be serious. The look on her face told you otherwise. 

“Hey, brainiac, you know if you tell someone I was here, they’ll know you were to. You’d be in just as much trouble as me,” You said. She snorted indignantly and you stifled a laugh. This was just too easy. Hermione could get frustrated just by looking at you. 

When she found that she had nothing more to say, she scoffed and turned to a shelf of books behind her. You shook your head. That girl amused you in so many ways. You also kinda admired her head strong approach to life, the way she spoke to you. A small thump drew your attention behind you. She was jumping up in attempt to reach a book. You laughed. 

“Something funny?” She asked, crossing her arms over her chest. 

“Yeah, you,” You said, nodding to her. “I think you might want to try a different method.” 

“And just what do you suggest?” You leaned into the shelves behind you casually and crossed your arms, watching her carefully. 

“Hop on your high horse and I’m sure you’ll be able to reach,” You teased, a playful smile tugging at the corner of your overly glossed lips. You tucked a strand of (H/C) hair behind your ear as you ducked your head to laugh at her offended expression. 

“I’m never on a high horse!” She snapped. 

“Ah, right, must have you confused with someone else, my mistake.” You gave her a shit eating grin, turning back to the shelves and finally you found what you wanted. Another thump. Sighing, you turned, reached over her, and grabbed the book she was looking for. You took note of the fact that she went for her wand. 

“Leave me alone!” She growled. You put your hands up in mock surrender. 

“Relax, fluffy, I was just trying to help you out,” You said, offering her the book. 

“Right.” She reached for it and you pulled it back. She tried again and you did the same thing. Glaring, she stood back and crossed her arms again. 

“Are you going to give it to me?” She asked, impatiently. 

“Maybe,” You said, wiggling the book in front of her. 

“Maybe?” Her hand swiped at the book again, missing one more time. 

“Maybe,” You confirmed, holding it above your head. Her glare became more intense. It reminded you slightly of your mother. 

“(Y/N) (L/N),” She said, firmly. You laughed, not moving the book. 

“Hermione Granger,” You said, mocking her tone. 

“Give me that book!” She snapped. You brought the book down, still grinning at her playfully. 

“What’s the magic word?” You asked in a McGonagall esque tone. She sighed, heavily as she began to tap her foot. 


“Actually, it was Accio, but the manners are refreshing,” You giggled, handing her the book. She snattched it from you, sending you a withering look. You simply laughed, brushed the hair from your face. 

“Must you always be so childish?” She asked, sounding exasperated. She opened the book and began walking away. 

“I think the word you’re looking for is light-hearted,” You chirped, following her. She snapped the book shut and stopped in her tracks, looking up at you with a look that could kill. You just smiled. 

“You’re infuriating!” She yelled. 

“I think I’m adorable,” You said. For a second you thought she was going to bean you in the head with her book, but she didn’t. 

“Why do you always pick on me? Don’t you have anything better to do?” You slung an arm over her shoulder. 

“Not a thing,” You sang. 

“I hate you,” She grumbled. You pouted, sticking your bottom lip out in an exaggerated way. 

“Aw, come on, I’m not that bad,” You said, standing in front of her as she went to walk away. Everytime she moved, you moved the same way to keep her where she was. 

“You’re annoying,” She said, swinging the book at you lightly. You dodged it easily, smiling. 

“Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!” You sing-songed, dancing in front of her. Dropping her book to the ground, she gave a heavy sigh and pulled you into a kiss. You dropped your own book in surprise. Never in a million years did you ever think you’d be kissing Hermione Granger. Pansy Parkinson maybe, but never anyone like Hermione. Shrugging, you decided to go with it. 

Her lips slid over yours, probably smearing the light pink gloss and you pushed forward with your bottom jaw. Her lips were more chapped than you thought they’d be. Smirking, you bit her bottom lip before dragging your tongue across it. Her mouth fell open and you slipped your tongue inside, tangling it with hers. Fingers tangled in hair. Teeth clicked together. Noses and chins bumped as things got more heated. You pushed her against the books, dropping your hands from her hair to her hips. Her hands trailed to your chest, shyly groping one of your breasts. You nearly laughed. Finally, you pulled apart. 

“Well, um, that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind,” She said, attempting to smooth her tousled hair. You offered her a goofy smile in response. 

“Who knew that Goody-goody Granger could do that?” You said, poking her cheek. She blushed more fiercely than she had been. You began to smooth out your shirt to the best of your abilities. You picked up both books and headed for the exit. 

As the two of you exited the library, you became acutely aware of the fact that curfew was in a few minutes. Teachers would be roaming the halls. You didn’t get far before you ran into Snape. He looked down at the both of you through a curtain of greasy black hair, taking note of your rumpled clothing, wild hair, and flushed faces. He raised an eyebrow. 

“I see you found a way to keep yourselves… busy,” He drawled. Your cheeks flushed and you stole a glance at Hermione. Her entire face had gone cherry red. 

“Yes, sir,” You said, quietly. Oddly enough, he didn’t look surprised. 

“Get to your dorms before I begin taking points,” He said, sternly and swept off. Turning to Hermione, you smiled. 

“Why do I get the feeling that he saw this coming?” Hermione asked, sounding highly embarrassed. 

 “Probably because he did. I do tease you more than the average person,” You said. She sighed and shook her head as she looked up at you. 

“I suppose.” You brushed some hair behind her ear. 

“See you in potions?” You handed her the book she’d taken from the library and she finally smiled at you. 

“See you in potions,” She laughed as she began walking towards the Gryffindor dorms. Smiling to yourself, you turned and made your way back to the Slytherin dorms. What a night. 


Honestly kids I’m sure you’ve seen the company is coming video, but that comes from a larger video series called Gayle!! Done by the most amazing Chris Fleming, and if you haven’t watched it yet you really should. I probably watch it about once a day.

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one of my longest mutuals recently said that they didn't like kiribaku and they said it was abusive and they hated bakugou and I was literally so petty that i just straight up blocked them loolll it's pure and bakugou is my angry grumpy clever boy ☀️

……….. how do you even read Baku and Kiri’s relationship as abusive ( *。_。)