Ever since seeing the original Galentine’s Day Parks and Rec episode, I’ve embraced this amazing made-up holiday with all my heart. Like Leslie Knope, I think it should be a national holiday. This is the last time Galentine’s Day will be on a weekend for FIVE YEARS, so I put a lot of energy into making sure my local friends had an excellent Galentine’s Day brunch filled with food and drinks and goodie bags full of love.

But I didn’t want to forget my internet galentines! I wish you could all be here to go to brunch with us and eat cupcakes out of tiny jars, but alas! I was going to make you another mix this year, but a) I still listen to the same dumb folk pop music as I did the last time I made one and, more importantly, b) I’m pretty sure all music that isn’t Hamilton has faded from the public memory. So instead, digital galentines!

I hope you like these dumb things I made in photoshop for you, internet lady friends! You are all wonderful, each and every one of you, and I am forever grateful to belong to an internet subculture full of wonderful women who support each other creatively 💜💜💜

“I don’t deserve to receive it yet,
Because I have so much more sweetness to give to you…” 
(๑˘ ᵕ ˘๑)

hello hello (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。its aqsa returning with another follow forever!! there’s not much time till the clock strikes 12 (tbh i’ll probably be done with this by like 1 am watch), and it seemed appropriate to share a bit of love for the start of valentine’s day, so here i am~ though it’s only been around a month and a half since i made the last one on new years (and around 9 months since i’ve joined kpop wow can you believe that thats a whole pregnancy), i cannot tell you how much i’ve gained in such a short amount of time. i’ve also hit that lucky 777 follower count, so it’s the perfect time for a ff, no? i have met the most wonderful people, laughed and cried at the success of our boys, and overall had a way happier experience on tumblr than i’ve ever had before. this is 50% bc of the blogs that i follow that always seem to make my dash so lovely and pretty and nice to look at and 50% bc of my followers who are always there, supporting this messy af blog in all its entirety. i want to take this time to say how much i appreciate your blogs and how absolutely wonderful you all seem to be; you make me proud to be an ARMY & carat have they announced the name yet lol tick tock boys and i know i would not have enjoyed my experiences in this fandom as much as i do with you all here to make my day better with your beautiful edits, helpful info, and hilarious tags ♡ all of you deserve to meet your biases and be serenaded in their sweet voices or boss ass raps (or both if you’re a kookie, coups, woozi, or hobie stan, in which case you’ve lucked out); and that goes out to all my followers as well, i hope you know how much i love all of you; you make me smile everyday, and we should totally talk!! my ask box is always open, fyi (人 •͈ᴗ•͈) any who, since this is getting super long, i just want to once again say ty to my followers, my mutuals, and those i follow for letting me have such a nice kpop experience ^^ so, without further ado, here is the long awaited list!! 

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i always see you guys in my activity and i want to say thank you :-) most of you have been with me since the beginning and i really really appreciate you guys  ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) there are lots more, dont think i’ve forgotten about you guys!!!

and there we go! i was right, it’s over 12…its 5 minutes to 2 he lp. anyways, i hope i got everybody i needed to, and i hope you all have a wonderful valentine’s day! if i’ve forgotten a mutual or forgotten to tag someone please do tell me! this was made in an extreme rush ahaha you dont know how long i’ve been listening to “i like it” by bts on loop (special ty to the anon that gave me the song cause jhope’s part is lit af) 

anyways, have a wonderful night!! we’re getting our name soon, so stay tuned, svt stans! and ARMY, keep watching over our idiotic children ♡ thank you!

WOW! Muffet’s love ball was so Fun! and so crowded! but i made some new friends! yay! Here are some moments with my new pals from last night. I’m waiting for the rest of the pics to develop.
(mun: I’m working on it)

One of the first memorable people I met was another me! Became antiquated with @just-face-planted​ Frisk! they had a very cool an unique outfit. I did not get to talk to them very much and we only shared a few words but I’m still glad I got ot meet them. they even brought their flowey. he didn’t look too happy. I wish I could have given him a little kiss on the cheek while I was there. oh well. Maybe I can become better friends with @just-face-planted​ Frisk sometime again soon!

It’s funny too, Asriel has a goat doll too..just less evil…and alive.. He calls it Togore! its so cute he sleeps with it every night

Asriel: ! f-Frisk!!

Hee hee!

fafnyr asked:

(that one mogar cosplayer here) So I've been unable to think of anything else besides the finale today. You and the rest of the animation team have so much to be proud of!!! It was absolutely amazing, and it is gunna be so painful to wait for the next season omg (though not as painful as the finale -sobs-). I just started my first 3D Modeling class a few weeks ago, and it has definitely made me appreciate all you guys do so much more alskdfj <3 Can't wait to see what's next!!!

WOOOO another one joining the ranks! Modeler fist bump!

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abbee2002 asked:

Who is your favorite diaboy? *gives you chocolate*

That’s really difficult because I honestly love all of them. I usually favor one character for one week, then another the next. But I guess if I had to choose it’d be Reiji because I’ve ‘favoritized’ him more than all the other characters and I’ve read all his translations like a billion times cuz I loved his routes.

Also, *gives you chocolate cake* that’s thanks for the chocolate, here’s some cake Kanato made (beware: the only one that can cook without destroying the kitchen is Reiji, so it’s probably burned or something)

So recently when I was observing at the elementary school, the students made this collage for Presidents’ Day where each one had a tile they had to color according to a guide, and then when all the images were put together, it would make one giant picture. It was a poster of President Obama with the word INSPIRE next to it, so me and another aide were cutting out the squares some had finished, and the students were told not to spoil the surprise for those who did not know what it was yet.

And here comes this little girl who sees us arranging the squares and gasps loudly and is like, “IT’S PRESIDENT OBAMA!!” 

The teacher gave her A Look and put a finger to her lips and the girl balked and was like, “sorry!” 

Then when another kid in the class came up to see what it was, he likewise gasped and was like, “is that the president?”

“No, it is a pony,” the little girl answered while the other student points to a square that is part of Obama’s face, his mouth.

“Those are people lips.”

“NO!” she says, stomping her foot. “IT’S A PONY, THAT’S A PONY MOUTH.” And when I thought she was done she said, “IT’S PONY PRESIDENT.”


Couldn’t figure out what to draw. @myahravioli suggested Sans as Marty McFly. So I did the thing.

I spent way too long on this. But it was so worth it man. Obviously some things had to change to make it more Sans-like, but it works. The title was a pain in the ass to do and looks like it too, but whatevs! Even with the little gross bits here and there, I liked how this turned out! I may have to do another piece but make Gaster Doc Brown.

Did you also know that I have never seen this movie? I need to watch it now. Cause it does look cool. And there was a guy who made a fully-functional Dolorian for Halloween one year. It was the coolest thing I ever saw.

Do not reupload anywhere. Do not edit, claim as your own or remove the signatures. Do not remove my comments. Likes and reblogs only please! 


( Only time I’ve drawn her with short hair are the times I drew asks/comics of her younger self ; u ; But this ask made me try and see if I can draw her in not so different ones…

Sadly, with my art inconsistencies and art style–It’s hard for her to get a haircut without ruining the “It’s Diana” thing ; u ; They just look like another different character altogether ; u ;

Now if it’s just hairstyles–then I can work with that! CX

P.S I’ve also received lots of feedback from the question I posted days ago. SO! Here’s to hoping that you’ll see more updates from me from now on! :D )

It’s like f(x) is goin:



get to know me meme | favorite tv shows [1/5] → LOST

This is the place that you…that you all made together, so that you could find one another. The most…important part of your life, was the time that you spent with these people. That’s why all of you are here. Nobody does it alone Jack. You needed all of them, and they needed you. [For what?] To remember…and to…let go.

anonymous asked:

fingers crossed they lose you during surgery. you don't deserve any of the things you've gotten from posting that video. not the money. not the publicity. NOT THE FREE SURGERY. the only thing you deserve to have from all that weight gain IS the excess skin. YOU LET YOURSELF GET THAT FAT.

I’ve been thinking about this anonymous comment for hours. I’ve been thinking about how it made me feel, how much I wanted to insult and curse and scream at whoever would say something so hateful to me. And if I did that, it would be deserved. People would like and share this status and commend me for refusing to stand for people’s anonymous bullshit.

But that isn’t what I’m here to accomplish.

I’m here to teach people the importance of seeing value in themselves and in one another. And you can’t teach away hatred with more hatred.

I’m not your enemy, anon. I don’t know what kind of deeply rooted issues to may have, but I am not the source of them. Wishing violence or death on someone you don’t know who’s never done anything egregious toward anyone won’t fix whatever it is you’re going through.

I don’t wish any ill will toward you. I don’t want anything from you but for you to grow and realize how harmful, hateful and dangerous this behavior could be toward anyone else. This hurt my feeling at first, but I was able to compartmentalize it in a way that made me realize this says more about you than it does about the content of my character.

There’s nothing about my story that makes me special. A lot of people have lost weight. A lot of people have felt insecure about their bodies, and a lot of people have kept their bodies a secret. Anyone could have shared their body with the world in an open and raw way. And it was me. It could’ve happen to anyone and in this case, I was anyone.

What makes me special, anon, wasn’t the decision to share my secret. That was an accident. It blew up way larger than I ever expected. What makes me special is what I did with that attention once I had it.

I realized, after seeing that so many people had stories like mine, that the struggles in our bodies and within our spirits is one that lies inside of each and every human being. I realized that the power in these insecurities lied in their secrecy, and that the moment you opened up about something you were insecure about, it didn’t seem so daunting and scary anymore. I realized that creating a world that’s a safe space for people to be themselves was the secret to taking away the power those closely held insecurities had over us.

And I dedicated my life to having that conversation dozens of times a day, sometimes to one person over a messenger and sometimes in front of hundreds of students on a college campus. I decided that once I’d learned to accept and love myself more, my responsibility was to help the rest of the world feel the same.

And you’re behind a computer, sending death threats to strangers on the Internet.

I’m not going to die on that operating table. I’m going to live, heal, come back stronger and more beautiful. I’m going to thrive and do incredible things. You can either grow as a human being and realize that death threats are never something that’s okay to send someone, or you can continue to do whatever it is you’re doing now.

Either way, you’re not going to keep my shine from lighting up the room.

I hope you’re okay.

Dear White People...

please understand that many of us Black people get it when you take offense to being told what you can’t say or do. That’s just… un-American, isn’t it? They tell you that, as a white person, you can’t say the word “nigger.” Under any circumstances. Well, speaking to you as a proud, pro-Black Black man, I’m here to tell you this:

You can say ANYTHING you want. This is America. You have the constitutionally protected right to freedom of speech. And… you made up the word so, naturally, you might find need (so you think) to employ it from time to time. With that said…

One person’s free speech is another person’s experience of racial violence and, as such, that person who is hearing you “nigger” them may choose to defend themself from your verbal violence. Physically. Because again, this is America. The land of the free. Home of the brave.

If that Black person you call nigger decides that they are free to whoop your ass because they are brave enough to show and prove that they will not accept racial disrespect from white folks in 2016… that’s on you.

The U. S. Constitution promises freedom of speech, not freedom from the consequences of your speech. So say what you like just know that you might have to physically defend yourself, depending on which Black person you happen to call a nigger. I can’t be any more honest with you about it than this.

You’re Welcome.

Don't be rude to someone who knows all your friends.

So there is this one girl who I used to be pretty good friends with. She suddenly started being a b*tch and telling people things about me that weren’t true. So her birthday was yesterday, and since I’m friends with all of her friends, before she asked them to come to her party (I knew when it was going to be from another friend) I invited everyone to my house for a party. On her birthday. The one person who wasn’t invited was her.

She began texting me this morning saying how she’s going to get me back for stealing her friends on her birthday. I just said “Oh it was your birthday?” This was rude and childish yes but it made me feel so damn great!

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here.

come and fade me - coming soon to 1dff and tumblr

“I’ve finally come up for a reason why Jensen is never here.”

I glanced up from my phone absentmindedly and redirected my gaze to Harry. There was a determined glint in his eyes, but I could still see traces of his familiar smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes and sighed, “Okay. Go ahead.”

“She’s a turtle murderer.”

I stared blankly at him. After almost a minute had passed, I realized that he wasn’t joking and said dryly, “You know, I’m really not one for stereotypes, but right now, you’re pretty much the definition of a dumb jock.”

“How many times do I have to tell you? I’m a boxer, not a jock.”

“Either way I don’t care,” I said matter of factly. “And I thought that we agreed that she was a cat lady.”

“Cat ladies are too cliche. I’m thinking she has turtles–thirty two, give or take–but then one day, she got so sick of the smell, so she decided to kill them all.” He paused, shot me one of his grins that had become infamous around campus, and then finished, “Always absent thesis advisor by day, turtle murderer by night.”

I rolled my eyes. “You’re actually ridiculous.”

His grin grew even wider. “You like me.”

I couldn’t keep myself from bursting into laughter at that one. “Keep dreaming, Styles.”

“Oh, I don’t think I need to, Singh,” he smirked.

a uni au about documenting your memories, boxing, Canadian stereotypes, lots of hockey, Indian weddings, and being the third wheel.

amazing photoset by leesh!!


Just Another Dress Recolors

I saw this dress and I knew that I wanted to add some solid colors and a few more patterns. There is one main issue and the creator does know about it, it will not go with High/Tall Boots. It clips. Other than that, this dress is adorable with some flip flops or even slip ons!

*** You need the mesh by @overkillsimmer  -   HERE ***

Also! The ever so amazing @gnomes-and-nooboos helped me out so much! She took the dress and made it so I could add additional patterns and colors! Thank you so much again! Thank you also to @hopelesslydevotedsimmer for your awesome color palette!

TOU:  Do not claim as your own work, do not reupload, do not upload to pay sites.

2 Ways to Download:

Merged - SimFileShare | Mediafire


Solids: SimFileShare | Mediafire
Patterns: SimFileShare | Mediafire



So I got a lot of fantastic fanart today from people for my birthday- which is today, hooraaay! I’ve compiled all the Ask King Sombra-related pieces here but there’s even MORE fanart featuring Wiggles / Llamamod / other characters on my modblog! 


Thank you SO SO much to everyone who took time out of their day to draw me something or just pop into my inbox and wish me happy birthday! You’re all the best and you really made an otherwise uneventful day something special and I really can’t express my gratitude enough! <3

The contributors:

1. @askpiratedash
2. @moonraven-sparrow-summerpalette
3. princess—– 
4. @answerskyrocket
5. @ask-one-eyed-lola
6. @ask-terracotta-jade
7.  @xxlrandomartistlxx 

Thank you guys SO MUCH <333
Dragon Age: Chris Hardwick, Kevin Sussman, and Sam Witwer on TableTop, Episode 19.1
Want to play Dragon Age with your friends at home?

Shared this with a bro the other day who is getting in the Dragon AGE table top (while I’ve also been planning on running games this year), as a visual idea of how it works. So if you have time to waste and wanted to check out how the game plays here you go.

Part 2 here

Also Dragon AGE resources for if you actually do want to try sample games out with some friends, without having to buy anything. Dragon AGE is as old as DAO (they were made parallel to one another) and so some of the worldbuilding information may not link up right. However all these sets are completely free to download.

  • Quickstart Guide: Basics of Character Creation and Stats, The Arl’s Ransom Adventure
  • Death Unto Duty: The Adventure played on Geek and Sundry’s Tabletop segment (the video links above), involving Grey Wardens and old grudges.
  • Tallis: Just a free and interesting pdf on the Qunari viddathari and how you could add her into an adventure.
  • Official Resources: Including printable Grimore for spellcasters, character sheets, etc.
  • Fan Resources: Including an editable Official Character Sheet