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i jus wnna say rlly quick tht kim taehyung’s natural skin is v beautiful

In the Rough

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (you are here), based on @skygemspeaks​ ‘s prompt

Previously: Yuuri, runaway prince of Yutopia, has found himself in the service of Victor Nikiforov, crown prince of the neighboring country of Rus. As a prospect for Prince Victor’s personal bodyguard, Yuuri was granted an audience with the Tzar. At first, Yakov is skeptical of this “Yuuri Nishigori” that his sons found on the side of the road, but he’s won over by Yuuri’s eloquence and earnest desire to be of help. Prince Yuri, though, doesn’t seem to share his father and brother’s opinion. Regardless, Yuuri’s appointment is confirmed.

Yuuri doesn’t know what it is that he expects when they leave the Tzar’s presence, but it’s certainly not to have Victor complaining about how tired he is. “Travelling is hard on the body, Yuuri,” he says wisely. “We should go to sleep early, since we have to get an early start tomorrow anyway.”

Oh, Yuuri thinks. Maybe he’s not as immature as I thought. “Then, if Your Highness would point me toward the servants’–”

“Call me Victor,” Victor admonishes. “I already told you that. And Yuuri, don’t you want to sleep with me?”

“Huh?” There’s no way to respond to that other than shock.

“You’re my personal guard, after all. You should be sleeping nearby, not all the way in the servants’ quarters.” Victor doesn’t seem to understand the implication behind his words, and that makes Yuuri feel at least a little bit better. He still has to figure out how to decline, though; Victor is one of the more stubborn people he’s known in a while, and it’s going to be hard, as a servant, to change his mind.

“You’re welcome to retire, Victor, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to borrow Mister Nishigori.” Yuuri’s saving grace come in the form of a young man with dark hair. “We have to go over your schedule for tomorrow and ensure that he knows what’s expected of him.”

Victor pouts, but doesn’t protest that much. Something tells Yuuri that this may be a recurring argument, but at least for now he’s letting it go. “Don’t keep him too long, Otabek. We have an early day ahead of us!”

The man– Otabek? What an odd name –just raises an eyebrow. “You rarely have early days, Victor. You get up whenever you please.”

“Which is pretty early!” Victor protests.

Yuuri is looking between the two of them in shock. Is this really how servants in this country interact with their employers? Never mind the fact that Victor is a royal, it would be unheard of in Yutopia no matter the person’s rank.

Otabek doesn’t look in the slightest as though he’s joking, either. “By your standards, maybe. Now, we really must be going. I’d like to get some sleep tonight as well.”

He steers Yuuri away, keeping his shoulder in a vice grip until they get to the library. “My name is Otabek. I’m the captain of the guard. Before you ask, yes. You do outrank me.”

Yuuri blinks. “I know. I wasn’t going to ask that.”

The captain of the guard is in charge of the general guard, but personal guards are handpicked by the royal family. Therefore, they have more authority. That’s nearly unanimous, no matter the country.

Otabek’s eyebrows furrow just the slightest bit, but his expression is otherwise unreadable. Yuuri hopes that he hasn’t given himself away, and that he’s not sweating with nerves. But Otabek doesn’t say a word about it, instead pulling out a roll of parchment.

“Victor is well-loved by most, so in terms of protection, you aren’t going to have much to do. Always be on your guard, of course, but you’re more of a glorified babysitter than anything else.” He gives the scroll to Yuuri. “That’s his schedule for the rest of the week.”

“Is… why are you giving this to me?” The parchment is about as heavy as Yuuri expects, considering Victor’s title as crown prince, but there isn’t a reason that he should be the one carrying it around.

Otabek shrugs. “Victor is usually good about being where he should be, but both he and Yuri have a tendency to skip lessons they dislike. It’s your job to make sure that Victor doesn’t.”

“If I notice Prince Yuri ditching something, should I stop him?” Not that he thinks he’ll actually be able to, but he can at least try if it’s expected of him.

“Generally, if you see Yuri, either Georgi or I are very close behind him. I assure you that Victor will be more than enough to handle on his own. Just memorize that schedule and do your best to stick to it.” Otabek’s expression hasn’t changed once. “Two more things before I can let you go. You are free to ask for my help with Victor. Georgi frequently does, and he’s been Yuri’s guard for years.”

“I’d never dream of it,” Yuuri says hurriedly. “I’m sure you’re busy enough without doing my job for me. Not to say that Georgi doesn’t do his own job, but–”

Otabek cocks his head, considering him. “You really are interesting. I can see why they like you.”

Yuuri stops rambling. “Um… thank you? I think?”

“Don’t. I haven’t yet decided whether or not I like you. Your work ethic and dedication will decide that.”

The fact that he isn’t glaring only makes that a more intimidating statement. Still, Yuuri decides that he likes Otabek. People who avoid snap decisions tend to be very good judges of character, he’s learned.

He manages a smile. “Alright. You mentioned that you had something else to tell me?”

“Yes. Victor is much more than he appears to be. Keep that in mind and do what he asks.” Otabek shoots him a look that almost looks amused. “That includes his name and your sleeping arrangements.”

Yuuri just gapes at him as he puts a hand on his shoulder and leaves the library, leaving Yuuri to find his own way back.

He manages, if only after about an hour of aimless wandering, to find Victor’s room again. He doesn’t have any nightclothes, so he’s planning on just sleeping in his undershirt and trousers on the chaise at the end of Victor’s bed.

What he’s not planning on is having Victor jumping at him as soon as he opens the door. “Yuuri!”

“Your Highn–Victor, what are you doing?” Yuuri barely manages to keep the both of them from falling to the floor. “Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

Victor looks at him with wide blue eyes. “I decided to wait for you.”

Oh no, Yuuri thinks, face burning as he averts his eyes. He’s cute. Why is he so cute?

“That’s not healthy or appropriate,” Yuuri chides gently. “No servant should be getting in the way of something you need. And you need as much sleep as you can get.”

Somehow, Victor manages to talk Yuuri out of his original plan of using the chaise. Not twenty minutes later, he’s standing in too-big nightclothes borrowed from Victor, being tugged onto the bed. Victor latches onto Yuuri and falls asleep quickly, breathing going soft and even.

Yuuri, on the other hand, doesn’t get much sleep at all.

Hey guys! Kinda mentioned this in the update’s tags but I’m starting to feel better. Like, actually honestly feeling better and not just grit-your-teeth-and-everything-will-be-okay better. So! I’m gonna try to update more frequently again. Probably not going to happen every week, but definitely once a month at least. My guess is once every two weeks will be the sweet spot, but tbh I don’t know how regular it’ll end up being. Mental health is weird and unpredictable. It’ll be a mystery for us both. *wiggles my fingers at you*


I’m rambling

point is

the boys are partially back in town.


the fact that a het couple kissed after knowing each other for two episodes while a wlw couple that have been onscreen together for 3 seasons and were a couple prior to that have yet to have a kiss onscreen speaks worlds about the homophobia of this audience


The rain shall make a door for me and I shall pass through it;
The stones shall make a throne for me and I shall sit upon it.
The nameless slave shall wear a silver crown,
The nameless slave shall be a king in a strange country.


Sorry friends, I have a little rant for you this morning. You can ignore it or whatever.

Basically, I’m a bit annoyed at the response to writing. This past weekend I posted 3 different fics that were requested from people. I spent hours writing them. I haven’t posted a fic that was my own idea or one that was completely something I want to do in over a week. (I know that doesn’t sound like a long time but when you post nearly every day, that’s a whole lot of writing that isn’t for yourself.)

Combined, those 3 things have under 150 notes. Now, I don’t have a shit-ton of followers (303 as of writing this, I believe). But this is… slightly annoying.

There was an anon who was searching for my work yesterday, who I just happened to find out about because I follow someone who responded to the inquiry. You know why that anon couldn’t find my work to reread it? Because they didn’t reblog/comment/like it. So it’s just by chance that I had any idea that someone liked it enough to read it twice, to search it out. I have no idea how many other people also like my writing, and just never say anything.

And when you spend 10-15 hours in a weekend writing things for other people, that’s really, really annoying.

The thing is, I would write this stuff either way. Not the prompts, but I have other ideas that I have shelved so I can write the things people have asked me to write. Meaning I’m not writing for myself. But proof-reading, formatting and posting on tumblr and AO3 - depending on how long the work is, that can take an extra 1-3 hours. Seriously. And I could save myself that step and just write what I want and fuck grammar and formatting. Plus, I have a post that I’m constantly updating with links and prompt info. I hate that post. It’s a bitch to keep up with. But I have to, because I’ve received over 20 requests in the last month.

I have noticed a small group of people who consistently like and comment and reblog, and I am so appreciative - I always check tags on reblogs, so I see all those things. I see when someone says they are saving my fic for later bc they know it will be good, and that makes me so happy. But when I spent hours, and it’s 1-5 people who do things like that? Makes me wonder if it’s worth it. I really, really appreciate comments. But it’s kind-of ridiculous that getting 1-2 comments or nice tags on a fic that took me hours is supposed to be, what… enough? I’m not getting paid, friends. And the frustration from seeing a lack of response nearly cancels out what I do get.

Anyway, I’m not really asking for anything in particular. I guess I just wanted to rant and make people aware that this stuff takes time, and for very little payback sometimes.

And in news that might be completely contradictory to everything I just said… I’ll have a moriel meta for you later tonight. It’s approaching 3k words and I know a couple of people are waiting for it, but I just… am not expecting much response, either way. I think I might close fic requests for a while; I have 9 in my inbox that I’ll still finish, but… I want to write for myself, eventually. Especially if people aren’t going to give much feedback. I might as well write something I’m super into myself.

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all you need to know about the person who I reblogged (the one with the trash reylo meta) is that they’re currently mad at me bc I didn’t read the script, the novelization or watched the movie with J.J. Abrams’ commentary………… like I need to put in 5 days of work and listen to some asshole talk for 2 hours to spot the weak points in your bad meta lmao