so here have this


부추 - Chives

죽순 - Bamboo shoot

무 - Radish

배추 - Napa cabbage

팥 - Red bean

홍고추 - Chili pepper

고구마 - Sweet potato

청경채 - Bok choy

당근 - Carrot

오이 - Cucumber

가지 - Eggplant

상추 - Lettuce

연근 - Lotus root

감자 - Potato

콩나물 - Soybean sprouts

토란 - Yam

파 - Spring onion

피망 - Green pepper

붉은피망 - Red pepper


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nirvana in fire + women loving and supporting women 

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If u would cosplay Harley would u dress the same way she did in suicide squad or like the way she traditionally did in the comics (the red and black)? Thx xx

I’m actually working on two Harley cosplays XD Her ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster‘ version and the dress from the club scene (not that I look good in it but yeah XD) I consider to make Harleys jester outfit for the next convention ^^ I love her in almost every style. One of my absolute faves is her outfit in “Arkham City” *___*

Pearlapis Bomb Day 2: Firsts/Healing

“It doesn’t have to be about fusion,” Pearl assured Lapis, arm still patiently outstretched toward the wary Homeworld gem. “A dance can just be a dance. It would pain me so to know that after all you’ve endured, you haven’t the means to work through it. If dancing was therapeutic for you before, perhaps it will prove so again?” Lapis considered Pearl’s words, eyes locked on to the fingers gently curled upward, awaiting the curve of a willing palm.

“No fusion?” Lapis asked, dark blue eyes flitting up to seek the sincerity in Pearl’s.

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Dante once again was alone. He had just left some girls room that he met on the beach and was stumbling alone in the dark. Most of the street was empty now and he wasn't tired at all. Looking down to his left he saw an old guitar leaning against a bench that someone had left here apparently. He shrugged and sat down next to it then picked it up. Dante wasn’t super skilled at the guitar but he was pretty decent . He sat it on his lap and strummed a few chords. Dante bit his lip in concentration and began to play, he hadn’t noticed someone walking toward him as he continued to play his made up melody. 

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What do you think of Dan's nails

Look nice, motives for deciding to paint them are questionable (a.k.a yes he did it because y’all wouldn’t shut up about it and probably didn’t really want it himself). Not fair to see his own fandom trying to pressure him into doing stuff like he’s some kind of doll.

At the same time, shouldn’t actually be a big deal, should it? If you care so much maybe you’re still so stuck into the gender stereotypes you say you’re fighting tbh.

All in all: stop treating them like your property and stop making every single thing a Huge Deal it’s exhausting.

so a short comic i made in like 3 days just won a contest of my city and i will receive R$ 300 for that lmao i still can’t believe it? i made that in a hurry it’s so ugly

Concept: A Girl Genius modern au lighthearted romcom where pretty much the entire cast is trying to hook Seffie and Colette up in increasingly amusing and convoluted ways. Most of them are doing it because it would make them happy; the families ie Simon Voltaire and Grandmother are doing it because wealth (plus happiness but that’s just a bonus to most of the family); Agatha, Gil and Tarvek are doing it because it would a)stop Seffie from hitting on Gil and b)stop the small but growing feud between Seffie and Agatha and Seffie and Tarvek, because it makes it really awkward at parties. The one ‘villain’ is Martellus, who keeps trying to thwart their plans because he wants Seffie to succeed with Gil, so that Agatha would date him instead. (The fact that Gil and Agatha are already in a polyamorous relationship with Tarvek and that adding an extra person wouldn’t necessarily change anything seems to have eluded him.) (So has the fact that breaking up Agatha and Gil doesn’t mean that she’ll go out with him.)

Bonus: Seffie and Colette are already together and were wondering how to come out to everyone (even though most people already knew) when the shenanigans started, and are now utterly committed to keeping it secret for as long as possible because it’s hilarious.

i’m fascinated by these posts discussing the field of the cloth of gold and look at all the ladies in waiting in attendance