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listen up guys it’s time to do my favorite thing ever (promos) with one of my favorite people ever !! even though i’ve been here longer than her i’m p sure I have the least amount of followers but i’m not Petty or anything……🙄 anyway time to hit 1.5k! i’ll probably do something else once i hit that milestone so keep your eyes peeled 👀

r u l e s

mbf the human form of the 💯 emoji (thats me obv)
reblog this post (likes dont count and yall know it)
send me ur fav emoji
↠ but wait, there’s more! you get the rest of the dream team; yenna (owvlery), who’s also doing promos. that means twice times the promotions for your blog wow what a deal check her promos out: here
↠ promos will be done in groups of 5
↠ block ‘bezocr does promos’ when u get tired of me (like anyone ever could)

no more, guys!

The prettiest flowers sometimes have the sharpest thorns.
Fragile ladies.
The strongest ladies.
Ladies who can fight and win because they have something to protect.
for Tenseki ◡‿◡✿


First thing first: I want to thank each and every one of you for following my little blog which I only created 2 weeks ago. I never thought so many of you would follow me in such a short amount of time. Thank you so much! So I’ve decided to do blog rates as a thank you!

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Follow me
  2. Be (at least to some extent) a studyblr
  3. Send me an ask asking me anything you want to know (and include “br” somewhere in the ask so i know it’s for the blog rates)
  4. Reblog this post

That’s all!
I’ll be doing them until next Saturday (January 21st)

I hope you all had / are having a lovely day and once again: thank you so much!

Blog rate format under the cut

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Tbqh, I can’t remember if I ever did a follow forever before, so here’s one now. ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚


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BLOGS I RECOMMEND (this is for all my fellow Cassies who have no idea who to follow anymore(there are some JYJ-TV2Q only blogs on the list, but I follow everyone who supports at least one of our 5 idols soooooo….))

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HELLLLLOOOOO!! my blog is officially 1 year old and I’ve decided to make a follow forever because I have met some of the most amazing people here.
First of all, to my followers, I just want to say thank you for putting up with my inconsistent blogging and edits and gifs and whatnot. Thank you for reblogging and liking so at least I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time. Thank you to anyone who has ever sent me a message in the past year.
Secondly, to the CCC, I know I’m hardly ever on the chat and I don’t know half of you guys to be completely honest but the conversations never fail to put on a smile on my face whenever I quickly skim read through them. It makes me so glad and so so so damn happy to see KJD fans so close to each other and talking as if we’ve known each other for years. Note to people in the thirst chat: never stop.
Lastly, thank you to EXO for bringing me to this website and thank you to Kim Jongdae for being the love of my life 
here are the wonderful people who fill my dash with wonderful things, thank you each and every single one of you
I’m sorry this is so long but y’all are too beautiful to not be loved

italics - mutuals


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People who have to put up with me pretty much everyday(/know me irl)

hover for a message yo

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im sorry if i miss anyone and here is my blogroll 

            After many milestones ignored because procrastination is the core of my existence, here we are !! :D   How did this happen? How have I managed to trick you into believing this anachronistic Greecian hot mess is worthy of your attention? In all honesty, I don’t know how I was ever living my life without you guys, without all your muses. I’ve gotten to read and to write some beautiful things with so many truly beautiful people who make me want to take up permanent residence inside their skulls ( faulty wording aside, I mean this in the most flattering, and least buffalo bill way possible ?? ).  As someone who’s family eschewed most television and film, I’ve lost count of how many fandoms I’ve been introduced through to entirely through your muses. It’s been fantastic having my media experiences shaped by them.

I could tl;dr about the lot of you like a boss, but even if I had a million lives to live in order to convey how exquisite every last one of you is, I still wouldn’t be able to do even half of you the justice you deserve. It’s a privilege and a pleasure and I’ve never been happier than I have in this garbage heap with all you nerds. And on that note, shout outs to some of the dankest garbage on my dash:

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after thinking for a while, i decided to make a fandom family!! because i want to have friends at least on the internet (i’m so pathetic rip). ANYWAYS, i saw some bloggers doing it and it was such a cute idea so here we go

some kind of rules:

  • you should this khaleesi
  • reblog this post
  • send me your name and name of the character you want to be! (if you don’t know my fandoms, check them here)
  • maybe enter my july botm?

what you get:

  • spot on my fandom family page
  • every month i’ll choose some people for promos :)
  • and maybe some random edits of your character
  • my love and friendship if you want it <3

A cutscene piece to thank you for 200+ Followers!

I decided to take a peek on Tumblr during the hiatus to see how things were going here and then I come across with 200+ followers *cries*(( (  ;  ω  ; )
Thank you so much! (● i  ▿  i ●)/

P.S: I’m not completely out of the hiatus yet, but I will at least came here sometimes to answer asks when some appear.  I still have some awkward problems to solve… ( =_=)

   Due to the fact that there are 223 of you all that have followed me in the short time I’ve had this account, I wanted to say thank you to each and every single one of you because you all have been simply amazing. Now, I may not have had the opportunity to talk with every single one of ya’ll but I can say that I would like to do so nonetheless or at least try in the future. I hope everyone is enjoying their Holidays and here’s to a new year awaiting us in the near future! 

   Now, lets get to spreading some of that positivity, shall we~? 

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Welcome to JICHEOL NETWORK, a network dedicated to Seventeen’s Woozi (Jihoon) and S.Coups (Seungcheol) or also known together as the OTP ‘JICHEOL’. As there haven’t been any blogs created specifically for the two, we admins decided to create one for all you JiCheol lovers out there! On this network, you’ll be able to meet other JiCheol stans who are on the same ship. You’ll be able to get “your daily dose of JiCheol” here too! So, if you love JiCheol, please do join our network and spread the love! 

Please do read the rules listed below before proceeding:

  • You must be a fan of Seventeen or Seungcheol/Jihoon.
  • Your blog must be at least 50-60% Seventeen or Seungcheol/Jihoon-related.
  • Your blog must be active.
  • Follow jicheolnet
  • You do not have to follow the admins, but it would be great if you could stop by and give us some love ♥♥♥
  • Reblog this official JICHEOLNET post, before submitting an application.
  • Please have your ask box open so that we will be able to notify you if your application has been accepted.
  • Once you have been accepted, please add a visible link to jicheolnet somewhere on your blog.
  • If you are a creator, and you would like your work reblogged, please tag your work with #jicheolnet within the first five tags.
  • Please do message/inform us if you’ve changed your URL.
  • DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN! This is a place to fangirl (or fanboy) over our precious and adorable Seungcheol & Jihoon.
  • Please do respect your fellow members. Inappropriate behavior anywhere on this network will not be acceptable. We will not hesitate to remove anyone from the network if they were to act in such an inappropriate manner.

Do head over here to apply before the empty spots are filled! You may forward any inquiries or questions here

So, I actually reached a milestone a few weeks ago, but I didn’t have time to make this until now. Family trips, and whatnot. Better late than never, right? I appreciate each and every one of you. I honestly can’t even describe how much I enjoy being on this blog. I’ve met some really amazing people, and have had the pleasure of participating in memorable threads. So, here’s to all of you wonderful people for making it such a lovely experience, and for giving me reasons to feel excited to come online each day! I tried to remember everyone, but I may have forgotten a few since I make mistakes. 

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Apparently I have a bunch of new followers. At least that’s what an email has told me. Ever since Tumblr updated ( I loathe this update. LOATHE IT) I’ve been having issues with javascript errors, so for some reason I can’t actually see any of you in my activity feed. But to you invisible new followers I say ‘HELLO!’. If you came here looking for watercolors, random fan art and creatures, you’re in the right place.  THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME!