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Lev Haiba getting a surprise visit from Viktor Nikiforov!

I’ve a read a few posts around here and elsewhere about Lev and Viktor being somewhat related. This may be far from being actually true, but why not..? I really enjoy drawing the both of them. This took a while to finish ‘cause I’ve been procrastinating. A lot. ^_^

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hello dennie! I really love your blog and I look up to you as well because you're a kind and lovely person. I'm thinking of starting a phan blog today and it would really be nice if you give me some blog recs! Please :D

Oh man oh wow that’s just really nice you don’t have to look so highly of me omg I just make crappy edits and art that’s really note that big of a thing and you can always talk to me because I really love talking but sometimes I don’t know how it works I am sorry if I disappoint you, okay? And I’ll give you a list of the blogs that I really, really love and they’re also a reason that I keep going back here on tumblr because they’re fun people and I love them ♡(。- ω -)

@mostlyphil ofc for my daily dose of phil, @cuddlesphan @fireworksphil @cappuccinohowell @mylivingphantasy @instarbuckswithdan @philester @phreckledphan @babephil @danieliph @domesticbanting @scifiphan @aforeverhome @philscurls @philsdenimjacket @fondnp @curlyfringe @thatdnpguy @madhurphil @akilahthegreat @lestercurls @itstooearlyfortiramisu @ @htmlpinof @energeticwarrior @cuddleshowell @leftfringe @doinganap @hobbithair @cringe-attacks @wispyphil @httphaniel  @forgetfullittleguy @imfilmingyou @manchesterz @danstellations @crisshowell @phillp  @danspeach @unhugme @dxntasies @demondannie @pseudophan @boncasphan @themostfuniveverhad @guccinof @frightphil @eucalyptusdan @lesterdreams @burlesquephan @moonbeamphil @sadistdan @moonlitdan @phlean @donthavetobebrave @louvrephil  @crescendohowell @hellcrafts @cafephan @snowbunnylester @ratinof @awrfhi @dansucc @singaporeditl @danisontnonfire @bisexualdnp @heckdan @wokingdan @wispyphil @nihilist-toothpaste @princephil @dnpsb @longtrainislong @fringez @brightphil @tallboyes @altphan @soothingphil @qanhowell @cosyphan @acurlyphil @gorgeousdan @phanhowell @melancholydan @princessdan @fringeboyes @phanwhom @softnerds @fourandahalfhourskypecalls @acreamphilleddan @doitmore @roseyboys @pinoffs @phansweetheart @phanoween @tuliphan @amourphil @kissdjh @glowinghowell @golddustphan @phiru @huphilpuffs @bakingvidz @creamphilled  @backin2009  @danlands @needacuddle  @loverlylester @cuteasslester @cluelesslester @phursonas @greenlester @mesmericphilip @gxldenboyphil @botanistlester @butterflyphil @spacekiddan @internetfathers @tuloy @rosegoldan @phansterdam@valentinephil @philboye @etherphil @allbantsnoangst @writerdan @cookiephil @breadhowell @fondan @dancestz @nervouslester @yikejpg @validdan @eightpinofs @dangoghs @danielpov @dawniel @phandomnoodle @thebasket @danhowellscurl @amazingphil-isamazing @phantheraglama @jilliancares @sunnyaalisse @mortallyvirtualphan @lunacidre @incaseyouart

these guys are nice and blogs that have good content and it’s really lovely following them (okay im sorry i have to mention y’all because you all have nice blogs that i would 11/10 recommend i love you senpais)


stucky + tony + my best friends wedding

I had a strange dream that some psychopath was trying to break us up.

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Hello! I know you normally don't take requests, but I was wondering: Could you possibly ever so slightly lower the hairline on the Coolsims/ Anto hair 70 mesh? I would really like to use hairline blushes with it but at the moment there's a tiny gap between the blush and the hair. Thanks.

You mean this hair?

Well that sounded like simple quick edit to do and I’ve been meaning to re-retexture this hair for ages so I figured I might as well take a look at it. It might have helped testing this if I actually had some sort of hair masks installed but well, I made a crappy makeshift one and at least that reaches the hair line now like so (pretend that black blob is hair line):

You can download the edited mesh here. Poke me if it’s still too high and I’ll take another look later. :)

Full version here : http://image[dot]noelshack[dot]com/fichiers/2017/43/4/1508988830-img-20171026-051559.jpg

Ok I have no choice than to post it like that, because I can’t connect to wi-fi and use my crappy phone network and tumblr can’t work with that. I will edit the post when I’ll have a functionnal connexion.

This is the 23th Inktober, with Alphys and Undyne :^)

I have four fav ships I already talked about (and actually drew) and this is one of them, so drawing some Alphyne was obvious.

I didn’t want to give Alphys a black dress so I used green instead (I hesitated between this an blue but Undyne is blue so…). I think looks good !

First Hundred!

So I just reached 100 followers? And sure I can understand that for some people who have 1k+ followers, 100 isn’t a lot. But for starting this blog less than a month ago, that’s pretty impressive! So to celebrate I’ll be doing blog rates, and giving out compliments! I also made my first banner, it’s crappy, but for my first edit of any kind it is decent, isn’t it? and maybe in a months time i’ll be celebration 200 followers! who know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you guys so much! I love you all! So without further ado, here is how to join…

How To Join: 

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hi everyone!! so it’s that time of year where everyone is posting their follow forevers and I thought I would do one too! I did one last year but I thought I would do another this year because I’ve followed more people since then! I follow alot of people so I’m really sorry if I forgot you but if I follow you then obviously I love you/ your blog. :) Happy Holidays! :*

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Character breakdown for After School Affairs

Yahooooo final-freaking-ly they are releasing this app! I’m super excited for this game since it was released in Japan partly because I love the art style (same artist as FILA from what I heard) but mostly cause of the theme of ‘No Love Allowed’ cause this reminds me of high school where its an unwritten rule discouraging students to have romantic relationship (they meant well as they want us to be good young ladies and focus on school and extra curriculum and exams and not get knock up to be on a reality show and blah blah blah).

Long story short I already love the game so here are my thoughts and impressions of each of the characters of the game. Keep in mind this is my opinions from what I read on the Japan app with the help of crappy google translator before voltage drop the international version.

  • EDITED: I got several messages about misjudging some of the characters/routes and have edited all of my opinions about the characters to avoid more misjudgement. I’m really sorry if I wrongly or misrepresented any of the characters but as I disclaimed above this is my impression/prediction for the game and was just something I wrote for fun in excitement for the international released. If there is ANYTHING wrong please be kind when informing me.

Beware for mild spoilers and me rambling

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When Manga!Reinako meets PGSM!Reinako:

manga!Minako: WOW! I’M JAPAN’S TOP IDOL IN ANOTHER UNIVERSE? OMG! (Continues gushing.)
PGSM!MinakoThis is me in another universe?! She reminds me of Usagi.

manga!Rei: Minako, please stop it. You’re being really embarrassing right now.
PGSM!Rei: Your Minako’s… cute.
manga!Rei: She’s an airhead.
PGSM!Rei: But she’s normal.
manga!Rei: She’s blonde. I don’t know why I put up with her.
PGSM!Rei: That’s something I can relate. But you can’t help it, can you?
manga!Rei: Unfortunately no.
PGSM!Rei: I know what you mean.

If the two universes were to meet, I feel like manga!Rei and PGSM!Rei would get along perfectly well.

On the other hand, manga!Minako would annoy the hell out of PGSM!Minako, going on and on about stardom and asking PGSM!Minako for tips.  PGSM!Minako has no idea how in the world manga!Minako could be the leader of the Senshi and treats her manga counterpart like a random diehard fan. But once a battle hits and PGSM!Minako gets to see manga!Minako in action and leading the Senshi, she develops a new respect for the girl and opens up.  Then they start sharing tales of their respective Rei’s, and the two Minako’s would forever tease PGSM!Rei of her time as Mars Reiko and dressing up as a Nako Nako.

(This is the result of having gone through a terribly stressful week. I’m so worried about home I just needed some Reinako fluff in my life to light things up. Apologizes for the crappy drawing, I can tell some body portions are just WRONG, but I’m really not in the mood to make any edits or spend any more effort on this. Oh, and this is my first ever time drawing non-PGSM Sailor Moon characters.)

All my work can be found HERE.  


I can’t believe it…. and now I can….wait no, I still can’t. But let’s not joke around here, 300 is a lot! My goal for this blog is 500 followers. That’s all I dreamed of this blog getting, but here I am, more than half way there! And let’s not forget that last week, yeah, just last week (mind you, the beginning of last week) i was celebrating my first 100. So let me explain why this is so mind-blowing. I got 100 followers 2 days shy of my first month on here. And then from the 4th of july (the day i got 100 of you blessings) until now, I have managed to gain 200 of you guys and then some.  So that’s 200 followers in a week and a half! While I’m typing this let it be known that I am smiling like an idiot because that is just ridiculous! 

please excuse me for another crappy banner, I did it in like 5 minutes. There’s a learning curve to making edits and i’m still in the beginner stage. which is why i don’t make edits

okay now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! well one of the things you’ve all been waiting for. And at least some of you i’m sure have been waiting for this…

How to join in on the celebration:

reblog this post! don’t let it crash and burn please

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(optional but appreciated) again, i love getting to know my followers, so tell me about your day, or your dreams, or even about yourself, thoughts on my blog, tell me something that made you laugh? Just some ideas, but again only optional 

What I’ll be offering :

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 i welcome everyone, new and old to my inbox! trust me, you aren’t a bother! this is for you, darlings!

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 Countdown to Sandy's Birthday - 0 Days Left - HAPPY BDAY SANDY!! 

2014 mikaelsatria & trickedroom Follow Forever

As we approaching the final days of 2014, I decided to create my 2014 follow forever (My first follow forever post).

It’s been quite a tremendous year here in tumblr, I got really productive here by making some gifs and graphics after some hiatus for like a year in 2013. Well 2012 isn’t that productive either since I made some crappy gifs back then so 2014 is that proper year for me. And not only I got better in creating gifs since then, but also met some hella of a friends here, and I am really grateful to meet you guys and actually follow my crappy blogs here so big thanks!

This blog (my personal blog) has 343 followers, my graphic and edits blog has 251 followers which brings to an astonishing 550+ followers! A year ago I just only have 50 followers and it was pretty a big number for a year. I know other blogs has more followers than I do, but still I do owe my followers a big thank you!

As the result of those, this year I have found some incredible blog and friends here which has stunning edits, funny contents, and of course incredibly friendly. So here are the blogs that I very recommended to follow, and I’ll follow them to eternity and beyond. 

A-H :

akashis-scissors ; alicexz ; augmented-mind ; bridgesinthesky ; cccrystalclearchaoticpiratecreedofpirates ; destinedtobeunworthydiamaja ; drecklynduck7-motorsports ; elsamonica ; eyesofwitt ; faeblossom ; foreverdelighted; ;  frankierohno ; frozenblumefypblog ; gallifreyan-detective ; graphrofberk ; hanaflakeshanszimmer

I-P :  

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R-Y : 

ratsplague ; rhettandlink ; rocketgruntjessica ; royalefrost ; sanfrnsokyo ; savhcaro ; sazienas ; shavostars ; shinamatsuoka ; snowydragons ; spaisnotawaterbath ; starmageasuka ; strongyu ; theater-of-my-dreams ; thefreshpegg ; thehiddenmemoryuniversetheillusivewoman ; this-could-be-heaven ; warmestbloggerever ; wickedgreenphantom ; yoellaa

If I forgot anyone of you please forgive me and you are permitted to kill me. 

Again thank you very much guys and have a great day! Merry Christmas!


wow. I am incredibly overwhelmed by the support that this fix has gotten in just one day! Thank you to everyone. I just thought this was a crappy Lil fic I could expose to you all whilst I hide. so here is some more. still unsure how many chapters it will have but I’m aiming for it to only be three.. still writing this on my phone so ignore any spelling or editing errors I’m just gonna smash this one out, it’s a wee bit short but hope you like it, still not 100% happy but oh well!


Its been three days and Finn still hasn’t seen or heard a peep from Rae, she’s never purposely avoided him before even when she was telling him how annoying he was being. He missed the banter, he missed the side eye she usually gives him, he just misses her. Every time a stream of raven hair comes into his view his heart thumps a bit harder only to come to the conclusion it isnt her. The lads around school have never given Finn smack for fancying Rae most of them encourage him to keep going, plus they always banged on about ‘those tits of hers’ to Finn’s dismay. Of course he still had his band of loyal followers that will chase him around school trying to talk to him, but lucky for him he didn’t just have a reputation for being fit, he also had one for being a grumpy sod, So telling the girls to piss off was becoming a daily routine. He still had chops words fluttering around his head, and as the lunch time school bell rung he had an idea about what to do.

“CHOP… ARCH… BARNEY… MACCA…” He yelled as he was running over towards to lads on the football field.

“fuck man, what’s got into you? Is Mr Reed trying to get you to hand up an assignment again” cackled Chop as Finn finally caught up to them. The lads doubled over in laughter whilst Finn was trying to catch him breath.

“No ARNOLD ya knobhead. It’s about Rae” he huffed trying to settle his breath.

“well spill then” chirped Archie. Archie has always had a soft side for Rae, he found her angelic personality obsessive and the love of music they shared bounded their friendship.

“well you know how Rae has been avoiding me” They all nodded in unison to Finn. “and.. and how she thinks this whole thing is bullocks about me like her” Finn shook his head at his own words, and they all nodded in reply once again. “well… Leavers ball is coming up right… I’m going to ask her to go with me” finally the words came out the words that he has been thinking over for the past… well 20 minutes.

“that’s good and all finny but are you forgetting she has been turning you down for months” Maccas tone came across calm but you tell by the look in his eye the panic for Finn.

“well… yeah but I have an idea. And lads I’m gonna need your help” Finn smile reached across his face as he clapped the back of Archie and Chop. The boys mouths drop as the words spilled out of finn’s mouth, many conclusions flushed through there heads but they all ended badly. what did he have up in his sleeve.


“Come on babe, I’m sick of being in this library at lunch time lets go out to the courtyard” scoffed chloe as she through her arms up in the air and looked at Rae.

“I didn’t ask you to stay in here with me chlo… you guys go… I’m, I’m just going to stay in here. I’ve got home work to catch up on” Rae whispered looking around trying not to draw unwanted attention to their table.

“Rae.. you can’t just stay in here forever to avoid him” izzy replied in her usual sweet tone.

“what? avoiding who? What are you talking about? I’m not avoiding anyone iz” Rae tried to make her reply believable but chloe and izzy could see right through her act. Her body language was shifty and she never made eye contact with them.

“lie. your avoiding finn” chloe quipped as she finally made eye contact with Rae.

“NO I NOT” Rae accidently shouted before clamping her hand over her mouth before apologizing to the library staff.

“look I’m not avoiding him, I’m just not in the mood to listen to his bullshit at the moment” she added before sticking her nose back into her book.

“listen I don’t think he is… do you really think he would be going through all this trouble for a joke. He seemed pretty cut up when you stormed off yesterday”.

Rae let izzys words mill through her head before attempting to reply. Did he really fancy her? 'But why me’ she thought.

“Really…” her words were soft and barely auditable, she felt a small smile reach her face as she looked at the girls.

“Yeah really babe. Don’t let those other girls get to you, they are just jealous that fit finn Nelson is chasing you and not them” chloe said as they all giggled together. “We wouldn’t lie to you” she continued.

“I know…” Rae slammed her book down and rose to her feet as she suddenly got a burst of confidence. “Fine let’s go… I’ll give him one more chance that’s it”

Suddenly all three girls paused as the cracking of the school loud speaker started and a familiar voice echoed over.

“How the hell do you work this thin- SHIT. ugh. Can miss Rae earl please make her way to the courtyard please. Yeah Raemundo I’m talking to you. Get your arse to the courtyard ya minx”

“CHOP” the girls said in unison as they all stood there staring at each other in shock. They had no idea what was going on, and how the he’ll did he manage to sneak into the principles office.

The sound of shouting came over the speaker which they assumed was one of the teachers who finally caught him, they couldn’t help but laugh but then once again the realization came across them that he was calling out Raes name.

“well Rae your wanted… Are you coming” Izzy held out her hand for Rae and she slowly took it as she took a deep breath and shuffled her feet out of the library doors into the unknown.


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So a couple days ago I hit 1K and I’m so thankful to have you guys and I love you.

Here are some of my favorite blogs that I love and you should follow them. They’re in alphabetical order for the most part, but some may be a bit mixed up. I’M SO SORRY IF YOU’RE NOT ON THE LIST I STILL LOVE YOU OK. 

5-seconds-of-troyler 500daysoftroyler amazingtroyler another-year-of-troyler atroylerbootycall ayeetroyee ayesivan ayytroyler ayetroyler ayyymalik betweenatroylersandwich canthandletroyler dailytroyler daleyoakley demfairylights digging-troyler everything-troyler forever-troyler  frentus-wants-to-frickle-frack fr3ntus fuckoakley fricksivan hashtag-troyler  heartyglobe hella-rad-troyler i-cupcaketroye i3troyler ihearttroyesivan itmetroye itmetyler kissing-troyler letsslaytroyler lostintroylerland lifeoftroye losttroylerworld  narrywhales mastroyebation noootella nugget-troyler oakleyas ohitroyler ohtyluhyouresodreamy  omgtroyler omgsivan  peace-out-little-munchkins otp-troylerandzalfie procrastivan peaceandpout-troye punksivan sassyfrentus shirtless-troye shiveringtroye smolderingtroyler sivoakley starryeyesandblurredlies thesecretlifeoftroyler thiswillbringuscloser thisistroyler tilly-oakley tillyoakley tilly-slayvan tro-yler  troyeish troye-aka-beyonce troyelicious troyesbooty troyes-lip-ring troyesgurl troyes-wink-though troyesrus troyesivanismyqueen troyesivan18 troyesivanisjesus troyesivanisinfinite troyesnugget troyesquiff troyleroakley troyetopia troyler-tbh troyler-time troylerdancing troyleranya troylerisinyou troylersawesomeworld troylerissocoollike troylerpassion troylered troylerkuhl troylermyqueen troylerrocksmyworld troylersbae troylersextape troylersheart troylerstwinks twinkbottomsivan troylersworld twirlingtroye tyler-chokely tyler-oakleys-pickle tyler-thequeen tylerbroakley tyleroakleyismyqueen tyleroakleysbooty tyleroslay tylerselfieface tylerslittleshit vanillanigga-troye ughoakley whatsagarb whoistroyeanyway

And finally..





I love you all so much and again, I’m sorry if you were not mentioned

So a few days ago I reached a new follower milestone and I honestly still can’t believe that so many of you are following me, and for that thank you. Thank you for those who support my writing, my crappy gifs or edits, and manips, to those who send messages and to those of you are who are more silent but still, I appreciate each and everyone of you for making this blog what it is. I feel so blessed to have a met some of the most amazing and talented shipmates on here and to have the chance to call some of you friends.  

Under the cut is my follow forever, lots of amazing blogs that everyone should check out!

Italics are some of my personal favorites for many reasons (fanfics, fanart, meta, and amazing bloggers), bolds are my mutuals.

Thank you once again and I love you all!

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Ok, ok-I want to start by apologizing for the length of this post. I’m obnoxious but I’ve got a lot to say and a lot of people to thank (sorry for the crappy edit).

I’m still trying to process the fact that two thousand people have decided to put up with my presence on their dashes. That is insane!

You have all helped me so much-be it with school, self image, or otherwise, and words cannot express how much you all mean to me. You are all incredible, lovely people and I am so happy to have you on my dashboard.

Anyway, I just want to take a second to thank some of my favorite people on here. If you’re not on this list, please don’t take it personally! I still love you lots and I know I forgot tons of people.

If you are on this list and we talk, I consider you a friend. If we don’t, then I think we ought to start! :^)

Love and thanks to you all ♥

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First off, HOLY FREAKING CRAP. 3K?? I know thats not too much but considering that I somehow hit this while I was on hiatus for nearly 3 weeks, I’m really amazed. I just want to say thank you so so much to everyone who follows me and for liking my crappy edits lol So in honor of my graduation and for hitting 3k I decided I would make a follow forever! Without further ado, here are some of my favorite blogs who have made my time on this site pretty awesome and made my dash a fun place :]


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It is possible that I forgot someone and if you’re not on here, I still love you very much!! <3 Again thank you guys so much :]