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Hi you, something I don't get in your post don't most people argue if Jack has influence Cas, not if he evil? The minority believes Jack will be an evil figure in the end, but argue that rn hes doing wrong by effecting Cas and just like the parallels to Amara, (Connor ? dont watch this) these storyline usually /start/ with these characters doing something like controlling ppl so going by usual tropes thats how this story usually goes. How could Jack bring Cas closer to S/D rn he seperates them

Hi Nonny,

Thanks for the ask.  I’m going to surmise your points/questions as a prompt to myself because this ask hit a whole bunch of inter-sectional discussions

Jack influencing Cas does not make him evil, but he is doing wrong right now

Very true re. influencing Cas in what could be viewed as a negative way does not make him evil.  It would of course make him a being that wants to survive, which does not make them bad.

And here’s where we get into the intersectional debates and opinions.  I don’t believe Jack has brainwashed Castiel.  Influenced?  Maybe?  Sam telling Cas ‘you can’t do this’ is also influencing him no?  But not quite brainwashing and also super ineffective.  Below are some of the reasons why I don’t think Cas is brainwashed but it is not the single pillar that my points or opinions rest on.

All roads lead to Rome here and I accept people who believe he’s brainwashed have a point, they have an argument.  But it does not ring true to me:

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Arguments against it being his choice

1.  Dean would not accept that this was his Castiel.

Dean has repeatedly rejected the possibly of Castiel’s agency wherein it is a move from him (Dean).  See ‘Superman gone darkside’ and creating a literal false memory about purgatory, to reject Castiel’s decision.  To reject any reality wherein Cas would choose not to be with him.

He is not a reliable source.  That’s actually a running joke within the fandom, one of my favourite fanarts is punk Casifer flipping Dean off and Dean waving all ‘ohh Cas is going through his punk phase’.  For more on Dean is an unreliable source with people he loves please see @amwritingmeta it’s not that he can’t see things when the are wrong.  It’s just a rejection of reality.   He is sooo stressed.  Boy needs to go to a spa

2.  Castiel’s utopia speech to Kelly.

Castiel hesitated during that speech and told a bunch of cliches.  He thought of what a human might want, no hunger, no pain, no fear.  He told her it would all go away.  He was comforting a dying woman.  Not telling us what he saw.  This is not a suggestion of blind faith.

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3.   ‘Castiel would never boop the Winchesters’.  Yes he would.  Castiel has repeatedly worked on his own and created distance between himself and the Winchesters when he thought it was needed.  He didn’t harm them.  He merely tried to get away.

4.  The grace colour issue.  This could be due to lighting (we have seen this before) or residual grace.  It does not mean that Cas isn’t driving.

Please also see @tinkdw‘s post on Castiel’s agency here

Moreover the reason why I brought Connor, Dawn and Chris into this is because there were also ‘this kid is brainwashing our main cast’ arguments in the fandom and meta of it’s time.  Some characters also believed it at first.  All of which were proven to be incorrect.  Setting up the newbie as more powerful or with more motive than actually exists is a trope.

I believe Castiel has his full agency, I believe he did a complete 180 based on what he saw or felt and I don’t believe that it was paradise.  He would be far from the first character to make this kind of swing in the face of new evidence or emotion

Back to your point 

And uh under the cut because this will go on and people have dashes to worry about

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Oh my... That angsty Satoru fic was, well angsty and cute. Dunno if you still in writting mood but it would be cute to see Satoru meeting his siblings (and see him freaking out while waiting in the delivery room because "My mom is in pain!!!") I love your writing and the Better care AU so much

I’m glad you liked it !! 

Yes i’m still in the writing mood don’t worry. I’m just a bit slower because it’s a workday ^^  So here is the scene you’re asking. But take it with caution, because Rei and Hino are @akeemi-life’s babies, so she had her word on the scene. I might change things / rewrite things if she points out flaws or anything she doesn’t like. ^^ 

Momo counted the time between contractions. It had been a while now that she had been awake, and in pain. But she didn’t want to bother until she was absolutely sure that it was time.

And now she was absolutely sure.

She rolled up a bit and poked Shouto’s head, putting a kiss on his cheek.

-Shouto…Shouto, I think you should wake up.

Shouto mumbled something in his sleep, then nodded, and rose a bit. Eyes stills closed, he went out of the bed in a zombie-like state. Momo followed, taking her bags -she checked everything, for the thousand time. She winced, having another contraction. But it was okay, they were about to go and…It’s only when she heard the water in the bathroom that she started to worry.


She found him brushing his teeth, and he gave her a tired look.

-I’m almost done, you can take the shower first if y’want, he yawned.

Momo was a lady, always calm, composed, and polite. But right now she decided to screw all her education because she was having contraction for almost three hours now, and she was tired, and in pain and shouto was brushing his fucking teeths not understanding that she was having their babies right now.

-And unless you want me to give birth right here I suggest you take me to the hospital NOW!

Maybe that was not the kindest way to wake him up, and not their usual way. But at least, this time it worked. Shouto dropped the toothbrush, eyes growing wide, as he voiced his illumination with a dead-voice:


Yes. Ah.


Satoru woke up in the middle of the night, and he didn’t know why. He tried to get back to sleep, but he wasn’t tired anymore (which made no sense because he was always sleepy). After a while, he decided that there was no use in trying anymore, so he woke up and went to his desk to work on a bit. Tomorrow was a free day, January 13, there were supposed to celebrate adult or something like that. Well, teacher thought that free-day mean extra-day for homeworks apparently. Satoru thought that, if he wasn’t sleeping he could at least use his no-sleeping-time wisely. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to focus on his work one bit neither. What was wrong? He wondered. He tried to recall his dreams, nothing, he tried to analyze his thoughts (maybe it was not him that was not tired but one of the people he was connected to?) and bingo. Something was up. Shouto and Momo were awake -he could feel their presence in his mind despite the late hour. And they were…

He frowned. Happy, and yet panicked? Why is th…

Satoru’s tired brain put two and two together and he dashed out his bedroom, almost hitting the doorframe in the process. He didn’t care and went straight to knock at Aizawa’s door. The face that his teacher had when he opened was not human at all. Bloody-eyes, hair likes tentacles, and a cringed smile on his face as he said:

-I hope you have a very good reason to wake me up.

Satoru had, a reason so good he wasn’t even scared by his teacher’s anger.

-Momo is having her babies! I need to go to the hospital right now!

-You what.

-Hospital. Now. Give me the authorization please!

For a hero, Aizawa sure took his time to analyze, and understand the whole situation. He blinked once. Then frowned and scratched his eyes. Then blinked a second time. And slammed the door. Satoru stood there, eyes wide, and a little bit lost. He hadn’t expected such a reaction (to be frank he hadn’t think of anything because Momo was having babies, right now)!

He started to make plan; maybe he could go to Mahô’s room, she had enchanted her closet so the door could lead to her mom’s bookstore. But the bookstore was far away from the hospital Momo was supposed to go. And Mahô really needed to sleep, she was already at her limit. As Satoru was considering the option of him, simply escalading the wall (yes he was that desperate) the door slammed again. Aizawa was back, fully dressed and his had his keys on his hand.

-You should hurry up and takes your things. I called Midnight, she will be here to take my place in 30 minutes.

He didn’t have to repeat this twice.


Shouto didn’t expect him, or Aizawa, to arrive in the hallway. They all stared at each other, not sure what to say. Then Shouto sighted:

-Of course your power. I should have…How did you manage to get here though?

-Aizawa drove me here. How did you manage to get here in one piece?

Shouto looked like shit, with his bedhair and his lost gaze, he still had toothpast on his cheek and shirt. Satoru really hoped that he didn’t drive in this state, he wasn’t such a good driver in the first place, but with Momo giving birth next to him? It was a miracle they made it here in one piece.

-Momo called Bakugou, explained Shouto. -He’s sleeping in the car right now, said he couldn’t sleep in the hallway because of the-

There was a scream next door, and Satoru recognized Momo’s voice.

-Aren’t doctor supposed to give her anesthesic or something? He paniqued.

Shouto’s face was as pale as Satoru’s, as he nodded:

-Yes but they say it doesn’t work during the actual…work?

-What the fuck, it’s totally bullshit if it isn’t!

-SATORU LANGUAGE I CAN HEAR YOU! Screamed Momo from the next room.

If she took the time to correct him, Satoru supposed she was okay, but…He kind of wished that his quirk would allow him to relieve her from the pain, but that didn’t work that way, unfortunately. If he kissed her, he could say to the doctor what was wrong in her body, and probably helped her to use her muscles better, though. Could he do that? He almost proposed it, but then Momo let out another scream and Shouto turned his head.

-I’m…I will be with her. Stay in the hallway Satoru, okay? I will keep you infor-

-I can be ther-

Aizawa got him by the collar and forced him to sit in the bench.

-No. It’s not a kid’s place in there.

-But I’ve never heard her suffer so much, there must be someth-

-You’re already here, and she has Shouto for that. It’s her battle, not yours.

Shouto gave him a hug, and a bit of a smile, before he went back in the room.

-It’s going to be okay, he said.

He didn’t lie, but he didn’t believe it either. He was hoping it would be okay, that was not the same at all! But what else could they do? It was naturalSo Satoru sat down, and waited. And it was worse than waiting in his room at UA, because here he could hear every little scream. He didn’t like that at all. He felt powerless and useless. He felt like doing something but unable to do anything. He felt like his world was crumbling and he could do was staring.

Aizawa fell asleep on the bench, and Satoru envied him a bit, there was no way he could. His heart was beating like crazy in his chest and his brains was so worried it started to imagine every little thing that could go awfully wrong.


Fortunately nothing went wrong. Everything was perfect even. Momo was resting in her hospital bed, with a happy smile on her face. It was hard to believe that she had been suffering all night. She did look tired, with her hair down and the bag under her eyes, but her smiles was so radiant it blinded everything else. In her arms there were two little babies, one with a bunch of white hair on the top of his head, while the other was as red as fire.

Shouto sat at her bedside, and he took Satoru’s hand to make him come closer. Satoru felt like his legs were made of jelly, about to gave out under his weight at any moment. Yes, he was very aware that Momo had babies in her belly, before. He even felt one kick once, when he had put his hand on her tummy. But now…? Now the kick he received came from a tiny little foot, and the foot was to one of the baby right here and gods. They were so tiny and calm, how could one ever kick so strongly?! He felt like meeting a person he only heard about for months. Which was, certainly true, in a sense…?

-Satoru, whispered Momo. -This, is Hino, she said as she presented the red hair one.

-And this is Rei, added Shouto, as he poked the white-haired one in his adorable baby cheeks.

Honestly, Satoru rarely found baby adorable, they were rather ugly at birth. But those two, those two were the cutest, the most adorable little boys he ever met.

-Do you want to hold one? Asked Momo with a smile.

-Huh? I’m not sure I’m…

What if he dropped him? What if he hurt him? What if he hold him wrong and then he dropped dead and…Before he could say anything she put Hino into his arms. The baby frowned, let out a cute squeal, yawned and leaned a bit more against Satoru’s chest. Satoru didn’t know how his pounding heart didn’t wake the baby up, it was a mystery, but he seemed fine, and healthy and okay, so Satoru refused to move even a finger after that just in case he would break the baby’s peace. To his surprise, Momo gave Rei to Shouto, who went as still as Satoru, as if frozen into place. They both shared a nervous glare, while Momo let out a snort.

For a moment, Satoru glanced down, and tried to get his head around the very idea that it was here.

-Hi Rei, i’m your Papa, said Shouto with a the sweetest grin on his face. -I hope you’re okay with me. 

You’re already are the best papa ever wanted to say Satoru, but his throat was too big and mouth weighted tons on his tongue. Because now. Shouto and Momo were parents. And…

-Hello there…I’m your big brother, he whispered. -Satoru. Nice to meet you Hino.

He poked the baby’s cheek and couldn’t help but chuckle as the little one blinked at him, slightly offended. 

Momo put an hand on both of their shoulders and pulled them all into a hug. 

-They couldn’t find better big brother and papa. 

-They also have the best Mama, agreed Shouto. 

Then there was a flash, and they all rose their head to see Aizawa, camera in his hand.

-For my album, he said.

There was no doubt about which one he was talking about this time.

So I’m about halfway though Monogatari Second Season now. I wrote a bit about it for a /r/anime thread and figured I might as well post it here too. WIth gifs and stuff too, because that’s how you get people to read things on tumblr. You just stick pictures between the paragraphs. 

Monogatari series spoilers up to the end of Nadeko Medusa, and Re:zero spoilers. 

Tsubasa Tiger

The start of the Monogatari SS is a continuation of Hanekawa’s story. Once again we see into Hanekawa’s really messed up family life. The contrast between her pure and white personality vs what she’s actually feeling is pretty incredible, and she just kinda creates aberrations so she can deal with her emotions. This um, not a healthy way to deal with stress. I didn’t originally think that the tiger was something that she created, so that was a nice twist. It was also interesting to see that her feelings of envy were so much more powerful than her repressed sexuality. Really gives you a look into just how fucked up her home life is when she feels like that. The confession scene at the end of the arc was absolutely beautiful too. She confessed knowing that she was going to be rejected, but just being able to express how she felt to Araragi was a huge leap in her character. Really a gorgeous moment in the series. Also that bathing scene with Senjougahara and Hanekawa. 

Hanekawa once again ended up with a new hairdo. Honestly this show is about girls changing their hair style and you can’t convince me otherwise. 

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Rem’s confession in episode 18 really reminded me of Hanekawa’s confession. Sure Rem’s confession was for Subaru’s sake and Hanekawa’s was for her own, but the way in which they were delivered and the circumstances were pretty similar. 

Mayoi Jiangshi

Honestly this arc felt a lot more like it was about Shinbou than it was Mayoi, but it did center around saving Mayoi and the ramifications of saving Mayoi. The conversation with Ononoki at the beginning of the arc was really interesting. It was a little philosophical in nature because they were discussing the nature of their death and what not, but it also did a good job of focusing the arc on finding Hachikuji’s answer to those questions. I was not expecting time travel in this series at all, but what do you know, they went back in time to do his homework but royally fucked everything up. Loli Hanekawa was super fucking adorable, and also just like you’d expect her to be. Sending Araragi to the police station was a nice touch. It looked like it was his mother that was there too. Why Araragi gotta grope the children, Araragi pls. When the scene left off with the narration saying the world had been annihilated I figured it was Araragi being like oh a world without Hachikuji is not a world worth living in, but no they went and destroyed the world. Looking at the different routes and how Shinobu acted in them was fascinating and showed just ridiculously fucking op Kiss-Shot is at full power. In the end, the resolution of alternate world Kiss-Shot was very tragic, but showed a really complexity to Shinobu’s character. She can get back her powers if Araragi dies, but even in the timeline where that happened she ended up trying to kill herself. The exorcists (I always forget the Japanese name for them) continue to be badass and manage to correctly assess how Araragi and friends have messed up the world. Oshino’s explanation of the time travel was great too. It was concise, but thoroughly explained what had gone on. A lot of shows don’t manage to do that right. 

Adult Hachikuji is bae. I wish she had gotten some more screen time, but she was just kind of there. Araragi and Shinobu just ditched her with the rice though, way to go guys. And then finally at the end we have Hachikuji answering the questions that Ononoki had asked. Her response to Araragi didn’t come off as a confession of love to me, but more a heartfelt expression of her friendship with him. She really feels that her life is better because she met him. I still don’t fully understand their relationship, but I imagine I’ll understand more of it as time goes on.

Nadeko Medusa

This arc was hyped up a lot by a lot of people, so I was looking forward to what it had to offer; and boy did the arc deliver. It starts off with the end of the arc in a truly monogatari fashion. Though, knowing how the arc is going to end makes the tension of how it gets there all the more exciting. This is definitely one of the cases where knowing a spoiler doesn’t make something worse. It also really juxtaposes the expectations we have of Nadeko; her being super cute and really not capable of doing much of anything, with what is shown in the opening sequence; her brutalizing Koyomi and Araragi. When that scene ends and the OP rolls in you’re just like wtf. Really well done with that imo. 

Nadeko is a really fascinating character. She basically glides through life by not doing much of anything and just deflecting the bad things or playing victim so that people want to help her out. She is constantly running away from her problems and letting other people solve them or just ignoring them and hoping that they go away. She’s also pretty much insane too. The envy and inability to deal with the fact that Koyomi has a girlfriend and that her love will go unrequited literally drives her to resurrect a dead god and actually become its vessel. Though I think that Ouji a lot to do with that. I’m not sure what her story is, but she seemed to be up to no good. 

It’s really easy to hate Nadeko in this arc because she does a lot of deplorable things. However I can also relate to a lot of the things she did. I’ve ran away from problems, I’ve played dumb to try and get people to side with me, I’ve had an unrequited love. Being able to relate to her actions makes them all the more revolting though. Watching this sickeningly cute, seemingly pure and innocent character lose her mind is pretty difficult. I didn’t actually realize that she had made up the snake god until he commented that he wasn’t actually real until she had eaten the talisman. There was a lot of foreshadowing with her talking to her scrunchie, but I hadn’t guessed that it was all in her head. 

The girls in Monogatari really should just become rappers because they all seem to have this ability to throw mad shade: Senjougahar is the physical embodiment of shade, Shinobu has had centuries to hone her already sharp wit, Tsuhiki puts the fire in fire sisters, um ok that’s all I have for now. But really, Nadeko got absolutely roasted in her arc. Shinobu was ruthless, Tsuhiki gave her a rude awakening, and Senjougahara told her off too. Shinobu absolutely roasted her. 

Nadeko’s moment where she just snaps at school was really well done too. The stress of all the things she was avoiding or didn’t know how to deal with finally piled up and she just completely lost it. She was finally able to voice her thoughts to her teacher and her peers, but perhaps the price she paid for that was a little bit too high. It’s an interesting bit of character development though. In the end she really did lose her marbles when she became Godeko. She goes full yandere and concludes that it would be far more romantic if the man she loved was dead. Her conclusion here is pretty sad. Even with the powers of a god she wasn’t able to overcome her jealousy or stop running away from the problem. She was only able to lash out and try and destroy what she saw as the problem rather than try and solve it. Nadeko is a pretty tragic character. 

Senjougahara once again shows that she’s a badass when she just phones up Godeko and tells her not to kill her man. I was a little surprised that she asked Nadeko to spare Shinobu as well. I’m not sure what Senjougahara’s feelings for Shinobu are, but I imagine I’ll find out more about that as the show goes on. What a cliffhanger to end the arc on. Really enjoyed it overall and I can see why people like this arc so much. 

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What makes the series so exciting for me is how relatable the characters are. The aberrations that they deal with are the results of very real emotions and problems. Hanekawa struggles with her sexual frustration and her envy, Senjougaraha shut herself away from people because of trauma in her childhood, Nadeko imagined up a god and ended up making it corporeal because she ran away from a problem rather than being honest with herself, etc. etc. Sure it’s a bit harder to relate to Shinobu because she’s a centuries old almost omnipotent vampire that has fallen from power and well I just haven’t had that sort of experience. Even so there are a lot of complex emotions going on with Shinobu that are very slowly explained and touched upon. I think that most people will be able to relate to one or more of the characters, and that’s what makes the show so satisfying to watch. Maybe the enjoyment comes from a sense of satisfaction of having dealt with a similar sort of issue that comes up in the show, maybe it comes from a sense of belonging because you had a very similar experience to a character, or really any other number of things. 

This is why the show is special to me, and why I think that it will continue to be special as I catch up with what has been made. While there certainly are some flaws here and there, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite series. Though I don’t think it will overtake Spice and Wolf in the end. 

I’m so conditioned to shows having underwhelming writing that I just get so excited when a show has some good writing, and for me the Monogatari series continues to blow me away. I also can’t get over how good the visuals are. I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I absolutely love the style of the show. I’m looking forward to the rest of SS.

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For Ted and Victorie, maybe Teddy helping Vic study for her exams? before they are dating but one of them is in love already? pretty please :)

As soon as I saw this prompt, I thought of that part of 10 Things I Hate About You. So. This happened… [5k Fluff without plot, for @hpshipweeks. Please note one use of strong language but other than that, no warnings!] [AO3]

“Uuurrrrggghhhhhhhhh!” Victoire’s banging her head rhythmically off the table and that’s great because it gives him the perfect excuse to go over and talk to her: “Just wanted to be sure you weren’t going to give yourself a concussion, because you know I am fully available to carry you up to the Hospital Wing but I would much rather carry you somewhere much more fun. Like my bed!” Okay. Maybe not that. But something.

He’s still trying to work out what when, “Stop that, Vic. You’re getting your stress all over my Potions notes and it’s not helping.”

“I’m going to fail Ancient Runes,” she says mournfully, ignoring her friend’s comment.

“Don’t be stupid,” the friend says, and even from his position hiding behind the bookshelf (he’s not a stalker, he swears), Ted can hear her eye roll. “You’re the smartest person in the year. You’re not going to fail anything.”

“I am not the smartest person in the year, I just work hard,” she replies. “And no matter how hard I work at Ancient Runes, I just. Can’t. Get. It.”

“Okay, I take it back,” her friend says. “You are not the smartest person in the year; I am. Me and all the others of us who weren’t dumb enough to take the stupid subject in the first place. Here, have a Cauldron Cake. You look like you need cheering up.”

“Not as much as I’ll need cheering up when I fail spectacularly,” she sighs, but there’s a rustling of foil being unwrapped, so she clearly can’t be feeling that bad. Annoyingly for Ted. He has a long list of ways he could cheer her up, and only twenty-seven of them involve food.  

“Look, there’s a simple solution here,” says the friend, her voice muffled by Cauldron Cake. “Just get yourself a tutor in the subject; stick a notice up in the Common Room and one of the NEWT students can help you. Simple.”

Ted has to restrain himself from running over and hugging Vic’s friend. Her idea is genius, and he can certainly use it to his advantage. “Oh, that is a good idea,” says Victoire, voice brightening. “There’s still plenty of time before the exam so—”

Are you two eating in the library?” There’s no mistaking Madam Pince’s screech; even sheltered by the stacks, Ted finds himself shrinking back. Victoire and her friend flee, but the idea sticks in Ted’s mind. Become Victoire’s tutor, impress her with his amazing teaching skills, something something something, then they’re dating.

He’ll work on the finer points later.

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Because I like improvement meme thingies and because I figured it’d be interesting to see, I decided to show you guys how my style has changed from 2012 to now. And since this is my primarily brony artblog, we shall do it with ponies! C:

The star of this badboy is, of course, Rainbow Dash. So I guess this is particularly the evolution of Dashie. I was going to do Twilight because I drew her the most often, but I figured Dash was fine because she showcased the most prominent changes I did to my style just as well as my drawings of Twilight did, only shorter. Basically, the ones of Dash was a shorter summary and I don’t wanna bore you guys.

So yeah. The dates of each image can be seen in the captions on the image themselves, and with that said I can tell ya about them.


-April 2012-

 This actually isn’t the first image I’ve drawn of Dash, but it’s the second one. The very first pony drawing I’ve done was of Fluttershy, which isn’t shown here obviously. But the general style remained the same; I started out with anthro and tried to go with a more realistic style, buuuuuut I wasn’t that great with it obviously, partly because I’ve never drawn a horse up to this point and partly because I didn’t know exactly HOW I wanted to draw them.

….I can’t look at this one without cringing. :/


-August 2012-

At some point I decided to try to go for a style that was closer to the show’s canon style, while still maintaining realistic (but stylized) anatomy. Again, it didn’t work as well as I’d like, specifically because I still didn’t really know in which direction I wanted to go. And I didn’t know how to draw a damn horse. :/ The faces often ended up looking more catlike than pony, the heads were often far too small for their bodies, the ears too big for their heads… all sorts of things. But, it was at least the start of where I wanted to go with the style.


-December 2012-

Got a little better grasp on where I wanted to go with the style, and the incorporation of more in-depth headcanon really began here, but I still obviously had problems. Again, with the head especially. I think one of the main problems is that I didn’t really refer to any real horse anatomy references so I kinda just… winged it. And it didn’t always work. I still struggled with the head-to-body ratio, the overall structure of the body, wings, face. I think the face gave me trouble because I still didn’t know how, exactly, to mix the show’s style with a realistic horse without being too far-fetched.


-September 2013-

Almost a full year later and I’ve taken to looking at more and more references of real horse anatomy, as well as wings. The headcanon of tailfeather has completely set in too. Rainbow Dash isn’t the first character I drew tailfeathers on, but she’s where I began to get the hang of it. I think this is where I was getting more comfortable with the style and finally found one that I like. It’s more angular than the last two, better proportioned, but I still had troubles obviously. Many flaws stick out, specifically the head. The head’s size is okay, but I still need to work on the placement of eyes and ears.


-March 2014-

The drawing from last month. I really like how this badboy came out. I currently feel like I’m at a point where I’m relatively pleased with my style of pony and that I can draw them comfortably, but of course, there’s always room for improvement. C:


So yeah. There ya go. C: I dunno what you’d guys would question about this, but feel free to ask if you have any questions. And hell, if you’d like, why don’t you guys give it a try? Put some of your oldest drawings together (pony or otherwise) from the last 2 years (or year, or month. Whichever and whatever you’d rather) and compare them with what you have now. You’d be surprised just how much you improve in such a small span of time, be it weeks, months, or years. And feel free to show me! I love seeing the evolution of other people’s styles and art. :3

My thoughts on SPN 11X21

Another week gone and I could watch the episode without spoilers by just staying off tumblr. The briefest glance at my dash says people aren’t too happy about today’s episode. So… Please don’t kill me, but I actually quite liked it. Yes, there were lots of weird jumps, and the whole thing felt very choppy, but some moments in it really made up for its flaws. The Destiel ones, especially, and I want to talk about them now. I liked a lot of other stuff too, but that’s a whole different post.

All gifs are mine, so crappy quality ones, sorry!

1. Yay Kevin! I missed you so much! This line jumped at me though.

So in all of 10 seconds Kevin could tell Dean’s the more stressed one. I wonder why.

2. Dean’s reaction after Chuck says he has no idea on how to find Amara is so anguished. 

Also, I liked the fact that Dean mentions Lucifer here. He knows Lucifer was God’s favorite at some point, and he’s hoping that by mentioning that he is in her trap, Chuck might help. (By the way, this just confirms to me that Chuck still has deep paternal feelings towards him. Look at how he exploded. He has been relatively easy-going about everything but Lucifer. He must have loved him a  great deal to react so badly) Well, obviously that didn’t work, and Dean’s crushed again.

3. THE BIGGEST MOMENT OF ALL. Amara using Cas (not Lucifer, Cas) to make a connection with Dean. Look at her expression when she has her hand near his chest. 

She looks curious, and not all that happy about it.  And during her conversation with Dean, she mentions Cas by name for the first time (right? Correct me if I’m wrong) She knows he’s important to Dean. More Dean-pain, thank you.

4. This conversation between Dean and Sam. Look at Dean’s expression when Sam is fanboying. 

He’s clearly upset about Sam getting distracted, although to be fair Sam didn’t know about Amara’s warning till now. And also, this-

Dean is only bothered about Cas (despite what looks contradictory afterwards). I just think that he could confess his worry for Cas to Sam, because Sam understands, but not the others.  

5. “Why would you want to find her?” says Donatello. Because they need to rescue a guy she has with her. Who is Lucifer. And also-

You and your priorities, Dean. (Whoops, ignore my misspelling of the word possessing)

6. This also jumped at me. Look at this random shot to Dean at Chuck mentioning the words ‘free will’. It speaks for itself-

7. Now, about Dean’s plan. I know he’s not mentioning Cas. But he’s talking to Metatron. Metatron, whose only motivation, as he said earlier, is to try and save God from kamikazing. Dean’s not going to try to convince him by talking about Cas. And besides, Dean’s desperate now.  Amara has showed up twice already, and Cas’s life is hanging by a thread. He wants Cas out and away from Amara, because even Lucifer still in Cas is better than both of them getting tortured to death by Amara. There’s at least a shot of Dean getting Cas back in the first case. And he’ll do anything for it. ANYTHING. Amara creeps him out, terrifies him so much, and he’s willing to go out alone to meet her, to distract her, to possibly get killed by her when she finds out what he’s done,  just so they can rescue Cas (and it is Cas he’s doing it for, remember  the conversation with Sam). If that doesn’t scream love and selflessness I don’t know what does.    


Yes, I wonder what that is, Amara. What could be stopping Dean from falling into your abyss? 

Oooh, helpful shot in between to figure out the answer.

I know we all wanted Cas back. I do too. But it would be too easy to just poof back like nothing happened. I want to see Dean interact with Casifer next episode. I want to see him struggle to hate him while he’s wearing the face of someone he loves (and NOT like a brother Jensen dear) So yeah, I think they should have split this into 2 episodes and cut a MOTW one. It would have flowed smoother. There are lots of flaws in this episode. But I still liked it.


I Will Find my Life with You

A Captain Swan wedding set after 5b. Because I can.

~1100 words, All Ages
Beta @ayedcourtdangerforyou
AO3 if you prefer

It wasn’t as if Emma hadn’t experienced plenty of firsts with Killian Jones, so it really shouldn’t surprise her that she was standing here today because of him.

She studied her reflection in the mirror. Her white dress was calf-length, swirling out and around her but stopping high enough that if she had to run, she could.

Just because it was her wedding didn’t mean there wouldn’t be trouble.

She wore comfortable brown boots that made her feel more like herself, despite Mary Margaret’s initial objection.

“Emma,” she’d said the week before, surrounded by the chaos of throwing together a wedding on two weeks’ notice, “you should at least look like a princess on your wedding day.”

“The dress is princess-y enough, isn’t it?” Emma had returned. “Besides, we’re in Storybrooke. It’s not like I really need to look like anybody but myself.”

“Ready to go?” Her father’s calm voice broke into her thoughts, and Emma turned.

Keep reading