so here have a movie fanmix

Okay, welcome to the poly Crystal Gems bomb! It will be held on monday the 28th- friday the 1st this year!

next year I hope to hold it earlier, maybe in october or atleast earlier in december.

Polygems Typically consists Of Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst but any work with Rose in there too is welcome! You can make fanmixes, amv’s, music, art whatever! NSFW things are allowed (for people who are 18+) but will not be put here. A partnered blog, @decadent-delightful will reblog the nsfw so please tag it as #nsfw polygems bomb (if enough is around there will be a second blog made for the nsfw specifically)

Themes! (you don’t have to use these to participate!)

Monday: Mushy gems/ egg hell

Tuesday: spooky/ domestic

spooky: maybe the gems are out at night in the spooky kindergarten and are huddled close. maybe an au pic where they watch a scary movie and get scared. 

Domestic: baking, folding laundry, washing laundry when the wash/dryers out. the lil things.

Wednesday: au / angst

Thursday: celebration/ domain

domain: where the gems reside when they want some time to themselves, a special specific haven. maybe how the gems would config a room for the 3 of them (or an alexandrite temple room perhaps)

Friday: hangover/ anime tropes

anime: typical things that happen in almost every anime. beach trip episode, furo scene etc

don’t forget to tag your art with #polygems bomb so I can see it and reblog it here! Remember to have fun and be respectful of one another!