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                               Zack Taylor Appreciation

                                           july 1st - 31st

every ranger deserves their time to shine so that’s why few of us have banded together and we want you to join in! whether its gifsets, fanfic, fanart, a collection of headcanons, fanmixes, or liveblogging your favorite episode (the movie? play by play’s of zack’s scenes?) - don’t hesitate to show this months ranger some love!

tag your posts with ranger lovefest so we can all find each other and reblog!

this months ranger is: Zack Taylor, Mighty Morphin’ Black Ranger 2017

url edits/blogrates

what up what up so i’ve never done these before but spring break is coming up and i gained a bunch of followers recently, so thx for following my mess of a blog lmao. anyway, im going to attempt url edits (aesthetics or a moodboard or some type of edit/graphic, maybe a fanmix, who knows, but it’ll be cool) and/or blogrates!! you can request both ofc. rules are as follows:

  • follow the ultimate tragedy (aka me)
  • reblog this, likes don’t count yadda yadda
  • send me a movie, book, or music rec for a url edit
  • send me something good about your day for a blograte

no more please!

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Okay, welcome to the poly Crystal Gems bomb! It will be held on monday the 28th- friday the 1st this year!

next year I hope to hold it earlier, maybe in october or atleast earlier in december.

Polygems Typically consists Of Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst but any work with Rose in there too is welcome! You can make fanmixes, amv’s, music, art whatever! NSFW things are allowed (for people who are 18+) but will not be put here. A partnered blog, @decadent-delightful will reblog the nsfw so please tag it as #nsfw polygems bomb (if enough is around there will be a second blog made for the nsfw specifically)

Themes! (you don’t have to use these to participate!)

Monday: Mushy gems/ egg hell

Tuesday: spooky/ domestic

spooky: maybe the gems are out at night in the spooky kindergarten and are huddled close. maybe an au pic where they watch a scary movie and get scared. 

Domestic: baking, folding laundry, washing laundry when the wash/dryers out. the lil things.

Wednesday: au / angst

Thursday: celebration/ domain

domain: where the gems reside when they want some time to themselves, a special specific haven. maybe how the gems would config a room for the 3 of them (or an alexandrite temple room perhaps)

Friday: hangover/ anime tropes

anime: typical things that happen in almost every anime. beach trip episode, furo scene etc

don’t forget to tag your art with #polygems bomb so I can see it and reblog it here! Remember to have fun and be respectful of one another!

Presenting our first Mchaleinski Week, taking place in 2016! 

What: A week where we celebrate the bond between Scott, Stiles and Derek, whether it be romantic, sexual, or purely platonic. McHaleinski Week is a tumblr-based fanwork fest for the Teen Wolf slash OT3 Scott/Stiles/Derek. For an entire week, fans of this ship will be encouraged to create and share as many Derek/Scott/Stiles fanworks as their heart desires.

Why: There comes a point in every shipper’s life where they think to themselves, ‘“Damn, I wish there was more fic/fanart/meta/gifsets for X pairing.” Then that shipper finds others who feel the same and get organized. And that, my friends, is how McHaleinski Week was born.

How to participate: It’s simple! We are providing you with a theme for each of the seven days of the week and you create content inspired by it. We’ll reblog it here, at the official McHaleinski Events Tumblr for everyone to see! Just tag your posts with #mchaleinskiweek within the five first tags on your post so that we can find it!

When: The first McHaleinski Week will be held from Monday to Sunday, 13 - 19 June 2016. Here are the themes:

day 01: canon/canon divergence

day 02: song/lyrics

day 03: angst or fluff

day 04: missing scenes/alternate universe

day 05: favorite tropes/colors

day 06: “blockbuster au”- scene from a different book/movie/show rewritten as mchaleinski

day 07: free choice

We will be accepting anything and everything, including fic, art, graphics, meta, headcanons, fanmixes, fanvideos, etc. Also keep in mind that you don’t need to follow all of these themes, they’re just suggestions in case you need some inspiration.

Don’t have the time or ability to make anything? Don’t worry! There’s another way you can participate: promote! Reblog, give the contributors feedback and support, let them know you appreciate their work. Nothing is more inspiring! :)

If you decide to participate you are not obliged to make content for every day - just as much as you have time/ability/inspiration to! Thanks, and we hope you enjoy this event!