so here have a lot of brightness and yellow

Mark Rothko, Saffron, 1957, Oil on canvas, © VBK Wien, 2007, Albertina, Vienna, permanent loan of Batliner Collection

This is a very interesting new scan of Saffron. It’s certainly more resolved than our previous scan here. Followers of this blog know I like to replace posts with the best, most accurate scan i can so the posts evolve with the most realism. However, in this case I am not quite ready to replaces the old scan and say this is more accurate. I realize the old scan is pushed a lot on the contrast end and certainly there’s more brush detail here. However, this scan may be on the red/orange side and the old one may be closer to the actual color. We’ve seen this painting bright yellow to dark red. Am I being overly cautious not replacing something I know is better resolution? Perhaps, but the ability to have both for a while may also be of value. I’m going to leave them both up for now and be happy for this high quality new version and hope someone in Vienna can tell us what we’re missing.


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: all fluff, a little bit of smut!! unprotected sex (for god’s sake just wrap it before you tap it)
Summary: Bucky wasn’t the same kid from Brooklyn like back in the 40′s, but he also wasn’t the soviet master assassin; The Winter Soldier, no. He was somewhere in between. You are the bright yellow in his life that always brings him back down to earth. (Artist!Reader AU)
A/N: Sorry this is so short, here’s my way of making it up to you guys for being so inactive xxx
Word Count: 1.6K


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‘  Rory: Remind me again, why are we here?

  Amy: Because Rory, I’ve waited for this moment for so long… I’ve finally set them up, I’m not going to let him screw this up.

  Doctor: This is stupid! I’ve got nothing to wear!

  Amy: Come out, show us what you wearing!

  Doctor came out with a bright yellow trouser and a ragged top.

  Amy: Oh lord, we have a lot to work on.

  Rory: What about wearing what you wore when you first met her, with the bow tie she gave to you. She’s a hopeless romantic.

  Doctor: You just saved my life you gorgeous thing.

  Doctor ran to Rory and kissed his forehead.

  Amy: You might want to save that one for Y/N.              ‘

A/N: 11th Doctor needs love too.

Can’t Lose You // Isaac Lahey Imagine

RequestCan I have an imagine where you and Isaac are having an argument bc you almost got hurt trying to help the pack so while he’s talking he starts using your insecurities against you and saying things he doesn’t mean and you storm out crying so he so he finds you and apologizes and can it also have a lot of fluff in the end, and sorry I had to make to parts for this but thank you in advance :)

Sorry this took so long!! I really hope that this lives up to your expectations :)

Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,191

“You could have been killed!” Isaac shouted at you. His fists were tightly clenched into fists and the bright yellow of his eyes were shinning back at you like two tiny moons. 

“But I wasn’t! I’m fine, Isaac. Look at me, I am here and I am breathing!” You shouted back. The pack had finally had a lead on a very vicious monster that was creeping through the shadows of Beacon Hills. Despite Isaac’s warnings and pleads for you to not come with them, you tagged along anyway. You didn’t have any special powers or super strength that would be useful to the pack but you hated staying back, knowing that all of your friends were risking their lives and you were just laying in bed, worrying. During their fight, Isaac ended up one on one with the creature, the creature viciously tearing it’s teeth into Isaac’s skin. You were scared and jumped in, in attempt to save Isaac which worked and you thought he would be grateful to your sudden braveness but that wasn’t the case. 

“That’s not the point, Y/N! I had the situation handled, you didn’t have to jump in to try and save me. That was such a stupid thing to do, what were you thinking?!” Isaac retorted, his words icy and strict. 

“I was thinking about you! What was I supposed to do? Sit back and watch you get hurt or even worse, get killed?” You crossed your arms over your chest in irritation. 

“That’s exactly what you are supposed to do!” Isaac shouted. He stepped closer to you, his eyes still shining bright and his fists still clenched. You shrunk under his intense gaze. You imagined that it you looked like you were a dog that was just scolded by chewing up your owner’s favorite shoe. “You are a weak and fragile human, Y/N! You are no match to anything in the supernatural world and when you try to intervene, you just cause more harm than good.” 

You cringed at Isaac’s words. Being useless was one of your many insecurities and Isaac knew that. You hated the fact that you were so weak. You hated the fact that there was nothing strong and athletic about you. “You know that I just want to help as much as I can.” Your voice was much softer than the previous moments before. 

“Well, stop. I don’t need you. I don’t need you to help me.” Ouch. Each word that fell from Isaac’s mouth was like a shard of glass piercing your heart. He knew that you were always insecure about meaning nothing to him. You were always scared of needing him more than he needed you or of loving him more than he loved you. Once again, your thoughts were proven to be true. 

The tears welled up in your eyes and you swore to yourself that you wouldn’t cry. No, not in front of him. Your ran your fingers through your hair as a sign of frustration, swallowing back the tears as much as you could. “Fine, Isaac. I’ll just stay out of your way and while I’m at it, I’ll stay out of your life too.” You saw his eyes instantly fall back into their beautiful blue color but you looked away. Instead, you ran right past him and out the door, ignoring his fleeting calls after you. 

It was raining but you didn’t care. You just kept running, the tears mixing with the raindrops that were cascading down your face. Isaac’s words kept replaying in your head like a broken record. As you were running, you tripped on slight rise in the concrete that you didn’t see. You tumbled to the ground and instead of forcing yourself up, you sat there. You wrapped your arms around your legs and just cried, the rain pelting down on you. In a flash, you were wrapped in someone’s warm embrace and by the smell that engulfed you as soon as you were buried in this person’s chest, you knew it was Isaac. 

He lifted you off the ground and despite your anger towards him, you clung to him as he carried you back to your house. It wasn’t a far walk so you must have not ran as far as you thought you did. As soon as you were safe in your own house, Isaac wrapped you tightly in a few blankets and held you close to his chest. “I am so sorry.” He said softly, kissing the top of your head. 

You sniffled, your chest still heaving up and down from running and crying. “The things you said…they really hurt me. You know my insecurities and you used them against me.” 

Isaac’s fingers danced across your arm, giving your goosebumps, goosebumps. “I know and I didn’t mean a single thing that I said. I just got so scared. Y/N, the thought of losing you scares the shit out of me and seeing you in danger, I couldn’t handle it.” 

You nodded slowly. “I was just trying to help. I don’t want to lose you either, you know.” 

Isaac sighed. “I know and I appreciate you trying to help me, I do. But I can’t be there to protect you when you do things like you did tonight. I would never be able to forgive myself if something ever happened to you and I could have prevented it.” 

You sat up and wiggled your way out of Isaac’s grip. “That’s the thing, Isaac, I don’t always want to be the one who needs protection. I feel so useless to you and to everyone else in the pack. When I saw you were in danger, I wanted to help mostly because I was scared but mostly because I wanted to be worth something.” 

“Y/N, you are anything but useless. You’re the person who keeps me sane. You’re my anchor. Who do you think is the one I think about when someone is pushing my buttons and I have to keep calm? Who do you think keeps me from changing on a full moon? Who do you think is the reason I haven’t given up yet? It’s you. Without you, who knows how many people I would have killed or who knows if I would even be alive right now.” Isaac lectured to you, his eyes never once leaving your own. “And I know everyone else loves you and needs you just as much. I can guarantee that.” 

“I’m sorry.” You chocked out. 

Isaac shook his head. “I’m the only one who is allowed to and needs to say sorry in this situation. I love you, Y/N. So much. Please don’t ever forget that.” 

You placed your hand on his cheek, running your finger along this cheekbone. You leaned forward and captured his lips in soft yet passionate kiss. Isaac’s hands trailed down to your waist, pulling you closer to him. After a few seconds you pulled away, completely breathless. “I love you, Isaac.” 

Gaaahhhh, I hope you like this! I’m not really sure how I feel about it but hopefully you like it!. 


Requested by a lovely anon I decided to make a tutorial on how I make gifsets like these (x) (x) (x)

We’re going to go from here:

To here:

Please like/reblog if this proved to be helpful - don’t feel ashamed to ask me any questions, help on turning something a specific colour as this is mainly for purples but the steps would be the same for any other colour.

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