so here have a gifset instead

So, I did this interesting experiment this morning. I normally browse the hpedit tag to find my reblogs, in addition to my dash, and for some time, I’ve been sad to see how many nice posts are made by people who are either new to the fandom, or are just new gif makers, that have almost no notes on their posts. So instead of posting today’s HP gifset here, I posted it on my primary blog… tagged it like normal, and it sat there with zero notes for quite a while until my mutuals who knew it was me found it. Those who didn’t know it was me, didn’t reblog it. It made me realize that it was more difficult than I previously thought for new HP gif/edit makers to get their posts noticed. Don’t give up, newbies that are making great posts! I’m going to queue you! <3 

You deserve much better than me...

Favorite Moments from every Season >>> Season 1


The Blacklist Rewatch: The Courier 

hi guys! since one of my lovely friend’s gifsets recently got reposted, i thought i’d tell you guys where to find an easy form to use here on tumblr that can get your reposted work taken down quickly and easily! all you have to do is visit this link, then click ‘misuse of your identity or work’ » ‘misattribution or non-attribution’ » ‘yes’ » ‘i posted it on tumblr’ » ‘someone reposted it instead of reblogging’ » and there ya go! from there you just to link to your original post and the reposted one and tumblr should remove it within a day or so! 


Doctor Who Gifset 42-The Doctor here doesn’t really care about his safety or well-being for that matter. He just wants his friend Martha back because really they shouldn’t have ended up on this ship crashing into a sun in the first place. He is willing to put his life on the line just  to save her, and he doesn’t care what the risks are in order to do so. The Doctor is letting his emotions drive him instead of listening to logical reasoning because he knows that it isn’t always right, that he can still rescue Martha and have time to save the rest of them too. He has the determination to do so, and he won’t give up, not now.