so here have a clean version of it

Casting a Circle

Without invoking any Gods or Goddesses.

This is going to be a lower-key version of casting a circle. I will include options for things for you to say, but those are just that, options. Feel free to change or adapt this to your practice, because if something in here doesn’t vibe with your practice, then switch it so it does! If you have any questions, feel free to throw me an ask! <3

Its also important to note: you do not need to cast a circle. It is optional, just like everything else in witchcraft.

Step 1: Find your space. You can do this really anywhere you want to, just make sure you pick a place where your ritual or spell wont be disturbed or interrupted (because thats annoying). But you can pick wherever you feel comfortable, be this your room, your backyard, your basement, a park, in the middle of the woods… wherever! Just make sure the space is big enough to suit your needs!

Step 2: Clean your area.  Next step is to make sure your area is physically and spiritually clean. Physically, just pick up anything thats in the way. If you are outside, clear any leaves, branches, etc out of your area; if you are inside, make sure there is no laundry, toys, or any other clutter in the area. Next spiritually cleanse your area. If you use a broom or a wand in your practice, you can use that to push all unwanted energies out of your space. Typically you are pushing out negative energies, but if you are utilizing those for your spells, then push out the positive energies or whatever energies you do not want within your space. If you don’t use a broom or a wand, all you have to do is meditate and push the energies out, or push them out with your hands. You can also smoke cleanse the area if you so desire, or use a cleansing spray to spiritually cleanse your area.

Step 3: Gather your items.  Gather all of your items you are going to be using in your ritual and place them approximately in the center of where your circle would be. You want to do this because once you actually cast your circle, you don’t want to break it. Although, I can’t even tell you how many times I have left my lighter on my nightstand on the other side of the room. You can start setting up now if you like too.

Step 4: Casting the circle. Now is the time to physically cast the circle. You can draw a circle on the floor, use a staff or wand to draw a circle in the dirt lay a cord on the floor (if you do this, tie it), sprinkle salt on the floor, use those branches you moved, make a circle or rocks or leaves, whichever you prefer. You usually want it about as wide as you are tall, but make sure you have enough room for your ritual. So if you need space to move around or dance or whatever, make it bigger. You also probably want to cast the circle clockwise. Note: If you are outside, do not put salt directly on the ground. It will kill all plants and grass or whatever in the area and nothing will be able to grow in that soil.

Now at this point you are in your circle. Some people will place an object at the north (earth), east (air), south (fire) and west (water) points of their circle. Don’t know what way you are facing? Your phone does! Pull out your map and check the little compass on it. :) For object representation, you can use a candle, stones, incense, a glass of water… whatever you associate with that element or direction. Starting at the east (air) and going clockwise, you can light your candles/interact with your objects, and invoke the elements. Example:

“I call upon the elements of the East, guardians of the wind, protect this circle!
I call upon the elements of the South, guardians of fire, protect this circle!
I call upon the elements of the West, guardians of water, protect this circle!
I call upon the elements of the North, guardians of the earth, protect this circle!”

Now is when you want to spiritually cast the circle/state the purpose of the circle. Some people walk clockwise around the circle three times, others just once, do whatever vibes with you. You can state something like:

“With the guardians of the elements watching over me, I cast this circle, no harmful being can enter. The circle is cast!”

Step 5: The ritual. Now do whatever ritual you need to do! If you find that you forgot something outside the circle and you need to leave it (*cough* like I do), thats easy. All you need to do, is envision a doorway being cut from the edge of your circle, up, over, down. If you cast a physical circle, make sure to move the items to create the doorway. Close the doorway when you are back in.

Step 6: Closing the circle. Now once everything is finished and done, you can close your circle. Going counterclockwise, make sure you thank your guardians/elements if you used them.

“Guardians of the North, thank you for your protection, you are always welcome,
Guardians of the West, thank you for your protection, you are always welcome,
Guardians of the South, thank you for your protection, you are always welcome,
Guardians of the East, thank you for your protection, you are always welcome.”

Once you have done a 360 around your circle, thanked any guardians you called forth (if you did, again, its not needed), you can state something like:

“This ritual is complete, the circle is broken.”

At this point, your circle is deconstructed. Clean up any items you put out, put things back to normal, clean up any leftover energies, have a snack, ground yourself, and you are done! If you preformed the ritual outside, make sure you didn’t leave anything toxic or harmful to the local wildlife anywhere!

Thats it! Enjoy!

Other Ways To Cast A Circle:

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How To: Casting a Circle

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Circle Casting 101

All of the above links have some awesome info. I definitely recommend you check them out, and find what works best for you, or use a combination of them!

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That shot is incredible ! Would you perhaps consider showing us part of your process ? I just assumed you used 3D for the camera movement, it's amazing.

I shall present thou my process, but consider that it ‘ll be the exact same process as any other animation, it’s basicly like “i did a rough and a tie down, and i cleaned it”.

I assume that by asking this, thou wanted to know some “ways” of doing this kind of thing, but sadly i didn’t use any tricks, and i could have of course, but i just felt that if i was trying to find a way to avoid doing it, i would just not be doing it, and the rsult would have not been the one i wanted.

So in order to make this process as interesting as it could possibly be, i’ll try to explain my thought during each steps as much as i can.

So here is the rough, basicly if i recall correctly this was like my third version (i didn’t find the other one) i tried to have here “key moments” and not exactly “key movements”, i tried to define the most importants parts of the curve my camera’s describing. The thing is, i wanted to be sure where to slow down the pacing of my camera, and when to speed it up, and at the same time i wanted to know what the crowd would looks like.

Here’s my kind of tie down, it’s the thing i used in order to do the cleaning later, here, i juste came back to re-define a little better the last part, the fast parts are easier to read and i know where my characters are.
Something i also did (and lost by now so i can’t show it) is like a top view map of the crowd, with each character to always help me remember where each one is.

Note that i cleaned and colored the “ghost” first here, as he’s hiding characters, i wanted to know exactly where he would be to avoid unecessary drawings.

And here whe have the final cleaning, here is the part i’ll need to explain the most, because sadly there’s no real “inbetween” before this part and the tie down.

The first thing i did was to clean all the images i already had during the tie down, then i got all the models checked with the character designers Lady Hagdahl Sörebo and Lady Zhang to be absolutly sure that the things i would be inbeetwining would be the exact models  (i thought lady Hagdahl Sörebo was going to die during that part).
The thing i did at the same time was to define the size of the brush during each “key moments”, you may notice on the gif above that the further away the characters are, the thinner their line is.This is one of the thing that helps achieving this “3D like” aspect, it helps feeling depht in each frames and makes your eyes’s understanding of each characters easier.

Once i had my key movements perfectly lined, i started beaking it down, i inbetweened all the images i had, BUT i started to think about each characters’s movement, you may notice it , but the characters are not all totally still, some of them are moving, doing something, for exemple, the xingtiang (the ball-like things with arms who carrys bowl of food) wave their arms and bowl a little as they can’t exactly sustain their weight perfectly.
It’s that part that helped creating life in that shot, if the characters had been just standing still, the shot would have felt flat, and a bit life-less.

Once i had all my characters on models, my lines’s size defined, and my characters animation set in stone, i just had to inbetween everything to reach a ratio of 25 frames/1 second, it’s what we call a 1′s exposition in french, i don’t know how to say it in english, but the important part is that it helps your eyes understanding the movement, and in a shot with so many characters, and a movement as fast as this one, it was absolutly necessary to have everything at one, it’s also one of the thing that helps achieving this 3D effect, as we tend to see most of our 2D animation at 2 or 3 and our 3D animation at 1 (or 0.5)

And we’re nearly finished! after that i just colorised the characters, once they were, i was sure of the negative space around them, and were to put the confettis you see on the ground, it’s an other thing that helps defining depth in the shot, a solid ground under the feets of the characters.

And of course once i had everything in place i just had to add the flying confettis! I animated them straight ahead, as i already had my camera movement and my characters it was child’s play to guess the size, the orientation and everything else; it’s like animating in 2D on a 3D scene, thou know exactly where thou are, but it doesn’t have the cons 3D scene have, the space isn’t so big you get lost in it, thou know exactly what’s on screen, and it doesn’t feel dead.

I wanted them to flow through in order to lead the eyes of the audience and to make the whole movement flow more fluently, this way thou don’t look too much at all the characters and thou don’t get lost in the details, because thy eyes are attracted by the colored and bright moving dots through the image.

And that’s it! 
An other intersting thing about this shot is that i cuted it in 3 parts in order to simplify the tvpaint file.
It means this process only cover this part, which is the second one, the others weren’t exactly done the same way, but the process was more interesting for this part, that’s why i didn’t added the others.

Hope it’ll help thou in thy journey. 


Astell doesn’t have the mark on her ear…I cri T^T the version on Deviantart she does but it takes so long to upload on here…I don’t wanna have to do that right away…ehhhhhh

so I made the Dreemurr family in the Sims 4..craziness ensued:

Asriel liked doing sit-ups during dinnertime

Asgore always played with a toy butterfly he kept in his inventory

Astell made it a point to wake up at 3am sharp every morning to wake everyone up crying

Toriel always fixed everything when she wasn’t cleaning the whole house or following the baby around

The kids had a monster under the bed that Asgore valiantly chased away with monster spray (Chara always ran away)

Asriel always played with a ducky

Asgore liked to show Astell flash cards

Astell always looked for Chara to hug them

everyone liked to dance to music, usually when Chara was trying to sleep

Chara danced by themself usually

and I made Asgore a gardener…not that it mattered because no matter how hard I try I can’t get him to plant one freaking thing before he wanders off to do something else

and apparently Frisk can’t take care of themself, they passed out on the floor the other day because they refuse to sleep when everyone else does 

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Do you have a master post about cleansing methods?

I hadn’t made one yet, not like the rest of my lists on my page or the ones floating around in posts, but I can throw one together here super quick. It won’t be, like, every cleansing post I can find after hours of searching, but it should be adequate enough.

Cleansing and Purification Masterpost
(For your space, yourself, and other objects)

You can find an old version of this list (which might have broken links) over at @thesigilwitch​, [here].

Some simple methods of cleansing:

  • lighting a candle and letting the light / fire cleanse the space
  • lighting a cleansing incense (like sandalwood)
  • opening a window and letting the wind sweep in and clear out any negative junk
  • ring a bell or hang wind chimes to encourage positivity / happiness and dispel negativity
  • you can make a simple cleansing spray with warm water, sea salt, and rosemary, but the salt may leave a bit of a residue on some surfaces
  • enchant a cleaning product so that as you clean your room you are also cleansing it
    • additionally, add a bit of vinegar or lemon juice to cleaning products and then enchant them for a further boost

My library computer time ran out doing this list - it took me almost an hour. I’m still not done, but I hope it’s adequate… for now. :p

How to Organize and Revamp a Study Space

Plan and visualize how you want your study space to look like

This is a really important step in doing a make-over of your entire study area because it will help guide you on what you have to organize or change to accommodate your new plan. Even if it’s just moving some things around or completely rearranging your space, you should always have a gameplan in mind as a goal if that makes sense. You can’t sail a vessel without a heading for your destination! Right?!

Decide whether you want to do some simple organizing or a total overhaul

This is also another important mental decision you have to make because it affects what you are going to change and how much willpower you will require in this whole process.

Take EVERYTHING Down (if possible)

This is mostly optional, but I just find it easier to clear out my study space if I have a clean and fresh slate. Move all your belongings if you can from your desk, shelves, drawers, etc. to another open space (e.g. another table, the floor, bed). This in turn will provide you an “open floor plan” to work with, meaning that you can rearrange and put things back according to your new plan.  But, before putting things back and rearranging go through all your items and get rid of unnecessary junk by putting things in storage or just simply throw it away. I would also recommend sorting similar items into piles. This might make it easier to rearrange!

Designate different areas for different things (according to your plan)

This is another tip that can make the process easier than it needs to be! I’d recommend placing sticky notes around your space or making a mental “list” in your head so that you know where everything will go, etc. It will also give your space some kind of logical plan of how everythings is setup and organized.

Vacuum and/or Disinfect (or wipe down)

If you can, vacuum to get rid of debris and dust and use a safe and mild form of disinfection to kill germs and other gross things because a revamped study space also needs to be clean as well! It’s a lot of work, but trust me the extra effort will be worth it in the end.

Use ALL available space you have

This is a no brainer, but use all the space you have! Instead of stuffing everything on your desk, use available drawers and shelves! It helps to reduce clutter on your desk in the first place, while taking advantage of your resources! Beforehand, clean out drawers and shelves so that you can put new and more relevant items as junk tends to get pilled up in these areas.

Play music (if you like music)

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but playing your favorite tunes will just make this tedious “chore” just a tad bit more happy. Anyway, you’re are going to have a clean and tidy new space afterwards!

Maximize your available room

Try not to stuff things into corners of your area! It will just waste space and make all your belongings cluttered! Instead, take the time to put things away carefully in an organized fashion, and take advantage of your space!

Get more bins and other storage saving mediums (optional)

I know that this will kill the bank, so please don’t force yourself to get the “fancy” containers that you see all over the community! This is TOTALLY OPTIONAL! I, myself find these to save and organize your space as it lets you group things together, and they just end of taking less space most of the time (I don’t know how they do it lol)! So if you have the resources, try this out!

If you have any tips that you would like to add, please send me a message here! I may do an updated version in the future if I feel that I have more tips to add! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next advice post! Good luck with cleaning and organizing your study space for max productivity! I have faith in you!

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So I just found that 'pearl cleaning for company's video and I'm freaking.. crying . I am dead. Is there really going to be a full version? I love you

Haha I’m so glad you liked it!! Here is the link to the full thing on YouTube:

I posted it on Tumblr but I am on mobile and having trouble pulling up the post, pretty sure that’s linked in the video description tho. Thank you!!! ❤️❤️


Hello, audience. Thank you for coming. You are here because you want to laugh and you want to forget about your problems, but I cannot allow it. You should not laugh. You should not forget about your problems. The world is not funny. We are all dying. The world is not funny. Twelve percent of the world’s population does not have access to clean drinking water. The world is not funny. Guy Fieri owns two functioning restaurants. The world is not funny. So then, now that we understand the context, now that we realize how terribly unfunny the world is… let’s do this.

Masterpost: First Hamster Cage + Equipment
  • At first, if you want to adopt a dwarf buy 2 of the biggest Samla boxes…  
  • … and at least 2, better 3, if you want to adopt a Syrian/teddy. That’s 14,99$ for each box, 5$ for each lid, and 0,50$ for the clip locks. 
  • Here you find more supplies for your cage that you can buy at Ikea!
  • Read the whole text post first before you go and buy stuff though :o)
  • Please note that I refer to a single hamster as “they” - don’t keep hamsters together. You can read why I’m against keeping hamsters in pairs or groups here and here
  • For a dwarf, you’ll buy 2 Samlas, 2 lids, 2x clip locks = 41$ 
  • For a Syrian you can buy 3 Samlas etc. = 61,5$ (But 2 Samlas are okay too, if you let them run in a safe area in your apartment.)  
  • You can also buy old fish tanks that are leaking - mostly they are between 20-60$, but also very heavy - Samla boxes are much lighter but don’t look as cool. 
  • Then you prepare the lids likes this, by using a jigsaw, mesh and duct tape on top! You can then clip the lid on the box with your clip locks. 
  • Some dwarfs won’t need it, but for bigger hamsters, a lid very much recommended (Syrians can jump pretty high). Don’t just cut holes in the lid because then your hamster won’t get enough fresh air.  
  • You connect all of your Samla boxes by using a jig saw and some kind of wooden tunnel (nothing made out of plastic) or a cork tube. Anything that fits and your hamster can’t chew through. 
  • Just saw holes in the boxes - make sure that the tunnel is big enough for your hamster to easily run through with full cheek pouches! (3″ for dwarf, 4″ for Syrian)
  • Next you can find or build a chamber house! 
  • Your hamster needs one because it represents their natural burrows so that they can choose which chamber to use for sleeping, storing food and so on. It should have at least 2 connected, big chambers! More is always better.
  • Here you can find a easy tutorial on how to build a chamber house!
  • If you want your hamster to have a bigger one like the one I built recently, you can message me for a tutorial or build one yourself, it’s pretty easy. It should have stands so it doesn’t move, holes big enough to fit through with full cheek pouches (2-3″ dwarf, 3-4″ Syrian) and one big sleeping chamber! It has no floor, so the hamster can dig out and a lid that you can open if you need to clean it. (Clean their toilet every day)
  • Here you can see the “luxury” version of my chamber hourse. (It was about 12$ for all the materials :o) )
  • Don’t forget to give your hamster nesting material: unperfumed toilet paper. 
  • Do not use hamster wool as it often tangles around your hamster’s limb and can easily suffocate or kill your hamster! 
  • Your hamster will soon put a lot of nesting material in his cheeks and build their very own nest and start sleeping in it! :) 
  • Also give your hamster hay! They eat it and use it as nesting material. 
  • Next you can give them more hideouts. Little wooden houses (make sure they are solid and have no dangerouns holes where your hamster tries to fit through), cork tubes (big enough), you can build hideouts made of flower pots or clay, maybe ceramic houses etc. I do not like and would not recommend anything made out of plastic (besides the wheel which should be made out of hard plastic)
  • Then your hamster of course needs a water bowl (better a water bottle). 
  • You can use this one:

I hope you all have a nice day! <3

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Page 7 for all? Love your art!

I’m really glad you do!!!

Alright so, Sktechbook A, page 7 has nothing interesting in it >’:
BUUUT. I think that’s ok because sketches on the other sketchbooks are really nice /I THINK/

Sketchbook B

I don’t think it shows too well because I’m posting pretty much the whole page BUT here’s a cleaned up, bigger version!

Sketchbook D

I really want to fix&color one of these!

Sketchbook C

Since it’s the whole page everything looks super tiny. BUT I REALLY LIKE THIS PAGE and this silly… “petstuck AU“ thingy I was working on.. SOO
I’ll post everything else here as well. SORRY for doing this to your dashboards

I’m not sure if they’re siblings, but Roxy and Gamzee are kids and share a room, and they have a tiny grumpy pet troll Karkat! And this thing is all just… so so adorable and fluffy and cute. I wanna sketch more.

[wait, maybe a readmore will work on dashboards… I’ll try just in case]

More sketches after the ‘Keep Reading‘

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(the stardew valley au for critical role that no one asked for, but i wrote anyways, bc i’m a sucker for found family / healing narratives, and because the idea of percy and cass learning to love each other and themselves, whilst working a farm and making friends with the locals, was too good to pass up. will i write more of this? who knows.)


Cassandra was the one driving when they finally arrived. In the passenger seat beside her, Percy was curled up, sleeping shallow and fitful – seatbelt off, knees drawn up to his chest, eyes rolling under the thin, bruised skin of his eyelids. The faint, green glow of the truck’s dials made the pale skin and sharp angles of his face look sickly, threw the purple of his newly-acquired scars into sharp, unpleasant relief.

Outside the truck, now the engine was off, it was eerily silent, and oppressively hot without the air conditioning running. Used to the steady traffic noises of the city, and the relative chill of Maine, mid-spring rural Alabama was alien in every possible way. She could remember vacationing here as a young child, but that was years ago, distant enough that she had only had hazy memories of a quaint farmhouse, overgrown fields, running through grass well above head-height in a muddied sundress as Julius called after her in alarm.

The farmhouse she’d parked behind looked significantly more dilapidated than the one from her memories. Parts of the roof were bowing in, and there were weeds growing through the cracks between the stones. The fields looked much the same, though the darkness and the unfamiliar sounds of nighttime animals added a layer of unknown menace to them.

Or perhaps, she thought, that was just her. She’d never been afraid of the dark as a child, after all, but now…

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I’ve made a (kinda) clean version of Donghyuck’s cover of “You’ll be in my heart”. 

The adding sound have been replace by the real instrumental so you can enjoy the song without the claps haha

Made with SoundCloud

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41, because just thinking about it makes me laugh.

Vetra/Jaal: Adopting a pet.


“So, how’d you get stuck on this duty?”

Jaal glanced up. A drop of blood clung to a scratch above the eye not hidden behind his eyepiece. He was, of all the damn things, smiling. “I volunteered.”

Vetra snorted. “You didn’t.”

“It is so interesting.” He rubbed the back of his hand over his brow, smearing the blood. She seriously considered, uh, volunteering to clean it up for him.

Real smooth, Vetra.

“Is this not why you are here? To study it?”

She blinked. “Jaal. It’s a pyjak. A pest. A chocolate-devouring pest, which is absolutely the worst kind. I’m here to kill it.”

Jaal looked so aghast, she had to stop herself from laughing. “It’s a joke. I promise. Ryder’s weirdly attached to it.”

“I do not think it so weird, as you say. I study it. It studies me.”

“It throws its shit at people.”

“Perhaps its version of a … joke.”

“I like sarcasm better.”

“Yes. I have noticed this.”

Her body’s reaction to the way Jaal said the word noticed connected with her was so stupid she almost wished the dumb pyjak would lob some crap at her just to distract her. The pyjak chittered like it was laughing at her.

Death was too kind a fate, really.

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Louis deserves so much more. His label is killing his brand slowly and subtly. He wasn't signed to be marketed, he was because the design is to destroy. This is payback. TPTB needed the hiatus to create the divide. Louis is the target because of one glaring fact that TPTB can't get rid of. They have always blamed Louis for it and this is the price he needs to pay. Why not enough people see it for what it is amazes me. The agenda for Louis is takedown.

to quote an ask i got back in april that still haunts me: louis is human collateral.

he is the one who’s bearing the weight and paying the price for all of the years spent fighting back against the label and standing up for the band (never mind the whole larry aspect and how much that must have pissed off the people in charge behind the scenes). 

watching his solo career unfold is like watching sisyphus struggle to push that fucking boulder up the hill only for it to roll right back down again. there’s only so much he himself can carry without any help from his own team and they know exactly how much to do to make it look like they’re working for him without actually doing anything that’s effective.

like yeah, they’ll have him do a radio tour to promo bty but they won’t announce any of the appearances beforehand so people don’t know to tune in (let alone what station to tune into) and they’ll only book him in with tiny little local stations that do nothing to actually get him broader airplay.

then they’ll have him go completely ghost for weeks right in the middle of promotion and when he does come back it’s to pick fights on twitter about not wanting a clean version of the song.

they’ll book a gig or a performance here or there but they won’t promote it on his biggest social media network (twitter) and will instead make a post on facebook (where most people won’t actually see it). if they do deign to post to twitter (say for the mtv ema nomination), they’ll neglect to include a link to vote (which, funnily enough, they managed to include for every single other client they have).

then there’s the fact that the angle of louis’ promo is weirdly and obsessively focused on his girlfriend (who’s not famous) rather than his actual music. his team is also purposely trying to get interviewers to focus on his tabloid image rather than asking any questions the fans actually want to hear the answers to (about his music).

everything about louis’ team’s strategy screams ‘plausible deniability’; it’s exactly enough to placate the people who don’t actually care all that much about louis’ solo career and/or who just want to enjoy things as they are without any critical thinking and/or who know deep down that acknowledging that louis’ team is fucking with him and trying to snuff out his career before he even has a chance to develop as a solo artist means that things are not actually sunshine and rainbows. 

meanwhile those of us who can see the neglect and the sabotage for what they are and who aren’t content to just let louis’ career be extinguished are getting more and more angry by the day (while being told that we’re ‘imagining things’ or ‘louis’ team is working for him you’re just being unrealistic so shut up and stop complaining’).

i’m amazed too that so many people can’t or don’t want to see what’s actually going on but at the end of the day, you can’t make people open their eyes (especially if these people - deep down - never actually believed louis deserved a fair shot as a solo artist anyhow and don’t feel particularly upset with how he’s being neglected and shoved to the bottom of his team’s priority list).

What Does ____ Sound Like?

Describing the sound of a language is a really difficult thing to do, mostly because everybody hears things a little differently and we make different connections. I’ve heard people describe French as being “romantic” and I’ve also heard people say it sounds like “someone got something stuck in their throat”. Some people say Spanish sounds musical but I’ve also heard people describe it as angry. Mila Kunis even once compared Russian to Klingon, and there’s a scene from a TV show where one of the characters accidentally gives his blessings in Klingon, having believed it to be Hebrew. The fact of the matter is, the only way you’re going to know what a language sounds like is to hear it. So I’m compiling a list, separated by language, with various examples of said language in its natural context. This means there will be soap operas, youtubers, movie trailers (probably a lot of these ‘cause they’re easy to find), some newsreels, maybe advertisements. What there won’t be is music or those recorded dialogues they put in language learning textbooks. The point of this is to hear different languages actually sound with your own ears.

Some things you should know:

I am in the United States so all links are confirmed to work in the United States, I cannot guarantee they’ll work anywhere else.

This is (hopefully) not going to be the only post of it’s kind. I plan on making a series, here I just start with a few major languages. I’m hoping later I can make little series like “East Asian Languages” and “The Uralic Branch” kinda thing.

These are not meant to be comprehensive or even useful for studying. This is literally just a list of links so people can hear a few different languages and get a feel for them.

I will attempt to mark regional accents where I can. If no accent/region is marked it’s probably because I don’t know. If you see one of these and you DO know what accent/dialect it is, let me know, I’d love to include that kind of information.

Clearly there isn’t much here for people who are d/Deaf/HOH. I cannot caption the videos because they’re not mine though some of them do have captions put there by their creator. Later on I hope to do versions of this for “What does ____ look like?” and show written language as well as signed languages.

NONE OF THESE VIDEOS ARE GUARANTEED TO BE FREE FROM LANGUAGE, NUDITY, AND ADULT TOPICS. Partially because I can’t actually understand most of them so who knows what’s going on. I can tell you that the visuals are all pretty clean (so no porno or bloodfests).

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What does German sound like?

Die Welle (The Wave) 2008 Trailer

Goodbye, Lenin! 2003 Trailer

What does Italian sound like?

Quo Vado? 2016 Trailer

La Bella Gente 2015 Trailer

Interview with Il Volo, 1 Mar 2013 La Vita in Diretta, Roma

What does French sound like?

Celine Dion Interview on France 2 News 16 Nov 2013

Un homme idéal (A Perfect Man) 2015 Trailer

Entre amis 2015 Trailer

Venez comme vous êtes McDonald’s Ad

What does Spanish sound like?

Mexico Una Película de Huevos 2006 Trailer

Peru Esto son fueron los peores ‘roches’ en la televisión peruana  

Argentina 5 películas argentinas que no pueden dejar de ver

Spain Día De la Fiesta Nacional de España -  NOTICIAS 1

What does Portuguese sound like?

Brazil Apresentação no Bom Dia Brasil - Rede Globo  

Portugal Entrevista a Daniela Ruah Noticias Portugal

What does Mandarin Chinese sound like?

美人鱼  Mermaid (2016) 中文预告片

The Monkey King 2 2016 Trailer

What does Japanese sound like?


24時間テレビ 制作発表 生中継 V6 & Hey!Say!JUMP #150701

What does Cantonese sound like?

Scene from 花樣年華 (In the Mood for Love) 2000

What does Arabic sound like?

Egyptian Panda Cheese Commercial 2014

شاب سعودي يهكر عقل مقدم صباح العربية على الهواء  

What does Russian sound like?

Чёрная Молния (Black Lightning) 2009 Trailer

Putin’s Victory Speech 2012

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Homoromantic asexual Draco Malfoy. -H

TW: Acephobia, homophobia/lesbophobia, transphobia, compulsive heterosexuality

After thirteen years of marriage, twelve of which had merely been because of poor Scorp, Draco finally had to admit this wasn’t working. 

When he came out as ace to his father, he’d been given The Look and a matching lecture. “You are a pureblood. I and my fathers before me have worked hard on our image. I don’t particularly care if you want sex, Draco. I don’t care if you want to dress in a frilly apron and call yourself Daphne. You will resist all inappropriate urges that would smear our family name. And after you marry, you and your wife will have a child, and you will have this same talk with your child one day. Carrying on the Malfoy name isn’t about what you want, son, and it’s about time you learned that. Who you project to the world is what really matters. Besides, you do not have to want sex in order to have a child.” 

Draco had immediately dropped all thoughts of explaining what asexual actually meant and smartly told his father “yes, sir”. He spent the rest of his youth and young adulthood pretending he wasn’t asexual and outright denying he was gay.

Astoria was nice enough. She was pretty and kind, and she didn’t seem much more interested in the physical stuff than Draco was. So when their families set them up, Draco just went with it. And when he got down on one knee, presented her with a ring, and asked “will you marry me?” he pretended his father hadn’t told him that it was time already.

And when Astoria said “yes”, a wry, thin-lipped grin that didn’t belay any happiness on her face, Draco pretended she probably hadn’t had a very similar talk from her mother. They gave each other a perfunctory kiss, then invited their parents to dinner to give them the news.

They tried only as much as it took until Astoria got pregnant. And even though Draco hadn’t been otherwise excited, he did find himself genuinely looking forward to having a child. He’d been so wrapped up in trying to present an appropriate version of himself to the world (which didn’t seem worth it when nobody could see past Pureblood Slytherin Death Eater Villain but honestly, Draco didn’t know how else to cope), he’d never really thought about being a father.

The birth of little Scorpius was the best day of Draco’s life. Words couldn’t describe how it felt to realize the little being he’d helped create was actually living in this world, here, with him. And when Astoria, still exhausted and holding her newly cleaned off babe, whispered, “I’m not doing this again,” Draco half wondered if he’d imagined it.

He whispered back, “agreed,” just in case.

It was easier to pretend to be happily married when Scorpius was young and needed so much time from both his parents. Draco could say there were times when he was genuinely happy being around Scorpius. 

And then Scorpius turned 11, and he went off to Hogwarts. Astoria and Draco tried. They really did. But they’d forgotten how lonely it was without Scorpius. They’d forgotten about lives not just revolving around their son. Scorpius’ first year of Hogwarts left Draco and Astoria’s house quiet. Strained. Tense.

Scorpius came home for the summer, full of energy, wanting to be able visit friends - friends whose parents weren’t the biggest fans of Draco. But Draco and Astoria made it through the summer, more friendly around each other than they’d been in months.

All too soon, they were dropping Scorpius back off at King’s Cross Station and watching him board the train. As soon as they got back home, Draco broke. He couldn’t stand any more years of a tense household, quietly sitting in his study, not wanting to bother Astoria, equally quiet in her reading room. He couldn’t stand any more stiff dinners where neither of them pretended to make conversation anymore.

“Astoria?” he said, taking a moment to realize he could hear his voice echoing when Scorpius was gone.

“Hmm?” she looked over at him, surprised to hear him speak.

“Astoria… I’m. I’m gay. And, not that it really matters here, but I’m also asexual.”

It’s not what Draco intended to say, but there it was. Astoria looked at him, then slowly lowered her face into her hands. Her shoulders started shaking. It took Draco several moments to realize the sound coming from her was laughter. Normally, his first reaction would have been hurt and embarrassment, but when you live with somebody for more than a decade, you get to know them at least a little. Even in a loveless marriage. And Draco didn’t feel as if he should be insulted.

“Astoria?” he finally asked again, after several minutes of letting her get it out.

She looked up, face tearstained but with a genuine smile on it. “Draco, I’m a lesbian,” she said. “I’m pretty sure it’s why our families fixed us up specifically.”

Draco sat down. All these years, he’d been so wrapped up in keeping on his own Malfoy Mask, he’d never really thought about why she was as disinterested in him as he in her. He’d only been relieved. Never questioned it past that.

“Merlin,” he said. He reached over to take her hand. “Would you do me the honor of divorcing me?” he asked.

Astoria grinned. “I’d love to.”

And together, they laughed. And laughed and laughed and laughed in relief and a new sense of self. For the first time since Scorpius’ birth, they were actually both happy in each other’s company.

Draco hadn’t really planned on actually asking for a divorce, but it just seemed like the right thing to do. Astoria and him both deserved an actual shot at love - if that’s what they wanted. At the very least, they deserved to live out their lives in a house where they felt comfortable making it their own house.

They laughed until Draco groaned and realized, “not only do we have to tell our parents, we also have to tell Scorpius.”

Astoria sighed. “Honestly, I’ve given enough of my life to my parents. I’m past seeking their approval. If they don’t support me, they don’t need to talk to me anymore. I know we’ve got a lot of details to work out regarding Scorp, but he’s been hinting at how sad we both seem ever since we let him go over to his friend Al’s house. I guess Harry and Ginny are a much friendlier and happier match than we were.”

“He… He was?” Draco felt bad for not noticing. For a moment, he felt like his own father, too wrapped up in his own business to actually pay attention to his son.

Astoria smiled at him, though. “He has, but don’t feel bad. He was actually quite subtle about it. I really only started to understand his comments when I accidentally opened one of Al’s replies to his letters.”

“Accidentally?” Draco raised an eyebrow.

Astoria gave him a light tap. “Yes, accidentally. Ginny sent me a letter about Scorp sleeping over and she had them both in the same envelope. Honestly, I can’t tell if she has atrocious handwriting or if Albus has gorgeous handwriting.

Draco laughed. He wasn’t looking forward to announcing his divorce to his parents (although father had drastically changed after Azkaban and his mum had become a much more dominating force, so who knows? Maybe it would go better than he was imagining) or Scorpius, but he couldn’t deny the relief he was feeling. And it seemed like, although this was the end of his marriage with Astoria, it was the beginning of a new friendship. Draco found himself looking forward to that as much as he was looking forward to the possibilities of his future.

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These toddlers are so cute you guys! So! cute! I have gone through and done some cleaning/minor fixes on top of enabling all my stuff for toddlers. Everything that needed updating has now been updated, with the exception of the default versions of my Summer Skeletons and Nature Boy skins. I will be adding those a little later. Toddler default skins are live, check them out here!


For those who are interested, I have a master list of specific changes as well as which downloads have been updated below:

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Dating Scarecrow would include:

With 5 minutes of posting ‘Dating the Riddler would include:’ I got 3 asks, asking for a scarecrow version, so here it is. Dating Jonathan Crane would include:

- Being woken at the crack of dawn every morning by a murder of crows.
- Feeding those crows every morning and watching the sunrise
- Learning how to clean burlap
- Learning how to mend burlap
- Sneaky hugs from behind to try and shock you.
- Sneaky neck kisses
- Sneaky fear toxin injections from behind
- Never winning arguments.
- Having your every move deeply analysed. Him (very descriptle) telling you exactly why you do/act the way you do. Being explicitly belligerent about it if he’s in a bad mood, or just feeling cocky.
- Regular but restricted visits to arkham, in order to chat with him threw a bullet proof glass wall and numerous guards listening in on your conversation.
- Bringing him fear toxin infused aftershave while in arkham.
- Learning how to creat and use fear toxins.
- Occasionally having to bail him out of prison.
- Constant exposure to fear toxins (causing a minor but not full immunity to said chemicals.)
- Pumpkin spiced everything.
- Big, hearty, but repetitive meals. Stew, jambalaya, chill, etc everyday until it runs out and another pot has to be made.
- Learning the taste of fear toxin laces food and knowing how much to eat before it kicks in. (Through months of non realisation and trial and error.)
- Dates in a library/bookstore.
- Books, everywhere. Bookshelves full, piles on the floor, on every work surface, on every none work surface.
- Not being allowed to move any books just incase.
- Not being allowed to touch him affectionately without confirmation.
- Constantly being pawed, stroke, petted, caressed, and just generally touched regardless of consent.
- Unexpected bear hugs when he’s feeling down.
- Being called ‘pet’ or ‘child’
- Being picked on by The Riddler (or other rogues) whenever scarecrow works with them.
- Tired/overworked Scarecrow crawling up in the couch beside you and resting his head on your shoulder.
- Stroking his hair and rubbing his back when he’s tired/stressed/emotional.
- Possibly being forced (or willingly, if that’s your thing) to be tested on with new chemicals and toxins.
- Because they no longer work on himself.
- Until you reach the same state as him, or die. Whichever comes sooner.
- Resisting the urge to buy silly scarecrow themed Halloween decorations and putting them around the house.
- Telling him to stop biting his nails and also clean them properly.
- Long nights being held by him as you describe everything you’ve ever been afraid of, as he plays with your hair and makes mental notes of everything you say for future reference.
- Long nights without him while he’s scheming, putting plans into action, or residing in arkham.
- Horror films and chill.