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In sibbe gerest

In Sibbe Gerest, the Old English spell from Diamond of the Day, means more than simply “Rest in Peace.” Sibbe has a variety of meanings, including one for kinship or familial relationships. Our modern word sibling descends from this. It can also mean “natural affection,” “love,” or “friendship.” Peace is actually one of the least commonly used meanings of this word. There are many other ways of saying peace in Old English, and one that might be most applicable to our modern way of saying Rest in Peace would be frið, which carries with it the connotation of stillness or tranquility. Sibbe, however, is used by Bede in his Ecclesiastical History and in Layamon’s Brut to refer to the peace that comes after war, when two sides have finally reconciled. The Old English verb sibbian actually means to reconcile. When Merlin is telling Arthur to rest in peace, he is not just saying “Have a tranquil thousand years or so,” he is telling him that the time of battle is finally over. That he will go on to a place with no more war, no more concerns for Camelot’s safety. The connotations of love and family associated with sibbe are also present in his words to Arthur. 

This is not just a request to Arthur. This is a command, a spell even. Merlin says, “In sibbe gereste.” He specifically says gereste (coming from gerestan). A similar verb exists in Old English: restan. By adding the “ge-” in front of the main verb, the meaning is exaggerated (for example, Biblical quotes will often use “ge-” verbs to demonstrate the importance of a specific moment).  Both verbs mean “to rest, remain, or repose;” however, gerestian carries with it a sense of greater importance. Arthur is not only commanded, enspelled, into resting in peace after long battles, but Merlin wishes to emphasize that he will remain there. That this death, while not permanent, seems so to Merlin.

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The Daily Adventures of Lily Evans and Sirius Black in the Muggle World

“Why are you putting on earmuffs, Evans? It’s July!”

“No, Sirius, these are not earmuffs, these are headphones”

“Come again?”


“Headphones, head-phones… ah, you’re trying to call someone”

“No, that’s a cellphone”

“So what are those headphones for?”

“Listening to music”


“Yeah, you put them on and press play on your walkman”

“I’m not going to sing for you”

“I don’t need you to sing for me, that’s exactly the point of a walkman”

“But I am the man walking with you and you want to listen to some music, though I don’t know how you will because those earmuffs will likely prevent it”

“You’re so cute when you don’t know shit about muggles; look, this is a walkman, it has a cassette inside, see?”

“Groovy! Is that a french thing?”

“Um, I don’t know, but see this brown tape? It has music recorded on it, so the walkman knows how to play it”

“Aha! The Walkman is in fact a music player… is he any good?”

“There’s not a tiny man inside, Sirius, don’t be so daft. You know record players”

“Of course”

“Well this is the same type o’ thing, ‘cept that only one person gets to listen”

“Ahhhh… so can I be the man walking with the walkman?”

“Dear Merlin, I give up”

*funky outro music*