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okay so heres the thing, I dont actually remember if they took ernesto’s statue down because all i remembered was the wooden sign and an abandoned tomb but i hope they build one for Miguel Rivera in a few years when he’s older who just so happens to be the (real) greatest musician of all time

the same Miguel Rivera who:

-has no less than five grammys won (soz adele) for his debut album including the ‘Album of The Year’ award

-went from playing at mariachi plaza to selling out estadio azteca

-launched to the no.1 spot on the global itunes chart in less than a week after his hit single ‘Proud Corazon’ is released

-during encores at shows, ends with ‘Poco Loco’ in remembrance of his first time performing with his papa hector

-always, always, has a midnight show on dia de los muertos in Santa Cecilia to mark the end of the festival (sunrise spectacular anyone?)

-made it on the cover of GQ Mexico which has him posing with hector’s guitar and a red charro suit (there’s another photo of him among the many others where he’s got Gucci shades and Dior suits on but the one that sticks out the most is where he’s wearing a straw hat and a purple vest-to the stylist’s horror-and nobody knows why)

-had a lip-sync battle with another artist who also goes by the name of Miguel

-first american tour sells out in under ten minutes. TEN MINUTES. including venues such as madison square garden and radio city music hall

-performs on the late late show with james corden and the video is uploaded on youtube–it gets more views surpassing chewbacca mom and vine compilations

-shows up for an interview with a peeled tangerine and offers them to the journalist like it’s nothing (the article is released a week later with the statement-‘Rivera offers a segment of the peeled fruit like I were a part of his family he so enthusiastically speaks of. It tastes sweet and warm, just like the singer himself. When asked about the gesture, he so calmly replies “The world is es familia.”

-after touring, he doesn’t release any new songs or collaborates with any other artist for years but pulls a beyoncé out of nowhere and drops an entire album and music videos for each song overnight and EVERYONE goes mad

-collaborates with shoe-shine mariachi guy on his second album

-fourth song on it is a ballad that features prima rosa playing the violin and abel on the accordion

-second album name ideas: (would love to hear ur suggestions!!)

aaaa sorry for the inactivity ;; school (among other things) has really killed my energy to draw o|-<

anyway i’ve been in the mood to revamp some of my old ocs so here’s mimi, a pokemon oc of mine

i think i created her around the time hgss came out, so 2010-ish?? she was basically a self-insert (i mean. she kinda still is lmao) and had my exact team from heartgold

now i kinda want her to specialize in fairy types + buns (so like lopunny, wigglytuff, azumarill, mawile, granbull, etc.)

also i attempted sugimori style but honestly i think it looks more like ohmura style (but still WAY better than my attempts a few years ago)

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hey did you brought Photoshop or you downloaded it? If it was a download could you share the link pls? All phoshops i try to download never works for me to make gifs :/ idk what to do

Hey! Well, i brought for a few months but zz then i just stopped paying for it jdjsj so mine is from adobe,

1. open adobe’s site and download the trial (, it will download adobe’s creative cloud as well.

2. Follow the instructions and install the photoshop, everything’s the same until here. But don’t open PS yet.

3. Download adobe’s crack (this one is amazing you can use for it every adobe program):

4. Open the emulator and search for the lastest version of photoshop CC (2017/2018), install.

(maybe it will ask you to open the correct folder, look for programs file > adobe > photoshop (program x86) and change the amtlib.dll)

when you finish it, the emulator will say “extract dll: ok and extract ini ok –working done–”

then you’re free to go :)

(you can use it for illutrastor and indesign as well, just do the same things // for the emulator, watch your antivirus bc they might count it as “virus” or idk bc… well it’s just a crack)


John Musker: This particular voice is the voice of Auli’i Cravalho’s mother, Puanani. She’s actually doing the voice here. John Lasseter was big on, “Let’s give her a cameo in the movie if we can somewhere.” And we had her in a few different spots. Ultimately, we wound up on this spot, so when she says, “She’s doing great!” which she’s about to say, there’s a meta-aspect to that. Yeah, see, she’s talking about her own daughter.

Ron Clements: Yeah, “My daughter, I’m very proud of her.”

Tips for animal crossing pocket camp

Hey this game is coming out this month so as someone who was impatient and got it early here’s a few tips for when you start playing!

First and foremost, SAVE YOUR LEAF TICKETS. They are incredibly precious and I made the huge mistake of spending all of mine early on. The only thing I would recommend buying with them right away is an extra crafting slot.

-Don’t waste them on crafting things that only take 3 minutes. I’m at a point where some of the crafting takes several days, trust me, you can wait a few minutes.

-don’t use them to buy honey or fish nets. They are just absolutely not worth the amount of tickets they cost. If you’re looking for a rare bug or fish you will most likely find it if you just look around for a while. I generally leave an area and come back until I find what I’m looking for.

-don’t use them on the quarry. just don’t. not worth it and you can use the quarry by requesting that friends help you.

-you are probably fine using them on calling cards or request tickets though because these things will help you complete more villager requests which help you level up and gain back tickets anyway.

-save your tickets for things like special furniture (some furniture gives you characters like KK and Tom nook) or special paint for your RV. These things cost a shitton of tickets and you will never save up enough if you spend them on other things.

Next, bells aren’t as important so you can be a lot more lax with them but you should still try to be smart with them.

-remember that you can craft stuff any time you want, but things like specific clothes and furniture from nooklings are only going to be available at certain times. You don’t want to go shopping and find a shirt you love only to find that you’re out of bells. I usually try to have at least 3000 bells on me at all times just in case.

-don’t try to repay your ok motors loans all at once, the expansions don’t really even give you that much more room so it’s better to just hang on to your bells until you have a whole lot to spend.

-if you need to, sell your extra request items as cheaply as possible in your market box. They’ll most likely sell quickly and you’ll still get more money than just instant selling them. don’t try to sell them for more than the cheapest amount or no one will buy them.

-don’t list extremely rare fish or bugs in your market box, they will not sell (way too expensive for something you don’t need often) and you can’t get them back. hold on to them or instant sell them for fast cash.

And here are some misc things…

-do not sell your crafting materials. It is not worth it to sell them and you will be mad and frustrated when you go to make an amenity and don’t have enough materials. Only sell your materials if you don’t have space for them.

-Try to keep your request items stocked up. It makes it much easier to complete requests quickly. I try to keep at least 5 of each fish, bug, etc. on me just in case.

-make as many friends as possible! add people who are hanging out at campsites or look around on tumblr for people who have posted their friend ids! unfortunately you can’t actually play with them but they can help you with the quarry and timed goals and buy stuff in your market box.

-make sure to talk to the animals at your campsite often, they “refresh” (become able to level up friendship and give you items) more often than other campers

and last but not least, very important:

-don’t try to play it like a regular video game. pocket camp is an app and is meant to be checked a few times a day. if you play it expecting to be able to play it constantly like a real video game you will probably give in and end up spending a bunch of real life money just to keep playing.


So let me tell you about this cat.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that in February of this year I was kicked out by my parents. This extremely nice family (the parents of an ex I dated almost 8 years ago who I’m still friends with. Go figure!) Took me in and I’ve been living with them ever since.

They have three dogs, which I’ve known for years. I only learned that they had a cat when I came to live with them.

“When did you get a cat?” I asked them.

“Oh, we’ve always had her. She’s just not very social.”

This is Snuggles (ironically named bc she was assumed to be the most un-snuggly cat).

I’ve never owned a cat. My mother was allergic so we always had dogs in the house. So, having a cat in the house was foreign and exciting for me. Whenever I would see her, I would try so very hard to interact with her. For the first few months I lived here, she avoided me.

The vacant bedroom that soon became mine used to be a storage room where she would prowl and sleep. So when I started to inhabit her space, she was kinda pissed. She would enter the room and find a place to chill, and just stare at me with these ‘this bitch’ eyes.

The family said she was just like that, so I tried not to let it get to me. The dogs liked me just fine.

Things slowly started to change. I first noticed it when I would come home from work, usually around 11 or 12 at night (I worked night shift at a fast food joint). Snuggles is an indoor/outdoor cat because she doesn’t like litter boxes and she knows how to use the dog door. She spends the day outside and comes in at night.

She began greeting me at my car when I would come home from work. She would come outside and sit halfway between the front door and the mailbox, and meow at me until I greeted her back. She wouldn’t let me pet her, but she would go inside the house with me.

Then, I would be cooking in the kitchen, and she would hop up on the counter and watch me. This is when she finally started to let me pet her. She has a jar of cat treats so I started to give her treats. She would meow and meow until I gave her treats.

After this, when she would greet me at my car, she would flop onto the cement and let me pet her outside. Only a little, though, because then she’d use her claws or nip at me.

Then, she began investigating me in my room.

She would hop up on the bed and wander around, smell my things, stick her head in my drinking glasses on the bedside table. I would come home from work and find her curled up in my blankets on my bed if I left my door even slightly open.

When I would close my door, she would meow or push herself against the door until I let her in. Then she’d jump up on my bed and make herself comfortable at the foot of my bed.

She didn’t start to actually snuggle with me until a month ago when I lost my job and my depression got really bad.

Every night she comes to my room and demands entrance so she can sleep with me. During the day or night she wants to be cuddled up with me in my room. She makes herself comfortable in my lap while I use my laptop or play with my 3DS. She’ll curl up behind my knees if she can’t get in my lap.

But just last week, she started doing something new.

When I sleep, I sleep on my side. I tuck a thin pillow between my legs for hip support, and I have a large, squishy, fluffy pillow I hug to my chest. I cannot sleep if I don’t have both of these things.

I was sound asleep one night, Snuggles curled up behind my knees, when I felt her climb up on top of me. She moved to the side of my belly, where it met my hugging-pillow, and she kneaded my side until she was content, and she curled up on top of me like I was a large cushion to sleep on.

Now, every night, she sleeps on top of me like so.

I’ve never owned a cat. I’m awkward with cats. This cat was previously unfriendly and aloof, but she knew that I needed her companionship. Knew that I needed a friend and love that I wasn’t getting elsewhere. This cat adopted me. This cat loves me. You can’t convince me otherwise.

did a warm up with victor in my outfit (well, almost). That sure is a fun thing to do, recommend everyone ХЪ

something interesting to me is how broadway, and american theater in general, has for many, many years been painted as this space that’s incredibly welcoming to lgbtq+ people. and that’s definitely true, to a certain extent. the contributions of non-cishet people to theater and even just the art of performance itself in modern america are immeasurable. it’s so pervasive that just about any guy who performs in theater faces those jokes about how he must be gay. everyone just sort of associates theater with this sort of inherent queerness, or at least gay-friendly idealism. (whether they associate it with that in a positive or negative way depends on the individual.)

yet the stories that we see played out on stage are overwhelmingly cisgender and heterosexual.

think about it: even though a relatively very high proportion of actors in theater are lgbtq+, the number of actual, canon lgbtq+ characters is shockingly low.

there’s a few standouts, of course. la cage aux folles. rocky horror. rent. falsettos. still, with the hundreds of musicals that have been on broadway stages, especially given the involvement of all these lgbtq+ people, wouldn’t you expect more?

did you know when the first broadway musical with a lesbian protagonist debuted?

2015. it was fun home. that was the first.

it’s gotten a bit better in the past few years, but…not by much. of the past 10 winners of best musical, only 2 (fun home and billy elliot) have a main character who isn’t straight. (i do have to give a nod to kinky boots, which does heavily feature lgbtq+ stuff, but is ultimately centered around a straight cis dude.)

these musicals might have gay characters, but they’re almost always 1. side characters, 2. the butt of jokes, or 3. both.

don’t we deserve better than this? the lgbtq+ community has helped musical theater thrive for decades. don’t we deserve to see our stories represented up on stage just like everybody else? our love, our lives? we can rehash two straight people falling in love in a billion different ways, but we barely get to see ourselves in any capacity onstage at all. for the love of god, we have more talking cats on broadway than trans people.

on here, i keep seeing these few ships–glinda and elphaba, connor and evan, elder price and elder mckinley–overwhelmingly shipped by lgbtq+ kids desperate for absolutely any sort of representation. (there’s always straight girls who love to ship two cis men together just because, but that’s an entirely different issue.) young people like us–we’re almost always reduced to subtext and sheer hope. why? don’t we deserve more than this?

our community has given so much. let the stage love us back.