so her official birthday

Happy birthday Paya!

She’s a year old today! March 23 2016 was the first time I drew her as her own character so I’m making that her official birthday! It has been so cool developing her character and personality and over all style, and it’s been just unbelievable how much attention and love she has gotten in response.

Like look at some of this fan art! Shoutout to all the artists:

@angrymonster s more kung fu panda style! tiny asskicker!

@phr-1 i love the geometricallity of this!

@firewolf127 holy shit her own comic appearance!

@ani-dragmire  such a strong stance!

@thejasmineillustrator has done SOOOO much art for me all of her art looks like it’s going to fly right off the paper!

@sheyconyamo look at this disney princess! so fierce and yet so damn cute!

of course my own yak @cmart009 showers me in art, but this one really hits close to home!

and then there’s this one from @asylumcomix, the very first piece of fan art I ever received…I remember when I saw them on my dash and nearly cried, I was home alone at the time as was upset that I couldn’t immediately share it with someone! Such a sassy pose I just adore them to this day!

Thank you thank you all so much for these, and thank you for sharing in Paya’s story with me, can’t wait to draw her more!

changji selfies ♡ 

+ happy birthday im jiyeon! 

September (Composer: john)
朝霧あかね(Asagiri Akane)16 years old
C.V. Fukuhara Kaori

You’re always skillful with your mouth, geez… It’s no good unless you eat your vegetables?

Let’s all do our very best.

A grandmother’s kid, a gentle and cheerful older sister. While taking care of her 2 younger brothers, who’s skillful with their mouths, she’s doing her best to aim to be a goddess!


Happy birthday ginajuuni​!!! ~ <3

So …

This is a gift for a friend for her birthday. She is our official Yuya, so she got some drawings with him. ~

I did it with wilkoak​, isn’t the coloring beautiful? ~

I only drew ~

I wasted life to write AU,  one day i’ll start to draw them ;_;

Once again, all the best! And let your brothers will be good for you in the kitchen!!!