so her official birthday

I’m just laying here thinking about how much I love my girl and how much she means to me with the dopiest smile on my face…. How blessed I am

September (Composer: john)
朝霧あかね(Asagiri Akane)16 years old
C.V. Fukuhara Kaori

You’re always skillful with your mouth, geez… It’s no good unless you eat your vegetables?

Let’s all do our very best.

A grandmother’s kid, a gentle and cheerful older sister. While taking care of her 2 younger brothers, who’s skillful with their mouths, she’s doing her best to aim to be a goddess!


Oddly enough Xoe was one of the few who seemed to escape that party a few months ago unscathed. Things have been sailing smoothly in all honestly for Xoe. Her 18th birthday was just on August 6th, so she officially turned 18! All the while preparing herself to begin freshman year of Walt University. She finds herself more and more head over heels for the Wilde boy with each passing day. It’s insane with how quickly things changed in her life when he appeared. Xoe had always been so independent and content with being on her own just like her mother, but with Alex it’s just different. Their relationship hasn’t been quite labeled yet, but she’s content with knowing he is hers. There are three words burning inside her throat to say aloud to him, but she’s too terrified that once its out in the open it will ruin everything. Alex Wilde is the one thing she’s determined to keep.

But.there's one more thing. Xoe’s mom has been acting a bit strange lately. Xoe isn’t sure what exactly is going on with her mother. Mostly because every time Xoe tries to bring it up Meg changes the subject or just acts very skittish around her. Which has dampened Xoe’s happy mood lately. She knows her mother can’t keep a secret hidden for too long without it spilling, it’s just only a matter of time..

recently played;
  • Hymn For The Weekend - Coldplay
  • lil’ bit wrOng - Maty Noyes
  • FFYL - Quinn XCII
  • Alex Wilde - Her boy.
  • Olympia Lawson - Close friend


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So we know (or suspect) that Kerry altered Isa's Bday. When do you think Isabelle was actually born? It's obvious she was pregnant before the fake marriage.

Definitely a good month or so before her “official” birthday date


Happy birthday ginajuuni​!!! ~ <3

So …

This is a gift for a friend for her birthday. She is our official Yuya, so she got some drawings with him. ~

I did it with wilkoak​, isn’t the coloring beautiful? ~

I only drew ~

I wasted life to write AU,  one day i’ll start to draw them ;_;

Once again, all the best! And let your brothers will be good for you in the kitchen!!!

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to my own oc, Ceraphim :’) I created her in 2008 so she’s officially my oldest character! Her canonical birthday is January 1st and I love her so much (●´□`)♡ Here’s to many more wonderful things in 2016!