so her name is lee soo

Father’s Day Visit

Summary: After a fulfilling Father’s Day, Soos visits his own.

Today was a good day.

Soos was happy to be surrounded by his children all day and to be spoiled for being a father. He loved every moment of it and reciprocated the love whenever possible. He hangs up the gifts given to him in the museum and smiles.

The most beautiful art you’ll ever see… nice ring to it, Soos thinks with a smile.

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My favourite moment from the finale. I’m just so glad he knows about her, that he has at least that one tiny piece of Soo.

Also, they picked this child actress so well! She’s beautiful, she really looks like she could be SooSo’s daughter - from her big Hae Soo-like eyes and pout to that slightly pointed So-like chin.

Apparently their daughter’s name is Seol which means “snow”. Which I think is so very appropriate considering SooSo watching snowfall together back in episode 4 was the first time I could see their connection and future love coming through :’)


I already explained for thirty minutes. She’s on a backpacking trip. Can you just let me know if she entered the country or not? What do you mean wait? I waited since yesterday. I don’t know what happened to her. Do you expect me to just wait? She is 24 years old and her name is Ko Se Ro. Just let me know if someone like her entered the country or not!

your resident lazy bum is living up to her name sake and being a bum and not posting a real intro for this boy again. so instead have these: STATISTICS and CONNECTIONS ! you can find me on discord @ brucewaynes#2903 ! 

but for those who don’t know his bg already, as the stats are slightly vague: jinho is a tol who sounds like lee soo hyuk who is soft as heck but acts like a hardass and has never left the country and loves ice hockey and is vegan and lowkey nice af and has a few parent issues and his birth parents died and like 20 years later he deff blames himself !

i knew a girl who cleaned lee soo mans toilet before

heres things she told me about nct:

they dont know who johnny is

hansol is an unknown mystery

taeyong has a love affair with a 34 year old, he likes noonas and has been seen before walking around at 3 am with a big dildo

jaehyun loves vegan mayo so much his skin tone changed to the same tone as the mayo

they just let ten inside of sm bc he gave lee soo man chocolate cake n a lap dance

doyoungs love life is going downhills, he listens to lots of lady gaga and kesha lately, collects old football cards

yuta been spotted with a tiny girl before, possibly her name is Yoora Kim, shes 3 years older than him and he just dates her for her good cooking skills and her takoyaki

jaemin n jeno tried to escape the SM dungeon 62 times before

all taeil does is watch how i met your mother and eat cookie dough ice cream

mark is just here for the good wifi

anonymous asked:

lmao chicagosone just said that jung kyung ho keeps mentioning sooyoung for his reputation and tae did all these things on ig with baek because tiff did the same with nichkhun tsk tsk... i thought he was smarter than this because he does some good analyzes.

About Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho oppa, works not only we say, but everyone in korean fandom knows and agree, we put what a ksone(that not belongs in our team but we loved her post) said:
“안녕하세요 여러분 !  I’m from Korea and I’m sick of some news lately. Really, why can’t Nichkhun stop talking about Tiffany? I’m a Korean Girl and I never hear about them together! Actually when I hear that Nichkhun and Tiffany was dating I was like… 뭐?? But I accepted this cause I really like SNSD. But I’m starting to get annoyed! I’ve never seen Tiffany talk about Nichkhun… But he doesn’t stop talking about her? Is he wanting more attention since his fame here in Korea is not good?Whenever my friends and I see news about he, we can smell the alcohol. Everyone knew about Sooyoung dating… But the others were dating so suddenly! I can make a table and count how many times Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Seung Gi talked about their girlfriends !!!

Jung Kyung Ho: 1 (I just saw he talk about Soo once… )
Lee Seung Gi: 2
Nichkhun: 8
Baekhyun: 1 (He only apologized in IG … He did not even mention the name of TY). “

Now about these ‘’messages’’ that Taeyeon and Tiffany exchanged with their media boyfriends, let’s do a tour on UFO and IG:

Do you Remember that time 01:

Now Let’s see most of Taeyeon-Tiffany posts on instagram:

“[TS♥] Calvin Harris – Feel so close #oldphoto #organizing”

And you can see clearly all the posts taeyeon and tiffany makes are for their ‘’boyfriends’’, lets see here(more):

“”xolovestephi#mondaymusic 📻🎶 anything old school BRITNEY 👸🏼💕” 

“taeyeon_ss🙊🙊💕 #mixxo @mixxo_korea@xolovestephi”

taeyeon_ss나도비냉. #ginger #비빔냉면 #홈메이드비냉

xolovestephihello Boys 🎩 #DiorSeoul

taeyeon_ss🙆🎨💭 #색칠 #잡생각

xolovestephiwho else ?!#gameofthrones 🚨🚑

You can see more clearly, following their instagrams  and seeing the old posts in the UFO.
Clearly are secret messages …..
Fashion, disney, prince, ginger, drawings, series, music, clearly see that their world is about boyfriends and they are sending hidden messages to them through things they like the years because after the dating came out in the media, clearly we realize that all they liked all these years were cultural appropriation of things that Khun and Baekhyun should like secretly, without anyone knows and that only they like. Clearly a serious case of ‘’cultural appropriation Valentine’’

We need your help!

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Hey guys! We all know that part of what makes Running Man great is all the awesome music in the show.

Our readers have asked SO MANY questions about songs in the show that we can’t possibly answer them all. So, rather than having them sitting in the inbox (which most of them have been doing for months), we need you, our readers, to see if you can identify any of these songs.

Each question has been numbered so it would be great if you could reference the question number in your response.

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The 4th Prince to the rescue! People may say many things about Wang So, but the truth is that he is the only one from all his brothers who doesn’t hesitate to do what is right without giving a damn what is polite or socially appropriate. It’s so sweet how he keeps clutching the hairpin in his hand and looking at the whole time he is walking and you can even notice his little smile. It used to be something Wang So previously associated with the Queen, a heartbreaking remainder that his mother didnn’t love him, but now it’s almost as if Hae Soo somehow managed to erase those bitter memories and replace them with something much more happier; because it is not the Queen who he sees when he looks at the hairpin now, it’s Hae Soo.

“Nothing here belongs to you, Not Yeon Hwa. Not Hae Soo, they are all my people.”

POOR WANG SO! That felt like a physical blow to him because he never had anyone who would be his, not his parents, not his siblings. And in that moment he is even shocked himself how much his brother’s words hurt him.

Wook chooses to confront WS because he feels jealous of WS and the whole warning is actually a statement of ownership - that HS belongs to him. Though, he clearly tries to hide the real purpose of his warning by mentioned Yeon Hwa’s name in front of hers to hide his true intention. I think Wook wouldn’t have warned WS so strongly just because his brother rescued HS, but because he already feels that he should be the one to protect her, and as perceptive as he is Wook must have noticed the way Wang So was looking at Hae Soo when he rescued her. 

[News] Jeon Ji Hyun donates to families affected by Sewol incident

On 29 April it was revealed that Jeon Ji Hyun had donated 100 million won to the families who lost their loved ones in the incident particularly those children who lost their parents.

It was done in her original name Wang Ji Hyun and therefore not easily traceable. The sources are still trying to verify if there are other sums.

These two, Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun, so generous and so giving, setting such great example! Power couple indeed.

Separately, SM Entertainment and Lee Soo Man donated 1 billion won collectively.

Hopefully these all will help them recover soon.