so help me if anyone of you steal this

I can always count on you. You never lie, cheat or steal. You help me through tough times and always help me spend all my money. Thank you for destroying my relationship with with the women of my dreams that I was going to marry. You were nice enough to take her to the point of not caring about herself or anyone that loves her. Now we both count on you to make everything worse. I’ve even created a second life so no one knows we’re together. LivEviL is what I do & what I am all thanks to you!
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Je Ne Parle Pas Anglais (Part 1?)

A/N: Sorry I haven’t published in a week! School sucks! If anyone knows anything about AP Euro, I’d be more than willing to help you in other subjects in exchange for help with it! It sucks. Major butt. Please help. Also???? No one requested this???? At all?????? So I did this.

Word Count: 2183

TW: Really badly translated French ((okay so I translated it myself but at the same time I didn’t, I tried not to use google translate bc I’m taking French rn so if I messed up don’t yell at me)), Swearing, stealing, being captured

AU: Hamiltime

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Coming to America was hard.

Coming to America as a women with no husband? Even harder.

Coming to America as a women with no husband, and with no money? Near impossible.

Coming to America as a women with no husband, with no money, and can’t speak English? Actually impossible.

And that’s what you were stuck with.

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There’s someone who recently edited on of my YYBxPD models and replaced the base with a Future tone base. Essentially stealing my physics and rigging and breaking my rules.
Well they took this model down..
But I’m pretty sure they just re uploaded the same model minus the credits for me? And now they’re distributing it.
So it’s there anyone who’d be willing to download that model and compare it to mine in pmxe?
Normally I’d take care of this myself, or ask jjinomu, but with my computer down for a week or two and her Internet off I sorta need some help

May I steal your heart?
May I protect that heart?
If I fall several times and get hurt
Will you accept my surrender?

- Monsta X - All in -

Date night at the pool with Jooheon

so i was tagged again for that moodboard tag by @atacasianlvr58. thanks for tagging me <3

well since i already did my biases i thought i should make this one with my current bias wrecker. Jooheon really tests me at the moment and i can’t help it. so i hope you like that one :33

so if anyone wants to do this feel free to tag me :D

Anonymous asked: Can you write a story on how it got a little steamy in the storage unit?

Sheldon couldn’t believe that Amy had been so understanding about his storage unit and his problem getting rid of things. He trusted her, of course, but he also knew it was weird. She had tried to change him in the past, but this time she was so understanding. He couldn’t help but lean over to kiss her.

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the-whipple-effect drew me a cute picture of Ishtar, being Ishtar, so I decided to repay the favor, also took a fancy to his character Wednesday. So she got invited to the Trio’s Sky-scraper, in which Hades had a bathhouse that was built by Daedalus (If you’re familiar with Greek mythology, he’s the engineer behind the construction of the fabled labyrinth,) needless to say the dick turned Hades’ roman Bath into a constantly changing maze. Poor Wednesday got lost, and Ishtar is being less than helpful by stealing anyone who enters clothes, so they have to find their way out in the buff.

this actually gave me the idea for a funny CFA Mini-Game in which you gotta escape hades bath-house Dungeon. That’d be cool, with maybe other people’s OC’s as unlockable party members lost in the dungeon. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few hours. Later.

Help me stay in my home this month!

Having just bought a sorely needed car and paid the electricity, I wasn’t quite expecting my aunt, the person I recently moved in with, to not only not do her part in paying the bills, but also steal a large amount of money from my grandmother and apparently cease contact with her family.

A good friend of mine has gone absolutely above and beyond for me, and kindly given me a good portion of my rent this month. I don’t know what I would have done without his act of kindness. I’m probably going to be looking for a new place to live in the next month because the rent here is too expensive for just my sibling and I to pay, but until then we still need a place to stay.

The landlord either wants his rent or us gone “soon.” He hasn’t given us a date and I didn’t actually talk to him, but he did say “have it or be out in a few days, or the next time I come back here I’ll have the cops with me.” I don’t,,,, think he can actually do that since rent was only due today, but I’d. Really like to save my sibling the stress of worrying if they are going to have to go back and live with our abusive father. The landlord has also cut our water off.

I’m going to try and extend the date a little bit, but I really wasn’t expecting my aunt to do such a thing when I moved in. Thanks to my friend I only need to raise $350 bucks, which is still a lot of money I know, especially to me, but I really don’t have any other option other than to try. I’m not going back to live with my father, after literally having to jump out of a window, fearing for our lives, to escape him the last time we were there.

It would mean the absolute world to me and my family if you could consider commissioning me, or even reblogging this post. This couldn’t have come at a worse time for us, but hopefully if we have just one more month here we can figure out a more stable living situation.

—- Commission info here!