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ciuucalata’s klance fic rec list

part 1

Right To The Core by BleuSarcelle

(The one that it’s based on a short cute angsty video from tumblr and I couldn’t help myself to make my space gay suffer.)

listen here. this fic! this fic!!! it destroyed me but i love it so damn much. the angst is amazing and… god i am crying just thinking about it now. please read it and i promise you won’t regret it.

Dancing With Bluenette by BleuSarcelle

(The one where Keith wants to propose to his boyfriend and almost has a heart attack.) (Then the other one where Lance proposes back and Keith cries.) (The following one where they both cry because wedding make you cry.) (And that last one where they adopt.)

if you’ve read that angsty af fic and you need something to heal your heart and soul please read this because it’s so damn fluffy and domestic it’ll make you tear up. and when you finish this please read the whole series bc it’s so fluufy and good!!!!

Kiss by coralreefskim

“Keith,” Lance slurred, so it sounded more like he was saying Keef instead.

“What,” Keith said flatly, not really asking, as he jogged over to Red, eyes glowing yellow into life.

“You have stars in your eyes.”

Keith choked. “What?”

“Why do you have stars in your eyes?” Lance murmured.

ft low key mutual pining and bad pick up lines

i loove the way the author wrote keith and all the other characters. it felt so in character to me and the dialogue is soo good!! the fic is really cute and it made me smile so much

Please Don’t Go by Lxie

“Please don’t go.”

“Sorry, Lance." 

okay i know this is angst too but i promise you it’s really good. i loved the writing so much! like the biginning hit me hard and i fell in love with it instantly. and there’s also a second part!!! and lxie promised me a happy ending so there’s also that

Hello Meithman by archaicsextoy

Red escapes from Keith’s apartment only for his super unfairly attractive neighbor to bring her back. 

this was so cute!!! keith worrying about his cat was adorable and there were parts that made me laugh out loud tbh. this fic made me smile so much and i just love it!!

high tide, incoming by kojondo

It starts like this:

They’re sitting across from each other at a table in the local burger joint, tossing casual banter and the occasional insult back and forth. It’s familiar and comfortable, reminiscent of every other conversation they’ve ever had, until out of nowhere Lance leans forward and says with a mouth full of fries, “Let’s date.”

okaty okay okay the beginning of this fic is really really good. and pining keith is always a good thing. and the ending was just so damn soft. and the comparisons to the ocean were so well done. I LOVE COMPARISONS

Butterfly Kisses? by waffle_walks

"Butterfly kisses?" 

this is so damn soft and fluffy. *soflty* what the heckie? it had me squeeling so much and smiling so hard. please please read it. i promise you you’ll be smiling so hard your cheeks will hurt

You’ve Been Added To Space Nerds by bespectacledoikawa

Space Daddy™: Children,
Space Daddy™: please.

( or that one fic where voltron meme squad is formed by various college kids all over japan and keith is slowly falling head over heels in love with the kid with freckles on his face and stars in his eyes )

listen here. this fic is everything, it’s one of the firsts group chat fics that i ever read and i absolutely fell in love with it. i loved the ending and the pining was soo good. but mostly the interactions between everyone were the best. and coran is also present here which is always a bonus

Barbie Girl by shipstiel

Soulmate AU—Everyone hears the occasional stray thought from their soulmate—more of a glimpse into their mind than anything else. Unfortunately for him, Keith seems to have gotten the strangest, most irritating soulmate ever and seriously who the hell sings Barbie Girl at three in the morning, what are you twelve? Get some fucking sleep. 

soulmates aus are always the best thing ever no mater what. and this one is too. it was so funny and i loved it so much!! the ending was the best. and there’s also a second part from lance’s pov so make sure to read that too

Must Have Done Something Right by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee

“So that was…”
“If you say painless I’m shoving you into another snowdrift.”
“Okay, that’s fair.  But you got a lollipop!”  
“That you stole from pediatrics.”  
“I’m a very good date.”

Lance accidentally crashes into his new neighbor in front of their mailboxes and somehow ends the night with a very attractive (and slightly concussed) date.

this is the first part of True Love or Something and i just started reading it but i am in love with it. cneiurnhcr wish i could talk more about this but i am only at the seventh part but i promise you this is an amazing series and you should read it

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What I think of when listening to the Heathers soundtrack
  • Beautiful: School sucks...nope never mind!!!
  • Candy Store: Bow down or get out Bitch!!!
  • Fight for me: Damn boy!!! You single???
  • Freeze Your Brain: Don't kill yourself, have a slushie instead!!
  • Big Fun: Parents are gone let's get wasted!! Wooo!!!
  • Dead Girl Walking: I'm pissed, horny, hot and you're cute! Let's do this!!!
  • The Me inside of Me: Ok, Bitch is dead... let's make her into a martyr!!(Aka Miss Fleming gets too self involved and helps them get away with murder.)
  • Blue: I'm soooo horny!! NO!!!
  • Our Love is God: I am God! We are god! We will kill them all!!! *V freaking out*
  • My Dead Gay Son: My son is dead, gay (shush), and so am I!!!
  • Seventeen: Please can't we just be normal, no more killing. Just you and me.
  • Shine a Light: Kids are dying, this is great for my career!!!
  • Life Boat: I'm a jerk, but there is more to me than that.
  • Shine a Light Reprise: Heather vs. Heather
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: I had hope once, now it's gone.
  • Yo Girl: Run Veronica Run.
  • Meant to be Yours: Come on Veronica, we are meant to be! I just want to blow up the school!!! It's no big deal.
  • Dead Girl Walking Reprise: Ok, that's it!! I'm done with your BS.
  • I am Damaged: I'm too messed up! Wait no you're not!!! *boom*
  • Seventeen Reprise: I know everything has gone to hell, but let's try and be normal.
BTS Reaction to their chubby s/o wandering their apartment in a T-shirt/w Panties on


“Wow, Wow….WOW…”

“is that all you’re going to say? Help me make Dinner.”

“Okay, but after, can you model for me? In the bedroom?”


“You look so beautiful.”


“Now, come here and kiss me.” 


External image

He stood there leaning against the door sill with a drink in his hand drinking away while watching you cook in nothing but a T-shirt and Undies. 

“Mmm, Jagiya, Whatever you’re cooking isn’t as nearly as tasty as you are.”

“Oh my god, Hoseok, Stop!” You looked away shyly. 


“I love seeing you so confident in yourself, baby~,” He says as he hugs you from behind and kisses the crook of your neck. You giggled while leaning your head back onto his shoulder.

“I love that you acknowledged that.” He kisses your lips, smiling proudly. 

“I’m glad you are! Feel comfortable with me.”


“Wooooooooooow~” You would be taking clothing out of the dryer, and you looked over to your left to see Jimin dancing his way to you. You covered your face in embarrassment while laughing. “Look at my sexy, Jagi.”

“Stop, you’re so corny!” You playfully hit his chest, but he wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you in for a kiss. 

“Is my kiss corny too?”


Is literally trying to keep his thoughts pure and “innocent” as possible, but you dancing around and bending over was not helping him at all.

You gasped once you felt someone pressed up against you from behind. 

“Stop teasing me.”

“I am not.”

“Yes, you are. You’re doing this on purpose..” He pouts.


“Wow! Oh my god!” You turned around to see him putting a hand to his mouth to stop him from laughing at you. You were dancing to Outkast’s “The way you move.” while swaying to the song. 

“Ah! Jungkook! Jesus, don’t scare me like that.”

“I’m so sorry, you hip had me so hypnotized.”

“Stop it!” He grins cutely at you. “Ew stop that fake innocent bullshit!” He then smirks, while making his way towards you slowly. 

Bts reaction to being mistaken for an older brother:

Anon requested: Hello! luv ur blog can u make a reaction they were taking a walk with their s/o when suddenly a kid runs up to them and attack hugs them thinking they’re their older brother or smth xD

A/N: Thank you so much, I am slowly working on the requests so here is yours all done I hope you like it.


Originally posted by theseoks

Bright smile “Do you want some help little guy?” Jin will say before proceeding to help the boy back to his family. Rounding on you with sparkling eyes he’ll admit a secret he’s been keeping to himself. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had one of our own Jagiya?


Originally posted by queensalad-stormbutterfly

Holding the boy hands and dropping to his knees“Do you want help finding him?” the happiest smile will be on his face and though he won’t say anything, Suga definitely plans on having a little boy all to himself with you.


Originally posted by jhope-shi

OK so the child might not be particularly lost, but I think Hobi will creep the hell out of him “Oh god, no I am not your hyung. Are you lost, do you need help? Jagi help me!”

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by theseoks

“Do I look like your hyung? Call me hyung then till we find him for you” Namjoon said as he carried the baby back to his original owner. You’ll be wiping your tears like choke me this is so cute.


Originally posted by irapjustlikejay-z

“Hello there!” chim chim exclaimed as the boy ran towards him and buried his face in his legs. Startled and overwhelmed, Jimin will explain that he isn’t the one he is looking for, making it up to him by buying some sweets for the lost child.

V/ Taehyung:

Originally posted by deathlymaze

He is working his magic. Idk what it is with V and kids but the boy will be laughing and having the time of his life with you involved that he just won’t approve on going back to his family.


Originally posted by ultranicolet

Secretly offended like is there someone as good looking as me? But Kookie will hug him back for nudging you to do something and you’ll just roll your eyes because classical jungkook move. You will both attempt returning the lost baby to his parents as Jungkook’s face heats up with the possible idea of having his own child between you two.

Everyone asking for clippings from the Demon Rose would be better off asking @systlin as she seems to be less deathly allergic to the great outdoors than I am. I mean I love you all dearly but I Struggle to breathe when I’m outside/itch horrendously and I’m not really up to negotiating with my wildly out of control hell plant that is a foot taller than me. (Unless you are in MN and or have already talked to me about this, then I will absolutely get ETD to take some clippings for you, I just hella do not have the time or spoons to do this myself right now, at least not until we get my auto-immune shit sorted.)

Also to the little young witches trying to offer me helpful advice about dealing with garden spirits, you’re so cute, gods bless your little socks <3. 

But to those trying to tell me that using the term “familiar” is appropriation (L O L) of your “culture”, (L O L) y’all hysterical. I am literally a Scottish witch from Scotland who has been practicing witchcraft longer than you’ve been alive. So you can take your fake Celtic ass back to the fake astral realm of bullshit from whence ye came, please, thank you and ~✨blessed be✨~.

BTS reaction to you being their little sister and asking for help because of a boy you like

Anon said:  could i have a reaction to BTS where you are the little sister and you ask them for help, because of a boy you like

- This is soooo CUTE! Enjoy 

Jungkook: *sits down* “So tell me what you have on your mind. I am here”

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Jimin: “SO there is a guy huh?” *gets close to you, stares* *gif*

Originally posted by missbaptan

Taehyung: “WAIT YOU LIKE SOMEONE?! WHAAA” *is shoot but happy af*

Originally posted by jjilljj

J-Hope: “This is actually, happening… Oh my God” *gif + is happy for you*

Originally posted by nycbtslover


Originally posted by yoongichii

Suga: “Uuuuuuu my little sisterr is having a crushhh” *teases a lot*

Originally posted by forever-young-got7

Jin: “Just before you say anything… If he hurts you I will kick his ass” *gif*

Originally posted by jjilljj

Kinktober #12: Tentacles

Space AU is back, but this can be read stand alone! There is no justification for Kageyama and Hinata going on a first contact mission because they’d both be terrible at it, so this AU is now 100% comedy. Oikawa is fucking off and cackling in the background somewhere At All Times

“So, let me get this straight,” Second Officer Kageyama says, arms folded across his chest.

Behind him, Second Second Officer Hinata heroically clutches Kageyama’s sleeve, scooting as close to him as he can get. They are standing in the middle of a room that appears to have no walls, ceiling, or floor—the space around them is brilliantly white, glowing. The only way Kageyama knows it’s a room, and not an endless void, is that they came through a door to get inside. But as soon as the door closed, it blended seamlessly into the wall, leaving them in this odd space that makes him feel as though he is floating, despite feeling solid ground beneath his feet.

Their mission was to make first contact with the dominant sentient species on the planet, to see if a relationship between humankind and these aliens could be fostered. They are a strange, hivemind-like species, their thoughts and emotions all interconnected. Kageyama believes it to be possible, based on his first interactions. They haven’t seen one of the aliens yet—apparently, physical movement is hard for them, and so everything on the planet is automated (or perhaps controlled telepathically—Kageyama isn’t sure). But the aliens are intelligent, hospitable, and polite.

They are also very curious—and after providing the earthlings with food and refreshment, appear to have a few requests.

“You’re asking us to have sex with each other?” Kageyama asks. Just to clarify.


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Fanart Monday!

My nex computer is all good and up to go, so I’ll regain the normal schedule again and I’ll start pages again this weekend~

For now, I’ll just thank you all guys for your patience, and let’s do fanart Monday :D

Fanart of the week by @thatcode​! (I had this on my askbox for some time, and I just have to say it’s fan-tastic. Amazing ♥)

More under the sexy cut ♥

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Snuggles and Cuddles

Kirishima woke up to find himself in a peculiar situation. It was quite strange, if you asked him. Now, don’t get me wrong, he was pretty content to stay where he was, and it wasn’t that it was awkward or anything. He just… he didn’t know what to make of it.

There he was, on the couch in the common room, with Bakugou’s arms wrapped around his waist. He had no idea how this happened, last thing he remembers was playing Mario Kart with Bakugou.

He looked around and saw that the controls were on the table and that the console and TV we’re off. When did I fall asleep? Did I fall asleep while we were playing? Wait! Who turned off the TV and console?

Did Bakugou turn them off and willingly lay down to sleep next to Kirishima? His face heated up at the thought. No, no, Bakugou isn’t like that. He was probably just really tired and fell asleep like me. But then who turned off the console and TV? He closed his eyes so he could focus more on the questions at hand.

He would’ve continued pondering these questions, but they were quickly pushed out of his head by a bright flash and a clicking sound. He opened his eyes and looked to where the sound was coming from and found Mina, Sero and Kaminari standing there, Mina with a phone in her hand.

“Shit! I forgot to turn off the flash!” Mina said.

“You idiot!” Kaminari hissed.

“You can’t talk Kami!” She whisper-screamed. Kirishima giggled a bit at that. “Ya know I can hear you guys, right?” The trio immediately turned their heads to face back at him. 

“Oh, sorry did we wake you Kirish-?” Sero trailed off.

Slowly, very slowly, their expression turned from shock to complete, unmistakable, horror. 

“Are yo-” he started only to be interrupted to Bakugou’s screaming “WHAT THE FUCK RACCOON EYES?! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING??! WAKING ME UP AT…WHAT FUCKING TIME IS IT??! WHAT GOD DAMNED DAY IS IT???!!”

“Well- it-it’s just that you two looked so cute cuddled together on the couch and-well- I couldn’t help myself!” Mina explained.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” he asked in a quieter, but still screaming, voice. "Two of us? Couch? Cuddled? What the actual fuck are you talking about??” It was then that he seemed to notice his arm wrapped around Kirishima’s torso. 

“How the fuck did this happen? Why the fuck am in the common room? The fuck did you do??!” He, once again, screamed. His cheeks growing steadily hotter by the second.

“4:30am. Saturday.”

“Then why the fuck are you up so early? You shouldn’t even be up this fucking early on a school day!” He screamed. 

“Well you see we were-” Sero started.

“Actually, ya know what? I don’t fucking care! If it has something to do with you three! I don’t want to fucking get involved!!”

Kirishima was still in his little peculiar situation, with Bakugou’s arm wrapped around his torso. He didn’t seem to want to remove it, and Kirishima was perfectly fine with that.

Then Bakugou sat up and jumped over the back of the couch.

“Well, I’m going back to fucking sleep. You should too shitty hair.” He said walking around the front of the couch and grabbing Kirishima’s arm and pulling him out of the common into the corridor. As they were walking down to the elevator they could hear Mina, Sero and Kaminari talking.

“Wow, who knew Bakugou was such a big grump in the morning.” Mina said.

“Well… I kinda expected that from him. You know how he is.” Kaminari answered.

At that exact moment, Bakugou stopped dead in his tracks, let go of Kirishima’s hand (which Kirishima was quietly sad about) and calmly, calmly, walked back into the common room and up to Kaminari. He looked him dead in the eye and said. “When I get up again, your dead you fucking Pikachu.” Then turned around and proceeded to drag Kirishima to the elevator, leaving a shaking Kaminari behind. 

They got to the elevator and went in. Once they were in the elevator Bakugou, once again, let go of his hand, causing Kirishima to, again, feel slightly sad, and pushed the button for their floor. The awkwardness in the air, as they stood in the elevator, was so thick it was almost palpable. Kirishima couldn’t stand it, he wanted to say something but he didn’t know what. 

He opened his mouth to start talking about something, anything really, but was cut off by the ding of the elevator announcing they had reached their floor. They walked out of the elevator and Kirishima was about to turn and walk to his dorm when he felt Bakugou’s hand grasp his tightly and drag him in the other direction. Not knowing what to say or do, he just went along with it. When they finally stopped Bakugou opened his dorm and walked in. When Kirishima didn’t follow he said “Ya comin’ or what Hair-for-Brains?”

Come in? Why would Bakugou want me in his room? The only time I’ve ever been in there is when we study. Kirishima thought to himself. Nonetheless he made his way into Bakugou’s room closing the door behind him. Bakugou laid down on his bed and wrapped himself in his blanket. Kirishima, yet again not knowing what Bakugou wanted him to do, sat down on the floor. Bakugou opened his eyes to see him sitting on the floor next to his bed.

“The fuck are you doing Shitty Hair? Aren’t you gonna sleep or something. It’d be fucking creepy if you were just sitting there watching me sleep.” Bakugou said.

“Y-you want me to sleep? On your floor? I appreciate the offer? But I’d much rather prefer sleeping on my bed than your floor. It’s nothing personal really, it’s just-”

“You fucking idiot!” Bakugou hissed “I’m not gonna fucking make you sleep on the floor!

“Then where-” Kirishima cut himself off suddenly realizing why Bakugou had dragged him all the way to his room and invited him in. “Oh.”

Bakugou buried his face in his pillow, face getting redder by the second, and said “Just get in you fucking bastard.” But, he didn’t scream this, nor did he say if in a harsh tone, his voice sounded more vulnerable, more open. 

Kirishima got up from the floor and made his way onto the bed, snuggling in closely to Bakugou, burying his face in his chest. Now’s as good a time as ever I guess. So, why not. Kirishima thought to himself. He took a deep breath and said “I-I really like you Bakugou! and n-not just as a bro!" 

Bakugou gave a slightly breathy laugh before replying "I know that Shitty Hair. Now shut up and go to sleep. We can talk ‘bout this more later.” Bakugou gave Kirishima a small kiss on his head, and with that, both of them fell asleep.


First hings first: thx to my pal Sam for help with the title! Hope y’all like this little Bakushima oneshot i made!  Let me know what you think! And if you have any complaints please tell me what you didn’t like about it! Have a good rest of your day! 

Edit: i just made a few small tweeks and changes on punctuation and spelling and stuff.

NCT Dream reaction to their idol crush giving them a kiss on the cheek and wishing them good luck before a performance

Requested by anon.

heyy! Can I get a Nct dream reacting to their idol crush giving them a kiss on the cheek and wishing them good luck before a performance? ilysm 😻

Thanks for requesting xx


Originally posted by mayfifolle

He wouldn’t know how to react. It’d take Chenle shouting for him to come back down to Earth.

That happened right? I’m not dreaming, am I?”


Originally posted by thenextnctunit

He’d feel blessed, he’d almost thank the gods for it.

“Guys, nothing can go wrong after this, the gods have blessed me”


Originally posted by na-jmin

Eye smiles for days. This baby would be remembering it and smiling forever.

“They were so cute, and nice, and they smelled so good. I’m dying, help


Originally posted by haenyan

“I’m irresistible, aren’t I?”
On the outside he’d be a cocky shit, but inside he would be dying.


Originally posted by catweeen

“Great! Now I’m even more nervous, maybe another kiss would help?”
He’d try to flirt his way into luring them to give him another kiss.


Originally posted by bb-marklee

His screeches would be heard in every part of the world.“THEY KISSED MY CHEEK!!! GUYS!!!! *insert high pitched scream*”


Originally posted by stressedfangirl

He’d walk away blushing like crazy as soon as it happened. This baby chick’d be too embarrased.

anonymous asked:

Favorite authors??

oxygenlove this is a very hard question to answer because there are LOTS of incredible writers out there, so we’ve decided to name the ones we like but also feel are new and/ or super underrappreciated/underrated! this is not to mean the authors not on this list don’t deserve love and recognition because everyone does! 

Admin I:

  • hanjoooo (purple macarons) - i’m speechless? the writing is so emotive and raw, the build up of tension in the fics is just stunning. i highly recommend this author!
  • kaisoochateau (Heart on Your Sleeve, Running Home) - screams one of my favourite new writers!! i love the creativity, the descriptions and just, everything! guaranteed feels :>
  • hojichadust (The Third Path) - if hojichadust seNPAI doesn’t end up writing actual novels, then the sky isn’t fucking blue. suuuuuper underrated and underappreciated! 
  • xiseoks (Point Zero, Dust to Dust) - definitely the most underrated writer in all of ficdom imo, her talent is really unparalleled! some people are born to write, and xiseoks is one of those people c:
  • alicelittle (a rose by any name) - gorgeous writing like whoa, my jaw drops every time! the ongoing royal!au is just.. incredible 
  • minty-pixie (Mirrors) - another really amazing writer who deserves so much more love ;; more fun and lighthearted writing :>
  • at1stsight (Waxing and Waning: Two Moons) - relatively new writer, with super witty writing. the actual queen of non-au!
  • _ksps_ (The Good the Bad and the Fluffy) - really, really good fluff writer! just something i personally like, their kissing scenes? wow? i actually feel my toes curl!
  • whisperlucifer (Cosmic Fire) - so talented! the worldbuilding is so amazing!
  • crownjules (The Apocalypse Killed the Video Star) - THE QUEEN OF FLUFF!! every single one of her fics are amazing, and i treasure them a lot. GUARANTEED TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR DAY and make you DIE bc of the tooth-rotting fluff. 
  • nignojmik (Dianthus Boy, priceless) - QUEEN OF FLUFF 2.0 also just, really gorgeous writing that will genuinely move you 
  • aistehtik (Goodbye to a World) - another super underrated author! her writing style is very unique, and it just flows like water (mixed with a lil magic glitter). truly insane talent *cries*

Admin O:  

  • indigomini - so creative but also that versatile kaisoo + everyone has a thing for kyungsoo’s bum help [also size queen!soo is snuck into every thing istg yessss]
  • at1stsight - the wit, i can’t. she’s also mini’s beta and i just, can i be the little sister who follows them around everywhere? THEY’RE WRITING A FIC TOGETHER DREAMS DO COME TRUE.
  • kaisoochateau - i love writing like this, it’s so comfortable and tangible, like i could reach out and touch sometimes. 
  • dokyan - the cute. help. i want to die drowning in this cute. bearnini and penguinsoo are my life.
  • hanjoooo - everything. all of it. this is what i live for. the feels. ㅠㅠ
  • Copperkitty359 - i feel like she should count, i know she has tons of subscribers now but i feel she’s still relatively new? or, am i just trying to find an excuse to tell everyone how much i love her. hmm. is she the first in this list i did that for? probably not.
  • jongdaesang - I JUST FOUND YOU AND I NEED YOU TO LET ME LOVE YOU FOREVER. oh god. every single fic. the characterization is so sweet, so precious. from the cute fluff, to the sexy strippers, to the beautiful gods, someone please help me i am in love. speaking of, anyone know where i can take a crash course on tagalog?
  • fanserviced - you. writer of Juice Pouch. where are you. let me write you love letters. let. me. i think the other admins know lots about you but you are new to me and i just asdfghjkl.
  • [also i’d marry flowergirl if 1. she’d have me and 2. ma chéri[e] wouldn’t kill me for it. 

i got progressively more wordy i’m so sorry. ㅠㅠ the longer we have this ask the longer my list gets asdfghjkl.

Admin R:  

  • Supervium - praise kink fic ended me and omg such amazing writing
  • johnwick - one of the best writers of our generation, tunnel vision is such a beautiful fic I highly rec. Also funny and cute and precious everyone needs to cuddle johnwick. 
  • kyungception -  has great fluffy and smutty fics, the perfect balance 
  • kairousels - I’ve read their space au like 50 times someone help me ;; such a quality author
  • Dyominateyou - topsoo central, what more could you need
  • InariChi - ok I literally love them so much?? all of their fics are amazing I want to cry. They’re not super underrated because SENPAI but they just need all the love and appreciation in the world ok everyone go read their fics please.
  • kaisoochateau - they’re everyones new fav author but omg it’s super well deserved. I love their Catfish fic so much I think about it all the time asnjnrfuthr also they seem like just the cutest person? I want to snuggle them ;;
  • _ksps_ - literally have the ability to suck you into a story and keep you there omg their writing is so addicting. Literally dying over the good the bad and the fluffy for days, one of my current fav fics.
  • unfinishedpages - omg ok admist antenuptials and elevator kisses took over my life ;; I pulled an all nighter reading it I couldn’t stop reading, it was everything I could ever want in a fic. I can’t wait for them to keep writing and growing and getting all the appreciation they deserve
  • CopperKitty359 - omg their kitty hybrid au is also one of my recent fav fics, like, I love it so much. Also the way they write is so perfect like how?? And they’re kinky hello let me love you.

Admin J:   

also look here for our favourite authors! we looooove them all very much ;u;

Things that go bump in the night: Prompts 34 & 43 (Jason Todd x Reader)

“You come into my room and wake me up at 4 am to cuddle” & “You’re lucky you’re cute.” Jason (34/43)

Working my way through the list. Still got to write the Damian one, but I swear Tumblr is against me writing it, I have finished like four versions and all of them were deleted so you know what, I’m putting that to rest for a bit.

I do hope this is enjoyable!

Staying up until four am is never a good idea. Staying up until four am watching horror movies is an even worse idea. Why you did both is a mystery, but alas now you must suffer the consequences.

You don’t want to put your feet down. If you put your feet down you’re easier to grab. But you have to. You have to put your feet down on the cold, creaky floor in your dark apartment, why you didn’t leave the lights on you have no idea, and you have to walk to your room without being murdered. No biggy.

The first shift of the flooring is the worse, it sends your heart racing and you want nothing more than to huddle in a corner away from everything. But you can’t. So you take another step. And another, and another.

Then you knock a something over and it shatters. The noise is enough to send you running into your room.

Except in doing so you wake Jason up. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“Doll?” He asks, voice rough and clouded by exhaustion. One arm props him up, staring in your direction. You quickly move onto to the bed, dodging his costume, yes Jason it is a fucking costume, which lies in a haphazard pile on the ground.

“Sorry Jay, but I can’t be alone. Who knows what’ll happen to me.” You say, curling up against his side and tucking yourself under the covers. You hear him give a disbelieving chuckle followed by a stretched out sigh. It almost makes you spit out a retort but then his strong arms are wrapping around you and he’s rolling over so that he can curl around you.

“So you come into my room and wake me up at 4 am to cuddle. What am I going to do with you?” He groans, voice filled with love.

“Your room? You mean our room?” You sass, lightly swatting at his arm.

“Yeah, yeah, gods you’re lucky you’re cute. Just please stop watching horror movies after midnight.”

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Have a beautiful day and if you’re just starting classes again like I am, don’t stress too much, if you’re already struggling like I am, you can ask for extra help and if a class is going to have a lot of group work and you know no one, and the people in your class are not the ones you want to be near, see if your teacher has an alternative project for you. If that’s not the case, just smile and be polite.

The Agreement || Part Three || Stiles Stilinski

Author: wittystiles

Word Count: 3.5k

Summary: Stiles goes to surprise reader at work, and the two end up getting a surprise of a different kind.

Warnings: Cursing (its me afterall). Fluff. So much fluff. Sass (again, it’s me).

A/N: Once and again, I have to give thank you credit to my wonderful wifey @ellie-bee242 for helping me with this part. I don’t think I can write anything at this point without her by my side (metaphorically) egging me on. She’s my muse (sort of. God, who do I think I am?). Anyway. This parts disgustingly cute and I hope you enjoy.

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Patients were steadily coming in and out of the ER, staff being kept on their toes as they worked to keep everyone happy and keep things moving. (Y/N), however, was falling short. She’d been sick for days, which she chalked up to catching the stomach flu from a patient that she’d been helping around the time she got sick. She was luckily not running a fever as she sat in a chair behind the desk of the nurses station, chewing on a saltine. 

Melissa rounded the desk, giving her a soft smile. “Hey, sweetie. How’re you feeling?” Melissa asked, looking (Y/N) over. (Y/N) shrugged her shoulder, setting the cracker back down in the plastic saltine sleeve.

“I’m feeling alright,” she sat forward and made a face. “Scratch that, I lied. I feel like every time I move I’m going to shoot chunks.” 

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Bar Hopping ~ Kim Taehyung

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* work sucked 

* i hate my job

*best friend is happily in love

*that’s gross

*life’s gross


*mom is on my case about marriage

*got a call from my landlord


*old guy just winked at me

*i internally barfed

*gonna need more alcohol before i even consider getting with anyone


*what am i even doing here?

*oh right life sucks

*ooh a cute guy just walked in..


*danced like there was no tomorrow

*he’s walking over here now

*says his name is taehyung

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*dang he cute

*i wanna give him a taehug

*gotta blast before i get too attached

*on to the next bar


*i like this vibe

*not as many old men here

*ordered a water so i won’t throw up

*WAIT i know him from somewhere

*oh shit its him again

*he still cute 

*so precious

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*i want to squeeze his cheeks

*i did it

*i don’t think he liked it very much

*he’s still here though

*he says he’s in a band

*i challenged the hotshot to a karaoke battle


*we took a cab to the nearest karaoke bar

*BOI he’s really goooood

*he’s letting me choose the next song 

*BANG BANG BANG (banga banga banga)

*he singing a ballad

*its so angelic

*i’m getting.. tire..d…



*WHERE THE HELL AM I????????????



*nah, I wouldn’t do that


*he’s awake

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*he’s really cute 


* apparently i passed out in the karaoke room

*he helped me get into my pjs??


* i yelled at him

*he became very small

*i think he’s ashamed

*i mean i guess he was only trying to help

* i apologized

*he apologized

*we good


* back to the bar again 

* life sucks

* i can’t even remember the last time i felt genuinely happy.

* oh wait

*the karaoke room

*that was the last time

*ah man i should’ve asked for his number

* it’s too late now 


* ah the fresh taste of regret 

* i guess’ i’ll check my phone. there is nothing better to do.

* ew my friend texted me.

* s-she’s pregnant?

* wow i didn’t realize how badly i want kids.

* but good for her.

* yeah, good for her


* am i crying?

* wow i should probably stop.

* i can’t stop.

* this must look tragic.


*oh! it’s him!

* he handed me tissues

* OH! his number, i gotta ask for it!.

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* he’s writing it down,

* holy smokes this kid is even more gorgeous than last time.

* how ? what kind of genetics?

* uh oh

* he caught me staring. 

* he would probably make beautiful children.

* i don’t really feel like drinking anymore 

* let’s bounce.


* i convinced him to go to the park across form my house.

* we’re walking now

* it is so nice here at night

* the park is quiet, no children, no dogs, just peace.

* uh oh

* i caught him staring.

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* we sat down on a bench.

* i thank him

* he doesn’t understand why.

* he doesn’t understand how he makes me happy even when i’m depressed.

* he doesn’t understand that for some odd reason a stranger can completely shield me from any stress or doubts i’ve ever had.

* i told him that im thankful for his company.

* i’m gonna do it.

* i asked him to stay with me.

* he said yes.


I walk towards the park that was near my old apartment. So many things happened here. Depression, fear, fun, but most of all love. Little did i know that taking home a stranger from a bar would be the best decision i would have ever made. Soon after Taehyung and I got together, I quit my job and continued to do what I’ve always wanted to do. Photography. Now, I get calls from fashion designers, newly-wed couples, and even people who just want pictures of their dogs. I have never been happier. I look to my left and see my sunshine jogging towards me. He called me here today, i don’t know what for, but whatever it is it sounded important. Taehyung finally reaches me and wraps me in his arms. He points me toward a bench. “ Think back to 2 years ago. You dragged me out of the bar to this park. You caught me staring at you and i smiled knowing you were embarrassed. This is the same exact bench that we sat at when you told me you wanted me to stay. Well, now it’s my turn.” Taehyung knelt down on one knee and took a small box out of his pocket. “ Will you stay with me for the rest of our lives?” 

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i’m sorry for freaking out i just love this so goddamn much. please look at the Perfect Beautiful Boys