so he's using the weakness


in all the time he’s been crushing on lance, keith finds it hard to concentrate when lance looks at him right in the eyes. the blue paladin soon discovers that his puppy dog eyes are keith’s weak spot™ so he uses it on him everytime they’re on a mission and keith is rushing everything with his impulsiveness.

keith: lance i don’t think that’s a good idea idk let’s just attack *is about to do something reckless and impulsive*

lance: *brings out the puppy dog eyes*

keith: *secretely very :333 on the inside* ok i agree with your plan let’s go!!

Boys reacting to their s/o asking if they can kiss them

So cute! I hope this is alright! ♡

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He wasn’t sure if he heard correctly.
  • He asks you to repeat what you just said, only to blush profusely and cough in embarrassment.
  • “I see. Is this what you really want, then?” 
  • He tells you to close your eyes before he temporarily removes his mask.
  • The kiss he gives you is slow and gentle. He’s a very good kisser and makes sure you know it.  
  • You were still in a lovestruck daze when you opened your eyes.
  • You swore you could see him smile widely beneath that enigmatic mask of his.

Rantarou Amami

  • He giggles at your request. You were so goddamn adorable.
  • He’s more than happy to comply with you. 
  • He smirks seductively before pulling you close and dives in for probably the most passionate kiss of your life. 
  • You can tell he’s experienced.
  • As you two kiss he plays with strands of your hair. 
  • He knows your weak spots so he uses that to his advantage to make you completely powerless and leave you wanting more of him.
  • It ends up in a full blown make out session.
  • You did ask for it, didn’t you?

Kokichi Ouma

  • He grins widely. You already knew what this meant.
  • He’d probably make you beg for the kiss, or force you do some sort of ridiculous and humiliating thing that you totally didn’t wanna do. But you were feeling needy, so you accepted whatever he threw at you with the most confident smile in your face.
  • But it was worth it, because the kiss he gives you is enough sweep you off your feet.
  • His tongue is teasing and mischievous, and leaves you begging for more.
  • The kiss lasts for a while–and when you think it might escalate into something more, he breaks off on purpose just to get a good look at your expression.
  • You were completely rendered to his touch, his lips, his smell, and boy was it intoxicating.
  • You don’t like the fact that he makes fun of how flustered you are though.
  • You’ll get your revenge soon.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • Your request is so random and unexpected that he heats up instantly, asking you to repeat your question. He looks like a tomato which makes you giggle, your boyfriend could be so precious and innocent at times.
  • You decide to have a little fun, and lean in rather seductively–you whisper that you want a kiss from him rather teasingly, which only makes him even more flustered. You want him to take the lead this time.
  • It takes a couple of seconds for him to process your words.
  • He’s nervous, but he complies. He wants to make you happy and give you what you want. 
  • You close your eyes, and you feel a very soft peck on your lips. 
  • But he persists–the slow peck suddenly turns into a french kiss, albeit a little sloppy and inexperienced one. He rests his arms around your waist as he continues to play with your mouth.
  • After the kiss he shyly smiles and asks if it was good while hiding his blush under the shadow of his hat.
  • It couldn’t have been any better. You love him and his sweet kisses to bits.

Kaito Momota

  • He beamed with absolute joy and pride every time you asked for a kiss.
  • It made him feel happy and warm that you wanted his affection.
  • So he made sure that every kiss he gave you was grand and full of emotion.
  • Sometimes he could get so into it that you’d have to remind him that you were in public, but he didn’t really care much about that (and not that you minded either but you’d rather not have everyone stare at you).
  • He wanted to let the entire world know you were his, and he was yours only.
  • One kiss is never enough for him. 
  • What initially started as just a simple smooch always ended in your neck covered in hickeys and your hair in need a serious brush.
  • You wouldn’t have it any other way


  • A kiss you say? He blushes instantly at the though of it.
  • He doesn’t have much experience with that sort of thing, and he’s scared you won’t like it and you will hate him for it. He wants to be the absolute best boyfriend for you…He feels like he’s already at a disadvantage for being a robot.
  • You reassure him that he’ll be fine and that he has no reason to worry, you love him regardless of everything.
  • He smiles shyly while twiddling his fingers before asking you to close your eyes so you don’t see his adorably embarrassed face–he knows you will tease him endlessly for it.
  • The kiss he gives you is short, sweet but firm. 
  • He intertwines his fingers with yours affectionally and scratches the back of his head as he scans your expression. 
  • He hopes from the bottom of your heart that you liked it.
  • You loved it.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Honestly, you two were that sickeningly sweet couple that everyone loves yet hates at the same time. Mostly out of jealousy because you two were just so adorable and pure together.
  • But you couldn’t help it, you just loved your boyfriend so much and he loved you too–he made sure to remind you every single day. 
  • So when you ask if you can kiss him, his lips are already on yours before you can even finish your sentence!
  • You wanted to take the lead this time but you don’t mind this either–
  • He likes to pick you up and sit you down in his lap while he covers your face in innocent kisses.
  • He then apologizes for cutting you off before you could even finish what you wanted to say. He needs to be the true gentleman that you deserve.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He doesn’t show much emotion apart from the subtle smile tugging at the corner of his lips.
  • He looks away, trying not to blush. He doesn’t want you to see him flustered.
  • You lean in and give him a soft peck to see how he reacts–
  • But before you know it, he has your mouth surrender to his, and suddenly he’s in control of the kiss and you have never been kissed in a such a passionate and uncontrollable and aggressive way before and it makes you?? so confused?? but so happy and mushy at the same time??
  • Is quite honestly the best kisser of all the boys.
  • He avoids looking at you after he’s done kissing you.
  • You embrace him and tell him you love him so much.

me before listening to WYD:


But why is no one talking about the way that Alec yelled, “WHERE IS HE?” when confronting that Circle Member like his eyes were wild and his posture was so rigid like his fingers were holding that seraph blade so tightly and his voice was so strong but you could also hear and see the desperation in his voice and on his face like all he wants to do is find his brother and this man may be his chance and his voice was abnormally loud when he said this so it’s almost as if he is trying to mask this need to find his parabatai so that he doesn’t look weak and Alec’s not using his bow which is so abnormal for him, but he we see that he’s trying different tactics, using different weapons, a weapon that possible appears more threatening to some, because he wants answers when the Circle Member slit his own throat the way Alec said, “No, no, no!” because he’s so frustrated that he got away, that he let him get away, that he was so close to finding Jace and he let it slip through his fingers like we see Jace being away from him is literally eating him up like we know that if your parabatai dies you die too but we already see Jace’s absence and how it has an effect on Alec and how they’re both dying, but not so much in a physical sense and why is no one talking about this because it stuck out to me so much and it broke my heart

So today i beat Hyper Light Drifter and I loved this game to bits ! I can’t wait to play it more and try to find everything.

And of course i started to think of some of my (and @shuuzaar‘s) ocs in this universe, so here’s Anank !

(the image is scaled to 150% here !)

anonymous asked:

I feel like they're really ruining Magnus character for Alec. Suddenly Alec is one who takes action and decides everything, while Magnus is all insecure? They're not showing Magnus as a powerful confident person how he should be, and now he was fucking pushed to have sex with him. Also, I HATED how they had him talking about how Alec has never been with anyone like it was a problem. I always felt it was pretty obvious? "I don't care how many people you haven't been with" why would you?

I have to disagree on this actually. I don’t think it’s cheapening magnus’ character to let him be vulnerable, on the contrary. a lot of time fandom portrays magnus as someone who has no weaknesses and it’s always used so he can be an emotional crutch for alec. being emotionally vulnerable and discussing your insecurities doesn’t make a character weak or less badass. it makes them more layered and complex.

magnus does have insecurities, and it’s been shown several times before. all this time, he’s been insecure of their relationship, but he probably felt he can’t show it to alec (so he acted like he’s not affected by things like alec announcing his marriage). we also saw him showing emotions and vulnerability when he spoke about his mother and camille. he even admitted to having been suicidal.

and I think it wasn’t that magnus had a problem with alec not having been with anyone, he was trying to say that he’s scared alec will freak out (as he has done before) and leave. and it’s very realistic of magnus to be worried that a previously closeted gay man, who was aggressively in denial about his gayness to a point of trying to marry a woman, would get spooked by them moving too fast (and it’s not like that’s not a very usual trope in fanfiction too).

my problem with the scene was that magnus voiced his worries, and was clearly uncomfortable, but the showrunners assumed “people would know magnus wanted it too” just because alec went “hey, no worries, I want this”.so magnus wasn’t even allowed to show he was relieved at alec saying he wants to have sex, he wasn’t allowed to smile, or say “okay”, or “I want this too”.

power and confident people can be vulnerable and insecure too, and it doesn’t make them any less powerful! no one is confident 100% of the time, and that’s human and perfectly okay. and magnus should be allowed to show that soft side of himself too.

Nopperabou Witches (+ Cat) 

Yume Nikki is another one of my favorite game. The overall character/background designs are super cool (and also weirdly adorable). 

For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Corinthians 12:10
So many times in our lives we have felt weak. It’s not a place that we’ve ever felt like boasting about. Life can be a real struggle. We can face so many challenges and I know sometimes what we’re facing can be too much. But in that place of weakness the Lord wants us to surrender our pride and He provides for us a heavenly exchange. We give him our weakness, then by His grace He gives us His strength. So many of you may be feeling weak today. That’s the best place to be, because now the power of Christ can work through you. So don’t despise your weakness, but, like Paul, boast, or rejoice in it. For when you’re weak then He’s strong!

Guys Guys Guys GUYS

I know that Hide is the absolute gem in the Remake when he suggested Kaneki to wear a swimsuit and to talk about poop, not to mention we he fucked with the TG fandom with the bedroom eye and the seductive(?) Eto-Donato smirk


Hide (sexily) drinking his Cappuccino. 

Been musing how long Rai spent under the sea because there’s no water damage on his coffin? No barnacles or anything? Did his aura spread out to his coffin to keep it sparkling clean and all the sea creatures came near and zoomed off again because, ‘nope, that’s a noble — we don’t go near THOSE.’

Maybe that’s why he was so weak after sleeping for so long — he kept using up his energy to keep his elegant look.

“Calm down, you’re scaring the girls!”

“Son, look after your mother and sisters.”

Stop portraying women as absolutely helpless and useless in situations of crisis. Don’t use them as weakness foils so the male characters can prop themselves up. Stop insinuating that an adult woman cannot possibly function without a man to protect her and look after her so your infant son has to step up and take over. Just stop.

The Nameless Sith

Never provoke the Nameless Sith, for he can do worse than hurt you.

They say when he was young, he delighted in connecting with anyone and anything – learning, bonding and basking in the presence of any who came near.  But suffering became his teacher, and the bonds he wove with others became a net which left him vulnerable.  

On Mustafar, where light flickers out, they hurt him.  Tortured him. Provoked him to acts of hate.  Yet he never called forth lightning, nor twisted the bodies of those who damaged him so.

“He is weak,” they said. “He has no useful skills – no matter how strongly we can sense him.”

They were wrong.  In each act of cruelty he learnt how their minds worked.  In each new torture he mapped the pathways of their brains.  And finally, when they decided to dispose of him, he acted.

It was a complex task, but he’d been thinking about it for months – at first with fear and disgust, then with apprehension but finally with longing.  As such, as they entered as cell for the last time, he changed them. As they felt his presence touch them, the coldness of it shocked them – numbed them until it was too late to raise their mental shields, for he had cut off the pathways in their minds that could let them.  In delight, he began to rearrange their synapses – twisting their anger away from him, and to those who hadn’t come to save him from his torment.  

As he changed them he felt their fear and loyalty, let it fester, then made it service him.  When all was finished, he reconnected their link to the force, but made it dependant on the bonds he’d made with them – their lives belonged to Him.  

So, do you now see why it was unwise to anger Him?  To try to turn one of his agents?  He knows what we know.  Without Him we are nothing.  

He will be arriving shortly, to interrogate you personally.   Do not worry, for soon you will be like us – devoted to His will.  Do not worry, for this will be blissful – once all the uncertainties in your life have been removed.  Do not worry, unless you use his name again – for then Ezra Bridger will not show such kindness.

(author note: I was inspired to write this due to @meldy-arts, and her recent picture .  Her comment of Ezra being a full Sith (in the tags) made me wonder what he did to obtain such an honor.  A little Thrawn trilogy gave me this idea…)


My heart hurts for my kid ㅠㅠㅠ