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Super old BnHa fanart I drew last summer. I decided to clean some up because I caught up with the manga today. It’s one of my favorite series!

imagine witch taehyung.

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  • the green in his hair is,,,,,,, natural?
  • it grows fast and tends to stick out as if it grows in completely different directions from the rest of his hair.
  • earning him nicknames like seaweed and kelp-head.
  • although he wasn’t actually born with magic he was raised by witches so he knows his way around it and it’s a pretty integral part of his life.
  • dabbles mostly in herbs and alchemy etc.
  • and whatever magic surrounds him is either the leftover spell work of those who raised him or borrowed from nature.
  • also he speaks to animals.
  • like he doesn’t have full conversations with them but they listen and understand him and he can generally guess what they want.
  • studies botany but gets in a lot of arguments with his professors because he has a less scientific view of nature.
  • environmental enthusiast.
  • has a home and everything but probably spends most of his summers living up a tree taking care of woodland animals.
  • you’ve caught him muttering to squirrels a few times.
  • seen him chased across campus by literally every cat in the area.
  • but you just assumed he’s nice and likes to feed the animals.
  • a lot of socks have been disappearing from around your dorm lately and you thought maybe someone was pulling a prank, when taehyung one day approaches you with a bag full of odd socks.
  • he explains that the magpie living near your dorm recently had its nest destroyed and was compensating, but that he’s “had a word with him and he won’t do it again.”
  • like most people you just assumed he was joking.
  • but he doesn’t really try to hide any of this, if someone asks why he’s so weird he’ll just frown and say he was raised by witches, like lmao what did you expect.
  • then a week later you come across him making a splint for a pigeon with a broken wing out of popsicle sticks and you realise you need to get to know this boy because?????? who even does that ???
  • and you bump into him again later that same week but this time he has ??? a squirrel ??? in his hair ???
  • you’re like “whu h?U???” because holy shit cute
  • and he’s like “yeah she likes the smell of my shampoo.”
  • you ask how he knows and he just shrugs.
  • and when the squirrel tugs too hard he’s like “ouch okay that’s enough.”
  • and she just like, scampers off and you’re like ??????????
  • and he just smiles.
  • after that you keep finding individual wildflowers everywhere around your dorm and wherever you go on campus.
  • like someone’s been picking them and leaving them around the place for you to find.
  • and the birds singing outside your window in the morning have increased like tenfold in number.
  • you have no idea this is taehyung basically attempting to court you.
  • not until a magpie drops a four-leaf clover on you one morning, a squirrel scampers up to you with a daisy while you’re reading in the shade for a tree, and when you look up there he is, scratching the back of his neck and mumbling something about a picnic.
  • just imagine how bright he’d smile when you accept his invitation.
  • the rest, as they say, is history.
  • taehyung knows all the best spots for camping and tree-climbing and berry-picking and picnics and you two go on so many adventures exploring the wilderness surrounding your little town.
  • he never falls out of a tree?
  • like he literally can’t because he was enchanted as a kid.
  • so you bet your butt he’s gonna hang upside down and make you do a spider-man kiss with him.
  • he sends you love notes by squirrel and cat and even a duck one time.
  • and when summer comes around he invites you to stay with him in his tree house and help him take care of the animals.
  • and he tells you about all the silly names he gave to plants as a kid before he studied and learned their actual names.
  • you literally always have fresh flowers in your hair, don’t ask me how or where they come from maybe they grow there idk.
  • always always always holding hands, listen this boy has no intentions of ever letting you go no way nope
  • and you two are just very much in love and enjoying nature and each other and everywhere you go flowers bloom tbh bless :’)
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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I made a compilation of my favorite faces of Micah that I drew in the past couple of days and now it’s my new lock screen LMAO


Sungjoo during his vlive today

Jack Maynard Imagine - Yoga Challenge

“Hey, guys!” You waved at the camera. Jack stood besides you, smiling to your invisible audience “Today I’m here with my not-so-lovely best friend, Jack Maynard!” You joked, cheering after you said his name.

He pushed you aside, a big smile plastered on his face “I don’t even know why I still hang out with you” he joked, watching you as you popped your head into the shot again.

“Today we’re doing the Yoga Challenge!” You said, ignoring him “I would do it with my boyfriend, but I don’t have one of those” you said, pouting slightly.

Jack rolled his eyes playfully “Why would you need a boyfriend when you have me, huh?” He teased. You knew he was just doing it for the Y/S/N shippers. He was like that off camera as well, but you knew he was always a more indecent teaser when the spotlight was on both of you.

“Stop trying to get out of the friendzone, Jack” you teased back, giving him a playful look.

He put a hand over his heart, and moaned dramatically “It hurts, babe” he said, and you couldn’t help but blush by his words. Him calling you a babe was your weakness, and he knew it. So he used it against you all the time.

“Anyway, lets go back to the video” you said casually before things could get any more awkward “Conor has chosen some random pictures of yoga poses and he’s sent them to me, but I haven’t opened them yet so I don’t know what to expect”

You looked at Jack, who nodded “And since I’m still a great personal trainer, I will make sure we ace those yoga poses” he smiled.

You rolled your eyes playfully “You were a personal trainer when you did it with Josh and let me tell you, it wasn’t brilliant” you laughed.

He pushed you again, making you squeal “Let’s get started!” He cheered.

You grabbed your phone and opened Conor’s chat “Alright, this one should be easy” you said, showing him a picture of a couple with their backs bent and holding their elbows.

You adjusted your yoga clothes. It was just a plain pair of thick black leggings and a grey tank top that showed a little bit of skin on your belly. Your hair was up on a high ponytail, and you were just on your black socks. Jack, on the other hand, was wearing long running pants and a tight Nike t-shirt that revealed a little bit of muscle.

When Jack proposed you did the Yoga Challenge together for you channel, all you could think about was him all sweaty in sporty clothes. You would be lying if you said you haven’t been feeling a little bit weird about him lately. It was just the way he looked at you, touched you, made you laugh, took care of you. It drove you insane.

Why did it take you so long to realize he was such a good guy for you?

But you always shook your head at that kind of thoughts. He was just your friend. You were just a friend to him. It would be wasted effort to try to be something you obviously were not. But still, you couldn’t stop wondering what it would be like to have those full lips on yours.

The second and third pose weren’t much of a challenge themselves. All in all, you were quite the talented yoga couple. But then, the fourth pose came. You should’ve seen it coming. It was Conor choosing the pictures you were talking about.

“So, I basically have to hold you by the ass” Jack said, laughing out loud as he saw the picture, showing it to the camera afterwards “I can go for the waist if you want”

“It would be more appropriate” you said, getting ready just above him. You carefully leaned back until you felt Jack’s hands holding you steadily on your waist. Or maybe not so steadily.

You accidentally slipped from his grip, and lost balance. But before you hit the floor with the loudest bang you would’ve ever heard, Jack moved quickly just so his body was under yours. You fell on top of him instead, as his hands never left your sides.

“Shit, are you okay?” He asked you, getting up immediately to check if you were hurt. You chuckled, holding onto his arm to sit up.

“Good catch, I have to say” you laughed, making him laugh as well now that he knew you were alright.

“I’ll always catch you” he mumbled, but you weren’t sure if you had heard it well, so you let it go.

The rest of the video went fairly well. You were lucky Jack was so strong - and patient - or else the challenge would’ve gone way worse. You fell off him a couple of times, nothing too serious. But Jack’s touch on your skin sent chills down your spine every single time, and you knew you were screwed. Your attempt to forget your feelings towards him had failed miserably.

“And that’s it for this week’s video, I hope you liked it” you started your outtro, the ponytail that once laid perfectly on top of your head, now fell off it not so perfectly. Jack breathlessly ran a hand through his sweaty hair behind you “Don’t forget to subscribe to me and…” you looked back at Jack “Never mind! See you!”

“Hey!” He protested, pushing you again.

“Alright, alright! Subscribe to Jack, bye!” You mid-shouted. Jack laughed as he turned the camera off for you.

“That was intense” he commented as you lied down on the floor, aching for some coldness “You’re not hurt, are you?”

“Not a single bit” you breathed, running a hand up and down your flat stomach. You noticed Jack looking at you “What?” You asked him, raising an eyebrow playfully.

He then lied down next to you, making you laugh “You know what?” He said, running a hand up his stomach as well “You’re quite fit for a couch potato”

“Hey!” You whimpered, hitting his arm as hard as you could. But his muscle was hard enough, and you hurt your hand “I hate you so much” you said, wiggling your hand to ease the pain.

“Here” he suddenly took your hand and placed it under his lips, kissing it carefully like mothers do to their children “All better?” He asked, looking directly at your eyes, and you thought you had never seen him look so soft-like.

You nodded, not being able to look away from his eyes. His fingers interlocked themselves with yours, and he pulled you in for a hug, so you were lying on top of his body. Your head rested on his chest, which was moving up and down quickly. And without saying a word, he started stroking your hair just the way you liked it.

“Relaxed?” He asked you after a while. You mumbled a ‘yes’ before closing your eyes and breathing in his strong, sweet scent again.

His chest was unbelievably comfortable. You had never shared a bed with him at night, but you could picture how good it would feel, to have his strong arms wrapped carefully around your body while you sleep. You almost dozed off, but the feeling of Jack’s lips on top of your head made you open your eyes again.

“How about we get out of these dirty clothes and take the couch for the rest of the evening?” He mid-whispered as he rubbed your back.

“Sounds amazing” you mumbled, half asleep, as you tried to push yourself up. Your struggle made him laugh “Not funny” you said, but it only made him laugh more.

Suddenly, he wrapped his arms under your legs and behind your back, lifting you up from the floor in one swift move. You immediately wrapped yours around his neck, holding on for dear life.

You closed your eyes again “I love you, Jack” you said, not really knowing why you said it. But there was no going back and you didn’t regret it as much as you thought you would.

Jack then laughed and kissed your temple “I love you too, Princess”

“Do you really think I’m a princess?” You asked, not really sure if you were drunk or just sleepy. Both alcohol and sleep had the same effect on you, anyway. You usually hated yourself when that happened, but this time, you were amused.

“Of course you are” he said, smiling, knowing that you were just tired “And whoever says otherwise is lying” he reassured you.

You opened an eye to look at him “Then why don’t I have a boyfriend?” You asked him, and your heart sunk while the words left your mouth. You always tried to deny it, but being the only one of your childhood friends who wasn’t in a relationship yet made you insecure. At first, you thought there was something wrong with you. Then, that there was something wrong with boys. And now, you didn’t have a clue anymore.

“Because you don’t deserve any of those jerks, that’s why” Jack said, putting you down on your bed. You held his arm, gesturing him to lie down next to you. And so he did.

You stayed in silence for a moment “Then what kind of guy do I deserve?” You asked him.

He was lying on his side, resting his weight on one of his elbows, so he could get a better look at your face. His other hand was traveling up and down your arm, caressing it like you always said you loved it “The best there is” he said “Someone who knows all your weaknesses, but who never uses them against you. Someone who helps you overcome them” you turned your head to look at him “Someone who makes you laugh, loves you like he loves himself, respects you, treats you like the princess you are” he smiled, and you couldn’t help but to smile back.

You nodded “Thanks for being so sweet” you said “I’m glad I got you”

“Hey, I was just talking truth” he smiled. He then cupped your face and gave you a small kiss on your cheek “I love you, Y/N, okay?” He said, and you nodded “And whoever hurts you…well, consider them dead already”

You chuckled at his protectiveness. But deep inside, you were happy you had someone like Jack by your side.

Suddenly, you noticed that his hand was still on your cheek, and that his eyes were still fixed on yours. You put your hand over his, drawing small circles on his skin with your thumb as he caressed your cheek with his.

You were confused, and you could tell he was as well. Because now you were looking at each other’s eyes. No words were needed, and he already knew he had been so fucking blind all this time.

How couldn’t have he realized it sooner?

You were the reason he woke up with a smile every day. Seeing you happy made him happy, and seeing you sad broke him inside. You were the first girl he had ever opened himself to. The first girl he introduced his family to. He didn’t want to have a little fun overnight and leave you the following morning, because he would feel empty without you. So fucking empty.

He had seen you as a best friend until he realized you weren’t his. Until he realized that you could eventually grow feelings for another boy, and that you could leave him for someone else who made you happier. And he wanted to be the one who made you happy, no matter how selfish it might sound.

And that, according to Conor, was called being in love. Not only that, but being in love with your best friend. Shit.

And as Jack thought he was crazy, he leaned in, and you didn’t stop him, because deep inside you wanted this as much as he did. Your lips touched in a soft, careful move, and the taste of each other’s mouths left you wanting more.

You found yourself on top of Jack again, but this time, it was far better. He held you tight as his tongue worked its way inside your mouth, making you feel things you didn’t even know were possible. And shit, you were kissing your best friend. Your freaking best friend. But then again, was there really another man who loved you as much as he did?

“You okay?” He asked you when you pulled apart, his blue eyes fixed on yours, calming you down with his stare.

“I am now” you whispered before closing the gap between your lips again.

And that’s when he knew. It didn’t matter if you were his best friend. It didn’t matter if he had seen hundreds of girls before. You were the one.

I've just thought about this

Ok, so what if Lance didn’t want to go in Garrison?
Like he and his grandpa made a promise when he was just a kid before his abuelo died
So, he goes to garrison and meets Hunk and then Pidge and when he sees them he thinks ‘woah, they’re amazing guys, LET’S PROTECT THEM ALL COAST’ so he puts a lot of effort to being a good friend and pilot and he becomes a fighter pilot (in that he was still in the cargo class) and he feels very proud but , as we know, when he make littles mistakes they always go with “you’re just in the fighter class ‘cuz the best pilot of our generation droped out” and that makes him feel as the worst and start to miss his family MORE ‘cuz “If they say that, then its better to go back home”. Hunk and Pidge always notice that and they try to make Lance feel better (in the night they listen Lance crying and being homesick). Thanks to this, Lance starts to love being a pilot and thanks his abuelo for making with him that promise and still he misses his family but starts to feels comfortable because he feels that Pidge and Hunk are like his family but in garrison.
bUT then happens the voltron thing and the sadness :-) and :-) homesickness :-) strikes :-) again :-).
He tells to Blue every night about his family and his friends in Cuba, his story about how he ended in the garrison and he “secret” (it isn’t, the mice and hunk already know about that) crush on Keith.
Blue always feels happy of having a paladin like Lance who fits perfectly in the role of the blue paladin. But also feels sad because “i dont want you to be sad :‘c you look really good happy :)”
Anyways, the team starts to hang more with eachother except the fact that nobodys ;)))) knows about :)))the depressed Lance :)))
And they start to make him unwanted, not-the team sharpshooter the cargo pilot the comic-relief the paladin that can be replaced easily, in conclusion THE SEVENTH WHEEL.
They fight against Zarkon and Shiro dissapears, they feel worried and sad, Keith becames the black paladin and Lance the red one, and then comes.. Lotor.
So he captures him and uses his weaknesses and breaks points to torture him.
The team (now with Shiro) rescues him, puts him in a pod and waits until he heal.
But, when Lance comes out, the team starts to argue to him, saying that he needs to hear the others and not to be mocking around, and Keith tells him “YOU’RE JUST A CARGO PILOT!” And “ITS ALWAYS YOUR FAULT” aaaaand Lance explodes.
So he tells everything, about the promise, about his crush on Keith, about the seventh wheel and finishes with “I’VE NEVER WANTED TO BE A PILOT I DIDN’T ASK FOR BEING A PALADIN”
All the team shuts in silent, Pidge starts to sob, Hunk is horrified and asks himself “is this the Lance i know?”, Shiro feels guilty for not listening Lance, Allura feels like the worst because she treated Lance like he was nothing, Keith feels super super super confused, angry, sad and happy in the same time and Coran…well, Coran already knew about Lance insecurities and feels bad for not telling the team about the selfless Lance
The Lions are angry (Lance treated them good and he puts to them cool pet-names. Also they heard a lot of Lances confession to Blue and when they heard him sing [yes, Lance can sing] they feel relaxed ) and refused to open to their Paladins.
Reds tells them that they need to fix this but first they need to convince Blue, who is extremaly angry with the team.
Shiro says that maybe Lance needed time to himself and that they will talk to him later.
They didn’t notice that Lance left the castle until dinner time.
They notice that Voltron is not gonna to be Voltron anymore.

I can’t, I won’t.

pairing ; thomas x reader

summary ; sometimes you’ve gotta leave the love you once had behind.

words ; 1,690

warnings ; ANGST. just so ya know.


The last thing Thomas wanted to hear of was you.

Everywhere he turned, whether it be a street corner, or on his heel, you were there. If not you, then something that reminded him of you. And the people he had to face in debates were no help either – Alexander Hamilton made Thomas Jefferson’s life unbearable with how many times he brought you up to attack him.

He was suffocating on air that was used to speak your name, to utter something of your beauty. He couldn’t sleep at night because you were always on his mind, and he knew you’d be the one thing to occupy his dreams. He couldn’t work during the day because it would remind him of when you would come in and place a kiss on his cheek, massage his shoulders, or sit on his lap and convince him to take a break with tiny kisses littered all over his face.

He couldn’t function because you weren’t there. And he hated it. He hated being so vulnerable, so weak. That meant people would use it against him in the elections, and people would bring it up in the press – Secretary Thomas Jefferson bogged down by Love! Read all about it!

“Dude,” his friend James Madison told him one night, “you have to let her go. She’s gone, off to marry another.”

“She didn’t want to, James,” Thomas grumbled. He didn’t want to believe the words you’d told him before you took your leave from his life. The reason why you left.

“I have fallen for another, I deeply apologize, Mr. Jefferson,” the way you spoke, cracks in your voice and hatred in your tone, it resonated within Thomas in the most painful of ways. He even visibly cringed when you said Mr. Jefferson, because it was so foreign, and so unwanted.

“She loves someone else, Thomas. I’m sorry to say this, but it is the truth. You must get over her.”

“It’s not that damn easy, James. But what would you know? You’re happy with your wife, she never left you. She was never forced into something she didn’t want.”


Thomas only shook his head and walked away, not wanting to hear it anymore. He didn’t want to think about you, he didn’t want to talk about you. So he wouldn’t, and he swore to that. He wouldn’t think, he wouldn’t talk, he wouldn’t so much as utter a word about you or anything to do with you.

Lord knows how long he’d be able to keep that up.

“Thomas, I’m here to see Thomas,” you said kindly to the man standing in the door. He was a dark skinned man, a worker for Thomas no doubt.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” his accent weighed down his words, and you could instantly pinpoint that he was from farther south. “He won’t be seeing nobody right now.”

“And why not?” You remained polite, but you were getting impatient, your hands travelling down and mindlessly fixing your skirts.

“He’s working, ma’am.”

“No mind to his work. Please let me come in, I am a close friend of his,” you lied. Your mouth turned down at the edges when the word friend crossed your lips, as you had always been more than just friends with the man.

“Let me ask Mr. Jefferson, first, ma’am.”

You noticed his constant repeating of the word ma’am, and you couldn’t help but think it had something to do with Thomas. He was always one to be full of himself around people, yes, but that did not mean he had no mind for respect, especially for women. They may not have a high place in society, but that did not mean they were pieces of trash to disregard, or toys to play with and put away when you were through with them.

You pursed your lips when the worker closed the door, and turned your head to look over the familiar lands of Monticello. Neat and tidy, and ever-so-elegant with its rolling hills and beautiful trees. The land was a bright green, the leaves many different shades of the foresty color, and it reminded you of the many times you and Thomas had taken walks in the middle of the night, and the picnics you’d shared at midday.

Your attention was quickly brought back to the doors, and you were greeted with the worker from before. “Mr. Jefferson said he’d see you. Please come with me.”

You followed quietly, making sure your skirts were fixed and the top of your dress was straightened. Your hands folded together as you walked, your nerves becoming more and more shot with each step you took that neared you to Thomas.

It had been over a year’s time since you had seen the man, and no matter what his title in politics was, he would always be Thomas to you, and he would always be your Thomas.

The worker nodded once you got to the door, knocking quickly before giving you a quick bow and walking off. Thomas opened the door, his magenta coat hanging loosely from his shoulders as if he’d put it on in a rush. “How may I help you?”

You noticed he hadn’t even looked at you yet, still fumbling with the buttons of his coat. Without thinking, you reached forward and parted the coat just the way Thomas liked it, your mind going back to the past, when you would help him dress correctly.

After a couple seconds, you caught yourself and pulled your hands back, tangling your fingers together. “Oh! I apologize, I shouldn’t have– I should not have done that.”

“Oh, no, it’s okay…” His voice trailed off as he looked up at you. His brown eyes were wide, his jaw dropped slightly. “Y/n?”

“Thomas,” you whispered. Taking a quick second to admire the man you hadn’t seen in so long, you noticed how neatly trimmed he kept his scruff, the dip just before his mustache on either side still very apparent, and how his hair was still in the poofy curls you had remembered.

“How? Why… why are you here? Haven’t you a husband to be with?”

“I… That’s why I’m here,” you replied, your hands turning upside down and your fingers folding inwards.

Thomas stared for a second, blinking rapidly before looking down and shaking his head. “Yes, yes,” he rushed, looking back up at you with furrowed brows, “come in. Please.”

You walked past him and heard the door click closed, so you took that as a sign that you could turn around and look at Thomas once more. His back was to you as he thought, something you were quite used to seeing. His head jerked to the side and his eyebrows remained furrowed as he turned to you.

“Why– Why are you here, y/n?”

“You,” you whispered. You looked over his face and noted the surprise before looking down at your hands once more. “I’m here for… you.”


“I love you, Thomas,” you said a little more confidently. You licked your lips and continued when he raised a brow at you, “I love you. I came back because I love you and… I wanted to be with you again.”

“Yes, I get that, but your husband? What will he think of this? You and I… I will not let you cheat on a man that loves you.”

“I wouldn’t be cheating,” you replied, letting your arms fall to your sides. “There is no one to cheat on, Thomas.”


“Samuel, he, he backed out of the marriage. He said he had loved another woman, and that he wanted to be with her and not me, and he knew that I did not want to be his wife.”

“He backed out?” Thomas looked as if he were still trying to comprehend everything you just said, like it was the most indecipherable thing he’d ever encountered.

“Yes,” you responded simply, taking a step closer to him.


“A year ago.”

“A year? But…” He hesitated, grasping everything still. “If it was a year ago, why didn’t you come to me sooner?”

“Because I still had to explain to my parents that I loved you, and only you,” you walked up to him standing only a foot away.

“No, y/n,” he breathed, “you don’t understand. You should have come to me sooner.”

“Why? Thomas,” you felt tears sting your eyes. What was he not saying?

“Y/n, I’m married. I can’t, I’m not,” he stuttered over his words, looking directly at you. “I’m married, and I love her, y/n. I can’t, I’m not going to cheat on her.”

“Thomas… I… I didn’t know, I’m sorry,” you whispered. You couldn’t believe it – he didn’t love you anymore. You were just a mere memory to him, and all because you waited too long to be with him. You could’ve come months ago, and maybe you wouldn’t be in this situation. But you hadn’t, you exhibited cowardliness, and you waited too long.

“It’s fine, y/n. I hate to say this, but, I just, I don’t love you anymore. Not as much, nor like, I used to. I’m sorry.”

“No, no, it’s my fault,” you dismissed, sniffling and looking away from Thomas. “I’ll take my leave, Mr. Jefferson. I apologize for coming in so recklessly. See you in time, Mr. Jefferson.”

You brushed past him, opening the door and quickly going out the way you came. “Stupid,” you muttered, “you’re so daft. To think he’d love you anymore, you must be insane.”

Thomas, on the other hand, was sighing and hitting his head on the door. “Fuck,” he groaned. Of course he’d let you go again, but this time, it wasn’t because of you. It was because of him, and because of the woman whom had the ring matching the one decorating his third finger. He loved her, and he felt the love he once had for you slowly creep up on him.

“No, no,” he whispered, shaking his head.

“I can’t,” you muttered, closing your eyes.

“I won’t love her anymore.”

“I can’t love him anymore.”

part two coming soon!

anonymous asked:

In chapter 24 it looks like Sangwoo used his left hand to punch the machine, but I don't think he's left-handed? He usually handles the knife with his right hand, so he threw that insane punch with his weak arm?

Yeah he used his left hand. And you’re right, from what I’ve seen so far it SEEMS like he’s right handed so…..
Conclusion: Don’t fuck with Sangwoo
It doesn’t matter if he’s left or right handed though. Just… don’t fuck with Sangwoo

anonymous asked:

okay so i just had a thought about your langst post where Lotor might instigate it but what if everything manipulative Lotor says just doesn't affect lance? just he's already so hard and cruel on himself that anything Lotor says doesnt phase him? Like if Lotor were to say "your team doesn't need you" but Lance just responds with "yeah i already know". Like maybe its Lance's own self that takes him to the breaking point, not Lotor.

First; how dare you come on to MY blog and spit terrible truths to me. I am offended. Go sit in a corner and think about what you have done.

Anyway, all of this was pain and I am SO DOWN. Like hear me out, what if Lotor makes it his goal to prove Lance wrong. So, he had this great plan to use the paladins weakness against them bc that’s what his father and mother have taught him, have used themselves against him, but Lance DOESN’T RESPOND and Lotor???? doesnt??? understand???? He was just throwing things around to see what gets under the skin and Lance just brushes it off as a fact that he has already accepted and had moved on. But Lotor gets stuck on it, bc this beuiful blue eyes alien doesn’t fit what Lotor threw out off-handily to get a rise. If Lance had said that to him, he would have defiantly reacted…he thinks, bc he’s important to his people now right? He’s no longr the half bread freak people liked to gossip and snicker at behind his back anymore right? Lance isn’t those things he said Lotor is, so why does the blue paladin think so. Lotor doesn’t fully understand it, but from then on his encounters with the paladins change from manipulation attempts to actual praises directed ar mostly lance, trying to make him see himself differently. But of course team voltron doesn’t see it like that, and I have a feeling Lotor isn’t as in touch with how things work in the universe so he wont understand what he is feeling and how peole are interpreting his genuinity for manipulation. Queue heartbreaking self discovery for both parties.

p.s sorry this took so long I’ve been on a mass effect andromeda kick so I didn’t see this until a few hourse ago. And for the huge chuck of text and rambleingness. I’m on moble and it 3 in the morning.


#201 - Jaune’s Childhood 6… Well, Teen’s in this case (Commission)

Story Time!

Their eldest sister had just graduated from her hunter academy, and to celebrate, the sisters decided to have a graduation party. And what better way to celebrate than with a club, food, drinks, and their dear, beloved brother dressing up in cute clothes to cater to them.

Jaune, now older, is no longer keen to do their dressup games, but his sister wants to have one last glorious send off for this party.

Jaune refused their request vehemently. He didn’t want yet another embarrassing picture of him for his sisters to lord over him.

So they use Jaune’s weakness against him: Pumpkin Pete’s.

They know he couldn’t resist those tasty flakes of sugary goodness so they bet him that he can’t eat an entire box of it in one sitting. If he can, they hand over all of the dressup pics they’ve compiled and squirreled away over the years, if he can’t, he has to do one last (spectacular) dressup of the eldest sister’s choice for the party. 

It can’t be done! The sugar content alone would give a King Taijitu diabetes for days, but Jaune was unfazed by the challenge (plus wearing woman’s undies is starting to chafe his nether regions as a growing lad) so he accepts, thinking that he might finally be rid of dresses, racey undergarments, and those embarrassing pictures for good. 

Alas, though he struggled valiantly with the challenge, (and turned several shades of green 3 bowls in) he was defeated. 

For the sisters however, it was quite the victory indeed, their Schnee-D cards overflowing with pictures from that fateful evening.

Little did Jaune know, however, was that his sisters stuffed the box they procured with two boxes worth of Pumpkin Pete’s beforehand…

The second one commissioned by GreatCow. Idea all his. How racy! This was a fun and hilarious commission!

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A/N: Well then. This was originally going to be a fic for @lakeside-sketchbook ‘s gorgeous artwork (here it is!), but the college wifi decided that it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe I’ll rewrite it one day, but for now, this is what I could scrap together in bullet-point form.

This work DOES MENTION NEEDLES in a vaccination-like setting. It is not described, only passively mentioned.

  • It’s time for Voltron to stock up on supplies! But the Space Mall won’t cut it, they head to a new planet, a whole planet only dedicated to buying and selling goods.
    • Because space is very big and some things you need to buy are also very big. Like castleship engines and multiple tons of food.
  • They have two major stops to make. Most of the stuff is in one area, but some of the stuff is somewhere else. Lance and Keith take the Red Lion to the other place and split up from there.
    • Lance and Keith split up from there after parking the Red Lion
  • Just as the castleship is landing, a bio-weapon terrorist attack is launched in the area where Keith was getting supplies.
    • There doesn’t seem to be any initial effects, but the planet is shutting everything down just in case.
    • Keith gets swept in with the quarantine, despite all his protests and insisting he’s a paladin of Voltron and can help.
  • As the rest of the planet is investigated, the castleship gets framed.

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anonymous asked:

What is your take on Lelouch's character? A misguided individual needs to be directed to the 'right/moral' path? Well-meaning yet misunderstood? A narcissistic machiavellian?

Allow me to quote myself from a previous post of mine in which I explain why Lelouch is my favourite character of all time:

Because I love it when characters aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, when characters aren’t afraid to be assholes in order to do what must be done. Lelouch epitomised this “Bastard with a big heart” trope:

A lot of what Lelouch did in the series was horrible, but he deemed them necessary evils, and so he hardened himself and persevered. He truly had nerves of steel, which I greatly admired.

Furthermore, he was physically weak, and so used his intelligence to formulate very calculating methods to deceive and defeat his opponents, all of which were very entertaining to witness.

Lelouch was just such a character, you know? He had such charisma as Zero, he was so caring with Nunnally and Euphemia, he had such a complex relationship with Suzaku and C.C, he highly valued Kallen’s loyalty, he was so conniving towards his enemies and when the situation warranted it, even to his friends, he committed terrible acts but was fully prepared to face the consequences as part of the “Zero Requiem”.

I just don’t think I’ve ever come across a character quite as captivating as Lelouch Vi Britannia :)

So yeah, that’s how I feel about Lelouch ^_^

an actual sweetheart

You knew that Kihyun was an absolute tease even before dating him. You were close friends with all of the guys so naturally you would often go and hang out with them almost everyday. Everytime you went over at the dorm they would always joke around and be their usual dorky selves, you liked seeing their playful side because they really never failed to make you laugh your ass off. 

But Kihyun, he was something else. He always loved to tease you and if you had to be more specific than that he just freaking loved to scare the crap out of you. You were the type of person that got startled very easily so he would use this weakness against you for his personal amusement. And it always drove you crazy because not only he would scare you but he would also tease you for ages until you had to hit the back of his head to make him shut up. Now that you were dating his teasing got a lot more playful.

And today was no different.

“Can you stop doing this for once? Seriously Kihyun.” I swear if he keeps this up I will strangle him. “Why would I do that? It is so funny seeing you getting worked up over something this simple.” he said his smug smile never leaving his face. Seeing the annoyed expression on my face he let out an adorable chuckle and continued “Okay okay I will stop.”

Your anger slowly starting to fade away, “Thank god..” you let out a deep sigh and slowly made your way towards the kitchen. Your head was pounding like crazy so you tried to find some pain killers to ease the pain away. Though you were soon interrupted by the sound of Kihyun’s sweet voice asking, “What are you trying to find?” when you turned around to face him the usual teasing smile was replaced with a look of concern. His bare face making him look even more adorable than usual he was such a sweetheart when he wanted to and that’s one of the things you liked about him.

“I am looking for some pain killers, I have a really bad headache..” my voice coming out a bit harsher than I wanted but the pain of my head was so bad and so painful that I just continued searching once again. Suddenly Kihyun pulled me into his chest, one of his hands holding my waist and the other playing with the strands of my hair. He gently pulled back “Your cheeks are very red..” he looked confused for a moment before placing his palm over my forehead, looking very worried all of a sudden. “You have a fever.” he paused for a couple of seconds.

 “Come on.” 

He slowly took my hand and led me to his bedroom, it was so tidy and clean unlike Changkyun’s room which was just a big mess. I let out a small chuckle at the thought, Kihyun must have heard me because he turned around and smiled “What is it? Why are you laughing?” he said with a smile obviously intersted in what I found so amusing, his voice so sweet and calming my heart could literally melt. I loved Kihyun’s teasing side even though it sometimes pissed me off but whenever he got this gentle my heart couldn’t handle how cute he was “’s nothing.” I answered chuckling once more, he then patted the bed telling me to lay down and I did just that. 

He got lots of warm blankets and tacked me into bed while quietly humming to himself trying to make sure that I was comfortable. He of course gave me some medication and apologized for teasing me earlier. But I felt so tired that the only thing I wanted to do was sleep so I just hummed in response. 

“You just rest now okay?” he gently said, leaning down and planting a kiss on my burning forehead. This small action made my whole body relax. After hearing the sound of a door closing I assumed that Kihyun had left the room, I was about to fall asleep until I heard whispers coming from the hall. I couldn’t hear much but one thing that I did hear was-

“I will just sleep on the couch today, it’s no big deal I don’t want to disturb her sleep..” there was a small pause, “I don’t think I will go out tomorrow, I will stay and take care of her.”

I smiled, an actual sweetheart.


A ‘what if’ au that may possibly get me kicked 👀👀

Note: Depression

Everything’s muddled, dark. He can’t see anything; can’t hear anything.

It’s cold. He shivers, curling in on himself, making himself small.

He tries to breathe. He almost doesn’t have the strength to.

In. Out. In. Out.

It’s still dark.

He closes his eyes. And hopes he won’t open them again.

“Hey.” A whisper, soft and close. “Hey, Aomine.”


“Wake up, you idiot.” A hand atop his head, ruffling through his hair, gentle and warm. A sweet, fond voice calling his name.

He blinks awake, disoriented, and the first thing he sees are a bright smile and fiery red eyes. “Who – ?”

“I brought you food,” the man says with a grin as he stands up from the bed.


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