so he's my (relative) least favorite character

I’m actually kind of pleased to see Coil. I mean, out of all the prominent characters in 5.1, Coil’s my favorite. He seems like a relatively cool guy, so far at least.

But why. Why is this meeting taking place?

It’s been suggested in the past that Tattle knows who the Boss is, and she has had direct phone contact with him. He’s rich as fuck and has an agenda that we don’t quite know, much like a chessmaster would. The Boss also seems like a reasonable man.

I’m thinking there’s a possibility that we are meeting the Boss in this chapter after all.

…but then what the fuck are the Travellers doing here.

Alec Hardison Meta

I feel like out of all the Leverage main characters, Hardison is probably the least we know about or was explored. Nate was the most well explored (understandable since he was the main character) and even the most mysterious characters like Sophie got really well explored.

I don’t know if it’s because the writers thought that Hardison grew up relatively normal–at least compared to the others–or because there just wasn’t enough episodes.

But Hardison was my favorite character and, I personally think, the most interesting. Because the reasons why he got into hacking was pretty straight forward right? To help his nana pay off the bills, or maybe to get revenge on a teacher who gave him a low grade back in school. But I don’t think that’s all. He hacked the NSA when he was–what?–12 or so? He’s wanted in Switzerland for stealing from their international bank. But why?

Who taught him how to hack?

Did he teach himself?

Or did someone else did?

And what about his electrical and engineering skills? Most of the gadgets that the crew uses, Hardison makes. So he clearly knows his way around a screwdriver and has knowledge beyond that of a computer. 

And what about his connections in the hacker world? 

Is he like Parker where he’s famous for never being caught and pulling off the most daring of heists (or hacks in this case)?

Or is like Sophie, who’s infamous in the criminal world, no matter what you do?

Or maybe even like Eliot who’s name is spoken in hushed whispers?

Or is he so good that no one is even quite sure of who he really is? That all they know him by is a calling card, a hacker handle, or his work?

I really wish we could’ve known him better.

veritasmanhwa  asked:

Write a long post about one piece. Like "whats good and bad things about this anime", "why would anyone watch op?", "what kind of loser spend part of his lifetime to these +700 madafakinn episodes?" "why do we even keep watching it?" etc...if you already did that a link would be great because you see i'm lazy

I’m terribly sorry for the late reply but you did assign me quite a task! There were just… so many things I could mention in this reply that I needed time to sort out a few things in my head first.

I rarely watch the OP anime because its terrible quality makes me writhe with agony (screw you Toei), but my love for the OP manga is close to infinite. There’re just not enough words to describe how much I love almost every character Oda has ever created, especially Sanji. I can rant for days about the things I like about him but I doubt you’d hear me out unless you’re a huge Sanji fan as I am so I’ll skip that part.

What I Like About One Piece

I think my love for One Piece has a lot to do with Oda’s art style. Unlike many other mangas, most of his characters have very unique, detailed designs (well, save for the female ones - which I’ll mention later). Some of them look so apalling that you need time to get used to them but thanks to Oda’s excellent characterization skills you eventually grow to like them. You can feel how much love Oda has for his characters from the way he never misses the tiniest details of even the most minor characters. But most of all, the way Oda keeps bringing back past characters into the main plot (Coby, Sabo, Koala, etc.) reminds readers that everyone is part of the story and deserves to be loved, not just the Strawhats.

I also love One Piece because it shows what true and ideal nakamaship is. Almost every shonen manga stresses the value of friendship, but I’ve never seen any other mangaka who delivers such message as effectively and enchantingly as Oda does. Turning your back on the entire world just to get one nakama back isn’t the only way the Strawhats reveal how much they care for each other. Such epic moments aside, their camaraderie is very much present in the way each of them sticks to their respective roles on their ship. “I’ll do whatever you cannot do, and you do whatever I cannot do” I think this line from Sanji captures the spirit of One Piece really well (which is one of the reasons why he became my favorite). This is why I don’t ship any two characters in One Piece - not that it’s wrong, but when it comes to One Piece it’s nakamaship than romance that better grasps the soul of this manga. I do like Zosan but I still prefer them as nakama.

One Piece is also famous for its ever expanding universe. The OP universe is not only infinite but also extremely concrete thanks to Oda’s godly worldbuilding & foreshadowing skills. Even the background of each and every place Luffy sets foot in is drawn with so much unique details that you almost feel as if such places really exist in some other dimension. I also like how the OP world accurately portrays the ugliness of our real world even when it looks so surreal.

What is most amazing is that although One Piece is coming close to its 20th anniversary and will soon be reaching the 900th chapter, Oda never loses grasp of the message he has wanted to deliver from the very beginning: the love for freedom and family.

What sets Luffy apart from typical shonen protagonists is that fact the he is not a hero. Regardless of how many lives and kingdoms he saves along the way, Luffy has never wanted to be a hero and never will be. “The person with the most freedom on this ocean is the Pirate King” Luffy’s not not a mere wielder of the freedom flag - he is the very embodiment of freedom. It’s in Luffy’s nature to understand what freedom is, so he fights for his freedom and respects his nakama’s freedom to choose. He doesn’t help others unless they very clearly make a decision about their own lives (Coby, Nami, Vivi, Robin, Momonosuke, etc.) and asks for help. Most of the time Luffy’s an idiot but that one unique brand of intelligence redeems him beyond anything.

What is One Piece without family? Throughout the entire 800+n chapters, Oda continuously tells us what family truly means. Basically, his message is that you don’t have to be blood-related to be a family. The Strawhats are the perfect example; even their backstories revolve around the people they loved like real family and all of them never fail to touch my heart, no matter how many times I re-read them. 

What I Don’t Like About One Piece

I’ve babbled too much about what’s good about One Piece XD so let’s move onto what I don’t like about it. OP is my favorite manga so there’s little that I dislike about it, but I’m not satisfied with the way Oda portrays female characters. Their faces and body shapes are just too similar compared to those of male characters, and their roles are also relatively limited. There’re exceptions of course but that seems to be the case in general.

In addition, I’m afraid to say the story has become rather lackluster after the timeskip. We’re close to the main event that is the Yonkou so there should be more excitement, but I’m afraid it’s the opposite for me, at least up to this point. I think this has a lot do with the relative lack of crew dynamics after the timeskip. I know Oda loves to create new characters but I feel like those characters are overshadowing the Strawhats as of late. Such feeling was the heaviest in Dressrosa - one of the reasons why it became my least favorite arc.

I also hope Luffy redeems his old charisma. Luffy’s simple-minded but he can become the most imposing figure in the entire OP universe in critical moments and that’s what I loved about him. In the past Luffy's leadership was more prominent - it was more evident in the way he spoke, in his facial expressions and gestures. I can’t explain the reason clearly but recently I got the impression that Luffy’s charisma is diminishing rather than growing; it may have something to do with the change of art style or maybe it’s something else. Don’t get me wrong - I still love Luffy but this point has to be made.

Well, that’s all I can think of right now. Maybe I can write more but I think my post is long enough already XD And oh yeah, I forgot to mention the epic fight scenes that hooked up so many fans in the first place - I also love the battle scenes but I just wanted to point out that there’s so much more to One Piece even without action. Anyway what I ultimately want to say is that don’t blame yourself for watching +700 OP episodes because they’re really worth your time!

All points made in this post are personal, so I welcome different opinions & exchange of thoughts.