so he's around 19 now

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t... try me buddy... what would kliff and silas look like

{ CRACKS MY KNUCKLES hey buddy let’s do this

i think they could get along really well!! they both come off as pretty calm people, and silas would definitely respect all of kliff’s walls and barriers– he’d take the time to try to get to know him, and even if kliff never told him a single thing… well, that’d be fine; he’d still care for him just the same. 

i had this image while i was mulling it over of just… them hanging out together, reading, and kliff’s just absorbed in his book… and then when he finally looks up there’s warm tea on the table beside him (or whatever is his soothing beverage of choice) and some light snacks… they’re just there all of the sudden, because maybe silas noticed kliff clearing his throat or maybe there’s some other tell indicative of some sort of something. just… silas looking out for kliff without a word. and when he leaves there’s a new book on the desk, or some sort of trinket silas thought he might like… 

and then what if silas told kliff a s • e • c • r • e • t, or something. and he knows kliff plays his cards close to his chest, but he wants kliff to know that he does trust him. 

i guess that’s all very silas centric, ahaha, but. man. silas is all featherlight touches, brushing the hair out of someone’s eyes, rubbing circles onto their hands with his thumbs– he’s comfort and gentle affection and care in every gesture, and that’s what he’d give.
but he wouln’t push, wouldn’t even ask for anything, whether for better or worse. that’s just… silas.  it’s how he is.

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In chapter 60 we see He Tian for the first time. He's not alone but with some other guy. I wonder who it may be and why we don't see that guy anymore. What do you think?

hi, anon!! this reply comes incredibly late, and im really really sorry about it, i can only hope you’re still around to see this!!

okay, so, just to be clear, you mean these two guys, right??

aah, i remember seeing this theory running around in one of my very brief appearances on tumblr sometimes last month, but if i have to be honest i’ve never given much thought to it. now that i had the time to look better at it, i have to say that the black haired guy does resemble he tian a lot, both physically and personality-wise, so it’s definitely possible for that to be he tian’s first official appearance in the story, and if the fandom is considering this canon now, then count me in, im more than okay with this!!

as for the other guy, tho, i don’t think he is particularly important. even if the black haired guy was indeed he tian (and im pretty convinced that he was), this happened back in chapters 60 and 61, while he tian’s real main appearance is in chapter 102. it’s true that old xian used to update more often in the past, but still, a lot of time passed between those chapters, and it’s likely that the idea old xian had about he tian and his story changed throughout the weeks. it’s a natural part of the creation process, and most of the times what you came up with at the beginning turns out completely different once it actually comes the time to put it down on the page. he tian’s story was probably very different at first, and it’s possible that this dude was a big part of it (maybe he tian was supposed to go with him at first, who knows), but then, as the characters took life in old xian’s mind, they realised it wasn’t good, or that they simply didn’t like it, and they decided to change it, and thus tianshan was born

of course, we can’t be sure of anything (not even that the black haired guy was indeed he tian) unless old xian confirms it, and it’s probably never gonna happen, so we’ll probably never really know how things were supposed to go and how much they changed from the original idea, but yeah, i don’t think we should particularly worry about this other guy and why he doesn’t appear anymore, he probably was just written off from the story, or was always supposed to be just a background character. if we are going to accept that the black haired dude was he tian, then im simply going to consider this guy a classmate with which he hung out sometimes, with no particular meaning behind it (i did always find it strange that they never seem to interact with their classmates tbh)

…….unless old xian decides to surprise us all and bring the guy back to create some drama in the future, but there are already so many things on their plate, i really don’t think that’s going to happen. if anyone wants to use him to create headcanons or write fanfictions, though, you’re definitely gonna have my support!!