so he wouldn't be alone


they’re still babies and their dad wants them to play with the big kids

(based on a real story)




wait …. isn’t it canon that rans follows bitty on twitter??? because. i mean. thinking about that lil fact….. and the september tweets…….. ….. bitty’s not being super subtle tbh…..

like especially bitty tweeting “When you tweet something dumb and have to apologize in French to stop getting hourly chirp texts in Quebecois.” and then following that up with a fuckin heart???? a “<3”??????????? LIKE WHAT KIND OF???????????? BITTY, IT’S PRETTY OBVIOUS WHICH QUEBECOIS UR TALKING ABOUT………… YOU ONLY KNOW ONE………….

anyway. wow. bitty. bits. So Sneaky……………………………………………… How Ever Did Ransom Figure It Out????????


✦ ✧ KagaKuro Week: [ ᴅ ᴀ y - ᴛ ᴡ ᴏ ]

② It’s not w a n t, we w i l l be [ 10/6 ]

  • A : what if/au

– ‘Cause baby, tonight, we’re b e a u t i f u l now.

AU in which Kuroko found “Taiga”, a little human!tiger who is determinated in beat down all the kiseki… Because NO ONE is allowed to make Tetsuya cry like this and treating him so horrible.

✧* в σ η υ ѕ:

Kuroko’s father took the photo and walked away, he can wait a little longer to talk to his son…


So let’s say Wells is alive in canon and fits right in with the core four during both seasons. Now, 2x16. Clarke leaves, and she’s walking through the forest, totally numb and distraught and lost. Then footsteps come up behind her and she whips around, furious, because it better not be Bellamy, because she thought he understood–

Instead, she finds Wells, two bags slung over his shoulder, glaring at her.

When she growls at him, demanding what he’s doing there, he just snorts and chucks a bag at her.

He says: First, don’t be dumb enough to go off on your own without supplies. Second: I’m here because I got myself arrested and sent down to the ground so I could follow you, remember?

For a minute, she can’t speak, and so he does instead.

And I’m still following you. Don’t you know by now, Clarke? I’d follow you anywhere.

You better not slow me down, is all she can manage to choke out, because her heart is in her throat. 

As if, he scoffs, stepping up to walk by her side, in the forest, into the unknown.

I would like to remind everyone why Obi decided to stay at the castle in the first place.



Happy Birthday, Rin! ♥