so he won't be in the way any more~

So clearly I live in a Moriel trashcan and am biased, but hear me out

Just wondering why the fandom is all heart eyes at Rhysand and Cassian for showing any amount of emotional intelligence (e.g. how Rhys helps Feyre, Cassian being the way he with Nesta in general), but ignore the fact that Mor is like this with Az ALL THE TIME? And blame her for not being the caregiver/mom/emotionally responsible one in her relationships more often (IE 100% of the time)?

Why do we ignore a certain type of behavior in female characters, and praise it in the males? That’s sort-of a rhetorical question, I already have an answer in mind. But I want to discuss! I am here for The Discourse.

Since Grimmons is pretty much canon, and we know thanks to Doc that Grif’s parent[s] favoured Kaikaina over him, and that the reason he eats so much is to deal with his emotions—then that time Simmons’ eyes were glued to Kai’s body must’ve really hurt him. And I don’t know if he’s insecure about his weight but considering Kaikaina was implied to have a fit and flexible body then I’m guessing that did not help.

Grif probably ate even more during that time and instead of questioning it, Simmons would chastise him for ruining his body.

Does your heart hurt? Mine does.


Oh, I get it now! You don’t like Sans, so you turned him into an asshole so that everyone else shares your hate. Is that right?

Sans is actually one of my favorite characters. But since I enjoyed the idea of Sans and Flowey’s history and rivalry. I wanted to expand it in a way that would actually make it easy to understand why Flowey is so scared of him.

you know i’ve been thinking about the “open ending” in the finale and i’m just??? what exactly are they planning?

(basically a novel behind the read more, don’t read if you don’t want to be seeing some discussion regarding lexa) 

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The Tip Over Into the Inevitable

The Tip Over Into The Inevitable (6893 words) by ivyblossom

When his father dies, Sherlock avoids sleeping. Then discovers he can’t. John finds a way to help.

Edited to add: this is a bit angstier than I expected. I wrote it in the middle of an international move, so that might be why.

If I were Patrick’s mother, I don’t think I could be any more proud of him and happy for him to see the way his colleagues and the fans and the media welcomed him to the ASG today. There was almost a sense awe and of being in the presence of greatness on the faces of these adult jaded men who do this every day. For every hurtful word, refusal to accept evidence, continued witch hunt, and unfair and undeserved horrific label that he has been forced to shoulder - and likely will continue to be unfairly labeled – today, and the weekend overall, is the universe taking a moment to give him back a tiny bit of what was stolen from him. God bless you, kiddo – we can’t ever get it all back for you – God knows we would if we could. But your work ethic, quiet determination, and refusal to enter the fray has earned the respect of your peers and is clearly a great way to start ….

So I started reading The Elfish Gene: Dungeons, Dragons, and Growing Up Strange by Mark Barrowcliffe.

In the first three pages, he’s talked about how playing D&D as a kid was the greatest possible waste of youth, how he can’t imagine women having any interest in D&D, and then references his obsession with D&D by saying “an obsession is a way for damaged people to damage themselves more.”

Uh, yeah, this doesn’t make me want to read any more of the book.

Do it right

sequel to ‘Searching for your heart

pairing: OiHina/KuroHina/IwaOi
words: 5110
warning: angst

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

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Apparently, Tooru discovered, there was another way to get rid of the cold that numbed his body from within. He raised his hand and signalled the bartender over.

“One more.” He pushed his empty glass to the edge of the bar.

“Haven’t you had enough already, sir?” The man sent him a careful glance, which only made Tooru grit his teeth. Who did he think he was to lecture him?

“Enough?” he repeated hollowly, ugly laughter bubbling past his lips. “That’s right, I’ve had enough. Of everything. I’m done.” He sat back in his stool and tapped the counter with his finger, challenging the bartender with his eyes. “One more.”

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