so he told him congrats and you could see that ben was touched

Soundtrack of Us (Part Six) - I Believe in a Thing Called Love

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Word Count: 4200+ (Sorry, got carried away!)

Pairing: AU!Dean x musician!reader

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Jess, Ellen & Jo Harvelle, Castiel, Russell (OC), Dan (OC), Lisa

Warnings: slight angst, mention of abortion, alcohol, language, fluffz

Summary: Y/N is a local artist with standing gigs at a coffee shop and a bar in a small town in North Carolina. She’s run from some things at home, but life has finally fallen into place in Asheville. Music is her life and her only worry in life, until she meets a pair of hypnotizing green eyes.

Author’s Note: So I finally am done with school for a couple weeks and taking a two week break! I made this one a little longer since it took me a couple weeks to get this part out and it’s also a little less based on a song, but more of the title. 
I used this chapter to be a part of @casbabydontgoineedyou ‘s 1k follower challenge! Congrats again on 1k, girly! Anyway, I had fun writing this one and straying away from some angst and then having reader have some fun with Dean. Enjoy!

Song is I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness (lolz not Amara). Lyrics are bold and italicized.

Challenge quote: “So… how can we fix this?” in bold.

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“Dean… that is so… fucked up.” You scolded him.

“Not pregnant from me,” he cut you off and raised a finger, “It’s never with me. Not Ben, not this one. She told me straight up when she found out that it wasn’t mine. And I believe her because I haven’t touched her in months. Especially not this past month.”

He grabbed your hand. You wanted to retract it, knowing you had just seen him comfort Lisa in the same way. However, how could you blame him? Dean had a big heart. He willingly lived a hard-labored life for his brother, took care of Ben for Lisa, you just knew he only did this because he could take it. He was strong enough. But just because he was strong enough, it didn’t mean that he deserved to carry everyone’s qualms. That’s something you learned yourself.

“Oh,” was all you could say. “Dean, I-”

“You don’t have to say anything, o-or apologize, I, uh, I’m just over it all. You didn’t do anything wrong and I don’t blame you if you want to walk away right now. I just hope you don’t. I can’t even think straight right now, I’m such a mess,” he managed to stammer through his tears. You cradled your arms around him as he shrunk into your chest, his sobs muffled into your embrace. You rubbed his back and shushed his tears, not knowing what to say to console him.

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