so he still wins


Victor “A True Artist Gets Dumped After A Party And Milks That Pain For All It’s Worth” Nikiforov

So, I imagine a season where Viktor both skates and coaches,

- We get to see Viktor’s skating again!
- Yuuri supporting Viktor and shouting ‘Davai’ before his programs.
- Viktor spending as little time as possible at Kiss and Cry because he has to be next to Yuuri at his turn.
- Viktor kissing his ring before starting his programs.
- Yakov complaining why Yuuri is here with them, cheering for Viktor while he still has to skate, concentrate boy, and not on your fiancee!
- Viktor, that was also for you too! Remember you also compete!
- Viktor’s season theme being love this time.
- Yuri shouting at both of them like ‘you can’t beat me’ while Viktor is like, ‘we will see.’ 
- Yuri and Viktor making plans behind Yuuri’s back to make sure he skates the next season too.
- Viktor wanting Yuuri to win the gold while still wanting to win it himself so he throws those thoughts to fire and finally has a season where he skates for fun. 
- And all the skaters support him. They also support Yuuri.
- Chris getting fired up because Viktor is competing again. 
- Viktor preparing twin choreographies like Agape and Eros but this time they are for him and Yuuri.
- They always put quad flip in their programs. 
- Another pair skating at the gala. They both win medals after all.
- Yuuri also working at St. Petersburg with Yuri, Viktor and all the other Russians.  
- Yuuri learning Russian like Viktor learned Japanese. 
- Yuuri’s phone language would be Russian while Viktor’s Japanese and they get confused looks each time someone sees phones. 
- Yakov watching Viktor coaching Yuuri.
- And sometimes giving suggestions of his own.
- Yuuri working at Lilia’ s studio, missing Minako and respecting the prima ballerina.
- Minako visiting and meeting Lilia.
- Viktor getting the keys of the rink from Yakov because Yuuri likes to skate at weird hours because of his anxiety. 
- Yuuri learning Viktor’s programs as well because he is watching Viktor’s practice all the time.
- Viktor breaking the world records again, taking them back.
- Yuuri and Yuri breaking them again.
- All of them making history.

Yes, yes, I quite like this idea. 

aesthetic punk modern mythmeme // Amanikable, Philippine god of storm and sea 

“Hold your breath. Don’t deny the pressure until I tell you to. I want the water inside you to be so unbearable in its ravaging that you would have no choice but to drown in me." A beat. And then, "please." Passed over again, and then again, his anger stretches itself thin until it breaks to reveal the desperation, the solitude. But what has he to offer to a girl of the earth? 

I have a lot of feelings about Matt Boyd. He’s with the weakest and most ridiculed Class I team but loves them like family. He feared is future girlfriend and was scared shitless even when asking her out. He’s the tallest on the team but worst enemy on the team is five feet tall. Nobody will stop fighting around him. His five foot enemy tricked him into drug relapse for said enemy’s brother’s sake. His best friend got kidnapped and nearly died. His best friend ends up dating his five foot enemy. Nothing ever goes right for an entire year. Nobody ever explains things so he probably loses a lot of bets. He keeps getting punched. All he wants is to play exy and for everyone to get along but suddenly there’s the mafia and the FBI and murders. Someone help Matt Boyd.

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Who would win in a fight? Bubsy the Bobcat or Cool cat?

Cool Cat is a real thing that can be arrested for his love of children and never be seen again.

Bubsy is a load of code inside a disc. He can never die. Even when you crack the disc, he still exists. Somewhere.

So yeah, Bubsy wins.

Ok so assuming this is a world where Coulson never went into Shield:

1. May never met him

2. Nick Fury never had him as his right hand man

3. He wasn’t there in Iron Man to help Pepper which means bad stuff for Pepper

4. He wasn’t there in Iron Man 2 to babysit Tony and…actually he really didn’t do much there except appear in the end credit scene

5. Wasn’t there to stop those gas station robbers in that oneshot

6. Wasn’t there to be Thor’s sorta friend in Thor

7. Wasn’t there in the Avengers and literally bring together the Avengers

8. Wasn’t there to be a dad to Daisy and FitzSimmons

9. shit shit shit shit shit shit

So yeah, have fun teaching what appears to be basic high school history Coulson

Yuuri will not win the Gold Medal.

I had this theory last week as well, but it was just now that it really occurred to me why Yuuri cannot win the gold medal. Yes, within the context of the story, he’s currently in 4th place - and upsets aren’t impossible. So he technically could still win it.

But he won’t. Because imagine what happens if he does:

In episode 10, Viktor tells their friends that they will get married when Yuuri wins the gold medal. So let’s say he does, and Viktor keeps his word. For the rest of his life, Yuuri will believe he earned the right to marry Viktor by winning the Grand Prix final. Love won’t have anything to do with it, in Yuuri’s mind. Maybe he knows he loves Viktor, but as far as we’ve seen, Yuuri doesn’t know that Viktor loves him. And if the key to marrying Viktor is the gold medal, and Yuuri provides it, then even if Viktor does tell Yuuri that he loves him later on, Yuuri will always see that as secondary to what he accomplished in order to “get” Viktor.

A person is not a prize. Marriage is not something you dangle in front of someone as an incentive to win a competition. We know that both Viktor and Yuuri have made mistakes understanding each other, and continue to do so up to this point, but the writers have juxtaposed that with their bodies knowing exactly what to do together.

We as fans know they love each other not specifically by what they say, but by how it’s said, the body language, the way they touch and interact. The creators of the show took great care to create love between these characters, and it would be a mistake to suggest that a medal, and not love, is the reason for their marriage if they have one.

Yuuri is already afraid of losing, because in his mind losing the Grand Prix means losing Viktor. But that’s exactly why he needs to lose, so that he can have definitive proof that Viktor’s love for him is not conditional, and not based on his abilities as a skater, or a drunk party boy, but because he is Yuuri Katsuki, and all of the terrible and wonderful things that Yuuri Katsuki is.

Viktor loves Yuuri more than anything: more than skating, more than winning. And in this series actions have always spoken louder than words. So Yuuri needs to come second, or lower, to give Viktor the chance to prove the truth of his love. And so that Yuuri himself, the anxious boy with low self esteem, can learn that he is more than what he’s capable of on the ice.

The only gold, round thing either of them needs is the ring he’s already wearing.

That would've been Val's third mirrorball

I’m still so pressed him and Z were robbed. When he wins with partners that are great, but IMO not as great as Z, I just ughhhhhhh. I hate this damn show.


This is what Misha Collins has posted on Facebook in relation to the happy, happy news of marriage equality in America ❤️💛💚💙💜 #lovewins


It’s the 26th of June, 2015, and gay marriage has become legal in all of the United States : )) !!

So, after 26 years, certain peeps can finally get married UuU <3

(I wanted to do a lil something to celebrate)