so he still wins


Victor “A True Artist Gets Dumped After A Party And Milks That Pain For All It’s Worth” Nikiforov

It was in...

It was in 1st year when Draco Malfoy finally got to meet his hero, Harry Potter. However he wasn’t ready to meet the realisation that Harry Potter didn’t want to meet him. He didn’t even want to be his friend, so it was from this day forth that if he couldn’t be his friend, he would be his enemy.

It was in 2nd year that Draco got to challenge Harry Potter in Quidditch and in a duel. But it was all to beat him right? Because Draco was better than Saint Potter. He wasn’t trying to impress him, was he?

It was in 3rd year that Draco heard the famous Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban. A man who was his family and who intended to hurt Harry Potter. But he couldn’t do anything apart from let him find Harry. Anyway he wanted this, for once the famous Harry Potter couldn’t be helped. He most certainly wasn’t scared for Harry, he was scared for himself. Right?

It was in 4th year that for once when the name “Harry Potter” was called out Draco didn’t feel annoyed or angry, he felt anxious and this time he knew it. Even though Harry was his rival, Draco knew that he couldn’t lose him to a stupid tournament. So when Harry came back clutching the lifeless body of Cedric Diggory and screaming “He’s back,” Draco knew that he wasn’t lying. That Voldemort really was back and Harry has to fight him. He’s his only hope.

It was in 5th year that everyone believed Harry was lying, Draco of course didn’t but he had to pretend he did. He couldn’t let anyone know that he’d come to care for his rival. So of course he teamed up with Umbridge to help bring Harry down whilst all the while spending every second fearing when Voldemort will strike and take away Harry.

It was in 6th year that Draco realised he was in love. He was in love with the one person everyone around him had taught him to hate. But it was also in this year that Voldemort asked him to murder Dumbledore. From the start he knew he not only couldn’t do it but he wouldn’t do it. For once he wanted to be like Harry, he wanted to do the right thing. Even though he failed to complete the task Draco felt as though he had succeeded in doing the right thing.

It was in 7th year that everything fell apart. Everything Draco knew was crumbling around him, he didn’t know where Harry was and he was scared. For he was slowly starting to believe that Voldemort might win. The first thing that Draco felt when Harry Potter was thrust onto the Manor floor was relief. Even with a stinging hex Draco knew it was Harry, how couldn’t he? But Draco was still so scared for his entire future, he can’t have Voldemort win. So he said he couldn’t be sure if it was Harry because that’s what you do when you’re in love, you protect them no matter the consequences on yourself. Yet when Draco heard Voldemort utter the four words he never wanted to hear of “ Harry Potter is dead,” Draco felt as though his entire world was collapsing. But the thrill that surged through every vein of his when Harry jumped out of Hagrid’s hands was so intense that Draco’s whole body shuddered. Harry can win this Draco muttered to himself and the sense of unlawful joy that ripped through Draco when Harry did win was almost impossible.

It was in 8th year when everyone who fought in the war came back to retake their 7th year that Draco had the courage to express his feelings to a newly befriended Harry Potter. And thankfully, it was in 8th year that Draco felt at ease because for once he was doing okay. He had someone to love and the fact that they loved him back, well that was extraordinary.

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Can I also point out that when Mila said "Come on yuri, Otabek's probably real upset about losing against you" I just imagined an intercut scene where Otabek is in the club, gradually turning the music up and banging his head to rock music like the real champ he is, finger banging free shots for customers who dance like they mean it, while Mila keeps saying stuff like "He's probably real sad, just leave him some space, honey"

it’s so fcking hilarious that everyone goes all rom com tryna reunite yuri with otabek so they can “fix” things, meanwhile beka is jus chilling doing his thing & thinking abt what late night takeout he can bring yuri to make it up to him


haechan’s beautiful singing

dream daddy is the cutest sh*t and i’m still emotional about all of hugo’s dates

the saddest part of the whole WengerOut thing is that most of these fans have actually experienced all the glory days with him, they have enjoyed every one of his successful years. a lot of us newer fans have only read about those days and watched videos, and yet we have so much respect for the man and all that he has done for the club. it makes me sad that the fans with the first hand experience of the wins and celebrations can so easily disregard, if not forget, all his achievements and would go so far as to force him to leave. i dont deny a new manager may be good for the club in some aspects, but sometimes loyalty should stretch further than your love for your club, to the person who has been through it all with you and is probably more concerned with its present state than any fan can be.

Zach Dempsey Jealous Headcanons

Request: hmm a jealous zach dempsey? ☺️


A/N: Thank you for requesting, I hope you like them :)


Warnings: Jealousy.

Zach Dempsey Jealous Headcanons…

  • Zach actually gets super jealous

  • He gets lonely easily, and he doesn’t like it when other boys steal away your attention
  • He’s respectful of your right to have other male friends, but he gets jealous

  • He’ll walk over to you and pull you into his side
  • And the entire time he’ll give you ‘can we just go’ eyes

  • And he’ll be all over you trying to take your hand and stuff
  • Okay so he actually growls?

  • Like a little sound in the back of his throat. It isn’t really threatening, just an annoyance and kind of like a whine?
  • Afterwards he’s quite the sulker

  • He works himself up and won’t talk to you while he just remembers the moment over and over
  • And he always brings it up later, which you don’t mind, because communication is better than getting nothing

  • He won’t let you out of his arms
  • Honestly, you’ll be hugging everywhere you go and even hold hands while he’s driving

  • And the next day at school he’ll increase the PDA so much
  • Especially when the other boys are watching

  • And he’ll take you on an insanely amazing date
  • And the whole time you’ll be reminding him that he already has you, he doesn’t need to work so hard

  • But he’s determined the keep you, so he never stops trying like he’s still trying to win you over
  • Jealous Zach would also absolutely change his profile picture on every social media account just so everyone is reminded you’re still together

  • And eventually he buys you a necklace with a little Z on it
  • And he tries not to make a big deal of his jealousy

  • But you can tell how infuriated he gets, and you think it’s kind of sweet
  • He makes you wear his jacket (after he’s worn extra cologne the day before so it smells especially like him

  • Walking you to and from class
  • Just absolutely hating the thought of losing you to someone else, because he just wants to love and take care of you all his life

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1d as kids i met on my first day of work at a kindergarten

harry: the boy who acted really tough but had pink pants and one glittery earring and carried a pink rock around with him for an hour when we were playing outside

niall: the girl who asked me 5 times what my name was but then decided to call me “baked potato”

louis: the boy who played board games all day but never finished a game. he always quit while he was still winning so he wouldn’t lose (he also cheated a lot)

liam: the brother of the pink pants boy, always complaining about everything his brother did and only talked to me once to ask me if i listen to a lot of music

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Could I request for headcanons about cute signs when he has a crush for Kirishima, Todoroki, Shinsou, Midoriya and Ectoplasm please?

With Midoriya now added in, as I forgot him the first time!


⚪️ Stares. A lot.

⚪️ He smiles and grins at you. A lot.

⚪️ Honestly he just can’t help but look like a doofus when you’re around. No matter what you’re saying, it’s the most interesting thing in the world. His eyes are always on you and you couldn’t wipe the grin off his face even if you slapped him. Don’t actually do that though, really.

⚪️ He’s always trying to show off to you in some way or another. He wants you to notice how manly he is and he’ll do many ‘manly’ tasks in order to get your attention. He might flex his muscles a little or make a conscious effort to help you out with something.

⚪️ If you catch him staring at you, he’s probably going to look away as quick as possible, blush, and act normal. It’s obvious what he was doing though, and he starts to do it again whether he realizes it or not when you look away.

⚪️ He always tries to talk to you but even though he seems confident, you can devolve him into a blushing, stuttering, nervous wreck just by looking into his eyes for an extended period of time. All the while he’s still trying to impress you in some way or another.

⚪️ Tries so hard to make you laugh. Sometimes he ends up failing but, even when he fails he’s pretty cute so you still laugh. So win-win?

⚪️ Results: He’s so hopelessly adorable when he’s crushing.


⚪️ He stares too, but in his case it might be a bit more unsettling if you catch him doing it. Mainly because sometimes he just keep staring even when you make eye contact with him. A lot of the time he doesn’t realize he’s doing it though, so he’s kind of embarrassed when it hits him. He blushes and has to look away and lift a nervous hand to the side of his neck.

⚪️ He offers for you to sit with him more often at lunch or on breaks. If you ask him a question or for help, it’s very obvious that he’s going out of his way to give you the best advice ever. Usually Torodoki is pretty blase and blunt about things, but with you, he’s putting in an effort. 

⚪️ He loves being able to help you too, not only because it’s a chance to talk and be close but because he feels like he’s doing something for you better than someone else can. Maybe it’s a bit selfish.

⚪️ He learns how to stare at you without being obvious though, and uh… Todoroki is actually pretty shameless in where he checks you out. He’s just more subtle about staring at your ass than he is your face - but he does it. He definitely does. 

⚪️ His classmates notice that he’s extra protective or attentive when something involves you. If someone starts talking about you, his ears perk up and he’s listening without actually intruding on the conversation. 

⚪️ Very suave and charming without meaning to be. Somehow, no matter what it is, if something is going wrong for you he’s there to swoop in and help. The other boys in the class are jealous that he can be so unintentionally smooth.

⚪️ Results: Intimidating when he’s crushing on you and you’ll become quite the topic of conversation when rumors spread about you two. 


⚪️ Okay he stares too. Staring is just something most people do when they have a crush. He’s probably the best at hiding it though, since when he’s embarrassed it’s hard to tell.

⚪️ He really likes looking at you though. Seeing you smile, seeing you concentrate, seeing you look bored, seeing you work hard - you manage to look captivating no matter what you’re doing. It’s intimidating to him actually, since he wonders if he’ll ever actually be able to catch your attention.

⚪️ Isn’t super confident in just approaching you or starting up a conversation. He might actually seem pretty reserved and quiet and cold toward you, but that’s really because you make him so nervous. Don’t feel disheartened though, he actually likes you a lot and that’s what makes it so hard to be around you.

⚪️ He doesn’t want to say the wrong thing or anything, so he’ll often give you very short answers to any questions or keep conversations simple. Shinsou wants to talk to you, he wants to be friendly and flirtatious, but it’s hard.

⚪️ If you touch him in any way, whether it’s just a hand on his arm or a small hug, his heart jolts in his chest and lodges in his throat. He has no idea what to do but it feels so good that even after you pull away, his body and mind are still reeling. 

⚪️ It will probably take a more perceptive or outgoing person to be able to actually move to the next step with him, since it’ll be hard for him to approach you. However, once you notice the signs and all of his actions, it’s clear that he’s totally head over heels.

⚪️ Result: Don’t be scared by his apparent coldness. He’s even more scared of you than you are of him.

Ectoplasm (i’ll do my best): 

⚪️ He’s not nervous or shy around you so actually having a conversation isn’t hard. However, what he fears most is that you’re scared away by his appearance. He’s pretty intimidating but, really, he’s a nice guy. He likes karaoke. If you go to karaoke with him, you’ll see that he’s not so bad even despite his appearance. 

⚪️ He’ll definitely invite you to karaoke though, so beware.

⚪️ The type of guy who will purposefully be in the same area as you just to run into you, and when you finally do run into each other he’ll be like “Oh, you’re here? I wasn’t expecting to see you”

⚪️ He’s an adult so he doesn’t play as many games when it comes to someone that he likes. Doesn’t play hard to get and probably doesn’t chase after someone who plays hard to get either. 

⚪️ It’s noticeable how comfortable he is around you, especially when he realizes you aren’t intimidated by his appearance. He talks to you more than he does others, and about less serious topics than he normally would too. 

⚪️ He likes to see you smile. He also likes to show his bravery and fortitude to you however he can. He’s a hero after all, one whose deserved his title. He hopes that you can see that in him. The look of pride or adoration in your eyes that you get when he impresses you makes his heart race.

⚪️ Result: He knows that he looks scary but really he’s an upstanding guy who just wants to go to karaoke with you. 


⚪️ Definitely, totally nervous around you. A complete wreck most of the time, so long as it comes to normal conversation and situations. He’s able to be normal if it’s a serious situation though, or if you need help or something. Other than that, he’s no good.

⚪️ It’s pretty obvious he likes you, so you’ll have to be pretty oblivious to not notice. The blushing, the stuttering, the staring… When he realizes he’s starting, he looks away but glances up at you multiple times so it isn’t really conspicuous.

⚪️ Does a thing where he puts his hand on the side of his head and looks away when he’s nervous. Since everyone in his class can tell that he likes you, he probably gets relationship advice whether he asks for it or not. Typically from Kaminari though, so the advice might not be that useful… At least he’s smart enough to not listen to Mineta.

⚪️ Bakugou will get annoyed by the fact that Midoriya is always so nervous around you, looking like a ‘little bitch’ so he eventually he shouts ‘quit it with the ooey-gooey shit!! I’m trying to do my work! Just ask her out or shut the fuck up!”

⚪️ So that is definitely not the ideal situation for Midoriya’s feelings to come to light, but Midoriya’s reaction is cute so you don’t mind.

⚪️ He loves being able to show that he can be a hero for you though. He always tries his best, and knowing that you look up to him in some way or another is just the best thing ever. Compliments from you make his heart soar. He thinks about it for the rest of the week.

⚪️ Result: So obvious he’s crushing on you. It’s cute. Eventually he might be brave enough to ask you out but you making the first move makes things move along much faster.

aesthetic punk modern mythmeme // Amanikable, Philippine god of storm and sea 

“Hold your breath. Don’t deny the pressure until I tell you to. I want the water inside you to be so unbearable in its ravaging that you would have no choice but to drown in me." A beat. And then, "please." Passed over again, and then again, his anger stretches itself thin until it breaks to reveal the desperation, the solitude. But what has he to offer to a girl of the earth? 

What was in Victor’s mind in episode 9?

So today I was thinking about the airport scene today again and what struck me about it is that it is never explained what was Victor thinking while saying this:

While it’s obvious what Yuuri has in his mind at the moment (i.e. having Victor by his side these last few weeks before his retirement) there is no reason why would Victor reevaluate their relationship then. Leaving Yuuri for that three days for Maccachin obviously doesn’t make him a bad coach at least Yuuri would never think so. And Victor doesn’t overthink things much normally so while it’s his natural reaction to throw himself into Yuuri’s arms (and Yuuri’s only but that’s another story) it’s why he speaks about coaching first what puzzled me the most.

But then I realised something else about this whole situation and I think that was the same realisation that really made Victor look so miserable on that airport. Because what is interesting is the fact that Victor couldn’t decide what to do when he learned about Maccachin at the first place.

He was seriously torn between staying with Yuuri or going back while really there shouldn’t be a question. Sure, he takes his coaching responsibilities very seriously and he cares about Yuuri a lot and he doesn’t want to leave him especially since they’re finally in a relationship like he always wanted but still we’re talking about Maccachin whom he had for over 12 years? He loves that dog more than anything, Maccachin was the only one to greet him home, the one to care when Victor was down, the one who slept with him… Like Yuuri was apart from his dog for five years and he was still devastated after Viccan’s death can you imagine how Victor would feel? For Yuuri, it’s obvious that Victor should go back, he tells him he needs to because it really is the one right thing to do and Victor. Still. Hesitates? 

Side note, I love the fact that Victor trusts Yakov so much he believes he may take care of Yuuri in his stead but anyway he finds a solution, he flies to Japan and now, we don’t know what happens there but what I think happened is that Victor looks at his miraculously saved dog, he looks back at what happened in Russia and he realises he truly loves Yuuri. I’m pretty sure that the only thing that Victor thinks about while sitting by Maccachin’s side is Yuuri and I’m also sure he gets aware of that too. It’s not a crush anymore it’s not the eros matter, it’s not the fact that Yuuri inspires him more than anything. I believe that while alone in Japan Victor realises that being apart from Yuuri terrifies him because he loves him more than he ever loved anyone. He literally was choosing between two persons he loves the most in his life.

So what I imagine Victor has in his mind when he sits on this airport is “what can I do to be with Yuuri for longer”. Now, there was a great meta on how much insecure Victor is about revealing his feelings and we know from what Kubo said that it is not until he has a ring on his finger that he lets himself think about their future together but I’m sure that Victor already tried to think of something he could do to stay longer by Yuuri’s side and as they communicate mostly thru skating he was probably thinking something like “I’ll tell him about the technical things we need to improve and also maybe suggest him that he may still win at Four Continents and Worlds so he would need me to stay” but even if he wants to play it cool he can’t wait to make sure Yuuri will make him stay and basically the second he holds Yuuri he starts to ramble about that. Like when I look at this scene now it all makes so much sense, that Victor is so touched when Yuuri asks him to stay because that’s what he wanted to hear all along. And then that marriage proposal remark that comes out of nowhere or rather comes from Victor’s realisation that he loves Yuuri so much he could marry him. And then this?

They are emotional because of being apart and because of how much in love they are but I think that what really explains this whole scene is looking at it as at the first time they are together while Victor fully understands his feeling for Yuuri. And Victor is so emotional and honest while saying that last line that it makes Yuuri cry? Yuuri has no idea what Victor has in mind but I think he feels something changed and I really wish Victor wouldn’t be afraid to tell him the truth at that moment. But anyway this scene somehow is even better for me now and I thought I should share it with you guys.

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How would bakugou react to actually opening midoriyas hero books only to see a page about his fem crush adorned with hearts? Hcs or scenario what you like!

Oh boy… you better run Izuku…

Bakugou Katsuki:

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  • Ohhhh he’s not happy about it one bit. It’s one thing for Deku to be taking notes on her, but he’s drawn hearts all over the page too? Bakugou is seriously considering catching this journal on fire
  • When he gets the chance and he sees Izuku alone, he grabs the smaller boy and shoves him into an empty classroom. Izuku is looking terrified and shocked, as he thought the two of them were past this type of thing
  • When Bakugou flings open his hero journal to his crush’s page, he snarls at Izuku and demands to know what the meaning of this is. Izuku realizes right away by the way Bakugou is acting and how pissed off by the hearts that he must like her… a lot.
  • If Izuku doesn’t like Bakugou’s S/O romantically, he most likely drew the hearts because he loves her quirk and how she implements it. He has to repeat this statement at least 3 times to Bakugou before he believes Deku. 
  • If Izuku is feeling nice, he might even give Bakugou a few pointers on his S/O and try to help him do something nice for her so he can win her over. He still sees them as close and wants to further get his relationship with Kacchan back on track.
  • Bakugou will tell Izuku he doesn’t need his help, but when given a list of his S/O’s fave things complied by Izuku, he accepts but says he’s not going to use it. His S/O is delighted the next day when Bakugou presents them with a cute keychain of their fave anime character.
  • If Izuku does like the S/O romantically, then the tension in the room gets worse by the confession. Neither boy is going to back down to the other and now they are love rivals as well as heroic rivals
  • Amazingly, the two manage to not throw a single punch, but instead decide all’s fair in love and war. From this point on, whatever happens to win their S/O’s affections is fair and may the better man win.
  • Poor S/O has no idea what Bakugou’s hair is dyed pink and Izuku’s clothes all have holes in them for the next few weeks, but her suitors certainly do and have no intention to let up until one of them wins her heart.
gentle angel

Hi! Can you make a jeonghan smut, it’s your first time (both not virgin, just first time as a couple). Thanks ❤

Can you please make a Jeonghan smut. “After 3 months”

PS. this is for a reader with a vagina i wont say girl because girls can have dicks and u kno in the future being specific would really help i dont wanna alienate any of my readers tyy <3

I hope you don’t mind that i combined the two

Prompt: Jeonghan SMUT                                                                

Genre: smut and fluff at the end a lil

Warnings: sinful

Dating Jeonghan was a constant adventure. In the three months you two had been together It’d felt like three years, you’d already met his family and they loved you especially his younger sister she felt a great connection with you. Not to mention the other 12 boys he called brothers they fell in love with you, Chan in particular as you saved him from constant affection from your lovely boyfriend, you’d gladly take all the affection.

Speaking of affection, Jeonghan had a lot of it, whether it was holding your hand, stroking your hair, or simply playing with your fingers he was all over you. all. the. time. not that you were complaining it’s just recently you’ve been feeling a little frustrated, to say the least. You’d been dating a while and only gotten up to hand jobs and dry humping and to be fair it was getting quite boring. You needed more, you wanted to feel him inside you but were a little too shy to bring it up as he always was either busy or had too low of a stamina and after a 5 min hand job he crashed. 

So you planned it, well not really but you want to pretend you did. The boys had a day off and Jeonghan invited you over to chill with them. Things started out smoothly you all chilled, played some Wii Sports, and lounged around on your phones. During this time however you made sure to slowly turn him on by running your hands through his hair and giving small occasional tugs, wearing a shirt slightly too tight to leave little to the imagination, nonchalantly sitting on his lap, and keeping your hands at the tops of his thighs rubbing circles on them. You noticed he began to get fidgety and was squirming in his seat, and you have no idea who or what possessed you but you leaned into him and whispered so quietly that only he could hear;

“fuck me Jeonghan”

And with that he was gone, the look in his eyes was one of shock and confusion as well as your own confusion regarding the ‘wtf why did i say that’ but it was too late, he had grabbed you by the wrist and yanked you off the sofa into his room where he turned around and locked the door.

“what did you just say” he asked awestruck with a hint of cocky because if things were to go the way he plans he’s getting laid today, so win! With the adrenaline still running through your veins you repeated yourself once more,

“I said. Fuck.Me” you smirked waiting for Yoon Devil to make his appearance and you weren’t disappointed, he grabbed you by the back of your neck and brought you into a rough kiss pulling you towards Seungcheol’s bed.

“Babe wrong bed” you breathed out as Jeonghan tossed you down onto Cheol’s mattress 

“I know exactly who’s bed I’m on” he whispered into your ear sliding his hand up your shirt slowly causing goosebumps to form on your skin “this is payback for when he got cum on my shirt he was borrowing” he mused as he bent down to suck on your collarbone

he sat you up and took off your shirt as you pulled his over his head kissing and touching each other in between as if it’s the last thing you’d ever touch. You flipped him under you and sat right of top of his growing erection and he let out a guttural groan.

“please babe do something, anything, ah” he plead as you circled your hips on him watching his beautiful face contort in pleasure. you began to undo his pants lifting yourself off him to slide them off seeing his dick-print clearly visible through his boxers.

You swallowed heavily as you bent down and started kissing up his shaft over his underwear as his hand went directly into your hair pushing your face further into him making it hard to breathe. you pushed yourself up and slid off your own pants leaving you in your bra and underwear.

Jeonghan slid out from under you and jogged to his bed side table and pulled out a condom “only if you’re ready” he confirms as you nod and gesture him to bring it over. he walks back to the bed and unclasps your bra slowly pulling it off and savoring the look of your breasts, he slides hid hands up your body and holds them in his hand squeezing them before leaning towards them and sucking one into his mouth nibbling on your sensitive nipple while he twisted the other one.

he pulled back and hooked his fingers in your underwear making you raise your hips as he slid them off and spread your legs, “ah so wet I haven’t even done much yet hm babygirl?” you moaned as he leaned down and licked a stripe straight up you. You sprang forward and slid down his boxers desperate to have him inside you

“no no no baby we can’t be doing that let me take care of you” he said as he tossed his boxers aside cock standing straight up against his stomach. He leaned back down and pushed a finger inside you while he sucked on your clit eliciting a moan from you. he began to pump and suck harder and faster and you felt your orgasm approaching quickly.

“Jeonghan i’m gonna c-” 

“Cum on my fingers baby” he said pumping quicker and before you knew it you’d come undone on his fingers. he slid them out and licked them clean grabbing the condom from beside you and rolling it on.

“Don’t get tired yet baby get ready for round 2″ he said sliding his cock in between your wet folds causing over stimulation and you to moan 

“you ready?” he asked lining up at your entrance and you nodded as he slid himself in easily and you were soaked and inviting. You both groaned as he pulled out and slammed back in finding a steady pace he began to pound into you. 

He grabbed your breasts and squeezed them in his hands quickening his pace as you clenched around him the only things being heard are the heavy breathing and slapping of skin.

“I’m close” he whimpered out as you wrapped your legs around his waist, “cum for me angel” you said to him as he slammed into you faster and harder, moaning and whimpering about how good you felt. Then like a bright light you came a second time as the rubbed your clit and the strength of your orgasm triggered his and soon he was cumming and twitching inside you.

With a huff he pulled out of you and threw the condom in the trash grabbing some wet wipes he cleaned you both up and flopped down next to you. 

“We should do that more often” he joked cuddling into your side and wrapping you in a blanket 

“next time let’s do it in your bed” you laughed

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