so he sneaks away

Let Down Your Hair

he is a young man, with a young, pregnant wife. they are poor, and can’t afford much, so he sneaks into the witch’s garden at night to steal away the rapunzel lettuce his wife so desperately craves.

when the witch gothel catches, him she demands the child that her garden is feeding as payment.

he agrees, because there’s nothing else he can do.

he and his wife can have more children, but not if they’re dead. they can have more children later, when they have the means to provide for them, when they’re older and more sure of themselves, when the prospect of being responsible for another mouth to feed isn’t quite so terrifying.

his wife is still slick with blood when he wraps their daughter in an old pillowcase and brings her to the stone wall separating their land from the witch’s. “are you going to hurt her?” he asks, clutching his crying daughter to his chest.

gothel raises an eyebrow and says, “what a foolish question.” she pulls away from him and is gone in the next instant.

his arms feel empty, but lighter too. he’ll never say this aloud, but it’s almost a relief to give the child away.

they couldn’t even afford to feed themselves, never mind anyone else.

he wants to be a father. he doesn’t want to be the father of a hungry child.


this is not the first time gothel has bargained a child away from its parents. and so she tucks the squalling little girl in bend of her elbow, and goes where she always goes.

“caroline!” she calls out, “oh mother caroline!”

she stands in front of large house, one that has the general appearance of being many houses stacked up on top of each other, all different colors and sizes and styles. also, from the side, it does not look unlike a rather large shoe.

the door bangs open, and a small wave of children run for her, small sticky hands grasping at her dress and cloak, and gap toothed grins everywhere she turns. “have you brought us another brother?” a girl asks, wrinkling her nose. “i have too many brothers.”

the boys turn to her, glaring, but the girl is unrepentant. she’s the only girl in among the younger kids, and is quite cross about it.

then the older kids surround gothel, the ones that had had the patience not to go chasing after her at a sprint. the teenagers like to pretend like they don’t care, but she has many eager and impatient eyes on her, lots of twitching fingers eager to take the baby away from her. that’s fine by gothel – she’s eager to be rid of the blasted thing.

“that’s enough!” a powerful, creaky voice shouts. “that’s quite enough of that! make room, make room, let me through!”

the crowd of children part for mother caroline. like gothel, caroline has dark skin and black hair, a strong, wide nose and plump lips. but while gothel appears to be a woman in the prime of her youth, caroline is an old woman. her back is straight and strong, and there is strength in the width of her waist. but her dark hair is streaked with silver, and her skin has started to bend to the will of time and gravity, causing delicate wrinkles to frame her face. “little sister,” gothel greets, “you’ve gotten older.”

caroline shoots her an irritated glance, “while you haven’t changed at all.”

“you could have became a witch like me,” gothel says, not for the first time, “you were always quite good with physical magic. then neither of us would age at all!”

“change is inevitable,” caroline says with the type of finality that makes gothel’s skin crawl. “let me see the child.”

the children crowd impossibly closer as gothel hands the baby over, red faced and new. caroline cradles the babe against her chest, then stills, her lips pulling down at the corners. “what’s wrong?” gothel demands, peering down at the baby anxiously.

she looks like any other baby gothel has seen. her face is squished oddly and her eyes are a watery blue. she has ten fingers and ten toes – gothel checked! – and she was crying when her father handed her over, but she’s quiet now.

“i can’t take this child,” caroline says.

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Friendly reminder that Artemis Fowl literally donated a hugeass amount of his money to his already richass all-boys school–anonymously–with the deal that his whole year will go on a field trip all the way to friggin Germany just so he can sneak away from the whole group to rob the most secured bank in the world undetected by his parents. 

Artemis’ passion for crime knows no boundaries. 

“The paint’s supposed to go where?”

Sherlock has his head hung in shame. “On the wall.” He mumbles.

“Sorry, didn’t quite catch that.” John folds his arms. 

“On the wall.” Sherlock says louder, then cuts his eyes to the ginger haired puppy who is sitting and panting happily as if nothing is wrong. He gives the pup an accusing glare. “In my defense, it was all going well before-”

“The paint was supposed to go on the wall, and now it’s all over the both of you.” John too cuts his eyes to the pup, whose ginger coat is mottled with white paint. “I have to give both of you baths now, I suppose.” John sighs, then notices Sherlock’s smirk. “A clinical bath, you clot.”

Sherlock stops smirking and puts down the paint roller in the pan. “As if you’ll be able to resist me once I’m undressed.” He begins undoing the buttons on his shirt as he leaves the room. “I’ll give you five minutes before you-”

“Don’t forget you’re in trouble!” John warns. 

“Hm, even more a reason to indulge.”

John watches Sherlock leave, then picks up the pup, holding it out far in front of him to avoid getting paint on himself as well. “Never a dull day, is there?” The puppy licks John’s wrist. “I’m glad you agree.”

Champagne Mixed with a Bit of Adrenaline [h.s.]

A/N: this was a request from an anon and I finally got it done! It’s meant to go with this amazing piece of art. :-)  this piece is dedicated to the amazing @tiostyles because Brianne kept it from getting lost in the void LMAO. her support inspired me to finish it so thanks Brianne ilyvm :-) sorry for any mistakes or typos! Drop by my inbox with opinions bc I’m kinda?? Iffy on it?? Anywho, enjoy!

Harry likes to think he has stamina. He’s proven it countless of times before and he’s sure he will continue to prove it until the end of his days.

A great example would be that one time on the tour bus when he had popped a stiffy around 9 PM and couldn’t do anything about it, since no one was planning on going to bed yet, so he couldn’t sneak away to handle it. He’d had to wait until well after 1 AM, when the snoring elephants known as his band mates were conked out cold, to sneak into the bathroom with his Astroglide and rub out a quick one to a picture of Y/N wearing nothing but a pink, sheer silk button-up with the word “Styles” embroidered on the chest pocket.

Or the time when he and Y/N had attended a family get-together that his mother had thrown at his old house in the new pool she’d had built. Y/N had gotten the brilliant idea to grope him during a game of water volleyball and he’d had to play actively, all whilst doing his best to make sure no one saw the raging boner tenting his Gucci lion-printed swim trunks. After the underwater fun was over and the barbecue was done, his mom had condemned him to stay and help clean up. Washing dishes with his dick leaking wasn’t exactly his idea of a good time.

After that long night, Harry had given his mom a quick kiss goodbye and ignored her comments about how it was odd for his jacket to be tied backwards around his waist. He’d dragged a grinning Y/N to his car, setting route to their apartment but somehow ending up in an abandoned mall square, fucking in the backseat of his Rover.

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so me and my friend @kaiserin-astraia were joking about a Beauty and the Beast/ Klance crossover even tho I’m sure there’s hundreds and here’s what came of it

  • Lance is the beast because everyone always makes Keith this gruff hard asshole when they make him the Beast and I’m not having it over here today
  • with the cockiness and self assuredness like, Lance would come across as really douchy and just a self-absorbed man child at first but he is NICER than the original beast
  • like he makes Keith meals and doesn’t prohibit ANY area of the castle from Keith except for his own personal room
  • he doesn’t force Keith to interact with him except for dinner time, which he feels should be a thing
  • and once Keith gets over the shock of having just traded himself for Shiro, he eventually starts coming down for dinner because he’s starving
  • and Lance is actually a really good conversationalist? Keith is not lmao so he just nods through dinner and answers yes or no questions and Lance doesn’t force him
  • before long they’re really amicable towards each other, Lance isn’t HARD to live with they hardly see one another the castle is so big
  • Keith is no longer fucking terrified of the fucking talking furniture, they’re pretty nice and they’re his only friends
  • iiii do not remember the changing point of the original story like at all lmao i think it’s that something there that wasn’t there before song after belle patches beast up when he got his BIG GARGANTUAN ASS handed to him by some PUNY WOLVES for SOME FUCKING REASON
  • so maybeeeeeeee, Keith tried to sneak away too, not because he hates Lance, but because he misses Shiro and he got himself surrounded by wolves and basically the same thing goes down
  • and Keith patches him up and thanks Lance for helping him fight cause he was talking these wolves down, but there were just too many and lies and says he won’t try to sneak away again to find Shiro
  • and Keith is just blinking like “…yeah”
  • and so Keith has no reason to sneak away now because Lance has sent for his brother to arrive here probably in a few weeks because horse travel or whatever the fuck
  • and at this point, they’re BASICALLY friends like Lance seeks Keith out when he’s bored and they hang out in the library and Keith finally asks “so like,,, why tf you look like that? never seen one of you before?”
  • and Lance tells about the curse, but not about the needing someone to love him to break it part
  • and Keith is like “that’s rough buddy”
  • and Lance decides he really likes Keith like, he’s really blunt and awkward and accidentally a little rude because of those things, but he’s got such a big heart?
  • and then it’s Keith or Lance’s bday or something idk and so all the furniture is like “YOU GOTTA CELEBRATE!”
  • and they arrange the ball dancing scene and tell the boys to dress nice and meet there at such and such a time
  • and they do
  • and they dance
  • and neITHER OF THEM CAN FUCKIN DANCE but they try and it’s really clumsy and sweet
  • and Keith is like “WHOOP I AM A FURRY”
  • Lance is like “he wants the dick. probably. pretty sure. jury’s out on that maybe”
  • sorry for making Lotor Gaston djbgajlbglajdg
  • and basically the same fighting events happen but with Keith fighting and Shiro fighting as well as Lance this time
  • and rather than that scene where we all think the Beast mcfuckin died,  Keith is fighting Lotor who is all “whaaa why don’t you want to be with ME i’m so SMART and i have beautiful HAIR and i’m TALL and i’m not so HAIRY and i’m BETTER wah wah wah”
  • and Keith is mid kick when he screams out “WELL I LOVE HIM DESPITE NOT HAVING THOSE THINGS”
  • and wahlah spell is broken like,,, mid-fight Lance is lifting off the ground across the room and changing back human and it’s mcfuckin terrifying and everyone is screaming their heads off rn and Keith is goddamn LOSING it
  • and then he lowers back onto the ground, this cute, tan tall teen with wonderful hair and good skin and amazing eyes and a good smile and he’s like “sup?”
  • and Keith turns to smirk at Lotor like “You were saying?”
  • and all the furniture gets turned back into people and Lotor and Zarkon are taken care of and everything works out in the end thanks for enduring this crack nonsense

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jade is complaining that jackie wouldn’t let her go on his latest mission, which tohru finds Very Amusing cuz like… since when has jade ever listened??

The Sea Is My Song: Chapter 1

Warnings: near-death experience via water, minor injury, some language, fluff

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: about 2100

A/N: I think this series is gonna be so cute I can’t wait.

Catch up on “The Sea Is My Song” here : MASTERLIST

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You are mine

A/N: oh I love me a good ‘ol daddy jimin. I hope you enjoy this 😏

Originally posted by hosyuub

You loved company balls. The fancy dresses and expensive wine, and when things really come down for the worst, a perfect excuse to get really drunk. A bit lethal considering you get free drinks, the perk of having the CEO be your boyfriend, but he drunk just as much as you did just to get through these evenings. It’s all old men with too young wives too stubborn to hand over their companies to their sons until they are one their death beds, not very fun, but yet you still forced a smile and shook hands with them all. “You know you could always stay home.” Jimin whispered into your ear, his arms resting protectively around your waste as you greeted more and more people entering into the grand hall of whatever building you rented out this time. “Now where is the fun in that. I’ve told you before Jiminie that I don’t mind coming to these parties, someone has to keep you company.” You whispered back, the fake smile still not falling from your lips as you both greeted the next couple to arrive. “Plus I know how important these things are for you.” You explained and Jimin kissed your temple while squeezing your hip lightly, “Thank you.” He mumbled into your hair as you finally decided to stop standing in the doorway to watch as people arrived although you did love judging the other womens dresses when they entered, as rude as it may seem. Jimin was respected as one of the youngest CEO of one of the biggest company chains in the country, taking over his father’s role when his father unexpectedly died of a heart attack when he was a child. The company was under the control of his uncle until he was of age to take over himself, but him uncle made some bad decisions which Jimin was still working towards fixing his wrongs, which was what was so important about these meetings. He had to make a good impression so that the other companies would support him again. You quickly grabbed another glass of wine as a waiter walked past, giving him a warming smile, probably the most genuine one of the evening. The action didn’t go unnoticed by Jimin, he always would catch on to how you would be nicer to the male staff members, giving them warm smiles and soft laughs, it made his blood boil. You didn’t really notice as Jimin’s grip on your waist grew slightly stronger as he guided you through the crowd of people. “You know I didn’t think this many people would turn up, you must be doing something right.” You joked and Jimin pouted, “Was I not doing a good job before?” He joked back and you laughed, “You are doing an amazing job and I am so proud of you for it.” You said placing a soft kiss to his lips but he whined when you pulled away.

Most of the evening you were alone as usual, Jimin busy making various deals with various high end businesses. You were sat alone at the built in bar having a rather lovely with the bartender who told you all about her life when she wasn’t making drinks for rich sobs with too much money to throw around, she seemed like a great girl. She suddenly handed you a large glass of wine, “Oh I didn’t order this.” You were quick to pipe up, trying to not sound too rude, “The gentleman, if you can call him that, from the other end of the bar sent it over.” She explained and you could tell she felt a bit stuck in the situation. You looked down to the end of the bar to where, just as she said, there was a man sat staring at you. You gave him a smile in thanks but he clearly saw that as something much more than friendly as he stood up and walked over to you and you were quick to see if Jimin was close by so you could just sneak away but sadly he was nowhere to be seen, still talking. “Hey gorgeous. What’s a pretty girl like you doing all alone at a party like this. Old man busy talking?” He said in a sly voice, the hint of alcohol on his breath could have fooled you into thinking you were at the bar of a cheap club instead of a high end party full of respected businessmen. You debated coming up with a sarcastic remark to bite back or to just ignore him and in the end fell on the latter decision but this only made him try harder, guy really doesn’t know where to quit.

From across the room Jimin’s eyes had wondered from his conversation to see where you were, a small smile gracing his face once his eyes met you but immediately fell when he saw you being accompanied by somebody else. Still trying to engage in his conversation he couldn’t help but be distracted by how the mans hands grazed the skin of your thigh, you clearly recoiling in disgust but the man did not stop. His blood was boil like a thousand fires in his veins but he really saw red when you looked across the room and your eyes met like a silent plea for him to help you. “I’m sorry sir but could you excuse me for a moment.” Jimin said, shaking the man’s hand before making his way through the crowd to meet you but kept being caught in conversations with various people trying to make small talk. You however were dragged back into the conversation with the man as he passed you another glass of wine, “Would you share another drink with me?” He asked while holding it out to you too which to had to decline, “I shouldn’t have another.” You said bluntly but the man wouldn’t accept it. “Come on, have a drink with me. I’m sure I’m better company than whatever old hag you came with.” The man said while running his hand over your thigh again which made you want to kick him but you couldn’t cause a scene but it seemed Jimin didn’t care for that when he finally reached you.

“I’ve never been called an old hag before. I must give you credit for that creativity.” Jimin spoke, his voice laced with sarcasm as he burned holes into the back of the guys head who barely batted an eye away from you as he spoke back, “Oh and who are you, her knight in shining armor?” He said before turning around to face Jimin and completely regretting it but it was too late for apologies, “I’m her boyfriend you sack of shit.” And with that Jimin punched him straight in the jaw causing you and everyone surrounding to gasp in surprise. “Jimin what the-” you started, jumping up from the seat to whisper in his ear but he just simple tightened his grip on your waist. “Car. Now.” He spat before sending you on your way with a security guard out towards the exit of the hall. You don’t what happened with Jimin from the moment those doors closed behind you but you hoped he didn’t do something too stupid just for the sake of you and some drunk guy. “Mr. Park will be out in a moment I’m sure.” the security guard said, handing you a coat as you stepped into the harsh air of the night towards the car which had pulled up, “Thank you.” you whispered while stepping into the car, humming in relief as the warm seats, greeting your driver with a warm smile. “What trouble did he cause this time?” she asked and you laughed slightly at how predictable your boyfriend could be, “Punched a guy who was trying to flirt with me.” You explained causing her to giggle in return, “I told you that dress would get you attention.” You were quickly brought out of the conversation as the car door opened then slammed shut, a tousled Jimin sitting down beside you. “Drive.” He ordered and the driver quickly sped off towards your house. You looked over at Jimin, his fists were still clenched and his hair was all over the place, if you didn’t know him any better you would have thought he had been in a full out fight but you know that it’s only from him running his hands through it in frustration.

The drive was silent for most of the way until you felt Jimin’s hand on your thigh slowly making its way up to the hem of your dress. “Jimin. What are you-”, “Seeing that other man touch you like this made me want to kill him. Only I can do this.” He whispered in your ear, slowly slipping his fingers under the fabric causing you to gasp and close your legs around his hands in an attempt to stop him. “Jimin.” You warned but he simply brought his lips to your neck to distract from the way his hands worked your thighs apart until he could graze his fingers over your underwear only to find it wasn’t there. “Hmm such a little slut.” he growled, the words muffled by your neck as his fingers came to your clit without warning. You brought a hand over your mouth to cover the moan threatening to escape, checking that your driver couldn’t see what was happening in the back of the car. “You are mine.” Jimin mumbled before sucking harshly at your neck, biting lightly at the sensitive skin causing you to gasp loudly, grabbing his hair as he slowly suck a single digit into your dripping entrance. You were so cautious that the driver would look back and see exactly what the two of you were doing but somehow that only made you more aroused. “So wet baby. Like the idea of being caught with my fingers in your tight pussy.” his husky deep voice sent shivers down your spine and Jimin quickly slipped another finger in, scissoring you open so you were arching your back at the feeling as he curled his fingers. “Fuck.” You were growing closer and closer, subconsciously rutting against Jimin’s fingers when the car came to a stop and he removed himself from you altogether. “He have arrived Mr Park.” The driver stated and Jimin quickly got out, helping you out with him. You smiled warmly in thanks at your driver and she just threw a knowing wink back in your direction as Jimin gently dragged you towards the front door of your house making you blush immensely.

As soon as the door was closed you were slammed against it, Jimin’s lips attacking your own before you could even speak. You mouths melded together in a mess of teeth and tongues, his exploring every inch of yours like that’s what it was made to d. Fit together like puzzle pieces as his hands caressed all of your body, both of your moves were frantic as if it was the last time you would ever touch. Gasps, moans, and whimpers, mostly from you filling and echoing down the hallway, your hands alternating between pulling his hair and grasping tightly at his shirt. “Fuck. I hated the way he looked at you.” Jimin stuttered out between moans and you could feel his growing erection through his dress pants pressing against your thigh which only kept a constant reminder of how wet you are. You felt his hands bring their way up to the back of your dress, teasing the zipper as he kissed your neck, much softer this time yet it still had your knees growing weak. Finally he did undo the zip, your dress falling softly to the floor to reveal your body to which Jimin let out a soft moan, running his hands over your breasts in admirations. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered before coming back in for a kiss which turned just as rapid as the last, his hands felt like fire against your now bare skin. You desperately reached out to undo Jimin’s shirt, wanting to not be the only one naked anymore to which he gladly helped until his shirt was thrown across the room to join your dress. Just as you were about to grab for his belt he stopped you, “Jimin.” You whined, “Not tonight. It’s Daddy to you.” He spoke lowly. Something about hearing Jimin call himself that in that deep voice and those harsh eyes made you literally whimper.

Suddenly Jimin dashed towards you, grabbing you by the waist and throwing you over his shoulder, seriously surprising you at his sheer strength and you squealed. You couldn’t deny that his ass looked great from this angle but how could you focus on his ass when he was so tightly gripping your own. You were trying to wiggle out of his grip as he walked you through the house towards your bedroom as if you were as light as a feather but Jimin just sent a harsh slap to your ass. “Stop moving baby or I’ll drop you.” You couldn’t even focus, the only thing bringing you back to reality was your body falling onto soft silk sheets and Jimin crawling over the top of you. His actions grew soft which you knew not to trust, the soft lips against soft skin whispering praise and compliments as he kissed his ways around your body, worshipping your body, worshipping what’s his. His mouth travelled across your collar bones, marking up your neck until his lips were gracing the shell of your ear, nibbling lightly before whispering, “You’re mine, and I’m going to wreck you until the whole world can hear you scream how good Daddy makes you feel.” His voice was so soft, completely contrasting his words which sent heat straight to your core. Those sinful lips, they were driving you crazy but you had no idea how much they would as he began to kiss down your body, sucking on your nipples and massaging your breasts. Leaving hickies in his path as he descended towards your dripping entrance, placing small one on your inner thighs which had your head spinning until you could feel his hot breath directly on your clit.

Without so much as a warning his swollen lips were wrapped around your bud, your back arching as hushed moans escaped your parted lips. “Oh god. Daddy.” Your hands switched between fisting the sheets that sent your skin into overdrive with how sensitive you were, and grabbing at his hair drawing him closer. You felt like you were on cloud nine as his tongue teased you, drawing figures of eight on your clit before sweeping down to poke at your entrance, the feeling was so overwhelming and you could feel tears forming in your eyes. A thin layer of sweat covered your body as you thrashed underneath the attack of Jimin’s mouth, his hands were holding your hips hard enough to leave bruises in an attempt to ground you. “Fuck. Daddy I’m gonna cum.” Your throat already felt raw with how loud you were moaning, it was almost shameful. You were so close from just his mouth and you could almost feel his smirk against your lower lips, but what really pushed you over the edge was his humming sending beautiful vibrations all through your core. Your back arched off the bed and your thighs fought to close around his head but were stops by his hands pushing them back down as he continued to eat you out as you came, licking up all of your juices. He looked up from between your legs to see you, eyes closed in pleasure and your chest heaving as you breathed. As you looked down, your eyes met and you could see his mouth glistening with your cum in the light and you couldn’t help but be aroused at the sight, already feeling needy again. “God you are so fucking sexy princess. I just hate to share you.” Jimin explained as he crawled back up your body and you could taste yourself on his tongue as he kissed you causing you to moan into his mouth.

You back up till your head rested on the pillows, sitting back to watch as Jimin finally removed his pants, his hard cock springing free to lightly his lower abdomen. No matter how many time you had had sex with him, you still always feel your core clench at the sight of his thick hard dick, the tip throbbing angrily. You rubbed your thighs together, looking him dead in the eye as he came closer to you, the head of his member just grazing over your over sensitive clit, “Please, daddy.” your head was spinning with pleasure that it was hard to form proper sentences but Jimin loved to push the limits. “Please, what? Tell daddy what you want. Be a good girl and use your words.” He spoke to you like a child but it stirred within you, “Fuck me. Daddy, wreck me. Make me yours.” You choked out, tears were running down your face in need, surely ruining your makeup and Jimin felt his dick twitch at the sight. He took pride in being able to reduce you to a whiny mess beneath him. “That’s where you’re wrong baby. You are already mine.” He whispered before roughly thrusting into you, giving you no time to adjust to his size before pounding into you. You screamed out in pleasure at how good he felt, filling you up so well, “Shit Daddy!” the sound of your moans echoed around the room and if you had neighbours they would surely complain at the noise. The lewd sound of your wetness and skin slapping against skin were the only thing loud enough to be heard over both of your moans as Jimin sped up, groaning in your ear. You were so close to your second orgasm as Jimin grabbed your leg and put it over his shoulder, the angle letting him go deeper and faster into you.

Your breathing hitched as the tip of his cock hit that spot deep inside you that made you see stars, you whole body jolting in pleasure, “sHit, Ji-Daddy. Right there, don’t stop!”, “You close princess? Gonna come around my cock?” Jimin teased, his thrusts going at an inhuman pace, growing sloppy as he grew close to his release as well, hitting your sweet spot everytime. “Yes, god! I’m cumming.” You’re voice was breaking as you’re legs shook once again at the force of you orgasm, your eyes rolling back as your vision went white. “Shit baby, you’re so fucking tight.” Jimin groaned in between thrusts and you were screaming at the over stimulation as he kept thrusting to meet his own high, only a few more till he was spilling his warm seed in your fluttering walls. “Shit, shit.” He whispered like a mantra before pulling out to lie beside you, your body still shaking with the aftershocks of your orgasm. He pulled you into his chest, stroking your hair, “It’s okay baby. You did so well. Stay with me.” He said trying to ground you as you eyes just rolled over your surroundings into they met his. “It’s okay. You can rest, I’ll clean you up.” Jimin whispered and you just nodded tiredly shutting your eyes.

By the time you woke up your body was clean and wrapped up in one of Jimin’s oversized shirts, his arm wrapped lightly around your waist, his head on your chest and soft snores escaping his parted lips. You could feel a dull pain but it was all worth it, nothing compared to waking up like this. The light was creeping through the parted curtains, illuminating his features and you couldn’t help but run your fingers through his hair, soothing compared to how you pulled it the night before. Sure, company balls were fun, but waking up like this was one of your favourite things to do.

madasthesea  asked:

How about Peter keeps trying to give Tony his gift but stuff keeps coming up (i.e. they get called on a mission, someone interrupts, etc.)??

in color (ao3) 4k words

Christmas was a hectic time for Tony Stark. And not in the fun way with presents and cookies. Nope. The way where he had to dodge Christmas parties and charity events and other things that sucked the life out of the upcoming days to Christmas.

Not only was he expected to attend fancy galas, but he was expected to host at least one of his own. Something about needing all the good publicity he could get. Whatever.

So that explained why he was sitting at his table with Pepper as she read off a list of invites she had down. He was supposed to be thinking of anyone else she forgot. She lost him after the eighth name so he had spent the past 15 minutes staring at the clock behind her on the wall.

The ringing of his cell phone shook him from his daze. Pepper stopped reading to glare at him. “Tony, no more having Rhodey call you to get you out of this. It needs to be done by next week.”

“I didn’t get him to call me,” Tony said.

“Not this time,” she sighed.

Tony picked up his phone and saw Peter’s face on the screen. He showed that to Pepper. “It’s the kid. Can I pick it up, your majesty?”

Pepper waved her hand. “Hurry up.”

Tony answered the phone with a grin. “What can I do for you tonight, Webs? If you’re stuck to the ceiling again I am not getting you down.”

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robina852  asked:

I really love your stories, they are brilliant. With your lost toddler series how about if obi wan gets lost again but no one can find him and people start to panic, only to eventually find him asleep in a strange spot like a cupboard or a laundry pile.

They didn’t worry too much in the first hour or even the second one.

Honestly after the last eight times, it had become blatantly clear that Obi-Wan could and would disappear of the radar like some kind of little ghost and clearly the Force was in assistance and guidance when it happened which left the creche masters at loss since they weren’t quite comfortable with the small boy just walking around without anyone.

But he always came back.

Usually carried by a master or knight but sometimes a senior padawan or two.

But on the three hour marker they did start to worry.

On the fourth one they had requested aid from the temple guards to seek for the child.

On the fifth they had enlisted junior and senior padawans currently not engaged in classes or chores.

And on the sixth they had full on panicked and just contacted the entire temple to be on guard for a missing child and if they had the time, look for him.

Who no one was finding!

In the end even the master’s and knight’s who had interacted with the boy had started looking around the temple for him.

“I’m not quite sure how you got looped into this.” Qui-Gon offered in amusement as he followed Yan. “You’re not exactly one for creche duty.”

Stopping to peek behind a statue, Yan gave a shrug. “I encountered Obi-Wan down by holocron Vault B-1. He had gotten lost and was cold and alone. But respectful” He peeked at his former padawan. “I couldn’t just leave the boy there Qui-Gon.” He tisked at the man. “What do you believe of me.”

Holding up his hands in surrender, Qui-Gon grinned wryly before frowning. “Near holocron vault… hmm you don’t think he could have gotten into the abandoned passages do you?” He rubbed his chin.

Yan stopped at that before shaking his head. “I hope not. From Master Dolan’s account, he is only in slippers and inner tunics. He was cold enough in his Initiate press, never mind missing boots.” He rumbled with a deep frown furrowing his brows.

Sighing a bit, Qui-Gon nodded. “So tell me about this boy, quite a few seem to know him.”

That provoked a laugh from Yan. “Obi-Wan is known because he gets lost a lot. Its not just him sneaking away, he doesn’t generally even try so most have come to believe its the Force putting him in the path of certain members that one day will be important somehow…though Knight Windu swears up and down that Obi-Wan gave him useful information on Felessian tigers that helped him escape.”

That got a thoughtful hum out of Qui-Gon. “So the Force prodded him around… interesting.”

“Excatly.” Yan agreed. “Whoever gets him as a padawan will be lucky when that future eventually comes.” He chuckled before narrowing his eyes slightly and tilting his head. “Hear that?”

Qui-Gon stopped and listened before nodding too. “Yes, sounds like Yoda’s cane.” He grinned.

Rolling his eyes, Yan moved to the corner and around it. “Master Yo-oh!” He blinked, Qui-Gon peeking over his master’s shoulder at his grandmaster, his eyebrows joining his forehead. “Master Yoda.” He greeted.

The grandmaster harrumpted at them, one hand on his cane and the other floating a laundry basket at his shoulder height. “Hello younglings, finally someone come to help has?”

“Help?” Yan smiled, moving towards his old master. “I thought laundry was collec-Obi-Wan.” He blinked down into the basket, Obi-Wan curled up in a bundle of clean blankets. “You found Obi-Wan.” He chuckled, reaching down and taking the basket so Yoda didn’t have to float it around.

Qui-Gon meanwhile lifted the old master onto his back.

“In the laundry room he was, napping in a basket he was. Potentially brought there by laundry droids he was.”

Yan snorted a bit but nodded, it would make sense if Obi-Wan fell asleep in the basket prior to it being fetched for laundry purpose.

In the basket, Obi-Wan napped peacefully unaware as he sucked on his thumb.

literal-soft-rock-come-pet-me  asked:

Plance: Pidge has a habit of rolling/moving around while resting, so when cuddling on a couch, Lance prefers to be on the edge with Pidge wedged between him and the back of the couch so he blocks her from falling off. (same with in a bed if it's up against a wall, she's on the wall side)


hope you like it <3

A nearby dull thump jerked Lance from a shallow doze. He slowly sat up, rubbing the drowsiness from his eyes; he hadn’t meant to fall asleep, only rest - or rather, get Pidge to rest - for a little while. And speaking of Pidge…

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anonymous asked:

how to convince people that new tony is better

 I mean the evidence is literally right there before our eyes.

-Not greasy
-Doesn’t look 45 years old
-Better hair
-Smoother skin, less lumpy
-Better face shape; shaped like a friend
-Updated animation; moves way more naturally
-Nicer sweater
-Turtleneck doesn’t have a redundant weird collar 
-Hair is a nicer shade of chestnut brown & sits more naturally on head
-Pointing gesture somehow is less creepy
-Facial expressions are more “I’m into you” and less “I’m probably going to ditch you for a more attractive girl 5 minutes into the date”

Basically, with New Tony it’s more believable that Violet would turn invisible just to catch a glimpse of him. With Old Tony, a girl might turn invisible when he walked by, but only so she could sneak away and call the cops. New Tony makes Old Tony look like Mr. Clipboard from Foodfight. Like I said, in this house we stan New Tony ONLY. 

my art to accompany @kenzichi‘s fic, 1 Year Reunion, for @kh-worldsconnected!! 

[and a summary of the fic - Vanitas is fed up with being away from Ventus so he sneaks away to see him. EDIT: fic is here!! <3 it’s great and i am wrecked please go check it out,]

That Would Be Enough (Lafayette x Reader)


Request- “80 , 92 and 12 with Lafayette please ? Xxx”

Warnings- AHAHAHA ANGST (I hope you like playing fun games of “Who’s Gonna Die?”)

80- “I think I’m pregnant.”

92- “Aren’t they beautiful?”

12- “You can’t die. Please don’t die.”

Words- 3,682

You sat on the edge of the bathtub. Your hands were shaking. 

You heard the front door close and a familiar voice call out.  He was taking a break from the war and was finally back at home. And now you had to tell him this. 

“Y/N? Mon amour, are you here?” 

At the sound of his voice, you shook yourself from your thoughts, and smiled. You had missed him so much. You rinsed out your mouth quickly in the sink. You rushed out of the bathroom and practically leaped into his arms when he was halfway up the staircase. He dropped his things and wrapped his arms around you in return. He held you tighter than he ever had. 

“I missed you so much.” he mumbled. 

“We’ve been apart for longer, Gilbert.” You smiled and patted his hair while he nuzzled into you neck.

“I know, but it’s still so hard. You smell so much better than the men at the camp.” You laughed and he brought his face away from your hair to look at you. 

“I missed you too.” you said, putting a hand on his cheek. He smiled and leaned down to kiss you. You were about to lean in when you remembered what had just happened and pulled away nervously. 

“Amour?” Lafayette furrowed his brow. 

“We should put your stuff away.” You reached for his bag, but he grabbed your arm. 

“We can do that later, right now, I want to kiss my wife because I haven’t seen her for a little more than a month.” He stared at you, but you didn’t meet his eyes enough apparently. “Lumière de ma vie…Did I do something wrong?” Lafayette looked broken. Your heart ached. You hadn’t wanted to tell him until tomorrow at least. You wanted one night of peace without worry about the future, but you were having a hard time even opening your mouth without-

“No Lafayette, nothings wrong.” 

“Then why won’t you kiss me?” He looked hurt and you felt ridiculous. This would be so much easier if he would just let you sneak away from a moment to freshen yourself, and then you would kiss him as much as he wanted. 

“Nothing, I’ll just be right back. I promise you when I come back you can kiss me as much as you want.” Gilbert looked concerned, but he let go of your arm. You rushed up the stairs back into the bathroom. As soon as the door was shut tightly you leaned over the toilet and threw up. Again. When your stomach finally stopped lurching, you got up slowly and wiped your mouth. You rinsed your mouth and rubbed some mint against your teeth. You took a few deep breaths to assure that this would not happen again, at least for awhile. You walked to the door of the bedroom you and Gilbert shared. The door which was now closed. You took a deep breath and smoothed out your skirts. Easing the door open, you saw Lafayette sitting on the edge of the bed, rubbing the back of his neck. He looked up at the sound of the door and smiled at you. His smile was sweet a genuine, but it disappeared sooner than you would’ve liked. You went and sat down next to him. You took his large hand in both of yours and laid your head on his shoulder. 

“Y/N I love you more than anything in this world. You know that, right?” You felt his shoulder move as he talked to you. 

“Of course, I do. I love you too, Gilbert.” You lifted your head of his shoulder. He took both of your hands and looked deep into your eyes. 

“What are you not saying? Ange, I am worried.” His eyes searched your face for an answer, but you knew he wouldn’t find one unless he took a very long look at your stomach. It’d only been a month, but there was already a difference in how firm it was. You looked into his pleading eyes for a long while, then sighed deeply. 

“Gilbert…I think I’m pregnant.” You looked. 

“Preg…Y/N! Zis is fantastic news! ‘Ow were you able keep to yourself for so long! Je l'éclatement d'excitation! Y/N mon amour, mon ange, ma femme.” Gilbert took you in his arms and kissed you. 

Gilbert, aren’t you upset about the timing?” 

He was not looking at you, but at your abdomen, where he placed a gentle hand and smiled as he too felt the firmness there.  “Why should I be worried, mère?” 

“We’re in the middle of war in which you play an extremely important part!”

“Y/N, I’m not going back to war. Not after knowing this.” Gilbert finally looked into your eyes. 

“Gilbert. That’s absolute bullshit.” 

“Careful! The baby will here!” he joked. You rolled your eyes at him. 

“Gilbert, I’m serious! You have to go back to war! There’s not way they’ll win without French aid-”

“I can still convince France to send help from here.” he said simply. 

“Okay.” you agreed. “But you’re one of Washington’s best generals! He needs your tactical brilliance in the field.” 

Gilbert held up his hand to stop you from talking. 

“There is no way I am leaving you alone, when you are pregnant with my child.” 

“I won’t be alone!” You stood up from the bed. Gilbert looked shocked. “We’ll hire a nurse. The war needs winning.” 

“My love, I could die.” Gilbert said somberly. 

“I-I know that.” You looked down, “But, as much as the thought of that pains me, it doesn’t pain me nearly as much as the idea of you sitting here receiving letters that your closest friends are dying and you should be out there keeping our men alive, but instead you’re holding my hair back when I get sick.”  Your words seemed to finally be making an impact on Gilbert. You walked over to him and placed you hands on his shoulders. He looked up at you. “Gilbert…you would come to resent me.”

He stood up, quickly towering over you. “Y/N! I could never!”

“You would! I know you wouldn’t mean to, but the guilt would pain you, and it would be my fault.” 


“Gilbert, I don’t want to fight. You just got back.” You stepped up to him and let your head rest where it naturally fell against his chest. “Just hold me.” you whispered. Lafayette wrapped his arms around you with an almost vice like grip. He placed a kiss on top of you head then rested his cheek in the same spot. You didn’t know how long the two of you stayed there, just enjoying having the other back, but soon you broke apart only to prepare for bed where he wrapped his arms around you. Gilbert’s hand rested on your stomach the whole night. 

About two weeks later, a letter arrived addressed to Marquis de Lafayette, saying that the war was kicking up again and they needed his assistance. 

“You have to go.” you whispered, placing a hand on his shoulder as he leaned over in the kitchen chair with his face in his hands. The letter had fallen to the floor. “They need you, Gilbert.” He looked at you and you noticed that his eyes were reddening. You took his hand and put it on his stomach. 

“We’ll be here when you get back.” you promised. 

At his request, you wrote Gilbert a letter everyday. He wanted to know every detail of your pregnancy, from how wide your stomach was to how many times the baby kicked or punched that day. Gilbert convinced General Washington to allow him to visit you for a night or two every month. You both agreed that the baby must be taking after him because it was growing quite rapidly. 

This pregnancy was hard on you, and you often could not get out of bed. This did not do much ease Gilbert’s worries that he should be with you and not at war, but you were adamant. The doctor visited every two weeks at Gilbert’s insistence- who was worried that bi-weekly still wasn’t enough. Finally, the timing worked out the Gilbert was there for one of these visits. And it was a good thing too. 

“Well, I’m glad the father is here to hear this because I’m starting to have some suspicions.” The doctor was smiling, but Gilbert lost it anyway.

“What? What’s wrong? Is Y/N okay? Is the baby okay?”

The doctor chuckled slightly. “Yes, her health is amazing. And this child is either going to be abnormally large,” Gilbert frowned angrily. “or you have two babies to worry about.”  You face broke into a grin, and Gilbert gasped beside you. 

Deux? Jumeaux?” His face was an expression none other than shock, and for a moment you were worried, but then he looked down at you, he smiled. Your heart melted.  He leaned down and kissed forever then knelt to kiss your rounding stomach. “Nos petits enfants…” he whispered, lovingly. 

You were busy knitting blankets for your beautiful babies when you heard a knock on the door. You asked your nurse to help you to the door, but she insisted that she just answer the door herself. You set your knitting down and placed and hand on your stomach, smiling down at your growing babies. When you looked up, two well dressed men walked into the room. Your pulse quickened. 

“Mrs La Fayette?” one of them asked. You nodded. “We’ve come here with the unfortunate news that your husband was wounded in battle.” You stifled a cry with your hand. “He is alive, conscious, and being looked after.” 

“Wh-what happened?” you dared to asked.

“He had just struck down several red coats when one snuck up him and stabbed him in the back.” the other soldier said. You winced and instinctively protected your round belly. “He turned around and defended himself. He was taken to safety quickly. He’s having trouble walking right now, but will most likely be sent here to recover by your side as soon as possible.” 

“We’re very sorry this happened.” the first soldier said, politely. 

“Thank you.” you whispered. They nodded and left. Your nurse came over to you and held you while you cried. 

It had not been a full two weeks when Gilbert hobbled into your house, accompanied by several soldiers. His walk was drastically different. You rushed to the door and checked over him looking for signs of pain. His hand flew to your large stomach and his concerned eyes met yours. 

“They’re fine.” you said. Gilbert gave you a look. “We’re fine.” you assured him. He smiled softly. “You need to sit down.” you reprimanded him.

“No I need to do this.” His hand left your stomach and went to the back of your head. It tangled in your hair as he kissed you. You broke away from him remembering that there were others there. You turned and smiled at the soldiers who came with him. You recognized one of them as Alexander Hamilton. You also noticed Gilbert’s friend Hercules Mulligan. He had visited you often while Gilbert was wrong. You suspected because Gilbert wanted to make you weren’t lying about you health. You smiled at them and took Gilbert’s arm. Draping it over your shoulder, you started walking him to the couch. 

“Y/N don’t. You shouldn’t be working yourself too much.” he said. You glared at him. 

“I’m pregnant, Gilbert. Not a china doll.” 

He laughed richly and you tried to ignore the way he winced as he did it. You helped him sit down on the couch. 

“Come sit!” you told his friends. The walked over hesitantly. Except for Hercules. He made himself at home in your sitting room. 

“I’m John Laurens, by the way.” the other soldier said as he walked up to you. He kissed your hand and smiled before sitting down. 

“Would you guys like tea?” Honestly, you were excited to have some company. 

“Oh Y/N, don’t go to the trouble.” Alexander said. 

“Oh stop.” You waved your hand in the air and headed to the kitchen to make tea. You leaned against the counter as you held the pot to boil. Seeing your husband in that state had made you feel sick. A moment later Alexander walked in and smiled at you. 

“Hello, Mr. Hamilton.” you stood up straighter even though it strained your back. 

“Please, call me Alexander, or Alex even. I’m just another one of Lafayette’s friends.”

“This coming from George Washington’s most trusted comrade.” you said. 

“Next to Lafayette.” Alex reminded you of your husband’s prominent position. 

“How is he?” you asked carefully, “Or will he…can he?” 

“The doctors don’t know if he’ll ever be able to walk normally again. The infection spread too much.” Alex said quietly. “But they also didn’t think he’d be able to walk at all, and you just saw him waltz in.” he added. “You’ve married one of the strongest men in the Continental Army, Y/N. He’d recover if only to lift one of these little guys over his head.” he gestured to your stomach. You smiled at him. 

“He better be careful if he does.” you said. 

Alex laughed and helped you with the tea. 

Your hand flew to your stomach. “Oh god, it’s happening.” you whispered. Gilbert lifted his hand off the pillow slightly. 

Ange?” His voice was gruff with sleep. You opened your mouth to speak, but at that moment a contraction ripped through you and a strangled shout came out instead.  “Y/N!” Gilbert sat up quickly and you heard his own groan of pain. 

“Gilbert, don’t. Lay back down. I’ll get the nurse.” You said between labored breaths. You got up to move, but the pain increased exponentially as you moved. Gilbert watched you nervously, still trying to get up himself. You swung a leg over the side of the bed and noticed a trickle of blood running down it. 

“Gilbert.” your voice was shaking. You could feel tears in your eyes. 

Merde.” He got up with some effort and left the room. You tried to slow your breathing and not worry, but there it was. The blood was right there in front of you. You didn’t know how long Gilbert had been gone, but he came back into the room with a horrible limp. He told you that the nurse had run for the doctor and they would be back as soon as possible. He winced. 

“Are you alright?” you asked. Gilbert smiled. 

“The pain I am feeling is nothing compared to what you are going through, le plus cher.” Lafayette positioned himself behind you on the bed. He wrapped his arms around you and you leaned against his chest. 

Respirer. Just breathe.” he said. You closed your eyes and took deep breaths. Gilbert sang you to you softly in French until the doctor arrived. Gilbert moved from the chair and leaned against one of the wall. Your doctor checked you over and told you that you were definitely going into labor, but you weren’t yet ready to push. He then got up a motioned for Gilbert to follow him out the room. Your nurse came over to you and dabbed your forehead with a cold, wet towel. You smiled at her gratefully. Gilbert came back in with a grim face, but smiled when he saw you looking at him. 

“What did the doctor say?” You were beyond concerned for your babies. He limped over to the bed and sat down on it carefully. 

“He’s going to stay here, and maybe sleep a little, until your ready to push.” Gilbert bit his knuckle as he brought he legs up onto the bed and pushed himself closer to you. All the moment must be painful for him, but he had been doing better in the past few days. 

“Gilbert. What did he really say, about the blood?” 

Gilbert looked at you and grimaced. His eyes were watery and unfocused. 

“He said….the blood… it’s- it isn’t that babies’, Y/N, it’s yours.” 

“Well that’s good isn’t it?” you said confused. “I have a lot more blood than they do. If I lose some, it’s fine.” Gilbert was trying to not to cry.

“Y/N, I can’t do this without you.” he whispered. He looked so broken sitting there next to you. You reached over and grabbed his arm. Trying not to shout as another contraction tore apart your insides. 

“You won’t lose me, Gilbert.” 

He leaned over and kissed you. You felt his tears fall on your face, or maybe you were crying. You couldn’t tell anymore. 

It was several long hours and not enough for sleep for anybody before your doctor  announced that you were dilated enough to push. Gilbert and the doctor helped you situate yourself. Two more nurses had come to your house and were assisting your regular one. Gilbert leaned against the bad frame and took your hand in his. He smiled down at you. You can do this he mouthed. You nodded and looked at your doctor. 

“Ready?” he asked. You nodded again. “Alright. Y/N, I want you to take three deep breaths and when you exhale on the third one, I need you to push with your abdomen, okay?” You closed your eyes and counted. 


You squeezed Gilbert’s hand tightly and let out a small sound like yelp. 

“Good! Good, Y/N. Take a few seconds and then I’ll need you to do the same thing.” 

You looked up at Gilbert. He was already crying. 

“’Ave I ever told you ‘ow beautiful you are, cherie?” You noted how strong his accented sounded. You laughed but the action cause a lot of pain for you. You looked at the doctor signifying you were going to go again. He nodded in understanding. 


You leaned forward as you pushed and shouted in pain. 

“Yes! Just like that! You’re already crowning.” the doctor told you with pride. You had no idea what crowning was, but you assumed it was good. “Okay we can get this baby out with one more push if you really try, Y/N.” 

“Yes.” you said quickly, just wanting the pain to be over. 

“Okay. We’ll do the same thing, but you need to keep pushing until I say stop, alright? Just power through it.” 

Gilbert held your hand tightly. You closed your eyes and leaned back into the pillows. 


“Keep going, Y/N!”

Ceci est vraiment enfin arrivé….” 

“Just a little longer, Y/N! You can do it!”

“I love you so much, mon amour. Keep going keep going!”

Your body relaxed intensely as you heard the sound of your infant crying. Your eyes shot open and there your baby was in the arms of your doctor. You looked at a Gilbert, whose eyes were overflowing with pride as he looked from you to the baby. 

“You are so strong, mon amour.“ 

“It’s a girl.” Your nurse said quietly as she brought the baby over to your aching arms. 

“A girl.” you sobbed. You held her in your arms and she felt so warm. She was crying, but stopped after being with you again. 

“I never thought I could love something as much as I love you.” Gilbert said looking down at you and his daughter. “Ma petite fille.” he cooed. You closed your eyes, feeling extremely lightheaded. 

“Don’t get to sentimental. You still have another baby to meet. Are you ready, Y/N?” the doctor asked. You nodded, unable to form words for some reason. The nurse took the baby from your arms. Gilbert gave her a little wave goodbye as they went to clean her off. 

“Okay. Same process whenever you’re ready.” 

You nodded and closed your eyes again. You really just wanted to sleep. 


“Y/N? Are you with me?” the doctor asked. You opened your eyes and nodded. “Okay…” he looked at you with concern. “One more hard push, okay?” 


You felt the same relief again as you heard your second baby cry out for you. You looked and saw the most amazing sight for the second time. 

“Aren’t they beautiful?” Gilbert commented. You nodded. Your eyes were slipping closed, and your baby wasn’t crying anymore. You heard a few panicked voices, and lots of clanging metal. You were barely awake enough to feel Gilbert’s hand slip from yours. 

“You can’t die. Please don’t die.” you heard him say. Your eyes shout open when you realized he wasn’t talking to you. The doctor and all the nurses except one were hunched over a table doing something you couldn’t see. The missing nurse stood of a corner, bouncing your baby girl and looking at the table with concerned eyes. Gilbert was standing near the table with his fists knotted in his hair. 

“You have to save him.” he kept whispering over and over again. 

“Gilbert? Gilbert, what’s happening? Where’s our baby?” you choked. He limped over to you. 

“Look at me, Y/N.” He brought your hands up to his wet face. “I promise you, we’ll be okay. Do you feel alright?” You nodded and his face relaxed, but only a little. 

“Is the baby okay?” 

Gilbert looked at you and shook his head. You watched in horror as your doctor tried desperately to resuscitate your son. You watched as he stepped away from the table and looked at the clock. You held onto Gilbert and sobbed as one of the nurses covered him with a white sheet and took him away. In fact, you sobbed for a long time after that. So did Gilbert. 

The only ray of sunshine for the two of you was your precious little girl, who the nurse brought over to you after you had calmed down somewhat. She was sleeping with a soft smile on your face. Gilbert held you in his arms and you leaned against him. 

“What are we going to do?” you asked your husband, staring down at the little wonder you’d made. 

“We’re going to love her enough for the both of them.” he answered.

Fool For You (Ch. 5)

Read on AO3

Summary: Betty Cooper, the A+ student and perfect girl next door, who had been dating the school’s hottest jock since middle school, winds up with the notorious bad boy, Jughead Jones, the youngest leader of the Southside Serpents. Somehow, stars align for them, making them fall so deep in love, but are they able to maintain a relationship through their differences? How strong are they?

Chapter 5

Summary: Jughead finds it hard to stay away from Betty, so he sneaks his ways around to find her. The Snowball Dance approaches, and Betty is surprised by seeing Jughead yet again.

Word Count: 3004

Notes: Smut!!! Going to be starting Ch. 6 asap. And also, angst is eventually coming.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

“Earth to Betty,” Kev waved his hands in front of her face. “Excuse me. You alive in there?” He reached out to poke her.

Betty had been so distracted from everything. The only thing she could think of is the taste of Jughead’s lips. She never thought she’d fancy the pungency of smoke and black coffee, but she’d do anything so taste that again. She swiped her tongue along her bottom lip, trying to find any remnants of him, but fell short. Never in all her years has she experienced a kiss like that, so simple and sweet. Realizing how dazed she was, Betty straightened up. “I’m good, Kev,” she smiled, because she was.

“What has you so distracted?” Kevin raised his eyebrows as he got back to work, helping her with Snowball Dance planning.

Oh, just Jughead Jones. “Nothing,” Betty responded, feeling like they’ve had this conversation before. She was fighting the urge to say how sweet Jughead could be once you pried it out of him. She wanted to brag about him, for Christ’s sake. She thought about the night they shared the day before, stealing kisses over the table, telling each other little facts about each other, playing fucking footsies while they ate. She played footsies with the leader of a gang. She frequently grazed her fingers of the fresh bruises on his face, making sure he was alright. After maybe an hour or so, she even got him to laugh. It was short-lasting, but it was a beautiful sound that she hoped she’d hear again. Sighing, she stood. “Guess I’d better get to work.”

Kevin and Betty planned like no other. They truly were a great team. While Betty raked up decorations they could use that she piled in there months ago, Kevin made the music list. They already had a theme picked out along with what food and drinks would be there, so there wasn’t much left to do.

Neither of them though were aware of Jughead standing outside the door. He meant to walk passed, honestly, but he caught glimpse of the blonde ponytail bobbing back and forth and he felt like he had to stop. She was alluring, pulling him in at every angle. He wanted to kick and scream at the way she did that, but he liked it and he wanted more.

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diva-gonzo  asked:

I'll ask... How do you see how Harry and Ginny balanced their work lives after she finished at Hogwarts? Bullet points are fine. 8-D

ooooo funnnn i love this <3 thank you

  • well ginny probably spends the last bit of school training like crazy so she’s really prepped for starting with the harpies
  • i imagine she gets recruited right out if school but idk if realistically she’d still have to do try outs or whatever
  • so she’s got a crazy schedule once training starts, and she spends most of her time in holyhead
  • but harry sneaks up to visit when he’s off
  • because he does shift work, so he’ll work a 2 days on and then have a day off or whatever so he can sneak away and ron is too busy snogging hermione to notice
  • until like 2 am when he’s like WAIT WHERE’S HARRY
  • and hermione is like ‘go back to sleep and stop being so nosy’
  • when the season’s on, the schedule is a little more manageable, and I imagine harry spends saturdays with teddy (at least part) and ginny comes and they spend the day just the three of them and sometimes they run errands and people say they’re such a cute family and harry blushes
  • plus weasley sunday dinners ARE A THING so they go for fun non competitive flies after dinner before dessert
  • but they always turn kinda competitive and end up racing each other but it inevitably ends with george coming to find them with his eyes covered (he learns to do this after the eyeful he gets the first time) to tell them molly’s serving dessert
  • even with all their usual stuff, they plan monthly floating dates just the two of them which can be anything from a dressy night out to a quiet night in at grimmauld place with telly and take out on the couch
  • and ron and hermione plan those nights to be granger family dinners so they get the house to themselves
  • ginny usually stays over those nights because they’re both so tired from their busy schedules that they end up asleep on the couch in a pile
  • then stumble up the stairs and collapse after harry lends ginny sweats
  • he’d offered to let her keep clothes there, but she likes stealing his clothes to sleep in
  • and he likes seeing her in his clothes so it works out
  • it’s not an official thing per se, but they do double date nights with ron and hermione, usually to the cinema and for dinner and drinks after to talk about whatever they saw and their lives
  • GINNY’S GAMES: harry’s a total fanboy with face paint and a WEASLEY jersey and foam fingers or whatever other quidditch paraphernalia he can find
  • his enthusiasm is perfect because he’s supporting ginny AND no one really recognizes him with all the junk all over his face
  • then when she’s on off season, they plan getaways which more often than not ends up being visiting charlie in romania because DRAGONS
  • I’m stopping myself here because otherwise it will never end lol

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With You By My Side - One

A/N: Mini series, or series… I haven’t decided yet. This is going to be an angsty ride, so be prepared. Thank you to @melonberri @hanny-writes-spn and @thorne93 for checking this out for me. I’m still recovering from a writer’s block, so don’t be too harsh.

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Jared (mentioned)

Warnings: None in this part I think. Itallics are memories.

Wordcount: 1257

*No hate towards Jensen and his lovely family. This is fiction.*

“(YN)? Is everything okay?” Jensen’s sleepy voice sounded through the phone. You were probably crossing a line calling him like this, two months after your breakup, at one in the morning, but you needed to hear his voice.

You and Jensen had gone from friends to best friends to falling madly in love, but it was short lived. You didn’t know if it was the distance or the fact that you just did better as friends, but after a year of trying to make things work you had both decided to end it. The heartbreak was inevitable, but you didn’t know if it was your friend or you boyfriend that you missed.

“Yeah, everything is fine. I just…” you trailed off, not knowing how to finish that thought. “You remember when we first met? Way back when Jared dragged you to my 23rd birthday party?”

“Of course I remember. You were the only person there who was less interested in your party than I was.” He chuckled at the memory.

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RFA and Minor Trio with MC that's believes in ghosts or likes "dark things" (like visiting graveyards or abandoned houses)?

You know, I’m not really a big fan of general spooky things but this was surprisingly a really fun request to write! I think that I may be starting to slowly become a fan of spooky things, emphasis on slowly!! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Terrified doesn’t even begin to describe Yoosung’s feelings whenever you tell him that you love ghosts and spooky things
  • This poor boy still gets afraid of the dark whenever he gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom
  • But he tries his absolute best to be a brave boyfriend worthy of your love
  • To try and help him conquer his fears, you take Yoosung on a guided ghost tour
  • The entire time Yoosung grips your hand so much that he leaves marks
  • He screams anytime anything happens, like if the wind blows some leaves or if someone coughs
  • By the end of the tour, Yoosung almost fainted a total of six times but you congratulate him on being brave
  • He apologizes for being a wimp but a quick kiss on the cheek from you reassures him that you still love him
  • Yoosung finally calms down until he sees a white flash dance across the scenery, making him scream
  • You quickly looks around to try and find the ghost but sigh when you don’t, as you turn around to find Yoosung passed out on the floor
  • Yoosung has never gone outside alone at night ever again


  • Zen has never really been interested in anything ghost or spooky related but he gets interested when he knows that you’re into it
  • He finds the idea of ghosts cool and will definitely go on lots of ghosts hunts with you
  • Sometimes he’ll try and sneak up behind you and scare you so that he can be your knight in shining armor and protect you
  • Except you always see Zen’s attempts coming and turn the tables and scare him, he’ll cling to you for the rest of the night
  • He’s not super into visiting graveyards but he puts on a brave face and holds your hand the entire time
  • Zen starts to love the thrill of going to haunted places with you and each time he gets more brave
  • Anytime the two of you go out to these places, Zen will make comments like “the ghosts probably died because they saw how beautiful I am.” Or “I hope I ghosts haunt me because of my godly looks”
  • You and Zen start going to more and more haunted places as date nights and make a little competition to see who screams first, the score ended up being mostly tied


  • General spooky things were something that Jaehee never had time for
  • She never really understood what the appeal of any of it was until she met you
  • Your obsession with ghosts was concerning to Jaehee, she tried to reason out with logic that ghosts weren’t real
  • That is until you took her to a haunted house where there supposedly were ghosts haunting visitors
  • Jaehee reluctantly tried going because it was for you but she made you promise to buy her some coffee cake afterwards
  • Although neither of you saw any ghosts, Jaehee admitted that it was an amusing time and would possible consider going again
  • That is until a worker at the haunted house tried to scare her and she punched him in the face thinking it was a ghost, the two of you were no longer allowed to visit
  • When you suggested visiting a graveyard Jaehee gave you a flashlight and bid you a good luck because there was no way she was going to a place like that
  • Jaehee developed a better understanding of general spooky things and is willing to try more if it truly makes you happy


  • Jumin had always felt that ghosts, haunted houses, and what not were absurd
  • He’s never understood the idea of people purposely trying to go visit haunted manors or find the un-dead
  • But when he saw how adamant you were about spooky things, he decided to give it a try as long as it made you happy
  • The first time the two of you visited a haunted house, Jumin questioned when the scary part started since throughout the entire tour, he never felt scared
  • Even when you both went on a guided ghost tour, he kept a calm and stoic demeanor, again not understanding your love for scary things
  • It all changed when you took Jumin to a graveyard, he could of sworn he saw the ghost of a cat pass by
  • You didn’t want to ruin his excitement since it was just a dirty white cat running by so you kept your mouth shut and enjoyed his enthusiasm
  • Jumin did start to have an interest for spooky things which excited you until you found out that he was only interested if it involved cats, then you gave up


  • Seven is super hyped when he finds out that you’re into spooky things
  • He’s always found haunted houses and ghosts interesting and he’s excited to have a ghost hunting buddy
  • You take him to your favorite haunted house where the two of you have a contest to see who can find a ghost first
  • But Seven gets side tracked and decides to try and scare you instead, jumping up behind you and yelling things
  • His mission ends up in a failure since he’s predictable so you try to turn the tables and scare him instead
  • The two of you run around the haunted house trying to scare each other but you both get kicked out by the owner because you two caused a ruckus
  • So you tell Seven that you want to visit a graveyard with him and this boy goes all out
  • He buys the two of you ghost hunting gear and blasts the Ghostbusters theme song as the two of you dramatically walk into the dark graveyard
  • Seven thought that he spotted a ghost and tries to catch it with your help but it only ends up being a stray white trash bag floating in the wind
  • Yours and Seven’s mission to catch a ghost hasn’t been achieved yet but the two of you don’t rest until you succeed


  • The second you mention that you love all things spooky and scary, V tenses up at your words
  • He’s not a fan of being scared by others for fun and doesn’t understand why people like it
  • V tells you a story during his childhood when he and Jumin got lost in a small forest in the nighttime and by the time the two of them got out of the forest, V peed his pants twice
  • After you were done laughing at his story, you wanted to take him to a haunted house and show him that spooky things could be fun
  • You had to reassure V that you wouldn’t leave him but he eventually agreed, even though he was starting to regret it
  • He held your hand tightly as he gulped, entering the eerie haunted house
  • This poor boy lasted about five minutes until he heard the floorboard creak and he jumped, cowering behind your shoulders
  • You carefully led V out of the haunted house, knowing that if the two of you continued on he would probably have a heart attack
  • V apologized for being so scared and bought you some flowers and sweets shaped as ghosts as an apology


  • Saeran literally found the perfect girl of his dreams whenever he met you and you told him that you love spooky things
  • He’s highkey really excited to visit all kinds of haunted houses and graveyard with you
  • Your surprised that Saeran is actually the one who plans and organizes all kinds of trips to haunted houses
  • Even though he won’t say it, you can tell that Saeran is excited to visit all of the spooky places which makes you excited as well
  • When the two of you get to a haunted house, you stare at Saeran amazed as he shows zero signs of fear
  • He even complained that the house wasn’t even slightly scary and wanted a real challenge
  • So the two of you went to a graveyard to try and appease Saeran
  • Yet again, he found it even less frightening than the haunted house but he could tell you were a bit scared
  • Saeran shyly slung his arm around your shoulder and brought you close to his chest, mumbling that he would protect you from all the ghosts
  • While Saeran never did get scared during the haunted house or graveyard, seeing you enjoying yourself was more then enough for him


  • Vanderwood’s seen plenty of scary things in his life, one of the worst being Seven’s bedroom for the first time, so he’s interested in what you find scary
  • When you tell him that you want to visit a haunted house with him, he reluctantly agrees
  • He’d rather spend the day relaxing with you but Vanderwood has always been interested in seeing you scared
  • Throughout the tour, Vanderwood gets bored and checks his phone while you’re walking around
  • You notice him just standing there and try to scare him but Vanderwood stops your incoming scare with his hand sticking out
  • Since he’s so bored, you take him to a graveyard to try and scare him
  • Vanderwood feels bad for neglecting you so he sneaks away and decides to scare you
  • But Vanderwood uses his scary face and his scary face could scare all of the RFA members combined
  • So you end up passing out from being so frightened
  • Vanderwood buys the two of you tickets for a ghost tour as an apology as well as lots of kisses
  • He also lets you purposely scare him and seeing you so excited makes him smile

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To think about something other than people disrespecting harry, I can't get over last night. Imagine being the person there to give him strenght when he doubts himself, to smile at him and be so freaking proud, to call anne afterwards to make her part of such moment. Imagine Harry turning around after all the hugs with the snl cast end, looking at you and opening his arms so you can give him a bear hug. To watch him unravel freely during the after party, to the point where his adrenaline is so

high he sneaks you away for a quickie in the toilets, because he’s craving that feeling of unconditional love, because his success wouldn’t be the same if he was alone. And then when the night ends, he’d lay his head on your chest, with his hand lying on your tummy, and say “thank you for loving me” and you wouldn’t care about the sore neck you’d have the next day because that’s how happiness feels like.

Okay, hi, thank you for absolutely destroying me. Didn’t ask for that, but I’ll take it.

And can you imagine how absolutely lovely he would be all night? You watched from the audience, feeling how nervous he was. You were feeling that nervousness, too. You could barely sit still in your seat, your fists clenched and eyes bright as you waited for him to appear on stage. He didn’t tell you anything about tonight - only that he’d be performing Ever Since New York and that yeah, he’d be in a couple of skits - so you were just as clueless as the audience around you. 

You could see how much pressure was lifted off of him after Sign of the Times, so much so that you breathed a little easier after his performance. He gave you a little smile before he started Ever Since New York, and you knew that you would never love a person as much as you loved Harry in that moment. How could you? 

After the final credits aired and the show officially ends, he’d beckon you down from your seat with a curved index finger and a wink. You wouldn’t think you can get to him fast enough, and you’d do a little hop-skip-and a jump into his arms, laughing for no reason other than the fact that he just did that. He performed as a solo artist for the first time; he was funny; he was charming; he was Harry. He was the Harry you knew - the Harry you wanted everyone else to know. You were so proud of him for sharing those pieces of himself with the world.

“You were so fantastic,” you’d whisper in his ear, squeezing him tighter to you, kissing his cheek when he promises you he wasn’t that great.

And that whole night he keeps you close to him. You’re his comfort, his bit of good luck. He doesn’t let you out of his sight as you mix and mingle with the cast, a bit awe-struck at these names and faces you’ve only read about or seen on television. Everyone is gushing about how incredible Harry was, and you agree vehemently, recalling your favorite bits about the night. He’d rejoin you every ten minutes or so, checking up on you and asking if you were having a good time. You’d try to shoo him away - this was his night, what was he worrying about you for? - but he’d just kiss the crown of your head and shush your attempts to get him to stop asking.

When it’s just the two of you in your hotel room at 4am, you’d snicker quietly at his attire - he’d ditched the suit and was left in his socks, boxer briefs, and his white shirt, which he had fully unbuttoned and left open.

“Wot?” he’d ask, standing with his arms stretched out in the dim light of the bedside lamp. “Quite comfortable li’ this, thank you very much!”

You’d nod, sauntering over to him in a drunken sashay, tucking your hands inside of his open shirt and around his back. You’d kiss his chest - his warm, soft skin - and sigh against him. “Thank you for inviting me to be here with you. I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you for lovin’ me,” he’d say. And what a ridiculous notion that is - as if you were actually capable of not loving him. As if it were a conscious choice you had made. “Know it’s not always easy. But thank you.”

You’d summon him into bed, yet you’d only close your eyes for thirty seconds before snorting with laughter.

“Ey! Coulda be quiet? ‘m tryin’ t’ sleep ‘ere!”

Manky panky,” you’d giggle, covering your face beneath your hands.

The sun would come up before either of you dozed off, your fits of laughter keeping you awake while you tangled within one another’s limbs.


So here’s Asagi! One of Kou’s childhood friends and best friend! (They’re a squad with Yuu as well WHO I’m gonna draw so o n)

His quirk manifested he ever since he was born, he usually uses it to hide from others or avoid drama that’s going on in class so he can sneak away, lol. He’s a pretty shy boy and he’s not good at talking with other people but ever since Kou and Yuu became friends with him he became more talkative and loud :’0c, THO he reverts back to being a shy dude if they’re not with him.

He wants to become a hero because Kou, Yuu and he agreed that they’d become a team once they grow up and become heroes! (because it just seems so cool to become one).

His fav hero is Froppy, just because they’re quirks are a tiny bit similar :O