so he smuggled it out


“Maybe more possible than you realise… My real name is Sabine Wren. I was sent in to get you out.” When Commander Sato’s Rebel Cell receives information that a number of imperial cadets wish to defect to the Rebels, Sabine Wren is sent in undercover to rescue them. The pilots – Wedge Antilles and Derek ‘Hobbie’ Klivian – would become two of the Alliance’s greatest assets, fighting in numerous battles against the Empire. — Wedge Antilles’ revised backstory as an Imperial Fighter Pilot from Star Wars Rebels.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Part VIII

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Summary: In this story we get to know Jensen and (Y/N), two humans that have to learn, that despite their brain, they can’t outrun their heart.
When a smiliar friend of them, Jared, introduces the two, sparks fly. They understand each other better than anyone, so it’s no surprise the two eventually end up in bed together. Only condition - No feelings.
Neither of them is the relationship person, and neither of them is ready to act on their emotions. So what happens when out of one night, another one follows, and they have to learn that they can’t live without the other? Will they stop being so stubborn and admit their feelings? Or will it be too late when one finally has the balls to do it?
Warning: angst? heartbreak…

CLTGC - Masterlist

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I had no idea where I was going with this until @emeraldumbrella sent me suggestions and I ended up with this gunslinger witch. But with magic instead of guns. I decided to count her as Witch #31: Free Draw for the 31 Witches prompt.

so there’s this story that my grandmother loves telling (well, in recent years. for the first seventy years of her life she did not talk about her childhood at all.)

the story is that a family friend of theirs was Austria’s finance minister*, and Jewish, and after the anschluss he realized he was in trouble, but like many of Austria’s Jews he seriously underestimated how much trouble. by the time he realized it was too late to get out safely. He was also old and in failing health, so dramatics weren’t ideal.

so he asked a family member to drive him to the mountains on the Italian-Austrian border, and he’d cross there. It was easy enough to avoid the Austrian authorities going out, but you didn’t have a chance of avoiding the Italian ones, and they stopped him. 

“Oh,” he said to them, “Benito knows me. Tell him I’m here and he’ll call me a car.” And indeed, they called Mussolini and he called him a car.

My reaction the first time I heard this story - and the reaction of everyone I’ve told it to - has been “so Mussolini opposed the Holocaust? He was helping smuggle Jews out of Austria?” And, no, he didn’t and wasn’t. But he knew this guy, they were old friends, the guy was in town, so Benito called him a car. Which is more characteristic of humans than the version where Mussolini was secretly a decent person, really. A million is a statistic, but this guy? I know this guy. He’s a great guy.

There’s the phrase ‘the banality of evil’, and I think it applies, but the word that’s always come to my mind is the myopia of evil, the tendency to treat People well but just not look out at the world and see billions of People, not believe that the principles you apply to the ones you know apply to all of them everywhere.

Mythological Throwback Thursday: Yeti

Welcome! It’s time for another Mythological Throwback Thursday, and this week Team Metalalia venture into the sacred peaks of South Asia, the Himalayas, in search of the elusive yeti. Don’t hold your breath– the air’s pretty thin.

The word ‘yeti’ is a loanword from Tibetan. The Tibetan term is a compound of the words for ‘rock’ and ‘bear’. Other Himalayan people know the yeti as Kang Admi– ‘snow man’, or mi-go– ‘jungle man’. The appellation ‘Abominable Snowman’ was coined in the 1920s by a British officer on an expedition around Everest.

Early anthropologists were told that the Lepcha people native to the Himalayas worshipped a ‘glacier being’, a god of the hunt that looked like an ape and carried a large stone as a weapon.

Most local cultures agree that the yeti is a rare and secretive creature, that leaves little trace of itself behind. Many footprints in the snow believed to have been left by a yeti have been photographed, but these make for unconvincing evidence, and trophies like scalps or hairs have been analysed by experts and identified as belonging to other creatures native to the Himalayas. In 1959 an expedition claimed to have found yeti faeces: on analysis an unknown parasite was discovered within them. Cryptozoologists, who study creatures thought by the wider scientific community not to exist, claim that this is an indication that the yeti may well exist.

In Pangboche, a Nepalese village nearly two and a half miles above sea level, a Buddhist monastery claimed to possess the hand and forearm of a yeti. The story went that a monk seeking to meditate in a cave stumbled across a resting yeti. When he returned to the cave later in life, the yeti had died, so he took some of the remains. The hand was stolen and smuggled out of Nepal by Westerners, and though most of it has disappeared into a private collection, those primatologists who had access to fragments of the sample claimed it is Neanderthal in origin.

In more modern times, explorers and experts have settled upon the explanation that the yeti of legend is nothing more than one or more species of local bear, known to be bipedal at times. In particular, the Asiatic brown bear spends its early life in trees to avoid aggressive older bears, which gives its feet a peculiar shape that means its footprints can be mistaken for human or ape-like tracks.

Regardless of what the truth may or may not be, the yeti remains one of the world’s most famous cryptid legends. The search for the yeti has led to conservation efforts in Nepal and Tibet, protecting the Himalayas for other native species.

Join us next week to meet the queen of the gods herself! I wouldn’t let her down, if I were you…

Night's Watch & Neutrality

There’s something to be said about the Night’s Watch and the way the characters/order has significance.

“The Watch takes no part” is a reoccurring theme. We’re told over and over again from the beginning of the series that the Night’s Watch is an ancient order rooted in this tradition of neutrality. When you join, you are forever absolved of your past crimes- and removed from your past life. You have no family but the NW, you have no loyalty, no politics, you have only the Watch.

However, as the series progresses, it becomes more and more apparent that not only is this system faulty, but it’s steadily being broken down. 

Yoren, Jon, Aemon- characters on the inside all express the type of free thinking and loyalty to outside parties that isn’t allowed.

Jon tries to abandon his post for Robb, and actually does abandon his post/forsake some of his duties for (who he believes is) Arya.

And what does Jeor say to the first offense?

“If we beheaded every boy who rode to Mole’s Town in the night, only ghosts would guard the Wall.” Jon, AGoT 

Aemon desires to find Dany and help her out as her last family member; he only doesn’t because of his health. He doesn’t even know her and has been part of the NW for decades, but the loyalty to his family is still so ingrained. 

And Yoren breaks all the rules of neutrality when he smuggles Arya out of King’s Landing. He directly puts his loyalty (to the Starks, or Ned at least) over the wishes of another political faction (in fact, those who rule Westeros) while on NW duties by utilizing his neutrality as a disguise for Arya actually. 

But it’s not just the members on the inside not being able to stay neutral, characters on the outside don’t acknowledge that neutrality- even when it is in play.

Yoren fingered the warrant ribbon with its blob of golden wax. “Pretty.” He spit. “Thing is, the boy’s in the Night’s Watch now. What he done back in the city don’t mean piss-all.”

“The queen’s not interested in your views, old man, and neither am I,” the officer said. “I’ll have the boy.”

…“You’ll have no one,” Yoren said stubbornly. “There’s laws on such things.” 

The gold cloak drew a shortsword. “Here’s your law.” Arya, ACoK

“And who are you, old man? One of Lord Beric’s cravens?” called the knight in the spiked helm. “if that fat fool Thoros is in there, ask him how he likes these fires.”

“Got no such man here,” Yoren shouted back. “Only some lads for the Watch. Got no part o’ your war.” He hoisted up the staff, so they could all see the color of his cloak. “Have a look. That’s black, for the Night’s Watch.”

“Or black for House Dondarrion,” called the man who bore the enemy banner. Arya could see its colors more clearly now in the light of the burning town: a golden lion on red. “Lord Beric’s sigil is a purple lightning bolt on a black field.”

…“Are you blind, man?” Yoren waved his staff back and forth, making the cloak ripple. “You see a bloody lightning bolt?”

“By night all banners look black,” the knight in the spiked helm observed. “Open, or we’ll know you for outlaws in league with the king’s enemies.” 

…“If you are no traitors, open your gates,” Ser Amory called. “We’ll make certain you’re telling it true and be on our way.”

Yoren was chewing sourleaf. “Told you, no one here but us. You got my word on that.”
The knight in the spiked helm laughed. “The crow gives us his word.”
“You lost, old man?” mocked one of the spearmen. “The Wall’s a long way north o’ here.”
“I command you once more, in King Joffrey’s name, to prove the loyalty you profess and open these gates,” said Ser Amory.

For a long moment Yoren considered, chewing. Then he spat. “Don’t think I will.”
“So be it. You defy the king’s command, and so proclaim yourselves rebels, black cloaks or no.”

“Got me young boys in here,” Yoren shouted down.
“Young boys and old men die the same…. Storm the walls and kill them all.Arya, ACoK

Arya has the right of it when she thinks on it after the first gold cloak interaction:

“Thing is, the folks who lived here were at war, like it or no. We’re not. Night’s Watch takes no part, so no man’s our enemy.”

And no man’s our friend, she thought. Arya, ACoK

The laws of neutrality are impractical- and yet necessary. Or at least they were long ago when respect was still given to the NW. People forgot their purpose, lords and eager knights gave way to recruits of criminals and outlaws. As a result, there’s no respect for the NW’s purpose and the neutrality isn’t cared for. Cersei wants Gendry dead? She’ll have him dead, what does she care if he’s a recruit of the NW?

But they are so impractical because humans can’t dissociate like that as Aemon points out:

"What is honor compared to a woman’s love? What is duty against the feel of a newborn son in your arms … or the memory of a brothers smile? Wind and words. Wind and words. We are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love." Jon, AGoT

And more and more you see this at play with Jon/the NW and his interactions with Stannis in ASoS/ADWD.

“If we let Stannis choose our Lord Commander, we become his bannermen in all but name. Tywin Lannister is not like to forget that, and you know it will be Lord Tywin who wins in the end. He’s already beaten Stannis once, on the Blackwater.” -Allister, ASoS 

“Stannis says it’s not enough. The more you give a king, the more he wants. We are walking on a bridge of ice with an abyss on either side. Pleasing one king is difficult enough. Pleasing two is hardly possible.”

“Yes, but … if the Lannisters should prevail and Lord Tywin decides that we betrayed the king by aiding Stannis, it could mean the end of the Night’s Watch. He has the Tyrells behind him, with all the strength of Highgarden. And he did defeat Lord Stannis on the Blackwater.”

“The Blackwater was one battle. Robb won all his battles and still lost his head. If Stannis can raise the north …”

Sam hesitated, then said, “The Lannisters have northmen of their own. Lord Bolton and his bastard.”

“Stannis has the Karstarks. If he can win White Harbor …”

“If,” Sam stressed. “If not … my lord, even a paper shield is better than none.” -Sam and Jon, ADWD

“Lord Stannis helped us when we needed help,” Marsh said doggedly, “but he is still a rebel, and his cause is doomed. As doomed as we’ll be if the Iron Throne marks us down as traitors. We must be certain that we do not choose the losing side.” -Bowen Marsh, ADWD

And it culminates with Ramsay Bolton’s letter to Jon, which forsakes neutrality in multiple ways :

Your false king’s friends are dead… You told the world you burned the King-Beyond-the-Wall. Instead you sent him to Winterfell to steal my bride from me… Send them to me, bastard, and I will not trouble you or your black crows Jon, ADWD 

Ramsay says that the NW supports Stannis, calls Jon out on his attachment to his family/Arya, and threatens the supposedly "take no part” Watch.

All this is to say that we know that the fight against the Others is going to be the big climax in many ways of the series, we know that GRRM has been building up to getting multiple characters united over this purpose despite different politics and loyalty.

We know this, GRRM is breaking down the neutrality slowly but surely to enforce this idea that no one can be neutral over this. The Watch isn’t some separate entity that “takes no part”, can’t be anymore if anyone is going to survive. We’re seeing just how impossible it is for the NW to be neutral and a force for the Others to reckon with if you will.

All those years of tradition are wrong, neutrality can only hurt the Watch now. The battle isn’t just meant for the NW; what was the Watch takes no part becomes the rulers can’t afford to take no part.

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23 ;)

23: The most intimate kiss of all aka cunninglingus

I’m sorry if this isn’t quite what you wanted, anon! It was the first thing I thought of for Steve/Tony though! 


“Of course I would,” Tony said, and he made the effort to sound genuinely affronted. “I don’t know what you take me for, Barton, but I’m not that kind of an asshole.”

Clint was mostly drunk. Thor was buzzed.  Natasha was either completely wasted and successfully hiding it, or completely sober and manipulating them, Tony honestly couldn’t tell which. Rhodes, Pepper and Wilson were pretty sober, but that’s because none of them ever agreed to play by Clint’s rules. Barnes was smashed and sprawled upside down in Natasha’s favorite papasan chair.Steve, of course, was sober as a judge.

Tony was at worst slightly tipsy and had already stopped drinking because Steve flat out refused to have sex with Tony if he thought the alcohol might have impaired his decision making abilities. If Tony has learned anything in the last few years it’s that sex with Steve Rogers is better than any alcohol, even the royal mead that Thor once smuggled out of his father’s cellar. So he sipped his first couple of drinks and then cut himself off. If Clint has noticed that Tony’s taking shots of Mountain Dew, he hasn’t mentioned it.

Clint’s eyebrows were trying to climb off his face. Tony actually loved that. The guy had the straightest poker face Tony’d ever seen, but the second you got a few drinks in him he telegraphed every thought he’d ever had. “So you claim that if Capsicle here,” he clapped Steve on the arm a little harder than he would have were he completely sober, “got Loki’d into a woman-“

"Loki’d?” Tony and Steve echoed.

“Loki?” Thor asked, blinking over his shoulder at them. He’d bored with Clint’s version of a drinking game as soon as he’d realized no one was going to be dueling, sparring or slaying anything and was watching cartoons on the couch.

“Figure of speech,” Clint said, waving a hand through the air. It came very close to Steve’s face. “Anyway, if Winghead here were magicked or scienced or somethinged into a girl, you think you’d go down under on her?”

“Not if he were a girl,” Tony said while Steve mouthed the word “Winghead” in an indignant way. “That’s not cool, Clint. Now if he were a woman, then yeah. Absolutely. Well,” he amended, “assuming Steve was okay with that. He might not be comfortable with that, especially at first.”

"I like blow jobs,” Steve said, which Tony considered to be a dramatic understatement of facts. “I’d probably like cunninglingus as well. But it depends on where this female body came from. Is it mine? Did I just get turned into a female version of myself? If he body-swapped me with a woman, then I’d probably decline to have sex out of respect to the original inhabitant until we were positive it was impossible to switch us back.”

“It’s better than a blow job,” Natasha said. She was sitting at the opposite end of the table, swirling something amber-colored around a crystal tumbler. She leaned forward and braced her arms against the table like she was imparting a secret. “Tongues are much more flexible than a penis and a woman’s body can come forever if you treat it right.” She shifted her weight in the chair with a teasing smile. “Once you got Tony on his knees for you, you’d never let him up.”

Steve coughed. “That seems unfair.”

“Does he still have the super-strength in the new body?” Tony asked Clint. “Because I’d miss that. Oh my God, though, Cap, do you have any idea how strong a woman’s thighs are when she’s orgasming? Jesus, you couldn’t even need to hold me there, you could just wrap your legs around my head and-”

“I’m suddenly uncomfortable with this topic of conversation,” Sam said.

Rhodey reached over to grab a beer out of the cooler. “Get used to it. Tony’s got no filter when he’s with friends, and Cap’s got a surprisingly filthy mind for someone who’s supposed to be a paragon of virtue.”

“There’s nothing filthy about a healthy sex life,” Steve said. “But I think if I had the super strength I’d want to test the new body out a little before we did anything like that.”

“You could crack my head like a walnut,” Tony said cheerfully and Natasha snorted into her drink.

“Are you sure you’re that good?” Clint asked. He waggled his drink in Tony’s direction. “Maybe you couldn’t get him off that way.”

“Yes he could,” Steve and Pepper said in unison. Over on the couch, Rhodey started laughing.

“I hate all of you,” Bucky said mournfully from the papasan chair.

Happy Fourth of July!

I know it is a day late but I wanted to get this fic to you because you’re amazing!

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As kids, Dean and Castiel always visited a spot in the woods on July 4th that was quiet and that no one else knew about, but was in a perfect spot to see the town’s fireworks perfectly. Dean’s mother would take Dean and Cas to this spot and they would sit, shoulder to shoulder, admiring the view.

On the summer of the boy’s sixteenth year, they visited the woods alone. It was the first summer they would be going to see the fireworks alone. It was also their first summer as a couple.

The boys had gotten together months prior, on Castiel’s birthday. Dean decided that he would wait to give Cas his present after the party, driving him to a park that was abandoned due to the lateness of the day. When Castiel opened his present from Dean, the golden amulet the older boy held so dear, Cas surged up to kiss Dean. Although the first kiss was quick, the many following were long and heated, present getting forgotten as lips were on lips.

Dean let Castiel drive to the woods, trying not to wince at every turn his boyfriend made (not that they he was a bad driver, Dean is just way too overprotective of his baby) as he sat in the passenger seat.

When they arrived, Dean got out of the car, pulling the cooler of beer out of his trunk; he was lucky his parents were out of town that week so he could smuggle out a six pack of beers.

Castiel laughed as he was handed a beer while sitting on baby’s roof. “How romantic. A couple of beers in the middle of the woods,” he said sarcastically, with an affectionate smile and gleam in his eye.

“Hey,” Dean retorted, “there are fireworks too.”

Cas smiled larger and turned to face the sky where the fireworks would appear, and grabbed Dean’s hand in a gesture the two were so entirely familiar with.

Dean unclasped his hand from Castiel’s to lay on his side propped up on his elbow. “I love you, Cas.”

Cas turned to face Dean and replied, pulling his serious-Castiel-face, “I love you too, Dean,” with a small peck on the lips. “Now hush. The fireworks are about to begin.”

External image

Sooo, yeah. I hoped you enjoyed. It was my first crack at an AU fic ever so go easy on me, yeah?

And also if you want to read some more Destiel fics for some reason I have an AO3 too. (x