so he says farewell to the old

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I have a prompt, possibly for someone who wants to write Jack as the main character. The IAU (International Astronomical Union) have very strict guidelines as to how and what something can be named in space. Well, for Charon, the largest moon of Pluto, they chose to use sci-fi characters, ships and locations. There is a dark spot called the Gallifrey Macula and a TARDIS chasma. I was thinking... (cont.)

When Ten is traveling around doing his ‘farewell’ tour before he regenerates, he stops and has a beer with Jack. One more for old times’ sake. And he’s telling Jack how he feels like nothing mattered, that the people of Earth don’t care about everything he’s done for them, etc. Jack says, “let me show you something,” and takes him to show him how the people of Earth love him so much they name distant worlds for him. I’ve sitting on this idea for a year and a half! Anyone want it?

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I WANT TO READ THIS! Somebody please write it!

Powa (from Fullkawa’s blog)

I’m Fullkawa.

These days, somehow many things have happened.
Of course including things about myself.

I think people who take a look at this already know,
but Shiina Mota-kun has set out on his journey.
Truth is, I assumed it’d be better if I didn’t say anything, but because Powa-chan’s manager has told us “I hope you can talk a lot about him and stay connected to him”,
“Indeed”, so I thought, and tried writing this carefully.

Today, I had the chance to attend his farewell party,
it was great.
That guy, he looked as if he were just sleeping.

I met Mota-kun when he was only 14 years old.
“His songs don’t match his age!”, Kous-san and I often jokingly told each other.
Rather than his songs are too good for his age, I have a feeling that saying he’s too young for his songs would be more suitable. It doesn’t really make any difference, though.

More often than not, I thought of him as a person who is in the position of being my brother, or even my son. To me, however, he was also a formidable rival.
His songs were that great. Somehow, the way I put it sounds kind of wrong.

He was a boy who worried over lots of things.
Maybe he doesn’t want to hear that from me,
but despite everything, each and everytime he gave his all to overcome the obstacles, and he did manage to do just that.

Last week, after the announcement of my activity termination was published, he was the first one to contact me via LINE.
Long ago, we made a promise to go have a drink once he turns 20.
He remembered that promise properly.
That was on Monday, the week he passed away.
He said, that he would support me until the very end, and that he, too, would try his best.
The promise to have a drink together couldn’t be accomplished, but I was really happy.

Maybe since he was a boy who lived 4 times faster than normal people,
he reached his ripe old age 4 times faster.

Powa-chan, thank you.
I will perform “Mahou” in both September and December.
So please show up at the venue.

I’m going to leave the talk about Fullkawa Honpo for the next time.

I’m surprised at how people are talking as if I were going to retire entirely from music.
I said I didn’t have any plan for the future,
but it wasn’t that serious (laugh), I told you all that I’m gonna do something when I’m in the mood, didn’t I? (laugh)

I’ll do something when I’m in the mood. That’s the truth.
I’m just taking a break for a while.

I’m telling you, this is not the end!!