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“Care to explain?” - Remus Lupin x Hufflepuff!Reader Imagine

request:  My patronus is a hedgehog too!Could you do a remus x hufflepuff reader where shes jamess sister and he just ignores how depressed she is but remus helps her and falls out with james over it but the reader tries to make them friends again and they get married but then she gets killed with the other potters when remus goes out for five minutes then when he teaches at hogwarts and is about to resign harry sees a picture of her and remus explains that his aunt would have been proud of him and fluff

- Hope you like it!   WARNING: depression mentioning + REALLY LONG!

Harry Potter couldn’t believe it. So, he had a godfather and a sort of uncle? Yes. He just met Remus Lupin and Sirius Black but not as a professor and a prisoner, just as his parents’ best friends. As he asked Remus why he packing to leave the school, and the werewolf explained, Harry looked down at his desk to find a beautiful picture of Lupin and a girl smiling. They were about at Harry’s age, in the picture. Harry smiled and looked up. Remus was looking at the picture too, with a sigh.

“Care to explain?” asked Harry, a smirk up his lips. 

You were James Potter’s sister. He was so different from you. He was a Gryffindor, you were a Hufflepuff. He was loud, you were quiet. So it wasn’t always easy to be a shadow. James was so amazing that nobody cared about you. Or, at least, that’s what you felt like. You were becoming to be really depressed: nothing was going your way. It was like the world crashed on you. You felt alone and unwanted, you just wanted to end it. 

One day, you had enough and spend the whole time just thinking about everything and what you were going to do about it. You hadn’t eaten anything yet and the sun was starting to set, as you were looking at it from outside the castle. That’s when you heard footsteps that made you jump. Gripping at your wand, your eyes still watering, you turned around.

“Hey, cool. It’s just me!” said Remus with his hands up in surrender as you pointed your wand at him.

Just him. Remus Lupin. Your brother’s best friend. At least one of them! James had so many friends. You used to hang with all of them before James got his obsession with Lily Evans and completely cut you out of his life. Maybe this was the reason why you were so much hurt, after all. You missed James, your other half. You lost yourself once again in the old chapters of your life as Remus, concerned, waved his hand in front of your eyes, asking if you were okay.

“Yeah, I’m fine. How can I help you?” you answered, hoping he wouldn’t take notice of your poorly soaked cheeks.

“Isn’t it more of how can I help you?” he replied, emphasizing on the “I”. 

You gave him a sweet smile as he dried your tears and hugged you tightly. You knew Remus was the most sensitive and sweetest of them all, you just never thought he would actually take time for you.

“Er-… I just feel left out, sometimes. But it’s nothing, really, you can go back to wherever you were going to!” you said, not wanting him to worry.

“Ah, c’mon. I came because I was worried about you..”

“You were?” you asked, so surprised.

“I really was. You spent all day daydreaming and I’m pretty sure you haven’t eaten at all. So, in good chocolate needed rescue, I came!” 

You giggled as he offered you a piece of chocolate. This was typical Remus. You could never see him without chocolate, it was his ride or die. You took it thanking him and ate a bit, feeling so much better already. He sat with you on the fresh grass and you sent the night telling him all about it. It felt so good to let it all out. You cried a lot, too. And it broke Remus’ heart but he held you so close that you felt your heart recovering from its scars already. Remus was furious when he heard all of this was mostly because of James and swore he would give him words about it. 

After that night, Remus never left your side again and kept on trying to make you smile every day. He even left out the marauders for you, which you were so saddened by. But he was so furious at James for breaking your heart, that he didn’t want to be in his presence anymore. You saw how your brother looked at you, he realized this was his fault. And one day, he even came to you and apologized.

“Sis, can I talk to you please?” he asked nervously.

“Sure.” nerves were killing you right now.

“Look- I.. I messed up real bad. Real, real bad. I thought you would be fine if I left out a bit and it ended up with me totally excluding you from my life. I am an horrible, terrible brother and I so apologize for it. I love you. Would you give me another chance?”

You did want to give him another chance but you were so afraid he might mess it up. And you finally felt so good, you didn’t want to go back to the dark times again. But you also knew that the only way Remus would talk to him, was if you talked to him. And you loved your brother, after all.

“Fine. But please, never again.” you said, tearing coming up to your eyes.

He swore never to break your heart again and you knew it was true with the hug he gave you and the smile on his face. You looked back at Remus who had a huge grin. You invited him over, with the rest of the marauders, and all five of you had a massive huge hug in the middle of the Great Hall.

It was a beautiful summer night and you couldn’t be happier. Things turned out pretty well with your brother, Remus, and the other two marauders Sirius and Peter. Even with Lily, you guys were best friends! But tonight, it was a special one. You were here, in a beautiful silk white wedding dress, dancing with your formerly new husband Remus. He proposed to you a year ago and, even if a lot of people thought this was really soon as you just got out of Hogwarts, with the war coming up you two just felt it right. You were both scared of what could come, you couldn’t not enjoy the time you have in present. You both swung from side to side, smiling at each other while Lily and James looked at each other, 

thinking they wanted the same thing.

The times of your wedding were surely happier than what you lived right now. The Potters had been murdered and Sirius Black was being sent to Azkaban for their murder. You knew it wasn’t his fault, you knew they swept places with Peter at last minute. You knew because it was your fault they did. It was your idea. Sirius didn’t blame you, nobody did. But you surely did enough of blaming yourself for the murder of your brother and your bestfriend. 

That night, when Sirius was being taken away, he kept screaming how innocent he was and you kept crying, thinking this was all your fault. Remus was thorn between two people, stuck in this messed up chaos. 

“I’ll be back, okay? I will just tell him good bye. You stay safe, love.” said Remus, holding you close.

“Yes, yes. Tell him I’m sorry, Remus, tell him I really am.” you said, sobbing.

Remus went to Sirius before the guards took him and looked at him in the eyes.

“I really hope this wasn’t you. Take care, we will get you out of this, promise.”

“I’m innocent Remus. Stay safe, you and her, you need to be careful!” screamed Sirius as the guards were leading him now to his cell.

Remus watched his friend leave, his heart broken. But once he turned around, you weren’t there anymore. He searched for you everywhere, screamed your name and ran out of the Ministry. He looked out and saw you running into the Forbidden Forest, screaming at you not to do it. But you wanted to give revenge. Your life was a mess and you were fed up with it. And as you stood in front of a Death Eater, a flash of green light came through you and with the screams of Remus, the killer left. Remus fell in front of your lifeless body, crying.

“NO! NO!! You can’t leave me! Not you too!” he screamed, his head laying on your stomach as he wished he never left your side.

“That was everything I lived with her, Harry” said Remus as he finished his resume, a tear in his eye.

“So.. If she didn’t die, and as she was my aunt, I would have lived with you and her?” Harry asked, feeling so much regret for not knowing this amazing woman.

“Yes, indeed.” replied the werewolf, drying his now tear-stained cheeks. “And, my god, she would have been so proud of you Harry. So proud.”

“I hope so.” Harry replied with a smile. “I’ll bet she is so proud of what you become. And that she loved you a lot.”

“Oh, Harry,.. I loved her too. So much.”

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The Heart’s Desire [Jefferson x Reader]

Length: 2716 words

Genre: FLUFF

AU: HamilTime

TW: None

A/N: I loved this request so much I started writing it the second I read it! Thanks so much for requesting, and I’m sorry if gets confusing at times ^^;; The ending is so cheesy I’M SO SORRY

Thomas Jefferson prided himself in remaining calm and cool during tough times, but there are a handful of occasions where he wished he could kill a man. The first being Alexander winning the Cabinet Battle, and humiliating him in front of the President- actually, he corrected himself, during all the times he was with Alexander. The only other time would be currently, him breathing heavily in an alley of God knows where, his heart racing, and his fist shaking.

“How dare you say such things?!”   

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anonymous asked:

I'm feeling a little down. Would you consider making a list of reasons why you love (and why we ALL love) Peeta Mellark? I don't know why, but all I want right now is a Peeta praise post to cheer me up.

I’m sorry you’re feeling down, anon. I could definitely try and compile a list here to try to cheer you up. Others are welcome to add on to it, if they have their own reasons to share. Let’s make the ultimate Peeta praise post :)

  • His strength: We’re all aware of everything Peeta went through, even before the Reaping. His vow not to allow the Capitol to turn him into a piece in their games really resonated with me. I try to live my life by a similar philosophy, and though I don’t always succeed, it’s nice to see that Peeta was able to fight through everything that was thrown at him and come out at the other side still fighting against everything, even himself at the end, to be the person he truly wanted to be.
  • His mind: I admire people with quick minds. Peeta’s knack for strategizing, planning and then executing a plan is seriously under appreciated among a wide area of the fandom and that’s a shame. There are several mentions in the books that Katniss and Haymitch are a lot alike, and that may be true about their attitudes, but it’s never mentioned how similar Haymitch and Peeta are mentally, though I have always felt that Katniss mentioning the two of them playing chess at her house as some sort of symbolism for this. That said, the things Peeta was able to to with just words was astounding for someone so young. He was always so poised and knew exactly what he had to do to move the crowd. He was able to, in a sense, beat the Capitol at their own game time and time again. That’s huge.
  • His unwavering love and respect for Katniss: He loved Katniss, we know that. But excluding the hijacking, he never disrespected her. He never tried to make her feel guilty for being confused/unsure of her feelings for him and even though finding out the truth hurt him deeply, he still eventually made a very noble effort at being friends with her without ever expecting anything more than that from her in return. He did things for her, not for what it’d gain him, or what sort of chance it’d give him in her affections. And at the end of everything (again, excluding the hijacking), all he ever wanted was for her to be safe and for her to survive, and 20+ years after the events of the book concluded even, he was still doing that, and not just for her, but for their two children as well. I respect that immensely. 

There’s much more, of course, but I’ll stop there to allow others to add on if they want to :)